November 25th, 2009

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Can anything bad happen if you take expired medication? Or will it just not work?

Edit: The med is Trazodone. I found a bottle that expired in 2006 and it would be sweet if it still worked, save me from paying for a month.
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Christmas in November!

If someone was gonna buy you something (from and under $60) what would you get?

I have to tell them tomorrow or else I dont get presents! But I dont know what to ask for! I'm just so thankful for everything that I have.... I couldnt ask for anything more!
j/k I'm a greedy bastard and I cant think of anything under 60 dollars that I would want! Help!
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If you could choose any two stores/restaurants/places any make them 24 hours all the time, what places would you choose?

Me: Joann's Fabrics and Barnes & Noble. Or any good fabric and book store. I'm a night owl, I always get my impulses to go to these places when they're closed. D:

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Your staying at someone elses house for a few days. The bed they offered you is super uncomfortable, I mean springs that you can see poking out of the matress. How do you make it more comfortable?
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I had a dream I accidentally deleted a comment in TQC and was really worried. WTF guise?

Do you think Twilight took such big box office takings because of all the people going to mock it?

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If the antennae or the door handle on your car has broken off, where would you take it to get it fixed?

Is this something that only an auto dealership could fix, or could a car audio place fix the antennae?
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Are you on good terms or bad terms with your parents? If it's bad, may you share why?

I don't know where I stand with my family right now. I haven't phoned home in nearly two months now. My parents were/are royally pissed at me for going against their wishes by making a decision I felt was best for myself. They even used my little sister as a weapon by brainwashing her and made her email me a letter that was obviously meant to guilt trip me.
I know that parents want the best for their kids. But sometimes what's best just might not be what your kid really needs. Sigh.

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i went to the ER saturday for an ear infection, they gave me antibiotics and vicodin. i have one pain pill left and i'm still in A LOT of pain. do you think my regular doctor will give me a script for a few more days til the antibiotics work a little more if i call and explain the situation tomorrow? i'm sure there's like no way i can get in before thanksgiving and this is stressing me out :/

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It's 520am here and I haven't slept at all. I have to leave for work at 8am. Should I try to get some sleep (which, if I manage to get might make me feel worse when it's time to get up) Or just stay awake and battle it through?

Haus fun

Have you ever come up with an amazing DIY idea and was considerably proud of it? I recently got a new apartment and although everything in it is nice, I hate the tulip tile that is above the sink and runs along the cabinets. I have decided I'm going to stretch fabric over canvas and hang them like art pieces over the tile!

So TQC, am I sassy or can you beat my "amazing idea"?

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Is a chirping fire alarm typically something one would call her landlord/maintenance folks about? Mine's been going off juuuuust about every 30 seconds for the past 2 hours (no sleep, dog CRAZY). I have no clue what kind of battery it takes. Is smoke alarm maintenance the landlord's or tenant's responsibility? Yeah, turns out the detector is wired. I called my leasing office and the lady I spoke to chuckled when I told her that I'd been trying for like a half hour to get the damn thing apart myself. :( lol

Is there anything you're not looking forward to in the near future? I have to run to WalMart in the next few minutes to pick up some last-minute Turkey Day stuff I forgot. Oh boy. :T

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Do you know of any specific reason* that a doctor wouldn't prescribe opiates for an ankle injury? When I asked the doctor for pain relief she gave me Voltaren told me that it was specifically recommended (by some acronym-named chart) that you don't use codeine for that sort of injury, but was very vague and evasive about it. I've done some Googling but not found anything to support that.

I'm generally inclined to take the doctor's advice and I really don't want to inadvertently make the injury worse, but I suspect she's just being a bit of a (well-meaning) dick about it, and I'm in a hell of a lot of pain and inclined to say fuck it and take the pain relief anyway.

* Aside from concerns of abuse of the medication, which is understandable but a little overblown in this case.


Long story short:
I started working at American Eagle Outiftters in August.
I only make minimum wage.
I'm in 9,000 in debt because my car got towed away. I got a settlement offer, but of course they want the money in full. I don't have that kind of money. I'm trying to get the settlement offer to drop so my boyfriend can help & pay them off. However, if they still want a larger sum of money then I have the option for payment plans. I don't make a lot right now at all and I also have a child. The payment plans are about 150-200 a month. I only get paid bi-weekly.
After the holidays AE plans to cut people's hours so it'll be hard to pay them when I hit that road.

The last option I have is bankruptcy. That is something I do not want to do. I've done my research on it. It's tougher to find a job, can't get a car or a house, no credit cards. It's not what I want to do.

