November 24th, 2009

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I was wondering if anyone here wanted to buy a first edition copy of Twilight? I've lost all interest for this god awful series and am considering selling all of my books. If anyone is interested please comment here, or send me a PM and we can negotiate price.

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A question to those who live in the Great White Plains of NY. There's a cute little boutique in Bronxville that's right beside an asian restaurant. I can't remember the name of it, and I want to see if they have an online store. Any help?
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Miley Cyrus announced that she was going to stop twittering. Someone else makes a website threatening to kill their pet cat if Miley does not start twittering again. Miley does not, and supposedly the cat met it's demise yesterday. It's being talked about on Twitter and LJ. Is there some reason I should be falling for this? I only just heard and read about it, so maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't believe someone killed their cat over this. A lot of people seem to believe.

What're your pets' names? (Post pix if you'd like)

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ladies...gross question but what do you do with your umm stained panties?!? I throw away mine..but ummm I am so sick of paying $16 then throwing them away?!!?

edit: I kid you not- I just stained them again, BRAND EFFIN NEW :(


Dear TQC,

I am covered in hives. I don't know why. I have not been exposed to any known allergens today. So what thing am I allergic to now, and how much is the allergy test going to suck???

If you dk/dc will you post pictures of cute or funny things to distract me while I wait for my benadryl/claritin combo to work and keep me from staring nervously at my epipen?

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So, my uni course went on a pretty big course outing to a club. Me and a guy i've got matey with stayed downstairs and talked for 2 hours. He then gave me his coat, which we shared while waiting for a taxi.
Is this a pretty big clue? Or is it just a few vodka's getting to me?

ETA: whheeeeee! what do I do guys?! keep it cool? show my interest?
It's been so long since i've been in this situation!

No offense to anyone

don't you get annoyed with girls that come to school with perfect hair and 5 pounds of make up..and 5 inch heels? I can't be BOTHERED to get ready for classes..whats the point?! anyways my first thought is, these girls are pretty insecure... cuz really you get up at 5 am to get ready... :/

What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you see girls as I mentioned above?

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It's 3 am. I have a history test tomorrow at 4 pm that I need to do pretty well on. I've put off studying until now, unfortunately. It's just studying notes--the test is straight from notes/lecture so it's not exactly hard to study for, just tedious because I have a lot of notes.

Do I study now, even though I'm tired, or study for a few hours tomorrow before the test?
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has anyone ever gotten furniture from walmart before? how is the quality? i'm interested in getting these tables, but i've never bought furniture there before.

if you don't know/don't care, what was the last thing you bought?
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Do you see anything wrong with this camera?
Collapse )

I have this asshole who won the camera on ebay telling me that it's 'haggard' and it should never have been listed and refuses to pay. I made a complaint to ebay about him but I just want to make sure I'm right on this because the camera to me is perfectly fine.
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Have you ever taken the keys off your laptop to clean under them and then certain keys still stick? How do you fix this?

Why are my co-workers calling out today when they KNOW they had re-scheduled appointments due to the day off on Thursday? Could you smack them about?

food, glorious FOOD

So for Turkey Day, in addition to the gobbler, I will be making mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, "Spanish" green beans, mac n' cheese, and roast butternut squash. Which of these, if any, do you think would do okay if I were to make them today or tomorrow and re-heat them on Thursday?

Have you ever used Reynold's Oven Bags? Will you share yr experiences? I've generally heard good things about them (namely that they make doing a turkey a whole lot easier), but as they're made out of some kind of plastic I'm kind of worried about that plasticky taste leeching into the turkey. Not good eats.

