November 20th, 2009

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I got shit on by a bird today. Girlfriend said it was lucky so I should buy a lotto ticket. I did. Think I'll win anything?

Ever been shit on by a bird or some other random animal?
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Does anyone have any good kokology questions that reveal anything being related to musical ability/familiarity? Thanks~
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What's a good website to get desktop wallpapers? I've been going to for a while, and it's getting old.

What are some bands to check out that don't swear all over the place? I'm definitely not a prude, but I need some songs I can listen to on the speakers at work because they've been playing gross, awful music for the past two weeks.

Are you going shopping on Black Friday? ARM YOURSELF. It's dangerous bsns. :P
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So i just discovered the greatness that is The Office. I've only watched Season 1 though and I want to buy another season.. which is the best/funniest season of the Office? And is the UK version better than the US or is it the other way round?

Also, what sort of things do you buy at the airport? I usually buy perfume and make up.

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Would it bother you if your friends listened to really bad music?

My friends like to listen to Top 40 shit that comes on the radio 9999999x a day, like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Boys Like Girls, Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson, Black Eyed Peas etc. and it drives me nuts.
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I have to go get a new copy of my social security card. This will most likely turn into a 2-3 hour trip. What should I bring to amuse myself while I wait?

How long does it usually take for you to get a new SS card once you've requested it?
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Jews (or knowledgeable people) of TQC:
I work as the office rep for an eco-friendly cleaning company, and one of our clients keeps a kosher home. My manager suggested we put together a "Kosher Kit" for this client. Basically, what is it that we need to make sure our cleaning consultants do to avoid violating Jewish law? What should we put in this kit? Do we need to throw away sponges and stuff after every use?

Seriously, folks, if you have an idea, let me know. <3
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Poll #1488008 holiday movie releases

The following movies are being released in the US the day before Thanksgiving. Which one are you most interested in seeing?

none of the above

The following movies will be released in the US on Christmas Day. Which are you most interested in seeing?

none of the above
none of the above because I want to see Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel

*edit:P and F is only in LA and NYC on 11/25
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How do you make the top bar on a Mac (where the clock and battery level is) translucent? I've been trying to figure it out for 10 minutes and it's pissing me off that I can't, especially because I'm on a Mac. THANKS, I'M AN IDIOT.

If you don't know/don't care/mock me because I have a Mac, what is, hands down, the best book you've ever read?

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If you were buying a gift and the person said they wanted "hair products", which of these would you buy?

Shampoo & Conditioner
Gel, Mousse, Hairspray
Curling Iron, Flat Iron, Blow Dryer
Barrettes, headbands, hair ties

We can't ask what she means by "hair products" because it is an anonymous Angel Tree gift.

Office Shenanigans

At work today, a lady I work with was talking about how 15 people were going to be over at her place for the Thanksgiving holiday. She said that it always stressed her out and when everyone was over, she likes to “grab a glass of wine and go to my happy place.” Another coworker (male) asked her how many people “fit in her happy place” and she replied “two or three” and they both laughed. Everyone else in the meeting looked at one another strangely.

Are these two screwing or am I just a perv?
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If someone said "shimmy-hip-bump" - would have any idea what they're talking about?

What do you hate about Oprah?

What does your winter coat look like? Pictures preferred! Also, if you know, where did you get your winter coat?

Do you remember the number that tells the time? (This may be US-only.) "At the tone the time will be eleven fifty seven and thirty seconds."

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I'm having a really rough week, emotionally. Class was canceled today. Should I watch movies, play Xbox, play the Sims (which I haven't done in...a year, maybe), or do something else?

I plan on taking a walk with my friend when she gets home from her classes, but until then, what should I waste my time doing?

I wish I knew how to cook. What's something you make that comes out awesome every time?

What food do you hate?

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I'm attempting to make some dvds for my boss and she wants me to use Lightscribe to put "labels" on them.

Well tfb, I have Labelflash so that's what I'm using..only I have no clue when it comes to the dvds to buy.

Are the Lightscribe and Labelflash compatible dvds interchangeable?

Nevermind...I found it.

Replacement questions:
If you put up a Christmas tree, what color decorations do you like to use? Do you use the same ones every year?
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Say you're sitting at a bus terminal, or any other public place. You're doing something to keep yourself occupied, be it music, reading, whatever. Someone sits down next to you and starts talking, telling you all about their money problems and other things you could not care less about. Finally after a few minutes of rambling, the other person falls silent. How long should you wait before you put your headphones back on, or go back to your book?
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snip snip

Periodically I'll see someone who's missing a finger or a limb and while it doesn't bother me I can't help thinking about it on a more personal level. ½ of what made the trip to India so interesting...

