December 6th, 2009

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Google is not quite pinpointing this one.
My current English teacher has told me something I was not previously aware of. That is that in literary analysis writing we must use the present tense. e.g. "Karl Marx writes that communism is awesome". However when we refer to historical events within the analysis we use past tense. e.g. "Lenin totally fucked up communism when he decided to revolt to it and to set up a government within it, proving he had someone read Marx to him."
Why, exactly, are we supposed to write literary analysis in the present tense?

Or to phrase it more directly, I wrote things written in the past as past tense and things I/the analysis I'm writing infer in the present.
e.g. Karl Marx wrote that communism would be awesome. This is not true in reality with groups larger than about 100.

Why is this "bad"?
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Which one sounds more right to you?

a. Bill's mom Missy drove us and we got lost on the way there.
b. Bill's mom, Missy, drove us and we got lost on the way there.
Kill Bill - Elle
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I'm not looking for answers, just insight.
I have a "disability" and cannot stand for extended periods of time (or walk around for that matter) and because of this haven't worked since July. I'm not scared about re-entering the work force, so to speak, but my only experience is in retail and I need a desk job. Collapse )

What do you think? What would you do in this situation?
The last time you were just like "oh my God..." thinking about something?
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It is almost 2am and I'm not really tired (even though I should be) so I'm going to watch some tv on the computer to try and fall asleep to.

What should I watch? I caught up on Law&Order:SVU and The Office last night.

If you dk/dc, what shows do you watch online?

pahking your cah in the garahge

Say you've parked your car on a relatively flat area. Do you use the E-brake?
I never ever do if I'm on a flat parking lot, which annoys my SO and he always makes a big deal about pulling the lever and glaring at me before he'll get out. It's nice.

I have to work today from 1030-6. Should I stop at Starbucks on the way, or Dunkin Donuts? Pros of Starbs: PEPPERMINT MOCHA. Con of starbs: more espensive than DD, and no donuts. Pros of DD: DONUTS!!! and less espensive than Starbucks. Con: Plain coffee that isn't that great.

What are your favorite kind of donuts?
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There is pretty much no food in my house right now. The store is only a few blocks away, but it's snowing and I don't have a car. TQC, do I want to trudge through the snow, or just starve until someone is willing to drive my poor ass? For what it's worth, the current Feels Like Temperature is exactly 0 degrees.
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I'm looking at kid's digital cameras, but most of them have pretty bad reviews. Does anyone here have any personal experiences or recommendations for a camera for a 2.5 year old? She's pretty good at using my camera, and hasn't dropped it yet, but never say never. My sister-in-law wants to buy it for her, so I'm not sure how much she wants to spend, but I'm guessing not a lot. Would a lower end regular camera be better than one aimed at kids do you think?
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I don't like egg nog and don't know anything about it but discovered my kids love it. I would like to make some home made but there are too many recipes out there and they are all different. So if you make egg nog, which recipe would be closest to plain store-bought stuff? Would that be considered "traditional" egg nog? Or, what is your favourite egg nog recipe?

tl;dr: egg nog how to make?

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I came home for the weekend from uni and now i'm feeling funny about leaving. I love uni, even though it can be lonely, but every time I see my parents and have to leave I get all upset.
I'm home in two weeks for christmas, why am I upset?!
How can I stop myself from being upset?

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Are college kids stupid? Every single one of my college-age cousins (all under 21, mind you) have tons of pics on Facebook of them and their friends drinking...a lot. Their mothers are their FB friends so can obviously see everything. One of these cousins was in the paper today for DUI and underage drinking.

I really feel, as the older and somewhat wiser relative who was in college not too long ago, that I need to tell these kids to stop being stupid and reckless. Should I just keep my mouth shut and let the obvious consequences come to them? If it matters, all of these families (except one) are pretty self-righteous.
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I have to write a research paper on a mental disorder and well... I don't want to write it. I'm most likely going to write about schizophrenia.

TQC, if you had to write a research paper on a mental disorder what would you pick?
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Have you ever witnessed or been a part of a spam attack? I don't know if there is a technical name for it. But suppose someone on LJ is being idiotic and someone got to recruiting people to just spam stupid hate-comments, has there been much like that on LJ? Do you have links to any entries the spamming took place in? Or stories of what went down?

oh hai.

