November 17th, 2009

mister q

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Do you have an electric kettle? How often do you use it?

Have you ever had some kind of electric kettle related injury?

I just bought one and I'm super clumsy. I'm afraid I'll be severely burned by the weekend.

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We've just been told my 12 year old brother has to go for an operation to fit a pacemaker. Please tell me your own pacemaker stories (or the stories of people you know) and how everything went well with no complications and it really improved your quality of life? Please? :(

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This shower curtain is made of vinyl. Does that mean that it will be stiff like a plastic shower curtain, or will it be smooth and flexible? My friend has a flexible, silicone-feeling (but not silicone) shower curtain and I want something made of the same stuff, but she can't remember the material it's made of :(
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If you purchased a handbag and the strap fell off six days later would you contact the company that made the bag, or would you just return it to the store where you bought it? Would you do both?

Cooking question

I want to make my brother something good for breakfast. I have this idea in mind, it would be sort of like an apple turnover, but all the recipes I can find on the internets are overly complicated and I'm sure you people can come up with an easier way to pull this off. I have the following at my disposal:

Bisquick, flour, baking powder, milk, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, brown sugar, apples, cinnamon, milk, butter, eggs.

Do you think I could make pastry pie crust, put apple filling on it, wrap it, stick it on a cookie sheet and voila?

Or should I put it in a cupcake pan?

Will this work, tqc?

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Hey TQC!

It´s 4.39am where I live, and I woke up at 3.30am and haven´t been able to sleep yet. The thing is that this is the second night in a row that I sleep a lot less than my 8 hours. Yesterday I slept about 4 hours, and today looks like the same thing is happening. My brain is a complete mess when I don´t sleep well, I can´t concentrate on anything. But I NEED my brain tomorrow since I need to study for an Organic Chemistry test I have on Friday. I have an important class today, to which I would have to wake up at 6:00 am to get there in time, but not as important as studying for my test(since I normally start studying about a week before). Do you think I´ll sleep better if I somehow find sleep, to stay sleeping and skip the class, and wake up at 9am for a group meeting(which I would end up sleeping about 7 hours and a half), or relax and forget about sleeping, go to my class, and then try to sleep a few hours after my last class at 1.45pm? And THEN after sleeping on the evening, study for my test?

I'm so tired that I really can't decide which is a better idea...I get very anxious when I can't study on time :(
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1. What makes you boo hoo butthurt?

1. Where did all the snark come from??

EDIT-O-MATIC: a personal note to PERFECTZEPHYR: YES. I would love to respond to your IM's. But you have enable personal filters. So my plithy responses just bounce right back to me. Depriving you of my wisdom.
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Christmas Gift

I've been panicking about what to get my family for Christmas, as this is the first year I can afford anything but I still really don't want to spend a lot. (And even if I did I really don't know any of these people so I'd be at a loss what to get.)

I came up with the idea of a Treat Jar, where I could buy some cheap jars, put some Christmas decorations on them, and stuff them with treats.

What kind of snack or junk food would 40-60 year old people like? (Preferably stuff that won't get squished!) I'm looking for a wide variety of things I can mix up!

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What does it mean when I'm nauseous and having dry heaving spells (like throwing up, but no vomit) for close to 5 months?
Why can't I find anything besides 'pregnant' as the answer to what is wrong with me?

Mitty box

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What kind of cookies should I bake?

Chocolate Chip
Chocolate chocolate chip
Peanut butter
Peanut butter and M&M
Some other delicious peanut butter/chocolate chip type cookie I haven't thought of
I hate all things delicious, therefore I hate cookies.
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1. Which is a greater loss to the performing arts: Lauryn Hill or Whitney Houston?

2. Which is worse: crashing into a bus of infant/ very small children and sending 11 of them into surgery for the next three years of their life or crashing into and killing one adult? Seems like an easy answer...

3. If you had to pick one, violin or piano? Why?
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Say someone is being institutionalized for a long period of time (3 months-indefinitely) what kind of medicines would be standard for someone to receive upon arrival that was not associated with why they were being sent in?

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Have you heard of Clemson?