Alternatively, what's for breakfast? I can't decide between an over easy egg & cheese on toast or a cin raisin bagel with cream cheese and apple butter. :T
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Which of these are your VERY FAVORITE Christmas movies

The Polar Express (2004)
We're No Angels (1955)
The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)
Joyeaux Noel (2006)
Gremlins (1984)
The Santa Clause (1994)
Bad Santa (2003)
The Dead (1987)
The Shop Around the Corner (1940)
Die Hard (1988)
Love Actually (2003)
The Bishop's Wife (1947)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Holiday Inn (1942)
A Christmas Carol (1951)


National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)
Babes in Toyland (1934)
Home Alone (1990)
Christmas in Connecticut (1942)
Elf (2003)
The Bells of St. Mary's (1945)
White Christmas (1954)
Scrooged (1988)
Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
Prancer (1989)
Trading Places (1983)
It's A Wonderful Life (1946)
A Christmas Story (1983)
You forgot to mention ________


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What are some key differences between distinguishing a sprained ankle and a fractured ankle? I've had plenty of fractures and breaks, but never a sprain, so I am busy going, "check, check, check," for a fracture but not sure whether those symptoms could be consistent with a sprain as well.

No swelling, no bruising, can't move my toes, the pain is localized, and it radiates right up my leg when I'm using it. I am 99% sure it isn't a full break, because I can put weight on it and I can't feel the break (if you've broken a bone you know what I mean, it's a really distinct sensation). The pain started out as an occasional twinge while running, but since then has gotten gradually worse and consistent from my walking on it.

I'm heading to the doctor this afternoon, but in the meantime I'm curious.

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For those of you who grew up in the 80s and before..

You remember that song they made you sing in 1st grade music class "Shit is more fun", and they made all the kids shout the last line

Shit is more fun
when you spread it on your face and say

In hindsight, do you think that last verse was kind of racist?
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Out of the top 50 highest grossing movies of this decade, only 9 of them are original ideas. (So says This article) They're Finding Nemo, Kung Fu Panda, The Incredibles, Hancock, Ratatouille, The Day After Tomorrow, Madagascar, Monsters, Inc, and WALL-E. Notice 7 of those are kids movies. How does this make you feel?
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Like most of us I have multiple blogs journals and twitters I'd kinda like to update them all at once or even more ideally type out nan entry and decide where it goes, maybe using a ticky box or something. I can't be the only one! I know there are websites like that claim the can do this for me but I am leery! Who are these people and what's going to happen to all my info.

Are there any stand alone clients that will let me post to multiple sites at once?

and if not, why the hell not?

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A coworker asked me to cat sit for about 12 days over Christmas break. She said it was up to me to decide what I wanted to charge. She has 2 adult cats and said that I don't have to visit them every day, as they have an automatic water dispenser and she keeps dry food out for them during the day. I would just need to feed them wet food and play with them for as long as I wanted.

Things to consider:
-She lives 5 minutes away from me.
-I like her a lot.
-I love cats.
-I'm not strapped for cash.
-I will not be going out of town over the holidays.

Would $150 be reasonable? ETA She suggested $150 based on the estimates she got from pet sitting agencies.

Gifted Kids

Did your elementary school have a gifted program for above average students?

If so... Can you tell me some horror stories?

In my Elementary school the *gifted children were very alienated from the normal class attending children. They were not allowed to sit with us at lunch, but instead huddle at a single table with their teachers and PTA mothers.

I remember thinking about how different things were for them.

Most of the time they would act very strange if they got in to one of our classes. One had allergies and always had a runny nose. He would constantly blow it, and then lick the tissue clean and save it for later in his pocket, but his test scores were amazing. He once cried and made a huge production in the 4th grade about forgetting his social studies book. In high school he ended up getting in trouble on several occasions for sexual harassment.

*Gifted kids were generally anyone above average, be it their parents started very early in education or they were just like that. They were perfectly normal in most cases, but the alienation struck me as off.

If you know nothing about this, wanna tell me some podunk names instead?
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My dumb-as-a-rock friend has been dating her current boyfriend for about a month and a half. They are going to her parents' house for Thanksgiving, and so he will be spending 2 nights with her family. Her parents have told her that that's fine, and they can spend all the time they want together on the sofa in the dark watching a movie or whatever, but when they want to go to bed, she needs to go up to her bedroom and let him sleep in a closed-off, privacy-granted guest room. (He's never been to her house before so I'm sure the privacy is appreciated). She just called me in tears because her parents ~don't understand~ and ~won't just let them be in the same bedroom~.

