November 22nd, 2009

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Will you describe your perfect pizza?

Also, what is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?
And what is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
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How would you feel if you brought a dish to a family gathering and another family member had brought the same dish just in case yours turned out bad?

I offered to bring a pumpkin pie to Thanksgiving at my parents' but today when I was at their house I noticed they had a few cans of pumpkin. When I asked my mom she said they were going to make their own just in case mine didn't turn out well.

My response was to call my boyfriend crying. I was pretty upset. :/

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anyone here a waitress/events waitress for formal events like private dinners etc? it's my first job i got today and i did my training. i don't think i'm trained enough & i'm panicking but now i have to start booking my shifts... is anyone familiar with 'the wave', 'the bomb', 'silver service' and all this sort of stuff? help me out!
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Have you ever completed an online application for a job and they require you take a little ten question IQ quiz?

I think I got all of them right. I scored 134. The last question was a little tough, but I figured it out.

It was "What number is missing from this sequence of numbers?"


How many of you know what it is? :D

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What's a friendly, casual way to invite yourself out with someone and their friends/suggest you want to get to know them better (over facebook)? (I'm highly conscious of sounding like I have a crush, so i'd like to avoid this by all means!)

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What do you do when the only thing in life that you want is another person that you find to be perfect? Sure, nothing is perfect...but in your mind they are. And they don't even know you exist? How exactly do you deal with that?
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Will you tell us about some of the festivals in your area?

We have the Manitou Springs Coffin Races. For anyone who doesn't want to click the link, it's in honor of a woman named Emma Crawford. She dies of Tuberculosis and asked to be buried on top of a local mountain. Her wishes were granted, but after years of bad weather, her coffin washed down the mountain and ended up in Manitou Springs. She was reburied in the local cemetery, but supposedly haunts the town because she's not where she wanted to be. So every year, hundreds of people dress up as Emma, build extravagant and just plain weird coffins, and race them down main street. It is wonderfully dark and morbid to see. :)
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Will you post local, well-known commercials from your area?

For example:

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[edit] Meant to include this:
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I couldn't find my favorite commercial, which is the Empire Easter commercial.

If you don't know or don't care, will you tell TQC a little-known fact about your area?
I'm about to get my learner's permit at the grand old age of 25. Did you miss any coming-of-age milestones? (e.g., driver's license at 16, drinking at 21, etc.)

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Asking at the suggestion of kbeautyctruthk in response to my journal entry:

So I'm sitting in my recliner this morning, drinking a cup of coffee and reading my book while Brittany sleeps in. Suddenly, I hear a scratching noise. I put my book down and listen, and the noise goes away. I go back to reading, and there it is again. Sounds like it's coming from the back door.
So I peek around the corner into the kitchen, and there at the sliding glass door are three squirrels, up on their hind legs, pawing at the glass like they're trying to get into the house. I walk over there, and stand RIGHT in front of them, and they look right at me and keep it up.

Is this the apocolypse? Are squirrels the harbingers of doom?

What do you think, TQC? Should we all be worried about the squirrels? They're acting mighty strange these days.
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TQC, I really want pancakes for breakfast. I hate making them without a griddle. I found this recipe online. I don't have any strawberries but do you think they'd stull be good with just syrup?

Should I make them still?

What are you/did you have for breakfast?

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Does anyone else put V/R or Very Respectfully over their signature block in a business e-mail? Am I the only one that finds this pretentious and ridic?

On which date Would you take a potential SO to a gun and knife show??

Song cutting.

I don't know much at all about audio editing programs, so I was wondering if maybe some of you/one of you can help me out.

I have a bunch of songs that I want to snip, at different places. Some songs take too long to get started, I don't like the endings of some songs, and sometimes, I just want pieces of a song.

For instance, I love "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by The Rolling Stones, but I want to cut out the kids choral voices in the beginning, because it really annoys me.

So, is there a specific program that I can use/buy that will allow me to cut pieces of songs out like this? Something simple and easy to use, preferably.
I've tried WavePad before, but it was really complicated.

Thanks in advance.
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1. What is your all-time favorite hot drink to get warm with?
2. Do you have a snuggie, a blanket or comforter, or something else as your favorite thing to get warm with?
3. If you have - or could have - an SO to keep you warm, where is your favorite place to cuddle? Do you like cuddling?
4. What is the book you're currently reading? Where do you like to read in your house/dorm/apartment/etc?
5. Do you like winter weather, or do you hate every minute of it?

