December 8th, 2009

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When you're stuck in a rut and you need some change, what do you do? Cut your hair, do something creative, scream into a pillow until you're lightheaded? Give me something.
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I have some vodka, but no other liquids in my home besides 1/2 a beer, soy milk and tap water. How do I drink this vodka? It's not sipping quality, either.

Does "organic" mean anything to you? Do you seek out organic foods? Do you think organic is superior? Do you enjoy the idea of organic food? Do you like organic food? Is organic food for hippies?
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When was the last time (if ever) you had a stomach flu?
Care to share disgusting TMI horror stories?

Is horrible, makes-you-curl-up-in-a-ball-and-scream back pain normal with the stomach flu, or is poo correct in assuming I'm giving birth to the second coming of Jesus? allows you to

what should i ask one my favorite musician? i'm considering about calling him because i haven't talken to him in years. i know what to say but ya know just want to see what people have to say.

so, what questions or whatever should i say and tell him? besides the whole loving his music. to make the convo different from what he normally hears.
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another food thing

I just baked myself 2 pizza pops in the oven, but after eating one I realized I wasn't hungry enough to eat the other, and I hate to waste food if I can avoid it. If I wrap up the spare and put it in the fridge, will it be okay to reheat and eat tomorrow night? Does it matter if I use the microwave or put it in the oven again?
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is there a website that can fill non-prescription frames with prescription lenses (somewhere that's cheaper than an eye doctor)?

if you don't know/don't care, will you show me your glasses?
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If you were on death row, and scheduled to be executed, what would your last meal be? Do you think they bring in better chefs for them? Or do they just have the crappy cafeteria food modified for it?

Do you think your mom/grandma/someone whose cooking you love would be allowed to cook for you?
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will you show me pictures of wedding hairstyles?

preferably down or half up/half down.
I have long long long hair, and am getting married in about a month and a half.
I need ideas, please?
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If you read the following statement would you assume the word 'study' to refer to quantitative or qualitative research (or both)?
Prepare a thesis or dissertation of sociological, demographic or economic content, based on the results of a study or survey.

Oh peer pressure... now I'm off to itunes.

I’ve decided that I’m going to switch everything to itunes, since that seems to be the mainstream digital music program.

But, I have a few questions:

1. Is there any way to convert WMA files to “itunes files” (I’m assuming mp3?) more quickly than one song at a time?

2. Also, I have songs on certain albums that are separated from their album on itunes because there are two artists on the song rather than one. How do I make itunes organize my music by album name rather than album artist?


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SO...if I'm invisible and go back in time and a abort a mass murderer BEFORE she is will that effect my credit score?

EDIT O MATIC- If I served in the military but didn't see I still a Veteran? my self esteem rests on your answer

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Have you played Assassin's Creed" (the first one)? Can I get a personal review of it? Is it fun to do all the slinking around parts that sound like they'd be slow and boring? Is it hard to learn all the controls/attacks/actions/etc? It seems like a lot of complicated controls.
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who vs whom

this subject might be overdone, but i think this is grammatically incorrect? should it be whom? (i just want to know for my own sanity! edit: sorry, i know its stupid and irrelevant but its driving me crazy! lol)

"There are reports that a blond woman — it is not known who — was rushed to hospital on "advanced life support" after a 911 call at 2.36am."
Family is a gift

Traveling with Goldfish

What is the best way to travel across country with goldfish. I will be driving me, my 6 year old, my 2 year old, my great dane, 2 cats, and our goldfish from San Diego to New Orleans. I'm somewhat freaked at this idea. I was thinking of removing some of the water from the tank, taping the lid shut, and plugging the filter into the converter box, with the tank sitting in the back floorboard under my toddlers feet. Would that be the best way? I'm going to be really sad if this fish dies

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Are you bi-polar or close to someone who is? What can I expect from dating someone who is bipolar? What sorts of behavior should I be patient with as symptoms of an illness, and what sorts of behavior can I expect him to be able to control?

