December 2nd, 2009


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Which of these people would be the most difficult person to sit next to on a 3 hour flight?

Robin Williams after 2 Red Bulls
Jim Carey after snorting coke
Tom Cruise rereading a copy of Dianetics for inspiration
Ann Coulter
400 lb man (his girth is probably spilling over the armrest into your personal space)
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What label were you in high school?
Which label did you want to be?

(ps don't give me no bull about LABELS ARE FOR SOUP CANS because I don't give a).

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One of my coworkers has to drive literally right in front of my apartment on her way to and from work, so she was kind enough to offer me rides. What would be a fair amount to give her for gas money?
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So I've had a major girlcrush on my anatomy prof this semester--she's seriously awesome and hilarious and has a great sense of humor. Well now I've kind of gotten to know her (vaguely) but I'd really like to hang out with her outside of school. Have you ever established a social relationship with a professor? How did you go about doing it? How'd it work out for ya?

Twitter users: Is there any way I can subscribe to mobile updates whenever someone mentions me? Like, if they were to tweet something with @fame in it, I'd like to get it on my phone, but not get all their tweets on my phone...and idk if that's possible. Help, please?

Yes, this was already posted. Not even one sarcastic answer, or even one about how twitter blows. I thought I'd try again.

New question: if you could be in any musical (you have an amazing voice, for the purpose of this question), which would it be, and who would you play?
I'd be Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady
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It's 1:30 AM here. I last ate at 7:30 PM. Should I eat something or just go to bed?

Possibilities include peanut butter sandwiches, mac n' cheese... well, that's about it.

Tell me about the scariest moment in your life?

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in the news today, "Male circumcision helps Africa fight AIDS." Full story here.
anywho, in the article they say, "several campaigns have been launched to circumcise men."

what do you think slogans/concepts for these campaigns could be?
(funny/unfunny/whatever else)
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Can I make a roommate sign a lease when I don't have one?

I rent a house and I've never had to sign a lease, but I've had roommates screw me over left and right by moving out with little notice. What can I do to get this to stop happening?

Edit: If I do type out something, what should I write to make sure I don't keep getting screwed over with people moving out?

Also, I have a roommate now that flat out told me that she's only going to pay half a month rent for December because she's moving out. She told me this 3 days ago. Would there be anything I could do to make her pay her full share or would I be S.O.L. because there is no lease? (I'm really not going to go after her because I did find someone to move in and pay part, so I don't need to)
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I bought something from an online merchant on October 28th. I have not received it yet. I contacted them two weeks ago and they told me that most likely the package was lost and that they are trying to track it. I keep emailing them for updates, but they keep saying the same thing. I just want my money back. At this point, should I open a request through PayPal, asking for my money back since I did not receive what I paid for? Or should I wait for the merchant to do it themselves? Will it really piss them off if I do it through PayPal? I'm just getting impatient because they are being so slow with getting back to me. I know that it wasn't their fault, it was UPS who lost the package, but their customer service really blows.
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What does a cativity feel like? I've never had one before but now all of a sudden (last day or so) I have several teeth very sensitive and sore at once.

When was the last time you were so absolutely overwhelmed you actually threw in the towel and gave up?
I <3 TLV

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Last night I dreamt there was a new Luna Bar flavor called powdered donut. This sounds delicious and I am going to email the company about it. Maybe they'll send me a coupon.

Have you ever dreamt up any awesome new product ideas?

Why does Firefox think that "donut" isn't a word but "donuts" is?
Pooh what the buggering hell?



I want to get my SO a new iPod for Christmas. Currently he's using my old 8gb Nano. He has about 16gigs of music on his computer, and downloads a couple of albums every couple of months or so - in short, the amount of music grows at a glacial rate. Therefore I was thinking of getting him a nice practical size - my memory told me that there were 30gb iPods, which would be more than enough for a very long while.

Ebay says that 30gb 5th gen Classics are about $230.
Amazon also says that 30gb 5th gen Classics are $224.
Apple Store says that BRAND FUCKING NEW 160gb players are $249.