I know it's a good school, but I was watching Saved By the Bell this morning and found it surprising that Screech had applied to all the Ivy League schools and Clemson. I grew up in South Carolina and a lot of people joke about Clemson being where all the rednecks go (which I'm sure is largely due to a football rivalry, but whatever). I didn't think it was such a good school that a once-popular TV show would reference it. Also the fact that South Carolina is only famous for bad things, like heart disease and sketchy politicians.


So long story short my parents are road triping to Flordia to spend thanksgiving with my grandparents and leaving my sister(27) and I (25) alone. We were planning on doing the normal thanksgiving but I just had an idea that we could do a non-traditional thanksgiving or a themed one. What kind of theme or non-traditional things would you do?

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How long does it usually take a refund from returning a product to credit back to your account? Specifically from target?

How long should I wait before calling customer service?

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Any TQC members also members of a photography/film photography community on Ell Jay?

I've joined shootfilm already, but I'm looking for more of a "How do I do X/what type of film should I use for Y/WTF am I doing wrong?" type of place and not just one for sharing photos. And amatuerphoto hasn't been active for years :( Mostly what I need is answers to questions RE: photography at small shows (w/ shit lighting).

My ex sent me a Hark! A Vagrant t-shirt for my birthday, and I didn't send him anything for his/wasn't going to send him a Christmas present this year. On a scale of 1-10 (1 = not a dick, 10 = total dick) how much of a dick am I? FWIW I never asked him nor expected him to send me a present (though I am wearing the shirt right now. It's Napoleon eating a cookie, how could I not?).

If you have one, pls post a photo from the last concert you went to.
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Backstory: I've been staying with my dad and stepmom since I got out of the hospital. My stepmom is..overly emotional.

Today she called me today crying because she was so upset over my room being messy (read: a couple of things left out, maybe a cup or two). I want to do some damage control and was thinking of getting her flowers because this bitch is one year shy of sixty and I am not dealing with somebody her age who is so effing trigger-happy/childish.

What would you do?
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Ladies (or guys who are so inclined) who have had perms:

Can you please show before and after pictures? Longer the hair the better, as mine is almost waist length.

Anything someone considering one should know?

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I don't like my mom. At all. She uses my dad for his money, stays in our house even though they finalized the divorce about 2 months ago, and has cheated on him for the past 15 years. She's an alcoholic that puts her addiction before her family. I could go on.

Because of the divorce, my mom got half of my dad's 401K or some dumb shit like that, that I don't agree with. My parents are both computer dumb so they didn't fill out the forms right. A lawyer wanted to charge them hundreds of dollars but I nicely did it instead.

My mom gets her money in a few days and she wants to give me a few hundred now and $1000 for Christmas. Would it be bad to take it?

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Is it too ridiculously early to have Christmas presents wrapped and sitting out in plain sight? We don't even have a tree yet.

Do you like Olive Garden?
If so, what's your favorite thing to get?
If not, where do you like to get Italian food...if you even like Italian food?

Do you currently have gift cards to anywhere?

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Hay TQC.

I'm about to leave for a very, very boring class for 2 hours, and in that time I'd like to eat.

My Dorm complex has a little market downstairs where we can buy lots of different snacks.

What is the best snack food to take to a boring lecture that won't be too loud or messy?
(I was thinking Goldfish.)

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If you scrolled through your contacts in your cell phone and found a first name but no last name and you couldn't remember who it was because you checked the area code and didn't remember anyone in that area code with that name, would you just delete them?

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I have the option to choose between Concerta,Generic of Ritalin or Adderall. which one do I choose???I hear a lot of folks say Adderall is better, but my doctor recommends concentra. help!
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How much notice do you expect for a job interview? I just got a call from a potential employer saying he wants to meet with me in less than an hour. Is this normal?
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I'm living with a wealthy host family right now (man and wife, kids already grown and moved out). They're a pretty materialistic type. I'm getting the idea that their Christmas is going to be rather lavish, and that they'll expect presents. It's a bit unusual for me, since in my family we don't really exchange presents much. Plus I'm living on a very tight budget, paycheck-to-paycheck. I'm pretty sure that if I get gifts for them I won't have anything left for my own real family. Or even enough to pay back my loans and bills. But I don't want to be a cheap host student either.

What should I do?

ETA: I already bake/cook for them a lot so it wouldn't be special to them. :(

I really want a sandwich...