Obviously, I'm not going to put up with emotional, verbal, financial or physical abuse. He is seeking treatment, taking mood stabilizers and seeing a psychiatrist. At what point have we been dating long enough that I can ask to go with him to talk to his psychiatrist? Do you think that would be helpful, if nothing else to calm my anxieties, or overly intrusive? Never mind, bad idea. I didn't think that one through well enough.

Will you please share any stories or advice of SOs with mental illness in general?

How big of an age gap are you comfortable with in dating? How big of an age gap are you comfortable with in others dating, before you start looking askance? What is your age and gender and the gender of people you typically like to date?

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I am a classical singer. I've been studying with a very gifted voice teacher for over 10 years now. I mostly just sing at church and for my family during the holidays, but everyone seems to think I am very good. People are always telling me that I should further my education in music by going to university. I love singing, I believe I am talented and that it's my "true calling" so to speak...

Trouble is, I already have a full time, steady job as a graphic designer, which has me traveling between Montreal and Toronto every couple of weeks. This makes both day and night courses pretty much impossible :\ I like my job too, and without it I'd have no money!

Should I quit my job and pursue voice?

A related question: I've just started trying to "get out there" and sing at weddings and the like. What is a good way to promote myself and get more jobs?

If you don't care, what would you say your talent is?

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A friend of mine over the past year has changed his lazy blob lifestyle and lost over 110 pounds! His work out regime is pretty intense, but his eating habits have me puzzled. He pretty much only eats raw, unprocessed food [eta: and supplements], which as a vegetarian myself, I generally enjoy but when I asked him how it was going he said "I've had to learn to not enjoy food. I only eat to survive, not because it's tasty" and that made me so so sad for him. Do you think to eat SUPER healthy, you have to have this attitude?

What is your relationship like with food? Do you eat healthy? Do you enjoy eating? Do you eat your feelings? Do you binge? If a diet ever worked for you, what was it? Are you as sad for my friend as I am, or do you think because he reached his skinny goal, it's ok?

Mmmm, food.
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Why would my mother who has never owned/liked a cat before in her entire life just openly 'adopt' one she found on her doorstep, bring it into the house and name it Kiki?

(mind, this cat is somehow the perfect cat, and even gets along with her two Bichons like they grew up together, but the fact remains.)

On the same note, should I get this cat something for X-Mas, since I get the dogs something as well?
If so, any ideas?
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Dear wise and all knowing TQC,

I am in the library right now, frantically (okay, maybe not so much) working on a paper due by 6:30PM tonight. I have 2/8 pages done. I asked my professor for an extension and his response was, "You won't get the paper back from me because I'll only be on campus for the final" (which is when I would hand it in to him).

Should I skip work, get the paper done and hand in a (mostly) half-assed paper or should I go to work, take the week to work on the paper and hand it in to him next week?

I would like to hand it in to him tonight because I think he might grade my paper more harshly if I hand it in next week but I would also like more time to nurse and baby it.

What do you think?
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liars and cheaters on the internets!

As a followup to the last question I posted here ages ago, I FINALLY got my money back from a horrific internet purchase experience with It took them months to ship the item, I sent the item back, they promised a refund, they never sent the refund, I emailed them begging and pleading a few times a month, they lied to me, etc etc until finally I have my money again, minus $25 thanks to the dropping exchange rate over the six months this took.

Do you think I should try to warn other people on the internet from purchasing with this company, because of the bad customer service, lying, and all the grief I sustained?

If so, how and where do I warn them?
What website should I post on? Do I write out the whole story of how it happened, or keep it to a short paragraph?

Thanks a lot!!
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I am trying to decide whether to get some socks from Sock Dreams. Have you bought things from this store? Were they the best socks you ever owned? Do the knee socks stay up? Did the website sell your credit card number to black-market dealers in Mongolia? I'm dying to know.

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I'm looking for a really rare record. It's only been pressed once and only 2,000 copies were sold. It came out about 2 years ago.

Do you guys know of any good websites (besides ebay) that sell rare vinyl?

ETA: Also, when I used to reply to comments via my gmail account, a new tab would open with the comment thread I was replying to. For the past few days, when I reply, it's been taking me directly to the comment thread in the same tab. It's weirding me out and I can't seem to fix it. Does anyone know how to fix this? I haven't done anything differently, or changed my settings or anything.