So it looks like I am going to be shelling out $250 regardless of whether I get a 30gb or a 160gb.

So, the questions.
1) What the fuck?
2) Is there anywhere that I can get a new 30gb Classic for oh, a hundred bucks or so? Because I'm all for technology, but seriously, this is ridiculous.
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For Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Fans:

According to the IMDb:

Why is Dolly for Sue, who is apparently a perfectly ordinary doll, living on the Island of Misfit Toys? This gripping debate raged on for decades, until official word from Rankin-Bass recently decided the issue: Dolly for Sue is a "misfit" because she has psychological problems - she feels unloved.

Do you buy that explanation? Why do you think the doll was on the Island?

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I just "accidentally" found out that I'm getting an Xbox 360 for Christmas. I'm pretty stoked, seeing as how I've never had a "current" video game system (I played an NES 'til 3 years ago, and a PS1 since then). any of you who have a 360:

- Which games are awesome?
- Which games suck?

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Does Christmas music piss anyone else off? I hate it, and I feel like a scrooge but it's just so annoying to me.

There was a Christmas song playing in Target the other day and I went over and changed the song (it's one of those CD stations where anyone can pick the music) and some lady turned around and gave me an evil death stare like I just ruined her whole Christmas because she couldn't hear the last thirty seconds of Frosty The Snowman. :|
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Do you watch any obscure* tv shows? My boyfriend and I are addicted to Sanctuary, which is not popular or at all well-known here in Pennsylvania.

If not...what's your favorite holiday treat? I LOVE ribbon candy and peppermint bark.

And one for fun: do you ever try to post an entry to TQC/other community and accidentally post it to your personal journal instead? I do that ALL THE TIME.

*For your country/region/whatever.
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If your parents are/were married, do you know the date they had their wedding?
My parents celebrate two anniversaries, but I only know that one was in January and one was in February either the day before or the day after Valentine's Day

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So this spandex warrior just stalked through the foyer talking loudly on his cell phone (I think he was reporting the incident?) about how he had just confronted a guy who (allegedly) "intentionally ran over a rabbit with his bike," (we have *so many* rabbits around here,) and this guy then proceeded to (allegedly) threaten SpandyPants or at least told him to piss off, and blah blah then SP left the building.

There was a pause.

And *everyone* sitting in the area just smiled/sporfled, because...GREAT JUSTICE. FOR BIKEBUNNEH.

TQC, are we all going to hell for laughing at this guy's massive/loud/indignant umbrage?

Personally, I XD'd, and then I felt bad. But not very bad.
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I need to take the train into NYC tonight. The tree lighting in Rockefeller Center is happening tonight. What are the chances the train will be a big mess? I'm not going to the tree lighting!

When did you last see a musical?

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do you ever crave things you've never had before?

sometimes i crave cigarettes, and right now i'm craving white castle. i've never smoked before and i've never even seen a white castle irl, let alone having eaten there.

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I want to refinance my car. I only have about $9,200 left but I may be moving in the summer and I would like to have lower payments in case I can't find a job or the job I find doesn't pay as much.

Aside from knowing the amount of the loan and my vehicle's VIN, what else should I take with me to the bank, if anything? I figure they can look up all my personal information since I have an account with them.

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I have two reasons why gay marriage should be allowed but am having problems coming up with the third.

Mentally and emotionally damaging to those not allowed to marry.
Using the bible to justify it is a violation of separation of church and state.

Will you help me think of a third?
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Do you microwave the container when making those kind of noodle cups?

Am I going to die or get sick because I did?

What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
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What kind of car do you drive - if you have one? (year/ make/ model)

What kind of car would you like to purchase next?

What was for lunch?

When was the last time someone bought you lunch?

When you have to go to the bathroom, do you procrastinate?
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TQC, a girl I went to middle and high school with announced at the beginning of September that she's getting married in December (12th, to be exact). She dropped out of school, sold her car, and moved to another state to be with her fiancé. They've been together as a couple for ~1.5 yrs prior to this, so it's not like she just met him or anything crazy...but still! What is she thinking?! A year before graduating?!

