November 29th, 2009


HORRIBLE room mate.

ok. I live in a 5 bedroom house with my boyfriend and 2 other roomies. The house belongs to my boyfriend's aunt so she is technically our land lord. we never signed a lease or anything we are just paying rent and utilities and she is letting us live there.

here is the problem:
my 23 year old room mate (alex) is the biggest loser/piece of shit on the face of the planet. He was home schooled by his mother first of all (I have no problem with this, because most people who were home schooled are smart). He lacks any kind of social skills whatsoever and therefore only hangs out with 17 year old kids (bag boys from the grocery store he works at). He works part time at publix and has no ambitions or goals in life at all. He comes home from work and plays video games/goes on the computer/watches tv/ plays dungeons and dragons with his stupid friends/ creates messes all over the house and never ever ever ever ever cleans them. I am actually embarassed to invite my friends over because he is so awkward and weird. every time I cook he invites himself to eat my food, he even sticks his unwashed hands in my food sometimes. when I buy food he eats it without asking and he even ate an entire pan of brownies that I baked in one night. He is the most lazy person I have ever met and I have lived with him for 1 1/2 years. I have had numerous conversations with him about picking up his messes and i swear its like talking to a wall because he never listens to me. He makes messes constantly, I literally cleaned the kitchen 3 times in 2 days because he fucked it up so fast. I told him that I am not his mother and he is expectd to clean up after himself. he straight up told me that if Im not his mother then he does not have to listen to me. this boy is so lazy that he dropped out of community college because he claims it is "too hard". I am sorry but I went to that college when I was in 10th grade and its honestly so easy to pass its like a friggin joke. The newest problem is that he just got a 16 year old girl friend.
My other 2 roomies and myself find this completely disgusting and we do not like the fact that there is statuatory rape happening in our house.
I told the land lord about it and she is making us all sign an agreement stating that you must clean up after yourself, blah blah blah.... AND there will be no minors to spend the night and any minor must leave the house by 10pm (thats what the 16 year old driving curfew is in florida). needless to say, he is not happy about this. so far he has not signed the paper and I guess he is thinking about moving out. of course its not official yet but I really hope that he just moves out because I honestly cant stand his bullshit anymore.

my questions: you think that this is agreement with the minors is unreasonable? why/why not?
2. what would you do/how would you handle this situation?
3. what do you think about a 23yr old dating a 16 year old (shes in 10th grade)?
4. why is my room mate such a fucking loser asshole shithead?!
5. have you ever been in this situation before?
6. why dont people have manners or courtesy or respect for the people they live with?

edit: how the hell do you do a lj cut?! I tried using the cut button but something is going wrong. idk! im sry its such a novel but I am just SO needing to vent lol

editx2: I let him get away with it for so long because he was a nice guy for awhile. We were friends in the beginning. we fixed up and painted the house before we all moved in together and he seemed like a perfect match at first. I really would like to mediate the issue instead of losing him as a roomie. I feel like my boyfriend and I are maturing greatly and its almost like his maturity is regressing. we feel like we are living with a teenager. I am paying my way through college and cannot afford to lose his share of the rent payment and utilities payment. also, when we moved in together I bought a living room set on my credit card and my boyfriend and alex and I split the payments. so he technically owns one of the couches in the set as well as the cofffee and end tables. also the internet/tv/phone is in his name and his contract was signed for 2 years. This is a complicated issue and it is not as simple as just kicking him out (even though I think its ultimately going come to that in the end.)
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1. what are the most filling foods in your opinion? (preferably non-meat)
2. what are some programs for a mac that let you DJ? As in, mix songs, etc.
3. do you sleep with or without socks?
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Block and tackle

Is there any way to block comment e-mail notifications on specific reply threads people post on Livejournal entries without blocking all e-mail notifications on postings?
Like, say a person is in community X, in which he or she is getting flamed heavily, but they want to know if anyone replied to a topic in community Y, a community with relatively little or no drama.
I'm just curious because I think some flame wars would end better if there were some way to opt out of the conversation and let the other guy rant forever unheard (by the other party at least!).
Also, it would help in situations where you make a post and people start getting into an epic discussion about some unrelated topic on your post and you end up getting all the messages.
It would also help you avoid getting spammed by creepy stalker types.
Is there any option like this on LJ?

