November 16th, 2009

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I've noticed that in certain Californian accents, people drop their l's. So, "talk" sounds like "tock" but with a quicker beat. While some NY accents they add a "w" so again, "talk" sounds like "tawlk".

Now when it comes to your accent, what traits does it have? Do you drop R's like those around Rhode Island and Massachusetts? Or add them like those accents from Texas? Or do you even stress the S's like those in the Michigan area?

And more importantly, what sort of accent do you have?

2. Does your cat make too much noise?

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Have you ever had hair extensions? More specifically, the non-clip-in kind?
Did you like them?
Were they a pain in the ass?

I have a pixie haircut that's a little grown out and I'm thinking about getting extensions.

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Do you think it would be odd to give my friend a gift that I crocheted? It would be a little doll similar to one I made myself and she expressed love for. We've only known each other about 7 months and been close for about 2 but we've grown so close so fast, and blah, we are just super good buddies.
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I'm writing an essay and my brain feels totally dead. I read this paragraph and something about it sounds really wrong but I don't know how to word it better or what's wrong with the grammar. I just know something is wrong.

This is the conclusion of the essay. I'm limited to 1,000 words for this paper.

Thanks for helping me everyone! I think it's a little better now :)

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when applying make up, why do people take the wand of mascara or lip gloss in and out over and over again before applying it?

It just gets air in the product and makes it dry up faster. I cannot explain how much this annoys me. WHY DO PEOPLE DO IT!?
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My sleep schedule is so out of whack these days. I've gotten used to going to bed around 3am, and waking up at about 11am. I have an interview today though, and had to get up at 6. I am so tired I can't even focus. How in the world am I going to make it through this interview when all I want to do is lay down and go back to sleep?
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What precautions do you take when using a drive up ATM? What about a walk up ATM?

Do you have or would you consider getting a carbon monoxide detector?

What do you look for in a table lamp?

What's your favorite hot beverage? Do you drink hot beverages year 'round?

Who's your favorite hat wearing character? Such as- people: Rick Blaine, Aunt Bee or Carmen Miranda, animations: El Kabong, Duck Twacy or Slowpoke Rodriguez

The last question was inspired by an online comic I found called Men in Hats.

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my husband backed into the garage door this morning.
i blame his lack of sleep and his inexperience with owning a garage.
but i am BEYOND PISSED. we don't have 1k to throw around, and this is REALLY DUMB.
he's also recently left the garage open over night or all morning long, and scraped the side mirror into the wall of the garage.

what should his punishment be?
i was thinking no garage use for the short cold season in florida.

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Last night for dinner I had Krispy Kreme doughnuts and vanilla ice cream. It was probably not the best idea from a diet stand point, but it was so damn good.

Anyway, what is a guilty pleasure meal that you have had lately?

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Which tastes better: egg drop soup or wonton soup?
(I have no experience with Chinese soups, but I figure either one's gotta be a healthier substitution for an eggroll.)

When's the last time you had sex?
Okay, now when's the last time you had GOOD sex?
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Does anyone remember a kids show from the 90s about reading that included a puppet (possible multiple puppets)? They would come to a house where the puppet lived and read stories on a couch, and then the main part of the episode was like an animated version of story they were telling. In one episode the puppet got chicken pox so they put oven mitts on his hands so he wouldn't scratch.

It's driven me crazy for years, I wonder if I made it up?

ETA: MYSTERY SOLVED, it was Kino's Storytime!

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You are involved in a Secret Santa exchange with friends. The total price spent on each person should be approximately $150 to $175-- but instead of buying one large gift, you must buy 5+ small gifts. What 5+ small gifts do you ask for on your list?

1) snuggie lol
2) up blue-ray dvd
3) benefit blush in dandelion
4) laptop carry case
5) moleskine planner
6) box of see's candy
7) headband with a big bow
**This isn't real, just hypothetical. So please just answer the question instead of the "ZOMG SO MUCH $$$" thank you kindly. :)
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My shy new kitty decided last night that she was going to suddenly come out of her shell... and take it out on the couch. It’s a decent couch, and I don’t want it shredded. How do I discourage this kitty from clawing the shit out of my sofa without humiliating her?

