November 21st, 2009

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so i cancelled my trip and i'm home alone for the next ~24 hours. should i keep to myself and make a cheesecake or in invite some friends over?

do you have a snuggie? if so, do you find it hard to keep on? i was trying my grandmas out earlier and it kept falling off of my shoulders, lame. otherwise, comfy and kind of warm
legs motherfucker
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based on a conversation i had last night

Can you bend your pinky (downwards toward your palm) on your right hand without bending any other fingers?

What about the same, but on your left hand?

Are you right or left handed?
(For the record, I don't think this has to do with the ability, my friend just thought we could only bend our left pinky because we're both right handed)
Wonder Woman

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What existing media would you like to see made into a movie? Books, video games, comic books, etc.

I would love to see movies based on American Gods and Good Omens, as well as the Discworld series. Someone needs to remake the Hellblazer movie, and keep Keanu Reeves the hell away from it this time. And don't get me started on Wonder Woman...

They're making a Gears of War movie, and I'm cautiously hopeful that it's not going to suck too badly. I'm also looking forward to The Lightning Thief. Mythology FTW!


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how annoying are other peoples allergies in your daily life?

i've only ever had to deal with people being allergic to my cats, but tqc makes me feel like every single person is allergic to every single thing. how fucking annoying.

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Take a tartan. Sprinkle it with confetti. Light it with strobe lights.
Now take a chameleon.
Put the chameleon on the tartan.
Watch it closely.
(What do you see?)

If the sight pains you, what is your favourite music video?
just a bill
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I think I'm going to drag my ass out of bed, and walk a mile to Burger King so I can make it there in time for breakfast.

What nonmeaty thing should I get there?
shoes and bunnies

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Do you feel like you can tell sometimes if a guy has a really big penis, and knows it, from the way he acts towards girls? Especially the younger, more immature ones.

Do you know what color your "aura" is?
Evil Me

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Why are school buses in Massachusetts made out of cars/vans/suvs???

Also, what is that big light thing on the front of cabs on the driver's side with the handle that goes through into the cab? (idk if that makes sense, hopefully someone knows wtf I'm talking about)

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what do you do when you can feel that you are about to get a cold prevent it maybe? I can already see that its red and Ive heard there is a pill you can take? Thanks!
Oh noes!
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Do you know anyone who is obsessed with all things Walmart? Someone who buys everything possible at Walmart, affectionately calls it "Wally World" and even proselytizes?

Like, if you tell them that you bought something for really cheap at one store, will they tell you that you should have gone to Walmart? Even if they have no idea how much the item costs at Walmart?

Do you know anyone with a similar affection for any other store?

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Alright. I'm going to be watching the neighbors' dog for three nights, starting tonight. They've got a DVD player I actually know how to work. :D Which three or four movies should I rent?

I love drama, hate horror, and am kinda "meh" about most comedy.

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Do you need cheering up?

What could I do to help cheer you up?

What do you usually to to get yourself out of a funk?

Do you play an instrument? If so, which? If not, what do you wish you could play?
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TQC moms, I need your opinons/help:

Do you have any little cute sing-song/nursery rhyme type things that are VERY effective for calming down a fussy child? How about particular forms of music? Would classical music be better for a baby, or would lullaby-type music be better to play for settlin' down a young'un?

Do you have any other Baby Tips that you've learned through experience that you feel generous enough to impart upon me? I am feeling completely helpless and totally inexperienced. :(

The reason I ask is here

Edited to change super-sad Dumbo video link to a better-quality version.

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Am I insulting my delicious rye bread by eating bologna on it?

What is your favorite raw veggie?

Which is easier to ignore, a knock on the door or a phone call?

Do you like art that is more realistic or is something better if it is representational or even abstract?

What are some rules of thumb you know? Do you use any on a regular basis?

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What is your advice on writing a 3500 - 5000 word paper? I'm having trouble motivating myself, firstly because it only carries the weight of a QUIZ in the goddamn class (we have a quiz once every two weeks or so -- and the quizzes themselves are only 15% of our overall grades!), and secondly because it's on the "logical arguments for and against voluntary euthanasia," and I just really think I don't have that much to say on the topic.

DK/DC: When ordering Chinese, what do you get?


pickle pickle pickle

Have you or anyone you know pickled peppers before? There is a WEALTH of peppers at the farmers market today. I want to buy some and pickle them and give them out as Christmas gifts. What recipe do you/your friends/loved ones use?

Do you prefer pickled jalapenos or fresh?

What is your favorite brand of pickle?

How do you feel about sweet pickles? (for me, UGH. so gross.)

What about relish?

What other vegetables do you enjoy pickled?

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Has anyone made it to the in-person interview for Teach America? And if so, do you have any pointers, tips or advice on...
1. how to get to that point?
2. what is happens in the interview?