Which of the seven Von Trapp children are you most like?
Probably Brigitta...I like to read and fancy myself rather sassy

What's your Obama forecast looking like?
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i'm in the middle of watching The Office Season 2, and i was wondering, do any of you feel slightly annoyed by Pam? i feel like her hair makes her look as if she should belong to the Duggar family, and it bugs me out. i also feel like she's too old for Jim, idk!

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Does your dog have a regular belly or a bigfatbelly?

I thought all dog's bellies are supposed to look skinny when they're laying on their back. You know, like their rib cage is more elevated than their belly, but one of my dogs belly is just puffed out all the time like one of those children with severe malnutrition. The vet's never said anything.
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A few years ago, I used a (now deleted) email address to set up an iTunes account and purchase a CD of the Nutcracker music.
Last February, the external hard drive I got for Christmas in 2007 crashed, taking with it all my music (boyfriend told me I didn't need to back it up elsewhere...stupid, I know).
Is there any way I might still have access to the Nutcracker music without having to purchase it again? I have no idea where the hard drive is now; my boyfriend took it to get it looked at and I never saw it again.
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Although I'm more of a fan of Apple and I love my Macbook Pro, there are programs/games that can only run on Windows.
That's why I'm really tempted to buy a new computer. It would be used mostly for photoshop, editing and maybe some gaming, so should I buy a desktop or a laptop?

Desktops with better processors are cheaper, of course, but I also want to be able to take my work around. Yet laptops can't really take up multitasking as well though.

ETA: Oh I forgot to mention, I do have Boot Camp on my MBP. Although Windows works fine on it, there's still some problems with it being able to run certain programs. Sony Vegas Pro is really wonky on it for some reason. Plus the programs that come with Windows, ie Windows Movie Maker, doesn't even work.
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Thrill me with your nerdiness, TQC

If you used to use a PC/Mac and recently switched to a Mac/PC (or if you use some flavor of Linux or recently switched to some flavor of Linux or whathaveyou), what made you switch? (please specify from what, to what)

What do you miss most about your old OS?

What do you love most about your new OS?

Feel free to plug in appropriate browser names as well if you recently made a switch and want to brag (IE to FF, FF to Chrome, Safari to Opera, etc.)

ETA: My own answers...

Not switched really, but I have to use a Mac at work, because one program we rely on is Mac-only (plus my boss is a Mac geek). I use a Vista laptop at home.

I miss Windows. Everything about it. Lots of programs I love are Windows-only or the Mac version sucks ass. Also, I miss being able to alt-tab between my windows (I can command-tab between programs, but can't see individual windows if I have 2+ open in a single program--it's tough to break the habit)

The startup time is amazing, it's really smooth and sleek, and while this isn't so much because of the OS, the monitor is fricking huge *__* I prefer laptops at home, but on a desk, I like having a big monitor.

I also recently switched from IE to FF, just because I heard so many nice things about the extensions. Those nice things were not lies ♥
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How soon after one of your pets dying would you consider getting another?

And would you get the same pet again, or a different one?

Thanks to apparently no reason we are now faced with this dilemma and I was curious to hear people's answers, though I think it'll be a few months before we get another - if we get another - pet.
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Bad HTML. whiffle bat

Worst say to die?

Falling into the Amazon River and having everything below the waist eaten by pirranha
Falling into a sewage recycling tank and literally drowning in human waste

Worst say to die?

Having sex with Mel Gibson and he wants to roleplay Passion of the Christ-style S&M. You forget your safe word and are flogged to death
Lying face down, naked, while a sumo wrestler polevaults himself over you by planting the pole in your butthole

Worst say to die?

Lost in the middle of the Gobi Desert, you die of heat stroke and dehydration
While feeding wood into a woodchipper, you lose your footing and are slowly fed into the machine hands first

Worst say to die?