TQC, are her parents being unreasonable, or should she shut the fuck up like I suggested not-so-politely?

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1)Dear Dr TQC, my pain is lessening, although nothing has passed kidney wise. what's up with that?

Also, who do you call to ask 'hey, they saw some weird gallstones and stuff in my ultrasound. Can you tell whether I should ignore this?' Medically trained, yes, but what sort of doctor works with that?

2)What special interests do you have that aren't served by current films and tv shows?

Man, where are my women of color?! no stereotypes! just straight up!

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I'm trying to plan a quick road trip between December 18th and 23rd. I live in Rochester, NY, and my goal is to make it to Charleston, SC by the 20th. I'll be traveling through Baltimore, DC, and Richmond on the way, and then probably cutting East and taking the scenic route down the coast. Are there any amazing places that I have to see on the way? I'm more interested in local culture, and not so much huge tourist attractions.

My mother is going to kill me, y/y? Should I attempt to hide this from her until I get back? I'll be telling my dad because he's a truck driver and can give me some tips on where I can eat and shower.

Have you ever packed up your car and went for a spontaneous long drive? How did it work out for you?

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Weird question:

If you killed someone with AIDS/HIV, and then cooked the meat properly, would there still be AIDS/HIV within the meat?

Sources would be awesome. Having a debate with bf over it.
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For such a largely used website, Facebook crashes very often. Why is that?
What are your feelings on Facebook?
Lately all I've been using mine for is playing their stupid games like Mafia Wars, and I can't even get them to work half the time.
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I'm going to Florida for Thanksgiving. Palm Beach.

I don't know what to pack. I mean, should I dress like it's summer? Or should I not dress like it's summer because it's not summer? I never know what to wear.
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For those of you who are married/engaged... how did you know that person was/is the person you want to be with for the rest of your life?

Like, what things went through your head while thinking about marrying this person?

Did you/do you have any doubts?
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Heya TQC, what are your plans for Thanksgiving?

I'm going to my bf's on the day of, and a small party with girls from HS on Friday, and my family is doing their get-together on Saturday.

Also, how important are holidays to you?

For example, my family has never made a big deal out of holidays. We never celebrated Halloween or Easter growing up, and once all the kids got into their teens, Christmas became basically a lunch at Grandma's and a somewhat boring White Elephant swap. (Representative gifts include things like: bags of sugar, brick painted like snowman, can of WORMS, duct tape, etc. Depressing!) This year we're not even having a tree. (Just to clarify, I'm turning 21 this December, and my siblings are all younger than me, so it's not like my parents decided to stop Christmas because the kids are out of the house.) Seriously, if it were up to my dad, Christmas wouldn't even exist, he hates holidays that much.

I really don't mind not doing a huge party or tons of food, but I do like getting together with family and friends, and having a few decorations up. Low-stress, and cozy!


Does it annoy the hell out of you when you receive a chain text message? Ya know send to 10 people or your penis will fall off or whatever.

Edit- Just to be clear I'm also talking about MMS texts that have teddy bears and hearts with crappy music saying, "you are my friend and I cherish every moment blah blah blah send to 10 of your closest friend including me or lose them forever."

Do you forward them on to your friends?
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If you have a degree in Computer Science (or are working on one), can you tell me about it? What school you went to, what classes/subjects you did and didn't like, what kind of job you're doing now, etc? Just anything, really. It'd be especially helpful if you specialized in programming or game design, but not necessary.

I'm looking into going to college for Computer Science because I'd like to become a programmer. Other than looking for schools that offer electives in programming languages, I'm not really sure what else to look for. Any information is helpful, since I've already talked to the only two people I know who work in game design and programming.

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Was anyone else really disappointed by the Adam Lambert performance?