(no subject)

do you ever feel clinically insane around the time of your period?
not all the time, but just like SOME months?

im having mood swings so bad im starting to think theres something wrong with me.
i just CRIED because i had to wait 10 minute sto go to MCDONALDS

(no subject)

Best color?

White Stripes
Pink Floyd
Black Eyed Peas
Simply Red
Green Day
Deep Purple
Silversun Pickups
Blues Brothers
Jackson Browne
I hate colors

(no subject)

do you ever write letters with no intention of sending them? if so:
where do you write them? livejournal, paper, word doc, etc.
what do you do with them afterwards?
do you find it helps in some way?

(no subject)

Anyone else have their Facebook wall separate into YourNameHere, YourNameHere + Friends, Just Friends and your default wall is just things you have posted (YourNameHere)? If you are familiar with this, is there any way to change it back to just a regular old wall where everything is integrated?

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(no subject)

have you ever been at a point in your life where you realised you didn't have any genuine friends? as in, friends who keep in touch with you when you're away and who you can rely on.

i just realised i don't have proper genuine friends anymore, after growing up with the same 6 people half my life. they're all in one country and i'm halfway around the world from them.

if your answer is yes, what did you do?
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(no subject)

OK, so TMI but I recently got my first yeast infection and was wondering why Monistat has 7, 5, 3 and 1 day options? If 1 day option is available why would anyone choose the others? Or are some worse and take longer to clear up? lol..
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(no subject)

Do you think that kids should call adults Mr./Ms./Mrs. so-and-so? How do you feel about being addressed by a title? I was somewhere this weekend where all the kids called me Ms. Lindsay, and while I prefer that to Ms. Lastname, it still sounded weird to me. But I let them call me that because that's what their parents preferred.
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(no subject)

Does your family have a special Christmas (or other holiday) breakfast tradition?

My dad usually makes bacon and eggs, but this year I ordered a half dozen croissants from a local bakery/cafe that just opened. I'm SUPER EXCITED because their croissants are fucking amazing, not the styrofoam shit you get everywhere else.

(no subject)

My fiance and I looking for a place to go for my honeymoon in mid-July. It has to be in the US, and we've both been all over the East Coast so maybe somewhere out of that area. We want to be able to stay in a city-- large or small-- but be able to also explore outside of the city to do outdoorsy things.

Where should we go?

I'm thinking maybe Portland?
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(no subject)

Where are you in terms of birth order?

I am the oldest.
I am the middle child out of three.
I am the middle child out of more than three.
I am the youngest.
I am an only child.
I am a special snowflake and will explain myself in the comments.

(no subject)

My dog acts the chaperone every time my boyfriend and I make out/try to have sexy times. He won't leave us alone. I give him chewies to occupy him but the chewies are not lasting very long. Is there any way I can train him to stop bothering us? Have you guys ever had problems with your pets interrupting?
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(no subject)

What makes a pretty Christmas tree?

Lots of green, full branches
Tons of lights
The ornaments
The presents underneath
Something else I'll add in the comments
I don't need no stinkin' tree
Bah Humbug
Ticky box?

(no subject)

Does the washer cause more damage to clothes or the dryer? Dryer ftw!

Where is/are your hometown(s)? (I grew up moving around so I have 2 places I consider my "hometown")
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(no subject)

When you listen to British people speak, do you ever notice they sometimes append an r sound to words ending with an a? Like Ameriker and lawr, and I just heard a British speaker say idear.

Can't they just admit with that as evidence that we Americans have evolved and perfected the English language?

(no subject)

what's your biggest stupid fear?

i've been terrified for the last 15 years of a bird pooping on me. i saw it in Now and Then and my mom told me she got pooped on once, and since she's my mom i assumed for years it was inevitable.
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(no subject)

Without trolling for friends and/or self-promoting...who else here happens to be a member of Goodreads, Postcrossing, Paperbackswap, or any other such website?

