December 4th, 2009

please halp

Long story short: when I installed Snow Leopard ~a month and a half ago, I forgot to back up my HP C-3100 All-In-One software. I need to use my scanner urgently, so I downloaded the HP printer drivers from Do I need the software itself? Is that different than the drivers? How the fuck can I open the program to select "scan" (there's no button on my printer itself, you have to do it through the program)??? D:

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assume for this poll that "in the shower" means with the nozzle on.

Poll #1494260 in the shower

Would you, or do you:

have sex in the shower?
pee in the shower?
drink beer or other beverages in the shower?
watch tv in the shower?
do something else in the shower besides washing? (in comments)

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Have anyone ever taken Contemporary Feminist Theory in college/uni? What was it like for you?

When you take candid pictures(birthday events, parties etc) with a digital camera, do you developprint them? Or do you think that's a waste of money?
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I am making meatloaf for a party next weekend. Thing is, I've figured I need to make like 5 loaves' worth to feed 14-15 people. Is there a better way to go about this? My thought was just prepare each loaf pan, store it in the fridge until ready to cook, then throw it all in the oven.
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Have you watched any good documentaries lately? I've been on a documentary kick on Netflix and I've watched

-The Business of Birth
-America the Beautiful
-Botany of Desire

Do you enjoy documentaries?
What are your favorite documentaries?
Are there any you can't stand?
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I have this heat lamp thingy in my bathroom. It's currently coming out at what looks like 1,000 watts. It's insanely bright. It's not going to explode, is it?
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most adventurous thing you ate?

So this is spawned by this thread. Never tried that meal but sure sounds delicious to me.

What is the most adventurous thing that you've ever eaten? And what is the most adventurous thing that you would LIKE to eat?

I've eaten ostrich, buffalo, chicken feet (dim sum restaurant). I'd love to try ostrich egg, which I hear is very rich, and I've been meaning to try rattlesnake, which is unavailable on the east coast. I'd also love to try milk from different animals, like camel or goat.
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If you were a cocktail waitress propositioned by a married celebrity for a hook-up, would you do it?

Why or why not?

How long would you wait to leak information about it?

ETA: Redefined celebrity.

I ask this, because if it's true about Tiger Woods... his affair went on for three years before it finally came out. I think that is just wrong. Cheating of any kind, celebrity or not, is inexcusable.
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it's Friday!

...plans for tonight?

A friend of ours is having a Game Night, most likely Charades once the wine gets pouring, it can get pretty interesting.

Happy Friday!
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My girlfriend has been getting emails from her ex’s mother telling her that she cannot believe the decision that she has made to leave her son and be with someone else. The emails basically give a philosophical overview of what it means to “love” someone through the good times and the bad and explain that even though she is with someone else (me), they would all gladly accept her back with open arms. They also point out what an outstanding young man he is and that she is really missing out on something special.

What would you do if your parents did something like this without you asking them?

Do you feel that it is undermining in any way for parents to get directly involved with their children’s personal relationships?

Relationship problemssss

So I was dating this guy and it was going well for a while (four months), but then he dumped me because I wasn't talking to him much for two days or so.. which happened to be Thanksgiving and Black Friday and I had been terribly busy. So obviously I was upset and wanting him back, until I found out that he dumped me with the intentions of asking me back out hours after. Wtf? That seems a bit abusive and wrong to me, as he was doing it just to hurt me.

So I decided I wasn't gonna take him back, but at the same time I miss him and don't wanna hurt him etc etc. but he keeps doing this childish shit like saying "I'm just gonna fuck other girls since you won't take me back" and so on. I wish I could just stop caring about him and be done with it.

What do I do, TQC? srs and non-srs advice, please.

Edit: Pretty much told him to fuck off. I feel like shit, but I guess it's for the best? x:

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So there was this protest-y propaganda scrawled on a bus-stop this morning, with some interesting symbols. I tried to take a photo with my phone, but it was at a poor angle and plexiglass so you can read about two words of the message. I wrote down what I could remember and went to the website at the bottom, but it wasn't all that illuminating besides making it clearer that it was some kind of protest/conspiracy theorist rhetoric. I'm curious as to what the symbols mean, exactly, so I broke out the MS Paint skillz and now turn to you, TQC--the message went as follows (with the symbols being smaller and more within the text, obvs. Doesn't transcribe well.) --
Collapse )

It just came to me that N.W.O. is probably New World Order, but I'm still not quite getting the symbols. Help me, conspiracy theorists, you're my only hope!