I really want a sandwich and I am thinking of driving to jimmy johns to get one. To do so that means I have to get my kids ready to leave, me ready to leave, load us all in the car... just to drive 3 minutes down the road for a sandwich. I hear they do delivery but that seems kind of silly for one sandwich. Should I do it or not? What should I get if I do go?

Dont care or dont know: What is the wierdest sandwich you love? I like penutt butter and banana. I also love cheese, doritos, and mayo sandwiches but I havent had one in years.

edit: Online it says that the location that services my area isnt currently taking orders... bummer.
edit2: Turns out the one 3 minutes away doesnt deliver to me, the one 5 minutes away does.. lol. I ordered my number 12.

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My bosses said I could bring in some music to work as long as it is something that old people won't be offended by. I work in a deli & my bosses tend to listen to old school rock & pop, but they said I could bring in music from nearly any genre.

So, peeps, what song recommendations do you have?

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(When you were) In school, what class was the most difficult for you to write papers for?

What are your plans for this weekend? For Thanksgiving?

Writing papers for any of my business classes is fucking excruciating, they're so damn boring. And I'm (finally) leaving for home this weekend for eight days. :D

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When it gets toward the end of the semester (~3 weeks left) and you're 99.8% sure you're going to fail a class, would you just stop going? Assume that it's past any sort of drop date so you can't withdraw, and there's no chance of getting an incomplete or anything.

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Do any of you do temp work (or did temp work in the past)?
How long did it take for recruiters to contact you in between assignments?
How often did you follow up with your recruiter? Once a day? Once a week?

I completed a several week temp assignment last week. My recruiter and the company with which I was placed was highly pleased with my work. My recruiter said that she has a possible temp-to-hire position in mind for me, but I haven't heard from her yet (she emailed me last Friday). I'm on pins and needles here.

If you don't know or don't care, how's the weather?

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ok, so i'm gonna be going to beauty school soon & i'm reading the course catalog and i get to "each student must be emotionally stable & mature". can they ask that, even though they are privately owned. i didn't really like that they asked for my weight, but OH WELL.

have you ever encountered any strange contract requirements?

IF YOU DON'T CARE, what are you doing RIGHT NOW?
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There's this chinese exchange student in some of my classes (she studies the same thing I do) and she is a really nice girl but does some things I don't know how to react to. She talks a lot about other girls she finds cute and how she found out our teacher was single (full of excitement). This didnt bother me much but yesterday she said we should visit the strip club together to read "the phenomenology of spirit" from Hegel while watching naked girls and then she said that her housemates are nice enough to bring her to the swinger club (she looked very excited).

Is she playing with me?

I think she might think that Europeans (we live in Germany) are that liberal and only wants to make friends that way. If that's the case, should I tell her it doesnt really work like that? I mean, I have nothing against her preferences but why the heck is she telling me about it?

Or are people in China this open and I'm just having a cultural shock?

BTW, I have a boyfriend and she knows it.
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I need advice! I just got home from a job interview. They want me to drive around to people's houses and repair vacuum cleaners. This is so far out of my area of experience it's not even funny. Hell, my last job was doing medical collections! I have another interview on Thursday for something I feel is much more up my alley, but it's not a guarantee. TQC, what would you do? Should I take this job I know nothing about, just for the sake of being employed, or should I hold out for something I feel more comfortable doing?
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At one of my campus' dining halls, there is a burrito/quesadilla line, and I asked the guy to put sour cream _in_ my burrito instead of on the side like they normally do, and the burrito dude told me he couldn't because his bosses wouldn't let him.

TQC, why can't they put sour cream IN a burrito instead of on the side?

If you don't care/are as confused as I am, what do you like in your burritos?
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? this is a question

If I were murdered, I would like my murder to include

blunt force trauma
execution style gunshot (quick death)
bleeding out gunshot
stab wounds <23
stab wounds >23
poison/intentional drug overdose
anaphylactic shock
holding camera

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I'm wondering if there's some legit, science based reason for this, not just speculation. Although comedic speculation is fine too.

I've usually been getting like, 6-7 hours of sleep a night lately (with rehearsals for the show I'm in and homework, sleep is low on my priority list). And that's been working out fine for me; I never feel really tired during the day, and I catch up on sleep during the weekends. I haven't felt really exhausted ever, even when I only get like 5 hours of sleep some nights.

