November 23rd, 2009


Ben Stiller. Vegas.

I normally can not stand him in movies but Im sitting here watching along came polly and I love this movie. I have seen it so many times.
What actor/actress do you normally hate?
Is there one thing you love that they are in?

Also, Im going to vegas tomorrow and Im excited. YAY!
Have any trips planned for anytime soon?
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If you could shapeshift into any animal, which animal would you be?
If you had sex with a human whilst in animal form, is it still bestiality?

If you could have any exotic animal as a pet, which one would you get?

What is the best gaming system of all time? OF ALL TIME?

Why am I still awake?
A Something Or Other

Steampunkish Inquiry

~This lovely bit of gear - a tracked and trackless locomotive - turned up in vintagephoto, but no one knows much about except that it's Australian, a 'one-off', and was used to supply communities the Outback.

Tell me, tell me, O'Wise TQC, what do you know of this wee beasty?
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Does anyone know how to site your own field notes in MLA formating? I went to the Owl at Purdue and they do not have it on there.

Never mind, I found my notes. Thank you all, and you were right about not citing yourself. Sorry about that. have a good night !
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Partial fraction decomposition

Can you partially decompose this fraction?
I've tried this problem about five times and can't get my answer to match the one in the back of the book. Here is the original expression: 3x^3+22x^2+53x+41/(x+2)^2(x+3)^2

I am so frustrated! Can someone walk me through this?

The answer in the back of the book is 3/(x+2)^2 - 1/(x+2) - 1/(x+3)^2
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New question: I filed a stop payment against my former gym last month, because they haven't canceled my membership despite two cancellation forms I've sent. I have a third one with a formal letter that is going to be sent registered mail tomorrow, but in the meantime, I'm having issues with my bank and the gym now.

My regular membership fee is $34.99, and it is set up to come straight from my checking account every month. Last month, I filed a stop payment and was told that it lasts for 6 months, for that amount ONLY. So my billing day was coming up (21st of each month), and since last month's payment didn't come out, I was expecting the $5 fee that come with the failed payment, so I called my bank Friday to file a second stop payment in the amount of $34.99 if they tried to take it...because I seriously had $14 in my account to last another week. The stop payment was put in place and I went on my happy little self, buying a gallon of gas as was necessary, bringing my balance to $6 and some change.

I just logged on and saw that my account is nearly $30 in the negative because the $34.99 is pending.

Is this charge likely to fall off, since I filed a stop payment? What should I do at this point to avoid three more fucking overdraft fees?

Edit: Okay, not sleeping.

TQC, it is nearing 3 A.M. here. I have to work at 7, which means I have to leave at 6. I am getting there 30 minutes early, though, so that means leaving at 5:30, which means getting up at five.

Should I even go to sleep tonight? I only work until noon, then have a dentist appointment at 1:30, and then home for the day. I will be getting coffee on the way into work, which will have a very high caffeine content.
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I've tried looking through all of my favourites for this link and I can't find it.

Description: It's a tutorial for a yarn holder made out of 2-liter plastic bottles. I've found a few googling, but this one had a zipper to hold it together after the yarn was put in.

Does anyone have a link to this?

Have you seen Secret Girlfriend? It's kinda funny
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So it's 6am and I haven't slept yet. My sleeping pattern is all kinds of fucked up right now and I want to fix it. I know if I go to sleep soon I will sleep all day and the bad pattern will repeat again. Is it a good idea to NOT sleep all day so I can fix my sleeping pattern?
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What is your favorite

true story to tell in such a way as to make it sound much more interesting than it really was without actually lying?

For instance my husband proposed marriage to me with another woman in his arms (really only one arm, and she missed it because she had turned to say something to her husband).

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What are your favorite bumper stickers you've seen?

What stickers do you have on your car, if any?

