December 5th, 2009

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Is it unethical for an attractive person to use their looks to their advantage in a professional setting? What if this person also happens to be qualified, even if their looks are what really pay off?
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1. TQC! QUICK! I AM IN THE MIDST OF A CRISIS!!!! I have about 7lbs of potatoes that are starting to sprout! I need to use them up, like, YESTERDAY! What are your favorite potato recipes?

2. What are you wearing? IN HORRID DETAIL.

3. I am just about to finish viewing the second season of the Original Star Trek series. After I finish the third, which should I view next? Would it be best to go chronologically in order of release, or is there some other order preferred amongst Trekkies?
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when you were 12, did you have anyone you could turn to when you were really upset or needed a hug?

i am rarely home with my sister and she doesn't have anyone else to turn to except for me. i'm scared it might hurt her in the long run, not having someone there for her all the time :/ all through my childhood i had a very close relationship with a guardian of mine - my parents had intimacy issues, and i still struggle with it today but the attachment i formed with my guardian has made me a pretty happy, mentally healthy person. my sister's missing that attachment (i live overseas) and it really bothers me.
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ding ding ding round one, tqc!

A friend of mine bought a house just over a year ago. It was a foreclosure, and they've been working on steadily fixing it up over the past 14 months. Today, she mentioned something about not getting a certain channel through Comcast, and that took me by surprise, as she refuses to pay for TV considering she never watches it. She says that the cable hookup is just there, and that they just plugged their tv in and hooked up the cords and BAM! Cable. Her husband investigated the lines on the property and wasn't able to identify a source (eg. plugged into the neighbors) for the cable, and after asking neighbors, none of them within one lot of their house have Comcast. My friend has never received a bill for it, and the digital switch thing went fine, though she doesn't have the converter box, because apparently you have to get it specifically from Comcast, and she doesn't want to call them up and deal with this.

At this point, I say this is "stealing cable", and by not telling the truth to Comcast, it's a lie of omission, and that at some point they could find out and go after them for it. She says that since they can't readily identify the source and it's not obviously piggybacking off someone else's, she's in the clear.

What are your thoughts on this? Why in the world do they have free cable?
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Does anyone here have Cox cable?

I'm trying to find info on their damaged DVR replacement policy, and I can't find anything. My cat just pissed on my DVR and fried it and I don't know if I can just take it in and get a new one without having to pay to replace it.
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Do you believe or have experience that things come in three's?

We bought our condo in June and have already replaced the hot water heater and the washer/dryer set. We figured out last night that the furnace isn't working, either. (It is currently 26 degrees in Chicago)

Tell me that this is the last major thing to break/need replacing for a while, please.

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Do you have irritible bowel syndrome? If so, can you please tell me about your symptoms? I don't mind gory details. I think this may be what's causing all of my weird GI symptoms but the stuff I found via Google is kinda vague. I need first-person accounts! Thanks, my poopy pals!
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Do you think that the way a person dresses is important?
What do you think of a girl that wears jeans and tees all the time as oppose to girly things?
What about a guy that is, well, "metro" for lack of a better term?
Can you really tell a lot about a person by what shoes they wear?
Are accessories really that important?

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I want to go to the cinema
My choices are:
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
The Road
Red Cliff
Which one should I go to?

If you hate movies:
when was the last time you had a really amazing room-clearing fart?
daffy xmas

help me, TQC, you're our only hope.

every year my husband and i do one of those Salvation Army Angel Tree things...where you pick a kid off of the tree, and buy them a gift from "Santa." I love this.

anyhoo...this year we picked a 10 year old girl.
she asked for roller skates.


if we still can't find any today...what should we get her instead???

i cannot handle Santa fail. :(

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So, TQC here's my predicament. This early Saturday morning I was loading the dishwasher after, well, putting it off for quite some time. Anyway, I'm about 50% done when I come across something not so much odd as it it is annoying, but I've got a small glass wedged into one of my favorite mugs.

I tired wiggling it and running hot water over it. I even poured soap under the glass to see if that would lubricate it loose, but it is REALLY stuck.