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So me and my classmate have to pick a scene from one of Anton Chekhov's plays for juries. I had another copy of his compiled plays, and there were two other plays listed that are not in our textbook. We want to get a hold of these two other plays so as not to do the same scene that another pair of students might do in class. Can anyone help me remember the name of the two other plays? Here are the ones already listed in our textbook: Ivanov, Uncle Vanya, Seagull, Cherry Orchard, Three sisters. The scene must be between two people. Help a theater bitch out?
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living together

For those who live with their partners;

1. How long was it before you moved in together?
2. How old were you?
3. Were you nervous about it?
4. What was it like in the beginning?
5. Can you tell me what its like living together?
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Because it's having issues letting me edit my previous entry, I figure I'll just do a super-cool awesome poll entry to tide you all over this Sunday afternoon.

Which of these are true for you? - seasonal edition!

Which of these are true for you?

I can't stand Christmas
I love Christmas
I don't celebrate Thanksgiving for whatever reason
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
I wish my birthday was a holiday because I would celebrate the shit out of it
I don't think I've ever seen legitimate snow
I've never made a snowman
I've never made a snow angel
I've never completed a snowman because I've gotten bored halfway
As a kid I would have spent hours outside in the snow if my parents had let me


I don't care for fireworks.
I've always wanted to play with sparklers, but I never have.
I can't stand the summer and I hate the heat.
I like to terrorize my pets and siblings with popping fireworks.
I've accidentally set something on fire with a firework.
I don't celebrate my country's independence/national pride holiday.
I haven't done anything for mother's/father's day since I was in elementary school.
I haven't dressed up for Halloween in over 5 years.
To me, it's not Halloween time until you've seen Rocky Horror Picture Show live
I don't get the appeal of Rocky Horror Picture Show

Last set. These?

I fucking hate Valentine's Day
I don't like roses or flowers but would never tell my SO that
Spring weather sucks and I hate it
I live in a place that, in the Spring, turns almost yellow with pollen
I wish May Day was a national holiday - maypoles are fun
I was never one of those people who was super into SPRING BREAK OMG
I have never really celebrated Easter
My family celebrated Easter and went to the church service each year
Easter makes my Spring birthday more insignificant than it ought to be
I hate my birthday and refuse to acknowledge or celebrate it
Also, for shits and giggles:

How long have you been dating your current SO?

I don't have an SO, I'm single
I don't have an SO, I'm in the wooing process
I don't have an SO, I have a friend with benefits/fuck buddy
Less than 1 month
1 to 5 months
6 months to 1 year
1 to 2 years
2 years to 5 years
5+ years

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Does anyone in TQC have a Dodge Journey? Would you recommend it?

I'm trying to replace my PT Cruiser and the Dodge Journey is basically the only car on the lot that stood out to me. (They are having a zero down, low interest lot liquidation sale and they are willing to give me over blue book value for my PT in order to pay it off.)

Or does anyone have a decent family size car they can recommend that isn't a van? We like my husband's Envoy, but I want something different.

Contract law question

So, let's say you hire someone to preform a service (like a 5 minute health care diagnosis and prescription for an infection). You have a ballpark idea of what it should cost, but a price is never discussed or agreed on. When you receive the bill a week later it's over twice as much as you thought it'd be, and you want to negotiate the price down.

Does anyone know the law here? Who does the law favor if a price wasn't agreed on beforehand and neither party will accept what the other is offering?

Have you ever negotiated with a heath care company after receiving a ridicules bill?

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I had chicken pox about a little over a month ago. I've still got two weird pockmark type things on my face, and the places where they were on my body are pink. Will these go away, or are they permanent scars? I'm pissed. I didn't realise it was chicken pox 'til it had died down, so I itched the fuck out of those.

Will you tell me about a time you stuck at something you were not good at? What was the outcome?
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videos with subtitles on you tube

Hello everyone!
has any of you ever uploaded on you tube a video with subtitles?
I did so but I noticed few differences, because on those I found on you tube subtitles appear on the screen as soon as I start the video, while on mine I have to activate them. And, secondly, when I dowwload others' subtitled videos from you tube, the dowloaded video has the subtitles, while when I download my own video there are no subtitles.
DO you know why? WHat subtitling software do you use?
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1. How would you unclog your nose/relieve sinus pressure if you weren't able to blow your nose? Sniffling is not an option, either.

2. Do you get Seasonal Affective Disorder or symptoms of it? How do you deal?
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Let's do the math warp!