I currently don't have any, other than parking stickers, but I just bought this and these, so I'm thinking at least one of those is going to be put on my car.
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Anyone here familiar with Burbank, CA?
I just posted this to los_angeles too, but thought there might be some locals in here. I'm looking for somewhere outside to eat my lunch - my office doesn't have a window and I'm getting tired of going out to the local lunchy places every day. Do you know of any green patches with a bench or little parks near Hollywood Way and Burbank Blvd?

If you dgaf, how many days are you working this week?

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when i am sitting my dog is either pressed up against my leg or on my lap. when i am standing in the kitchen she is laying on my feet. when i am laying down in bed she is laying on top of me and making me uncomfortable. WHY is my dog so obnoxiously clingy?
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Can somebody explain to me the Twilight phenomenon? I just don't get it! My sister in law even admitted Stephanie Meyer can't write worth shit. WHY do people love it so much?
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This morning my girlfriend and I were woken up @ 5:15AM by the sounds of a guy moaning is distress outside of our townhome. We live in a fairly population dense area near downtown Dallas and it is doubtful that we were the only people that heard his cries. We went out to see what was up and it turned out that this guy was half naked, freezing his butt off, and obviously had some other impairment (mental or chemical or head trauma) .

Anyway, we were surprised that no one else came out to investigate and it got us thinking:

If something like this happened to you, would you go out and investigate, call the cops and stay inside, or simply ignore the situation?
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Due to a spontaneous detached retina earlier this year, my maternal grandfather is now functionally blind. We're having a family reunion for the first time in about fifteen years next summer. Does anyone who has experience with blind people have any advice on ways to be considerate of his lack of sight without being unintentionally disparaging?

Tangentially related: Why do discussions about some types of bigotry seem to devolve into wank so much faster than discussions about other types?
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If you were/are unemployed, would you attend church services of a religion you explicitly reject if the focus of said services is the jobless? To clarify, the stated purpose is to "minister to the unemployed" i.e. it's primarily religious in nature, and actually matching people with jobs is at best a secondary objective.
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My grandma had multiple strokes last year, and as a result she can't talk, walk, or write. She is still able to read books, watcher her shows and she seems to understand us when we talk to her, with only nodding, shaking her head, or making noises like "mhhmmm" in response.

Do you think she would be able to communicate through a typing on a computer? She has no feeling in her right arm, but is still able to use her left for drinking and eating so I think typing could be a possibility.

I've yet to talk to my mom about this, but I was wondering if any TQCers had any input. It's terrible watching my grandma try to get words out of her mouth when you know she's trying so hard.
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So I had a dream last night and this girl I went to high school with but was never friends or acquaintances with popped up in the dream. This morning I went on facebook and found that she had sent me a friend request. Did I psychically connect to her some how, or did I check my facebook in my sleep?
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If you were to email a company's customer service department with a legitimate problem regarding one of their products, how long would expect to wait for a reply? At what point would you assume you weren't going to get a reply?

I bought a Lucky Brand bag and the strap fell off after less than a week of use. I emailed them about it 10 days ago, and then again 4 days ago because I thought maybe they didn't get the first one. At this point I'm pretty sure they dgaf, but maybe I just haven't waited long enough?
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In your opinion, which decade produced the best movies? What about the worst?
I love, love, love classic movies, but I'm going to have to go with the 90's for best. For worst, I'm going to say 70's, only because I'm personally not a huge fan of most movies made then.

Do you have a favorite movie?
Mine is (for now at least) a tie between Love Actually and Arsenic and Old Lace.

Favorite actor?
Johnny Depp or Jimmy Stewart.

Favorite actress?
Kate Winslet.
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You are on a train, sitting next to the bathroom. A man walks into the toliet and closes the door. There is no knob on the door, so you can see him sitting down and you know he is taking a shit. Another man walks up and tries to open the door (which is locked). You tell him that someone is already in there, taking a shit. The second man becomes furious and shouts "WHO THE HELL TAKES A SHIT ON A TRAIN?!". He then pulls out a gun, aims it through the hole in the door and shoots the guy who is taking a shit.

What do you do?

Would you be more inclined to laugh or scream?

