November 30th, 2009


Calling in Sick

I have a dilemma, you guys. I'm feeling icky and considering calling in sick for work. I'm not worried about leaving anyone in a lurch because my department is very small and I am actually ahead of where I need to be for the month. I'm nervous about looking bad though and/or inadvertently breaking a rule since I have already called in a few times.

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What would you consider excessive, TQC?
We also don't get paid for our paid holiday if we are out immediately before/after the holiday. We had Thursday off and I worked Friday. Do you think there's any possibility of calling in Monday screwing up my holiday?

eta: Nowhere in the handbook is there even a general guideline for what they consider excessive. :(
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If you get an obscene phone call, what do you do? Do you talk to them and play along, do you yell at them, threaten them, or just hang up?
I've never received one.

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so im DRUNK.
i just got done watching despeate housewives.
thats the only primetime show ive loved for every season and watch every episode.
its amazing.

WHAts your gotta watch no matter what, watch religiously show?
what do you like about it ?

do you grow attached to the characters?

what would we do without movies and music and tv?
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i've never celebrated christmas and am wondering...

does it still hold the same ~magical~ feeling as i assume it did when you were younger? or has the christmas spirit slowly withered away as you grew up? or... has it never felt ~magical~ to you at all?

i wish i could celebrate christmas! putting up pretty lights, going to parties, buying gifts, etc. :(
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I'm supposed to start a new job today, but I'm sick, miserable, and want nothing more than to go back to bed for at least 6 hours. TQC, will you encourage me, and/or tell me your first day of work stories?
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I'm in the mood for a fight.
(rocket attack this morning,I made a nice bench that was burned for firewood, the weather is going to change to CRAP thisafternoon AND it's MONDAY already here)
What would you say to calm me down?
What would you say to antagonize me?

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I remembered how you’re able to learn languages with ease, and right now I’m really jealous of that.

I remember how you're able to learn languages with ease, and right now I'm really jealous of that.

Which one looks better? Are both of them too awkward?
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Has anything recently made you laugh so hard you almost peed yourself?

I'm staying with my great-grandma to help, and she's sleeping down the hall and I can hear these loud pantie-ripping farts and I'm trying so hard not to laugh loud that I think I busted something.
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How do you deal with being constantly sick?
I know its the season, but over the last couple weeks i've been sick for two weeks, then back for one, now i've been sick again for the last three days.
Whats worse is, the health officials encourage you to stay home. I can't! I have things to do. :( But.. today I will. It feels like i've been beaten with a potato sack.
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Gene Roddenberry gave so much

11:29 AM 11/21/09 · With Star Trek he showed us what the human race could achieve in the future, whereas with Andromeda we saw what would happen what would happen to fall from such heights. Because the Commonwealth did seem to be a nearly identical institution to the Federation.

What did you think of Andromeda?
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I've been brought up on all fresh vegetables, so the idea of canned or frozen vegetables is kind of completely foreign to me, but since I've moved out, I've only been able to go food shopping once a month or so, so obviously I can't have vegetables all the time. I've started to think about maybe going for frozen, but I don't even know where to start.

Do any of you guys eat frozen or canned vegetables?

What sort do you buy, and what brand?

Is there even really that much of a difference once they're cooked?

Edit: I like to make brown rice and broccoli with soy sauce a lot, would frozen broccoli be good to use in that way or should it only be used for pasta/egg dishes?
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From Ask Amy in the Washington Post...

1 - What life experiences led to your political view?

2 - Think of someone whom you politically vehemently do not like. Is there anything they have done or said that you approve of?

3 - Has anyone ever told you that you converted him/ her to your POV?

4 - Have you ever changed your mind due to something someone else said from an opposing political view?

5 - How hard do you try to see things from the oppositions POV?

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So the BF and I are having a lunch date, but I can't pick where to go. ;_; Will you help me TQC?

Where should we go for lunch today?

Viva (Bistro/Tapas)
Olive Garden
Ruby Tuesday
TGI Fridays

If you vote Olive Garden please tell me what your favorite soup is. :D
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I'm wanting a black wii, but so far they only have them in Japan and the UK(Germany soon,and probably the rest of Europe). Should i buy one from amazonuk or wait and see if they put one out in the us? It's not looking very good so far, everyone at Nintendo keeps saying no black wii in the us yet they've released colored wiimotes, classic controllers, and wii nunchucks.
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When trying to break yourself of a habitual behavior, what are some good rewards to give yourself for each day/week/month/whatever you go without doing it? The satisfaction of being "strong-willed" is a poor motivator so far. :/

What should I have for lunch today? I usually have a turkey sandwich, but I'm pretty sick of turkey at this point.

