December 3rd, 2009

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are you good at reading peoples body language and emotions?
can you look past their words?
why are you up?

hehe, im drinking:)

I swear, if it weren't for body language id be fucking lost as to even communicating with other people. i already am really shy and dont really talk to many people and am not outgoing at all.
but its funny sometimes what you can uncover just from the way people act.

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how impossible would you think it would be to sell your car that you bought a month ago for (4,199) for 3500 in perfect or good condition in order to move across the country to live on for a month by yourself and start a new life? how plausible is this?
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do you think it's true when they say wearing the colour red makes you seem more attractive to others? do you have any stories to share? people flirt with me more when i'm wearing something red, even if it's like an old dress or something.

also, when is bread better not toasted?

and, do you prefer marijuana or alcohol? i'm more likeable and fun on alcohol but i enjoy conversations a lot more when i'm high, though i still get very very shy which sucks.
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For those that live(d) with a SO and are not married...
How did you know it was the right time to live together? Did you move into your place, their place or a place you found together? How long were you together before moving in together?

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I had to submit a project through a website. It was in before the due date. Thirty days later, my professor emailed me that the attachment wasn't included. Because of her settings, I can't resubmit it.

Today she told me that the project is "weeks late".

How do I effectively get her to comprehend the situation without flipping the fuck out?

I've had it printed since before it was do, emailed it to her IMMEDIATELY after finding out that the attachment didn't work...The submission had a time stamp.

So...what now?
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Does Collapse ) make you wonder about how much we may have gotten wrong about history?

What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to commonly believed historical references?
I'm going to go for the obvious pilgrims and Native Americans first harmonious Thanksgiving

What is the dumbest thing you have ever believed and how old were you when you realized you were an idiot?
Well, I always thought reindeer were made up as part of the whole Santa story. Someone on LJ gave me the heads up about 2 or 3 years ago. I felt like the biggest fool.

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Do you have a piece of jewelry (or...anything else, I guess) which you wear all the time, or nearly all the time? What is its significance to you?

I've got my nose stud, necklace and two rings. The Celtic knot ring I've had the longest, and I've forgotten what it symbolizes, if anything, exactly. My other ring I think is a garnet, and I got it to match the nose stud I had at the time, but which I've since swapped for another one. The necklace is a St. Brigid's cross in silver and it was a gift from my parents. I'm not sure why I wear it 99% of the time, but somehow it calms me down or makes me feel safe if I can toy with it between my fingers. [/supersition] My nose stud I keep in because I will not let this mofo grow over again, getting it re-pierced was a pain in the ass.

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Math people help me out! I am trying to figure out what I need to get on my final to get a 75% in my physics class. Homework is worth 10%, lab is 15%, first exam is 15%, 2nd is 20%, and the final is 40%. to figure out my total grade I did (homework% x .10) + (lab% x .15) + (exam 1 x .15) + (exam 2 x .20) + (final x .40) and solved for the final exam grade. Assuming my scores for the hw, lab, exam 1 and 2 were 90, 85, 66, and 60 respectively I need to get a 78% on the final. Did I do that properly?

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1)What scares you shitless?

Cover letters.

2)What are you happy about?

getting paid.

3)What annoys you?

Why is the 20th volume of Full Metal Alchemist always missing when I go to the bookstore?
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Hay tqc:

What sort of earbud headphones do you use? I'm looking for something 20-40 bucks range, good bass, but most especially none of that cord-transference crap, you know FLUB DUB A LUB BLUB whenever you do aaaaanything that makes the cord move. Recommendations? I'm researching the Skullcandy varieties and they all seem to be cord-loud :c

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Say you are a 47 year old woman whose direct supervisors were a 21 year old woman and a 23 year old woman.

Can you think of something you'd need to talk to the 23 year old that the 21 year old isn't old enough to understand?

(Being the 21 year old supervisor, I'm a bit confused, unless she just wanted to bitch about me)
cliffs of insanity

Anyone use Microsoft Dynamics RMS?

