November 27th, 2009

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well since thanksgiving is officially over...

TQC, what is a good "dad" gift I can give my dad along with a Home Depot gift card for Christmas? I was looking for a small brother always gives him drill bits or something like that but I have no idea how to buy those or what would be compatible with whatever brand of drill he has, I need idears, please :(

What is on your Christmas list this year? Can you suggest stuff for me?
I want the book Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennels, 2nd edition, but I'm not really relying on that. TBH I'd really like money...but I hate just flat out asking for that :(

Moleskine: do you get the hype, or think they're overrated?
I kind of get the hype, but I've only used a few of them

What are your favorite kinds of stationary? Would it be lame to ask for that as a Christmas gift?

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What's the 80s song where in the music video it's computer generated workmen putting things into boxes and then there's a conveyer belt or something?

Thanks jellyfishies ! It was Dire Straits - Money For Nothing.

Um, second question, do you think it's weird Cher won that Oscar that one time?

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Poll #1491015 For Fox

If Christina Ricci were a woodland animal, what kind would she be?

Bunny rabbit
Bear cub
Otter (it got lost in the woods)

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how do you feel about ear cropping when it comes to certain breeds of dogs (ex: dobermans, pit bulls, great danes, boxers, etc)? do you think it's cruel or relatively harmless?

what about tail docking?

EDIT: this is an odd edit, but it got me thinking..what about circumcision? are you for, against, or indifferent? do you believe it's helpful when it comes to preventing diseases later in life? would you have your son circumcised?

Friday Shopping.

So I went out for my shopping. I went to toy r us an hour early to discover their was already 4 blocks of a line... I left. I didnt think toy r us had been that crazy since furbies. The deals werent even that good. (example: My sons always have these transformers. In the ad it said they were orgionally 25$ and on sale 50% off. Well they are normally actually only $18-$20 so they werent really on sale that much!) Im annoyed. Plus the ad actually had the times printed wrong. ("open @midnight on thursday", which was actually friday not thursday)
I went to walmart just to see how crazy it was and it actually wasnt even that bad! I bought my kids some glow wall art stuff... Anyway, I was expecting walmart to be complete chaos and it wasnt. What store are you expecting to hear stories about on the news/net?
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i just woke up to find my dog-- who i got for my 13th birthday-- dead on the floor with her head on my shoe.

no one is awake to talk to, and i have no idea what to do. i just lost my other dog on august 29th. i have three other dogs, but walter and hunee were my favorites/my kids/my beebees. at this point i don't even want to look at/touch my other dogs.

no one is awake right now to help me, so i am sitting here with my dog wrapped in a towel.

will you post something funny?

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find your county on this map. (if you are from canada, there is a list here. if you're from somewhere else you can answer too, i just don't have statistics for you.)
what does your county primarily call pop/soda/coke? do you call the same thing everyone else does? if not, what do you call it?

80-100% of us call it pop. yes.

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what do you think you will do with the rest of your life if/when you eventually stop using TQC? lets say it dies or something. who will you ask all your questions too? where will you spend your spare time? i know its a scary question to ask but its eventually going to happen.
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Completely unrelated questions.

1. I start my new job on Monday. I am now officially sick. So much so, I have no voice. What can I do to make sure I'm ready for work?

2. Now on to the touchy question. Can anybody explain to me why gods like Zeus, Ra, Poseidon, etc are now considered mythological figures, yet the Christian God is taken as absolute fact by so many people?

3. Would you consider yourself a religious person?
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Say you're a heterosexual female and met then man of your dreams (This is hypothetical, people!). You decide to get married. Your last name is Miller and his last name is Butts. We all know that's a horrible last name. What do you do?

Keep Miller as your last name.
Hyphenate Miller-Butts
Change your last name to Butts
Both change your name to something completely different
Have him change his name to Miller
Some other option

What if you have kids? What would their last name be?
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Camera question

If I can get this answer without joining a photography comm I'll be so happy.

I have a Canon Rebel XSi. Last year when I took it to Disney I had horrible luck getting pictures of the night parade because my camera kept telling me it was busy. Would getting a good external flash help with this problem?

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1. Have you ever known anyone to get an infection from acrylic nails?

2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how stereotypical Mom-ish is your Mom?

(Where a 10 is some supermom mix of Martha Stewart and June Cleaver, who bakes cookies and casseroles, and wears Mom-jeans, and 1 is the Mom who watches her stories on the TV, with a smoke in one hand, and a remote in the other, and washes herself with a rag on a stick)

3. Do your family/friends ask you for a holiday wish list? My family always threatens they're not going to buy me anything unless I give them a list of ideas. It is starting to take the fun out of Christmas presents.