EDIT: lawl, the Illuminati? AWESOME. I have an encyclopedia full of secret fraternity whatevs. Totes looking this shit up when I get home. At least the bus stop graffiti is being more interesting than the usual tags done in Sharpie. XD
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What are the genders of your three best friends?

Did you go to a co-ed or same-sex school?

Do you know people from same-sex schools who have unhealthy gender relations or beliefs about such? Examples plz.

radioactive cryptozoological haints anyone?

1. Do you know of any weird things or places in your area or state? Or, aside from weird, just plain bad things?

I was reading through a book called Weird Kentucky and discovered American Threnody which is a documentary about the "low level radiation" containment "center" in Maxey Flat. This area is less than 20 miles from the college I was attending. I've lived in Kentucky on and off for about 25 years and had never heard of it. And others may not hear of it because the sign was removed.

2. What do you think of Mothman (WV not KY)? The hand drawn sightings of this guy are more interesting than the ones shown on Wiki. An interesting correlation at this site too

3. What's your local legend or bogey man? Got anyone like Colonel Sanders, The Blue People, Herry the Lake Monster or Sweet Evening Breeze to claim?
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Sports Question

I got the idea from a article I read on today.

Do you think in your lifetime you will see a female playing in The NBA or any other professional league that is all male right now? Do you think it would be more likley to happen with a team sport like basketball? Could it happen somewhere besides the NBA?

I know we've seen a couple of one shot deals like on the PGA and in The NHL, however I mean could she be on a team and play on a regular basis.
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I applied for a job and was requested for an interview via e-mail. Went to the interiew, and was then offered the job through e-mail as well.

Is that a little weird, or just the way these kinds of things will be going forward?
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There's a topic that's blowing my mind and google is not being useful, so I need help!

I was asked how the children of a homosexual couple get their last names in Spanish speaking countries. Each person in our countries has 2 last names: the 1st last name is the 1st last name of the father and the 2nd last name is the 1st last name of the mother.

As much as I have researched only Spain (of all spanish speaking countries) allows adoption of children by homosexual couples or allows one of the partners to adopt the child of the other partner in the couple. Sadly, there's no information about how the last names are distributed.

For those of you who have a clue: How is the rule? Do you have any sources?

For those of you who dont, how do you think this should be solved?

I hope I explained this well enough...

Stupid Canada

Do you think it's fair for McD and the rest of the ENTIRE food industry to put political signs in their restaurants against a motion/party? ("Say no to HST!" "Down with the Liberals!")

Do you think it's okay to use the concept as political blackmail?

Do you think it's ironic that the food corporations are pushing for the furthest left major party, the NDP?

Of you Canadians, are you going to be eating out as much, knowing your bill just increased? Do you think the food industry will follow through on their threat?

Do you think it's a symbol of corruption unfair that the BC government has cried a "maxing out" of their 5%-of-applicable-candidates HST exemption, and the only upset food industry people are the ones who didn't get their exemption in time?

Inspired by the current political crisis in Canada and the blackmailing of the Ontario and now BC government over HST (combined tax), which means that full tax (~12%) is applied to all food, which means reduced tips, less customers, huge layoffs, and higher prices for eating out. BC Government Take and Food Industry Take. HST passed yesterday.

Bonus lulz in the food industry page of the premier's mugshot after his nth DUI.
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1. Anyone have any experience as a Census Taker? I'm considering it as a job.

2. My friend's car was broken into last night, as well as a few others on the street. My car is down the street. My car is nicer. My car was locked and had an alarm on. Was my car broken into?

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Ladies of TQC,

I know this'll probably sound like a really cheesey thing to do, but I'm a goofy, cheesey kind of guy...and she likes it.

So, December 20th is the 1-year anniversary of my wife and I first meeting. I want to do something (not real big) just to earn the brownie points associated with remembering something corny like that.

Have you got any ideas for something that'd be both funny and sweet for your guy to do in that situation?


