November 28th, 2009


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1. Did you/are you getting yourself presents for the holidays this year? If yes what are you getting?

I'm gifting myself a Canon Rebel XSi and some books.

2. If you're giving presents to yourself, do you wrap them?

I'm having my presents shipped to my parents' house so they can wrap them and then ship them to me. Unwrapping is part of the fun!! Plus then the paper is an extra gift for the cats.

3. What gifts are you hoping to receive this year?

I want books on learning Klingon.

Charlie's chocolate factory wipes

1. If Wally Winka, reclusive toilet paper baron, hid 5 golden scrolls in 5 random toilet paper rolls and would reward those that found said scrolls with a lifetime supply of toilet paper and a one day trip to his magical toilet paper factory...would you alter your butt wiping procedure at all?

2. What wonderful TP innovations do you suppose could be found at Wally Winka's magic factory?

Dearest TQC,

What should I do with myself? It's 1 AM, I'm not tired, and I'm done with all my online shopping/wasting money that I'll never make back. I would read, but Idk if I wanna read Tender is the Night, Great Gatsby, or Breakfast of Champions. I would watch Rifftrax, but I've already watched Harry Potter 1-3, and if I download any more my computer will die. Should I just smoke a lot of pot and go to bed? WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY LIFE?

Also, how was your Thanksgiving?

How was your Black Friday?

Got any Christmas plans yet?
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Question for people knowledgeable about cats!

I'm moving to LA on June 1st. That means packing myself and my life up and driving 3000 miles. The girl I'm moving in with is from Chicago and is bringing her two dogs with her. I plan on bringing my cat, who is pretty much inseparable from me. When I leave on a job and am gone for weeks at a time, my mother tells me that he sits in my room, or lays on my bed, and cries for hours, or searches the house for me constantly. He's never as affectionate with anyone else as he is with me, and when I'm home he's pretty much attached to my hip.

First, how am I going to travel 3000 miles with him? I don't want to crate him, because he's a massive cat and likes to stretch out. He sits pretty well in a passenger seat without a cage, and after crying for 10 minutes (car = vet, but I've been taking him for small rides to show him that the car doesn't always mean something bad) with my petting him and coo-ing to him to calm him down, he usually just sits and watches out the window. Would this be okay for a cross country ride? What about when he needs to go? :(

Second, he hates strangers, and even more so, he hates other animals. How am I going to introduce him to not only a new house, but new strangers and two new dogs that arent his dog? He's pretty close with my chihuahua, and while I'm considering bringing Dax (my dog), I don't know if moving out for my first time and bringing both my animals is a smart idea. I travel for weeks at a time, and plan to have a part time job and go to school on top of that.

And on that note, third, do you think bringing my dog would help ease him into this new world? He's very close to my dog and I wonder if having both me and my dog would help assure him the world isn't ending just because we moved. He's only ever known my house, and mostly my room, for his entire 3 years of life.

Suggestions, stories, comments, anything! I know you guys are cat lovers!

(TL;DR... I'm moving and I don't know how to help my cat-who-doesn't-like-change deal with the changes.)
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Dearest TQC,

What's a good (the best?) song to get stoned to?

What's your favorite stoner (or sober) activity? Which are better to do sober? (Like reading. Reading sucks high).

What are you listening to right now?
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So IF (IF) I were looking for a FWB on Craigslist...when would the banging commence before I was being played? Second meeting? Third?
How about a FB? First? Second?

I'm just curious....I have a lot of free time to think of stuff...

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How many gigs of space does your computer have?
Do you own an external hard drive? How much space does that have?
How much music do you have on your computer?

My answers
Mine has 286 gigs.
I have two external hard drives. My new one has 1TB and my old one has 200 gigs.
I have about 64 gigs of music according to iTunes.

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How long do you leave your pets, dogs especially, alone at home before you start to feel a little guilty?

For me it's anything more than 6 hours. Although she's not crated anymore and can walk around the house, I always feel terrible. I have to work today for 12 hours and I just feel awful about it. :(
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I need opinions, TQC. I currently have a 55" HDTV, but no blue ray player. I pay around $60 for the premium movie channels and have been totally spoiled by HD. Only problem is, there's a ton of movies I want to see, but are never on TV. So, should I keep paying $60 a month so I can see my movies in HD, or should I cancel all those channels and get a Netflix account? They won't be in HD, but at least I'd be able to see any movie I want. But damn do I love HD... TQC, what should I do?!
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I have a stupid insurance question. I'll call about it on Monday, but I'm going to drive myself nuts thinking about it until then.