Flash Drives

My dad wants to get a flash drive to put movies on and watch them on his t.v in the living room without burning it onto a blank dvd disc.

Is this possible to do?

If it is which flash drive would be the best one to get?

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Have you seen the commercial that ABC (IIRC) is running saying "If you love you woman, this Christmas you should schedule her a pap smear for a present"?

Ladies of TQC...want a pap smear for Christmas?


Do you know who the guy in the commercial is? He looks really familiar.

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Annoying help me with my homework question:

For my linguistics class I need to interview a speaker of another language. I picked German, but I'll take anything that isn't English at this point.

All I need is for someone to translate these phrases into another language in a conversational form, written out as if you were speaking, not necessarily what is grammatically correct in that language.

I went to the bank.
He/she went to the bank.
We went to the bank.
You went to the bank.

You saw me.
I saw you.

You ate an apple.
They bought a book.

John ate soup.

A big book.
A tall girl.

In the house.


I realize most people are going to give me bullshit answer, but maaaaybe someone might help? At least if they're bullshit answers make them good.

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TQC, I want to see Lady Gaga on her tour. I used to not like her but I have developed quite a love for her over the past week and after seeing videos on Youtube, I NEED to see her live.

The only problem is that she's apparently not coming to Texas. She was coming to Houston with Kanye West, but that was cancelled. So unless I'm missing something, the closest place that I could see her is in New Orleans, which is 370 miles away.

Should I go?!
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Do you read your horoscope? If at all, how often?

Do you believe in astrology, and compatibility with another person based on your zodiac/star/sun/moon/elemental signs?

Do you believe nature or nurture has more to do with who a person becomes? Why?

Apples, Oranges, Grapefruits, Melons?

I am watching "the bad girls club" and there is a girl talking about how guys prefer bigger girls for sexing as far as "more cushion for the pushin". So do you agree with that statement?
Me personally, I have been with really skinny guys/girls. I have been with chunkier guys/girls. As far as my opinion sex has been good with both but the really skinny ones have always hurt more because of bones hitting in odd places. Chunkier people havent been as flexible though. :P I guess there is always pros/cons.

Also, I was watching a commercial and it was about this guy buying a bra for his girlfriend, he compared them to melons. (The commerical talks about apples, oranges, grapefruits, melons.) What are your boobs? I always thought I would be oranges (I guess missouri has big oranges) but discovering I wear a D that would make me more of a grapefruit or melon I guess?
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Has anyone here ever had TB? Or maybe know someone who has? If so, could you please describe the chest pain (if you had that symptom)?

If you have asthma could you please describe the chest pain you feel after exercising?
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It's cold and rainy out, you'll have your dorm room to yourself for another hour or so. You have menstrual cramps, are a little sleepy, and have two books (for pleasure) to read. You don't have another exam until Thursday afternoon. It's 3 pm and you have no plans until 5 (dinner with your SO). What do you do with your day?

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The zombie** apocalypse is upon us TQC! You may only pick one item for each question:

1. What is your primary weapon?
2. What is your secondary weapon?
3. What do you select for armor/protective clothing?
4. What do you use as an escape vehicle?
5. Where do you escape to, if at all?
6. What type of building will you hide in?
7. What will be the 3 most valuable things in your supply kit? (besides food and water)
8. Who do you take with you?

My answers in comments.

** NB: assuming the traditional slow-shuffling Living Dead/Solanum type of zombie, not fast RAGE-virus types.

Is it useful, hilarious or just really sad that some of us have thought logically/semi-serious to seriously about this?
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Doctor Who fans:

Classic or new series?
Who is your favourite Doctor?
Favourite companions?
What do you think of the spin-offs (Torchwood, Sarah Jane Chronicles, K9 and Friends)?

I am a fan of the classic series, though I do enjoy the new.
Tom Baker is my favourite Doctor, and my favourite companions are Romana, Sarah Jane and Jamie. I think the best storyline I have seen (so far) is Genesis of the Daleks.
I love Torchwood, but I've never seen the Sarah Jane Chronicles.

