December 1st, 2009


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^^^^^^^Ummmm, what is that?!
Please don't give me the obvious answer. I want to know if it really is what I think it is. Like if it's Photoshopped (which I'm assuming it is)
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Should I stay up and write a paper that is due at 3pm tomorrow or go to sleep and turn the paper in late?

Background: I work from 8am-noon tomorrow then have class from 2-6:15. I would not be able to even start this mofo until after my class is done.
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Hey college students (and graduates too)! What is/was your major? Did you know what field you wanted to go into long before you started school or not? Did you ever change your major and if so, from what to what? Are you happy with your decision now?

I'm asking because I want to change my major... again. I already changed it twice before my first semester started during the summer. I'm just curious to know if there are other super indecisive folks like me out there who aren't/weren't sure what they wanted to do with their lives. I know for certain students, it's a lack of passion for anything. For others, it's an excessive interest in too many things. Let's talk.
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Does anyone here have T-Mobile? I can't pay my bill that is due tomorrow until the middle of next week. I've never been late on a payment before. Do you think they will shut me off?
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inspired by the post by st0neface below, have you ever stalked someone? eg. asked around, tried to find out where they would be and then follow them?

i think the closest i've gotten to 'stalking' someone was taking a walk near the coffee shop afterschool in hopes of bumping into someone i met there. i was 13.

also, what do you think is the appeal of the simpsons? why are there so many fans? do you think the length of time that it's been running for has an impact? sorry for the weird wording, it's 3am here D:

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can anyone recommend a good red lipstick that will STAY? i have maybelline superstay or other and while the color's great, it starts to chip after a few hours. afaik, lipcolor shouldn't chip. : / i do admit that the tube is four years old, but it chipped the first time i ever wore it.
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lasik or lesek

First of all, these questions are for someone who has done the vision corrective procedures LASIK or LASEK.

First, overall, how was your experience with the procedure? What are the positives or negatives for your experience? Was it worth it? Would you recommend it? Any complaints at all?

Also, how as the procedure like? Any pain/discomfort during or after it? How long did the procedur take?
How was the recovery like? How long did it take before you were able to go about your normal routine? How long did it take after the procedure to get to your optimal vision?

How long ago was the procedure, and now, how do you feel about it? Any negatives or anything at all about your vision or eyes or anything that changed? Did your vision change any (in the negative sense) since the procedure, if the procedure had been years ago?

If you want to share the cost and your location, feel free, but it's okay if you want to keep it personal.

Any other tips or suggestions are welcome as well.

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What are some tips to stay awake far past your bedtime? Like, 12 hours past the time you're supposed to go to sleep?

I'm trying to fix my sleeping schedule like a dumbass, and stay up as long as possible, on a day I have to be at work at 10 AM, and will probably want to go to sleep in an hour or so. So, tips are greatly needed and appreciated. Thanks.
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Does a Chai latte have caffeine in it? I really want a Chai Latte today, but I NEED caffeine.

If not, what should I get today? It's been a while since I've spoiled myself with coffee house coffee. All I've been getting is 7-11 crap.
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dont judge meh

Do you play neopets?
If so, what do you do with your neopoints?
I just started an account to play time-wasting internet games and so now I have like 50k points.. not sure if that's even a lot. I don't even care about them, yet at the same time I don't just wanna give them away to another user.

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Brother threw up last night in our bathroom. Would it be too much to shower in the parents shower? Don't wanna hurt his feelings, but I need at least a day to get over my "ah shit, his germs might still be in there" feeling.

It wasn't all cleaned up! It was quite gross - I agree with the some people who said that I should just take a shower, but it's a hard thing to overcome when you're a huge germaphobe..oh well. I showered in my parents really nice stand up glass shower. happy Tuesday!

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WHAT in the heck was Tiger up to at 2:30 AM???

(speculative, outrageous, slanderous, infantile, answers are encouraged)

More reps and less weight or massive ball-busting weights???
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I'm applying to some jobs near my university which is in a different city than my home town. Should I put my residence address or my home address on my resume?


Hey guys long time no talk!! Hows are you doing? While at work I wear fake crocs since they are airy, allow my feet to breathe and are easy on and off. After having worn them here and at home on our hard wood floor for 3 years they have no traction and are quite thin. What kind of cheapish, comfy, breathable shoes should I get?

