December 7th, 2009

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music snobbery

Choose a genre of music.

1. What do you think is one of the most "accessible" songs in this genre? (i.e. Even people who do not generally listen to this type of music would probably like this song.)

2. What do you think is one of the least "accessible" songs in this genre? (i.e. You'd probably have to be a pretty big fan and know a lot about this type of music to enjoy this song.)

Mega bonus points if you can include youtubes of the songs!

ALTERNATIVELY, if you don't want to use a whole genre of music, just one particular artist would be cool too.
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Lufthansa / Make up carry on question

I'm traveling to Germany in a few days and I can't figure out how to pack.

Should I bring my make up tote with me in a carry on, or should I check it in? What do you usually do when flying internationally? Is make up even allowed? I read you need to put whatever in a clear ZipLock bag, and present it separately, is this correct? Does all make up, no matter what it is, have to be under 100mL? I'm just going to bring foundation, eye shadow, blush, mascara, lip gloss.

Also, how likely is it that Lufthansa will loose my baggage? Any experience/stories you can share?

When I went to Iceland a couple months ago, they lost my luggage. I was stuck without any make up since I checked it in, after a long flight, It did not feel good... ugh!

Thanks for any help!
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Have you ever made any big philosophical changes in your life?
I decided to stop doing things to make others happy, and to do things to make myself happy. This now goes for family as well. I got pretty tired of doing for others, only to feel miserable.
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(no subject)

I recently purchased a Wii. Yeah took me long enough, but now that I have one I feel somewhat disappointed and not sure if I should return it. I have yet to buy any games. I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore gamer, but I did enjoy all the Mario, basketball, and oddly i enjoyed those "violent" games when I was younger... now I'm a female in my 20s... my questions to young female adult wii owners:

1.Were you initially happy with your Wii purchase?
2. Do you only enjoy it with others?
3. What are some good single player games and/or your favorites?
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(no subject)

guitar players: when learning a song, how do you determine the strum pattern? i've watched a few tutorials for different songs on youtube and each one is different...if i was just looking at a tab or chord page how would i know how to strum it/how many strums per chord/etc?

how do you get rid of a headache?
i drank a coke and took two excedrin migraine, and while it's not unbearable anymore, it's still lurking there waiting to ambush me :(

today, a street magician was able to tell a girl who her first lover was and what she'd buy with $500. how did he do this? [for reference, she wrote the answers down on a small piece of paper that was folded into eighths. he did handle the paper after she'd written her answer down, but in full view and it remained folded].

rosetta stone: y/n?
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(no subject)

I'm thinking of a word. It's something to the effect of tester or probe, or something. Basically, I'm trying to say that Character A serves as _______ in order to put Character B to a test to determine whether they're worthy. It's not judge--it's more like Character is like a challenge to determine their righteousness. Is there a better word for this kind of thing than simply "challenge?" Nevermind, I just decided to change the sentence to make "challenge" fit. :D

Anyway, what are you doing tonight?

(no subject)

Last year around this time, someone posted that they were making a book full of happy things for a friend of theirs for Christmas and they needed inspiration. I'm stealing that idea this year, so thanks to whomever that was!

Will you please post a quote or the title of a song or a poem or a picture that never fails to make you smile? Will you give me any ideas you have? My BFF is coming up this weekend to shower my son with gifts, so I have very little time to make this happen!
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(no subject)

Fred Phelps is getting ready to protest at the high school in my cousin's hometown today. She's leaving in an hour to go to the picket/protest.

She is bringing 17 other people with her (and hundreds more are either there, on their way, or going soon). They all want to make their own signs to "picket back."

Phelps is specifically picketing because the town is largely Jewish and supports gay rights (his blog says they teach their "copperhead babies" lies and have been since birth)

So far, she came up with these sayings for some of their signs:




Can you think of 14 other sayings they can put on posters so they can go picket?