Catapulted into the middle of a sea of Jello, where you have to either drown or eat your way to the surface but have your stomach burst from quantity consumed
Beaten to death by Hulk Hogan wiedling a "whiffle bat

Worst way to die?

Fight to the death with a hungry tiger
Fight to the death with a gorilla on PCP
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equal rights

If you were to read the fifth amendment of the U.S. constitution which asserts "No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law", would you consider "no person" to imply equal application of those three unalienable rights?

What logic could you use which would justify interpreting "no person" as not implying equal application of those three unalienable rights?

and now, another movie question

If, for some reason, lucas re-filmed star wars 4-6 with current actors, who would be good for the lead roles? some me and some friends have come up with are as follows

han solo - Nathan Fillion or Vin Diesel
Luke - topher grace
leia - christina ricci or ann hathaway

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How many times do you think two people should be able to break up and get back together before realizing that MAYBE its not meant to be?

What are you up to today TQC? anything interesting happen lately?
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If my husband is the only one who ever mows the lawn, does that make me a bad feminist?
If I have a husband, does that make me a bad feminist?



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My aunt is having a champagne and dessert party for all her high class, fancy pants friends and she is paying me to make all the desserts. I'm planning on a pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate pecan shortbread bars, and mini vanilla cupcakes. I don't have to pay for any of the ingredients, so that considered, how much do I charge her? What would you pay for those three things?

ETA: approximately for 30 people
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For those of you who have a desk of your own . . .
1. Where did you buy it?
2. Would you re-purchase it? (meaning, now that you own it and know what it's really like, do you think you made the right choice?)
3. Does it have a hutch?
4. What does it look like? (pics are extra awesome, including stock photos)
5. Why is it so hard for me to find a desk that I like enough to feel confident in buying it? (I want a hutch, enough space for my monitor, stereo, and printer, and an L shape, preferably not in white.)
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What was the last stupid thing you did?

My brother-in-law is planning a surprise party for my sister and I created an event on Facebook, set it to private then accidentally invited my sister. I uninvited her after a few minutes and deleted the event, so hopefully she doesn't get the message.

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Do I go home tonight to sunday?

The circumstance: I'm 3 hours away at uni, haven't been back for about a month, but I go home for a month in 2 weeks time. There's a few things happening, a birthday, and our christmas ball, but i'm not too bothered about them. It seems pointless going back when i'm going to be there in 2 weeks anyway, but i'm having real pangs for home at the moment.

ETA: or, I could go back tonight, spend thursday + friday at home and come back saturday in time for the ball...only thing being I want to see the fam and they'd all be out on thursday.
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I'm going to a Christmas party on Saturday that I'm supposed to bring a Secret Santa gift to. The thing is, the gift is supposed to be for a dog (a Chihuahua or other small dog). What should I bring??

Don't say shit about Chihuahuas or I'll smack a bitch.

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what is the best way to introduce a cat to being in the car? my friend from new Hampshire wants me to bring my cat to her house for the weekend but its a 3 hour drive and im just not seeing it happen.

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What are some questions you would need answered to get to know someone? To determine their personality? To gauge their compatibility with you as a friend?

Things like:
What's your name?, How old are you?, Where are you from?, What do you do for fun?, What job do you hold, if any?, What are your ambitions?, etc.
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1. How would you feel if someone you were dating declined to come over to your home after Thanksgiving dinner to have some drinks, saying that they were sick, but really went to bed so he could wake up at 4 am to start a riot at Walmart?

2. Has your opinion about Tiger Woods changed after his recent admissions? What do you think really happened?
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I need to do a listening log for my individual flute instruction at school. Does anyone here know of any particular flute songs, if there's anything you really like, or songs that feature a flute solo? It doesn't matter when it was written.

I was looking at "famous flute songs" but am having a hard time finding something in particular I actually like.

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I am writing an essay for my sociology class and part of it talks about consumerism and the media. Would it be lame to put a bunch of ~ironic~ product placement throughout the essay or is this a good idea? I got 2 hours of sleep and am running on 6 cups of coffee so I do not trust my judgement.