Food allergy question

I remember panic a few years ago over peanut allergies and how some people with this issue couldn't even be in the same room with other people eating peanuts (hence bans in some school cafeterias). Airlines stopped serving peanuts, too.

I just flew over the Thanksgiving holiday and Delta was handing out nuts. If you have a peanut allergy, do you tell the airline when you travel? Is this suddenly not a problem anymore? Or was the panic just blown way out of proportion?

Are you allergic to any foods?

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Have you heard of those Reebok Easy Tone shoes? What do you think of them? What about those MBT shoes?

What shoes do you wear on a daily basis?

Ladies, do you ever feel awkward in heels?

Fellas, have you ever pranced around the house in ladies' heels, just to see what it is like? Don't lie!

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I have a wide, chubby face. I need sunglasses that are really wide, and I can never seem to find them. Of course, when i found one, they broke almost immediately (they were really cheap and the last of their kind).
If I wear regular sized sunglasses, I look like an idiot.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Can anyone help me go in the right direction to find some sweet oversized wide sunglasses, so my face will look semi normal?
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things that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!

What have you recently learned "the hard way" or from a mistake?

For example, I learned that in order to achieve the look I wanted from painting my bathroom walls, I should have sanded the walls to remove most of the texture. Now, after applying several coats of primer (another lesson, the coordinating primer that the store employees suggested I use b/c it's the same brand doesn't cover for crap. I should have gone with my gut and used Kills, which was confirmed by the person I talked to at another location when purchasing more paint, *head desk*), and 1 coat of paint, I really don't want to start over, but I don't know that I'll be happy with the result. In case anyone else is considering using it, it's one of the metallic paints from Ralph Lauren.
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Do you have brand loyalty? To what brands and why?
I have insane Sketchers brand loyalty. About 2 1/2 or 3 years ago I bought a pair of Sketchers shoes, have worn them practically every day since and they still look nice. Although they do smell a bit. I'll continue to wear them until I walk holes into them, most likely. Best $50 I ever spent.

Are these ugly? Comfy? Comfy but ugly? I kinda want them.
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What do you do with shoe boxes?
Do you throw them away? Keep your shoes in them? Anything else?

I'm cleaning my room and realized I have a ton of empty shoe boxes. I want to throw them away but i'm not sure if i'll regret it later.

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Say that it's lunchtime and you want something hot. You have two options: go to Panera and get something there (lots of choices), or make yourself a toasted egg sandwich with tomato soup. Which would you do RIGHT NOW?
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this could just be me... fact it very likely is...

...but has anyone ever wondered why they chose the color scheme for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that they did? I mean they all originally had red bands on their heads. I'm less concerned about why that was changed, probably to make it simpler for little kids, but why they chose which colors they did for each turtle.

Why do you think that Don got purple, Mike got orange, Leo got blue, and only Raph got to keep the original red?
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How cold does it have to be before it can snow? I mean, I know 32F is freezing, but I've been told that 32F is still too warm?

Obviously I know nothing about snow. I live in east Texas and it's going to be 26F on Friday night and there's a chance of snow showers. Everyone is sooo excited but I'm not betting it'll happen.

green bags

Do you use re-usable (re: non paper/plastic) bags for your shopping?
Do you use them for all of your shopping? (Like will you bring your Whole Foods bags to Target? Or vice versa.)

When (inevitably) they break/come apart, do you attempt to repair them?

Do they ever get too gross to use?

I noticed that a few of my bags look pretty icky on the bottom, inside. Are there like produce/meat remnants lingering there? ICK!

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What kind of sunglasses is Lady Gaga wearing in my icon?

What kind of sunglasses do you have currently?
I have a pair of D&G ones with brown lenses/frames, can't find any pictures online though.

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Some technological questions...

1. I'm considering getting a desktop. I don't use the computer for gaming or multimedia really. I use it to store photos, music, type documents, surf the net, and take on the occasional light photoshop project. What desktop would you reccomend?

2. If I do get the desktop, I will be requiring a lightweight laptop to carry to classes, used just for internet surfing and word documents. What would you reccomend?

3. Can you reccomend an avi to dvd program that you can add srt (subtitle) files to?

4. My Linksys wireless router isn't functioning properly. It turns on and everything, just doesn't do it's job. I've read in forums that their customer service is terrible and they charge you $30 just to tell you what's wrong with it. Should I just buy a new router? What brand would you reccomend?
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Would you take the opportunity for a nap knowing that it would increase your chances of staying up later, despite feeling somewhat charged? Or would you utilize that random burst of energy?

