November 18th, 2009

Bad visual puns?

OK, so I'm working on a film script right now and there's a lot of scenes of the characters walking from place to place. They live in a fairly safe neighborhood of NYC and due to it being NYC, they don't drive.

Obviously they pass by a lot of places in their travels. It's a farce and I want to include as many visual puns as I can, because this movie is fucking ridiculous as it is.

Can anyone come up with more puns?

These are the only ones I could think of:

Pho Shizzle
Pita Rabbit
I Shoes You
Ophelia Colon Proctology Clinic
Boi Vey (Jewish Gay Bar)
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I have a cup of hot chocolate right now, and French Vanilla "creamer" in my room.
How gross would it be if I added a little of the creamer to the hot chocolate?
(I'm alternating between "ugh that would be gross" and "maybe it wouldn't be a disaster.")

What is the last culinary "experiment" you performed? How did it work out?

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TQC, why am I still awake? This is the 3rd night in a row that I haven't been able to fall asleep at a decent time.

Well, scratch that. I actually managed to crash out during the 1st Family Guy episode on Adult Swim 10:00ish? But the husband woke me up when he came to bed, which was around 10:45.

It is now 1:00 a.m. and I need to be up in 5 1/2 hours for work. Besides drinking warm milk/tea, what can I do to help me sleep?

Post-college housing?

I'm graduating from college this spring and apparently will be expected to live in the "real" world - WTF is that? ( <-- Not the actual question.)

I understand that most college dorms are shitty and isolated, so I will attempt to explain: My dorm currently is the best place I've ever lived because it's somewhat like a "living/learning" community on crack - basically it's a fine arts/philosophy dorm and we attract all the freaks on campus. The end result is that you have a couple hundred kids available to hang out with, some of whom will inevitably be in the lobby at any time, day or night, doing/planning crazy shit of all varieties, leaving silly notes on the walls, etc. Most of us know each other and while we aren't all friends, we can leave our doors unlocked and we have some type of weird group solidarity going on. I'm not great at describing this, but use your imagination.

My question is: do you all know of any specific or general living situations for post-college "adults" that would mimic this sort of environment? Or any resources about such things? For some reason, I only ever hear about people moving into apartments and living lonely lives of isolation until such time as they may find a spouse - but I think it would be much more pleasant not to go that route. The only thing I can think of would be a commune or something, but I'm not sure how those exist in practicality and I rather like modern conveniences/being in a city.

So, any knowledge/ experiences with these types of living situations?
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I got hooked up with a potential job today. A guy I know is related to the owner. It's just a small company, as far as I can tell there's only like 6-8 guys who work there. The owner's son was the guy I talked to mostly, he seemed really nice, about my age (21) and cute. He has a really distinctive name so I searched him on Facebook after I got home, just for fun. His profile was private but I could see his picture and it was him and two friends, all with swastikas on their chests giving the camera the thumbs up. I couldn't tell if they were real tattoos or just marker or something but either way...that kind of makes me not want to take the job now. I don't wanna work with Nazis =[

Would you still take it? It's not a great job but job hunting sucks and this one is falling into my lap.
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You find yourself having access to your significant other's unlocked cell phone for the evening. What do you do?

(no subject)

My Husband's birthday is coming up. I would love to have something sent to his work as part of his gift... but what would be good to send to a man turning 25? Not sure he'd go for flowers.

Any ideas? Have you done this?
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In a month I'm flying home for Christmas, a 10-11 hour flight. I *always* get sick from plane travel! I'll catch a silly cold or often something nastier. Got any tips for keeping healthy this time?

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We were watching tv the other night, and the main characters got accidentally stoned off some cookies. That got us thinking, "We're 25 and have never been high...I wonder what it's like" which led to "I want to try it once, just to see. It looks like fun."

The problem is, we would have no idea at all where to go about getting it.

What was your first time being high like?
Have you ever cooked pot into something to get high without smoking? (Does that even really work?)
If you wanted to get some weed right now, would you know where to get it?
Is it weird that it took me 25 years to get to the "I want to see what it's like" point, whereas I had no desire at all before?
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(no subject)

How much do you like getting comments in your personal lj on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the least and 10 being the most?

Mean: 8.50 Median: 8.5 Std. Dev 1.46

How much do you dislike not getting comments in your personal lj on a scale of 1 to 10?

Mean: 4.29 Median: 4 Std. Dev 2.80

Pet-Friendly Workplaces

Do you work/have you ever worked in for a "pet-friendly" company that let people bring their pets to work?