So, TQC, got any ideas? I'd like to keep both of them if possible, but if push comes shove, I'm breaking the damn glass. I really like that mug. :(
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Edit : Life : 1
Me : 0

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your parents own another house and are letting you rent it from them. it's only 600 a month. you decide to get a roomate, how do you split the rent? 50/50? or would you pay something like 100 and let them pay the other 500?

if you make them pay 500, would you tell them that you were only paying 100? would you expect them to be pissed?

dk/dc... what are you doing tonight?
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TQC, I ask you:

My little (22 year old) brother went bowling with a girl last night. He's not sure if it was a date or not. His opinion is "Well, she sure didn't attempt to pay for anything all night, lol." Also, she sent him a text saying he was a sweet guy and that she had a very nice time.

what do you think? Was it a date? Will there be another?

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My house got energy-audited, and the guy told us to put something called a "brass spring" in our doorframe in place of weather stripping because the frame is warped. When I look for it on Google (or Google Images) I get curtain rods and regular curled-up springs, which I don't think is what he was talking about.

What is a "brass spring" (in this context) and what does it look like?

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What is something that is REALLY pissing you off right now?
Do you want to rant about it? Go for it!!

what is something that's making you REALLY happy at the moment?
Do you want to rant about it? Go for it!!

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Let's talk names.

Will you list for me some names you would have trouble moaning in bed? Or just some unsexy names in general.

What are some nicknames you like to be called? Include nicknames like 'babe', 'sweetie', etc.

What are your favourite names on your preferred gender?
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Possibly a gross question:

My roommate pukes in the sink. Most people puke in the toilet. It annoys me.

Today I run the sink, and all this nasty puke bubbles up from the drain. Baking soda, vinegar and boiling water haven't curbed it.

She's not here, and won't be back here until Monday. I may leave until Wednesday.

I've asked her a few times not to puke in the sink. I even put a bottle of Drano with a bow on it after one night. But the Drano is gone now.

How should I deal with this?

The sink is currently a barfy mess. I'm thinking of leaving it for her to find Monday or Wednesday. Is that too passive aggressive or what?
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yes, I am that bored currently

What's the last name (or label, whichever) you were called online that made you smile, chuckle, or maybe even outright laugh?

If you care to, will you please share the circumstances? (links are fun)

If you're cuddled up on a blustery, cold day, what's the drink you're most likely to be sipping on in your mug of choice?
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Has anyone here actually gone through bankruptcy (sp Chapter 7)?

I'm contemplating it because I have about 40k worth of debt, at 22. I lost my parents with I was 19 so that had a lot to do with it. I definetly can't pay almost any of it back at this point in time.

I hear its a horrible decision from one side...

and then the other I hear that over time things can go back to normal and you can get a car loan on your own, a house, etc.

Your thoughts?

[LJ2ME (] Hanukkah gift ideas

So Hanukkah is coming up and I have no idea what my boyfriends BIG gift is going to be.

We've decided to do this thing where each day we give a certain type of present (i.e. Home made) and then we will have one big present.

The maximum amount I am allowed to spend is 50.

I have no idea what I should get him though. He never mentions wanting anything so its not like I can read into that.

What should I get him?

He is 23, a broadcasting major, he is a stoner, he loves Jazz music and obscure bands.
I don't know what else I could mention that would help. He is not a fan of mainstream anything and I already bought him a snuggie so that idea is out!

Any ideas? Srs/non srs
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TQC, I've got this awesome frozen dinner thing that I accidentally threw in the fridge instead of the freezer about three or four hours ago. The box says not to allow it to thaw, and that's exactly what it's done. If I cook and eat it, will I die a slow and painful death or is it safe?
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I have a Capital One credit card and my bill is due Monday. I've been paying it off chunk by chunk all month, but most likely I'll still have a balance left. I've never missed a payment before. What's going to happen?
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two questions. both based on travel.

To those who have been to the Mall of America is it worth the trip? I live in California and have the chance to do quite a bit of traveling next year and was reading about the Mall on wiki. It sounds interesting. - - ETA. Guys, I wouldn't travel all the way across the US solely for the mall. I have been to about 30 states and I haven't been to Minnesota yet.