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Inspired by the earlier post:

Do you know anyone with dual (or more) citizenship that has a different name in each country?

For example: I was born in Russia and my birth certificate says Katzyrina, however, when I moved to the US I was named Kathryn.
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Why is it that the vlear colored sodas generally dont have caffeine? Do you drink soda? Do you call it soda or something else? What is your favorite kind?
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Word construction

How do you write the word "labyrinth" as an adjective? I need a serious answer, but David Bowie jokes OK.

Edit: "labyrinthine" it is. Thank you~
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Guys, I would like a new mug. Not a normal mug with the ceramic and the open top and whatnot. It must be a tall insulated mug, with a lid. (I have been using a regular ol' nalgene bottle covered in highly geeky stickers, but it is now insufficient. And the stickers are peeling.)

So. Link me your favorite mugs? Ones that you have, ones that you covet, ones that you think are unimaginably geeky and wouldn't personally be caught dead with in public, but that you love all the same. Come, live vicariously through me! I WANT TO SEE THEM ALL.

ETA: OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. (Paging audacian's icon...)

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Sorry for the double post.

Do you believe that the hijab is always a sign of women being oppressed?

I'm getting pretty tired of hearing that hijabs are constantly a sign of oppression, when I know many women who wear them simply because the don't want to be stared at by men and enjoy dressing conservatively (Muslim and non-Muslim).

2 completely disconnected questions

1. (This came up in a class) Girl A has been dating her boyfriend for 2 years. He takes her home to meet his parents for a weekend. The next weekend the boyfriend invites his ex girlfriend over to his parents house. (Inspired by a question from last night) The ex girlfriend is 50x more attractive than girl A (But they book look VERY similar). Does she have a reason to be upset? (The bf and ex didn't do anything beyond play video games) The bf does not tell girl A about his until she finds out at a later date.

2. I work in mental health and overheard someone say to a patient that they should just go kill themselves. (Their depression was clearly situational, if that matters) Have you ever made a statement resembling, "I just want to die" before. Yes, that's including situational depression and angsty teenage rage sentiments.

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TQC, I'm going to try to buy a car.

When I bought my PT, I was stupid and the husband and I listened to my fil and got stuck with something we really weren't in love with and we are paying way too much for it.

I'm heading over to a dealership this afternoon that has several cars I'm interested. Of course all of them are listed at least $2k-4k what they should be selling for (yay kbb!).

For example, 1 car I was looking at is listed for $25,990. has it for $22,335. Big difference. do I go about negotiating the price? I've printed out the info, I know how much I can afford monthly, how much I can put down, and all that fun stuff.

Any tips for me?

I just don't want to get stuck like I did last time, so I'm definitely not going to commit unless I 100% love it.

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My grandpa is 90 years old and can barely walk. He's had several open heart surgeries, a pacemaker put in, prostate cancer removed, his gallbladder removed, and he's just overall in a weak state. For Thanksgiving, his sister wants our family (grandpa included) to drive up to her house, which is 4 hours away. Personally, I feel like due to the state my grandpa is in, they should come down here instead so he has to move as little as possible. Is that unreasonable?

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Earlier on, I commented how I found the sexual role reversal on Stargate: Universe interesting. The women want to have casual sex without any real emotional bonds. However; the men are the one who are looking for emotional bonds along with their sex. (For example. Chloe sleeps with Scott but she turns to Eli, the guy she is not sleeping with for emotional stability. And she is fine with that.)

A poster commented, "Written like a man. It's a boring show, the women are underserved, and sex is seen as "character development"... Only a guy would write something like this and call it good..."

Thing is, I am a woman. Tits, ovaries and all.

So, has this ever happened to you online? Has someone mistaken you for the wrong gender because of what you have written?

What happened?

And for the record, I wrote back saying I was a women and that it was sexist of her to assume that I was man. She wrote back, "My apologies. But if you think sex is character development, then you are thinking like a man."