Edit: just got this IM from her: bonus points for Bible passages that either support homosexuality/gay marriage or judaism.
if anyone lives in the arae would like to come meet us at the circle in 25-30 minutes and you can come with us, we have extra picket signs you can use!!
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(no subject)

I'm taking part in a collection evaluation project at my local library. I think I want to do the 900s, since the head librarian and I were just talking the other day about how we aren't ordering enough new books for it (it's always the emptiest of the new book displays), but to make things more manageable I need to pick a smaller section to focus on for now.

Poll #1495716 pick a topic, any topic

Which of these Dewey numbers should I choose as my focus?

900s: general geography and history
910s: geography and travel
920s: biography, geneaology, and insignia
930s: history of the ancient world
940s: history of Europe
950s: history of Asia
960s: history of Africa
970s: history of North America
980s: history of South America
990s: history of other places (Australia, Pacific islands, Antarctica, extraterrestrial worlds)
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(no subject)

Has your exams and papers gotten you down yet? How many do you have? If you're not in school, has the holidays gotten you down yet?
Will you post pictures of cute cats and kittens (or any animal you prefer) for me to look at?
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(no subject)

If any exist, what group or type of folks make you feel inferior/ an air-head/ some other less-than? Why? (Let me clarify: Not that they make you feel that way but you tend to naturally feel that way around them.)

Slim jims: Thumbs up or down?

Starbucks: Thumbs up or down?

Softened sugar cookies with brightly colored frosting and spinkles: Thumbs up or down?

Old People Today

While I was away, I was talking to a lady in a historic home museum. She went on a bit of a rant about 'young people today' (talking to a 24 and 22 year old haha!) and how they're out of control and their pranks and things they think funny and naughtiness are far more harmful than they were when she was younger. She attributed this to them being in classes with only 28 kids in it and that they're allowed to talk in class.

However I can see lots of older people not acting like the old people of yesteryear either!

So, what's wrong with old people today? I would love to blog about this at some point soon.

(no subject)

When you get a beverage out of a vending machine, do you look under the cap before you take a drink?

Why I ask is because I usually don't. And I should have. I got an orange juice out of the vending machine this morning. I opened it and downed about half of it before I noticed that it tasted "off". Sure enough, I look under the cap and there is moldy nastiness.

I'm going to die, y/y? I do feel sick, which is not good. But at this point, I can't tell if it is more in my head or if I'm actually sick because of it.

Have you ever drank/eaten anything that was moldy?

the fact that some untrained person at the school cafe made my smoothie wrong inspired this question

What kind of dining halls did/do you have in college?
(We have 7 on-campus dining options-- Common Grounds [cafe], Big Mouth Burrito [chipotle-style], Fire-n-spice [mongolian bbq], Grab-n-go [7-11 type market], DUX bistro [deli-style], and Carson [buffet])

If you had multiple ones, which one did you frequent the most?
(Common Grounds for sure!)

Did you ever get on a name-to-name basis with the people that worked there?
(One of the workers is my facebook friend. 'nuff said.)

Did you have a "usual"? Did the people who worked there know exactly what you wanted, and you didn't even need to order?
(I usually get a mocha madness smoothie. However, i often change what i get depending on the weather and whatnot.)


Any advice on how the fuck I can stay warm when it's -13 outside? I have class in half an hour (on the other end of campus) and holy fuck, I've never been in weather this cold and yeah. :/

DK/DC: What should I do instead of freezing on the way to class today?
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(no subject)

Your place of employment is throwing a forty thousand dollar Holiday party at a museum with an insanely lavish spread of cuisine and floral arrangements and candles, etc. You are brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroke. But this is a 40k party at an internationally known museum and you and a guest are personally invited. Attire is cocktail - what do you wear? And anything other lovely thing you'd like to add, on or ot.
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I'm terribly indecisive!

I'm due for a new phone and I'm torn between another BlackBerry Curve and an iPhone. Cost is not a factor.