Another is there any recommendations on travel sites that offer a variety of packages or tour guides for the UK for someone coming from the US? I have been reading about the Hard Day's Night Hotel in Liverpool..
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Poll #1495111 Zombie holocaust

The dead are rising from their graves and assaulting the living. When this happens, you're at a swap meet unfortunately. You need to grab something to use as a weapon to defend yourself. These are the choices. What will you fight back the zombie hordes with?

Bowling ball
Butcher knife
Metal fold-out chair (it's folded up now)
Taxidermed pelican
Chainsaw (no gas in it thought)
Mannequin arm
Tennis racket
Samurai sword/katana
Ice skates (with sharp blades)
12" dildo
20 lb. dumbell
Sack of 10 oranges

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just from your personal experience, how does a guy act when you've been hanging out for a while and you think he seems to really dig you and wants to stick around a bit, versus how he acts if he's probably gonna bail pretty soon?

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If during your college football career your team won the national championship twice AND you won the Heisman trophy but during your senior year you didn't win the conference championship, would you cry about it?

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would you consider a dog refusing to use a hind leg/ hopping around on three legs a medical emergency? what if he wasn't showing any signs of pain?

also, what do you do when the only emergency vet in town is full of idiots?
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TQC, I cannot figure this out for the life of me. My fridge dial has the numbers 0-9, going clockwise, on it. Which way do I turn the dial to make the temperature colder? Google is giving me conflicting answers and I'm so confused.

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What's your favorite back-of-the-bus middle school game? Kill/Fuck/Marry's pretty good, truth or dare's a classic, and then there were all of the games about calculating what your future husband will be like based on numbers and stuff I've forgotten...

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Are the chicken parmesan or the buffalo chicken sandwich from Domino's Pizza any good?

If not what should I order for dinner?

If neither one of those questions are answerable what did you have for dinner yesterday?
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Photonerds, I'm curious: which of these two dSLR cameras would be better for an amateur photography hobbyist?

Canon EOS Rebel XS/1000D or Canon EOS Rebel XSi/450D?

Either is currently on sale until the end of the year w/ a 18-55mm lenses kit, and the XS is "only" $130 less than the XSi.

ETA OR, I could get a Canon EOS Rebel XT/350D ($300 slightly used on Kijiji), but they require Type I or II CompactFlash/Microdrive storage. Do they even sell that shit anymore?

It's silly of me to even want to blow >$500 on a new camera, right? :/

What is your ONE favourite internet meme? for reference.

I think my favourite will still always remain "Put Yourself in My Shoes/THOSE ARE MY SHOES":

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England and the USA are in the same group during the group stages of the 2010 World Cup. given that their other opponents are not very developed footballing countries, it's the assumption at this point that they will finish 1st and 2nd in their groups and advance to the knock out round(round of 16).

who do you think is going to finish first, England or the USA?

who do you think is going to win the whole shabang?

i'm going with the USA finishing top of their group and Spain winning the whole thing.
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I bought these boots:

Do you think I need to put waterproof spray on them? They are winter boots, so they should be waterproof already. It won't do anything for the part in the back which is sort of a wooly cloth, right?
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Poll #1495128 Battle Royal

Who would win in a fight to the death between science and religion? Sarah Palin, armed with a bayonet, fighting for Creationism, or zombie Charles Darwin, fighting for Evolution?

Sarah Palin
Charles Darwin

Who would win in this fight for gay marriage? Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi, armed with gay rights signs (mounted on wooden poles), fighting for the right for gays to marry, or Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh, using only their fists, fighting to stop gay marriage?

Ellen and Portia
Bill and Rush

Who would win in a fight? Jesus or a T-Rex?


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im at my boyfriends house, waiting for him to come home from work. whats something sweet i can surprise him with when he gets here? not sex, cause im on my period and i have cramps.

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I want to send my cousin a care package. She's 16 and just moved to Michigan and is just sad, but she's also cool and we can just chill together when she's around and talk about movies, and books, and just life in general. I'm sending a few old National Geographics so she can put some pics out of them on her wall but what else should I put?

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I'm currently reading a 350 page book online. I have to have it read by 4 pm on Tuesday, and I'm only on page 60. I was hoping to get to at least 150 tonight, but I have a massive headache from the reading, which medicine has not helped. Should I force myself to get to around page 150 anyway, or take a break and just read even more tomorrow?