I didn't watch the AMAs so I've just kept hearing people go on about how shocking it was. I finally broke down and watched it and, while trashy, it wasn't all that shocking/exciting/new. It was kinda boring. :-/

What award shows do you watch?

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Recently, Kate Moss said that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

I have never been skinny, but I can imagine some things that may taste just as good as skinny feels.

What do you think tastes as good as skinny feels?
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My supervisor called out of work yesterday with no explanation. She sounded awful, really upset, but didn't provide a reason. Later she called to say that her mom's iron levels went really low and that she had to have a transfusion (which happened last year as well). Now she thinks her mom has Leukemia.

Why would she think that from random low iron counts?

Do you shower in the morning or the night? Why?

Black Friday!

Where will you be shopping?
I wanna buy a TIVO, a WARM jacket(thinking about investing in a columbia)!, and running winter gear!if anyone knows where I can get a good deal, let me know!
What are you going to buy?
And I have a secret to getting ahead of the long lines in department stores if anyone wants to know how :)

Halp with my wedding, TQC

My boyfriend and I have two of everything we need, and so aren't registering anywhere. We also do not want people to give us money. How is a nice way to word this on a note inside our wedding invitations? We don't want to sound like we are asking people to send money. I keep writing and failing.

ALSO.. we are providing light refreshments after our 2 PM wedding. The wedding is in the ballroom over my friend's restaurant. We are going to have a champagne toast, but no open bar. The restaurant does not accept credit cards. I want to put that on the note inside the invitations as well. Any suggestions?

ETA: We are providing light refreshments, a champagne toast, and non alcoholic beverages.

Anyone have any non strapless dress suggestions for a size 12, busty woman like myself? For reals? Strapless is not an option.

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What should I take to the office pot luck? I want to take something vegetarian (preferably vegan) substantial enough for a main course (for me), but good as a side (for everyone else). I don't want to spend a ton of money on groceries or go to any specialty stores tonight.

What do you put cranberry sauce on?

ETA: I think maybe I will make this because it is what I want to eat right now.

Also, I put my cranberry sauce on bread as a spread, which I think might be a weird thing to do with it. Then again, I really, really love jam, so maybe I just see it as cranberry jam.
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Friday morning, I took a fall and hurt my hand and elbow. I couldn't move my pinky and ring finger...and wasn't able to make a fist. Now my hand is swollen and I'm still not able to make a fist and my fingers feel weird. I know the smart thing to do is go to the doctor. But alas, I have no insurance and I wanted to see if it would get any better. I know I didn't break anything... so what could it be? A sprain? A fracture?
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Work Schedule

1. If you have a job, what is your work schedule?

I work 12-hour shifts, starting at 6:00 am (day shift) or 6:00 pm (night shift). I work 3 days one week and 4 days the next for a total of 84 hours in a 2-week pay period. I rotate between days and nights, weekdays and weekends, so it's a different schedule every week.

2. What would your ideal work schedule be (assuming you have to work 40 hours per week, or 80 hours in 2 weeks)?

I'm partial to a 4-10's schedule because you get 3 days off per week, but still have enough time to do things after work. Unfortunately, that doesn't really work for a job that requires 24/7 coverage. I like afternoon shift because I like to stay up late and sleep in. Ideally, I'd start work sometime between noon and 2 pm.

3. Can we all agree that 6:00 am is way too fucking early to start work?

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I'm going to be in the car with my parents and younger sister for 5 hours tomorrow. Anyone want to recommend some good music? I'm game for anything, but I especially like Andrew Bird and Led Zeppelin.

If you don't care, are you going out of town for Thanksgiving?
If you still don't care/don't celebrate Thanksgiving, what's your favorite cereal?
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Children In Need

Did you do anything silly or fun for Children In Need?

We didn't, but when we went in the bank on Saturday they were all in their pyjamas and fluffy slippers to raise some cash xD

Just checked the total and we raised £20,309,747 on the night, which (although a bit less than last year) is really good. Haven't managed to watch the whole thing yet though, but seen the HP Trio's plea for it that was played on the night.