BlackBerry: I love my current one to pieces.
iPhone: They're so much fun to play with.

BlackBerry: It isn't as fun/cool to use as an iPhone.
iPhone: Constant keyboard use on it seems like a nightmare.

What phone should I get?

BlackBerry Curve 8310
iPhone 3G

Please tell me more about your decision in the comments, especially if you've owned and used both.
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Business Casual

If your workplace attire is "business casual", what do you normally wear to work?

Ladies, if you need to dress up for work a bit, do you prefer skirts and more "feminine" looks or do you prefer pant suits and more traditionally "masculine" outfits? What do you wear for accessories?

If you have a holiday party at work, do you wear your work clothes or something different?

(no subject)

So, apparently, someone used my information to buy an "800-" number. I certainly didn't do that, nor do I know* anything about it. The phone company says I did it, and.. no, I didn't. I don't give out information like that. How does stuff like this get fixed? Will they be able to investigate who did it? This has also been going on for a long time, too.

Anyways, I'm pissed about that, but how is your day going?

(no subject)

I am thinking about getting my mom a new cell phone for Christmas. She already has a plan with at&t, so I can't just go in there get a phone and sign her up for a contract. Is it possible to just buy the phone, give it to her, and then I can go in after christmas to transfer her number onto the new phone? Or is there some stupid at&t thing that says I can't do that? Their website doesn't have any information that I could find on this.

(no subject)

i'm planning on going to the library today to study. i want to stay for like 4 hours.

if i leave now (well in like 45 minutes), i can get it out of the way but the library is bound to be PACKED since it's finals week and i have a hard time studying in anything except silence. i was there yesterday and it was pretty full, and that was a sunday.

if i go later (at like 4 or 5 pm), the library will be less crowded and i'll probably be able to get more work done. however i may be more tempted to leave since it is later in the day.

soooo.... should i go now or wait until this evening?
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Hello TQC

I just got an email from the head of my uni's German department asking me to consider moving to another German class, because the one I'm in now is "over-enrolled."

It's just a request, but I'm conflicted. I want to stay in my current class because it's with the prof I have right now and I would really, really like to have the same German prof more than one semester in a row. (I'm planning on studying abroad and I'd like to have someone who could write a well-informed letter of rec.) But I don't want to tell my department head flat-out no.

What would you do/suggest? Respectful declination? A resounding "Hell naw!"?

Alternatively, do you value forging good working relationship with your profs? Or do you prefer networking with peers?

ESOPs and Me

Okay financial whizzes! I've got a little over 24K that I didn't even know I had, and I want to use it for a down payment on a house. Do any of you know how much of a penalty I'd take by taking out my previous employer's ESOP at age 33?

(no subject)

Should I put a picture of myself teaching a class, on the cover of my portfolio? I do have some pictures inside the portfolio, but I don't know if a picture on the front cover would be a nice touch or just tacky.
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(no subject)

Will you share some random, interesting trivia/facts that we aren't likely to have heard before?
How about miscellaneous tips/cures for things? (ex. using club soda to get a stain out of a carpet)
And/or care to debunk any "facts", like false info on Snapple lids or lies about history taught in school?
I just like hearing about all this stuff and TQC knows so much. :]

(no subject)

What Xbox 360 games would you recommend for someone who describes her taste in video games as "I like things like Mario, where you're just trying to get to the end of a level and jumping around getting stuff and stuff like that"?
She doesn't like shooting, sports, or racing games.

Do they make anything like the old platform type games (or even something along the lines of Super Mario 64) for the 360 that's any good at all?

(no subject)

I need these answers for an essay I'm writing, please.

Are you for abortion?

Do you support fur (in the form of coats or other accessories)?

Do you support the death penalty?

What religion are you?

(no subject)

Okay, who would you have a celebrity one night stand with... if it had to be someone of the same sex if you're straight, or the opposite sex if you're gay?