Is this actually thinking like a man or is she full of it?
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(no subject)

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelery? Will you describe it?
I have a necklace I wear all the time. It's silver and makes a little cage. Inside the cage is a piece of coal from the Titanic wreckage.

Edit: Collapse )
going to hell.

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What are some songs that you can relate to so much, that you feel like they were written just for you?

You know, the kind of songs that you just can't believe were written by someone else, because they've got you/your situation down to the T. Posting lyrics or videos is encouraged. :)


What is your favorite genre of music? Even if you're into ~*all of them*~ , if you HAD to pick one genre to listen to forever and nothing else, what would it be?

Now turn it around, what is the one genre you absolutely cannot stand?

eta: What are some songs that make you wanna cry, for whatever reason?

(no subject)

I got a job s a shooter girl at a new bar opening up in town. I have no expierence so i'm wondering... what are some good ways to hustly some serious cash!?

-I'm already planing on buying a dress that ups my boobs like 2 cup sizes. ohhhyeahh.

(no subject)

What holiday shopping have you gotten done so far?
What are your plans for Christmas, Hanukkah, etc anyways?
Is there anybody who always buys you an awesome gift? How about crappy ones?
What is the worst gift you've ever received?

(no subject)

What kind of behavior or traits do you view as childish? Do you think childish = bad?

If someone recommended a YA (young adult) book to you that sounded interesting, would you read it? Do you take intended audience into account when you're choosing a book, movie, TV show, or game?

Why do some publishers release books that have quotes from other authors or newspapers on the back, instead of a summary or blurb?

Will you recommend some books to me? I like fiction, especially fantasy, some scifi, paranormal fiction, historical fiction, and horror, and I prefer romance to be a side-story rather than the main plot.

What's your favorite kind of fresh fruit?

(no subject)

I'm making a mix cd for somebody, TQC. It'll probably be for Christmas, and I want to throw some good folk/indie shit and obscure jazz music on it.

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What was the last thing you were really really excited for?

(no subject)

i want marriage a house and babies.
but i feel like it's never going to happen to me with the guy i'm with.
i'm over partying and one night stands i want something real.
will it ever happen? it's got me down in the dumps i've wanted it all my life but nothing happens right always making me severely depressed.
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I just sent my brother a message via facebook. When I hit "send" one of those security checks popped up (read the funky text and type it in the box). Why the hell was there a security check? Has this ever happened to you?

(no subject)

Do you think insurance companies should be able to deny coverage based on Facebook photos?
(inspired by the story here

Don't know/don't care, I have a free drink coupon for Starbucks. I have never ordered there and hate coffee. What should I get?

(no subject)

Is anybody else's facebook acting up?

My news feed is totally blank, the bottom right corner of the page doesn't say anything about notifications or chat, I can't get to my inbox (it takes me to a blank page) and all the profiles I try to view are blank.


(no subject)

If your nails are painted, what colour are they now?

What are some good ways to motivate yourself when you're in a procrastinating mood?

If you write for leisure (stories, poems, etc.), where do find inspiration?

(no subject)

1. Were you bullied when you were in school?
2. If so - what sort of bullying?
3. Was there any particular reason for it?
4. What was done about it, and how effective was it? What do you think SHOULD have been done?

(no subject)

What's a job that is unpractical, far-fetched, or otherwise something you'd probably never actually do, that you've frequently thought you would enjoy doing?

One of mind is being a scantily-clad cocktail waitress.

Fashion Q!

I am going to a fancy dinner in a few weeks and bought a black lace dress. Because the dress is just black, I want to buy some fun shoes to go with them. However I always buy matchy-matchy shoes because I have no fashion sense. So, TQC, which shoes would you buy to go with the dress under the cut? Also feel free to suggest others, just know I have giant man feet (11W, usually) and am not a shoe fanatic and so don't want to spend more than $30 on them.

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Caleb- snug as a bug!


What are some really good remakes of classic songs? Who does the best versions of these songs? It can be any genre/time period. I am looking for more music to get on iTunes. Thanks!