It's open enrollment right now, and my husband and I are choosing a new hospital and doctors that are closer to where we live. We're doing the HMO option, and have to choose a primary care doctor. That's just the doctor we go to when we're sick, right? But then, I'm also going to have to choose a gyno, but I don't see a place to do that.

If you're on an HMO, and am female, do you have to choose your gyno as your primary care doctor? It seems silly to have to, but I also don't want to leave myself without a gyno for the year, ya know?

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I recently ordered some skirts from an online site (I ordered them 11/23). I ordered them at the prices of $11.99 and $17.99. I have an email of the confirmation of these prices.
I just got a shipping confirmation (they shipped 11/27), and the prices have gone up to $21.99 and $17.99 raising the total price including shipping over 10 dollars.

I just sent them an email with screen shots and everything, very detailed.
But my question is- can they actually do that? Since I got a confirmation of what I would have had to pay and they did put a hold on my account for that much money, but then took out MORE, isn't that not legal? I thought what you quoted the person and what you confirmed you had to take, even if the prices of the product did go up by the time it was processed?

have you ever had this happen to you before? how did it go? did you get your money back?

Paddling the straight back into you

Youtube behind cut
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1. After watching this video, do you think it's possible to spank the gay out of someone?
2. In the realm of well-adjusted and at peace with one's past, on a scale of 1 to 10, where does this fellow fall in?
3. Is there a word for the gay sex act of filling in another man's buttcrack with sand?
4. If it's not ok for a man to fill in another man's buttcrack with sand, is it totally cool if he does it with a girl?
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This is a question for everyone, but I'd be especially grateful for some input from the dudes. All these hair communities on LJ seem to have an absurdly high proportion of ladies (not that it's a bad thing, but I'd like to see what both sexes think).

What kind of hair cuts/styles do you prefer on women? Specificity and pictures are encouraged.

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My son has a ceramic piggy bank - that I really really love - and we're moving (by plane) across the country on Thursday. What is the best way to transport it?

1. Bubble wrap and mail it
2. Stuff it with clothes and put it in a carry-on
3. Stuff it with clothes and put it in my luggage
4. Something else?


My left calf has been hurting recently, and it's not the first time. I periodically have soreness there, for some reason.

I've convinced myself it's a blood clot, but there's no way for me to be sure. I don't have insurance, so I can only imagine what going to the ER will cost. I don't have any redness, or swelling, it doesn't even hurt constantly. Just periodically throughout the day. It hurts when I move my foot forward, which I was told could be a sign.

I just don't know what to do. I went home from work early yesterday because I couldn't concentrate, I just keep thinking about it. Is it worth it to go into debt at the ER just to get tests done? I have absolutely no money. :(
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I need to go to Atlantic City tonight, which is about an hour and a half drive. I planned to drive but my car has had an assortment of troubles lately. Should I risk it and drive my car, let my dad drive me, or take a bus full of old people which might get me there too late?

I really want to drive but if I were to get stuck on the parkway AAA wouldn't be able to come get me, I'd have use some special one that would cost a bunch.

Edit: I can't drive my dad's car because it's manual, and while I know how to drive it I'm not exactly comfortable.

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MY uni residences were advertised as; with heated towel rail, dvd player + 100mbps internet(which they've said themselves they have limited). None of these things are present, and i'm paying £100 a week for it.
What legal ground do I have to complain/ask for a refund?

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I met this lady at the dog park recently who is interesting in starting her own sewing/tailoring business. She offered to hem some pants for me for free, which was really really sweet of her. I'm going over to her house today and I want to bring her something to show my thanks. I already asked her if I should bring some snacks over and she said no, that's fine, but I would still like to bring something. What do you think I should bring? Do you think some fancy dog treats would be a good gift, or something dog related? I don't know if her dogs have any allergies or anything like that though. I also have a collection of fabric scraps that she may appreciate but I don't know if that would be too weird or not, what do you think about that? Otherwise it would have to be something quick that I could just pick up on my way over there.