All you bisexual polymorphously perverse people, which Hollywood couple would you do?
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(no subject)

Are you American?

Do you hate your health care system?

I'm Canadian.

It's making me sad that one of the first things you have to worry about is how you're going to pay for actually birthing the baby.
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You're taking a very difficult course this semester. It is known for being one of, if not the, hardest course for majors in your general area of study. All semester you have been sitting next to a class acquaintance. You don't see this person outside of class but talk regularly in class, and have had classes with them before. During this semester it has become glaringly obvious to both of you that you are doing significantly better than they are. You've got a B+/A-, depending on how well you do on the final and the curve (since the class is very difficult there is a strange scale). You don't know their exact grades, but based on a few exam grades you have seen, and her reactions to quizzes and other exams, they're probably not going to do any better than a C, definitely not a C+, possibly even a D depending on the final.

You think there's reason for this, as they spend a lot of time in class on the internet on their phone, copy answers out of the book for their homework, skip random classes, and will talk about how much they partied the weekend before an exam. You, on the other hand, have worked very hard all semester.

Every Thursday there are outside of class lectures by visiting professors on topics in the area of the class. For extra credit you can attend these lectures (they are 1 hour) and write a 1 page summary. To help boost your grade from a B+ to an A- you have been attending some of them. Your classmate has not attended any to your knowledge. Before the second to last one, they ask if you are going to that week's lecture. You say maybe. They say "If you go, could I give you my ipod and you can record it for me? I'm busy, can't make it."

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(no subject)

where can i find some good work appropriate wallpaper for my computer? google just doesn't suffice. it can be anything really, except teh boobz and weina's.

if you don't know or care, how do you pronounce "crayon"? i've gotten into massively huge debates on it. i say "cray-on" but some of my friends say "cran". i am obviously right, right?

(no subject)

Do you like clubbing?

Do you ever go to clubs alone?

How do you tell guys who don't speak your language that trying to pinch your genitals while dancing is just not okay, aside from kneeing them in the balls?
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(no subject)

is it not possible to extract part of a photo in iphoto (the way you do with a lasso tool in photoshop)? it's bugging me out, why is iphoto so ridiculously limited?!

i've tried googling but nothing's come up.

(no subject)

Help me plan my NYC feasting route, TQC. I'm going to be there for two or three days and I'd like to eat something other than my "regular" at the sandwich place and Korean food with parents.

Can you suggest places that are/look wonderful, using your memory/experience, or just suggestions from Yelp or something?

Oh, office politics

My office has a Christmas party every year where we each bring in a dish and whatever random goodies we want to bring. Apparently, one of my coworkers brings in fudge every year. It's her thing. Not knowing this last year, I brought in fudge as well. My fudge is way better than hers. Everyone raved over mine and hers got passed over. She seemed pretty disappointed and I felt bad for her. Now it's Christmas time again, and she has just put on the signup sheet that she is bringing in fudge again. Her fudge is still good, it's just not fabulous. But I've had several people ask me if I'm bringing in my fudge. So, should I bring in delicious fudge for everyone, or just leave it and let her have her thing?

What is your favorite thing to cook/bake/assemble/pick up from the store for sharing with others?
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(no subject)

I have a pretty brutal cold right now. This is my second day being sick (I really just came down with it last night). I also have play rehearsal at 6:30. I know I have to miss rehearsal tomorrow to take my econ final. Should I go tonight and possibly get everyone else sick so that I won't miss two days in a row?

If you don't care, what's the weather like where you live? It's seriously rainy today, which is great because it makes people drive like Mario Kart!
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(no subject)

My friend, my boyfriend, and I paid to register for a 5K race. It was cancelled at the last minute because of snow and there has been NO communication since from the organization about a 'rain date' or a refund. How much hell should we raise?
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(no subject)

How do you feel about people with unnatural hair colors (pink, blue, orange, purple, etc)?
Do you think that there is a cut-off age for when it is appropriate to do this to your hair?