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You're at a restaurant table, alone, when a stranger slides into the seat across from you. "I'm a rich man and I just like to see what people would when it involves money. I'm going to give you $1,000", he says as he puts the money in front of you, and then pulls out a much larger stack. "Now, you can keep the 1k, or you can try and win this stack of $20,000. If you do the latter, you pick two numbers from 1-6 and I'll roll this dice. If your number comes up, the money's yours. If it doesn't, I take my $1,000 back and you get nothing. You can walk away now with your 1k or gamble for 20k. What do you do?"

Keep the sure money. I'll stick with the $1,000
Gamble for the $20,000. That's a lot of money and a 1 in 3 chance isn't bad
I refuse to take his money. I'd rather not get involved

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Assuming you go to the same place on a frequent basis and see the same people (school or work 5 days a week or whatever) how often do you think is okay to wear the same clothes to that place? Does it differ when it's different types of clothes?
I usually wear the same pants a few times a weeks and then I'll wear a shirt every two or three weeks minimum. Shoes and jackets I'll wear over and over again, though I usually don't..

Why do you think it is that there are more "liberal" people on livejournal (specifically TQC) than "conservative" people?

What are you good at?
Singing, cooking, clarinet, taking care of children.

Edit: Inspired by post below... for those of you who aren't American. What do you think of American accents?


I just found out my ex fiance just up and moved his stuff three states away to be with the girl who was my bestfriend my junior year of high school. They weren't really friends until after we split up but started talking seriously after we did. How awkward is this? I'm happy for them but it is still awkward for me for some reason. I guess the fact that they didnt even live in the same state and had only seen each other in person maybe a a couple of times is what makes it odd for me too. It doesnt help that at seperate times in my life they both conffessed their love for me. Oh well. We started dating on odd terms too, and before that when we were friends, I told him he should meet her because they would get along.
Anything like this ever happen to you? Or something weird with exs?
I guess it could be more odd if I had siblings and an ex dated them after me. Haha.
Love is funny.

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I asked this earlier as a side question and it didn't get answered- so, here it goes again

Since I have had my gmail account, I would be able to respond to comments sent to me by livejournal and when I was send it, it would open a new tab up, taking me to the thread.

For the past few days, whenever I reply, I am taken to the thread, but in the same tab as gmail, thus closing my email account.

I am a weirdo and always like to have my gmail open, no matter what, and this is really hindering that weird OCD thing.

Is this happening to anyone else? I haven't changed my settings on my browser or gmail, so idk what is going on here.
Oh noes!
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If you turn into a zombie, ~in the horror movie world~ would it make sense for you to exist both as a zombie and a ghost? Since you die and then you're body turns into a zombie, I mean. Or is your ghost-like essence trapped inside your undead body?

(no subject)

Mary is in her midtwenties and lacking credit. Her mother, Molly, agrees to cosign/guarantee a home for her as long as Mary pays all the bills.

While Mary is at work, Molly occasionally enters the home without notice.

This is probably legal since Molly technically owns the place, right?

But do you think this is okay to do?

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Poll #1496458 Since today is zombie post day

Best zombie movie?

Night of the Living Dead
Return of the Living Dead (any of them)
Dawn of the Dead (original)
Dawn of the Dead (remake)
Day of the Dead
Dead Alive
28 Days Later (yeah yeah not zombies but close enough)
28 Weeks Later
Diary of the Dead or any other George Romero movie not already mentioned
Shawn of the Dead
I <3 TLV

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I need to do a lot of reading for class today. I also want to get out of the house at some point and get a cupcake and Christmas light bulbs. What order should I do these things? It's cold so I don't want to leave the house, but I don't want to be inside all day so the cupcake will motivate me. I'm thinking I have two options:


Get cupcake, eat it while reading.
Read first and then get the cupcake as a reward for finishing.

What's your favorite cupcake flavor? I'll either be getting a green tea or a chai cupcake. Or both.
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TQC, my Google-fu is failing today. My friend is going to counseling and wanted to know what kind of things the therapist has to keep confidential and what can be shared with the patient's parents (my friend is a minor). Does anybody know, or know any good links with that kind of information? All I found was stuff about abortion and emancipated minors, which doesn't exactly help...
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What do you know about No Child Left Behind (aka No Child Gets Ahead)?