1. I'm thinking about getting my dad a Beer-of-the-month club membership for Christmas. When I google it, about 50 different companies come up. What is a good, reputable BOTMC that sends out interesting beers (either microbrew or import)?
1a. Have you ever bought someone a ____-of-the-month membership, or had one bought for you? Was it excellent, or is this a horrible idea?

2. What's your favorite type of tea?

3. Do you prefer your homefries/breakfast potatoes to be shredded potatoes or chunks? With onion or plain?

4. If you have ever had a serving job, where was the best place you ever served and why?

5. If you are a student, aren't you totally freaking stoked that this semester is almost over? How many papers/projects are YOU working on for the end of the fall term?
5a. How badly are you procrastinating?
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Mozilla seriously sucks.

Hey guys, I hate asking technology questions here, but this is my last resort.

I use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. For some reason, whenever I click on something that requires a new window to pop up, it doesn't work. Nothing pops up. I have turned the popup blocker off, reinstalled Firefox, restored it to default settings... nothing is working. I don't want ALL popups to be disabled, sometimes I need them!

Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe it's a security thing in my computer that I'm not aware of? Any advice would be appreciated, and again, sorry for posting this lame question here!
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meat cooking tips

I appear to be inadvertently making myself sick, and I'm hoping some smart foodies might be able to help me.

When I go grocery shopping, sometimes I'll buy stir-fry cut meat, usually beef but sometimes pork. When I get home, I separate each package into two portions, which I seal in zip-loc bags and put in the freezer. When I want to use a portion, in the morning before I go to work I'll put it on a plate to thaw in the fridge. I pan fry it with frozen vegetables in canola oil, with a few dashes of seasoning salt (I season it while it's cooking). I always try my damnedest to make sure it's cooked all the way through (last night I waited until it actually started to singe), and it tastes fine, but every now and then I end up being sick the next morning (like today). This usually happens with beef, it's only happened once with pork (and never wth chicken but I can't afford chicken very often). I'm pretty sure that it's not a problem with beef in general, when I eat on my lunch break at work, it's usually either a burger from A&W (well-done), or a Cold Cut Combo from Subway, and I never have stomach problems from those.

Is there some sort of pre-cooking thing I can do that won't 1) take forever and 2) kill the flavour?

edit: Sorry, after several comments I just re-read my post and realized I wasn't clear on one important point. I am sensitive to undercooked meat. Like, if I order a burger from McDonald's, and I don't ask for it well done (or I ask for it well done but the lazy turds in the kitchen don't bother throwing the patty back on the grill for a half-minute), I will usually get sick. While some of the other things mentioned are possible factors, the reaction that I get (a really gross D-word) is identical to what happens if I have not-well-done McD's (for the record, the A&W at the airport where I work always does my burger right, but I haven't eaten at McD's in about 6 years).

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What are some good universities/colleges in the NYC area that have good BBA (Business Administration) programs?

I'm looking into transferring my credits over for Fall 2010. I'm not even sure if the courses could be transferred from a Canadian school but I thought I'd get some opinions on schools.
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if you don't have a facebook, what do you usually do on the internet?

i just deleted mine two days ago and while i don't miss anything about it, it was still something to do online.

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If there's someone in your life who is your friend, but who really has a B.O problem and doesn't seem to know it, how do you bring it to their attention without being rude?

My roommate smells. BAD. She doesn't shower much(once a week if I'm lucky) and I don't think she wears deodorant, and the B.O gets pretty rank even the next day. I've tried being subtle("Wow, this room really smells. I wonder why...") and it doesn't seem to work. It's really gross. Help?
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If you hair looks good parted a certain way, do you do the opposite because you're looking in a mirror and what you see is reverse and must look good the other way? Or do you simply keep it the same because if it looks good in the mirror it must look good from a normal perspective?

And what's something awesome that you use to be able to do, but can't do now?
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Is everyone down about the holidays this year? It seems like every time there is a post about them, people just talk about how they want to skip them, aren't ready, hate Christmas, etc.

Personally, I LOVE the holidays. I love buying gifts for people, I love baking cookies, I love getting together with my family. We've had our tree up since Thanksgiving, I'm pretty sure I'm done with my shopping, and all of the gifts are wrapped and under the tree.

Is anyone else excited about and looking forward to the holidays?
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I've always described cold temperatures as "gross". My husband thinks that's weird and it annoys him when I say it. Is that really that strange? Saying cold weather is icky or yucky is normal, gross seems to fit right in that.