I'd say it has to be one of my favourite nights of the year, alongside Comic Relief of course!

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Do you find somebody who pushes fundamentalist belief (of any kind) provocative?

Are you interested to
. hear their views
. shut them up or
. get out of their space?

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was there a serial killer in Florida who strangled people?

my friend just called me on his break asking me if i knew who it was but all i could think of was the Boston strangler and Versace who was killed in Miami like 10 years ago. i googled it but all i'm getting is stuff about an effing plant.

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How do you feel about people who impersonate other people online?

Not like a faux persona. I mean like you're chatting away with your friend over your messenger program of choice and then you find out it's actually not them on the other side. Does it matter what you were talking about or is your answer the same either way?

Do you pretend to be other people online?
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I just made a designated spot in my closet for a few changes of clothes for my boyfriend.
Have you progressed this far in your relationship? How long did that take? Did it just happen naturally or what?

Also, fat chix: are you looking in to holiday dresses this year? Which ones are you eyeing? I'm not too fond of anything at LB right now and the nearest Torrid is in, like, Jersey or some shit.

You may also answer this if you aint fat, I just wanted stuff I could buy, lol.

I really wanted this:
But the fact that it's modeled after a dress in Twilight... no thnx.

ETA: WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONGS? Bonus points if you choose whole albums. I want the most amazingly amazing collection of Christmas music ever. My personal favorites are "A Christmas Gift to You from Phil Spector", The "Charlie Brown Christmas" soundtrack, and "When My Heart Finds Christmas" by Harry Connick Jr.

Holiday trads, anyone?

What is/are the Holiday traditions that your family indulges in at Thanksgiving and Xmas or Yule? Do you think they are weird or are you so used to them they seem pretty normal?

For Thanksgiving we all sit and watch the Muppet's Christmas Carol after we eat and yell the line "Light the lamp not the Rat" at the top of our lungs. My kids and I exchange presents on Yule along with xmas, and go looking at the Xmas lights that night too, and sing carols loudly and as offkey as possible. My mother's side of the Family have always celebrated Xmas on Xmas eve, so we have a huge dinner that night and exchange presents. The youngest and the oldest always play "Santa" and pass out the gifts. And save for the Muppet's thing, it's pretty normal to me.
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What's your favorite Disney song? Disney movie?

If you are a soulless heathen who doesn't like Disney, what deodorant do you use?
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I heard or read this poem ages ago (can't remember which,) but I'm drawing blanks on the poet or title. I wonder if any of you know it, or if it rings any bells, at all?
What I can recall is that the poet was female, and the poem was about doves (or possibly pigeons, but I'm pretty sure it was doves,) cannibalizing their mates. The overall theme is all-consuming love/lust or obsession and co-dependence in relationships.

Also, do you have a favourite poet/poem? Share with the class.

P.K. Page's A Backwards Journey is pretty good...and I like a lot of Dylan Thomas' work, and Stevie Smith. Robert Frost, Shel Silverstein, Rabindranath Tagore, Rumi, Walt Whitman...
More of mine in the comments.


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I'm home for Thanksgiving, and I've decided to do some DVD-shopping while I'm here. What movie(s) should I get?
I've already got The Dark Knight, Vanilla Sky, and Good Will Hunting on my list.
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i'm bored; help me be not bored please.

I'm home from college for Thanksgiving and I'm already bored out of my mind. I'm looking for some health or food blogs to read. Do you have any suggestions?

Also, I plan on watching a funny movie later tonight. What should I watch?

and if you don't care about me, what are you doing tonight?

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Okay, pet geeks - what do you feed your pets? Do they eat better than you? I was watching It's Me or the Dog and one family was cooking a meal for their dogs every night!

What's the best cheap dog food?
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There's a French movie on that I really want to watch. My TV sucks though, and it cuts off the bottom half of the subtitles. I've tried everything to change it, but no luck. I'm only about a minute into the movie, and I'm already getting a headache trying to read this. But I REALLY want to watch it! So TQC, what should I do?