What do you think??? Help? Suggestions??
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1 - Have you ever heard of Vaxa Attend? If so, can you share some of your knowledge about it?

2 - Who is an artists or actor/ actress that totally baffles you how they got to any kind of stardom? (Not someone you don't like or isn't your taste but someone you truly have no idea how they got any kind of popular recognition.)

3 - Do you think different places have a "feel" to them? If so, what are some places and their feel? (If you get what I mean and have better wording, feel free to share.)

4 - Do you bite your finger nails? toe nails?

5 - I'm throwing a Thanksgiving Luncheon today at work - we're having a baked potato bar with fruit and desserts. Yum! Is your work doing anything cool to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday? (For those of you who celebrate.)

6 - When you open a new post on your LJ, has it recently switched to defaulting at the HTML tab instead of the rich text - or is it just me? Is this annoying or is it just me?

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How in the world am I supposed to stretch "How to make a turkey sandwich" into a 7 slide powerpoint? Who makes that detailed of a sandwich?!

What's the dumbest school assignment you've had to do?
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Is there ever a time when it's okay to look through your significant other's email/texts/IM logs?

My boyfriend was acting weird the other night. Usually we'll cuddle on the couch, watch TV and text or play around on the internet. But the other night he was texting and blushing, and every time we were cuddling he'd move away to text, like he didn't want me to read it. The next day I looked. There were nude pictures of another girl and I love yous, I miss yous and shit.

But was I wrong to look? Just because I found something doesn't give me the right to look in the first place, does it?
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All I think about is work, I guess, since most of the questions I ask concern work. Or, alternatively, I just hate my job and can't get it off my mind.

Let's figure out which.


1. If you work full time, do you count the days/hours/minutes/seconds until your weekend and/or days off?

2. Do you think you get paid enough for what you do? (Be honest)

3. Do you want to stay in your current job long-term?

4. When you aren't at work, how much do you think about work?

5. Do you like your job? (Not your profession. I like being a chemist / quality person, but not necessarily my specific job.)


I am a gravy addict. But at Christmas, there is no proper gravy, because of how Dad decides to cook the turkey- on the webber. ie a barbeque. Oh yeah we're so stereotypically Aussie!
So I always use powdered gravy. But it is not nice compared to the real thing.
Australians... is there a way I can buy better gravy?

What will I forget to take with me when camping?

What would be something awesome to post about on my (non LJ) blog? I'm drawing a blank for today.

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Are there any last names that are unique or common to your area? I live in Lancaster County, PA and we have a lot of Amish names like:


We also have names that end in -baugh (pronounced "Baw") which I've never seen outside of South Central PA like Heidlebaugh and Strausbaugh. God, I hate those names!

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I have to make six desserts by tomorrow, and at this rate I will be baking all night. Should I just give in and buy a few from Nob Hill?

Alternatively, what are your favourite desserts? I'd feel kinda crappy just showing up with six variations of pumpkin pie.
really never growing up

Grade School really messed me up

When I was a kid we didn't see Christmas stuff until after Turkey Day. We'd take the Halloween stuff down and put up Thanksgiving decorations and then after that the XMAS stuff went up. Or so it seemed when I was little.

How annoying do you find it when the Christmas stuff starts going up in late October?
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Apparently, Jon & Kate Plus 8 is over. However you feel about it, I just have a question in honor of the show and family..

Off the top of your head, what would you name sextuplets if you had them?

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I spilled tuna juice on my coat, you guys! You know, the water that comes in cans of Starkist and Bumblebee and so on (because the stuff in oil sucks)? It's all over the inside and outside, along with the occasional flake! Let's not ask how this happened, for that is all in the past, and that is where it shall stay.

Should I wash my coat right now, or should I put it on, go outside, and explore the world of social situations that arise from smelling like a tuna sandwich? If you carried with you the odor of a high-protein lunch, where would you go? What would you do when you got there?

Is this a quirk that I could use as a base for a superhero persona, do you think? What name should I go by? Fishman, though the obvious choice, is too 1940s-ish. Is it worth never bathing again to maintain?
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Blogger vs. Tumblr?

I bought a domain with Blogger, but I've found so many templates on tumblr I like 10 times better. Which one do you guys prefer? It's $10/domain for a year for Blogger. Not sure about tumblr..would it be an easy transition? I want to smack myself for jumping to Blogger. BLAH.

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1) For those of you do use/have used drugs, do you lie to your doctor or on your medical records?

2) Everyone else, have you ever lied to your doctor or on your medical records? If so, about what?
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I played The Game of Life boardgame with my family & my bf.
My bf ended the game with the most expensive house in the game and only a single fake bill worth 20,000.
& he had the lowest paying job.