Besides a lint roller, how do you keep cat/dog hair off your clothes? I always have it on my clothes and I just can't get away from it. It's everywhere D:

Random questions.

I used to be so sure about applying to medical schools but now I'm considering dental schools but I have an urge to switch to education and become a teacher. So, basically I'm feeling unsure and kind of lost. Have you ever felt this way? What helped you clear your mind, focus and figure something out?

What did you want to be when you grow up... when you were little?

What's a sweet gift to get my SO? So far I know he's made a calendar for me, personalized with photos of my puppy and special dates on the calendar. He asked for a book but I'd like to give him something more sentimental/personal/nice.

Any interesting Christmas/holiday/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa traditions?

Xmas present help....

So I have *no idea* what to get my brother-in-law for Christmas. He's currently living in Chile, and coming back to visit for the holiday. I don't want to get him anything bulky he has to haul back, but I would like to get him something nice. Any suggestions? If all else fails, I'll get him a box of See's Chocolates, but my husband's family isn't super into sweets.
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I have no idea what lend me to thinking about this, but:

In Japan on Valentine's Day, girls give boys chocolate. A month later there's White Day, where boys give the girls chocolate.

If a girl wanted to give another girl chocolate, would she give it on Valentine's Day (the day girls give) or White Day (the day girls receive)?

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So a co-worker had mono and was gone for like 6 weeks or so. He just came back Friday, supposedly all better. Anyway, he licked my water bottle without me knowing (until the end of the day anyway) and I feel kind of sick now.

Is a person still contagious even after they're not feeling symptoms anymore? Am I just being paranoid, or did that bastard give me mono? 'Cause if he did, imma have to slap a bitch.

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q. what is the dumbest lie you have ever told to avoid the embarrassing truth? also, did they buy it?

a. when i was 13 or so, i had a couple of stretch marks on my hips. some clueless boy asked what happened to me, so i made up some bullshit story about being attacked by my lecherous pet goat. and yes, he was horrified. but he figured it out after he got some stretch marks of his own.
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I had a question earlier but it didn't post. It was asking about absinthe~ have you had the real deal?

Yes, tonight, in fact.

What's your favorite dessert?

Tiramisu. Bread pudding at a close second.


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How would you handle it if you accidentally overheard a friend say something negative about you?

For this hypothetical, you heard the entire conversation and thus heard the statement firsthand. It was not said in anger. Would you confront this person?
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Is LJ playing up for anyone else?

It keeps shifting between going really slowly and really fast, I'm not getting all my comment notifications and sometimes when I post it says "Franks nibbling on the wires!" but posts my message anyway, so I end up posting the same thing twice -_-.

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I just had a delicious sandwich. It was on dark rye and had deli roast beef, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado and dijon mustard. What would you have done to improve it, besides add mayo? I hate mayo, except when it's in things like tuna salad.

Memory- GONE

OK. I need your help.

My little sister posted some lyrics on her facebook page about credits rolling, which reminded me of another song from the 90's I think, where the chorus was something like "credits roll, fade to black" or something like that. It was definitely with that kind of sentence rhythm. Please help. If you have any ideas they would be helpful, because perhaps they would spark enough of a memory to lead me in the right direction at least!

Thank you!!
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Lady Gaga

On a scale of 1 to 5, how do you like her outfit?

5 - I LOVE IT. She's a goddess and a sexy reindeer all in one
4 - I like it. She's so inventive with her wardrobe
3 - it's pretty good. Pretty unusual but there's no one else like her
2 - antlers? WTF
1 - it's so dumb I don't have the words

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Are you good at gift shopping?
When you trade gifts do you want exactly what you asked for or do you like to be surprised?
My lips are really dry right now. Is there anything you'd like to share?
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I have an interview Monday at a daycare center for a part-time teaching assistant position. What should I wear?

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I haven’t been on an interview in a year and a half, and I really want this job. I know it’s not like, CEO of a Fortune 500 company or something, but this is important to me.

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Is there a scheduling device thing online to aid me in choosing classes? Like, I can fill in the slots for Monday and Friday 1:30 - 3:00 for English so I know I can't sign up for Math on Friday at 2.