(I'm legitimately curious, for the record.)
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To the pet owners of TQC

Are your pets allowed up on the furniture? Do they sleep with you at night?
Our dog is spoiled and is allowed pretty much anywhere he wants.

Do your pets have any strange nicknames?
My dog is named Beaker, but we call him Beaker B. Kirby. :)

Edit: I just got my first copy of Paint Shop Pro since 4, and it's up to 11. For 4, I had a really awesome LJ community that offered all kinds of tutorials, but I can't find anything like that for 11. Does anyone here know where I can go? I'm so lost on how to use this thing!
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(no subject)

My doctor's office isn't open and google isn't helping.

I'm on a z-pack antibiotics. It would be a bad idea to take cold medicine on top of that, right?
EDIT: I called another- I'm good to go

What's for lunch? *or your next meal*

Is anyone else really not into Christmas this year? How do I snap out of it?

(no subject)

Do you wash dishes primarily to (a) remove food residue or (b) remove "spit" residue? If you had to pick.

My husand the other day handed me a mug he had poured coffee in but changed his mind about drinking. He said "you can just rinse the mug out since my mouth didn't even touch it." I was shocked since to me old food residue is grosser than my own spit residue. To him, his spit residue is grosser than old food residue.
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Where's the coldest place you've been?

Lapland in Finland. Despite the many layers and insulating vests I was wearing, it was fucking freezing. The experiences I got from it were amazing, though. We went for Christmas so it was very much in the minus'.

Where's the hottest place you've been?

From memory, Singapore. The humidity was insane. Fiji and Australia could give it a run for its money, though.
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Bicycle Enthusiast Question

I found a PUCH brand girl's sized track/street bike near my house. I assume it was stolen but I've reported it to the police and it hasent been listed as stolen. I'm going to post a Craigslist ad to try and find the owner. How much is the bike worth? It's in good condition, if I dont find the owner I'm going to sell it.

Clem & Joely

(no subject)

Okay, I know this is a few...years late, but w/e.

This question is for people who like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

In the third movie, did you realize that in the easter egg scene ("10 years later...") when Will Turner is coming back to land, that he was being released of his duties to the Dutchman because Elizabeth had stayed loyal to him? Had she not been there to see him, he would have been made to stay on the Dutchman? I totally did not grasp this myself but my clever friend explained it to me and I was super psyched by a happy ending (which I previously thought was a really depressing ending.)

Yeah, this feels out of place being so long since the movie actually came out, but everyone else I've talked to about the movie has thought the same way I had, that Will was stuck to the Dutchman for all eternity.

Also, PotC4 in the brewing bin. What do you think? No Will, no Elizabeth, just Jack Sparrow. Me, not so stoked.

(no subject)

1.If you have housemates, how is shared space divided? Eg. Do you have a shelf each in the cupboard/fridge, or is everything in the cupboards organised by type (eg. all grains, sauces, snacks in the same sections with their ilk)?

Alt. Q1. If you don't have housemates, tell me something of your house organisation.

I have the cupboards organised by type. My new (otherwise awesome) housemate has been putting his vegemite in the sauces section when it is clearly not a sauce. The sauces section is right next to the condiments/cans section, so I can see the confusion and was going to explain it to him rationally. However, this does not seem very housemately. 2. What should I do instead? passive aggressive/vengeful tactics preferred. (non srs obvs)

(no subject)

So, my computer had decided to make my music sound tinny. Both my external speakers & monitor speakers have the exact tinny sound all of a sudden.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
And yes, I tried google but everything just says "buy new speakers". I know it's a computer problem as 2 completely different speakers are having the same problem.

(no subject)

TQC, do you ever dream about houses?

When I can remember my dreams (which isn't very often) most of the ones I remember have to do with:

(A) Being in a familiar house (mine, or a relative's or a friend's), except the house is much more elaborate and stranger than IRL. Except I still know it's _____'s house, so it's not weird or scary; and/or

(B) Secret passages and rooms within rooms (ex. climbing into an attic and discovering it leads to another attic, which leads to another attic...), which are just fun to explore.

Do you ever have sex dreams about people you know? I've had one once, and it was fairly boring.