Itty Bitty EDIT: By "humiliating" I mean spraying with water or other such things that might feel like punishment. I'm a wuss... way too felinist.

Also, I don't believe in declawing (so no worries there). To declaw a cat the first knuckle of each toe must be removed, which is basically amputation.
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My cat won't stop sneezing and he has a runny nose. D: We can't get him to the vet until tomorrow. Is there anything I can do now to make him feel better now? What are the chances my pug can catch whatever the cat has?

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Do you want to post pictures of your cute pets?

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You hear 2 guys talking in a bar about how one of them 'blew his tranny' last night. What do you think they are talking about?

The transmission in the man's car went down and needed to be repaired
The man had some sexin' with a transsexual
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TQC, I'd really like an animated Lady Gaga icon (from Bad Romance), but even though I've been looking in Gaga icon communities, I'm having trouble finding just what I'd like. Can you point me in the right direction?

Anyone doing airline travel over the holidays? Have the prices made you go: O.O or did you score a pretty sweet deal?
(Brought to you by the fact that the lowest I'm seeing a ticket right now is about $500. It usually costs me $300 or less. Ugh.)

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1)Should people watch porn in public spaces?

No, especially not the library, what with the children and old people around!

2)Do you go to the movies more during the holiday season?


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I have a phone interview at 2pm today, and I haven't had one of those in about 2 years. What should I be prepared for? Also, what's the best answer to the dreaded "name your biggest weakness" question? Should I be dreading any other questions?

Have you ever or your spouse in your current or msot recent relationship ever been unfaithful, and told you/you told them? Was your relationship still able to work/how? I've always been curious.

Is anyone from Vermont? I desperately want to go to Vermont Law School after I graduate, but I'm not really familiar with the area too much.

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1.) Any advice to help one drink more water when one kinda hates it?

2.) What should my Husband and i do for our date tonight?

3.) What are you going to have for your next meal?

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what do you think about people who wear glasses? Goofy? Attractive? Does the type of glasses matter?

I wear glasses because contacts kill my eyes, and I overheard a girl in my class the other day saying how she thinks people who wear glasses look goofy. I think I actually look odd without them.

in other news, my stomach is very upset today.. how are you feeling?


What for you is the maximum acceptable level of argumentation in a relationship (not a friendship)? Can it even be quantified (like saying once a week, 3 times a month, etc)? I'm not necessarily talking about small daily squabbles because everyone has those, but disagreements/fights in which there is a highly elevated stress level and you are yelling at each other, storming off into different rooms, etc. When is it too much?

What is your fighting style in a relationship? Are you more likely to clam up or throw things and scream or do you think you can work out arguments pretty well? What do you wish you could do differently?

What are your deal-breakers?

What is the most dramatic relationship you've ever been in? What happened?

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Our office is having a potluck & turkey auction on Friday. (For the last 4 1/2 weeks, we've been earning paper turkeys to use as currency to bid on items my boss has been buying).

1. What should I bring for the potluck? It can be sweet or savory, a snacky-type thing like a dip, or something more substantial. But, it has to be something that can be left at room temperature or put in the fridge. We don't have any re-heating equipment except for 2 small microwaves. Something I can make the night before or super early the morning of, if possible. Any ideas?

2. I don't have a ton of turkeys, but I have enough to secure one good item, I'm sure. So, do I go for the movie "Up," a gift card to Barnes & Noble, the huge crock pot, or one of the board games (i've never heard of either one, but they both look fun)? There are about 40 things in the auction items, but these are the only ones that really interest me.