This is a shot in left field but, is anyone out there familiar with Microsoft Dynamics RMS? I work for a small store that is planning for the end-of-year store inventory. We started using RMS in March 2008 so we only had to do our launch inventory and then end of 2008 inventory and things did not go completely smoothly.

The store is not exactly physically divided up into the different categories set up in the system so we skipped the tally sheets and just used the QuickScan feature (people brought up one item at a time and told the person at the computer the count on that item). The problem that we seemed to run into was if the system thought we had an item but it was not scanned, the quantities were not zeroed out. As we found these discrepancies later, we manually adjusted but that system seems faulty.

The real problem is that we no longer have access to the support through the reseller we purchased RMS from and we can't afford MS support. The help files are some help but don't cover this specific topic. Why a small nonprofit purchased a hefty system like this is beyond my grasp -- I only know that I have to deal with it. Thanks in advance.

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I recently came across this story about what to name the next decade. What should we name the next decade? What should we name the current decade?

Personally, I'm in favor of the '00s being called the aughts and the next decade being called the teens.

Will you list your predictions for the next decade?
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I still can't decide whether to go home this weekend or not.
Pros: home! christmassy stuff, parents etc and all the good stuff that comes with home
cons: miss going riding (can do that next weekend) the uni snow-ball, friends birthday and a club social. Plus, I want to feel as though i've stuck it out, and that im not missing out on uni stuff.

What do I do?!
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Follow up on another post

Are there ear bugs(1) for the ipod which you can buy which don't have cords?

You know, you stick the transmitter in your ipod and the bug(1) in your ear and you don't have to worry about the cord thing?

How expensive are they?

(1) Ear buds! I've been calling them the wrong thing all this time. Well, you live and learn.

People living in London:

This question will probably sound really stupid, but I've only been in London for about 3 days so I dont know anything about the traffic here.

I need to get to Terminal 5 by 315pm today! I am going to catch a bus sometime before 130pm (that would be the latest, but i hope to get to the stop earlier and catch an earlier bus -- if they are running on time...)

If traffic is fail today and the bus doesnt get here until 130 -- would i still make it to terminal 5 by 315? I am in Twickenham which is apparently a 40/50 min bus trip (on a good day, according to my uncle)... I'm just worried that it will take longer because maybe traffic will take longer etcccccc

I'm so paranoid because I really **** cant **** miss this flight !!

(srs answers please!)
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im french

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I found a Playstation 2.

It has the games: Kingdom of Hearts, Dark Cloud, Matt Houman's Pro BMX 2, Nascar 2002, Lord of the Rings, Jak and Daxter and some Tony Hawk games.

All of these look boring. What's a fun Playstation 2 game? Where do you get Playstation 2 games?

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Do you think you'd be able to handle a relationship in which you work with your significant other? If you have been in one, how did it go?

This question was triggered by a prior Jim/Pam/Roy question, and I was thinking about how it would probably drive me a little bananas to work with my SO like Jim and Pam, since you'd see each other all of the time.


Windows 7 ate my research paper due today! I emailed the instructor and explained the situation and have been working on a makeshift paper in the time being. It's due in two and a half hours and I only have a page done. Am I doing to fail? D: D: D:
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xBox Co-op question

For anyone that has a 360, and Borderlands...

We're looking into getting the game, but we can't seem to find an answer to this question.

My roommate has an xBox Live subscription, as does the guy we plan to play with (a few states away). I do not. Would I be able to join their online multiplayer games under my roommates "guest player" thing like you can do with Halo 3?

I've tried googling this. I found references to online multiplayer and LAN multiplayer, but no mentions of mixing the two.

ETA: Since it was brought up, I'd be playing on the same 360 as my roommate.
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I'm asking this question for a friend. I'll call her Cary.