(no subject)

So one of my finals already got canceled due to snow, and I'm supposed to find out in two hours whether tomorrow will be a snow day, too. According to, the snow isn't supposed to let up until at least 3pm tomorrow. Should I bother studying for my final tomorrow morning right now or should I wait until the announcement in two hours?

When was the last time you were like "WHOO-HOO luck is on my side!"?
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I'm making Lamingtons tonight for a bake sale at work tomorrow. How much should I sell them for?

For anyone who knows stuff about computers: Last night my computer stopped connecting to my wireless network. My mom's computer will connect, but mine won't. I didn't do ANYTHING, I was just using the intertoobs and it disconnected. WTF?

(no subject)

I have a really sore neck out of nowhere. It's the right side and the right at the back, and it's really sore.

I've got a back massager, but it's not doing the trick.

Any tips for how to make it stop hurting?

(no subject)

So my school program is having a potluck on Friday due to "budget cuts" instead of just doing pizza like they did last year, but this was NOT well-thought out at all. Many of us are away on clinical rotations at sites as far as 5 hours away up until Thursday afternoon, plus we have an exam on Friday morning, so cooking when we get home from our respective locations the night before is not at the top of our priorities.

Another problem: 130 people, 2 refrigerators. And the program JUST realized they won't have any way to re-heat any foods.

So, tl;dr:
What is a good dish I could bring to a potluck that can be made easily/quickly the night before, and served cold? I prefer to bring a main dish or side, because I know that with the class being 85% women, there will be plenty of dessert and I'd like to give our class some variety. I don't necessarily need to cook for 120 ppl, just have a decent amount. Bonus points if it's cheap.

(no subject)

1)Would you get food offered on freecycle?

2)Do you buy special holiday edition candy?

*yes- the pepperment bark just looked so tasty!*

3)What seasonal flavors do you wish were more common?
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(no subject)

Mary and Bob have been married for over 20 years. They are happily married, in their early 50's with 3 beautiful children and a house in the suburbs. Mary is active in her church and Bob is an avid gardener.

Bob needs a kidney transplant. Mary and 2 of their sons are matches. However, Mary will not give Bob a kidney- she is uncomfortable with the idea of organ transplants and also wouldn't want to subject one of her teenage sons through it, either. So, Bob waits for a kidney from a stranger.

Bob is getting progressively weaker and has compromised his life in several ways.

Is Mary a fucking bitch or what?

*EDIT: What if, 8 years prior to Bob's diagnosis, he was unfaithful to Mary? Their marriage had hit a rough spot and Bob took a brief interest in a coworker.
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What should I call my blog?

For my mass media class, I have to create a blog. I've decided I want to select advertisements to critique/make fun of/discuss for my blog.

So, what should I name my blog? The only one I can think of is "Making fun of Mass Media" and it's just not doing it for me.
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(no subject)

What song are you enjoying right now?
Mika - Grace Kelly

How do you get your shit together when you have 1000 things to do?
Idk, that's why I'm asking.

Oh and, will you name one of your favorite movies?

I bought this shirt online. I got it today, and I don't particularly love it at this point... can I make it work? If so, with what? Looks kind of funky with jeans...

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Friendship is the best (Coupling)

IT Help

I have a Sony Vaio laptop, with built in wireless receiver. It's about 4 or 5 years old now. Previously it was connecting to my home wireless internet with no problems at all, but all of a sudden it is now refusing to connect, saying 'acquiring network address', and then just giving up.

Any idea why this is happening? How can I stop it doing that and get it to connect?

I've tried retyping in the password, and restarting. The PC we have works fine and is how I'm able to connect now, but my laptop just isn't having it. Might it have something to do with the fact that I logged onto my university network and didn't log out? It's not been a problem before, but...