How many ounces (8 ounces to a cup) of coffee did you have today? (Shit, 64, now that I think about wonder I'm alert)

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I am a big fan of strategy games. I loved playing Civ 2 back in the day. I also really enjoyed Age of Empires. What other strategy games would you recommend for me? Either for mac, 360, or PS3. Turn based games would be awesome but any other strategy recommendations would be welcome.

What games did you like playing back in the day? I remember being a big fan of Oregon Trail and Number Munchers, both games we played on old macs in school.

What newer video games are you currently obsessed with?

What's your preferred platform for gaming?

And what, if you can even say, is your most favorite game of all time?
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What's in a name?

If you were given a free token to change your LJ username, what would you change it to (you HAVE to change it, even if just by a little bit)?

You can change it to any username, no matter if it's still in use or otherwise not available, provided it's within the 15-character limit. As usual, only hyphens/underscores are allowed as far as special characters go.
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mail time!

I recently moved in to a small apartment building (5 units). Inside the lobby are the mailboxes, which are locked. There's no clear "outgoing mail" box and no public mailbox outside with a few blocks.

If I put an outgoing piece of mail in our mailbox, will the mailman take it? There's no little red flag to put up or anything...

Sorry if this is a dumb question.

text message decoded

Can you help me decide what this text means?

I texted someone and said "What are you up to later? I'm working all day but I'm making dinner tonight if you want to come over..."

And he said "I gotta go with so and so to a meeting late, and was just gonna go do laundry after that. But dinner sounds way better ;)" (He usually gets off around 5 or 5:30 so the meeting wouldn't be too late) is he accepting my invitation or saying that he has to do laundry but would rather eat dinner?? I texted him back but he's in a meeting so he won't get it for a while and i have to go to the store if he is coming.

He's coming over! I'm glad I wasn't the only one who found his answer confusing. New question time!!

Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person? What was it??

I once sent a text to my friend leslie that said "I want you in me" or something along those lines. Needless to say, hilarity ensued.
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Who would you take advice from on what subject IRL?
Who would you take advice from on what subject OL? (Points for TQC members)

Who would you not take advice from on what subject IRL?
Who would you not take advice from on what subject OL? (Points for TQC members)


Hey! For those of you who know a lot about cameras:

I´m going to get a camera this Christmas, since I don´t have one, and I also want to learn a little of good photography. My mother is buying me this camera for Christmas and the price limit is $250-300. I wanted to learn how to handle an SLR camera, but these are too expensive, and I´m not sure if I a hybrid is a good choice, since I think the settings of the lens and such are digital, and as I understood, work practically in the same way as a digital compact camera. Please correct me if I´m wrong, this is what I understood :S

Will you guys recommend me any good compact(or hybrid, if there are true advantages)cameras to learn photography for less than 250-300 dollars?

And, what are the real advantages of a hybrid SLR?

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I'm 27. My boyfriend of a year, is 29. It seems to be that things are going to end with us before too long.

He's ignoring all my texts. All of my calls, aside from the one where he answered and continued to give one word answers and made it impossible to have a conversation. I've asked him whats wrong, he said he's just tired. This has been going on for 2days. What should I do? (srs & non-srs answers pls!)

How can I make myself feel better about it all? Breaking up with him is the last thing I want to do but what else can I do if he won't even speak to me?
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What's the last lie you told? What were the circumstances?

I said I had a dentist appointment so I could leave my literature magazine meeting early today. I'm a senior staff member but the meetings tend to drag on. I ended up going for a nice, relaxing drive during my newly discovered free time.

If you never lie or you can't remember, what movie(s) have you always wanted to see but have never had the chance to watch it?
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How would you rate the public transportation in your city? Where are you from?

The already shitty Colorado Springs bus service is getting even worse. As of 01/04/10, they are cutting evening and weekend service. Which means no more downtown trips for my daughter and me on Saturday afternoons.
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Do you know if your status is set to "invisible" on Skype, can other people still call you?

If you don't know, does someone on Skype want to help me out with a 'speriment?


What is something that you do that other people (or even yourself) find rude/mean/annoying but you do it anyway/keep doing it?

Anytime I am in the car, I sing an octave higher than the song and it throws everyone off. :) I was a soprano in choir for years and its just a habbit.