What is something that seems to be a recurring theme in your dreams?
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(no subject)

Is there a difference between a Parkway, a Thruway, a Highway, an Expressway, a Turnpike, a Freeway, whatever?

Why are some roads just numbers (ex., 9A) and some have names like "Bronx River Parkway"?

(no subject)

What's the inspiration for your username?

Did you agonize over it or just type the first thing that popped into your head?

Do you mentally assign a gender based on someone's username?
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(no subject)

TQC, I live in the boonies and I have a septic tank. We know it's getting full and needs to be pumped but we can't do that right now. It has an aerator that's supposed to blow bubbles into it so the bacteria will do bacteria-things in there, but it's stopped bubbling. What's wrong and how can I fix it, tqc?

Edit: I looked at some other aerators online and it appears that some have alarms that go off when the air pressure drops below 1 PSI. In other words, time for a new pump, and mom's on the phone with a plumber. This sucks.

(no subject)

You know how there's a fairly stereotypical way that people - comedians especially - mimic talking in languages they don't actually speak; e.g. German, Chinese, etc?

Is anyone aware of any examples of this (on YouTube or w/e) being done by non-English speakers mimicking English speakers?

For $5,000, would you....?

Poll #1492034 For $5,000, would you.....?

...get a bowl haircut? You can't get your head shaved afterwards. You have to wait for the hair to grow back


...give up all computer usage, tv watching and book/magazine reading for 2 months?


...knee your favorite celebrity in the crotch as hard as you can? It'll happen at a random crosswalk where you see them walking the other way


...make out and go to second base with Sarah Palin for 15 minutes?

87(57.6%) locked naked in a small room with 200 spiders (non poisonous). You have to kill all 200 spiders by crushing them with your body by rolling across the room again and again


...go to a nude beach with your parents?


(no subject)

This I used to believe,

What did you use to believe that you no longer believe now?

I used to believe that Daddys could fix anything, the world is mostly good, my stuffed animals would come to life when I left the room, My bike was a horse/Pegasus/unicorn, and my dog could talk.

(no subject)


keyboard is fucked.

keys are producing random letters!


that above is qwerty! is there any way to turn this off or fix it?

Edit: It's fixed! And by fixed, I mean I stole my house mates keyboard =)

(no subject)

Alright TQC,
It's my last day in India, the month has gone by fast.
What's one thing I shouldn't leave the country without doing first?! My flight is less than 12 hours away.

What have you been up to this month?
Did I miss anything of interest?!
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(no subject)

Since my paper is not very interesting, I decided it was more important to look at dogs on I'm moving in about a month and my fiance and I decided we want a puppy.
What type of dog would be good to get?

Facts: I have a kitty, we'll be living in a townhouse (able to walk the dog but not let it run in a yard) and I've never raised a puppy (though fiance has). It'll come from a shelter so chances are it'll be a mix breed.
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(no subject)

1. Do you prefer plain, granulated sugar or brown sugar?
I love the taste of brown sugar sooooo much more, omg. I could eat it plain, I think.

2. Our Coca-Cola Christmas tree has some new additions. My mom has put some small plush ornaments around the bottom of tree skirt, and Chiquita Banana keeps going in there and getting this one toy, a seal, and bringing it to her crate. She's not chewing it up, she's just snuggling with it. Should we give up the fight of getting it back and just let her have it?

3. I'm in the mood for an emotional movie. Should I watch:

Which movie?

Little Women
A Walk to Remember
The Way We Were
Walk the Line
Sweet Novemeber
Remember the Titans

edit: sorry for the double post! my lj poll was not working for some reason :(

(no subject)

Do you play any musical instruments? How long have you played and how good are you? Do you have any audio or video to share with us?

Which instrument(s) would you like to play?

What is your favorite instrument?

I play the flute. I played a lot back in my high school days and stopped for a while and now I'm getting back into it. I really want to learn to play the violin/fiddle. I would want to play more fiddle-type music rather than classical violin type stuff.

If you have played the violin/fiddle before, what could you tell me about learning to play it? Is it feasible that I could teach myself or would it go better if I had an instructor? What would be a good beginner fiddle to buy and how much money would be a reasonable amount for such an instrument?