Also, if you are apart of it, do you enjoy it?

For everyone else, what do you want to do with the rest of your life?
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What's the most you'd spend on a good quality, long-lasting purse?

I'm purse hunting (mine is beyond filthy and ruined and ugh) and I found one I'm liking, but it's $300. I have never spent that much on a purse, so I'm a little wary.

Will you show me a picture of a purse you really like?

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what kinds of things have you learned from the drama in tqc? for example, i have learned that it is okay to have your friend cut your hair and never pay her, and that i am too old for the i nternet. what about you guys, what have you learned?

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I'm at uni and feeling a bit lonely. I've got a few acquaintances but no special friend yet.

How long into university/high school did it take you to make your best friend?

Do you prefer having lots of acquaintances or a few close friends?

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What do you adore about your body? What is the one thing you would change about it?

and If zombies attacked where you are right now, and you could only carry a few items out to save, what would you take with you?
Got Rat

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What is the healthiest kind of oil I can use for cooking?
sunflower oil? vegetable oil? extra virgin olive oil? Or something else?

They all taste the same to me anyway, so I never know which is the best to get.

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Who weighs more: you or your SO? If you do, do you ever feel uncomfortable because of it?

How tall are you? How tall are they?

My boyfriend weighs 128lbs and he's 5'10"-ish.
I'm 124lbs and 5'2". I'm already pretty self-conscious about my body, but since my boy is so small, it sometimes makes me feel worse. ):

Stargate Universe body switching

If you watch Stargate Universe you know body switching is a big part of the drama, people stuch on the starship will switch minds with people back on earth and will then be allowed to go joyriding in somebody else body! They meetup with SO's and SEX and stuff happens!

I find this to be appallingly unseemly!

TQC How would you deal with someone claiming to be your SO showing up in a different body? are they getting sexytime?

or If you were the one in the new body and your SO was OK with getting friendly with that new body how would you feel about it?


I need help, TQC. My favorite boots are pretty much worn out and I need a new pair. Problem is, most boots that I've found have a calf circumference of ~12 inches. My calves are 15 inches around. I want boots that are leather/leather-look, knee high, and 4+ inch spike heels. Where can I find boots like this?

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What is your opinion of plastic surgery?
Would you ever have a plastic surgery procedure?
Will you name the celebrities who you think have gone too far with it and/or totally fucked their faces up(and don't be boring and just say Jocelyn Wildenstein or Michael Jackson)?
derek smalls

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on a scale of 1-10, how much effort do you put into your physical appearance?

let's say 10 is never leaving the house without your make up and hair done and wearing a nice outfit and 1 is going everywhere in your pajamas.
derek smalls

~hypothetical situation~

if money wasn't an issue, would you feel weird about hiring someone to come clean your house? let's say you're pretty busy (but could feasibly have enough time to clean if you really wanted to) and your entire family is coming to visit in a few days and it'll be the first time they have seen your newly purchased house.

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1)How long do you think children should spend at school each day? does it vary by age?

2)Would making parents go to parent teacher conferences have much effect on education?

3)What are your favorite ways to enjoy cranberry juice?

eta: The reasons I asked were a)my mom complained that some kids were being left at school 7 to 7. B)this article about connecting welfare to school conferences.

I know we get these a lot.

My friend is looking for a song but she doesnt know much about it.
This is what she told me:
She thinks its 80's-90's. Kind of technoish/dark.
Party people... la la la... something something and razor blades... The weekend is for having fun, la la la la
Something about by the time Wednesday rolls around... the weekend is all I can think about? Something about her boss... It's a female singing, obviously.

I googled with no luck.

What song do you think it is?

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I'm stopping at London Drugs after my work shift is done tonight, TQC. What snacks should I get for studying/paper writing/slacking off later?

What's your favourite studying snack?

I have to work the morning shift tomorrow, when all the Fancy Business Types show up to rent their cars for the coming week. Should I wear what I normally wear to work (dark jeans, flats, plain colour t-shirt), or should I fancy myself up (skirt + heels + cardigan)? Bossman does not care either way.

If you really like someone in "that" way, how do you let them know non-verbally or non-directly? Dry-humping, etc. is a legit answer.

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I'm a photo student at my university and I've just been able to start shooting digitally (I did B&W film for a while). Since Christmas is coming up, I want to ask for a nice lens since all I have is my EFS 18-55mm kit lens.

So, TQC, can you recommend me some good (but not TOO expensive) lenses? It has to be compatible with Canon (specifically my Rebel XT). It can be any kind, I'm open to anything!

Also, what kind of camera do you guys have? I love my Rebel, but I really want to upgrade in the next year or so!