When it comes to foreign movies, do you prefer subtitles or dubbing?
Subtitles. Dubbing just pisses me off.

What is your favorite foreign movie?
I love Run Lola, Run and Les Diaboliques.

Edit: If you don't give a shit about foreign movies, are you comfortable getting drunk around your family?

2nd edit: I managed to get my remote! Unfortunately it didn't help. I think it's because of the input we have our cable box plugged into. :-/
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For people who play 360-
What new game should I get for my 360, I'm finally getting a new one after mine died about six months ago. I already know I'm getting Left 4 Dead 2, but what else have I been missing out for the past six months?

If you don't care, Where are you going black friday shopping?
I'm going to Old Navy, Kohls, Target and Walmart.
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Which of the following do you have or plan on getting?

Christmas tree
Hanukkah bush
Kwanza shrub
Other holiday plant
None of the above

How do you plan on decorating your tree/bush/shrub?
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What are your all time favourite sitcoms?

Mine would have to be Only Fools and Horses, 2Point4 Children, Men Behaving Badly, Birds of a Feather, Red Dwarf, Two Pints and One Foot In The Grave.

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I'd like to buy Christmas cards that have proceeds that go towards some kind of charity. Any suggestions about where I can look? (Something along the lines of unicef?) I checked google but it wasn't terribly helpful.


Have you ever had a job with really good perks? Any free stuff or fun stuff or ...something? Do tell!
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to mac users: do you know of any websites where i can download free games? and by games i mean the hidden object/diner dash sorts of games..

i've tried some of the sites google has suggested but they take aaaaages to download
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Do you enjoy flying? I think airports are exciting (yes I know I'm weird) and airplanes are fascinating so I love to fly, but my husband haaaates it. We're flying to VA Beach on Thursday and he's going to be a FOUL mood before we even leave for the airport, and then cranky all day.

Is there anything either of us can do to make it more pleasant? Any non-sexual distractions? If you hate flying, do you have any tips for tolerating it?
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Ontario residents:

I'm going to Windsor, ON for no reason other than to have fun. My health card expires on my birthday (Nov. 28th). Am I allowed to go to a health card renewal desk there (with proper ID and papers) to renew it, or am I only allowed to go to the one closest to my residence? I don't really want to cancel my trip, but my health card expires on my birthday. I'd go tomorrow but the closest one is over an hour away. I've tried Googleing this, but I can't find anything.

Any ideas?

When you renewed your OHIP card, how long did it take to finish the process?

ETA: What documents did you bring with you? I don't work right now, and have been out of school for a year. I have an old report card, passport, student ID, letter from my bank, old health card, birth certificate and an official receipt from my pharmacy that has my address on it. Will they accept this?
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How do you contribute to a better world?

I give money to one or more charities
I give money to people who collect for charities when I run into them
I do volunteer work
I protest on the streets
I sign petitions
I separate my trash/ I recycle
I buy fairtrade products
I use green energy
I adopt children and/or animals
I give money to homeless people
I buy CDs if the proceedings go to a charity
I don't own a car for environmental reasons, not because I'm poor
I do something else that is not in this list, and will comment about it
I just wanted to click all options

TV clip

At some point I saw a clip of a group of old men reenacting/spoofing West Side Story. Two groups of older men cracking insults at each other and then after that they stood around and looked at each other and one of them was like "are we going to fight?" And the other were all like, "I dunno, we never actually done that before, we normally just stand around and never really do anything else but insult."

Does anyone have any idea where this clip is from?
The only thing I can come up with is King of Queens and can't seem to find it anywhere online so maybe I'm wrong.

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What's the last stupid thing you got upset about?

I got my pocket caught in something at work and took a tiny chip out of the home button on my iPhone. It's not super noticeable but it still bums me out.
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When was the last time you had a really really strong spontaneous urge to do something you usually never do?

Alternatively, how can I convince my sister to go out dumspter diving with me tonight?