Cary works for her dad's company. Her and her coworkers often go out drinking together, which has resulted in several drunken hookups with one of the guys she works with. I'll call him Steve. Cary has no interest in dating Steve, and is only interested in him when she's drunk. She has explained this to him, but Steve refuses to accept it and instead chooses to think that they're dating. He wont leave her alone, and is now making inappropriate comments at work and tries to grab her butt. Because Cary's dad is Steve's boss, and Steve's mom is the company's most important client, Cary cannot do anything about it at work without getting her dad involved or potentially losing Steve's mom's business.

What can Cary do to get Steve to leave her alone and behave properly at work?

[Edit: Stop Doing That was step one, lol. I've already lectured her on that! She's not going to hook up with him anymore....hopefully]

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If you're on Xbox Live, what's your tag?

What should mine be?
(The funnier the better...non-srs preferred, of course)

Have you ever not been able to decide between two colors for an article of clothing, so you just bought both of them?

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I have some Chanel Egoiste cologne or perfume or whatever that is probably 10-15 years old. It doesn't smell funny as far as I can tell (idk if perfume goes bad). Should I even bother trying to sell it on eBay or should I just toss it? No one I know wants it.


Inspired by this morning's rerun of 7th Heaven: Ladies, when you got your period for the first time, did your whole family ~congratulate~ you, or celebrate, or otherwise make a big deal of it? How awkward would it be to have two older brothers ~congratulate~ you on "becoming a woman?"

My mom got all teary, and gave me flowers. That was awkward enough in itself... poor Ruthie. :T

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1. I have to read a book by Tuesday. It's 360 pages and old, so it's not available in print anymore, apparently. I found it online, though.

How in the world am I going to sit online and read a 360 page book? My eyes will hate me. Obviously I can spread it out over a few days, but I'm still going to have to stare at the screen for far too long.

2. What did you have or are you having for lunch?
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I won a $200 American Express gift card from my university for winning a trivia contest. What should I spend my money on?

Hookers and blow is a given.
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Which of these people would be the WORST person to be trapped with alone in an elevator? The power cuts off and you're stuck in the lift with this person for 2 hours

A homeless man. A really smelly homeless man
Middle aged man who's mostly concerned about going to the bathroom on account of this 'fiber' diet he's on
A clown. He doesn't say anything. Just keeps to his side of the elevator, staring at you
A Scientologist who's been going door to door, selling copies of Dianetics. Why, let's read to pass the time...
Very tall, very muscular man who has a fear of enclosed spaces. He's freaking out, pounding on the door hysterically. He could lose control any minute
30something year old guy in a $90 suit, bathed in cheap cologne. He thinks he's God's gift to women and has some good ideas on how to pass the time ;)
Not a person at all, but a very jittery, very barky, very hostile Jack Russel terrier
Born-again Christian, fresh from a weekend retreat
Some guy in head-to-toe camoflauge, who asks you if you're like to meet Bernice (his .38 Special)
Your ex. Drunk and horny

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how many random household items can you name without repeating any of those in the comments before you?

what are the most random/inconsequential household items you can think of?

lazy susan, dust pan, whisk
this question is all kinds of fail. but it's hard when you try to think of something that you don't use on an everyday basis. kind of. i suck.

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This is the first essay i'm writing in very long time that requires sources, probably since mid-highschool to be honest. Our professor requires us to use MLA format which is all fine and dandy except all the resources i've found on MLA don't tell you how to cite a website in text. Only how to cite it in the works cited list. I've been looking awhile and i'd rather be writing, so TQC, what say you? Will you help me?
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100% non-srs.

Dr. TQC, my last period ended on the 2nd of November, and I last had unprotected sex on the 22nd of November - he didn't ejaculate, but I'm still taking account of precome.

I took emergency contraception on the 24th of November, and between then and now I've gone out drinking, and smoked a lot of pot.

I've yet to have my period, but it has been known to be late/not happen/etc. so I'm not too worried.

With all your medical knowledge what are the chances of me having a baby with birth defects due to drinking and pot smoking?
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A while ago I made a question about people you've cut out of your life. Now I have another question.

If there's anyone you cut out of your life...

Suppose you know you might die soon. Like in a week or two. You might live. But chances are you'll die. Do you forgive the person you cut out? Or let your current relationship with them potentially haunt them the rest of their lives?