If you've adopted a dog from the Humane Society, what are the chances of getting it if you're the second applicant?
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Hey TQC.

My brother is getting married in January and this weekend is my future SIL's bridal shower. I've never been to one so I have a question or two. I know that I have to get her a present. Is this the same present as their registry or is this a separate present for her and then I have to get them another off the registry? Also, if it is a separate present what should I get her?

My shotgun courthouse wedding did not prepare me for this.
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I live in Dallas and there has been a lot of debate here over whether or not the city should build dedicated bike lanes within the city. One group says that these lanes encourage more people to get out and cycle and that they are inherently safer than rider education alone. The other side is arguing against the installation of bike lanes because they say it only further encourages segregating bike riders from vehicular traffic and that the lanes would be very limited in the actual number of routes versus roads.

My question is this: With the exception of freeways and other major highways, do you feel that bikes should be able to ride in the street and be treated like any other “car” on the road, or that for the safety of the riders, they should be limited to using only city build bike lanes?

What does your city have if any?

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If you are married, do you still celebrate the anniversary of the day you started dating?
If you aren't married, would you celebrate your dating anniversary after you got married?

If yes, why?

No. And I can't understand why people would want another date to have to remember/celebrate.

Why does my itunes suffle suck today? It's never been this bad. I'm busy cleaning the house and it keeps play slow/sad songs, audiobooks or repeating the same artist every other song. ugh.

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Have you ever heard of covering the cost of your meal (within reason?) when giving a wedding gift?
Does anyone else do this?
What are bridal showers like where you live? (Where do you live?)

Reading wedding questions/answers online has always baffled me.
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Okay, so I'm a caregiver and my client, who has Alzheimer's and is elderly, told me that she remembers her father having intercourse with her when she was young. She wasn't upset about it, though, she wondered if her mother knew about it or not. And, before, I've heard nothing but praise when the subject of her father. Anyway, I usually tell other family members what she remembers so they can get an idea on how good/bad her Alzheimer's is for that day and how it's progressing. The problem is I don't know if I should tell them this. Should I?

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My uni breaks up for Christmas on the 18th Dec. I really really want to put up our Christmas tree, so do I go home a week earlier to put it up (a 400 mile round trip), or just deal with the fact that someone else will decorate it this year?
(To give you an idea of the importance of the tree to me - I had a nightmare someone did it wrong last night)

Whats the most important part of Christmas for you?
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For my photo class I have been doing a project that involves taking portraits of people (mostly my age, some older) with their childhood stuffed animals. There are two pictures for each person. I am turning it into a book for my final critique. The problem is that I don't have a title!

So, TQC, will you give me some suggestions?

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My mp3 player broke a few months ago and I can't afford another 120gb player.
I tried to live without music on my trips but finally cracked and took my dad's mp3 player when he left it behind.
Only to find he has 2 Twilight audio books on it.
When did my dad turn into a little girl?!
What would you do if your parents read Twilight?

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do you think growing up in a rougher environment (eg parent is an alcoholic/drug addict, or parents aren't around as often so kid is stuck taking care of themselves and siblings, etc) makes kids grow up faster than they would otherwise?

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Can you recommend me a cold medicine that ACTUALLY WORKS? My main symptoms right now are an insanely congested nose/head, and a sore throat. Srsly though, the congestion has turned me into a giant mouth-breather D:

Which is worse: snow or cold rain?
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On this page, there is a YouTube video with a radio interview of Barack Obama. They quoted him, though not entirely correctly, but still accurate enough to not make a difference in the meaning.Collapse )

What are your thoughts on Obama talking about "breaking free from the essential constraints"?

I obviously missed it in 2001 and hadn't known about it until today, but what would you say about a statement which is so incredibly untrue? Not only does the constitution say what the federal government can do on our behalf, but it says what the state government must do on our behalf.

Sugar high!

I've just devoured half a bucket of fairy floss & now I feel bad because I'm supposed to be eating right.
Will you tell me some of your bad eating habits to make me feel somewhat better about myself?

ps. Did you know that when you drink Coke after a mouthful of vanillary fairy floss that it tasted like Vanilla Coke. Yum!
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Do you have certain foods that upset your mouth/or stomach but you just cant seem to stop eating?

I really seem to have a sensitive tongue but I will sit there and eat sour candy (mostly warheadsPhotobucket ) until my tongue is bleeding and I just cant take it anymore... I also really love Andy Capps hot fries Photobucket but they are so hot they hurt my lips/tongue but I cant seem to stop eating them..