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What is something that has happened to you lately that's surprised you?

A weird thing happened to me at work today. I was serving a customer, my manager was beside me filling out details for a customer taking a bonus card. I heard the man say that he was just back from Basingstoke (A town 500 miles from here) This made me think of my ex, who lived there. So, she's taking his details. I was only half listening when I heard him say his first name which made me laugh to myself as that was the ex's name. When he told her his surname I was really surprised. It was the same surname as my ex.

This link has confused me....who is Morgan Freeman meant to be representing? The fact he's with Clint made me think Million Dollar Baby, but I wouldn't have said that was a role he was famous for playing

ETA - The movie was Unforgiven. I found the same page elsewhere with the movies listed.

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If I were to make you your ideal sandwich, what would it entail? Please be specific.

I'm going with crispina bread, gobs of mayo, an inch of thinly sliced turkey, some tomatoes, and a bit of shredded iceberg lettuce. With a mixer (half pink lemonade, half iced tea) on the side.
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Will I ever find a copy online of the TV commercial for the Return of the Jedi toy "Lando Calrissian in Skiff Guard Disguise"??

Am I the only person here who even remembers that commercial?

If a chocolate chip cookie recipe calls for a pinch of Dark Hatred or a dash of Seething Malice for All Who Have Ever Wronged You, what would you choose for those ingredients to use in a real attempt at the recipe? (The rest of the recipe does make excellent cookies on its own!)

animal kingdom chart

What is that chart called where you have human being top predator and eats all things, then it shows the things humans eat eat other things like cow eats grass, chicken eats worm, then grass eats sunlight, worm eats bacteria etc?

whale eats fish
fish eats shrimp
shrimp eats krill
krill eats plankton
plankton eats cyanobacteria

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Okay so when I was a kid Rudolph was a little different than it is now. Back then they didn't have that elf song thing on there where the elves sing for Santa and then Santa basically says "well that was shitty" and walks out. And when Rudolph and Hermey leave they used to sing a song called Fame and Fortune, not the Misfits song. A few other things are different in the dialogue too. Do any of you remember that? And do you prefer this version or the old one? I hate the elf practice part because the head elf's voice is different.
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What's the last regret you had?

Every year before this year, I would watch the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree on TV. It was like a tradition, really. Now I live in NYC. I went down there tonight, but it was pouring ass rain and there were too many people and I had a weird view of the tree. So I decided to come home. Now I'm watching it on TV and I regret not being there right now.

I got someone for the Secret Santa thing for my office who I don't know very well, but put on her survey that she loves lotions. Our limit is $20. What lotions (nice ones) do you recommend?

Also, what the hell happened to Rod Stewart? It's kinda sad, I wish he'd, like, go away. lol


I just ate 4 month expired tomato soup, without even knowing it until my hubby said something. It tasted funny but I just thought I didnt add enough milk...
Am I going to die?

Or if you dont care...
Did you ever eat something only to realize it was bad/foul/expired after?

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Which of these is the funniest?

The Simpsons (present day)
Two and a Half Men (reruns)
The George Lopez Show (pick a year)
Larry King interviewing a young person he's obviously never heard of before reading the cue card
Geico commercials featuring the emo Cavemen

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I read an article somewhere a while ago and it said (among others) that the kitchen scene from the Sixth Sense, the 360 degree headspin in The Exorcist and the girls in the hall (ETA - In The Shining! I should have added that part) are three of the scariest movie scenes.


What movie scene do you think is the scariest?

eta - I had a think and I'd probably the entire 28 Days Later. Particuarly when he's walking around empty London and the car alarm goes off. I jump every single time. But yep, the infected.

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Anyone know where I can find cheap Polaroid 600 film in England? Websites are fine, I checked ebay but it's expensive!! As is amazon. I thought they were supposed to have brought it back so why is it so expensive everywhere :(
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How do you feel about people using their livejournals or facebooks to ask for money?

Edit: And are you more or less likely to give the person money this way as opposed to if they came and asked you for money in a more personal manner?
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Hello, TQC! How was your day today?