Do you describe anything in an unusual way?

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If you're going out at night, when do you start to get ready, assuming you have to shower, do your hair, get dressed, do makeup, etc. ?

I feel like I always get ready too early. It's only 3:30 pm here and I'm wanting to put on my makeup when I'm not even leaving for another 3 hours. :| I'm too impatient.

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Have you ever signed up for one of those sites that pays you to do shit like take surveys? Where and how did that work out?
Would anyone happen to know if is legit before I sign up for it and give them my info?
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sugar + honey nut cheerios = your cereal OTP or sugary overkill?

do you like regular cheerios?

why is cereal like $6 a box? are there gold flakes or crack rocks in there or what?

have you ever taken an online class? did you have group work? how did that go?

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For those school:

Do you ever figure out what minimum grade you have to get on the final in order to get a certain letter grade in the class?
Does it motivate you to study more or cut your motivation?

I just did. Before the curve, I have to get a 50% on my last test to get a 79% in the class, so I am not motivated to study- even though I'll have to study to get that 50%.

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I mentioned this not so long ago, I thought it might happen and it did.

I work in a clothing store in Scotland. Management were visiting the other day, we'll call her Mary. (I don't know her job title, but she's higher than the area manager) and once she had left our store manager, Elizabeth spoke to me.

Mary doesn't like my hair. (The underside is atomic pink. The top is dark brown. It's halfway down my back but when I'm at work, it's always neatly tied back.) Anyway, she basically said that Mary doesn't like it, mainly because it's so bright. She didn't directly say I was to lose it, she said 'It's up to you what you do about it, disguising it or whatever. I just thought I'd let you know what Mary said'

I've been there six months and Mary has met me before. My hair has always been like this but it hasn't been mentioned before. I don't know what I will do about it. I'm not keen on changing it.

Ever been in this postion?

Thoughts or opinions?

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so i was surfing tqc one time and talking to my friend stacie. we've been friends for several years and she's really cool. she's from siberia! how awesome is that. i'm so lame, i'm just from south carolina, aka the lamest state ever. but you know what, she lives in north carolina now and i live in new york city, so suck it, stacie! anyway, we noticed that there are a lot of posts on here that are tl;dr. if you don't know what that means, it means 'too long; didn't read.' basically it's a snarky way of saying, bitch stfu. stfu means shut the fuck up, if you don't know. so yeah, we noticed there are a lot of really long posts, and like, bitch i don't need to know your life story! so, anyway, my question to you guys is, is this the question club or is this the life story club?
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I've been reading around trying to figure out how to hook my macbook up to my samsung lcd tv, and i'm getting mixed answers. One thing someone said seemed like it would work, he suggested getting a mini dvi to hdmi,RCA to 3.5mm stereo cable, and a regular hdmi cable. I don't really know too much about this sort of thing, so hopefully some of you do.

Are these the right cords or do i need something else?
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I started baking cookies (the mix out of the box) and was following directions exactly like it told me to. But 8 minutes into the 9-12 minute recommendation, I noticed the bottom of the cookies starting to burn. I pulled them out and transferred them to another sheet. I didn't put them back in the oven but are they safe to eat even though the cookies aren't thoroughly cooked?

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My boyfriend and I are supposed to go to Lake Tahoe next week for early Christmas celebrations. His parents, younger brother and his younger brother's girlfriend and her two kids are gonna be there. It's supposed to be around 5 degrees, and I can't go into bars/casinos. What are somethings we can do?

If you dk/dc do you dress up your dog? Can I see pictures?
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What are your plans for New Year's Eve?
I'm not planning on doing anything; I think it's a bit over-hyped and everywhere ends up being too packed and too expensive to have any fun.

What's been your most memorable New Year's Eve thus far? (In a good or bad way.)
The only New Year's Eve that I ever tried to make a big deal out of ended with me having to take my then-girlfriend home in a cab (hard to find and really expensive on NYE, due to all the traffic) because she had too much to drink and passed out in a park. Come midnight I think I was holding her hair back while she threw up...happy New Year, baby!
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if you have no plans for the day, what motivates you to get out of bed and take a goddamn shower?

when i have no plans i just want to lay in bed all day and do nothing... it's quarter to 6 now and i'm still in my pyjamas.

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What TV show do you think has the best opening credits/theme of all time?