Use the rule of 3

75 nails =========> $ 10
1 nail =========> $ 10 : 75
90 nails =========> ($ 10 : 75 )x 90 = 12

but to calculate the difference between 57 902 and 47 829 in %

Come o, show me your brains TQC
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Ladies, which would you rather be?

A hot golddigger with an old sugar daddy
A hot golddigger with a cougar sugar momma
A cougar sugar momma with a hot golddigger boyfriend
A cougar sugar momma with a hot golddigger girlfriend
Such proclivities do not appeal to me

Guys, which would you rather be?

An old sugar daddy with a hot golddigger girlfriend
An old sugar daddy with a hot golddigger boyfriend
A hot golddigger with a cougar sugar momma
A hot golddigger with an old sugar daddy
Such proclivities do not appeal to me

Alternatively: do you watch the show Ghost Adventures? If so, what is your favorite episode?

Do you feel more or less productive on a dreary, rainy day?
less, definitely

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it's fucking hot and humid. heat wave here.

that can i do for the cat? she's a small fluffy cat and she's panting and won't close her mouth. she will eat cold mince but won't drink any water. i have a syringe, should i try and squirt water down her throat or something? please tell me what to do! i have a massive dog too, but he's actually coping fine, i'm just really worried about the cat!

edit: thanks everyone! i eventually took her into the bathroom, dunked her feet in cold water, wrapped a frozen bag of pasta (had no peas) in a tea towel and laid it against her, and put a cold wet washcloth over her and the pasta. she's heaps more calm but alert, if that makes any sense, and she has her mouth closed, and she's panting less.

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have you ever been in trouble with the law?
what is the worst thing you have done to a friend or family member?
have you done anything so bad the person you hurt won't talk to you anymore?

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who is sick of the "New Moon" craze? I am pretty darn sick of it. I don't get the point of the craze at all.
who is sick of hearing about Jon and Kate all the time? I am. I feel bad for the little ones. I think a kid should have a childhood. I guess their parents don't care how they are hurting the kids. Sad.

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I need some inspiration. I'm making needle felted dolls of my parents and packaging them in custom boxes like store-sold dolls with a description on the back including random personal details about the "doll's" personality/interests and whatnot.

If you had to write a description for a doll of your mom or dad, what would it say?
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Okay, I have to ask. What's up with all the Lady Gaga love here in the TQC?

Are there any bands or singers you just can't stand? I'm not a big Lady Gaga fan, but I absolutely cannot stand Fergie. I want to break the radio every time a song of her's comes on.
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the ugly truth

Have you seen the movie 'The Ugly Truth' yet? I downloaded it recently and was just thinking of watching it with my boyfriend tonight during dinner or something, it looks pretty cute, but I would definitely like to know what you all think personally. Thank you in advance! <3

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what is the album that just came out that you want to buy? Carrie Underwoods lastest album
what is the best album ever put out? The Wall by Pink Floyd
what do you think of Britney Spears? I love her music.
what classic rock album should be a part of music history? Dark Side Of The Moon
do you like rap? no

Where's the cape?

When Clark Kent is walking around he wears the Superman suit underneath his clothes. So where does he tuck that long cape without it bunching up?

What does he do with his red boots?

I'm looking for serious and non-serious answers.
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Have any of you ever applied for the (US) Foreign Service? Were the tests difficult? How far did you progress?
If you don't know or don't care to answer that question:

If you were elderly and had to choose between living in a retirement community or your own home a nursing home, which would you choose? (this question was inspired by L&O: SVU). The struck-out question was dumb. Sorry.

How are you likely to die?
Do you want to be buried, cremated or something else?
Do you believe in an afterlife?
You have five hours left to live. What do you do in the remaining time?
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movies!! help :P

I'm sick this weekend and have been kinda forced to stay in, not spread my germs, and rest.

However, I'm getting a little antsy. I need a good movie to watch. I am open to a lot of things (but I really really don't like raunchy movies or trashy movies, or movies with a lot of sexual content.)

I would like to know what your favorite movies are, or if you have any suggestions?

Thanks TQC!

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So this may've been asked already oh well. TQC isn't my life.

Does anyone(who works in retail) have to work the day after thanksgiving?
What time do you have to be in?

If you're sick of this question...

Who is your favourite Mario & Co. character?
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How to live with an awful job

TQC...Supposing you have a job you have hated since the moment you took it 1.5 years ago after being laid off during staff cuts at your last job. Suppose that despite being a good co-worker and team player in every other job you've had, at this one you're shut out of your work team and also your boss doesn't like you personally. Suppose that said boss had HR threaten to fire you over minor errors at the beginning of your time on this job, and you now wake up with panic attacks at 4:30 every morning despite having a great work record but for a few minor mistakes since (as it's difficult to be 100% perfect no matter how hard you try). Suppose that just walking into the building every morning is so oppressive that you sit in your car, taking deep breaths and trying to get the anxiety under control. And suppose that you have only two friends in the whole company, and one of those is just as worried about being fired as you and knowing that person's situation only feeds your anxiety.