Should i be worried about our financial future?
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What is your perferred method of communication?

In person - talking
In person - sign language
In person - interpretive dance
Text message
Instant Message
Snail mail
Smoke signals
Walkie talkie

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A few times recently, I've read a few fellow LJ friends blog about how they've found themselves becoming antisocial. As in the Antisocial Personality Disorder, antisocial would imply that they're sociopaths. What they mean to say is they've become 'unsociable'. This irks me to no end.

The other one that gets me is when people substitute the word regime for regimen. It's the Nazi (Godwin!) regime and the regime under Fidel Castro. What they mean to say is that they take a 'regimen' of antihypertensive medication and combine a healthy 'regimen' of vitamins, diet and exercise.

What other common vocabulary mix-ups make you just wanna punch babies?
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Can you show me where to find really awesome wallpapers? Whatever you feel is awesome. Google is useless in this instance.

There's been a sketchy unmarked white van parked outside my office window all day. What could it be?

I have waist length hair and an enormous forehead. My hair is all one length. The shortest I will go is mid-back length and layers are ok. Please show some suitable haircuts for me?

maybe frostnip?

At work today I had to unload a truck, and I had to work in our freezer, which runs anywhere from -10F to -20F. I've done this before, but today I think my gloves were damp, so my hands got very cold. One of my fingers (left middle) went numb. When I was done after over 30 minutes moving boxes and checking off items, the tip of the finger was as white as skin can appear. The relief caused my whole hand to throb very painfully.

Hours later, as I write this, the finger still does not feel quite right- almost as if I had burned it on something, but on the inside. And the skin that was white appears slightly red now.

Should I be worried, or give it more time?

Thanks in advance.
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Has anyone here ever donated to an organization called Defenders of Wildlife? I keep getting mail from them and I googled them to see if they're legit, and so far I didn't find anything bad about them. I just want to know if anyone here has personally donated to them.

Also, how many of you actually went to school today? There were only three people in my Bio lab today! I didn't wanna go so bad but I had to turn in my stupid homework. >:(
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Do you like yourself? Or are you the type of person to mercilessly pick apart every little mistake you've ever made until you feel like a useless pile of sludge?

And, for my fellow Americans, are you going shopping on Black Friday? What madness propels you to do so?
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This morning I tripped over my cat and broke my kneecap! YAY!

Have your pets every tried to kill you?

What is your worst pet-related injury?
I have a scar on my nipple from my cat jumping off my chest!

How many pets have you owned in your lifetime?

What is/are the name(s) of your current pet(s)?
Elwood is my cat and my roomies cats are Musashi, Gingervere, and Argo.


I'm baking a cake for Thanksgiving.
Should I bake a chocolate cake or red velvet cake?

I have never baked a red velvet cake and I'm a little scared. (I make a wonderful chocolate cake from scratch however.)

Should I risk it?
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I'm going to be making cranberry sauce for dinner tomorrow. My family usually eats the stuff out of the can, so I don't know how it goes with homemade.

Do I serve the cranberry sauce cold, or warm/hot?
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LastFM TQC version

My dad's sick of the radio and heard everything a million times. He likes bands like Talking Heads, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Cake, and Metallica's older stuff, alt rock or hard rock. What can you recommend (specific albums/songs appreciated)? Uploads appreciated. Thanks, music whores.
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How do I convince my best friend to stop going back to her idiot boyfriend again and again and again?
Should I bother anymore?

EDIT: If I can't convince her not to go back to him, how do I tell her that I never want to see him, and please stop bringing him with her?

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So yesterday while in Sephora I was looking at primers, i usually use the bare minerals one but the lady reccomended the make up forever green primer.
I bought it & i HATE IT, it makes my skin feel slimey & I only wore it one day & broke out. Can I take it back even though it's been opened?

Also, If you order food and pick it up at a restaurant do you leave a tip?

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TQC, how much should I sell my pink Nintendo DS Lite for? It doesn't have any dead pixels, scratches, or scuffs.

They retail new for $130 and used for $99.

My mil is making two 24 pound turkeys and a massive ham for Thanksgiving. This is to feed 5 people. Well...the husband will eat some of the ham, but that's after we go to my grandma's for lunch. This is madness, y/y?

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I'm going out dancing tonight.
This never happens.

What the hell do I wear? Do I bring a coat?
What's the last thing that you did that was totally out of the norm for you?

The girl who invited me apparently has invited someone that she knows I had a major falling out with.