My vote is for Big Love's. Perfect visuals, perfect song, not too long or short, and it's cool how they worked in references to the Mormon concept of the afterlife.
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I will be on a long road trip (20ish hrs) by myself in the next couple of days. What are your favorite songs to listen to in the car?

What's the longest you've ever driven by yourself?

If you drove 1200 miles south, where would you end up?
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What are your tried and true strain stain-removal techniques?

I got chocolate ganache on my white shirt. I ran it until cold water and squeezed out at much as I could, but I don't want to do anything more in case it makes it worse.
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My best friend is ridiculously hard to shop for. He gave me a list of things he wanted but I like to get him a couple of gifts that he didn't pick out. He loves black tea, so I was thinking of getting him a sampler pack of different kinds of black tea bags.

So which brand of tea should I get?

If you don't know/care, which do you prefer, tea or coffee?
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Help me win a contest!

1. Ok a while ago someone posted a picture of a guy she had met online because she thought the picture was fake, and somebody suggested using a website to verify the picture.. What was that website?
2. What does this say?

And if you have no interest in that,
3. What is your favorite restaurant ever?

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do you like to eat anything when its cold? stale? raw?

i like stale circus peanuts (the marshmallows), stale chocolate rice cakes, cold noodles, cold pizza crust. i like olive garden breadsticks warmed up in the microwave for 10 or 12 seconds after they've been in the fridge all night. raw cookie dough of course. nothing else comes to mind really.

also, any dorky tattoos? pictures?

i have a harry potter-inspired tattoo.
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I'm very excited for the term to be over so I can spend some time reading books that aren't for school. What should I read during my winter break? I like all different kinds of books, so recommend anything.

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The bff and I are attempting to write a scene, and we need your help!

So, our idea is a Twilight fangirl(similar to nuttymadam only not nearly as fat) starts the scene by making a fan video about how much she loves the book and defending it to the death. Then she goes into her living room and finds two REAL vampires from actual classic vampire novels sitting there.

What happens when they meet, that ISN'T them killing her right away?
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Show off your artsy-crafts skills, TQC

Are any of you doing handmade gifts this year? What kinds of things are you making, or what have you made in the past? WILL YOU POST PICTURES? I am perpetually broke especially around the holidays so I tend to put my crafting and/or baking skills to work. I'm currently having fun with painting tote bags and doing origami Christmas cards, but I always like new ideas.

Collapse )

Alternatively, what's your favorite Text From Last Night?

(706): Have you not heard of Jennifer's supreme lust for William Shatner? She wants to eat Taco Bell off of his love handles

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Would anyone like to critique some of my photography?
I applied to an art school and I'm damn near positive I won't get it. So any critique is much appreciated.

If you don't want to, have you put up your christmas tree yet?
How about your christmas/holiday cards? Those out in the post yet?


Is there any site where you can find the crimes that happen most often in your area?
We are planning on moving and we are wanting to find the info.
We are outside of Saint louis, and the only site I have found is but it doesnt show any crime for our current location even and that cant be posible so is there any sites better than this but the same idea?
Google is failing me.
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My bathtub is clogged. We've tried using a plunger and Liquid Plumber and neither had any effect. Are there any better things to pour down it? Are there other options for unclogging before we go to the landlord?

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I've always been kind of interested in weird stuff, extraordinary people, mysteries, just anything really that makes me think 'Whut!'

What are some things that make you mentally 'Whut'

I really like reading about the romanovs, war crimes, conspiracy theories, new technology, natural wonders & serial killers among others.
Blue Ji

I wonder...

Who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with for 10 hours?


And I've saved a little bit of money and want to update at least one thing for the household, what should it be?

Digital Camera (Current: Kodak .99 MPs)
Desk Top Computer (Current: Dell circa '98)
Refridgerator (we just don't have one)
Cell Phone (um, that would just be for me)
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I was friends with this guy for like five years. He was like a brother to me. He and I got in a huge fight over nothing and haven't spoken in months. He got mad and told people things about me that weren't true and then those people turned on me and started being assholes. I removed him from my life, basically deleting him on every social networking thing ever (LJ, Facebook, twitter, etc), including his dickhead friends after one instance regarding them telling me that I can't have my damn birthday where I wanted to have it.
Anyway, I hadn't seen him in a LONG time and then we saw each other at a mutual friend's party last night. He kinda did this awkward shoulder pat thing to my boyfriend and ignored me all night. As the night continued, it became increasingly obvious that he and his friends were being passive-aggressive assholes and pulling high school level dramatic bullshit. I got really drunk and left. I was mad that I felt like I have officially lost my best friend. No chance that he's ever going to stop being stubborn and send me an email and say "Hey, I miss you, this is dumb".

