November 19th, 2009

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Win, Lose, or Draw?

If you had a job that you hated and that was driving you crazy to the point of making you mentally exhausted and completely destroying your ability to even cope, but could not get a different job, what would you do?

What is your definition between a social alcoholic, a functioning alcoholic, and a complete alcoholic? Is there a difference?
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After it's been opened, how long is aseptic milk good (assuming refrigeration)?

Other alternatives to using fresh milk or CoffeeMate in my coffee at work? I've tried nonfat dry milk from the grocery store, but I have trouble drinking nonfat milk when it's fresh, never mind when I'm reconstituting it from powder form. (My grocery store, of course, has dry goat milk with fat, but I'm not a huge fan of goat's milk and it's hugely pricey.)
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How would you go about finding a new hairstylist?
I'm very picky about my hair (duh, most people should be) but have no idea how to start hunting for a new hairdresser (aside from googling salons).

What does your hair look like?
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I live with my parents. My mum and I work 40+ hours a week and my dad is retired. My dad does nothing but sit at home all day reading books, and complains at being asked to help out with anything, including making my mum a cup of tea after she's been at work for 10 hours.

Am I being unfair in expecting him to contribute to the housework just a little bit? He literally does none and then moans when we don't have the time to make the place look totally spotless. My mum says that I'm being unrealistic because "he's a man" and apparently this is a legitimate excuse to not lift a finger around the house. What do you think?

cant watch videos

I've been watching videos on youtube from a certain user all week on my Blackberry curve 8330 and now most of the videos say "not available on mobile" but I've been watching them all week! Even ones I've already watched won't play! I can watch other videos just fine. Just not some from one particular user on youtube. Some play some don't. Does anyone know what I can do or what has happened?

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Myself and my friends are looking for next year's uni accommodation at the moment, and the house we saw today had a massive stone table in the middle of the cellar. The top was a single slab and from what we could see, the legs were stone too and cemented to the floor. What could this have been for?

The house is pretty old - maybe 1800's, and absolutely massive with 9 double bedrooms, 2 kitchens and 4 floors. A previous tenant was funny enough to scratch 'REDRUM' into the cellar wall too. Great fun for parties. Should we sign the contract tomorrow?
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My roommate wants a dog. I'm not sold on the idea. My last roommates had a dog and they did not take care of it at all. Can you either talk me into the idea or talk me out of it?

If you don't care, what was the last package you received?
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I put a CD in my laptop drive and it is whirring like crazy (the pitch and speed changes as I move my computer). The disk is not being read and now I can't press the button to pop it out again- it won't spit the disk back out!

What did I do? How do I fix it?
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Do you ever have an issue where Mint e-mails you telling you that you've been assessed a late fee, only to check your actual online statements and see there isn't one?
I just got an e-mail saying I was hit with a $39.00 late fee, but I log on to my CC site and there is no charge, just my last payment, which posted the day it was due, as was scheduled. Any ideas?

Also, do they randomly send out e-mails about finance charges? I carry a balance on all my cards, unfortunately, so I get a finance charge every month...but it just randomly emailed me D'OH! You incurred a finance fee! Well, no shit...why is it rubbing it in?

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what's the last really dumb question you asked? if you only asked yourself, that counts.

i just asked myself where the empire state building is because i thought it was in albany at first. note that i've lived in new york state my whole life.

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I get to hand in my resignation tomorrow for a job that I hate, so I can start a new job I probably will not hate.

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

(Though I'm not looking forward to uncomfortable questions from my boss and/or begging me to stay.)

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my supposed "good friend" is at my guy of interest's house... its 240am and they're watching TV.. she knows Im into him.

do I yell and get mad at her?
this is a regular occurrence and Im feeling extra angry tonight.

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Background, in case you didn't hear it:

A government panel said this week that mamograms should not start until 50, and should only be done every 2 years after that. In addition, they said that self tests are not effective and should not be done/taught.

Last night on the news, they were interviewing doctors who had patients previously diagnosed with breast cancer, who cancelled their treatment appointments saying "The government said I don't need it. That positive test I had must have been a mistake. I'm sure I'm fine."

Does anybody else see that as being really fucking retarded?

You're hot then you're cold...