If you were my boss (and I had a legitimate reason), would you let me bring my dog to the office?

Cute pictures behind the cut to convince you to say "Yes".

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Do you prefer regular, peanut, or peanut butter M&M's?

1. Yes, it's a "he".
2. Mi-Kis don't shed, so allergies aren't a problem.
3. I have a private office, where he'd just curl up under the desk all day.
4. He's only 7-lbs
5. He's real susceptible to eye infections, and has to be given medicated eye drops several times per day. When my wife was working night shifts, she was home during the day to do it for him. Now that she's on days, we're both out of the house all day, with no one around to give him his meds.
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How much money do you usually have leftover as "fun money" every month after you've put moolah aside for bills/savings/etc.?

I usually have about $100 per paycheque - so $200 per month - leftover for "whatever" money.
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What do you do when the person you like is in a relationship?

What do you do? Move on? Become friends with them in hope that their relationship fails? Other?

I have been seeing this girl as friends for a few weeks now, and I just found out she has a boyfriend. Until then I thought that she was single, she has never mentioned him and I only found out through a third party. It must also be a long distance relationship since I have never seen him.

This is not the first time this has happened and I was wondering what others do in this same situation.

Pomegranates and/or POM juice

Hey! my friend and I are doing a project where we pick an ingredient and then make something with that ingredient. today's is Pomegranates and/or POM juice. I have never cooked/baked with either. Any ideas of recipes that I could make? (preferably ones that don't take TOO long since I can't make them till after work)

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I had this idea for a website, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows of something similar out there.

Ya know how you'll be watching a movie, and see some minor character that you know you've seen before, but you have no idea what his name is? Someone that you say "I've always liked the characters he plays, but I have no idea who he is." What I suggest is a website where you can enter in two movie titles, and it will cross-reference the entire casts of the movies, telling you which actors were in both of them...letting you figure out who the person in question is.

For example, the guy who played the glider pilot in "Saving Private Ryan", the scientist in "Escape From LA", and the guy who killed the hooker in "Se7en".

Anybody know if anything like that exists? I'm one of those people who is GREAT with remembering faces, but it drives me crazy to be all like, "That' the guy who played ________ in _________." when I don't know their name.

Yes, I know you can IMDB the movie itself, but then you have to A) scroll through the entire cast, and B) know the character's name (if they even had one).

Hmmm I before E?

Okay excuse me for being stupid... but
What do you remember from school when learning about the I BEFORE E rule? I recall I before E except after C or some shit.
But this doesnt make any damn sense to me and then I always type a word out and it doesnt look right. So if you dont know how to spell the word or you are having one of those Duh moments when typing something up and it just doesnt look right. How do you remember how the I and e rule goes?
I always feel when typed, words look extremly odd and then I doubt myself on spelling it right.

If you dont care or dont have a good answer...
Do you still watch cartoons? How old are you?
Kitty Lick
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Laptop Problem

I recently got a new laptop. I got a Toshiba Satellite P500. This one.

It has some special keys on the left that do some convenient things: Web, Mute, Media Player, Play & Pause, Forward, Back, and then Volume Up & Down.

None of these keys work. I think I may have uninstalled the drivers for them or something when I was cleaning all the junk they installed on my computer (demos and crappy virus free trial programs, etc).

I've searched on Toshiba's site through the drivers but can't find anything that looks right. (I tried the Value Added Package, that was a bunch of junk.) I've googled a lot, and while I can find posts of people that have the same problems, I can't find a solution.

How can I make these buttons work?
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(no subject)

Do you make anything?

Do you have an Etsy? If so, will you show me?

Have you ever been banned from a community? Is there a difference from being banned from a community and just being banned from posting (you can still read members-only posts)- I mean, is one more promising in regards to being unbanned than the other?

Big Brother is Stopping Your Ride

I saw a recent ad on television for OnStar that showed a police dashboard camera view of a high speed chance. The police call the OnStar operator and they disable or slow down the vehicle and the police make an arrest. The ad says something to the effect of “OnStar helps save lives” or whatever. Just wondering, given the fact that most people don’t steal cars regularly and that high speed pursuits are very dangerous (I mean there is entire shows dedicated to the footage on Spike and G4), should this type of equipment be standard and subsidized by law enforcement agencies in an effort to reduce accidents associated with high speed pursuits or is it a little too Big Brother for you?

(no subject)

Would it be weird to facebook my ex's friend (we only communicated because of my ex) and ask him for a (very simple) recipe?

ETA:As a babysitter, did the parents leave food out for you?
If you use babysitters, do you leave food out?