Also, if you had to serve 100 hours to a non profit organization for community service, what would you want to do?
I would want to help plant trees.
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TQC Twitter users! Is there any way I can subscribe to mobile updates whenever someone mentions me? Like, if they were to tweet something with @fame in it, I'd like to get it on my phone...and idk if that's possible. Halp, please?

So I've had a major girlcruch on my anatomy prof this semester--she's seriously awesome and hilarious and has a great sense of humor. Well now I've kind of gotten to know her (vaguely) but I'd really like to hang out with her outside of school. Have you ever established a social relationship with a professor? How did you go about doing it? How'd it work out for ya?
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Buddy Christ and I want to know...

Do you get offended when someone wishes you a Happy Holidays instead of a Merry Christmas?

Do you get offended when someone invites you to a ceremony that is not of the same religion as what you practice? (ie: christenings, baptisms, weddings, funeral masses, etc.)

How do you handle people that try to preach to you about or convert you to a religion that is not that which you practice (or if you don't practice any religion at all)?

Are you a religious minority in your school or workplace?
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Okay, so from what I gathered in the beginning (apparently, watching re-runs of Malcom in the Middle is more important to my room mate's daughter) Obama's sending in more troops to be outta there by July of 2011.

Someone just got all annoying on Facebook and did the typical "WAY TO GO YOU FAIL PRESIDENT" thing and it's like... well, if he pulled out immediately, you'd be pissed too, right?

I'm not too thrilled with it myself, but if he just pulled out ASAP, it'd be a bigger mess than we found it.

What do you think of absolutely massive body builders?
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I found $20 on the sidewalk yesterday. I used it to buy groceries.

What would you have done with the money?

When was the last time you found money? How much was it?

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Does it bother you when people spell your name incorrectly?
What's the weirdest way someone's spelled your name?
Is there a polite way of telling someone that they're still spelling your name wrong, when you've corrected them a few times before?

My name's Kristin and it bugs the crap out of me when people spell it "Kristen," and I don't quite know why it's as irritating to me as it is.
Someone's spelled it "Christen" before. And Christine.
And I have a friend who continually writes "Kristen" in emails and such, even though I've told her multiple times before. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO BE POLITE ABOUT IT ANYMORE.
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Have you ever moved to a different city or town just because you felt like it?

Lately I've been having this feeling that I just want to pack my stuff and go.

What do you think of the name Arlo?

I know a couple who just had a baby and they named him Maddex Johnathon Davis. Looks like they're going to be calling him Dex. What do you think?

Do you think they named him after the guy from Korn?

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Weird question:

Do you think it's ok to ask for gay rights in Africa, or do you think this is too invasive on the West's part?
I ask because I'm writing a paper on human rights in Africa and I can't decide whether it's ok for some to expect legislation for gay rights in sub-Saharan African countries, or whether **the West should let their economies develop and their societies stabilize more before anyone asks for this. Opinions?

[ETA:] I agree that they have other things to sort out, that's why I ask. I want to know how common of a concern this is because Google is giving me 50/50. Also, when I say "gay rights" I don't mean so much the right to marry, I mean more...the right to live in peace/live at all. Because currently there are 4 countries in Africa that have the death penalty for gays.

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I have a weird foot problem, and it hurts to wear hard shoes right now. Normally when this issue occurs I would wear soft sandals or backless shoes, but it is winter. So I'm going to buy some Ugg-style boots from Target, but there are too many different kinds, so I need you to help me choose, TQC: This type or these ones?

Or if you don't care: if you had $25 to spend on something frivolous right now, what would you buy? You can't use the money for bills or healthy food.
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For Christmas my sister said she wants a "Liquor Cabinet Starter Kit". She has a new liquor cabinet and wants to fill it. What should I get? Any preferences of liquor brands? Should I try to get less expensive brands and more different types of liquor or higher quality brands and less liquor? What is your favorite liquor?
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I laundered an awesomely cute shirt that was dry clean only (so it is barbie doll size) and now I am ragey and mad, and on top of that pissed that I am so upset about a shirt. What was the last thing that made you crazy that was globally pretty much insignificant?
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Settle this for me, TQC.

I have an interview...thing tomorrow. It's not real, per se, but it will be reviewed for a grade.

I have my outfit picked out (white blouse, grey skirt, not too interesting, but this was sprung on me at the last minute), so I was thinking black stockings. My mother says black stockings send the wrong message for an interview & I should stick to nude stockings.