In honor of my new boiler system, I have a question for you:

What temperature do you like your abode to be set at? Do you fiddle with the thermostat all the time, or do you set it and forget it? Would you rather pay the extra utility bills to be able to run around in comfy clothes, or do you pinch pennies and bundle up?

Also: where are my microSD cards?!?
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Some companies I've applied for check your credit for employment. How do you feel about that?

Second, have you ever been fired from a big company and then went back and worked for them?

IE: I was fired from Nordstrom, but I know you make great money there so I'm contemplating applying again in a different location and acting like I never worked for them. But, that probably won't work. Even though I have a new last name.

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In honor of today's Thanksgiving lunch at work:

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
Is there anything you eat for Thanksgiving that's not a "common" Thanksgiving food?
How much time do you get off from work/school for Thanksgiving?

- Hashbrown casserole...I could eat the whole pan of that stuff (and it's what I brought for the lunch today)
- There are always a few guys who bring venison to the work lunches; it's awesome.
- Just Thanksgiving Day itself...*grumble*

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the bridge of my nose has been killing me lately when I touch it (or in this case, whenever I blow my nose). My dog and I were playing and he whacked my nose with his head and it's hurt ever since that happened.

is it possible I may have bruised my nose because of my dog?
Have you ever broken your nose or bruised it?

Also, I itch a lot, but it's almost like a tick (I don't really itch all the time, but I always scratch my face or neck or hand or arm). Do you have any silly ticks that you do?

Written driving tests

I have to take a written test to get my California license - even though I already have a FL one that I should just be able to switch over.. but because I never had a California one, they want me to take a test.

I suck at tests. I haven't taken one in years. I forgot how to study, I think. Do I just read the manual and memorize things or what?
Also, I don't know what's on this test. How am I supposed to study for it when I don't know what it is? I'm sure there's a way, I just don't know it. it illegal to ask someone who's taken the test what the questions on it are?

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Day to day, how often do you think about dirt and its impact on your life? 1=I don't remember ever thinking about it. 10=I think about it daily.

Mean: 3.48 Median: 2 Std. Dev 2.90
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I am doing some researching for holiday parties for next year (and years after). This year, we are having at the Air & Space Museum – not the one in DC but the one just outside of DC (Chantilly for those of you who are local). I am looking into DC museums, cruises, fine (5 star) dining and lastly hotels…I hate hotel holiday parties because they are the cheesiest and they charge the most BUT it’s DC so some of the hotels can be top notch and I’m open to it. I have a relatively limitless budget; the event has to be absolutely divine. I’m busy today scouring the net for all kinds of wonderful things DC has to offer.

What is the most posh/lavish party you have attended?

If you were planning such a party (or if you’d rather not plan and would like to describe as an attendee), what would you do?

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Lazy vs Smart

1a) Do you prefer elevators or stairs?
1b) For those who might normally choose the stairs, what's the minimum number of floors before you'd consider an elevator?

2) Who is your favorite comedian?

3) What was the last movie you watched?

4) Do you ever listen to the radio?
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comfort foods

Hola TQC - I'm sipping on some warm tomato soup here at my desk.'s just making me feel warm and cozy.

When was the last time this happened to you?
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What do you do on those days you wake up feeling totally unfit for public consumption and just don't want to interact with people, yet will be forced to interact with people for the next few hours?

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Ladies with kids! What was your first sign of pregnancy? Did you do a home test or just go to the doctor? Was there anything confusing about the pregnancy in the first couple months?

I am two months late, I'm nauseas in the morning, my lower back is hurting, and it has for about a month now, as well as my abdomen is sorta firm and I am eating things that I normally hate. I'm going to the doctor on Monday because the home tests keep coming out negative and I don't want to end up on that TLC show.

How do you think your day is going on a scale from 1-10?
Mittens or gloves?
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How do I convience my father that it is a GREAT idea for him to give me gas money so I can go see Boondock Saints II with a few friends of mine over the holidays? (Even though it'll be a 9 hour drive?)

Christmas parties at work

My dad's boss holds a "Christmas party" every December, usually at this tiny Chinese Buffet. Usually when my mom and I join him, we end up sitting by ourselves with no one talking to us. Last year, even though I joined my parents, Dad threw a fit at the idea of me going and kept insisting that the party was "couples only," so I ate dinner there by myself and went to Borders for the time being. Turns out a couple of his coworkers brought their kids with them. My mother refused to talk to my dad for the rest of the night.