(tl;dr: an argument with my former best friend has come to a peak and I'm super bummed about it)

Anyway, if you were in my situation and wanted to make up (because I seriously fucking miss him), how would you go about it? Would you just wait for him to simmer down some more? Would you tell him to go fuck himself? Would you just ignore it and cry about it for a long time? All of these options are going through my head. IDK, what would you do?

if you had to make a fancy cake, what would the cake, frosting, and filling flavors be?

what color apples do you prefer?

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what are you watching tonight? sex rehab?

who doubted my window painting ability?
i showed up at a restaurant this morning having never put a paintbrush to glass in my life and it all turned out beautifully JUST SO you know.

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As the result of the classic Secret Santa game I now have to get a gift for my boyfriend's cousin. I don't really know him very well, but I do know that he's 24 years old, a marine, a big fan of the Steelers, and he likes to drink. I'm trying to stay away from buying a Steelers shirt or hat because he already has plenty of them and I'm afraid I'll accidentally buy one he already has.

The max. we're suppose to spend on the gifts is $20.

Any suggestions? :]
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Hey TQC, hypothetical question.

Someone posts on TQC with a photo, asking people if they can identify the person in it. It's clearly taken without the person's knowledge, and the poster wishes to know their identity because they fell in love at first sight but couldn't muster the courage to ask them out.

How would you react if
(a) you didn't know the person

(b) you do know the person and
(bi) it's a relative of yours
(bii) it's a friend of yours
(biii) it's a coworker/classmate
(biv) it's someone you know and dislike
(bv) it's someone you really hate
(bvi) it's someone you used to know but now only keep in touch through facebook
(bvii) it's someone on your f-list
(bviii) it's someone on your f-list who you also know is a TQC member
(bix) it's you

Well? Obviously you don't have to answer all of those.


I am in the mood for a good documentary, but I've already seen all the ones that come to mind.

Can you recommend your favourite documentary to me and give me a short synopsis?
Bonus points if you link me to somewhere OTHER THEN HULU where I can watch it :D
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I finally got a computer that is just MINE and not shared, what programs/apps/widgets whatever should I download to it? It's a PC.

What web browser do you use?

Anybody wanna come stab the idiot who gave me a cold?
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Tonight i made my husband Filet Mignon that came out lovely.

The sauce was another story :/. I started to make a sauce made out of red wine. I've made the sauce before so I'm still not sure how it happened but the wine exploded twice on one side of the kitchen and once on the other side as i transferred it to the skin. Red wine was splattered on the floor, ceiling, sink, walls, oven, EVERYWHERE :*(

TQC, what's the worst thing in the kitchen that's ever happened to you? I'm in the need to hear 'kitchen disaster' stories so i feel better about myself, lol.

wow, thanks so much, I really do feel better now.

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Beatles or Stones?

The Beatles
The Rolling Stones

Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?

Bon Scott
Brian Johnson

The Sex Pistols or The Clash?

The Sex Pistols
The Clash

ETA: If you choose "Other", please explain!
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So I went to dinner with my dad last week and he FLIPPED OUT because I had three diet sodas with my meal. OK I was in the desert for the first time in years and it was really dry, jeez.

But that had me thinking... How much do you have to drink throughout the day? And WHAT do you have to drink throughout the day?

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>:| When citing work do you ever feel nervous?
I had my own ideas about something before I looked it up and while the book helped me expand on those ideas and taught me knew perspectives, I also had a lot of stuff right. If, by chance, the professor decides to look up my sources she is going to find on the same page ideas I had not sourced which I came up with on my own.
Is she going to think I am committing plagiarism?
UUGHH I get so nervous about this sort of stuff.

Lets say you do not know, and you do not care.... could you tell me the least interesting thing you did all day or something you were obligated to do but didn't want to?

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I've already googled it, but I want to ask you: are american apparels sizes on the smaller or the bigger side? I don't live in the US and I've never tried on their clothes, but I've found some stuff online I want to order. H&M's extra small is usually perfect for me, if that makes any difference.