And leave me alone gardenofevils. I haven't asked a question related to her in a long time. =P
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Pick one

I can burp on command any time.
I can force a burp if I've had a lot of soda/beer.
I cannot burp no matter what. I have burped very few times in my life and all of those were accidental not intentional.
I have never burped even once in my life.

oh fun.

What are some games to play at the start of a casual training session to make everyone happy and bond and energised?

I have been tasked with organising the games, and I am not a games person. Bonus points for games that involve:
- keeping one's dignity
- sitting quietly
- strategy
- acting

It is for a food co-op if that is relevant.
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1. how often do you go to the cinema? are you one of those people who haven't been there for months and months, or do you just go whenever you want?

2. how do you usually watch your movies? do you rent DVDs, do you buy them, do you download them or stream them?

3. is anyone else as annoyed with alexa chung as i am?

eta: alexa chung is arctic monkeys' lead singer's girlfriend and a host of a tv show or music thing in the US, if i'm not mistaken. here

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What kind of boots do you wear to keep your fabulous style and excellent road grip during the winter?

We get a lot of snow and ice here, but I'd like to wear something on my feet that isn't completely ridiculous and full of fur and rubber.
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1)Do you think people should be required to have health care insurance or else pay a penalty? I know this concept is touted as something that makes healthcare cheaper for everyone but something seems so wrong with this idea to me. I've heard comparisons to car insurance, but driving is a privilege and a choice. If you don't drive, you don't have to have it and you don't have to pay a penalty for not having it.

2)Since that's a sort of boring question, what is your gift-wrapping style? I personally like to use brown paper grocery bags that I keep stowed to wrap gifts and then I decorate the paper once it's wrapped.

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Why am I so stupid?

Or rather, why do people get surprised when I have incredibly blonde or lazy moments, simply because I wear glasses and read a lot? Even though I'm only seventeen?

I know I should act with more responsibility but I like being immature, and I spend too much time daydreaming sometimes. I'm graduating next year but I feel too young to be stepping into the world and start depending on myself.
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Do you have an ipod touch?
What generation?

Should I get the first generation and just pay the $10 to upgrade?
It's basically between the first and second, the third one is just too expensive.
I <3 TLV

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Do you believe in ghosts?


Have you ever experienced something that you feel could only be explained by something paranormal?


If you answered yes to the second question, please share your stories!

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I know you guys hate the "what should I get my ___ for xmas?" questions, but this one is a little different.

For xmas, I decided to put together a sort of "anti-boredom" basket for my bf. I need some clever way to put it together rather than just wrapping them all separate. Should i put them in a basket with something over it, use a gift bag or what? Any other suggestions?

If it helps, here is what's in it:

A personalized Monopoly game (i replaced literally everything but the board with stuff that pertains to us.. ex: the pieces are little transformer characters instead of the thimble, etc), a talking Yoda stuffed animal, play dough, a Nintendo ds with a Lego star wars game, a book, and some little random entertaining stuff.

If you dk or dc, what is your favorite sweet treat?

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tqc, i am a starving college student. i have 20 bucks to get me through until next friday.

what foods do you suggest i buy that are cheap and can cover more than one meal? if you were grocery shopping for an entire week with 20 bucks, what would you buy?
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I was at a professional development today, and they provided lunch. It was a make-your-own-taco sort of thing, and other Mexican food side dishes.

One of them was a tray of corn with some sort of white sauce - it was a thin sauce. It was slightly spicy. It didn't have anything else is in, like pieces of peppers.

It was SOOO good.

But there was no one around to ask what it was.

Have you ever had it? What was it?
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Bombs are flying, people are dying, children are crying, politicians are lying too. Cancer is killing, Texaco's spilling, the whole world's gone to hell.. But how are you?
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If you were to go to a car dealership (Toyota, specifically) to put in a custom order for a car and wanted to trade your current vehicle in, would the dealership want to look at your car when you put the order in or when you go to pick up the new car?


Do unofficial withdrawals affect your GPA? There was a semester where I completely had to stop going to school for medical reasons, but I've been able to get back and I have gotten 4.0's in the last two semesters. I had no idea that I could "officially" withdrawal from the classes..a month into the semester. Would there be anything I could possibly do?

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I'm thinking about getting my nose pierced this coming week. I only have my ears pierced, so I have no idea about piercings, really. Will it hurt? I know everyone has a different pain tolerance, but if you've had yours done: scale from 1-10?