What's the worst Christmas party you've ever been to?
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My girlfriend has been eagerly awaiting a response back from her dream medical school as to whether she's been accepted or not. There is a possibility that she will not get in, and although I am wishing in every fibre of my being that she realizes her dream, I understand that there is a chance it may not happen.

What are some things I can do for her if she doesn't make it? I am a year younger than her, and as such I have yet to deal with grad school anxieties and don't really know what to do in situations like these.

Any suggestions TQC? What I can say to her or do for her if in fact she doesn't get accepted?

::does the happy dance::

For those of you that were around yesterday when I asked about where my lisence would be hiding.. I found it. :) It was hiding on the floor under a whole bunch of stuff I put against the wall. I guess it fell out of my jeans and slid close to the stuff. Then when I was freaking out trying to find it, I just pushed it under further.

Okay guestion!
Im sitting here watching "Thank you for smoking." I watched this movie when it first came out and I thought it sucked a lot. Now Im sitting here ACTUALLY watching it and I find I actually like it. Weird.
Any movies do this to you lately? Did you actually watch them the first time or not?
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To ink or not to ink...

I'm thinking about a tattoo for my graduation present to myself. I'm finishing off my bachelors (only took 14 years!) next month.

1. Should I do it?

2. What should I get?

3. Where should I put it? I want someplace you won't see normally, I work in a professional setting.

4. Do you have/want any tattoos?
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Getting hitched

I have a friend who is 31 and been single for the last 8-9 years (has had sex during that time though...)she wants to get married/have family but can't seem to find an "adequate" SO. therefore she gets depressed, etc, and makes things even worse.

Anyway, my questions are:

1) How important or necessary is it to be "in love" with someone in order to marry them?

2) What about arranged marriages (like in India) they seem to work a lot of the times - what do you think of that concept?

3) If you were in her situation, would you continue to look for the person that fits your "list" (yes, there is a list of must-haves and have-nots) or just try to go for whatever comes along and see how it turns out?

I think she misses out on opportunities to have relationships bc she is WAY too dependant on her "list" (fussy) and that doesn't allow her to get to know people better.

oh - 4) do you believe you can grow to love/respect a person over time or must you have that innitial lust thing going from the first meeting?
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Dear Dr. TQC, Ph.D,

Every time I cough, I get a stabbing, awful pain right in the center of my torso, where my ribs part. Sternum? Not sure. Right where you can feel the bottom edges of your ribs curve away from each other.

Am I dying? My lower back is killing me too, but that is a constant pain, this is a really crippling pain every time I cough. It started last night.

It is a tumor, isn't it?
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TQC, what are some cures for the hiccups?
Putting pressure on your diaphragm!

Do you spell them hiccups, or hiccoughs?
I quite prefer hiccups

In the movie Sleepless in Seattle, the mailman guy says "If you're having trouble sleeping, try drinking a glass of water from the other side," and Jonah corrects him and tells him that's for hiccups.

How the hell do you drink a glass of water from the other side? Rotate the cup 180°? Lean over it funny? idgi :(

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Is there a term for seeing something only because someone else pointed it out? I don't know how to word this exactly :/ But I'm talking about, say, if you were looking at clouds and someone pointed out a certain form that wasn't apparent to you before. After them having said it, you immediately saw it.
A friend and I were having a conversation about this the other day and it's bugged me to the point of even looking in my Psych textbook, but I can't find anything.

If you don't know, what was the last stupid thing you did that resulted in hurting yourself?
I accidentally punched myself in the face this morning while trying to yank up the blankets. It's funny, but I felt like an ass, even though there was no one there to see. I guess I didn't have as good of a grip as I thought.
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We got into a debate in class today about whether or not these things feel good or not. So, TQC, do the following things feel good to you?

Using a Q-tip in your ear


The moment when you finally are able to sit down to pee after holding it in for ages


The moment when you finally are able to sit down to poop after holding it in for ages


When a fart turns out to be quiet and non-smelling when you anticipate it being the opposite


Peeing in the shower


The kid described it as, "One long, solid poop that takes no effort to produce."

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What happened to speeding?
Why is her account deleted?