Do you know anyone who approves of the policies NCLB promotes?

In my teaching class today we were talking about standardized tests like the MAP (which Missouri students have to take at the beginning and end of each year to assess how much they've ~*~improved~*~) and the whole situation struck me as completely ludicrous. Not the idea of assessment, but that the government makes huge decisions based on the results, without taking into consideration extraneous factors, such as average socioeconomic status of the area of the children being tested.

Also, Missouri at least is introducing a new test called Operational Assessments, which are much alike to MAP tests, except only for HS students. The students have to take the tests to graduate. Schools are expected to pass a certain amount of students at the "proficient" level, and that level increases each year. For example: 61% last year, 68% this year, 74% next year, and so on. Theoretically, by 2014, schools should pass 100% of students at a "proficient" rate. And if they fail to do so multiple times, the government comes in and takes over.

How whack is that?

If you do not care either way about public education, can you cut a bagel so it resembles two links of a chain? And if you try... can you post pictures?

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What is the least desperate sounding way of asking someone why they didn't invite you to a party/implying that you are hurt by it?

I mean, I know that is a desperate thing to ask in the first place. But what's the coolest-sounding way of asking it?

To be specific, it's a guy that I had very regrettable sex with about two months ago, and since then has been sending me very weird mixed signals. He and his roommates sent out a Facebook invite for a Christmas party and invited a shitload of people, including 3 of my best friends, but not me. I know that's a very middle-school kind of thing to be upset about, but I just want to see if there's a reasonable explanation before I vow to just forget about this guy, so I want to just shoot him a text but I don't know how to do it in a not totally-scary-creeper way.
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What is one thing most people don't know about you?
Would you like to be friendly and talk a little?

Failing that, what's your favorite protein and how is it prepared to your liking?

(no subject)

A former classmate of mine just contacted me and our fellow classmates to get information to publish in our old middle school newspaper "Where Are They Now?" thing. What is a silly but not inappropriate or outlandish story I can give them?

(no subject)

okay, srsly wtf is going on with my computer lately tqc?

First, gmail won't open links in a new tab.
Now, anytime I go to livejournal, it's giving me a 302 error message.

Does anyone know of any viruses or something that do this? I mean, I haven't clicked on anything besides TQC and ONTD, so idk what is going on

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Alright, I'm confused.

I went and bought the Extended Editions of the LotR movies, and I'm watching Fellowship of the Ring, and I could have sworn that there were scenes in here that are not showing up.

Like in the prologue, after Isildur took the ring after killing Sauron's body, I could have SWORE that there was a scene where one of the elves (I forgot his name, bad Nikki.) led him into the fires of Mount Doom to try and get him to destroy it, but Isildur was just like 'LOL NO.'

Am I crazy or is that in /another/ extended edition?

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Will you describe your place of residence?
I live on the second floor of a garden apartment building, in which 4 apartments per floor share a stairwell/hallway.

Will you describe your relationship with your neighbors/the people who live in the same community as you?
We've never introduced ourselves to one another, I wouldn't recognize any of them if I passed them in the street or at a store. We're always friendly and polite to each other when we run into one another in the stairway, though.
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Sims 2 players....I just got Apartment Life and I wanted to create my own apartment building, but there isn't any classification for the lot, and I don't know how to go about making it an apartment instead of just a house.

Anyone have a tutorial or tips on this?

DK/DC: Did you watch SyFy's Alice? I'm watching it right now since I really liked Tin Man. I just started the first part.

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TQC, there is a favorite dog breed, so the cat person in me had to ask. What is your favorite breed of cat?
Mine is...
Collapse )

If you don't really care about cats, what's your zodiac sign, and do you believe the norm for your sign applies to you at all? If so, how much?

Also, what should I make for dinner tonight? It's for two, and I have no idea.

Gif help

Can someone please help me find a gif..
It's a black baby with curly hair sitting in what looks like a car seat. She is eating an ice cream cone and is laughing, and then gets serious, and then starts laughing again.
Anyone know which one I'm talking about?