I used to smoke at least a pack a day, but a friend told me about electronic cigarettes. I had never head about them, but now that I've been using one, I love it!
Poll #1492003 Smoking

Do you smoke cigarettes?


Have you heard of electronic cigarettes?


If yes to #2, have you ever tried electronic cigarettes?


If no to #3, would you be interested in trying one?


(no subject)

uhhhh do any of you know the difference between degrees celsius and celsius degrees?

apparently they are different units. this is kind of a homework question in that it came from my homework but i do not need to understand the difference to be able to do it. the textbook doesn't explain it and i'm not finding anything by googling.

ok that makes sense now will you post pictures of your pets and their names?
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(no subject)

This is probably a stupid question but here it goes:
I want to buy my sister a season of One Tree Hill on DVD for christmas. I've been looking on amazon and the cheaper versions have "Repackage" in the title. Does this just mean that they started producing them again? Basically I want to know if there is anything different in this version that will influence her being able to watch all of the episodes?

Link for evidence:

GA Quote - Time kicks our ass

(no subject)

Have you heard of the Livescribe Pulse Pen?

If you have one, do you think it's useful, especially for students?

I'm considering asking for one for Christmas. My parents were going to get me a Netbook, but its out of their price range and I was thinking that this is something that could be within their price range and still be useful for my classes. I figured I'd just save up and purchase a netbook after Christmas and my birthday in January.

If you don't care about this pen thing, what is the one place you want to visit before you die?

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(no subject)

wheres the weather like where you are?

its cold, rainy and about 40 degrees. Its the lounge around the house kind of day.

do you dream?
do you remember your dreams?
do you like to dream?

how many hours of sleep do you get a night?

(no subject)

Is there usually a delay between being approved for membership to a community and your full-access being instated?
eta: I can't even comment on this entry. weird.
Fixed! :)

What's your favorite question comm (besides tqc)?

edit: wow you guys are fast! I was just making sure it was working before I typed up my questions since I seem to be having a lot of issues actually POSTING to communities today :)
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(no subject)

Where did my car insurance and registration papers disappear to? And why is it my fault that they're missing even though it's technically my mom's car and I've never even touched these papers?

What's your favorite thing to do on a snow day?

Juicy Couture

I got my gf some Viva La Juicy (Juicy Couture) perfume for Christmas it had a scratch n sniff sticker and I liked the way it smelled .
But they also had a regular black and white label (with no sticker) perfume.
Has anyone here worn the black and white label Juicy Couture?
Should I buy that one for her as well?
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(no subject)

What is your favorite thing to do with Thanksgiving leftovers?

I put leftover turkey in the crock pot all day with potatoes, celery, green pepper, onion, carrots, chicken broth, tomato sauce, garlic, Italian seasonings, cayenne pepper... and now I am nomming. It's fantastic.

I think we might do turkey cranberry quesadillas tomorrow night.
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(no subject)

When was the last time you jinxed yourself?

Yesterday I think I replied to someone here about how their roommates moved out with very little notice. I said something about how I was glad my roommate hasn't done that. Today one of my roommates decided she is moving out in two weeks and is only paying half of her share of the rent, which is due in two days.

On that note, what should I do to get even? (non-serious answers, obvs)

(no subject)

Is anyone else excited about or at least planning to see Fantastic Mr. Fox? In my head it's coming across as a bit like Ocean's Eleven, only fuzzier, which is great--plus I love stop-motion animation.

Collapse )

What are your favourite stop-motion animations? I'm a diehard Wallace and Gromit fan, personally, but I'd be keen to know what else people like from the style--I hear Coraline was pretty awesome.

(no subject)

Any tips on making the switch from omnivore to vegetarian other than "stop eating meat"? What is something you wish you had known before you made the switch? What's your favorite veggie recipe?
of course

(no subject)

If one of your parents were using drugs, would you tell their spouse?

What if they asked you not to tell?

What if they were also on an antidepressant and you were afraid they would hurt themselves?