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Have you ever been Geocaching? Did you ever find anything memorable?!
I went for the first time yesterday... we were only out for a few hours and out of the three we attempted, we only found one. It was at a graveyard and one of the hints was a riddle and it was rly awesome. :)

For those of you with significant others, how do you do holidays? How do you decide with whose family to spend each one? ETA: that is, IF you spend it with one of your families.

When you're cooking or baking and using a recipe that calls for a certain number of tablespoons of butter, do you cut it with the paper on or do you take the paper off and use the unfolded paper as a guide?
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

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You lost a bet and you have to wear a henna design on the back of your hand. You're can't scrub it off but rather have to wait until it fades away in time. It may be there for 1-3 weeks. When you shop around for a design, these are the only ones they had left at the time. Which design will you settle for wearing?

I Brake for Hot Chicks (text with silhouette of a hot chick)
The cast of Twilight
Miley 4 Life (just text)
A penis
Keep Evolution Out of Our Schools (text)
Confederate flag
Chris Brown was Framed (text)
Calvin peeing
I Bear the Right to Own a Gun (text)
I Put Out (text)
Rush Limbaugh for President (text)
Marijuana leaf
Don't Stand Too Close, I Had Beans For Lunch (text)
Teabagger (text)
I'm Not Wearing Any Underwear (text)
Viking boat

collEge/house chores

How many credited hours did you/do you take on average while in school?

What kind of things did you have to manage along side studying, etc (house work, job, kids, pets)?

How did you mange to juggle all that at once, was it hard? Did you/do you feel exhausted?
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Someone at work posted this inane "joke" on our refrigerator.

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Haha, right? I want to post a response, something along the lines of "In Afghanistan, they beat to death women who dare to venture out in public alone. You choose which system you like better." But I want a point for each country they list, and I want to make sure that everything is 100% accurate.

So what would you say in response?
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Santa Ana Cali.

So, Hubby got a job offer around Santa Ana Cali. Any time he gets a job offer somewhere else, I look at craigslist rentals and try to see the average price. I can normally always find stuff. Well they dont seem to have Santa Ana, or anything around it (I could be wrong) on there... So do any of you live around there or somewhat close? Where should I be looking for rentals? I know there is the average and stuff but they dont normally have all the houses and stuff as craigslist does.
Also, if you live there or have been there, can you tell me anything about it?
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ladies who have had acrylic nails, i need your help -
i broke one off the other day, but the rest are still on and i would like them to come off. the one on my thumb is about a third off in the bottom corner, but that took a lot of work and i can't seem to get it come off any further.
i read something that said to soak your nails in nail polish remover with acetone so i tried that on my thumb and it didn't help except to make the white tip turn all gooey. help???

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is it realistic for me to think that even though I failed to make deep relationships with people in high school, i'll find MY niche in college?

if it helps any, i'm one of those kids who can get along with everybody but isn't invited to hang out outside of school, boo hoo. also looking to move from florida to a school in cali.

how did you handle the transition from high school to college?

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1a. Do you enjoy chewing gum?
1b. If so, do you chomp on it like a cow?
1c. If so, why?

2a. Do you take the escalator?
2b. If so, do you stop right at the bottom and block people trying to get off/on?
2c. If so, why?
ETA2d. If the escalator is wide enough for 2 people, do you stand on the right or the left?
2e. Either one, why?

3a. Do you listen to music through headphones?
3b. If so, do you listen to it so loud that people 5 feet away in a crowded noisy hallway can hear exactly what you're listening to?
3c. If so, why?

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I'm in grade 12 and I have to write a critical essay, complete with a solid thesis statement, on a poem of my choice for my English Language Arts class. Are there any poems by well-recognized authors that you'd recommend?

(The assignment doesn't specify very much, just that the poem has to be "deep" enough to bear critical analysis - but I'd prefer if it weren't more than a few pages in length since none of the examples provided in the course so far have been longer than this and I'm overdue on this assignment as it is...)

What's the most absurd assignment you've ever had to do for school?