Would it even haunt their lives? Or would they even care?

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Do you like what you wear? (1 - no, 2 - sometimes, 3 - all the time)

Mean: 2.13 Median: 2 Std. Dev 0.56

Do you feel it represents who you are? (same scale as above)

Mean: 2.09 Median: 2 Std. Dev 0.66

Do you judge others because of how they dress with out ever talking to them? (same scale)

Mean: 2.08 Median: 2 Std. Dev 0.53

Who do you judge more depending on what they are wearing?


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I'm having a hard time choosing a movie TQC, but I've narrowed it down.
So what should I watch?

- Friday Night Lights (the movie, not the show)
- Titus (tv show)
- Resident Evil
- 300
- Supernatural
- Remember the Titans

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TQC, I've been working nonstop for like 3 weeks at school, and in the past few days, I've finished all my difficult finals. Now it's 5:30pm and the exhaustion is hitting me like ax express train. I have class tomorrow at 9:30am.

Should I go to bed now and pray that I don't wake up at 3am, or force myself to stay up until 9:30 so that I'll definitely sleep all night???

If you choose option #2, bonus points for telling me what to do to keep myself awake until then!.
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So, those of you who have external HDs - what do you think are the most important things I should keep in mind when shopping around for one? I know I want 1TB, and I know I won't need a portable one. Is there anything else I should consider that I might have missed?

If you have an external, could you tell me what kind it is and what you like/dislike about it?

Are certain brands really better than others?

Any info you've got would be helpful, thanks!

You're talking to a female acquaintance ..

..someone you know and like but you don't run in then same circles, she has an obvious bump. How can you discretely determine if the bump is a bundle of joy on the way or just to much pizza and cheese fries over the last couple of months?

has this ever happened to you? what you do? did you ever guess wrong?

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My parents are making me feel awkward. They are divorced but my mom still lives here, and my dad is on the couch rubbing her leg. Not sexually or anything, but still.

Do your parents make you feel awkward? What about embarrassed? Share please.


I'm cold. It's cold outside.

Should I walk the 0.6 miles to the train to get to dinner, or should I drive to the restaurant? It's 1.5 miles from my house. Kind of crappy parking.

Pros of the train:
- good for the Earth
- don't have to worry about parking
- drops off right in front of the restaurant

Pros of driving:
- save $2, for which I'd have to scrounge together some change
- faster
- no walking to the stop when it's cold or waiting around for the train in the cold

For the women of TQC

If you're relaxing at home and have company stop by, do you always put a bra on?

If you really don't give a fuck, what is the weather like in your part of the world? It's currently 10 degrees and snowing here.
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I've been thinking of a movie today but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called! It involved a boy and his grandpa and witches, and you knew someone was a witch because they had no toes, and something about their eyes... I think they had purple eyes or something. And at the end the boy is turned into a mouse. What is the name of this movie?

Also, do you like cheesy/novelty Christmas decorations? (I prefer more ornate, opulent red/gold/earthy-colored ornaments, and like to stick to bulbs and lights and crystals and stuff.).
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Thank You gift

I asked my friend at the last minute if he would be able to go over some stuff that I will be tested on next week. He said he'd be more than happy to help. His boss even said he'd tutor me because he's more experienced in the field. I'm extremely grateful and I want to thank them somehow. Possibly getting them something small? Not sure what they'd like or are into.

Do you guys have any ideas on what I could get them?

ETA: Thanks guys, I'll stop at the nearest bakery tomorrow :)
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For about a week the coffee vending machine in my building was out of order; something about the cups. The sign is no longer up and I really wanted some caramel cappuccino so I got some.. but it didn't pour into the normal little Java City styrofoam cup. It poured into a red & white "Poker Draw" cup. Around the cup are pictures of cards - Jack of Diamons, King of Clubs, King of Diamonds, Queen of Spades, and one that hasn't been turned over yet. It says "DRAW CARD ON BOTTOM OF CUP" and on the bottom of my cup is Eight of Spades.