As for stomach, Sushi. Photobucket love it but I almost always end up regretting that I ate it.
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I live in a house with two roommates. One is basement roommate (cuz her room is in the basement) and one is bff roommate (cuz we were friends before I moved in.) Basement roommate is moving out in the next few months (like 4 or 5 months) and bff roommate wants her little brother to move in with us. I don't have a problem with that, I really like the brother, but he wants to move to our city within the next 2 months. So bff roommate, without consulting anyone else, offered for him to sleep on our couch, rent free, until basement roommate moves out. So that would be 2-3 months of a 19 year old boy residing in our living room, for free. Basement roommate's boyfriend also pretty much lives with us, spends every night and all his free time at our place, not paying any rent either.

So is it unfair that I have to put up with 2 extra people but still pay the same amount every month?
Should we make the brother pay rent?
Should I find a random guy and invite him to live in our bathtub? Rent free of's only fair.
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I need a new computer, but not urgently. Is there a time of year that's best for buying computers? Will there be good holiday sales, or should I wait until the season is over?

What's your general advice for buying computers? (I'm getting a PC and won't be talked out of it.) I've had this one for like nine years, I've never had to buy my own.

Also, I'm sure this doesn't make a difference, but I'm looking for a desktop without auxiliaries. I don't want a laptop.
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IS the weather where you live unseasonably warm?

I am in CANADA, tomorrow is DECEMBER, and surrounded by three bodies of water which always makes for a rough winter. We are still wearing open-toe shoes/sandals and I haven't seen anything in the realm of a winter coat yet. There has not been a single snowflake as of yet, we usually have snow before Halloween.

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Have you ever moved cross country or at least to another state? If so, where did you move? Why? How much did you budget for moving costs and emergency money in case you didn't find a job right away (assuming you didn't already have a job lined up)?

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Say you had a plain milk chocolate Lindt Ghiradelli bar, and a milk chocolate filled with caramel Lindt Ghiradelli bar. Which would you eat first?

Will you describe your favorite candy WITHOUT names/brands/etc (only using chocolatey, fruity, gummy, etc) so we can guess what it is?
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There seem to be a lot fewer holiday icons in TQC this year. Do you have one or plan on making one?

Northern hemisphere people: Has it snowed where you live yet? If not, are you eagerly awaiting snow? Or dreading it?

[Edit: Can someone make me a Hanukkah icon based on a photo of Miso? (The calico cat in my icon). I don't have any image programs on my new laptop =(]
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i really don't know how to cook,
but my fiance will eat anything and he wants me to learn to cook by experimenting.
I am trying to make a broccoli and cheese soup, I doubt it will be that great because it is my very first time and there are probably lots of extra ingredients I should add that I don't have on hand.

my question is, do you like rice in soup?
I haven't seen many broccoli and cheese soups with rice, but he told me to experiment!
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Gender neutral?

Some guy came into my class today, and announced a proposal to make my university's degrees "gender neutral", specifically to change it from a "Bachelor's degree" to a "Baccalaureate degree". He then passed around a survey asking if we supported the proposal to have the option of choosing a "gender neutral" degree, and if such an option was available, would we choose the "gender neutral" degree.

If you are a University student/hope to get a degree one day, would you choose a "gender neutral" degree? Are you M or F?

My answer: No, F.
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My mom was just telling me that Skechers has these shoes that are supposed to help you get in shape just while you walk around. They're called Shape-Ups. Has anyone tried them?
-Brought to you by lumnata(TM)

If not, what's your favorite way to exercise?

computer troubles!

i have an acer extensa laptop. i've had problems with it from the beginning. i later found out that this particular model was built with a ton of flaws that the company didn't give a shit about. my boyfriend works with computers and was able to fix some of the issues, but lately something annoying has been happening.

i'll be on the internet when a small bubble pops up on the bottom right corner of the screen. it says: "internet disconnected". within a few seconds, the entire computer shuts off. i noticed that whenever this happens, the bottom of the laptop feels really hot. do you think the computer shuts off due to it becoming overheated?

i have it on a normal, wooden desk and keep it unplugged unless it really needs to charge, but it still gets hot very, very quickly. i just assumed it was because the factory fucked up and this model is all faulty. would a laptop cooler/fan help? if you've tried them, have they been effective? which one would you suggest? if not, can you suggest something else that might eliminate this problem?
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Session Sign Up Software

I need some free web-based software that lets people sign up for sessions, like at a convention. I need to be able to put a cap on it, so that if the session fills up to a certain number, it will no longer be available. I've been Googling, but obviously I've been putting in the wrong keywords. Do you know of any such software or could you help me figure out keywords?
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Poll #1492651 Hair Extensions

Is it rude to ask someone if they have hair extensions?