Would really appreciate the help!
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(no subject)

How come its nearly 6pm and UPS still hasn't delivered my package?!? I took off work because I had to sign for it!

Also what is the coolest name you've ever heard? I once met a little kid named Shark Hutchens, though he might have been lying to me.

(no subject)

What are some bands or singers that have really used the Internet to their advantage or, at least, made their music readily available online free of charge? The only ones I can think of off hand are Amanda Palmer and the band Empires.

(no subject)

Today my friend and I were talking and the subject of attraction came up. I learned some things I never knew about her, and she was very different than she looks like she'd be on the surface.

So, tl;dr, what kinda person is most attractive to you, TQC? What needs to be there for the sparks to fly? Are there any deal breakers?

Computer Advice Question

Right now I have a desktop computer. It's served me well over the last four and a half years but it's starting to be on its last legs. I want to get another one in the not too distant future.

I have a 17" LCD full screen monitor that still works like a charm, and if I can get a new computer and keep my old monitor that would save me some money.

1. I don't have any of the software that came with the monitor. Is that gonna be a problem?

2. A lot of stuff now seems, to my not-in-computer-know perspective, to be optimized to work on widescreen monitors. If I don't invest in a widescreen monitor now do you think I'm going to regret it later? (I don't want a widescreen monitor per se, I only want one if my fullscreen is going to hold me back).

P.S. I don't really want a laptop.

Two different topics

1. Whatever happened to the community weeping_cock? Did I miss some big drama fest? Is there another community for laughing at bad porn?

2. Is there a word for two songs that can be sung simultaneously and still sound good? Like "White Christmas" and "Blue Christmas"? I would try "Google" but I don't even know where to start.
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(no subject)

My grandma found a cell phone and gave it to me. I'd like to get it back to its owner. The most recent text messages are from "Mommy". Should I text back and let her know I found the phone? Is there a better way of contacting the owner?
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How much do you hate group projects?

What can I do about my group presentation, due tomorrow, for which my partner hasn't done his work?
He was supposed to have researched and written his half (ten minutes' worth) of our presentation, and he volunteered to make the power point for the whole shebang, so that's supposed to be done too. He just emailed me the power point and it looks like shit-- seriously, each slide consists of a solid color background with a single photo and a title in comic sans. No information included, and it's ugly too.

I emailed my professor about my partner not fulfilling his portion of the research/writing, but should I bother mentioning the power point? Is that too petty?

What would you do in my situation?
At this point I am scrambling to fix the power point myself, but idk whether to email him "your work is crap, I'm redoing" or just surprise him in class. Ugh. Either way just seems so passive-aggressive.
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JC gonna disagree

How would you describe a "typical" atheist?

ETA: Yes, I know they don't believe in God. I'm talking personality-wise, behavior-wise, how would you describe a typical atheist? The image in your head of a person if someone asked you to visualize an atheist.

ETA again: If you had to make a caricature, stereotype of an atheist, what would this atheist be? Try to think of what people associate an atheist personality as being. I was just wanting what generally one hears and associates with atheists.
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(no subject)

tqc, what do you wear to stay warm in winter? i'm looking for a pair of earmuffs, but can't find any that are decently priced. do you own earmuffs? do you just wear hats? or do you wrap a scarf around your head?

how cold does it get where you live?

(no subject)

I can't get my wii to work. I moved it to another tv and nothing is bringing the picture to the screen. I plug it into the cable box and I can kinda see the screen but I get a bunch of moving horizontal bars and the comcast guide is still at the bottom. What am I doing wrong? How do I fix this? I'm going through all the input menus and it does nothing. Also, I plug it into the DVD player and tv but I don't even get the moving bars. What is going on?

Hey ladies..

What kind of BC pill are you on, if any?
Did you have a bad experience with any brand?

Do you know of anyone who was on the pill and still got knocked up? This is a perma-fear in my mind. I take the pill every morning, but sometimes an hour earlier than my alarm.