If you dont know or dont care:
Have you ever eaten Mcdonalds in another country? Did it taste better, worse or the same? Which country was it?

I think that Mcdonalds in Germany sucks sooooo bad.

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What was the weirdest thing you have ever gotten sent to your address?
Me: A scientology pamphlet and a handwritten note saying "I remember you saying you were interested in this"... It was an anonymous from Australia. wtf.

Have you guys ever tried ?

Do kids still actively write to penpals? I know some adults who do(to other adults!). I don't think kids nowadays know what a post office is.
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Did you ever use a mini-computer in school to learn math?

Did anyone learn to count by tapping points on each number? (For example, each dot gets counted once, and on 6-9, the "rows" get counted twice.) Do you still tap numbers when counting/doing math?
Whenever I'm doing math by hand, I ALWAYS tap still. It drives me crazy that it's so ingrained in me.

Did your schools have any unusual teaching methods that you recall?

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Have you ever got your hair/nails or some other beauty treatment done by someone for a long time and had to switch to someone else? Did you feel bad about it? Did you explain to the person why you no longer were seeing them?
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Decide my future TQC!

Say you HAD to pick one of these programs. Which one would you pick?

Computer/Office Tech
Medical Insurance Coding
Medical Office Assistance

None of them sound really interesting to me, but those are pretty much my only choices. Going to another school is not an option. Neither is NOT going to school.
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CAPS LOCK optional

"It's so on, it's wasting electricity."

"You're mama's so fat I worry that it is seriously impacting her health."

"That's so gay that it's romantically and sexually attracted to something the same gender as it!"

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Charlie is my dog, he's a stray we found last year.
Collapse )

Anyhow, I don't know what kind of dog he is, and the vet even asked me what he was, because he's kind of a weird looking dog.

Collapse )

When we first got him, he looked like a fox, but he's filled out and grown a fair amount since then so now he's about 24 pounds and maybe 14-16 inches tall. Any thoughts on what type of mix he might be?
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Why do I not want to hang out with my best friend lately? He hasn't done anything to upset me, I just simply don't want to hang out =/

Have you ever experienced something like this? Want to tell me about it?
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What do you like about your computer/laptop? What's something you don't like?

I like how my MBP runs really smoothly and is generally easy to use. I don't like how it can't play many games though :(

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I drove got to school only to discover that my first class is cancelled and I will have to wait 3 hours before I can go home cause this class would have been 1.5 hours and my next one is 1.5 hours but I feel like barfing. Should I go home or just wait? What would you do?

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last night in class, two girls were talking. one girl has an accent and the other does not. after a couple of minutes, the non accented girl started talking in what seemed to be her attempt at the other girls accent. it was weird.

have you ever heard this happen? why do people do it? do you?

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Will you post your favorite classic music video, i.e., anything made before 2000?

[edit] Apparently some people have a problem with my definition of classic. Although I still stand by my definition of classic, please continue to post ANY MUSIC VIDEO before 2000.
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When you first begin the birth control pill, when does it become fully effective?

Would you consider someone who smokes pot every day but holds a steady job and goes to school a pothead/stoner?
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You can send a fax to an e-mail address...

Is there a way to send a digital document to a fax machine?

Will you tell me how, TQC?

EDIT: I guess I should specify that I mean without printing it first. :/

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Which topic should I do my definition essay on?

Good sportmanship
One of the seven deadly sins (aside from lust :()

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How can I get to know someone at my uni who I would otherwise have no reason to come across?
(To expand, he's a friend of a friend who I find myself...'drawn' to.)

ETA: The mutual friend is a long way away, so an introduction that way isn't viable. I'm looking for a way to do something/meet up with him that seems like a coincidence, and without seeming pushy.
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The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.

Do you think when Barack Obama was teaching constitutional law, he believed nationalized health care should be implemented?

When he was teaching constitutional law, do you believe he was familiar with what James Madison said in Federalist #45?

Wouldn't "concern the lives [...] internal order, improvement, and prosperity" mean health care wasn't considered a problem to be handled by the national government?

Would Barack Obama stand behind the podium today and basically say "I disagree with you just because I disagree with you"?
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Is it bad to get a flu shot when you're sick with something else? My student health center is offering H1N1 vaccines tomorrow, but I have a cold and I don't know if it's a good idea to get a vaccination when my immune system is already stressed.