Would you be offended if someone asked you if you were wearing hair extensions? (assuming you were in fact wearing them)

Only if they asked me in front of people

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TQC, I know a lot of you have done cross-country moves, so I have some questions. Does anyone have any good tips or recommendations for moving cross country? I'm moving from Ohio to Los Angeles, and this is what I know so far...

I'll be moving my jeep, whether that means driving it there or shipping it. Does anyone know of good ways to ship a car?

I'll be moving a bedroom's worth of furniture. Does anyone know of inexpensive/cheaper ways to do this? (eta- I dont want to sell anything and buy new out there. I love all of my furniture and have purposely been collecting and saving my stuff for 5 years so I wouldnt have to buy a single thing once I moved.)

Really, just any tips or hints? Stories? I'd rather just pack my dog, cat and myself up and fly there, and have my stuff sent cross country. The idea of driving there myself makes me want to cry. I hate that drive. It's three days of suck.

(I've been googling shipment methods, companies, etc... and still feel totally lost.)

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How often do your limbs fall asleep per day, on average?

Mine seem to be falling asleep 10+ times a day, and it's becoming extremely painful. Sometimes I wake up at night and my arm will be so numb that I will touch my leg, and get startled because I don't know who's touching me. I don't even know I'm moving it!

Are you procrastinating right now? If so, what are you supposed to be doing?

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Today I had a customer (let's call her Judy) tell me of how one of her children ran out of another store with an unpaid for item. When the assistant informed her of what her child had done, Judy told the assistant that she should tell her son off. According to her story, the assistant did so, but wasn't 'stern enough', and Judy told the assistant that she had to be harsher to the child.
I was instantly of the opinion that Judy should have been telling her child off, not the assistant (Judy apparently told her child that she was going to tell the police, and that was all).
What is your opinion TQC?

Have you ever had something similar happen whilst at work?

If you work in retail, how do you deal with children intent on destroying your store and/or products? (If this is indeed something that would happen to you of course.)
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(no subject)

Do you find this quote sexist?

"Brave men tell the truth, A wise man's tools are analogies and puzzles, A woman holds her tongue, Knowing silence will speak for her."

Edit: apparently it's part of the lyrics to "Remind Me" by Röyksopp. It's out of context, so nvm about the question.

DK/DC: how many keys do you have on your keyring?

My Dearest TQC,

What should I watch? I'm torn between Part III of John Adams, Easy Rider, and Dazed and Confused.

What movies have you seen recently? Rate them on a scale of 1 to Good and I'll rate your taste.
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1. Does anyone have any experience with Vizio TVs? Pros/cons?
2. I feel like baking something tonight. What are your favorite cookie recipes, preferably ones that don't involve a mix?

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i put in 2 weeks at my job because i have another job. i told my boss 6 months ago when i enrolled in this program that i would be leaving. she didn't use any of this time to cross train the other people and is guilt tripping the hell out of me now, wanting me to give more than 2 weeks notice because no one knows how to do my job but me. i'm totally not doing it because it's not my fault they were dumb, but what would you do?

would you stay longer to make sure the next person was trained well?

(no subject)

Ladies and mens;

Would you ever sell your used underwear online for cash?

Who here DOESN'T like cake?

How long will it take for my headache/ringing ears to go away? I forgot to bring my earplugs to a show again :I
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Sims 2 question for all you players....I know I'm supposed to install the expansion packs in order of release (I heard it keeps things from being wonky), but what about the Stuff packs?

What's the best way to get rid of an occasional bout of heartburn? I don't have any Tums.

Addendum: I just installed Sims 2 Seasons and now all my custom content is fucked. Wtf happened to it all? The only things I've been able to find is a few recolours of the original Maxis items.
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(no subject)

So I started my new job today. Quickly realized I am going to be doing the EXACT same thing as at my last job which makes me feel unbelievably comfortable.

Have you ever started a job where you immediately felt at home? What were you doing?
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yesterday when I was with my dad we started reminiscing on old video games I used to play as a kid. does anyone remember the zoombinis?! did you play?

what old video games did you play all the time when you were younger?

there's one game for the PC I loved, although I cannot remember the title for the life of me. I just remember there was a big tree and you controlled little creatures around. it was almost like a Sims type of game where you made them do stuff - they could pick things up and work machinery and go to different levels of the tree in little elevators. does anyone remember this? I'm racking my brain.
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When was the last time you laughed until you cried?