Is it sexual harassment...

... to ogle a coworkers ass?

What if she's wearing tight black jeans with white stitching on the back pockets? she asking for it then right?

Ok serious Question:

What's the most inappropriate attention grabbing outfit you've ever seen anyone wear? and where was it?
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boring question

So, I went somewhere in hopes of a job and they told me to e-mail my resume to them, mentioning that I met with the manager.

1. Should I copy and paste my resume or attach it? Or both?

2. I figure I'll have a paragraph/cover letter type thing first. I don't know what to say besides, "Hello, my name is Emily and I met with so-and-so on Thursday regarding . I've attatched my resume, as you can see I have 2 years doing , and I have extensive knowledge of beer. I am also local and have unlimited availability."

How do I make that sound better? Obviously I don't do this often.
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Do you pop your knuckles/joints? If so, which ones?
Do you believe it causes swollen joints, arthritis, etc?
ETA: Does your sternum ever pop?

I pop the knuckles of both index fingers (sometimes my left knuckle pops so loud it surprises me) and sometimes the others on both hands, I tend to pop my large toes, and when I stretch I can hear my back pop all the way up my spine (I hate that).
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So I have a huge crush on this guy, and we haven't spoken since Sunday, and I really want to talk to him but I don't want to seem like I'm clingy/obsessed with him. He already knows I like him and he says he likes me too. Should I call him today? If not, when should I?

(no subject)

A lady I volunteer with/work for on an informal basis, named P, has a friend and partner (they do art stuff together) named X. X is the managing director at a local art/music/food venue which means she handles all the interviews and job applications for new positions.

Is it unethical for X to openly share information about potential employees and applicants to P just because they're friends? I don't know what the actual "rules" are per se, and I don't know if "confidentiality" exists in the world of hiring & firing, but P casually brought up all this information about my having applied to two positions there, and I felt like, uhhhhh, you should not know this stuff! And I didn't know how to react, because she's kind of my boss. I also think P might have let slip some untrue information about me that might have led to them not considering me, which also sucks (i.e., that I wouldn't be available to even work the position, which is not true, but she didn't know that).

It seems unprofessional for X to talk about any of that at all, to anyone, but I'm not sure. Thoughts?

(no subject)

how was it when you met your current (or any past) significant other's parents for the first time?
any embarrassing or funny stories?
gotta do it tonight and i'm kind of freaking. (:
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i've been getting a ton of calls that just say "unavailable" for the caller id, like 4-8 of them every day. wtf do i do? i won't answer any of them since i don't know who it is. should i answer sometime?


If you wished to claim someone could not wear a tie for fear of being strangled by it, WHAT would you call it? Asphyxiaphobia, stranglophobia, Pnigophobia, or something else?
Yes, I've tried Google, yes I've consulted all three of my suggestions have came up, none of them really seem to be the official fear of being strangled (much less by ones own tie).
Which of the three would imply such a fear to you?
I am edging towards stranglophobia as it seems the most obvious.

Serious and non serious answers welcome.
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(no subject)

1. Are there any shows that make you cringe with embarrassment, if so, which ones are they?

For example, I can't bring myself to watch "Dancing with the Stars." The moment the "stars" hit the stage with their fake smiles, I am embarrassed for them. ("You were once a senator. Now you are wearing a glittery vest. Why? Why?")

2. If you were about to go into war, for whatever reason, what would be your battle anthem?

(no subject)

I was recently in Huntington Beach, California. On their OCTA (Orange County Transit Authority) buses, the majority of them said "No Smoking," and underneath that it said "No Welding". What the fuck does that mean in terms of busing? srs and non.
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(no subject)

Anyone want to buy a never used, unopened still in the mailing box 8gb ipod touch? I got it from Apple for my wife, she tried my iphone and decided she did not want it. I am asking 150US for it. I will ship Priority mail, and only charge 4 bucks for it, but only in the continental United States. Anyone interested?

(no subject)

for my history paper, should i write about the plague or about smallpox?

eta: the paper can't focus solely on europe/rome/greece, and needs to be mainly before 1500. i can pick a topic besides plague or smallpox, but i want to do something disease related.

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TQC, what the hell should I make for dinner? I'm fresh out of ideas for a main entree.

I have:
chicken breast
ground turkey
pork fillets
mushroom soup
chicken stock
peanut butter
frozen veggies

Of course, I have various other crap, too, but that's basically what I'm working with. HELP BEFORE MY CHILDREN AND I STARVE TO DEATH.
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(no subject)

What's the politest way to tell someone that you could not be less interested in them and their penis if you tried?