If and when you got your wisdom teeth/tooth removed, did you go against the dentists' orders and smoke a cigarette? How was that experience for you?

Even if you don't smoke, have you ever gotten dry socket? How was that?

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My dad is stopping at Subway on the way home for dinner. Do I want a meatball marinara sub or an oven roasted chicken breast with lots of veggies?

What do you get at Subway (or other sandwich place if you don't like/have Subway)?

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What's the word for something which in a film that's mistakengly put in wrongly for the time period the film is set in? Like, a wrist watch in Ben Hur or something.

ALSO, what does a man wear to a 1920's themed party?

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I am writing my first ever resume and I am googling like crazy, but I figured I'd ask for advice here anyway. I'm trying to go from part-time to full-time as a Computer salesperson. Any advice?!

(no subject)

I just got offered a shot at working at a kiosk in the mall hustling scented hand warmers or something like that. The guy who interviewed me expressed concern that I might not be ~in your face~ enough to get people's attention. Has anyone here ever worked a similar job? Any tips?
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Q: If you don't have insurance, what do you do when you're really sick and need to go to a doctor?

A: Suck it up and ride it out. Or, go to the Emergency room and sit on the bill for a few years.

Thankfully, I just got Medicaid.

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I'm really depressed and skipping my dance class. I'd like to paint or something instead but lack inspiration.
Will you show me the coolest thing you've made or cool things that you've found on the internet? Pics and links are fab.

And I obviously need to go back to school- what can I get a masters in that is not business and won't make me want to kill myself. Marketing and all of that stuff makes me want to vomit. I have an English degree. I wanted to do publishing but that's dead. I guess I could fathom teaching high school. But is there anything cool like art therapy that only requires a masters? Like you know how sometimes you have friends and you think "omg best job ever"... well what do they do that I can do?
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in movies, people cooking and cutting drugs always are seen working in only their underwear and protective masks. why do they never have clothes on? so they can't steal any? go ahead with the sex jokes if you want, but i'd like to know the real reason behind it.

lupus is when your body hates itself to death

do i have lupus?


yesterday i had a bunch of blood drawn to check for auto immune diseases and rheutmotoid fun. they got everything but one test back today and stuff in my blood is elevated so it's definitely something and it's basically that or scleroderma.

For the Writers

Have you ever had a character just derail what you were trying to write and take the hell over? Was it a major character or a minor one?

Happened to me the other day and it was kinda cool and a little scary

(no subject)

How come when someone has been addicted to something, say heroin, and they have been clean for like 10 years they are still considered an addict?

Like in AA meetings, "Hi my name is blahblah, I'm an alcoholic, I haven't had a drink in 26 years."

?? Enlighten me.
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My boyfriend's birthday is next Wednesday. Unfortunately, he is working from 9-6 and then has classes from 6:30 to 9. I don't have to go to work until 2PM so I was thinking about bringing cupcakes to his work (enough for everybody). He works at a retail store and I think the managers would be okay with it considering it's free food.

I spoke to a male friend about it and he seems to think that it's selfish of me because then the attention would be on the person who brought the cupcakes as opposed to the birthday boy. What are your thoughts on this?

Would you like it if your SO brought in cupcakes to your (lax) workplace?
Is my friend right?

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i want to sell all my old sims 2 games because sims 3 is awesome and i'll never play ts2 again. i wanted to sell them as a set but i can't find some of the boxes along with the manuals with the serial number. would it be completely lame to stick the discs in a plain jewel case and include legally-obtained serial numbers or should i forget about selling them as a set and just sell the ones i have boxes for individually?
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"But...but...BUT THAT'S ILLEGAL!"

Storytime. I might have mentioned to my aging grandmother that I've read and written *GASP* erotica. You know. Writing of that certain naughty nature and content.

Although I don't want a fight about internet piracy here, I'm going to ask anyway. (Hopefully most of you have an anecdote from "IRL.")

Have you ever told a family member or peer or, well, anybody, about some kind of activity you did or enjoyed or you knew a guy who mighta done...something perfectly (or probably) legal in your country...and they replied with, "But...but...BUT THAT'S ILLEGAL!" ?