What's your favorite piercing? Not necessarily of yours, but just in general. Something you find pretty/attractive/etc.
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So I have not seen my close friend from college since I graduated six months ago. She's currently living with her parents, and she was going to come pick me up tonight and bring me to her house to spend the weekend with her. But she just called me to let me know that her grandmother, who also lives with her, isn't doing well and may not make it through the night. She and her parents would still like to see me and have me visit. I was kind of caught off guard by all this, which my friend noticed, and she said, "If you want to call me back later and let me know, that's fine!"

I really want to see my friend and be there for her, but...she's just so unusually nonchalant about this. Perky, even. Like, the passing of her grandmother is just an inconvenience to our hang out time. It's weirding me out. But this could be her coping strategy, or maybe her grandmother has been sick for a long time and she's already grieved or...something.

Anyway, do you think I'd be a bad friend if I declined the invitation? She says there's a possibility her grandmother will be fine, but at the same time...I'll be staying in her room, so what if her parents come in to wake her up to say her last goodbyes to her grandmother? I awkward is that? And I lost my uncle a year and a half ago, and I remember that the last thing I wanted to do was deal with people, let alone house guests. When I asked her, "Do you want me to be there? Do you need a friend right now?" she replied, "No, no, I'm fine, but I would just really like to hang out!" So...fuck, I don't know.

What should I do, TQC?

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For those of you in school, do you buy your class books online? If so, where do you shop?

Alternatively, what is your favorite vacation spot? Why?
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NEW YEAR'S EVE! Also sads :(

Another dress accessory question. I know, I suck.

I have this dress (don't laugh, I bought it for my Blade Runner costume) in my closet. If I wanted to wear it for New Year's Eve, what should I pair it with? I already have a wide black belt and shiny opaque black tights.

OR if that's way too skanky to wear, show me a pic of a dress you think is New Year's Eve-y/that you're going to wear or want to wear for New Year's?

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Inspired by last night's episode of Fringe and my love for Walter Bishop,
Have you ever become emotionally bonded to a TV or movie character? I swear, every time Walter gets hurt or sad or Peter is mean to him I just want to cryyy!!!

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I think this is kind of common knowledge so excuse my computer-ignorance.

Can you explain bandwidth limits to me in kindergartener terms? My college has one and all my friends have been complaining about how they reached the limit and I have no idea what they're talking about. I googled it but it's in computer language and my brain is too fried to try to understand it. I just want to know, what do you have to do to use bandwidth? I DON'T GET ITTTTTTT.

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so on a scale of one to awesome, how great are guinea pigs as pets?

I already know that they are delicious but I would like to know about their personalities. I held one this week and it "wheeked" at me and I was pleasantly surprised.
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Help out a picky eater?

So, tomorrow night I have to eat kaisen nabe, which is basically seafood and vegetables in a soupy broth. Very delicious if you love seafood and veggies, living hell if you don't :D Unfortunately I fall in the latter category (the number of veggies I like is small, and I've never had any seafood that I like--and I live in Japan, where I've had the chance to try a LOT of seafood) so this is something of a big problem.

Since this will be at a Korean restaurant--and by 'Korean restaurant', I mean a restaurant in the country Korea--and I really don't want to offend my host (who I know wouldn't be so much OFFENDED as, "But...why aren't you eating this delicious food we gave you???? ;_;") I plan on knuckling down and eating whatever I can possibly stomach without my throat going, "oh lol yeah right try again next time" as I have a gag reflex that likes to manifest itself at the most inopportune times.

Assuming a miracle doesn't happen where I wind up liking something, is there any way to make this stuff go down easier? I'm thinking just making sure I'm stocked up on water/beverage and washing down every bite I take, maybe doing the thing where you spread your food around to look like you ate more, etc.

It wouldn't such a big deal, except I'm already gonna stick out enough on this trip as the only white chick, and I don't wanna stick out even more as the white chick who thinks she's too good to try the local cuisine omg Americans are horrible people. I'm just really picky--but I want to make a good impression :/ Also, I don't want to be hungry, of course.

I feel so bad that I've been worrying about this for something like a month now.


dkdc - what's the grossest thing you've ever eaten, and was it actually disgusting tasting or not so bad?
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Dictate my night TQC!