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what do i wear to an interview for part-time waitressing? the email of "details" i got after i phoned for an interview says come to our presentation this wednesday at 6. i'm confused, is this presentation an interview or what? :s

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I just went to a friends grandma's house and walked into a HOUSE of collections. It was amazing. There were collections of everything, all very neat and clean though.

Do you or one of your family members/friends collect anything/anything crazy?

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If you've taken a medical leave of absence from school, did it affect your eligibility for financial aid, or decrease the number of semesters that you could get aid? (I'm thinking of taking one because I've been sick for a month. Friday is the deadline to drop classes and I'm not getting any less sick.)

If the above question doesn't apply, what kind of mouse do you use for your computer? I have a Razer Salmosa and it's made of awesome.

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i have had hearing loss all of my life, but up until recently, the doctors said that a hearing aid wouldn't be of much help to me. partly because it wasn't severe loss until recently. i'm 27 and bought it myself, even though it cost about $3200. talking to my father in law, he said he thinks my parents should have paid for it. i don't get this logic. do you agree with him? why or why not?
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Hi everyone. I've posted here a couple times about how I was laid off last month. Well last week, I got my first unemployment check. It's supposed to be around $230 a week. I just checked my balance, and there's over $500. TQC, is this a mistake? I have a lot of things that money could go towards right now, but I'm worried it WAS a mistake and it'll come back to bite me in the ass. What would you do?
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My mom had some issues over the summer and quit smoking after a hospital stay. Today was her last day of tests to make sure that nothing is wrong with her. She's gained about twenty pounds since she quit smoking and she's SUPER sensitive about it, but she's still in a healthy weight range for her height.

Her nurse today asked her how she could have possibly gained weight after she quit smoking and sort of picked on her. My mom didn't say anything but started crying.

Am I being too sensitive in wanting to call and complain?

Will you tell me about bad doctor experiences?

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I'm on a Mac, running Snow Leopard. How can I make VLC my default video player for all .avi files? It's currently set to Quick Time, which I despise, and idk how to change it. :( Please halp? fixed!

Alternatively, I'm hosting my first Thanksgiving! Do you have any favorite recipes you'd like to share to ensure that I don't send my family home hongry?

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Have you ever read The Story of the Eye, by Geroges Bataille?

Did you think it was incredibly, inedibly weird?

What book would you consider stranger?

What do you think The Story of the Eye "means"?

Gmail Chat

If I delete someone from my contacts in Gmail chat, will they still see me when I'm online?

I deleted someone and then I put them back on my contacts because I changed my mind, but now their name doesn't have any little circle thing next to it, like everyone else does whether they are on or offline (online its green or orange or red... offline, it's grey).

It's the right email, cause I searched my inbox to make sure and it pulled up all our emails back and forth.

I don't think he can see me online anymore, amirite? :(
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Suppose that someone gives you a project to do at work. You have to scour the internet for ads for certain companies (so, obviously SFW sites). Google is great for print ads, but you're supposed to get ads from websites, too. These certain companies are supposedly the top brands that market to college students.

Where the hell would you go to look for these ads?

I've been up and down advertising blogs and trade blogs and Facebook and [ew] MySpace and apparently no college kids need to be marketed to on CNN, MSNBC or NPR. I'm seriously drawing a blank. What websites do you college kids read that have ads on them?

Or, if you prefer, what side dish do you most look forward to at holiday get-togethers? Not green bean casserole, though, please. Everyone SAYS green bean casserole, but no one ever actually eats it.
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1. Who do you want to win Survivor: Samoa?

2. I'm pinching pennies at the moment. Two months ago, I decided that my $100/mo. gym membership was unnecessary and canceled it. Now, I'm like 6 lbs. heavier and a lazy sack of shit. Should I go back to the gym? What are some other (cheaper) alternatives of exercising? I live in a city, btw.

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I was searching my favourite social networking site for people I knew when I found a girl I work with. I want to add her. We get on pretty well at work but I'm not too sure how weird it may seem when she realises I searched her name....