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My fiance and I are both doing our surgery rotations right now. I am in Asheville, NC and he is in Durham. We aren't 100% sure we'll be getting Thanksgiving off, but in the event we do, we still both have to be back at the hospital before dawn the next day. We were thinking we'd meet in the middle. If you're from NC (which we're not, we are here for school), do you have any suggestions as to where we could go? What kinds of places might be open or be serving some sort of Thanksgiving meal? Thanks!

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hey tqc! wondering if you could help me. And I'm sure there's a community exclusively for these sort of enquiries.. I'm sorry, I couldn't recall right now so I thought I'd turn to you wonderful, helpful people :)

my friend is going crazy trying to remember a song, and she only remembers little snippets of the music video..

it's from around the 90s, set in a kind of science lab but apparently with a 'historical' theme, the lead singer is a black woman and there's a cherub running around.

Any ideas?
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My mom just got her brush tangled in her hair. How can I get it out?

It's a round brush, and her hair is about 6-8 inches long

Edit: Got it out. Dampened it and used my pick haha

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My boyfriend collects baseball cards and there is a sweepstakes on the back of one of the packs. It's one of those where all you have to do is submit your name and address on a 3 x 5 card to win. EXCEPT it says "Potential Canadian winners will be required to first correctly answer the mathmatical skill testing question. Include on a 3 x 5 card the answer to the following skill test question: 22x4+12-1=?"

tqc, why on earth do the Canadians have to prove their math skillz first?

Serious and non-serious answers welcome, of course.

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So let's say your the sort of nice, friendly, well-meaning person who frequently invites her co-workers out for after work fun. This includes your boss. Your boss always says no. One day your boss asks you to stop asking her, and tells you that it is nothing personal, but that she is not interested in hanging out after work.

Would you take it personally? How would it affect your working relationship?

ETA: I'm the boss who always says no. I feel bad about it, and because every "no" is followed with a "why," I feel like I need to have an excuse other than "I just don't want to and also think it is kind of inappropriate." Thanks all for bolstering my confidence. I think the minion and I will have a talk tomorrow.
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My friend's mum wants the perfect wedding for her daughter and even though my friend doesn't mind, her mom doesn't want me to have orange hair for the wedding (I'm a bridesmaid). If orange was a super temporary thing for me, it wouldn't be a problem but I'm 3 going on 4 years with orange hair and am no way going to being dying it back for one day. Anyone else been in this dilemma? What did you do?

I was thinking either a wig or a scarf, but I know wigs can get expensive and I don't know how acceptable scarf/headwraps are in weddings. Should I just tell her I'm gonna be orange unless she gets me a wig? I'm a poor college student.
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I'm trying to find out information about a friend's ancestors for her- asking living relatives isn't an option. We have a free trial with at the moment, does anyone know of any other good (free) resources to try?
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TQC, some weird things have been happening in the house I live in with my roommates. Things get thrown around in the bathroom (mostly razors and washcloths), the heat goes up and down, my record player keeps turning on, on its own, the other night a glass mug that was sitting atop the microwave flew off and landed upside-down on the kitchen floor - without breaking - and right now, at this very moment, I'm watching as the television in the living room turns on and off by itself.

Our neighbor recently told us that the previous owner of this house killed himself in one of the rooms (with a gun, I think).

...So, TQC, do you think our house might be haunted?
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So yesterday I was listening to the radio and Nickelback's Rockstar came on. I've heard this song many times on the radio before played in its entirety, but this time the word "drugs" was censored out. Wtf. Since when did radio stations start censoring "drugs"???

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A friend's/FWB's birthday is on Dec 12th. Should I give him a copy of Catch-22 or a copy of House of Leaves? He's never read either of them.

Is a handmade scarf a good Christmas gift or a crap Christmas gift?

Cuba or Peru?

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What was the last weird encounter you had?

from work earlier.
I was watching the self check registers when a customer I've checked out a few times walks by with her children and husband. She gets a few feet past me then stops and turns

her: Oh, I made this, and I really like it but God told me to give it to you next time I saw you. It has amythyst in it. (hands me a bracelet and continues on her way.
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I've got 3 cat related questions for you guys:

1. Have you ever had problems with stray cats sneaking in through your cat door?

2. Have you ever had a cat run away or disappear? If so, were they ever found?

3. What's the best brand of cat litter?