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I'm not too creative, so I need help. My mother's job is director of education and advocacy in an organization that assists the homeless and gives them a voice in the government. My state is considering cutting ALL the programs that help the homeless. She's organizing a program to give tours of all the places that the homeless reside (shelters, soup kitchens, etc.) to state officers and legislators, so they can see how they live. She wants to give it a good, creative name. Any ideas?

Srs answers would be less funny but more helpful.

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My grandmother died on Wednesday. I am 1000 miles away and was unable to attend her memorial today.

All I can do is cry, and I have to be up for work at 5:30am tomorrow. I texted my fiance to see if he would come stay with me until I fall asleep, but he hasn't answered yet, and it's getting late.

What should I do, tqc? What shouldn't I do?

ETA: called fiance, couldn't really get the words out as there seems to be a vise around my throat, but he got the picture and he's on his way over
anontang DA

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When does your Christmas break start? When do you return to work/school/whatever?

My break starts hopefully on the 16th if I can get my exams moved up, and I start back up on the 11th of January. I'm excited.

(no subject)

question for the ladies:

did you tell your mother when you lost your virginity?

i've never told my mom but she was like the first person my sister went to. i think that's so weird and my sister is like "of course i told mom!"
the little girl in me.

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What is the song in the new JCPenny Christmas commercial? I tried to google the lyrics I knew...nothing. I tried googling "new JCPenny Christmas commercial" and I got last year's. It says something about following your instincts...and at the end it goes "then you'll seeeee, what you never belieeeeved, could be, you'll seeee"....and it has that little boy and girl standing in the hallway together alone, with the little girl holding a present behind her back. Thanks!

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what should I submit as my senior quote for the yearbook? I don't want to sound pretentious/cliche/~*WiSe*~, mind you. I was thinking:

"shoot for the stars. even if you miss, you'll burn up as you re-enter the atmosphere."


"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone else when we're uncool" - from almost famous, but i'm not really sure.
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Boyfriend and I went out to dinner tonight and my stomach started hurting really badly on the way home. Since then (over 3 hours ago), I've made several trips to the bathroom, chewed 4 pepto-bismol tablets, and drank a can of ginger ale.
What can I do to help me feel better? I have no idea what made me sick - I had a burger and fries, and the burger was definitely cooked thoroughly.

Alternatively, what are you looking forward to and/or dreading this week? I'm doing a toy drive for the foster kids my office works with, and I'm worried I won't get the last 10 toys donated by Tuesday. I'll be glad when it's all over and done with on Friday though.

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I usually get a ride to work with from my roommate but she can no longer drive me. Should I walk to work (takes 45 minutes) or ask for a ride from someone who has to be there a half hour before me. Both would involve leaving around 7.

If you don't care, when did you last go to the doctor?
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[could contain spoilers, so just be careful!]

[disclaimer: can contain spoilers. don't yell at me if you are spoiled. I said this even before I made the post.]

What does everyone think of Heroes this season? I watched the premiere but I hadn't been impressed with it at all. So I haven't seen any this season. But I'm bored, and my sister had some DVRed... So I decided to watch a few episodes. It isn't quite as bad as I thought, but wow, the directions they've been going the past two seasons.
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To cut a long story short, bad relationship, he's moved on before I have.
To dye my hair bright red as a confidence boost at 11pm when i've been getting it this shade for months is a bad idea, yes or no?
(I've done red before, and was considering it hence why I have the packet.)
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What web browser do you use? What do you like about it?

I've recently gotten rid of Firefox and now I'm switching between Google Chrome and Safari. I can't decide which I like better.

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Have the internets ever made you utterly and completely dislike someone or something you thought as just okay before?

I had no real opinion on Taylor Swift until ONTD went nonstop on her over the last few days. Tiger, too. Actually no I still don't give a damn about him.

songs about leaving

What are some songs about leaving, especially ones that use imagery relating to cars, trains, buses, etc.? Off the top of my head, I can think of "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman, "Another White Dash" by Butterfly Boucher, and "LA Song" by Beth Hart.
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There's an out-of-control bus heading for a crowd of people. Mostly everybody gets out of the way except 2 benches. On one bench, is George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Condaleeza Rice, tearing up a poster of Obama. On another bench is Lady Gaga, asleep. For reasons not stated in this poll, you can save one of these benches from certain doom. Who do you save?

Bench of 3 lives: Bush, Dick, Rice
Bench of 1 life: Gaga