So. My bed was supposed to be delivered at 6. It's now looking like 8:00-8:30.
I was going to see one of my FAVORITE BANDS OF ALL TIME at about 9:00 (they're second band playing, show starts at 8). It takes me about half an hour to get to the venue.

Things to note:
- I expect them to be here for about half an hour or so. I'm on the first floor, but you know... shit happens.
- If I go and they've already played, I'd have wasted train fare, my time, and ugh no fun.
- I have never seen them live and they're playing a show at a small venue in the city.
- I have to work at 9 tomorrow.
- I could always go to Jersey to see them play tomorrow, but it's a ride on the PATH train and a long-ass walk from the station to the venue and it would mean I'd be missing a friend's birthday party at karaoke tomorrow night (although I am taking her to lunch on my own and she has people there that I haven't seen in months that I'd just rather not see at all ever again).
- Actually, scratch that PATH shit: my boyfriend could drive us to Jersey, but I would have to pay him gas and he doesn't even know their music, but at least I wouldn't be going alone (like I am tonight).

NVM, I have decided on getting a bottle of wine, making some flan, and being awesome at home. Jersey tomorrow night! Boyfriend wants to get outta town, he's had a long week.

For dinner, should I have yogurt and fruit, granola, "soup at hand" stuff from Campbell's, ramen, oatmeal, or spend extra time out of my night to make chicken and chorizo chili?

What are you doing tonight?
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For my younger cousins, usually all they want is money as gifts. However, one of my aunts used to gift us our gift's equivalent in scratch off lottery tickets. This aunt has since passed away.

Which would you rather get - $20 in cash, or $20 in scratch off lottery tickets? With the cash, you know what you're getting. With the tickets, you might win lots or you might win nothing.

Poll #1494652 Which would you rather?

Which would you rather?

$20 bill
$20 in scratch off lottery tickets

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Hey computer-literate people! Is it possible to have an animated desktop in Windows Vista? How about play a video as your desktop?

Any Monk fans in the house?
Have you been thinking for years now how that present was probably important?
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Do you find getting a professional massage to be sexual?

Any interesting stories?

I'm debating with my boyfriend.

Edit: I'm a masseuse. He's arguing it's sexual. All because I said I prefer to massaged by an attractive young dood.

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I'm fairly close with my co-worker. Today she was like "Okay, what's going on? Are you having a breakdown or something?"

She said my face (I broke out really badly) looked so bad that I must be under a lot of stress.

Was being too sensitive when I was totally mortified/semi hurt by her saying that?
Would you say that to your friend?

I noticed her looking ALL day. Ugh.
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There's this book that has this amazing cover but I can't remember for the life of me what it was called or who the author was. I'll go back to the bookstore tomorrow to find out. But don't you hate it when you see something really awesome and you can't remember what it's called?

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TQC decide my life:

My boyfriend and I are going to Lake Tahoe next week to do Christmas-lite with his family. Tahoe is a four hour drive (which I would be driving) from where we live, BUT it's snowing and I've never driven in the snow before. Should we just spring and fly there? The tickets are $80/person each way.

If you dk/dc, what is your favourite thing about the holidays?
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So, I'm getting christmas money, and I'm wondering if I should get a Kindle or a Nook (From Barnes and Noble)? Anyone have a Kindle? Heard of the Nook? The nook seems like it's got some better features, but I've not seen either irl, so I'm not sure yet.
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driving in teh snowz

Where you live, does it snow often enough that you end up driving in the snow a lot?

Has your car ever slid off the road because of weather conditions?

It snows all the time from December to April here and I'm always out driving in it.

Last night my car slid off the road. I was only going 10 mph at the time so it didn't slide very far, but it really pissed me off. I was being careful and it still went all sideways on me.


I don't have a cold, or flu or fever, but for some reason, since November, my nose has been very congested and I can't breathe through my nostrils. :(

What are some good tips to relieve congestion? What do you do when your nose is congested?

(no subject)

There is this woman in my town. Her hair is all one giant dread lock, but not in a good way, it's greasy, flaky and gross looking. She isn't homeless or anything, why is her hair this way? I mean she seems pretty normal other than this.
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Why is my PayPal eCheck taking so long to process? (It's been about a week. It says 'pending 'til December 7th') Have any of you done this?

dk/dc: Where is the weirdest place you've had sex?
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(no subject)

I am just totally curious, and I looked around but couldn't find anything about it. I know in Disney movies there's a lot of crap like obvious sexual relations/sexual references, characters smoking or drinking. Is there a list anywhere? I can think of a whole bunch, but I am wondering if there is a place that has all of them listed.