For the ladies

Has your insurance ever told you that you can only pick up birth control every 30-32 days?

I ordered my birth control on the 15th last month at the 21 day mark, as I stack them. When I tried to order my birth control this month, the Walgreens told me I have to wait until the 15th or pay full price.

This makes ZERO sense, as my birth control +placebos is only 28 days.

So is my walgreens pro-life or is there a chance that my insurance suddenly is?

Free wireless connection at public places (restaurants specifically)

Do restaurants at your place come with free Wifi/wireless internet connection for their customers?

What sort of restaurants are they? (Family restaurants/coffeeshops/chain restaurants/fast food outlets/etc.)

What do you think of people who sit for hours on end with their laptops in these restaurants? (They have food & drinks on their table, so they're not in the restaurant just for the wireless connection. There's also lots of empty tables in the restaurant at all times, so they're not preventing other customers from coming in and eating at the restaurant.)

If you work at one of these restaurants, how do you feel when a customer/customers use the wireless connection for hours at a time?

I'm asking because I'm on "vacation" at my home state right now, where I don't have an internet account/connection at home. So 2-3 times per week I go to different restaurants (Coffee Bean, Starbucks etc., I'm at a Kenny Rogers Roasters right now) and sit for an average of 4 hours to use their free wireless connection, which they advertise at their shop entrances with the Wifi logo, that's how I know they offer free Wifi here. At places like Starbucks/Coffee Bean I don't stand out as much since lots of other people go there mainly for their wireless connection as well, but here at Kenny Rogers Roasters, I've been here for 4 hours now and I'm still the only customer with a laptop. :X

There's no tipping culture here in my country, if that changes anything. We get charged 15% of taxes & service charge in the bill instead.
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Dearest TQC,

Chocolate of vanilla?
Tea or coffee?
Quadrophenia or Tommy?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
The Beatles or The Rolling Stones
Sex with an uggo or no sex at all (ever again)?

What's the spiciest food you've ever eaten? Did you enjoy it?
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(no subject)

Surprise you're a unicorn! But unfortunately mythology got one thing wrong, that's not a horn on your head, it's a penis.

Would you rather it be permanently erect (and painful) or never erect and flop into your eyes like a fringe?
Peggy Blink

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TQC, I am at a laundromat using their shitty $1/10 minutes internet. Do you have to use the laundromat? If you do, how do you pass the time? Mine is by my house, but I don't want to leave my clothes alone. Blah.

Do you have a pre-paid phone plan? If so, what are you on? I'm on Virgin and all their plans have too many minutes or texts for me to use.

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Can you suggest songs that have dances that go with them? (along the lines of the Time Warp or Thriller?)

I have to lip sync and dance for a class and I'm finding it really hard to come up with a dance. hah

The lip syncing is the more important part but I'm finding it hard to do that and just stand there!

What about Calculus from 2Gether?? (U+ME=US) ?!

Non-Judgmental Image Hosting?

I used to have a link bookmarked where you could upload images like you do in TinyPic - only they didn't come through and delete them if they were a bit racy (I had an animated .gif of Christian Bale screwing some woman on his lap and TinyPic deleted it within minutes).  Do any of you know of a non-judgmental and free image-hosting site like that?  I don't need one that accepts anything really hardcore.

Thanks guys!


That's the very one :) Now I can have Christian Bale boning away if the occasion calls for it LOL
ringo starfish

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help me brainstorm plz...

what are some books/movies/whatever about drug addicts who have kids? or kids whose parents are drug addicts? or alcoholics? or anything along those lines?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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When do you cross the line from competent, able-to-study individual into too-tired-to-function?

How do you know when it's time to quit studying and just go to sleep?

Let's say you're like my roommate and haven't studied for an exam until 10 pm the night before. The exam is at 8 am the next morning. Do you sleep? How much, or how little?