Are you a "grammar nazi"?

What is your favorite thing to drink?

What movie are you excited to see?

--Edited to put quote marks in #2. Sorry about that!
Hyde & Jacky
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Would you rather be 10-15 pounds lighter or 10-15 pounds heavier?

When is your birthday?

Are you judgmental?

Are you procrastinating like I am, fully knowing that there's only 3 weeks left before the end of classes?

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Your SO has been depressed lately. No amount of cheer can get him/her out of their funk. One day, your SO comes to a sudden conclusion. "The only thing that will make me happy is if I fulfilled my childhood dream...of going to clown college!" How do you react?

"I support you, hon, in whatever venture you need to find your smile"
"That's SOOO hot. I can hardly wait"
"Um...I think you should consult counselling instead"
"Clowns? Eff that. You do that and we're broken up"
"Let's both go! Sounds like fun!"
Sam outside

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Is it possible to be molested as a child, not understand the extent of it, forget about it over time and then YEARS later have it all come back and hit you like a ton of bricks?

When was the last time you felt like you were going to explode? Why?

When do you think through things best? For me, it's when I'm driving in my car by myself.
burning words

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i make one inch buttons and am thinking of sending local schools a sample of their mascot or logo on a pin to advertise my services. whom should i address the letter to, someone specific or just the school?

(no subject)

My mom just called me to tell me that my favourite cat has gone missing and is quite possibly dead.

Why am I so sad right now?

All I want is a hug and someone to cry with but I don't have that here. And I feel stupid for getting so upset over a cat but omg I loved her so much. :(

Will you hug your pets now for me? :( :(

(no subject)

YAY! Our semester ends at 5 pm on Friday, 12/11/09. I finally get to go home for the first time in 6 months, but need help making a decision. My fiance and I are driving ~12 hours back to Michigan from NC. Our weeks are pretty hectic right up until the day we leave... meaning we only really have Saturday morning to pack and get ready for going out of town for just under 2 weeks.

We plan to leave sometime Saturday/Sunday-ish. Which would you do?

a) leave around 11 p.m. Saturday night and just take turns driving/sleeping and get there around 12 p.m.?


b) leave Saturday afternoon and drive halfway, stop and get a hotel room overnight, then drive the rest of the way the next morning?
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What size do you think is the right size for a gif? How big is too big? By size I mean how many MBs.

Will you post your favorite gif that you've made? Or if you don't make them just your favorite one in general?

Collapse )
derek smalls

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this may be a stupid question but is there any way to edit out the 2 or 3 seconds of silence that is automatically added to the end of most songs? i'm making a dance playlist and i don't want any gaps!

if you don't know/care - what's your favorite song to dance to?
amber rose.
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Which tv show should I start watching (beginning to end)?

The Tudors
30 Rock
Gossip Girl
Dead Like Me
The L Word

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What did my husband get me for Christmas? It's a little square box, about the size of a day-by-day calendar box, and I know it was approximately $150.00. So... What do you think it is? I'm dying to know because it's all he talks about!
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I would really like to see the Daily Show or the Colbert Report. I look on the websites once a week or so and have never seen a date open up. They say that you can sign up at the studio for standby tickets, but I'm not sure exactly how this works. Can anyone enlighten me?

Has anyone here been to a live taping of the Daily Show or the Colbert Report? What was your experience like?

(no subject)

My boyfriend just told me that there was a break in and an attempted break in a couple of blocks from my house earlier this week. I live in a pretty nice neighborhood and it's sort of not normal. Now I am all freaked out (my bf is sound asleep and snoring) and will probably have trouble sleeping because i'm paranoid. What can i do to make myself less worried?

dk/dc: what's the funniest movie you've ever seen?
Gaga: Elegant

(no subject)

Can you think of examples of movies where a childhood character must help an adult character find their inner child in order to overcome ________ obstacle?
I love Drop Dead Fred and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but want to own more movies that are similar.

What is your favorite movie?