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I have a small bump of hypertrophic scarring on my nose. It was being treated by my dermatologist, but she got cancer and left the practice, and I don't trust anyone else with my skin, so... treatment stopped and there's still a little left. It's small but still noticeable and I'm self-conscious about it. As soon as I can find a new doctor I feel comfortable I will finish getting rid of it.

Today at Rite Aid the cashier girl said to me, "Is that a keloid on on your nose??" I was shocked that she would ask something like that, and said no, it's hypertrophic scarring not a keloid. She then said I should put an aspirin paste on it to get rid of it. I just said "uh huh" and walked out (after paying of course.)

Am I right to be offended? Is it just me or was that REALLY rude of her?? I thought it was general rule to never comment on these things!

[Edit: I was only buying a toothbrush, nothing related to scar treatment]

Hugs and Megavideo


When you give someone a hug, where do you put your arms? Like - are both your arms around the other person's neck or waist or do you cross them (as in one on the shoulder and one on the waist)?

When watching Megavideo, do you know a way to get around the 54 minute break?

Got anything on your mind you'd like to share?
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what is Edward Cullen from Twilight?

is Edward Cullen a...

loving, concerned, protective boyfriend
manipulative, emotionally abusive, controlling boyfriend

reference: i hate the way girls idealize Edward. in context he may be just looking out of her, but in reality Stephanie Meyer paints the portrait of a man who is controlling, mean and abusive. the way a lot of girls see Edward, she's basically glorifying abusive relationships where the man is in control and has his say over his woman. it seems like a lot of girls would be gearing up for a fucking douchebag if they found an "Edward". boys don't fucking sparkle, ladies.

celebrate, celebrate, come on and celebrate

Tonight is celebration night! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and now the break is finally here! I had to go to school up until today, how much does that suck?

Well if I could make a poll I would but I can't so what should my bf and I do to celebrate tonight? We want to go out and eat somewhere cool. Here are the options we are willing to consider-

HumBrews - pub and burger joint, shitty service but the food more than makes up for that
Carmela's - excellent margaritas and nachos. It's also close to the house so we can get a cheap cab if we get too wasted. But we've been eating there frequently so it would be nice to go somewhere different.
Don Juan's - not so great margaritas but excellent chipotle camarones.
Tomo's - GREAT sushi, great drinks, but kinda pricey
APD - great hole in the wall pizza place. good beer but not many different kinds

Orrrrr what else should we do? It's kind of a small town, we don't have everything a city does, just bars and restaurants but what would you do if you were us?

(no subject)

- What's the menu for your thanksgiving feast?
- On a scale of 1-10 how much do you plan on STUFFING YOUR FACE?

and if you dk/dc/don't celebrate, what is your favorite holiday food (any holiday!)
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Random Question

I have been having one strange issue lately, it goes off and on and I've been on medicine about it which helps but at times it's hard I have these crazy thoughts in my mind from time to time, normally I always have great thoughts and I still do have good thoughts but I am dealing with some odd voices in my head, and I wish they would go away.

I can work around them, but they are annoying, its this really stupid dip shit in my mind that keeps on saying Nathan alot, and he has these two horrible henchmen that are apparently his family members. It's not real, I tease them at times and call them transgendered to toss them off.

I've been trying to filter them out alot and it usually works but sometimes their thoughts are haunting, and really evil, it's hard to describe, they basically suck and need to leave immediately.

I take pride that I know these thoughts will go to the bad place as that is how they are, its my only silver lining. I tell them they are not real as they can't even dial a phone number, I don't know its hard to explain but they lie alot and try to play these horrible mind games that I'm trying to end.

I've been praying alot too, I think it will all work in the end it used to be a bit more off in my head but its been getting better lately, just some days are harder than others.

Luckly I still have many good thoughts in my head and I just focus on those to stay ahead on things. I know I can succeed, kapla! Just wondering if anyone has any good advice on this, or a sarcastic remark, lol. thanks : D
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TQC, validate me please

I just went to the grocery store to pick up a couple things. On my way to the produce section, there was a bottleneck of people walking really slowly and they all looked like they didn't know where they were going (looking all over the place and down other aisles). So I walked to the right of this girl and said "excuse me" as you normally do when you need to go around someone. She and her mother - who had been taking up 3/4 of the path walking side-by-side - start bitching about it, saying things like "God, everyone always wants to be first; we were going the same direction even; I can't believe people."

I ended up near them two other times and the girl would start laughing and bitching about it to her mom again. I could tell they were talking loud on purpouse so I'd hear them. I was ready to just turn around and ask them what their problem was but decided to just leave it alone.

What is wrong with saying "excuse me" and passing someone who is walking much slower than you? I must not know the proper etiquette for a store these days.