4. Do you work a typical Monday-Friday job? If not, what are your days off?

eta. 5. If you were having a baby, would you like to know if it was a girl or boy beforehand? Or is it one of life's ~great surprises~?

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My boyfriend wants a laptop for Christmas. I want to get him one because even though I know there's other things I could get him, that's what he really wants.

Is it totally unrealistic that I could get him a decent one for $300 or less?

Is it totally unrealistic that this could happen without me having to go stand in a 5 hour line today? :\
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Movie help and more!

1. I'm Going on somewhat of a movie-date with my wife sometime this weekend. My choices are The Road and Fantastic Mr. Fox. (she owes me for making me watch A Room With A View) Which one should we see?

2. If you don't like either of those choices, what would you recommend?

3. I'm way past my deadline for a piece of music I was supposed to compose / record. I'm just really not feeling creative. What can I do to stimulate inspiration / creativity?

4. Are you on google wave yet?
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so i have an ipod and during the holiday season i like to have a playlist of christmas music... thing is, i don't want this played when i shuffle all my songs... is there a way of doing this? can i make it so these songs ONLY play when i choose to play my "christmas playlist"?

and while i'm at it... what's youre favorite christmas song(s)?
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It's not silly to do all of your Christmas shopping online, is it? I'm starting to feel discouraged and silly for not wanting to do it in person.

Do you know who and what you're buying for?

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On facebook, is there a way to view all the things you've sent out, like app invites and stuff?

My little brother got on my grandmother's account and sent something very inappropriate (that he didn't know the meaning of, he'd just heard his dad say it) to my aunt and he denies he did it, so we want to check the outbox or whatever. There's gotta be a way to do it, but after about half an hour of looking I am at the point of giving up.

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I need a new flat iron. Mine is burnt to hell and about 5 years old. It snags my hair and is just..ugh.

Any suggestions for a flat iron, other than Chi and GHD?
What about must-have hair products?

I'm going to Sally's Beauty Supply in a little bit, thought I'd see what I should try out.
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so say you bought these DVDs: my sister's keeper, night at the museum 2, 2012, he's just not that into you, angels and demons and a DVD with first 7 episodes of the simpsons season 20.
which would YOU watch first (if you hadn't seen any of them)?

i must say i'd go straight to the simpsons one but i feel i have to save the best for last.

if you've seen most of them, which did you like best?

ETA: for the 2012 DVD, basically all the DVDs where i live are pirated. dont ask me why, idk why, but everyone buys them and 'original' dvds are just not to be found here.

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Is there some kind of nonverbal commentary that your family or pet does constantly?

Everyone in my family is big on the sigh. Even when you're not talking to them, they'll sigh obnoxiously. Even one of my dogs does it. Constantly.

Oh, what the hell... verbal counts too. Familial worn out phrases?
Whenever you say something to my mom or sister they'll shoot back, "You're a ___whatever noun you just used here___." It obviously started with my little sister.

Validate me!!

pCollapse )Collapse )I made a impulsive buy on ebay. Am I completely nuts? Especially considering I'm a poor student on a limited income but I do have some extra spending cash, even though I need to save most of it for school books?

And does anyone know anything about this brand?

Edit: Ah shoot. Okay it's a 2.7" 10 MP Silver digital camera. It says TFT, and I think it's being shipped from Hong Kong... will have a picture up asap
It was $27 plus $29.99 S&H

Collapse )

Edit 2:
The item is brand new. I looked at the seller's reviews and he seems legit. Lots of items sold, and all 5 star ratings (The only thing that was even minutely less than a 5 star was the shipping time.)

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There's a diaper commercial (Pull-Ups, I think) where a Mom is playing outside with her toddler, and is going on about hoping to potty-train the kid soon, because she wants the family to go camping this winter. I've only ever known people to go camping in summer, and I kind of associate camping as being a summer activity.

Do you camp in winter? Is there a specific place in North America where camping is preferred in the winter, rather than the summer? The mom doesn't have a southern accent, and it's way too cold to camp in Seattle and surrounding areas in the dead of winter, which is where the cable feed is coming from.

eta. This person is obviously from Tucson, Arizona.

Are there any specific commercials you hate? Because this one drives me insane.

why dogs arent allowed on the couch...

I keep this blanket on the seat of my couch, that I'm pretty sure my stupid dog pissed on. Even though I have removed the blanket for washing, it's more than obvious by the smell that the pee went through the blanket.