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Have you ever been a CA/RA (community/residential adviser) at your university?
How was the experience?
What advice would you give to somebody considering the position?

EDIT for fun: when giving somebody a piggyback ride, who is the piggy?
fruit slices // tanasha

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Since I'm 900% broke, this Christmas I decided to make something for my parents. They've just become grandparents for the first time, so I was thinking I could make them a 12 year calendar with their grandkid as the main photos.

He is only 2 months old right now, so I can't really have him posing for certain shoots or make anything overly clever, but I definitely wanted to have what he's wearing (or the scenery) to be in tune with the months. Could anyone please suggest how to go about doing this?

For example, the month of December he could be wearing one of the Christmas outfits I've bought him this year, and be holding a present, or he could be near a miniature Christmas tree. . . etc. What about some of the other months? Any ideas would be SO MUCH appreciated!!!

on roommates, accomplishments and moods

Okay, so I did have quite a bit of stuff cluttering up the living room, so it was understandable when my roommate piled (most of) it up to make a point, so I'd clean it up. But TQC, what the motherfuck do you imagine would be the point of putting my crochet needle IN THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL, other than royally pissing me off??? >:( Srs and non-srs. (My yarn and scarf-so-far were NOWHERE NEAR the kitchen, btw.)

What's the last thing you were proud of yourself for accomplishing?
Despite not being in the mood to clean AT ALL, I cleaned my whole kitchen, bf's bedroom, my bedroom, and moved my desk from bf's bedroom to my bedroom. It's only supposed to be a temporary move, but idk, I think I like it more in here, so it will likely be permanent.

What kind of mood are you in right now? Why?
I feel like Eeyore - generally melancholy. I'm lonely and mopey and the fact that I spent my Saturday afternoon/evening CLEANING is not helping any.
qt: animal cookies

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1. How messed up is your life now? In which ways?

2. I'm feeling hungry but I haven't had any appetite lately. Even the thought of eating something, anything, is very off putting. What should I do?

3. Can you tell me something strange but true?

1. Very. In every way. :(

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at what point would you go to the ER for an ear infection? my jaw and throat are hurting ten times worse than they were last night and i'm not sure if i can wait until i can get into the doctor. i'm not running a fever or anything, just in severe pain :/
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Does anyone have that macro of Tobey Maguire smiling and looking to the side like a creep?

What did you do today? I worked on art projects and watched Dexter and ate cupcakes.
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Do you think you're a good and safe driver? What have other people said about your driving?

I just got my license three days ago and I think I'm okay. My boyfriend tells me that I'm "such a safe driver it's borderline hilarious" but I don't know, I'm just trying not to be another statistic (I'm seventeen.)
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Are those online degree things like DeVry, Kaplan, and ITT Tech legit?

My parents are probably fixing to get laid off, which means I'll qualify for financial aid, but I'd rather do an online study and get an Associates or technical certification.

ETA: I've looked around at some of the community college since most suggested it. The ones I've looked at in my area don't seem to have many online classes, and no degree programs. Should I look out of state?

What about University of Phoenix? They advertise a lot of online degrees, but from what I can see, they're an actual university.
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Do you have any roommates? (not counting SOs) If so, do you ever feel weird around them?

I've living with 3 girls who lived with each other last year, and their old friends are currently visiting and drinking, and I feel out of place, since I don't have "history" with any of them really.

I should keep drinking to mingle, y/n?

Are you looking forward to anything in the next upcoming months?

another suzer poll.

which cake buy do you prefer?

Ace of Cakes
The Cake Boss
cake is poison
tv is poison

which do you prefer?

grilled cheese
toasted cheese
what the eff is the difference?
cheese is poison

which do you prefer?

chicken fajitas
beef fajitas
shrimp fajitas
imma vegetarian, bitch
imma vegan, bitch
oh suzer, i love tehm all
oh suzer, mexican foodz are poison
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I forgot how much I missed this place

Until I just remembered it now, having a question I need answered.

I have this aquaintance who is extremely irrating and has bad manners. I know there is this website that allows you to anonymously send people (pre-written) polite messages about certain behavior. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?? Please help :( I need for her to find out how annoying she is. Without burning any bridges.

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What was the last thing you baked?

What is your favorite thing to bake (assuming you like to bake in the first place)? Share any recipes you like!

The last thing I baked was a coconut creme pie. It was awesome.
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TQC, when you think of Christmas ham, what comes to mind?

looking for popular myths, stories, movie scenes, etc... My boyfriend insists that there is a christmas ham moment lodged in his memory somewhere, he just can't get it out.

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on the application of a college i'm applying to, there's a blank page where we're supposed to come up with something random to fill it up with.

i'm feeling uncreative and having trouble thinking of anything. :/
any suggestions, TQC?