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How do you pronounce 'either' and 'neither'?

ee-ther and nee-ther
eye-ther and nye-ther
ee-ther and nye-ther
eye-ther and nee-ther

I pronounce it "ee-ther" and "nye-ther". I have a feeling that's not very common but we'll see.

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So I bought some of those aquatic frogs "Frog-o-Spheres" from Brookstone aaaand I'm worried. See, they kind of seem to hate each other, which makes me sad. What if one of them becomes the BITCH FROG and DIES?? Have any of you ever owned them? What was it like? Suggestions? Basically, are my frogs evil, killing machines or are they just playing house?

My friend used to work there and she said that sometimes the frogs will EAT the snail. D: Has this happened to you? Serious / non serious answers :)

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Is there another phrase almost exactly like Brain Fart minus the fart, but that means the same thing? Brain _____

It's not Brain Freeze because that's what you get from ice cream.

Do you know any practicing Buddhists? Are they "normal" or very different from your average friend?

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How long is your average shower?
Mine is about 10-20 minutes long.

Do you brush your teeth in the shower?

And totally random, how are you with foreign languages? Do you have a knack for them? I definitely don't. I took a year of Spanish and 2 of French when I was in school, and don't know a thing now.
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My dad is old, getting a little senile. I want to get him help somehow, but he's an angry, stubborn old goat. He refuses to see a doctor about his deteriorating hearing (he can't hear anything I say anymore, my mum has to yell it to him), and now I'm afraid his mind is slipping. What can I do?

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Is it bad if I'm having trouble focusing my eyes? Every now and then half the page seems to wash away into a blind spot. I am still sick with the flu but this is new to me. Any suggestions for relief?
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What albums have you been listening to lately?

I have a six hour bus ride tomorrow and can't read without getting carsick, so I'd like some new music to keep me entertained.

Ladies, (or men, idk), how often do you shave your legs during the winter? How does that compare to how often you shave during the summer? If you have a SO, does he/she care?

Did you have any awkward family moments this past Thanksgiving? Care to share?
(My friend's grandmother told him, at the dinner table in front of everyone, that he looks just like his mother's first husband...who isn't his father. Yikes.)

What perfume or cologne do you use on a daily basis?
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I'm meeting some friends to hang out, eat pizza, watch movies, catch up, yadda yadda...

We are ordering pizza, drinks are covered, and someone is bringing chips and salsa. What is something cheap to eat I can pick up on my way over for us to snack on?

ETA: any suggestions for semi-healthy things? or should i just give up on eating healthy since we'll be having pizza...?
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Gamer Friends of TQC!

I want to start playing my DS again but I'm bored with all my games. I really like RPGs, adventure, and puzzle games. My favorite DS game ever is Rune Factory 2 but it doesn't look like they'll be making a new one for the DS anytime soon.

What do you think I should play?
What's YOUR favorite DS game?
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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


My dog (maltese) is in her teens. Just like an hour ago, she screeched when my mom lifted her up, and also when I gave her a light pat on her back. Her eyes keep getting really teary. She's also shaking, even though she has a sweater on and the heat is on high. I checked/pressed on areas where she could've gotten hurt, but she didn't try to bite or make a sound.

What is wrong with my dog?!

ETA: I touched her butt area, and she screeched. So, something around that area is wrong!
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Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare

My husband just bought this game at gamestop last night. He played maybe a total of 4 hours while I read my book. It seems he has beaten the game and both of us are shocked. We both feel he didnt get much play time out of a game that was so popular. Is there something he is maybe missing? I cant possibly think there is since it says "Thanks for playing" or something when hes done and then it goes to the main menu. Both of us are just really suprised because it didnt take very long but we dont know if this is normal because we both dont really play games...So is this normal for xbox games? Is the game really over? Why would they make it so easy and fast to beat? Have any reccomended games?

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This morning I was an idiot and burnt myself pretty badly when I picked up the lid of a casserole dish that came out of the oven moments before.

I ran my fingers under cold water for 2 minutes instantly and the burn doesn't seem to be that bad. It's a little red in the area and that's it. However, it HURTS SO MUCH. I burned myself 5 hours ago and I've been icing it all this time, but as soon as I take it off the ice it starts buring unbearably.

Can I do anything for the pain besides continuing to ice it?