What are the chances that it will rain downtown tomorrow?
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How do I write a sex scene without it sounding down right silly?

Do you know of any good writing software that is not large in size, but still has stuff like justifying text? All I have is wordpad and notepad, and I don't want microsoft word.

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Will you show me a picture of your Christmas tree, or any other holiday decorations you have up already?

Is it weird that I have an obsessive love for Christmas decorations even though I'm not Christian (and neither is my family)?


1. Where do you leave notes for yourself in your home?
2. Do you leave notes for yourself outside of the home?(work/school/etc) If so, where?
3. Where do you leave notes for others in your home?
4. Where do you leave notes for others outside of your home?
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So, recently, we had a "Which is your favorite Disney Villian song?" post. Now I ask you TQC, which is your favorite Disney NEUTRAL song? Not SUPERVILLAN or OMG I AM THE HERO OF THIS MOVIE songs! More...just sort of songs that are within the movie to give a little relief from the tension/drama of storytelling. YOU KNOW!

Collapse )
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A Facebook friend from Austin posted a link to a video of a man in Congress running for the 22nd district of Florida's seat. His name is Lt. Colonel Allen West (retired); is his site. On his issues page, the top issue is the economy and he said if we want to see real economic improvement in America, he's for willingly suspending the payroll tax for 3 months and extending for 6 months if necessary while working towards a flat rate. The payroll tax occurs twice: employers take your income tax out of your paycheck and send it to the government, and the government also taxes the employer the amount they pay you. The government dips their hands EVERYWHERE.

What do you think about his suggestion?

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Do you know anyone with Parkinson's Disease?

What (and when!) was the last major change in your life?

I'm taking on a new client at work which will add 2 more hours to my work day...

ON that note, this new schedule will change my eating habits quite a bit.

Do you have any suggestions for:
A. things I could carry around with me to snack on or eat as a real meal, with the catch being i can't refrigerate or reheat anything? i want to try to avoid starting to eat even more unhealthily just because i'll be out and about all day, with little free time.
B. hearty meals i can prepare ahead of time, that i'll just have to heat up when i get home late and don't feel like cooking? like stew or casserole, or something, so then i can make it on the weekend and just warm up for dinners for a couple week nights. recipes would be oooh so greatly appreciated.
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The screen on my little digital camera has mysteriously cracked, and no longer works. I've had this camera for THREE YEARS and it's endured a lot of dropping but has been fine. It's been in my purse for the last few days, hasn't been dropped, banged, stepped on, etc. HOW DID IT BREAK?

I suspect that it was an angry ghost that broke it. How can I appease it?

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Does anyone else get pissed off watching the previews for the Sherlock Holmes movie? As a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fan who read every single SH story, I feel it's like...sacrilege. UTTER SACRILEGE. GRRRR.

What other movies are god awful?

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Ever buy or receive a gift certificate? (Where the person spends $10 and gets a $25 gift card?) Will this make me appear incredibly cheap?

If not, what's better?

Getting a $25 gift card in the mail, once a month, for three months
or getting a $50 gift card to one place?
I <3 TLV


So. I need a new point-and-shoot digital camera. My current one is an Olympus C-740 Ultrazoom. I had it for three years before the unfortunate accident and would replace it with the same model or an upgrade. BUT. Before the C-740 I had a C-770 which broke (just stopped working completely) just a few months after getting it. I don't want to spend a lot on this since I just bought a Canon Rebel XSi. I'm thinking of replacing it with a Canon Powershot SX110IS. Despite the brief lifespan of the Olympus C-770 I'm also considering the C-765 because I will already be familiar with its functions and I like that.

My requirements for a new PAS is: 10x optical zoom, at least 4 MP. Must have manual setting.

Do you know anything about the Powershot SX110IS? Is it a good camera? The reviews look good. Are there any other models you could recommend?

If you don't know or don't care, will you post cute pictures of kittens? the loss of my camera has made me very sad and I need some cheering up.
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Why is it that, when I try to comment, it says I'm not a member?
But when I go join the community again it gives me the option of posting to or leaving the community.