If you don't care, what's your favorite kind of ice cream? Because I am having a love affair with this B&J's peach cobbler flavor.

(no subject)

I'm going on holiday to Haiti in a week and a half, yay Haiti what an interesting holiday choice mother...

Anyway, I'm from the UK so know nothing really about it, I need an American's perspective. What do you know, or have heard about Haiti that can prep me for the holiday?

Oh, I'm also going to Cuba as well, if it true American people can't go there?
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(no subject)

ola TQC!

i just finished my last exam for the year this morning and celebrated by shopping and buying a ton of stuff. a friend of mine wanted to take me out to a club to celebrate. i am pretty knackered but still wanna go out and do something... i dont know any of her friends, though and i'll be going without my SO which sort of creeps me out a little (i get groped and approached even when he's there and it makes me really uncomfortable), also i dont want to spend any more than i already have. i dont want to be stuck at home all night though!

should i go? if not, what should i do instead?
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(no subject)

Its getting dark at 4:00 PM these days, and the early darkness has got me feeling a little down and just...blah.

What do you do to make yourself feel better when you're feeling low?
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(no subject)

Have you ever had stomach flu what is commonly called "stomach flu" but for technicality's sake, norovirus?
I did last night.

On a scale of 1-10, how horrible was it?

Was it the worst illness you've ever had?

If not, what was?

How do I make my chest stop hurting from puking so much?

(no subject)

1)My mother has obtained both peach and pear preserves. What can I buy to spread them on?

2)Do you sigh in admiration of perfect femininity?

Yes, if it's the kind that involves baking and giving me the products of the baking.

(no subject)

I'm buying tickets for a Pixies show early next year, and I'm trying to decide which kind of tickets to choose. The venue map is under the cut.

Option 1: General admission (standing). Positive: no having a crappy seat, because if I turn up early enough I can be standing close to the stage. Negative: I'm not tall (5'4"), so I'd have to be fairly close to the stage to have a good view (and not have too many tall people in front of me). Also, IDK, Pixies audiences might be rough or boisterous and I could be shoved around, and GA is usually pretty cramped.

Option 2: Unlicensed/All ages area at the side, third row in, not close to the front. See the diagram below, the it'd be somewhere around C4 (oops) C64 in the yellow Section 10. Positive: I'd have personal space. Negative: IDK, I might not be able to see much. Note: I don't care that I wouldn't be allowed to drink.

Collapse )

Which should I go for? (They're the same price.)

(no subject)

What do you to relieve your frustration/anger when all you really want to do is smash everything in sight?

Are you easy to frustrate/anger?

Do you like indie music? If so, do you wanna recommend me some good stuff? If not, what's your favorite genre of music?
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(no subject)

So someone just posted the Cupcake Courier- and I think it is totally rad!! This would be a perfect Christmas present for my boyfriend's mom. She will LOVE it.

My boyfriend's family has a Christmas tradition of writing special notes on the tags of all the presents. The note always has something to do with the recipient and the gift inside. So for example, say my boyfriend got his mom a telescope. He would write something like "To my starry-eyed mother".

His mom would like the cupcake courier because she goes to Junior League meetings and Bunco nights and always likes to bring baked goods. She's a really awesome chef in general and loves baking. What should my note to her say? I'm not good at thinking of stuff like that.

What weird, odd, or original holiday traditions does your family have?

(no subject)

I was listening to the news on the radio this evening and the guy was talking about how People magazine has announced Johnny Depp as the Sexiest Man Alive for the second time. The only other people who have done this are Brad Pitt (duh), George Clooney (double duh) and.... RICHARD GERE!? REALLY? Did I miss something here? Is Richard Gere attractive and I'm just not seeing it?

Also, why is my kitten trying to eat my laundry basket? Does it taste good?
Clem &amp; Joely

(no subject)

Ever had to call 911? Share your story/stories, plz. :D

Me: It seemed like a big deal at the time, it was my first night home alone and someone knocked on the front door at 3AM. I went to look out the window but there was no one there, so I called the police because I was freaked out. Apparently another house a block down called with the same complaint. Thank god for my dog, whose barks I believe may have made potential burglars move on?
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(no subject)

I want a cigarette so badly but I'm trying not to smoke cigarettes.

How do I avoid this craving and successfully never smoke cigarettes?

Because seriously nicotine does not fuck around.

3 questions..

1.) I have lost my licese sometime between saturday night leaving the last bar, and home on sunday. It was no longer in my back pocket of my jeans. I was only at the bar for 20 min. Where do you think it could be? Where is yours normally when you've lost it? It is very important that I find it because I fly out for vegas on monday and will need it.