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Inspired from the losing weight question:

What kind of cardio is effective for someone with baaaaad knees?

I have doctor's instructions not to run, jump, twist, squat, kneel or plant my feet. I've had 3 surgeries on my left knee and one on my right. My last surgery was almost 2 years ago, so I'm "healed", but my knees will never be as capable as they once were. I want to lose some weight, but I want to do more than just eat better.
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family drama

Long story short, my sister and I were not invited to a baby shower lunch for my cousin where her sister, our other cousin and our grandmother and aunt where all invited. We had just been there Thanksgiving, when all of this was 'planned' but not one word was said to us. What would be something good and profound to send to all of them in an email? I want it to be a final 'fuck you' to all of them.
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My little brother, while here for the weekend for Turkey Day, seems to have given me the beginnings of a cold - I woke up this morning sniffly and with a sore throat (the kind that feels dry no matter how much I drink, hot or cold, to try to soothe it - feels like it's right underneath the back of my nose). Aside from popping vitamins and downing OJ, HOW can I stop this from turning into a full-blown fevery brain-dripping-through-my-nose swallowing-sandpaper cold?

Alternatively, did you brave the crowds yesterday (Black Friday)? How was it? Get anything good?
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Do you like to dance, TQC?

What song would you say is your theme song?

I hate dancing. A friend is attempting to drag me out to clubs, and I feel like an idiot. Suggestions?
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I have a question about Target's shoe sizing - I emailed them about it but I don't know when they're going to get back to me.

I want to order these shoes in size 5/XL. In the drop down menu it has "5 M". What does 5 M mean? Is that the right size? There's no other 5 but doesn't M usually stand for Medium?

[Edit: Great, thanks!]

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Inspired by the second bachelors question:
I know that sometimes people get their Masters in a different subject from their Bachelors. If there is a difference of technical knowledge between the two majors, how do people make up the difference in graduate school?
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For those of you who typically eat very healthily and exercise regularly: do you feel like you've let yourself go these past three days?

My body is making me pay the price and I can't wait til Monday to start exercising again.

For those of you who have no concern or discretion when it comes to your diet: does Thanksgiving still manage to make you feel super fat?

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Does anyone know where this came from? Google isn't helping me.

Some ancient emperor or pharaoh had a boyfriend who fell in a river and drowned, and there was debate over whether it was suicide/murder/whatever. The mourning royal made the boy into a god. Help...?

Any ideas where this came from?
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I'm going through my boxes of books/notes from the past two years and getting rid of a lot of crap.

I have a bunch of textbooks I haven't gotten around to selling online yet, and I'm looking up the prices. Some of them are worth almost what I paid for them, and a couple are completely useless.

What do you do with your useless textbooks, that you can't sell back to wherever you bought them from, and you will never need again?

I feel bad throwing out books but I doubt anyone would want this spanish 101 textbook now that two new versions have come out, and I definitely don't need it anymore.

More apartment questions

So, me and my fiance are going to be moving in less than a week and I am THE LEAST qualified housewife in the world. Are there any blogs/Lj communities out there that I can go to for advice on cooking and regular house duties? I feel so dumb. I want to be able to cook my man some meals he can re-heat when he gets home that he wont want to throw in the trash? lol.

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Do you have a friend/know someone who complains ALL THE TIME? Someone who acts like "nothing ever goes right for them"?

What's a good/amusing (for me) way for me to tell someone they need to STFU and quit complaining about everything? Feelings aren't really an issue here.
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I just purchased a "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster and I'd like to frame it myself to save money. I don't think I'm going to worry about matting it as I feel like I'll probably mess that up. If the poster is 16x24 inches what size frame should I get? (alright, I got it...a 16x24 inch frame, silly me)

Does anybody have a "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster? What kind of "art" do you have up in your house/room?