On the rare nights when I end up getting 8-9 hours of sleep (like I did today), I end up feeling EXHAUSTED all day long. Why is that?! It's not like I'm "oversleeping" and getting too much sleep (that usually happens when you get like 11 hours of sleep). I just got the exact right amount that you're supposed to get. Yet, as I said, I'm SOOOO TIRED!!

If this is relavent at all, I'm a 17 year old girl in high school.

So. Why am I so durn tired when I actually get sleep?!


digital photo frames

I want to get a 7inch digital photo frames. How do you shop for one? There are so many choices and come at such varying prices. Are there any particular types (brands, etc.) that I should avoid getting no matter how low its prices are?

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What's your favorite unintentionally-hilarious livejournal community? I'm part of a few that are very srs business, but there are some people who post there who redeem it.

Some communities, however, are irredeemable.
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1. Hey, TQCers, when you say the word "button" do you pronounced the "t's" as "t's" or as "d's" or do you not pronounce them at all.

I pronounce it as "buhen" with no stress. And I don't think I know anyone else who says it this way.

2. Have you ever come across anyone with "dead eyes"? Eyes that seem to have no soul behind them. Or as some people have called them, "serial killer" eyes. See Charles Manson for an example.

Who was the person?
Was that person right in the head?
Call me sir!


1. What's something small/stupid/mundane you're really excited about right now?

The films of "The Road" and "Fantastic Mr. Fox" come out next Wednesday! OMFG I'M SO EXCITED I COULD DIE!

2. Who do you find more worthy of contempt: people who are obessed with their looks or people who are obsessed with money?
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Which one of your senses (taste, touch, smell, etc) is most easily offended?

For me the most offensive things are bad smells. I can easily tolerate loud noises, bright lights and the like but when something smells wrong, get me the fuck out of there. Bad smells make my head hurt and make me feel sick. I can't stand it.

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What kind of dogs do you all own?

I am moving in Jan. and plan on getting a puppy :) It will be MY first dog being on my own although I have grown up with dogs my entire life and trained a Service Dog a couple of years ago so I have lots of experience with puppies! :D I'd like a smaller dog breed as I will be living right in the city but not TOO small. (I'm thinking of a cocker spaniel) I also plan on checking out the local shelter but the person I am moving in with already has a dog (A Lab) and it might be hard introducing an adult dog into his life.

Do you suggest any dog breeds for me?
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Why is my rum gone?

I bought a bottle of cheap rum to use in a recipe I am making tomorrow. I can't trust people in the house not to drink it, so I pulled a parents trick and under the label I marked where the top of the liquid was. (I made the mistake of opening the bottle to smell it, so I couldn't use the seal as a way to know if it was opened.)

Today, the liquid is about a centimeter above where the mark I made is. Do you think someone took a shot of it and fill it back up with water? Is there another explanation?
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I just bought a sweet awesome iTouch from bikinifetish 's friend. I'm fiddling around with it and I set the wallpaper. Five minutes later I got distracted and decided I wanted a different wallpaper, so I changed it. Instead of setting the new wallpaper, the background is now blank and none of the wallpaper options will work.
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1. Is it just me, or has TQC lately been inundated with whiny, easily-butthurt people who don't understand how TQC works? Because there has been a LOT of "TQC is so rude and mean waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah," going on lately, amirite?

2. If you could bring any extinct animal back, which would you choose? Here are lists of extinct animals if you are stuck on only the Dodo or Passenger Pigeon.

Addendum: OR, if you could save an animal from extinction, which would you save? Endangered animal list.
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My daughter is set on having her fourth birthday party be at Chuck E Cheese this year. Should I go all out and actually reserve the party to get her the special things that go with it, or just have everyone meet up there without reserving?

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for the past 2 weeks i have not been able to sleep more than 3 hours a day, normally i can sleep like a good 13 hours straight and im good. ive never really had sleep problems. I AM SO SLEEP DEPRIVED I FEEL LIKE IM GOING TO DIE. i almost fainted on the way to the mailbox. what the fuck is wrong with me TQC?
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bare legs vs. leggings et tights

What makes you decide whether to go with bare legs to make an outfit or to cover up with tights and leggings?Not just for the cold but other, if any considerations at all.

I find myself wearing tights with dresses just because I think it has that subtly sexy and classy appeal.