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TQC, I just put my pumpkin pie in the oven. I used this recipe, but I was an idiot and didn't get a deep-dish crust, so I have probably a little more than a cup of pie filling leftover. It's in the fridge right now because I don't want to waste it if I don't have to. Do you know of anything else I can make with it? Links and/or recipes would be great if you have them.

ETA: This is probably a dumb question, but how long do you think the filling is good in the fridge? Can I leave it in there until Friday or Saturday if I have to? It's in a plastic container (with a lid, obviously).
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I went over to my sister's to get some brown sugar, and bent down to hug my nephew right as he jumped up as hard as he could. He jumped into my chin, which led to me biting the hell out of my lip since I was talking as it happened. It's bleeding, and definitely bruising up. I'd rather not have a big swollen bottom lip in pictures tomorrow. I'm sucking on some ice, but I want to know, TQC - Do you have any awesome tricks to decrease swelling of a lip?

Are you in charge of any food items for Thanksgiving? Which ones?
(I'm in charge of Dessert - we're doing a triple chocolate pumpkin pie. I'm also in charge of salad, which only means that my sister forgot spinach at the store and I was in charge of grabbing it)

Do you overindulge on Thanksgiving?
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I'm looking for a movie that I don't know the name of. It's about a guy who makes a world in a computer and the computer world manages to make a world in it's computer...but the guy doesn't realize that he's inside of a computer world himself. Anyone know the name?

(no subject)

What's something a bit odd that makes you cry?

For example, I always cry at the end of The Devil's Rejects. I tend not to tell people that because some would think it was a bit odd.
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What's the most (as in, quantity) you have ever eaten in one sitting? What was it, and did you feel sick afterwards?

Once I ate so much mac and cheese that I was in actual physical pain afterwards. But since getting home from work, I have eaten:
  • A ham and cheese danish pastry
  • A bar of chocolate
  • A small bag of chips
  • A pita-bread-pizza
  • A chocolate dessert yoghurt thingie
And now I feel sick!
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It's not Neville Livingston or Grandmaster Slice

Guys, help me out. I'm trying to find the name/artist of the song the electric slide is danced to at Bar Mitzvahs and weddings. I know there are a few, so can somebody give me a few titles/artists to help me figure it out?

GUYS, I FIGURED IT OUT. I've always done it at Bar Mitzvahs to "My Eyes Don't Cry No More" by Stevie Wonder!

ETA: Or is that the hustle that people do to that song? I'm getting my line dances confused.


Donating to charities and such, which is "better"?
Or by sharing stories of your generosity as to inspire others to give?

Do you ever become inclined to give when you read about charitable contributions by celebrities?
Have you ever become inclined to give when you hear about an "every day joe" person giving/donating?

ETA: Why DO people publicize their giving then? And I'm not just talking about celebrities here.

(Giving and donating could entail money or time or buying someone a sandwich, etc.)
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(no subject)


(non-srs answers preferred, especially if they have to do with aliens and government cover-up conspiracies.)
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Ambien CR and headaches

So I've started Ambien CR, and I've had a headache every day since. Is Ambien CR known to causes headaches that last all day, or is it just a coincidence? Headaches are listed as a side effect, but it doesn't say if it means it's common in the evening after taking it, or the next day. Or is it both?
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(no subject)

Have you ever done something totally different to your hair or appearance and had a hard time adjusting? I have no idea if I like these bangs but they're cute D:

When was the last time you got a haircut?
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(no subject)

My housemate just burned noodles. While boiling them. NOODLES.

A couple weeks ago I tried making popcorn in a non-microwavable container. The kernels melted into the plastic.

What is a relatively recent, very stupid cooking disaster you had?

(no subject)

What do you think of couples who put their hands in each others back pockets? Corny? Cute? Nauseating?

Do you do it? Is it a sign of a different sort of affection then plain hand holding? Like, does it seem more intimate to you?

How would you feel if someone you were dating put their hand in your back pocket?

(no subject)

Is non-gel food allowed on airplanes? (Cookies, nutrition bars, etc) It's not listed here but I seem to remember them not being allowed unless bought after the security checkpoint. Or is that only for drinks?

[Edit: I found it elsewhere on the site - it's allowed!

"All food must go through the X-ray machine. Do NOT bring food to the security checkpoint unwrapped, as shown in the image on the right.

Food must be wrapped or in a container. Unpeeled natural foods like fruit are okay, but half-eaten fruits must be wrapped."]

Another flying question! I'm going to be transferring. Will my checked baggage be transferred automatically, or will I need to pick it up and take it somewhere?