2.) Is there anyone you just want to throw a brick at right now because they seem unappreciative? Do you think maybe it is swinging both ways but you are so upset that you dont give a crap?

3.) A mood cheering question... I have wanted to ask it all day! Are there any type of questions you feel like you specialize in and really help someone out with when they post to TQC?
(ex: I get really excited when people post about hair because I am a cosmetologist.)
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(no subject)

Be honest...

What do you initially think when you see a car without a handicapped sign parked in a handicapped parking spot?

Does it matter what kind of car it is?

Or do you just think the person has an unseen disability and forgot their placard that day?


If you're not up for honesty (or just don't give a hell), what's for supper? (Or whatever meal you've had recently)

(no subject)

dear tqc,

do you recylce your old magazines? anything you make with them? i have about 2 years worth of time and newsweek magazines and i don't want to throw it away. and i don't want to donate everything away either. any ideas?

(no subject)

Why does it get WAY hotter in my room than the rest of the house when the heat is on?

I'm not kidding. My room is significantly hotter by probably ten degrees. It feels like a sauna and there's nothing I can do! I have a fan but it doesn't help at all.
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(no subject)

If you had to choose between being in a relationship where it was purely physical and there was no way in hell you would have a future or be with someone where the person wanted to take it slow and there was a real chance for a future which would you choose?

Has anyone ever dated a co-worker? Yay or nay?

Has anyone dated anyone with a kid? Particularly a single dad? Any advice?

On another topic, does anyone else watch the forgotten? Is there such a network? If so, how would one get involved? (the forgotten is a show on ABC where a network of civillians try and identify John and Jane Does to bring closure to the families. I would love to be involved in something like this.)
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(no subject)

My leg has been twitching for four days now, and my roommate is convinced I have Restless Leg Syndrome. She's reading off the symptoms/treatments right now and telling me which ones I have. In the spirit of being hypochondriacs, what diseases would you like to declare you suffer from?

Do you have any idea how to make my leg stop twitching?? I've tried taking a bath, massaging it, relaxation techniques, upping my intake of calcium, salt, and potassium, and I've even resorted to punching it (which really didn't help, lol).

(no subject)

Do any of you use LinkedIn? Has it worked for you in terms of networking and finding a job?

If you don't know or don't care, what is your favorite movie that has more than two sequels? What is your least favorite sequel?

(no subject)

What is your favorite food?

- I like chicken pot pie, mash potatoes with gravy and garbage plates.

What's your favorite song[s] from a musical?

- Dancing Through Life and For Good from Wicked. Fine Fine Line and For Now from Avenue Q. Feed Me from Little Shop of Horrors... and the list goes on.

(no subject)

what can you currently not get enough of? for me it's tqc, ginger ale, and videos of loretta lynn on youtube.

if you could host your own music festival, where would it be held? how long would it be? who would be on the lineup? so it doesn't get out of control let's say no more than 30 bands/artists, and the musicians must be alive, bands still together
I &lt;3 TLV

(no subject)

Would it be rude to wear earplugs in a restaurant with a friend? The wearer (i.e. me) would be in pain without them. If it's loud enough to need them I'm assuming it would be too loud for a conversation anyway, but idk, I feel like it would still be rude. Only other option is to just not go to the restaurant. What do you think?
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what's a good random long meme?

Before I go to sleep I want to do one of those random 40+ question memes. Not the ones where you check off every book you've read, but the ones that ask stuff like "which of your toes is the cutest" or "what color was your first car." I just need something else to think about, after this day of madness.

What's a nice long random meme I could do?

(no subject)

If you could get a box full of something (one single item, but plural) for whatever your respective holiday is, what would it be? It can't be money/gift cards/things of monetary value. The more random the better.

The item must be under $10ish
I'd want either a box full of biore pore strips or a box full of black leggings.
Baby Clown, McD


What happens to the past if John Connor dies before the terminator was sent to kill his mother, and thus ending Skynet's reason for sending it in the first place (and consequently Kyle Reese)?

for pet lovers

Suppose you and your pet (big dog/cat/whatever) get locked up in a dungeon and there is no way out (!!!!). You only get fed one small bowl of watery vegetable soup a day, which is nowhere near enough for your pet, much less both of you or even you yourself. Eventually you'll both starve to death. As time goes by, how do you distribute the soup? Half for your pet? None for your pet? Would you give your pet up to starvation to keep yourself alive a little bit longer?