Latin Translation

1) Can you translate these lyrics? They are Latin.

Haec est Regina Virginum
Quae genuit Regem velut Rosa decora.
Virgo Dei genitrix per quam reperimus Deum et hominem
alma Virgo intercede pro nobis

2) Do you think Latin is beautiful?

3) How many languages do you know?

4) What is a language you've always wanted to learn?
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Poll #1486914 Would you rather...

Would you rather

watch Grey's Anatomy
watch Desperate Housewives

Would you rather

have to wake up at 5am every morning for 2 months
work from 4pm-2am every day for a month

Would you rather

cry in front of your enemy
cry in front of your awful boss

Would you rather

eat a roast beef sandwich
eat an egg omelet

Would you rather

sleep with your most recent ex
not have sex for a year

Would you rather

be caught masturbating by your parents
not masturbate for a year

Would you rather

eat cereal for dinner
eat lobster for breakfast


Does anyone know where I could find a " D: " emoticon for use with msn? Tried making my own, but the resizing is totally not working, it just shows up super tiny as an emote, and google brings me nothing!

Thanks in advance
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do you ever get zits inside of your nose? i have one on a piece of scar tissue in my nostril and its driving me nuts.

what's your favorite True Life?

should i try this self-brazilian now or should i just wait until tomorrow to be sure that the hair is long enough? it's itchy and it's driving me crazy, plus i'm bored and i'm sure you're all curious as to whether i pull it off (no pun intended) or whether i end up pulling off my cha cha.
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Dear TQC,

A month ago I bought a can of frosting and I opened it and took a spoonful out to eat it. Someone put it in the cupboard and I forgot about it until I just found it a little bit ago. Do you think it's still good to use? I smelled it and tasted it and it smelled and tasted fine. Should I use it? Would YOU use it?

It's Rainbow Chip, fwiw.

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The heat in my car recently stopped working. Tonight is the first *real* cold night of the fall/winter! It's going to be 35F.

Besides wearing a billion layers of clothes, what do I do to stay warm in the morning on my way to school?! :(

How's your weather looking for tomorrow?
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For quite some time I've had this strange urge to try veal brain, just to be able to say I have, and because it does look good in some pictures. Have any of you had it? Was it good? NASTY?

What about snails? Frog legs? (My brother recommends froggies but I don't know.) What's some of the strangest food you've had and did you like it? I haven't had anything stranger than calamari, in Slovenia, it was OK but didn't taste much.

job abroad

Ok you're right let me reformulate it:
I'm leaving to Russia in January and I'll be staying there for about 6 weeks (I meant a month and half) and I'm going to work there (I'll teach Italian to the Russians). I'm strongly motivated but I'm quite shy and I'm afraid I'll feel alone. I know 6 weeks are nothing compared to years but it's my first work experience abroad. And also (this is not very important but it worries me a bit) Russia is very cold in January.
How can I overcome fear and feel less anxious and worried?
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Those of you who celebrate Christmas, what's your Christmas routine? When and where do you open presents, eat lunch, etc? Do you have any family traditions? We always used to get new pyjamas and wear them for the first time on Christmas Eve, and I'd be allowed to open one present from the extended family on Christmas Eve.

Those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, do you celebrate another holiday? What's your routine?
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I had an interview last thursday and they said they'd call me after they finished two other interviews and made their decision.

Today, while I was in class I got a call from a number that was one off from the first call I got from them (first three digits are the same, last four are 0356 vs 0358) I assume this was them, but they didn't leave a voicemail, so I'm not ~certain~ who exactly it was. I called the number back about an hour later and got no answer.

What would you do in this situation? Why didn't they leave me a voicemail? Should I wait for them to call me back? Or call the original number I had and say something about how I got a call from a number eerily similar to it? What should I say to avoid awkwardness? I'm very awkward on the phone.

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So Im 20 years old and completely clueless on guys..

My 'friend' and I have been cuddling and have been very close for over a month and a half now. I've decided that this isn't working for me anymore because Im starting to have feelings.. we talked about it and he says he likes how things are and doesn't want anything to change, that he doesn't want to "get hurt". we don't hook up or anything, but Im always over there, basically at his convenience. Even after we talked, he continues to treat me the same and always demand my attention. He may not be using me sexually but he sure is using me and I m getting pretty upset about it yet I cant turn away..