If you had to have something removed, for whatever reason, what do you think you would want amputated the least? Or, better to say, what part of you would you miss the most?
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On Black Friday I have to be in to start job #1 at 3:30 am. Originally I'd thought my workplace for job #2 wouldn't be open that afternoon, so I thought I'd have a chance to crash when I got home at noon, but they told me yesterday they were gonna be open.

So, should I take off for job #2 and come home and crash as originally planned, or should I suck it up and go back out to work those three extra hours? (I only get ten to fourteen hours a week on job #2 anyway, if that makes any difference.)

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how would you feel if you were at a concert (that you paid for) and the artist kept forgetting the words to their own songs?

my friends went to a regina spektor concert last night, and apparently she forgot the words to 4 different songs. one thought it was cute, but the other thought it was really annoying.

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What's your favorite "did you know"? Like, when you tell people, they go "huh! Neat!"

Did you know that scientists believe the reason why some people are immune to AIDS has something to do with Bubonic Plague survivors in their ancestry? Supposedly, if there is a person in your direct lineage (on both your mother AND father's side) who survived the black death, you'll probably be immune to AIDS. to prove I ain't lyin'!


do you think PMS is a myth or excuse for women to be bitchy or do you think it's a legit thing?

personally, about a week before my period, i definitely feel like i get either meaner or just really, really sensitive. i had a boyfriend once though, who thought PMS was "bullshit" and refused to hear any of it. WDYT?
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Were you an "accident", or planned (if planned--actively trying to have a baby, or just deciding to not use protection and go with it?)?

If you're the oldest/only child, did your parents get married because your mom got pregnant with you? If so, are they still together?

I'm pretty sure I was an accident, but my parents were married (not long, though) before they had me.

My parents are divorced now, but were together 20ish years (I lose track) and are still friends and live in the same city. I think my mom had a mid-life crisis or something and just finally decided she wanted to change a bunch of things in her life that had been bugging her (she dropped out of college and has pretty much always regretted it).
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If you won 30 million in a lottery, what is the first thing you would buy for yourself? Other than a new car or a house!

EDIT-I omitted car and house because those are generic answers. I mean what would you buy after a house and car.
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People in Texas: I live about 2 hours north of Houston. I'm trying to plan a fun getaway for mid-December. My initial thought was San Antonio/Austin, but the person I'm going with has to go there for something else within a week or so of us going. Do you have any suggestions of places we can go and stay? I would prefer not to drive more than 4 or 5 hours to get there.

Everyone else: where are you going on your next trip?
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In what situations do you feel really awkward, like you don't know what to do?

I feel awkward when my step-brothers fight, cos they're both younger. Growing up I was the youngest, so I never learned to mediate fights. So now if they fight I feel like I SHOULD do something cos I'm the oldest, but I am also SUPREMELY awkward about it. IDK what to do. D:
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Food question!

Oh mighty question club:

I misjudged my weekly shop and ended up buying more salmon then I needed. It has been living in my fridge and the use by date is tomorrow (21st November). Can I cook them tonight, use what I need and then re-heat what's left, say on Sunday?

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My house keeper, who has been with my family since I was one year old, is now pregnant with her second child. I'm really thrilled for her. But when she was pregnant with her second child, she was still cleaning my parent's house until the week before she was going to give labor. A few years later she did some testing and it was diagnosed that her son has Autism. I've been thinking lately, is it because she was cleaning with all those months with all those toxic cleaning chemicals that her son was born that way? Is it my family's fault that her son is Autistic and will she sue us eventually if her daughter comes out the same way. Am I thinking too much into this? What would you do in this situation? Would you force her to quit?

On a much less depressing side, what is your favorite color of nail polish? Do you do designs?


Any one remember the LiveJournal Checklist feature? Maybe it was only in beta but about a year ago (maybe more?) I could make personal checklists and now I can't find that feature... not popular enough? It was kind of dorky, but I wanted to make a checklist, damn it.

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Dear TQC,

I'm taking a trip back home to visit my mom on Monday. I'm flying (it's over 1000 miles) and staying for two weeks. What will I forget to pack?

What do you always forget to pack when you take trips?

Bathroom renovations

I moved into my house about 2 months ago. The bathroom is horrible. There is a bathtub with a shower head, yet there is no proper wet walling or tiling. The walls are plasterboard, everything (bath and walls) had been painted just before I moved in and now it's all peeling and looks shit. The bathroom is going to rot away if I don't waterproof it somehow. I have no idea where to start.