Mine: I just took my dog out to poop and for some unknown reason he had some insane diarrhoea that got all over his butt fluff (he has ample hair on his rear end that dangles down), left leg, tail, and some even on his back! Problem is, I don't live in a house and there isn't a hose outside with which to clean him. So I had to bring him into the underground parking, into the garbage room, retrieve a clean plastic bag from the garbage room, PUT HIM IN IT (well, the shitty parts of him) and then carry him through the underground parking, up the elevator and down the hall to my condo where I could finally wash him.
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Okay, not on the first page, so I can post again (but I PROMISE you, last one for the night).

If you have a lot of friends/family with different faiths, what do you (or would you) do for holiday cards?
Do you buy two sets of cards? Do you get one basic set of non-religious cards?

My boyfriend's family as well as 80% of my friends here in NYC are Jewish (although not at all strict about anything), but my family are all "KEEP THE CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS!" so it's sooooooooo conflicting.

Also, I got a coupon for 50% off photo cards at Duane Reade, and I am thinking THAT IS A FANTASTIC DEAL and they have an awesome design, but by myself would look silly. So how weird would it be for my SO and I, who have been dating a little under a year, to have photo cards already? REALLY WEIRD?

What are your favorite places to buy holiday cards from?

I love Kate's Paperie and their selection, but they are PRICEY.
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I've only just started driving in the last six months, and my battery's died about six or seven times. While I learned how to jump a battery (and how to tell when I really need to buy a new one, apparently), I've also learned I know absolutely nothing about cars, and that's kind of stupid.

How exactly does one start learning basic important-to-know car ... stuff? What you'd learn in a high school auto shop class, I guess. Sadly, Google isn't helpful for "basic important-to-know car stuff." Any good websites? Any advice for something you definitely think I should know?

And, less self-centeredly: what horrible car-related misadventures have you gotten into? Accidents, thefts, being unable to start your car at 3 AM in an empty parking lot ...

(no subject)

Of the movies released this year that you have seen, which one did you enjoy most?
What was the last thing you ate? Can you describe it in detail?

Also, I've got 7 google wave invites. Does anybody want one? give me your email address if you do.
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(no subject)

1. I'm in the mood to watch some sort of film series after a Star Wars marathon last night<3 I've never seen the LOTR movies and only like 1 Harry Potter.. are either worth watching? If not, will you recommend some others? LOTR it is.

2. Will you post pictures of you & your sibling(s) (if you have any)?

(no subject)

How do you tell someone they need to stop being so self-centered without sounding rude?

My suite-mate only cares about herself. Seriously. Whenever I talk about anything, she interrupts me or waits until I'm finished and changes the topic and it isn't just with me but everyone else around her! She never asks how I'm doing or how anyone is doing. It's all about her. It's almost to the point of being ridiculous and not normal. The funny thing is, she wants to be a NURSE. not only that but a psychiatric nurse! Apparently her parents tell her it's not the job for her but she disagrees. It's amusing to me because I cannot imagine her ever taking care of someone and doing it out of the goodness of her heart? HA. It's almost like a chore to her.

Also, are people raised this way? Why would she be so uninterested in anyone else that it's kind of frightening?

(no subject)

If you were seriously injured/ill and dying, today, would you update your twitter/facebook/lj/myspace to let everyone know?

If a friend/family member/SO was dead or dying, would you?
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(no subject)

Edit: For question 1, the tax is 10 years, not 7

You can have great wealth for the rest of your life. Think $1,000,000 a year for each year of life. exchange for this wealth, you'll lose 7 years of your life. You'll die 7 years sooner than you would have died normally and nothing can change that. Do you still want the money?


You can live an extra 20 years longer than your particular life expectancy would ordinarily dictate. Say, if you were supposed to die at the age of 80, it's now been postponed to 100. But in exchange, you'll spend the rest of your life below the poverty level. You'll never seem to break even. It'll feel like you've been cursed, which you have been, but you'll live 2 extra decades as your compensation. Want the extra 20 years?


Edit: For question 2, you really have no idea how long you'll live. Say you're supposed to die at 40. You can extend that to 60. Just sayin'

(no subject)

My man wants cookies so cookies I will make him. The thing is we don't have chocolate chips but we do have cocoa. Any quick recipes for chocolate cookies?

Edit: I don't have brown sugar either. >.<