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Would you ever have a threesome that involved a relative?

eta: This question was prompted by discovering that my brother-in-law has been having a threesome with his cousin and his cousin's wife. o_O
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computer storage

Is there any difference between an external hard drive and an External portable drive?
I need to back up the files on my quickly dying computer and I bought a Seagate 320GB external portable drive. Is that pretty much sufficient? I know it has enough space, just wanted to see if I bought the right thing. I just need to have a place to store my photos and music basically.
The only reason I'm concerned is because it says on the back it's an expansion drive. Does that matter? If I copy files onto it, will it show up when I plug it into another computer?
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Gossip Girl

Ripping off of the One Tree Hill question....

a.) Who is your favourite Gossip Girl character and why?
b.) Who is your least favourite Gossip Girl character and why?

my answers:
a.) Blair because she's delightfully manipulative
b.) rufus because he's an immature prat
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Has anyone here gone back and gotten a second bachelors? Were you able to apply for scholarships/fin. aid in any way similar to that of a first time college student? Would you recommend it, or would you try and get a masters/get into a career using your first degree?

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I can't decide if I like them enough to keep them. This is what happens when I shop alone.

If I do keep them, should I spray them with that shoe/boot water repellent/preservation spray? They're not leather or anything, but I want to protect them from salt and grime. I asked the girl at the shoe place and she didn't know what I was talking about.
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Why is it cheaper (where I live, at least) to rent a house than rent an apartment?

Is it a better choice? I'm looking to move out and renting a house just seems so much better in every aspect, honestly. Is there something I'm missing? Pros and cons?
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F-ing cats

I am moving out of my apartment. The cats messed up the carpet near the bedroom door because they are assholes and can't make up their goddamn mind if they want to be in or out. Is there a way I can repair it? I don't have any carpet scraps of course but I might be able to get a small piece from inside a closet where they won't notice or care.

Have you ever used those cat nail covers? Thoughts?

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According to wikipedia, "Monsters vs. Aliens...was the first computer animated movie to be directly produced in a stereoscopic 3-D format instead of being converted into 3-D after completion, which added $15 million to the film's budget".

Now, I understand nothing about this technology, but when making a movie 3D, what does $15 million get spent on?

(no subject)

Do you know how to separate the art and the artist? I.e. Continue to listen to the music of a certain musician or band, enjoy a certain actor's movie and/or appreciate an artist's artwork in spite of the fact that you don't like their personality and/or the questionable things they may have done in the past?

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Tomorrow my mom is driving me about seven hundred miles north of where I am currently to get me home after the Thanksgiving holiday. The trip is pretty long, and she would like to stay with me, and my father and stepmother. She is my dad's ex-wife. He has no problem with it, because the house is pretty big and we have a finished guest bedroom in our basement. My step-mom I guess feels uncomfortable.

So, if you had an ex-spouse would you let them stay the night at your house in passing to save them the expense of a hotel room?

What do you feel hurts your brain?

Haha funny title.
I realized that while doing so much reading in mysteries, My brain is actually hurting from trying to solve these things. I was thinking last night do you compare things you do to somewhat learning because they make you think a bit harder?
I know a lot of people arent proud of video games but some games just really rack my brain and I feel like I read a text book all day. I normally dont play many games though.
This applies to books as well. I know a lot of people dont like fiction because they feel like they arent learning anything but I feel like when reading a good mystery my brain is working to solve it before the book with the clues the author has given me. This makes my head hurt like I have been working hard at a job. Haha.

What makes your brain hurt? Do you feel you could still be improving your brain skills just from gaming/reading fiction/solving soduku/etc?
What do you do to continue your learning of random things outside of school or do you feel your education has ended once you stopped going to class?
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TQC, my heart seems to be beating abnormally tonight. Typically, I have a very difficult time trying to find my pulse in my jugular, but right now you could probably see it beating. It's at a normal rate/rhythm, and I'm not dizzy or lightheaded...just very pulse-y. The only thing I can think of is that I just got out of a super hot jacuzzi, but that seems strange. What could it be and how long do I have to live?!

I have a lot of papers I need to organize. File cabinets aside, what is your favorite way to organize paper?

(no subject)

Any idea of what happened to that hot Italian security guard that works at the place where I volunteer? I volunteer there once a month and I haven't seen him in a while.

What are you doing (besides reading TQC)?

Have you read George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series? What do you think of it? Can you recommend good fantasy series? (aside from HP and LOTR)


I am a huge fan of television. I will be a Television-Radio major in the fall. I own a lot of shows on dvd but I am tempted by the box sets vs. season by season releases.

For certain shows (The West Wing, The Office (UK), Friends, The X-Files), should I buy the complete series box sets or do season by season? I would probably do the season by season gradually whenever I can find them on sale.