If there isn't a list, what situations can you think of? I can think of Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Lady and the Tramp, Aladdin, 101 Dalmatians, Hercules, Alice in Wonderland, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast. I am sure there are more. Maybe I just have more time on my hands than most people. Haha.
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TQC, today I went into my part time (about 25-30 hours a week) job and found out that the property has been sold and we are out of a job come December 15th. The managers found out about it on Wednesday, but were told not to tell us until we came in for shifts because they "shouldn't ruin anyone's day off."

This is shitty, y/y? Especially since it is less than a month until Christmas?

I'm debating what to do. They told me I could go to another property, which would be a 30 minute commute each way. I get paid $7.50 an hour. I'm thinking of telling them I'd do it for $8.50, but can't afford to drive that far for less. Basically, I'd break even on gas money each week with the extra dollar an hour.

Should I find another job? I work at a motel's front desk. It allows me to do a ton of homework and studying. It is basically a work study job, and its five minutes from my home. My friend works at another hotel nearby, and could get me a job, but the hours would be less steady and it would be a lot more work and less study time while I'm there.

I should steal pens and highlighters before this place closes, right?

Blaaaaaaah this sucks.
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(no subject)

okay, so i am thinking about buying my bf a Blu-Ray player for Christmas, but i don't know the first thing about them. i've browsed Newegg a bit, and this one seems to sound pretty good.
can anyone confirm that it is a good choice? or maybe point me in the direction of another one in that price range (or lower)?
also, it we would be hooking it up to our HD tv, does it come with the proper cords and things?
oh, and can anyone explain to me how the Netflix connectivity works? we've got Netflix, so i'm just wondering if i turn it on if it'll just show up and be easy or if i have to do something to get it working.

(no subject)

I am in charge of making a birthday cake for a friend of mine. He has requested an indiana jones cake. I've never seen the original indiana jones movies.

Is there a particularly iconic scene from one of the original movies that I could recreate in cake form?
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So for Christmas one of my housemates got sent these amazing filets wrapped in bacon that she was nice enough to share with the whole house (well, except our vegetarian housemate of course). I was asleep when they grilled them, and had a big lunch so I wasn't hungry when I woke up from my nap. They saved one for me. I'm not very worried about it getting overcooked. They're rare (box says "best served rare), and when they grilled them they said that they are almost impossible to cook anyway other than rare. They're quite thick, 1 - 2 inches, and I'd like it hot all the way through. So, TQC:

How should I heat up my steak?

Cast iron pan on stovetop
Other (in comments)

I can't imagine putting this thing in the microwave. Any specific details on the best way to heat this up would be wonderful as well!

Other than that:

How do you like your steak?

(so veggies can participate) What's your favorite kind of bean?

Awkward much?

So, today at my ortho appointment... My assistant girl, who takes off the bands and junk, started asking me questions about my life and then talking about herself and I realized we have a decent amount in common. I have a hard time having friends who have a serious relationship with someone (I'm pretty sure she does, and I have my husband), has kids (she has two kids and one is the same age as my youngest, and only 1 year difference than my oldest), and has similar interest as me (music, hobbies, etc). I really want to add her on Facebook (which I know she has because we talked about it) and maybe hang out with her sometime but I don't know her full name. I think it would be awkward to just ask her to hangout when her hands are in my mouth...

How do I approach this? I only have about 2 visits left, at the last one should I give her my email and ask her to add me on Facebook so she has the choice? Would that be easiest? How would you ask her?

I'm just really getting tired of my friends who are stuck up their boyfriends ass and the only thing we do have in common with is we like to drink sometimes. I need mom/adult friends.

If you don't care, Whats the most awkward appointments for you...? Mine would be my Gyno appointments because no one really likes getting a duck looking thing shoved in there vagina when its -15 degrees. If not that, my ortho because they always try to have a conversation with me when their hands are in my mouth. My orthodontist is always drunk and I have to stare at the snot dripping from his nose praying it doesn't land in my mouth while trying not to think about his terrible coffee breath.