What are some things you have done to make a person of interest to you..basically want you??
the most common answer is to not go over there so much, but its so hard..
give me tips?

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It is currently 58* where I live, and tonight's low will be 46*. Why the motherfuck did my roommate just turn the AIR CONDITIONING on? >:( Was it really that much easier than just opening her damn window???


Alternatively, what is your favorite vegetable? What is your favorite way to prepare/eat that vegetable?
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1)What's something that sticks in your head that you can't get out?

David Sedaris' line about a woman's vagina looking like a plastic change purse.

2)Do you rollerblade?

3)Would you friend your former prof on facebook?

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Collapse )

tldr: I had a cockroach crawling on my foot and I disposed of it accordingly. Are its billions of brothers and sisters going to come terrorize me in the middle of the night tonight? D:

Will you share your grossest bug stories?
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fix my watch?

I bought a new watch and although the back says it's stainless steel, after wearing it for a couple of days I got so I couldn't tolerate it; the back makes an itchy spot on my arm. I'm not allergic or sensitive to any metals, and stainless shouldn't make me itch, but it's happening nonetheless.

What can I put on the back of the watch so I can still wear it?
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How many hours of sleep do you get during the week? During the weekend/days off from school or work?

How many hours of sleep do you need to feel well-rested?

I usually get 4-6 hours of sleep during the week, and about 8-11 hours of sleep on the weekend. After about 7 or 8 hours, I'm pretty much totally rested.

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Last month, one of my neighbors threatened to shoot me in the goddamn head with a motherfucking '22, just for looking at him while I took my dog out. Now he's fighting with some idiot in my hallway. They're pushing each other so hard they're knocking things off my walls. They did this same thing a couple weeks ago, and my boyfriend ended up calling 911 on them. TQC, with a neighbor like this, should I fear for my safety?

Edit: Okay, stupid question. So let me alter it a bit. What can I do about this man? Calling the cops barely worked. Is there any way I can get him kicked out of my apartment building for threatening me?
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Okay seriously, where does everyone get all of the awesome gifs around here?

I can't find many comms specifically dedicated to gifs, and not any that are all that active. So, where are all of these gems of awesomeness coming from?

Links to personal journals, communities high in gif posting, communities, individual gifs, outside lj websites... all are acceptable answers. I am just apparently lacking in search-fu when it comes to gifs.

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So there's a guy at my uni who's pursuing me.
I have spoken to him for all of 3 minutes, i'm really not attracted to him and he talks like everything is 'SUPER MEGA AWESOME' all the time.
Do I ignore his advances, reply to his messages as a friend or aknowledge that I know he's interested and go from there as i'm getting desperate for a bit of male action?
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TQC, do you stand under the water in the shower while soaping up your body (kind of like those people in the soap commercials, for example) or do you lather up and then stand under the water? I imagine that the first method is counterproductive.
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holy teal deer

1. TQC, my new medication comes in a nifty little "keep track of" case, that has the pills divided up by week, starting with a Monday. It's Wednesday now. Do I start with the Wednesday dose, or will it put the meds off? I don't see that the doses are different or that the concentration increases/decreases as the week goes on. WebMD hasn't been any help and the medication guide included doesn't explain it. If it matters, its Citalopram. answered, thanks :)

2. For Bank of America people: I filed a stop payment/charge dispute against my former gym, in the amount of $34.99, because they refuse to cancel my membership. BofA says the stop payment lasts for 6 months and only in the amount of $34.99; if they attempt to charge anything else, it may be posted. The last time I changed my billing information and a payment didn't post, they charged me $39.99 (membership fee + $5 charge). Should I go ahead and call BofA and file another stop payment (for $39.99), just in case? I really don't have the $40 to cover the charge, should it post.

3. How can I get LA Fitness to quit trying to bill me!? I printed a cancellation form off from the internet, filled it out, and mailed it in (10/10). 11 days later, they charged me the $34.99 (when I filed the request, 10/21), so I called my local club and asked them to cancel, but they said that I had to do a form, which they faxed to me. It's the same thing from the internet, but I filled it out again and sent it in. When I spoke to them a few days ago, they still have me marked as active. What's my next step? Do I need to send the letter registered mail or something? Does that cost extra?