(no subject)

does anyone like cleaning?

i actually like cleaning.
i think its relaxing and i can kind of just mediate and litsen to music.

what have you been doing all day?
what are your plans for tonight?
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(no subject)

How can I get my dog to stop eating shit? It seems like nobody else in our apartment complex picks up after their dog, so mine treats it like a damn buffet. I hate it!
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just a bill

(no subject)

I've noticed that my D cup bras were feeling uncomfortable, so I went up to DD. I've never considered myself as having huge knockers, so this is weird to me.

What's your bra size?
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(no subject)

If you suddenly had a great revelation for how to improve the world (say you solved something like what to do about global warming or world hunger), who would you tell and why?

(no subject)

Is anyone applying to work for the census this year? Have you taken the test yet? How did you do? Have you been hired yet?

If you don't care about that: Do you like cranberries? If so what's your favorite way to eat/drink them?

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Srs question ahead!

I renewed my license about 3 1/2 weeks ago. They said I should get it in 2 weeks. My license expires on Wednesday and I need my new one to go out on my birthday (and, you know, drive).

Will I get my license by tomorrow?
Where has my new license been hiding for the past week and a half? Has it been taking a vacation? Doing volunteer work? Getting a boob job? WHAT?

Obviously, only non-srs answers are accepted for this super srs question.
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(no subject)

Photobucket What is pictured here?

______ Cart (as in grocery cart or shopping cart)
Other, which is named in the comments

Bonus: Where are you from?
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I totally got pwned. I went looking for an SUV and they found a nice used Kia Sportage that I really liked. Well yea...they did the whole switch shit on me and I didn't even fucking realize it. They came back and said they could deal with the payoff on my PT if they put me in a 2009 Optima.


The thing is, when we were talkin about the Sportage, the salesman even said he doesn't recommend buying a new car. I ended up bringing it home for an overnight test drive...why, you ask? Because their damn truck driver unloaded their new deliveries and blocked my damn car in.

On the bright side, I really do like the Optima and the backseat is definitely big enough. My uncle has a used 2008 on his lot, so I'm going to go talk to him tomorrow.


I can't believe I fell for that shit. WTF? What can I do to not fail tomorrow?

(no subject)

Do you currently subscribe to any magazines? Which ones? I subscribe to the Saturday Evening Post

Have you subscribed to any magazines in the past? I used to subscribe to Vanity Fair. I subscribed to Seventeen magazine in high school

Have any miraculous events happened to you within the past week? I made the last bus home. I have an evening class that's on the other end of the DC Metro's Red Line. The buses stop running in my area around 10:15 so I usually have to take the cab or walk home.

(no subject)

What would be a reasonable amount of money to spend on a few winter clothing items, such as boots (not more than $50), a few sweaters, and maybe a pair of nice jeans?

I need to go winter shopping but I usually over do it so I need some sort of guideline, lol.

Men's Cologne

What's your favorite men's cologne?

I want to buy my boyfriend some cologne, and I have no idea where to start. I used to love candies for men when I was in high school... but I want something more manly, if that makes any sense?

(no subject)

My incredibly lazy co-worker informed me that she would be leaving for two hours tomorrow because she had an "appointment".

It's a hair appointment.

Should people make hair appointments in the middle of their work day?
Does anyone else see a problem with this?
Do you schedule things while you have work?

(no subject)

1)How are you getting more water?

trying to force it down.

2)What's your goal in doing this?

Flush that kidney stone!

3)Do you like short manga series or long ones?

Long ones, it seems.

(no subject)

Does anyone have suggestions of websites to look at hairstyles on actual people with natural hair textures? Every site I look at has pictures that have been styled to look like the person just stepped out of the salon, and it's hard to get an idea how that would work with my real hair texture/thickness. Plus they look cheesy, sheesh... did they scan a bunch of supercuts magazines from the 80's?

Strike question on opinions on short vs. long hair because apparently I'm too sleepy to HTML tonight...