And supposing your family is about to buy a new house and they're on your health insurance and you can't just walk. And it's a recession and you've only managed to land one job interview in the last 1.5 years. And you tried therapy and it only made you feel worse, as you had to constantly discuss the things that stressed you out. And SSRIs gave you reflux.

How do you cope with the work situation? Serious and non-serious answers welcome.
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Who Said It?

There's a quote somewhere that goes something like "Every speech/argument I've ever made has three versions: the thoughtful and orderly one I prepare beforehand, the hurried, jumbled one I deliver and the brilliant one I come up with 3 hours after I'm done."

Does anyone know who said it?

On a holiday weekend.

Hey TQC. I'm staying at college for Thanksgiving weekend, because it costs too much money to fly home.

Does anybody know any cool recipes that are also pretty cheap? If not, can you direct me to somewhere where I can find cool recipes?

Do you like Thanksgiving, or does meeting up with your entire family bore you to bits?
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my birthday is next friday, black friday. i took off work and i want to do something fun for it, but i have no idea where would be a good place to go that wouldn't be ridiculously crowded. obviously nowhere near a mall or shopping center of any kind. ideally, it would be some kind of museum or something like that, but i looked on the aquarium's website and they said that black friday is a high traffic day. are all museums busy that day? where would be a good place to go that wouldn't be mobbed with people? i live in baltimore (county), maryland.

ETA: i wouldn't be opposed to traveling to nearby cities like dc, philadelphia, etc, but traffic may affect that. whatever i do would have to a be a day trip because i have to work saturday. i also have no intentions of taking advantage of black friday sales.
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I just found out Robin Williams has a new comedy special debuting on HBO next month. Am I the only one insanely excited about this? I just hope it's half as funny as Live on Broadway.

Do you have a favorite comedian? Or are you the type of person who doesn't like stand up?
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What's the stupidest thing you heard today?

My cousin was talking about a classmate of his and he was like, "She's convinced she's in love with Alex, but we know she'll only date him for three years and dump him, because she said she was in love with Jesse, too!"

Either that's stupid or my cousin is the most cynical person I have ever met.

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What thanksgiving side dish can I make that does not have to do with potatoes?

And since everybody is probably tired of holiday food questions - Does anybody else notice that craft mac and cheese doesn't have as much noodles as they used to?
going to hell.

(no subject)

Is there anything I can use in place of butter for Kraft mac n cheese? I already boiled the macaroni when I realized I had no butter left & I am seriously not about to go to the store just for that. Nooope.

My 12 year old sister is gonna be maaaad at meee if I don't do something about this. It's for her, not for me, and to her mac n cheese is SERIOUS BUSINESS. Haha.

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If you've ever gotten your hair chemically straightened,

will you tell me about it?

What was it like? How much did it cost? How long did it take? How long did it last? Did you like it/was it worth it? Would you do it again? Would you have just rather gotten a flat iron instead?

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Okay I really badly stood my blind date up on Saturday.

BASICALLY, I was meant to meet him at 5.30 in Central London, but due to too much partying I was in bed at a friends in East London with the worlds biggest hangover- and didn't have the strength to respond to any of his calls or texts.

But then he went to meet me aaaargh, and then sent me a text being all 'Oh I'm here and you aren't :('.

What's the best lie to get out of this? I was thinking of saying my phone had run out of battery/was at my other friends house/was stolen?

What would you say?
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How old were you when you first moved out of home?

What was the deciding factor in your leaving? (School, work, you just hated it, etc.)

How did your parent/s react when you told them you were going?

help, tqc!

I am literally almost in tears because I just realized that I don't understand half of the material for my French test tomorrow.
How can I calm myself down so I can continue to study? I have no one to ask about this and I work all day until my class, so I can't even go to the teacher for help. I am panicking and I don't think I'm going to randomly start understanding this overnight. It's very important because it's my last test of the semester and I'm already walking the dangerous line between a C and a D. UGH. D:

Alternately, how was your day?


My dog that we've had for over a year is crate trained. Why is he barking/whining in his crate right now (and for the last half hour or so)? He's never done this before and we haven't changed anything in his environment.