My couch is...suede/microfiber. How do I clean it? I have an upolstry hand-held cleaner machine it safe to use on that spot? Yay? Nay? People have always told me if anything ever stains this couch, I'm screwed.
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I just had a thanksgiving sandwich (turkey, stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes and a little mayo), a piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream and a piece of apple pie. For breakfast. At 2pm.

How fat am I gonna get this holiday season?

How fat are YOU gonna get this holiday season?
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Every morning when I wake up, whenever I open mouth, the right side of my jaw makes this popping sound, it makes again when I close it. The sound makes it terribly annoying if, say, I actually want to eat something (luckily I'm not a breakfast person) but just imagine a "pop-pop" in your right ear when you're trying to eat your toaster pastry. Annoying, big time.

Any idea what this is, oh all knowing people of this community?

Bonus jaw-related question!
Am I the only person in the world that felt sorry for Jaws? I mean, sure he was eating people as they would just be swimming, but he's just a big shark, he was hungry. Sharks gotta live too... doesn't mean you have to stick 50 harpoons in him and make him suffer, just swim at a different beach.

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Does anyone else have a ton of friends/family who have birthdays in November and December?
How do you make this work? Do you buy two gifts/one big gift/nothing at all?

Do you exchange Christmas gifts with your friends? What's the usual spending limit?
I <3 TLV

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1. Do you get your animal friends holiday gifts? What will they be getting this year?

My cats are getting new food bowls and some toys for Hanukkah. The rats will get fruit.

2. What's your favorite flavor candy cane?

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Guys, when I try to to make calls from my cell it keeps saying "Network Busy." What do you think the network is doing? Hella srs ansrs only plz.

I think it is out shopping.

Anyone else enjoying/enjoyed Buy Nothing Day?
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My grandmother gave me a bottle of conditioner a couple weeks ago. I used it for about a week straight before realizing you're only supposed to use it once a week. Oops. My hair now has massive buildup and nothing I've done yet is helping. Does anyone here have a great tip for me I haven't thought of? Thank you so much!!
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Do you use shaving cream when you shave? Does it seem to make a noticeable difference in the amount of blood you may or may not shed in the difference?

Also, Apple pie or Orange pie?
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why in the world do PCs come with delete AND backspace keys? Is there ever a situation where it's vital to have keys that delete backwards AND forwards? You'd think you could just use one of those buttons and move your cursor one ahead or backwards.

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On Wednesday my father turns 50. He's never been the type that's too picky about what he wants. Any ideas on what to do for him? My mom will outmax us because she is taking him on a surprise Vegas trip the Friday after. But so far my brother and I plan on maxing out the kitchen in black balloons and "Happy 50th Birthday" balloons everywhere. He's a Harley Davidson fan, a good golfer, and loves watching football.

Any ideas?

if you don't care - Do you enjoy the Sims3 or Sims2 more?

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I've just received an invite to Google Wave so now I can see what the fuss is about.

Do you have Google Wave? Have you used it yet?
If you don't have Google Wave, do you want it?
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Straight ladies and gay're dating a new guy. It's the third date and it's going to be romantic at an upscale restaurant. You show up and at the restaurant is his ex with her/his boyfriend. The ex invites you guys to join them and he's too polite to say no, so you guys grab a table together. Dinner's fine and it's obvious that they no longer have feelings for each other. At some point, you and the ex are alone when she/he reveals something to you. "Mark (your date)...there's something about him you should know. I wish someone had told me this in when I first dated him. You see...Mark has a very small penis. He's very self conscious about it. When I first saw it, the look of shock and disappointment must have been obvious because he got really hurt and was depressed for weeks. I felt awful about it and wished none of that had happened. Mark's a great guy and I care about him as a friend and it's for his sake that I'm telling you this, so you know what to expect when you guys...hook up. Be gentle with his feelings so he doesn't get hurt, please?" Then you guys return to the table and afterwards, you go your separate ways as couples. However, how you know what to expect.

Poll #1491322 Dating hypothetical

What happens next?