Have you tried aloe vera juice for any sort of holistic purposes? For what? I got some because it sounded interesting and my friend told me she drinks it to like flush her digestive system.

Why does your face look like that?
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What's the last thing that made you insanely happy?

I just got accepted into Drexel University! It's the first college I've been accepted to so I'm very relieved that at least I'm going somewhere.
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In your opinion, what is the best movie adaptation of a book? What is the worst?
I think the best is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I honestly can't pick a worst, because there have been some pretty bad ones. But I'm a book purist.

Edit so I don't have to post too many times: So my boyfriend called me 2 hours ago and said he was leaving band practice and would be home soon. He's still not home. The roads are icy. Should I be worried and call him to find out what's going on? Chances are he just got held up and they're all still playing music.
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Ignoring books likeTrainspotting where the way it is written is very much a part of the story and can not be changed or something will be taken away...

If an author in the UK writes a book which is then published in the United States, do they change the spelling/grammar/anything like that when a UK author gets printed in the US or vice versa? Or is it just printed as it was originally written?

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Today my friend said something to the effect of: "if you weren't asian, I would date you."

Now, I have no intention of dating him (I don't even like him)... I don't even really know why he said it, but how does this make you feel? People seem generally accepting of yellow fever, does it work the other way?

If you don't care, what are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
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what do you like to use to clean your laptop (not the screen, but the exterior)?
those of you with 13" macbooks: what kind of case do you have? pictures/links are appreciated.

everyone else, how was your day?
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Married people:

1. How long into your relationship with your SO did you know that he/she was "the one"?

2. How long did you date your SO before becoming engaged?

3. What was it about your SO that made you know that you wanted to marry him/her?
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What is the icon that one person has around here? Where it's the guy who looks like he is from the 70's, with his mouth open, and shaking his eyes with his eyes wide?
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if you've ever asked for relationship advice here on TQC, has anyone's comment ever affected you a great deal? what was the comment?

has anyone on here ever been in a Pam-Roy-Jim type of love triangle? or even a Pam-Roy type of relationship? what did you do about it?

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Why is it when I'm on my break or lunch at work and I'm in the breakroom playing my Nintendo DS, someone will always be like "LET ME PLAY!!!!" and then get all huffy when I'm like 'no sorry, I'm almost done with my break/lunch'?
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My ipod has been dead for almost a year- and I just decided to plug it into my computer.
How long will it take to allow me to turn it on and see what music I have on it?
How long will it take to charge?

New question added on: I have entirely different music in my itunes now than I did when I first got this ipod. If I sync it to my new itunes library- will I lose all of my old music? Is there a way that I can prevent this from happening?
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An acquaintance (guy who did lights for a play I did a few months ago) just posted this as his Facebook status:

Just got my xmas lights out & they remind me of niggers. They're all chained together, only half the fuckers work & they look good hanging from a tree

I should delete him, y/y?

Also, what was the last thing you read on a social networking site that pissed you off?
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i'm arriving on an international flight to JFK at 9:30pm with no checked baggage. there is a flight at 11pm that i'd like to take to get home from there. do you think that's cutting it too close? (obviously if my first flight were delayed, i'd be screwed, but aside from that)

also- hello tqc, how are you today?
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for those of you who are on sites like OkCupid and others where you fill out a profile and have people message you to start conversation. Do you find it annoying when you say something like "I enjoy comedy movies and italian food is my favorite" and somebody messages you with the question "what kind of movies do you like? whats your favorite type of food?" ? Do you reply back and answer politely or do you get a little snarky/sarcastic?
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That ecard website

1) What is that ecard website that makes cards for things that people wouldn't normally want to say? (ETA: eg mean things, or tactless things)

I am having trouble thinking of an example, and even more trouble thinking of google search terms and it's driving me bananas

2) What do you want the most for xmas (ETA2: Or hannukah, or kwanzaa, or three kings day)? Please also tell your sex and age for context.