What should I do? srs & non-srs
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1. What make-up do you wear on a daily basis?

2. People attracted to men: do you prefer men to be clean-shaven, bearded, with stubble, or something else?
Men: of the above options, which do you prefer for yourself?

3. What little things do you enjoy purchasing when you have extra spending money?
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Do you live in the New York area?
If so, would you like to have a meetup?
It'd be pretty rad.

If that doesn't apply to you or if you're a jerky mcjerkface, what was the last liquid you drank?

In your opinion, what is the worst Facebook habit?
I hate the ones that post things like Molly McBrady hates it when people slow down int he left lane {{I'll love him 4ever♥}} and Molly McBrady is going to class and then dinner with my soul mate! {{I'll love him 4ever♥}}
People need to stop signing all their status updates like that.

Do I smell like pot?

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I'm listening to rock/alternative music that I used to listen to in high school (Green Day, Incubus, (hed)p.e., etc. What song/artists do you listen to when you're feeling nostalgic?

What year did you graduate from high school? From college? If you haven't graduated yet, when will you graduate? I graduated from high school in 2002 and I finished my undergraduate in 2006. As of Fall 2009, I'm working on a master's degree.

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How old were you when you found out the truth about Santa? Seven.

How did you react? Considering that my Dad pretty much said, "Santa's not real girls, we're going to buy your presents," I didn't take it that badly.

Where did I come from?

So I grew up believing that I was Polish, German, and possibly Pennsylvanian Dutch. I've recently found out that my family is a bunch of liars and I want to know what I really am. Does anyone know of a legit website that you can trace your family history through? I'm not really sure what to look for... I tried typing "find my family origin" into google but didn't find what I was looking for.
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What's wrong with this picture?

and why did I buy this CD today?


Do you want me to draw a picture for you?
It will be in MS paint, and based off two of your listed interests, oh and just for the first 10 people who say YES!

edit: it's gonna be a minute.. my computer crashed and this other computer is not fun to draw things with

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OK, I should start with "I'm not serious, just curious, but..." from now on so...

I'm not serious, just curious, but... What if your significant other has been cheating on but you had no proof until the person your SO has been cheating on you with calls you and tells you... What would you do?
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I plan to buy a netbook some time after Christmas. I'd like to have enough storage to save funny pictures from the internets and keep my mp3s there, and I need just enough processing power to play Neopets, Facebook, Livejournal, and Dragon Cave. I'm certainly not going to ask the Best Buy monkeys to recommend a model, and price is an issue. What minimum required specs should I be looking for?

Three Questions

Do you want to be my neighbor on Farmville?

If you are an American living abroad by yourself, are you a little sad that you won't be spending Thanksgiving with any family?

Do you try to fit "Not to mention the pincers" into conversation when you can?

Holiday decorations

Poll #1486583 Merry merry

Is it too early to put up holiday decorations?

Yes, wait till after thanksgiving
It's mid-November, have at it
I've had my decorations up since Halloween
What is this "up" you speak of? I never took mine down from last year.
Bah humbug
Ooooooo... ticky!

Super powers

You Have super powers, all the super powers, any super or magical power you've ever heard of. You can do anything Fly, freeze time even raise the dead.

Hell you can raise the dinosaurs! make them pink and give them the disposition of a St. Bernard puppy if you want to and it's easy! It's so easy you could teach the village idiot to start levitating mountains in like 2 minutes.

But once you share the secret you can't take it back and you'll have absolutely no control how their powers are used.

Do you share?

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1. Is there a community on LJ that I could request some photoshopping? I'd do it myself but I don't have the program, and searches of both "request" and "photoshop" only turn up icon communities which isn't what I'm looking for.

2. I turned in a job application for an entry level retail position yesterday. Assuming they'll call me for an interview, how long should that take? Do they have the right to not call at all if they're not interested?

Edited for ease: I'd like a septum piercing edited on the picture under the cut.

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Please :)