Also, post any funny gifs you have
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Did any of you watch Coraline?
Do you think that the ending was not quite clear?

I think the fact that the garden looked like the witch and that the cat disappeared behind the sign could let you think that Coraline was still trapped in the other world.

I tried googling this but found nothing. Any links to interpretations would be useful. My boyfriend and I were kinda curious about if we were the only ones noticing this.
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I'm about to be moving from Dallas, Texas to East Dubuque, Illinois to work for IBM three miles away in Iowa. Dubuque, Iowa has a museum, bars, casinos, breweries, and parks for entertainment. I'll be right on the border of Iowa and Wisconsin, and plan to go to school in Iowa to finish an A.S.

What tourist type things are there in Iowa and Wisconsin for weekend trips?

If you live or lived in any of those three states, do you like them or do you want to move to another state?

christmas tree

Just put up my real Christmas tree and noticed my hands were green, seemed it's painted. Called up the place and they said that it's a spray that's a fire retardant that also helps the needles last longer and it's also a green spray. Took some needles and wiped them with a paper towel and the green came off and needles underneath were more yellowy than green, they say that's normal.

Does it sound like we got taken??

(no subject)

What is your favorite type of stocking stuffer?

Do you have any gifts you always get in your stocking?

Any ideas on cheap, fun, and useful little gifts for coworkers?

One year my dad forgot to get Cracker Jacks, which was our previous tradition, and when he got to the store they were out. He substituted lottery tickets, and my then-4 year old brother won $100. We get them every year now :)
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chocolate dilemma!

Have you seen those giant Toblerone bars for sale anywhere recently? I'm talking the colossal 4.5kg ones (that go for $80 at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada normally).

More specifically, I live in Winnipeg, and I'm trying my hardest to find one as a Christmas present. :( If you live here and you've seen them around, please let me know where!

Failing that, if you know a site where I can purchase it online, that would also be very helpful. (Even if shipping is bound to kill me.) Thanks!

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TQC, the funniest thing just happened to me.
I wanted to get the lava lamp so I ventured into my bedroom. From the hallway I can see my boyfriend playing solitaire. When I get close, my boyfriend minimizes it so I wouldn't be able to see that he was playing it.
Why did he do this? Does anybody else do that?
Also, we made quesadillas. Thanks guys :)
I'm kinda scared to post, I know where the edit button is now though, haha.
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forgive me for being vague.

I need help finding the name of this movie I once saw... I don't remember too much about it, but I'm pretty sure it took place in a mental hospital. They put on some kind of play near the end of the movie, and the only other part I can remember is this gay man, with an accent and blond hair buying a plant in the end.

Anybody have any ideas?

Putting the MOR(E)! back in morbid

Your SO makes his/her will and in it states that when he/she dies, wants their body ground up and turned into as many burgers as possible to be served at the gathering after the funeral. The reasons for doing so have more to do with a certain 'oneness' with his/her loved ones than anything morbid. You'd be the only one who would know what they were eating. Your SO found some company that will do this to the body (found them off the internet, of course) for a small fee.

1. If when the time comes, would you carry out your SO's wishes?

2. Would you help yourself to a few burgers yourself?

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I'm planning on making a sock monkey for a friend. However, I'm going to make him an 'alternative' monkey. And call him Punky. How original! Anyways, any ideas on what I can do to make him more punky/alternative/emo/goth/etc?

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It is absolutely freezing in my apartment right now, and my fingers have gone stiff. How can I warm them up and type at the same time without putting on gloves?
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Dear TQC, why did I just get an email from Victoria's Secret saying I mail ordered a 165.00$ gift bag?

Who still even uses catalogs?

Edit: Apparently I ordered a bag that went out of stock very quickly on Thanksgiving and Victoria's Secret is sending out the $165 bag as a 'We're sorry' (even though I already got the other one?).
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How is the moving photography commercial not just a commercial for a video camera? Is moving photography different than video?

What kind of camera do you own?

*ETA* Sorry guys I'm looking for the commercial in question right now I'm just having trouble finding it. Also, I'm not getting comments in my email :(

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Christmas "experience" ideas?