Continue to date him and act nonchalant when it leads to sex, like it's no big deal
Find a good reason why you guys can't go out anymore. He's a nice guy but you can't roll with a tiny wang
Keep on dating as normal, but tell him that you're waiting for marriage to have sex. That way, you'll never have to deal with his teensy peensy issues
Date as normal until only agree to bed him when you're angry with him. When he drops trou, laugh your head off and ask "When's your adult penis going to grow in?" That way, you get to take him down a peg
She/he must be wrong. I'm being told this so I'll leave and his ex can swoop in and steal him away. I assume I've been fed false information
Make him feel good about himself and tell him that small penises REALLY turn you on and build your relationship on a lie
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fast food

I'm at home for Thanksgiving and feel like going on a fast food run tonight. I'm close to Taco Bell, McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, and Brown's Chicken (lol). Where should I go and what should I get?
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Has anyone seen that street lamp art installation in LA that I think is on Wilshire maybe in the 8-9000 area but maybe nearer downtown? It's a ton of lamp posts all crowded together in a grid. I saw it in passing and I'm trying to google for it but not having any luck. I want to go shoot some photos down there - anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?
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If you work retail, what was the big must have Black Friday item? How fast did it sell out (if it did)?
We had ~30 42" plasma TVs for $499.99 (down from $699.99) and ~40 19" ones (I forgot how much they were, but they were, like, $100 off). They sold out in an hour and a half.

For those that consider themselves pop culture savvy, what was the last new big thing that managed to fly under your radar?
I had no idea wtf the stanky legg was until a couple days ago.

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What's your favorite True Life?

I'm watching "True Life: I'm ending my marriage" and this woman just called the cops on her soon to be ex husband who came in and took their big screen TV away. Then she went outside and poured water in the back of it. This episode is so sad but I'm loving this part. Now she's pouring bleach on his clothes!
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When you were 9 or 10 years old, what would be on your ideal Christmas list? Games, toys, books, movies, electronics, animals, whatever. Pictures are not only encouraged but necessary. :)

Time for weird questions

So my mother and I were talking about bathroom techniques. Hand washing procedure, favorite position to sit in, just really random things like that. (I just turned 21, I've been spending a lot of time drinking and this is what happens when my mother and I get tipsy together, apparently.)

When the subject of wiping procedure came up and I argued that I didn't call it a wiping at all because I didn't wipe. I blot. I roll the toilet paper up, press it against my hoohaa down there, and then blot a few times and I'm done.

My mother says I'm fucking crazy and you're supposed to wipe, not blot.

So, how do you go about your 'bathroom clean up procedure'?

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Do you think there's really any point to using websites like Dogpile(which is a combination of all search engines)?
Cause, you know, Google is so good it makes Yahoo, AOL and Ask seem pointless, not much of a reason to mix them together.

Also, do you ever shop at Swap Meets?

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You can buy a car or a pair of pants ... but not both. So if you get the car, you can drive wherever you want ... but when you go to get out of the car ... no pants!

Which will it be?


Family Crisis-Help!

So my family has a bit of crazies. Its mostly my mom though. I guess I can start off by saying my dad is very well off and he works so hard for every penny that we have, while my mom is quite a bit younger and has no education and a pretty shitty job. They have always spoiled me, and I don't work...All is well except that me and my mom don't get along AT ALL, I don't want to move out because I have a pretty high maintenance that I wouldn't be able to afford myself...and getting a shitty job? I'd rather die :( I wish I was able to get up and go to work though.

So I know that family is able to get through a lot of problems, but we sort of have always been on the verge of falling apart, and once serious things are said, its hard for things to get back to normal because we are all very emotional. So its come to the point that we are all tired of "talking about the problems", and my dad has had SOMETHING has to change. I think he didn't have a heart to kick me out, so he got his things and left.He thinks I'm the biggest problem, because I piss his trophy wife off, and one thing leads to another...but I agree, I can hurt and annoy people more than anything, but I have put up with a lot of shit, and now I just don't care. Deeply I just know that I may be breaking up the family and it will hurt me in the long run, because I really don't know what its like to not have anyone. If you were in my position, what would you do? Do I just shut up and work, and get everything I want, or...Do I "voice" my opinion?
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Leftovers on the brain

Do you prefer your mashed potatoes with the skin on or off?

Who here has, at any point in their life, devoured a tub of whipped cream in one sitting?
I was addicted to the stuff when I was a kid. :)
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Have you ever lived with a couple? My friend is throwing around the idea of her and I moving in with her boyfriend. He is also my friend and the three of us get along fine, but I am a little wary of living with two people who are dating.

Will you share your experiences? Any horror stories?

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My younger son just went to pick up my older son at the airport. He is going dressed as a limo driver and bringing a sign that says "DiCaprio."

This alone makes it worth the approximately $300,000 it costs to keep a child alive, clothed, etc. until he is 20 ... Y/N?

(no subject)

What does it mean when someone says that from now on they're just going to "go with it?"

Do you delete numbers from your phone when you no longer associate with the people or do you have contacts in there from, like, forever ago?
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How long after a person's death does it take for the obituary to be listed? And what is the usual time from death to the funeral?

On a happier note, will you list your top five favorite celebs? Musicians, actors, whatev.