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my work christmas party is this saturday. i am trying to find a cute dress online but i am having 2 problems:
a) i wear a size 18 and i can't find many places with cute, age appropriate dresses (i'm 19)
b) i live in Canada and the fastest shipping options i've found so far are like 7-10 business days

so, tqc, can you help me find somewhere that sells cute plus sized dresses and will ship to Canada within the next 4 days????

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do you have a pet bird? I was offered a bird (I believe a quaker parakeet, it's green? I haven't seen it irl yet), with a cage, food, etc for free, because my friend can't keep her. I am a huge bird lover and I googled some stuff and I don't think it would be that hard to take care of.. but my mom is making shit up. She says they're all diseased and not meant to be kept in captivity and really gross and smelly. I'm trying to convince her otherwise.
Can you share experiences? Is she right? How difficult is it really to look after a bird in a cage?

another Q: i just told my best friend I really liked him and his response was, "Thank you so much for letting me know. I don't know what to say to it, really, but I'm really glad you told me," and then we carried on hanging out like normal. we have always been really flirty and I thought it was pretty damn obvious I liked him and I was sure he liked me, too. maybe he's shy? found me telling him to his face too awkward? Really doesn't feel the same way? what does what he said even mean?
WTF, someone share experiences with loving your bffflll and how it worked out.
I <3 TLV

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I got in touch with the mom of the girl whose phone my grandma found, and I need to arrange a time/place to give her the phone. Should I have her come to my house to pick it up? Or should I ask to meet her at a coffee shop or something? She's a local college student if that makes a difference.

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Aside from Urban Outfitters, where do you like to buy tights? Assuming you wear tights.

What's an article of clothing you always thought you couldn't wear, but recently started/tried to? I never wore tights but now that I live in the south and it doesn't get AS cold I figure it's something that could work.
all you need is

Book Title

Does anyone know the name of that book that came out about a year ago about a couple's possessions up for auction? It's structured like a bunch of descriptions of items, no narrative. I'm too lazy to join whatsthattitle or whatever the comm is called.

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I'm sitting here at my desk, on the computer, with my hand on my chin and all of the sudden my vision completely turns side-ways. My desk, my walls, my bed, my desk, everything was not straight for about 30 seconds. Right after this happened I threw up.

What the HELL is wrong with me?

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If you're a fan, what is your favorite Tim Burton film (producing, directing, writing, whatever)?
I like pretty much everything he's done, but Frankenweenie has stuck with me the most. I cry every time.

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Poll #1496093 A dream is a wish your heart makes

What do you make wishes on?

first star/falling star
throwing coins in a fountain
going under a bridge with a train crossing above
birthday candles
dandelion clocks
turning around the clasp of a necklace
something else

what kinds of things did you wish for when you were a kid?
i have distinct memories of wishing for a pet canary more than once.

What the heck man...

So, I have this best friend thats been distant lately. She always gets this way when she has a boyfriend.
My birthday is coming up (new years eve). She is one of those people who even though she knows she has an event or something she has to save for she wont make plans until last minute and its always "I don't know, depends on if I have money." She has no bills except cell phone and doesn't save for diddle. Last year I ended up spending tons of money on my birthday for us to drink and she paid me like 20 bucks. It was a blast though. This year, all of our mutual friends are kind of like " what is going on with her? She hardly talks to any of us anymore...?" So shes a really important friend to me and some of my other friends but it seems shes at the point in her life where no one else matters besides her boyfriends unless it benefits her. I went out to her birthday a few months later and everyone pretty much ditched her except me. I also paid for most of her drinks.

Should I go ahead and plan my birthday then probably get told later on she cant afford it, resulting in both of us being upset because she cant make it (her pissy because I didn't revolve the world around her, and me upset because I knew this was how it was going to go if I made plans) or should I hold on of hope that we can figure something out even at last minute and then maybe result in having less fun, more stress because we didnt get a good pick of places?

If you don't care: What are you doing for new years eve?