Do you like puppies?
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(no subject)

You HAVE to watch one porn. No getting out of it. What would you choose to watch?

One guy, one girl
One guy, two girls
Two girls
Two guys
One girl, two guys
Three girls
Three guys
One guy, one midget (female)
One girl, conjoined twin brothers
One guy, one triple amputee (female)
One girl, one donkey
Two donkeys
Two people of indeterminate gender wearing fur suits
One guy
One girl
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(no subject)

As was the custom of the Jews to release a prisoner on Passover, Pontius Pilate allowed it at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus, but the crowd cried for the release of Barabbus and not Jesus.

Shall TQC enact such a custom to unban one user from posting at a set time or times?

Who would you see unbanned?
Peggy Blink

Google Wave

Anyone got Google Wave? I have 8 invites to hand out to all y'all, but I also want friends.
I'm or however you find people.

Anyway, if you have it, what do you find it useful for? How do you use it, exactly? I've had a conversation with one of my friends on it, but that seems about as exciting as it gets so far...
I &lt;3 TLV

(no subject)

At age 80, which would you rather?

Get Alzheimer's, live another 20 years.

You're in a terrible car accident, which is the better result?

Retain consciousnesses, become completely paralyzed.
Go into a coma. You may or may not wake up.

(no subject)

So I just saw a Dove commercial. In the commercial they say that they asked one woman to wash with soap and another with Dove. Then they say that soap leaves scum on your skin but Dove does not.
So, apparently Dove is not soap. What is Dove?

Paid account?

My hubby asked me if I would like a paid account to livejournal and although it sounds exciting because I spend a lot of time on livejournal, I don't know if it would really be used since I have gone so long without it. For those of you who have a paid account, do you enjoy it, what do you enjoy/not enjoy? Those of you who don't have one, would you want one, why?

Do you have google chrome? Do you like it? I had been using explorer and now I am using chrome and I seem to like it a bit better.
I &lt;3 TLV

(no subject)

[Edit: Darnit, I'm serious, but I guess I can let this go. I was just very upset to see things that way. If he had asked for the food afterward I would have just given it to him, it was taking things without permission - he wasn't staying in the house, just stopping by - that bothered me.]

Fail post, just ignore! >_>

(no subject)

I went to the oulets with a friend of mine. A girl walked up to us and said "I don't mean to be rude, but can I have a dollar to buy some food?"

She was well dressed, we were in a pretty nice area and she was between sixteen and twenty years old.

What would you have done?

(no subject)

Why am I not writing my problem/solution paper for my English class?
Why is our three year old being a little fuss-pot tonight?

If you could pick one style of dance to be good at, which one would it be?
How many times do you pee in a day? Guesstimate

(no subject)

what do you sleep on at night ?
if you sleep in a bed, what size is it?
do you wash your sheets on a weekly basis ?
do you make your bed everyday ?

I have been sleeping on the couch lately cuz I've been sick. But normally, i'm in our king size bed
I wash my sheets every week
noone ever sees my bedroom except me and my husband, so what's the point?
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(no subject)

What's the etiquette for a returned wallet? I left my wallet on the subway last week. Somebody found it, googled/facebooked my name, and sent me a message so I could come pick it up. Is a reward expected? I can't really afford to give much, maybe $5 or (at most) $10 to Starbucks. Help?

(no subject)

TQCers who wear heels-

What is an at home fix for heels that are missing the little black piece that's on the bottom of the actual heel? Am I stuck attempting taking them to a shoe repair?
I've found heel tip replacements online but i need to wear these boots on thursday and have no idea where to even find those in an actually brick and mortar store.
just a bill
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Re: the lost wallet

Does it make a difference if she already gave me my wallet back a week ago? At the time I had no cash or anything to give her, so I just walked away. Would it be weird to ask for her info over the internet to send her something? I'd send her an e-gift certificate, since I have her email address, but I don't know where to get the gift certificate for...

(no subject)

Writers, what's your go-to resource for prompts, exercises, and the like? I've been surfing the net, but nothing seems to be working out for me.

Is anyone doing santa hat icon edits? I've tried, but hahaha I suck so hard at MSpaint.