I’m sick of giving material gifts and want to give experiences for Christmas. The memories from an experience last a lot longer than a material gift, yes?

Help me compile a list (for myself, and anyone else who’s interested) of experience gifts?

I’ll start:
hot air balloon ride
helicopter ride
flying lesson
scuba lesson
horseback riding
concert tickets
short road trip
skiing lesson

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Tomorrow I'm having major dental surgery which means I won't be able to eat real food for months. Should I order out tonight or should I just say eff it and prepare for a life of nothing but pasta, oatmeal, and apple sauce?

[edit] I've decided to order a steak and cheese sub and cheese fries. I wish they served poutine; I wonder what that tastes like?

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Is anyone still playing Spore? I'm a bit late to this, but it seems charming so far. I think I'm playing it far away from the hype, so I won't have high expectations tainting the experience.

Alternate question, how many hours do you sit a day?

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Whats the funniest thing that has happened to you today?

1. I almost called an ex boyfriend "my poop lil guy" and when I told him, he said "Well, I did just poop so that could work."
2. I just looked into the kitchen to see my dad playing air piano to the song from Charlie Brown.
3. My mom (Who is usually very quiet and reserved) screamed "MOTHERFUCKER" today from holding the cookie sheet too long.
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im in the process of baking some cookies right now (the same ones that you can get from subway) for my kindergartens shared lunch tomorrow. i made a double batch so there is quite a lot of mixture. i only have two baking trays which i have used already and i cant put on a next batch until that lot has cooled and i can move them. obvs im too impatient for this so i just dumped the mixture in a glass dish and now im baking them like brownies.

do you think this was a dumb idea? will my 'brownies' turn out okay and actually pass as brownies?
....or will it just be a big lump of mess?

EDIT - my lump of cookie mess turned out wonderful :). although i haven't sliced it up yet, im sure its fine. yay!
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I'm watching Beverly Hills 90210, which highlights the ~fashion~ of the 90s. I've noticed that a lot of the bathing suit tops have underwire. Why aren't bathing suits commonly made like this anymore? Like if I go to Target or Kohl's to find a bathing suit/bikini/tankini, none of them have underwire. Who decided that was a good idea?

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I'm trying to compile a list of songs that would be hilariously inappropriate to sing for a recital or a cabaret style show.

Can you come up with any?

So far, I have:

Shave 'Em Dry- Lucille Bogan
Please Warm My Weiner- Bo Carter
Duetto buffo di due gatti- attributed to Gioachino Rossini (not so much dirty as just a bunch of meowing)
First Of May- Jonathan Coulton
Let's Talk Dirty To The Animals- Gilda Radner

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I'm about ready to say fuck it when it comes to cell phones.

The husband and I switched to Verizon. 1st month, our bill was $200 because of activation fees, blah blah. 2nd month, it was $105. Last month, we doubled our minutes ($20 more) and added a 2nd line ($10 + ins, taxes, fees). Our bill is $268!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's with an 18% discount. ETA: We didn't go over our minutes. We had over 600 left.

WTF? We added another line last week, but it was free activation and we didn't change our plan. The details aren't available yet, so I have no idea why it more than doubled.

I'm seriously about to say fuck it and go to prepaid. The husband and I use maybe 300 minutes a month, combined.

If you have prepaid, what provider do you have?
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In your experience how good is Marshall's with returns? I've read the return policy.

I bought some really awful/sort of expensive shoes there tonight and I have a bad feeling I'm going to be stuck with them.

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TQC where is my debit card? D: It's not: in my purse, in my wallet, in my coat, in my car (maybe).

Assuming it's gone, do I just go to the bank and tell them I lost it? :\
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CBS is canceling "As the World Turns". "Guiding Light" just ended its decades old run. Strange thing is, I don't know anyone who is going to miss these shows. No one I know watches soaps.

So, I ask you, do you watch soaps, any soaps? If so, which ones?

And do you know of anyone who watches soaps? Who are they?
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I have a bunch of movies saved on my DVR that were recorded from premium channels, which I'm getting ready to cancel. Will all of my movies go away, or will I still be able to watch them?