So to get to the point: is it inappropriate to wear black stockings to an interview (and in a business environment in general)?

OKAY! Black stockings it is. Sweet. Next fashion question: can you wear a black dress jacket with previously aforementioned grey skirt?
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TQC, I need help. My family and I have started a foundation in my brother's name. I'm the only semi-computer savvy person so I want to start putting a website together. I have no idea where to start. Have any of you ever started a website? What domain host did you use? Are there certain ones who host and provide templates for the actual site? I've done some research but would love some input from anyone who's actually put a site together. Thanks. :)
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What should I bring to work for lunch tomorrow?

Here are my options:

1) Chicken with mushrooms in a cream sauce
2) Sesame noodles with slivers of steak

I made both from scratch and they're both really yummy.

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Are there any books that you regret reading or that you're embarrassed to admit having read (but not to TQC of course)? How about movies?

I admit that I read the entire Left Behind series, but only because I liked the Antichrist character, Nicolae Carpathia.

How are you procrastinating right now (aside from reading TQC/LJ)?

[edit] I just encountered this site which allows you to customize a novel by exchanging the character names with any names of your choosing. Which novel(s) would you customize?

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What should I pack for my business trip?

I'm going to NYC to attend a one day client seminar. I don't know what to pack. My instinct tells me to just take a suit, but since there is dinner and a cocktail hour, I am wondering if I should take something else too. If it makes any difference I'm in HR middle (ok, lower) management. I haven't had to do the travel/schmooze thing before and don't want to look like a dumb-ass in addition to feeling like one.

Alternately, what do you think about Hello Kitty?

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For those of you in college, or those who have graduated, how do/did you cope with the ever-so-stressful end of the semester?

Any good strategies to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed?

I'm pretty much freaking myself out because I have a lot to do in the next two weeks. And of course I'm a bad student who procrastinates. You'd think I'd learn after three years of college, but no :( I get so anxious that it totally puts me off from doing my assignments.
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The daycare center I work at is closing in three weeks. I'm going to miss my kids, and I'll need another job. I plan to leave my phone number to certain families, letting them know that I can babysit if they ever need a sitter. However, I have a second job (well, now my first job, I guess) as a lunch aide, one hour a day from 11:30-12:30.

In my note, do I let parents know about this job/schedule conflict?

I feel like I should because I don't want to lose my lunch aide job and a steady income, but then I don't want to because I might miss out on more babysitting hours for families.

Edited to add: I also have classes next semester so I will not available Mondays after 5 or all day Wednesday, which I plan on mentioning. Which is why it seems weird for me not to mention the lunch aide thing.

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Leftover turkey and mac and cheese with gravy for a midnight snack: good idea, y/n?

What is YOUR favorite midnight snack? I usually LOVE me some sugary cereal at night (read: Cocoa Pebbles/Cocoa DynoBites), whereas it's too sugary for me in the morning. Go figger.
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Does anyone here have the picture of the thread where one user asks if someone can help to photoshop a picture that he wants to give his dad for Father's Day, and everyone shops the picture in humorous ways that don't help at all?

Is there another community where I can ask stuff like this? Whatwasthatone didn't seem right.

What's your favorite Shakespeare play?

Do you consider yourself a Facebook creeper? why or why not?

Quiznos or Subway?

edit oh oh, just remembered another question - Ladies who live in colder areas, this will be my first winter in an area with significant snowfall. What kind of winter boots do you wear? I live in a city so I'm not going to be trudging through feet of snow, but I want something to keep my feets warm and dry that aren't massive ski boots and (preferably) are kinda cute. no uggs, please. :(

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I know TQC hates homework questions, but how would TQC feel about me asking for a little guidance finding a topic for a paper? I have to write a 5-7 page research paper for my lit class on either Beowulf or Everyman, but I can't think of where to go with it. I've been holding off asking here because I know you guys hate it, but I'm so stuck on what I want to write about. :(

If everyone will hate me for asking that question, I'll also give you this one: What is your favorite holiday movie?

ETA: When was the last time you stressed over a class or work so much that you cried? :(

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I just got in a fight over MSN and it was the more irritating, frustarating experience ever. (My boyfriend lost his phone.)

Can you tell me of a time when you did something equally stupid and pointless?
Also, how long have you gone without taking to someone? What about an s/o?