(no subject)

1. If your job consists mainly of sitting at a computer, what percentage of the time would you say you mess around online instead of doing your work?

2. Can you recommend a good chapstick for me? My lips are dry and cracked and carmex isn't helping. :(

3. If you were forced to choose one, would you rather work retail or food service, and why?

(no subject)

What is the most respectful way to ask my SDA boyfriend to participate in Hanukkah with me? I'm doing Christmas with him.

Do you celebrate a winter holiday that belongs to a religion that you don't subscribe to?

(no subject)

If you had to sleep with one of these fellers, who would you pick?

Wee Man (Jackass)
Donald Trump
Penn Jilette
Stevie Wonder
Andy Dick

If you had to sleep with one of these ladies, who would you pick?

Rachael Ray
Hilary Clinton
Amy Winehouse
Courtney Love
Fran Drescher

(no subject)

I'm taking a speech class and I need help.

Can you recommend any somewhat funny monologues or movie scenes that I can act out?

I also need to lip sync a song in front of my class. I'm looking for something short, funny and sung by a girl.
Any suggestions?


Is it okay/safe/effective to use a probiotic along with antibiotics?

Have you ever had any weird side effects from particular antibiotics? :/ Unfortunately the ones I am on now feel like they are really speedy! It's pretty strange, and something I definitely did not expect.
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Calling Dr. TQC

My daughter and I are both pretty sick right now, but she has this terrible cough that won't go away. Medicine isn't helping much, and we can't get her in to the doctor tonight. I have her sitting in a steamfilled bathroom right now. Does anyone have some other tips that might help? I'm really worried about her. :(
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Is there someone you very much dislike (hate even) in your family? Why? Do you see them at family gatherings? How's that for you?
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Hey TQC! I'm pretty new, so it's nice to meet you. I'm tired but in a good mood for some reason, so I'd love to hear some stories!

Out of all your past relationships, would you consider any of them to be really interesting and fascinating, in a "wow, a movie made about this would be intense/hilarious/heartbreaking/awesome" kind of way? Detail as little or as much as you want. :)

If that doesn't apply: What (or who) was the last thing to honestly, seriously surprise you, in a good way?
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Hey, TQC, I feel really uncomfortable about the Pokemon chatroom with a 14-year-old-girlCHILD post down there. It's really creeping me out. Would it be out of line to request some TQC reconnaissance to take these bastards down? It probably would, so instead, I'll ask something else:

If you ever have kids, you're probably never going to let them use the internet until they turn like 18, huh?

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What time are you waking up tomorrow?
6:15. I don't want to go back to school.

Do you have a bookmarks bar? How many sites do you have on it?
Yes. I currently have 16. They are the ones I mostly visit.

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An acquaintance did a social interview on facebook

"If you are what you eat, what is Picka?"
"Lots of Goodies"

Should I be offended?
Should I comment?

and/or since I'm overreacting.

Why did you last overreact? What happened?

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is it normal/logical to be irritated at a friend who complains about something all the time but won't ever take anyone's advice on how to fix it even though said person agrees that all their friends are probably right?


Which Futurama character are you most like?

Fry - easily amused, unambitious, easy going romantic. You lack any real employable skills and your bad decisions generally make life more difficult than it has to be
Bender - dishonest, self-centered asshole. Nothing really interests you except your creature comforts and whatever you can get away with
Leela - responsible, idealistic, good hearted. People secretly complain about you behind your back because of your high scruples
Dr. Zoidberg - your low self esteem and your questionable hygeine have given you low self esteem and the contempt of everyone who knows you
Dr. Farnsworth - you're a super genius, but you seem to apply that high intellect in useless ways. People generally think you're a kook. An incompetent kook
Amy - likable and fun, you're also not that bright and people usually take advantage of you. You're a bit shallow too
Hermes - work is everything and you strongly uphold order and would turn in your own mother if she broke the rules. You're generally not invited many places
Zapp Brannigan - pompous, overconfident , God's-gift-to-men/women. You're clueless and can never recognize your many, many embarrassing mistakes
Kiff - smart yet meek, you're easily controlled by stronger personalities.