Should I try to learn DIY or pay for someone to renovate it for me? If I go the DIY route, where on earth do I start? Have you got any reno stories with a happy ending?

If it makes a difference, it's a tiny bathroom, about 2m by 3m.

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I want to stream my desktop (or just a video file, it doesn't really matter), including sound, out to multiple people not on my network...just people, on the internet.

I've been trying to figure out ways to do it through VLC and but I'm just too confused to make it work. I'm on a Mac.

Can you help?

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Breast Cancer. Y/N?

How would you react if a pin pad at a grocery store asked you this question?

Who in their right mind at Safeway corporate thought this was a good idea?

I seriously started LOLing at the checkout, and the cashier was like "what is wrong with you." Even AFTER I told him what the pinpad said.

Not "would you like to donate to breast cancer research?" just, BREAST CANCER. (YES) (NO) LOL what.

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I think I just accidently inhaled like half a packet of crystal light drink mix.
Am I going to get some sort of crystal light version of Black Lung that the coal miners used to get?
Crystal Light Miner's lung?

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I want to bring baked goods into work tomorrow morning for our staff meeting. I made peanut butter chocolate chip muffins, but they turned out a bit...meh. The peanut butter flavour isn't strong enough.

Should I bake something new? If yes, what should it be?

Ben & Jerry's

Vermonty Python (coffee liqueur ice cream with cookie crumb swirl and chocolate cows) or cheesecake brownie?

Where can I watch Oprah's interview with Sarah Palin online?? It's not on hulu.

How were you productive today? I cleaned my bedroom, worked, did laundry, went thrifting for bakeware for Turkey Day, and caught up with my bff with whom I haven't really talked in like a month.

Can you explain these "list" things to me on twitter? I very rarely use mine, and haven't logged in in months, and idgi.

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Do you have really warm gloves that withstand snow and ice? What kind are they?

I have the isotoner insulated kind but they don't do much when it's snowing. What else should I get?
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In a free government the security for civil rights must be the same as that for religious rights.

Yet again, another Madison quote, but this time from Federalist #51 published on Friday, February 8, 1788.

Do you know anyone who quoted Madison during the civil rights movement?

How much collective shame should the U.S. have for taking not much less than 200 years to admit Madison was speaking a truth?

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TQC, what have you done that wasn't the way you though it would be?
When I went to uni, I thought it would be wild nights out and drinking all the time. This is not so as no one can afford it!

However, we're going to see a DJ tonight, and I semi-offered to drive, which has now been taken up on. I'd kind of like a drink as it's in a pub and I don't really like DJ's. There are buses and taxis as other viable options. How can I politely get out of driving?

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What's the best way to introduce a new dog to a household? With cats?

What advice would you give to a first-time dog owner?

What are some dog essentials a new owner might not necessarily think of off the top of her head?

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where can an old broad find a red dress

TQC, I want a red dress to wear for holiday parties and performances (I'm a classical musician). Most dresses are sleeveless or have little straps, which is inappropriate for my conservative work-related events and for performances and they're short.

I'm short but very curvy (not fat) so my dress has to be roomy in the chest. I need something slightly below knee length with at least a cap sleeve. Something that doesn't look all hoochy. Because I'm old enough to be your mom, srsly. But I don't want a churchy old mom dress.

Where can an old broad get a dress like that?

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some completely unrelated questions:

+have you seen the michael jackson: this is it movie? if so, what did you think?
OR what's the last movie you watched? did you enjoy it?

+are those enormous kitchenaid standing mixers with all the crazy attachments worth the $250+ price tag? i want to get one for my mom for christmas, but i'm in my first semester of college and money's a little tight.
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Let's say you began working in an office with a staff of about 20 people in August. You don't know any of your (all female) co-workers well, and some of them seem really bitchy towards you cause you're the "new girl."

Let's say that you, in your "secret Santa" questionnaire, mentioned that you are pretty allergic to strawberries, raspberries, peaches and kiwi.

Is that totally weird?

ETA: Sorry, guys. Kinda drunk posting. I guess in my many rephrasings, the fact that I signed up to be in a "secret Santa" gift exchange (we all fill out questionnaires, get assigned a person and have to buy for them) in my new place of work got, erm, edited out. I just feel like a total dork cause in the "misc." section of the questionnaire, I mentioned my allergies and now I feel like a moron.

ETA the 2nd: I didn't get kicked out of the exchange, I just mentioned the allergies and now I feel dumb. I mentioned them because if I use lotions or bubblebath or whatever scented with those things I break out in hives and I didn't want anyone to waste their money buying me a gift I can't use. But now I feel silly because there's no guarantee that anyone would think of buying me that shit anyway.