Edit: I have Comcast, if that makes a difference.
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Which one?

Which one?

The Princess and the Frog
A Christmas Carol (Disney 3D)
Everybody's Fine
Ninja Assassin
Old Dogs
Planet 51
There's also Precious, The Blind Side and Twilight New Moon but we've already ruled those out.
Boyfriend wants to see Invictus this weekend, but I'm not sold yet.

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i'm 23 and i've never had anything work out with a guy. what do you think the chances are that something will happen with this guy i'm hanging out with right now?

what are some activities i could enjoy throughout the years to fill up my time that isn't spent working since i'm clearly going to be alone forever?

anyone want to join my pity party?

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For those of you who are on your parents' insurance and about to graduate or have already graduated from college....what's the scoop? When do/did you get dropped?

My mom got a letter today saying that they're dropping me in March, even though I'll only be turning 22 and don't graduate until June.

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If you've got red hair (preferably dyed) will you post a picture or two of yourself?
Or just any pictures of celebrities with red hair. That you like.

Thank youu.

ALSO! Does anyone have the link to that video that seemingly never ends, with a bunch of short clips from all over including the "My spoon is too big" video?
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Who do you think is more famous?

Marilyn Manson
Jay Z
Snoop Dogg

I don't just mean right now. Who will leave a bigger legacy? Who will the masses remember most?

Who is coolest or more talented is NOT the question! I'm asking who you think people (of all ages - your parents, your siblings, your kids) will remember most in 20-30 years and who will be forgotten. Not just a personal preference, but who you honestly believe has left the biggest impact on a generation.
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Sorry to bother you with another question, but I bought a book on a whim a while ago, and I don't know if I'm going to read it ever. Should I sell it or keep it?

Sell it
Keep it

ETA: if other, specify in comments what I should do. Thanks!
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Axes? Recommendations? (seriously, axes)

So. I want an axe. There are some little oak trees at my farm begging to be turned into firewood, and a chainsaw is no fun.

I've used a bunch, through Bonfire at Texas A&M (if any of you are Aggies, gig 'em and god bless). Some axes are good, some are not. Some let the head fly off into the freaking woods. Flying axe heads are BAD.

I want a wood-handled axe, that holds a good edge.

Fiberglass axe handles suck for the feel behind the strike. They last forever, but you take the impact instead of the handle. Handles are replaceable for a reason.

Double bit axes are fun, but I kinda like single-bit better, mostly for the curve in the handle.

Recommendations? And these 200-dollar axes with bright paint on the handles I've seen in Men's Journal and Outside are out of the question. It's a working tool... I'm just going to wrap the ass end of the handle in cotton athletic tape anyway.

so. Good axes, easy to find, wood handle, not outrageously expensive. Suggestions?
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Freaks and Geeks - Bill
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Will you post pictures of your tattoos?

I really want to get one but I can't afford it right now.

If you don't have any tattoos, what's your favourite colour jelly bean?
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if i were to make chocolate cookies with crushed peppermint bark (a stand-in for chips, chocolate or other), do you think they'd turn out well?
would you be disappointed to get them in a gift exchange?
how about if it were a basket with half chocolate-peppermint cookies and half pumpkin-nut cookies?

if you were expected to participate in a gift exchange but had no money, what would you bring/make/give?

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Are there any active comms on LJ revolving around daily or weekly writing prompts for things other than fanfic? I would prefer that they were plots/plot bunnies, not just prompts or images (I've got a bunch of them, they're cool. But I really want plot ideas!).

Would anyone be interested in joining such a comm if I were to just start one, if there isn't one already active?

Ex) Once a week, a plot is chosen, and the members of the comm all write a story with the same basic, vague plot and post them at the end of the week, resulting in a telephone-game-esque rainbow of stories which really have nothing to do with each other at all.

This is specifically what I'm looking for, and I could've SWORN I saw one on LJ forever ago, but never got around to joining. Again, couldn't find anything with the interest search, but I didn't go back further than things that had been inactive for more than a few months. If it's dead, it doesn't really do me any good. :/

Thanks in advance.