November 15th, 2009

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Sometimes, I have dreams where one of my legs is significantly longer than the other (like, 6 inches!) and I walk with a really pronounced limp. What's that supposed to mean in dream lingo? lol

Do you ever dream weird stuff?
Are your dreams really vivid?

I was telling my bff about the dream I had last night and she raised on eyebrow and was like "Man, you're dreams are so vivid!" and I was like "...yours aren't??"

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Have you ever gone to therapy? Did you find it helpful?

I know, I know...if you want it to work it will, blah blah blah. Mostly I need someone I can talk to who will pretend to give a shit about my problems. Also I'm broke and don't have insurance.
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How do you deal with friends that get too involved in relationships and forget about you? My best friend and i haven't hung out in 2 years because of this, we still talk via the interweb but still...
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music video cause I'm bored

What's your favorite video at the moment? I need some new music. I had seen a video awhile ago that I really liked...can't remember much about it other than it was sort of hip hop, and the video had a guy, very snazzy dresser, a street or something, and there was either a woman dancing or someone playing a piano or doing some dj stuff in it as well. Though, this could have also been a dream I had. I've had some strange dreams lately. What have you dreamed about lately?
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If you find out that your best friend, that you've trusted with everything you have, has been taking advantage of you- financially, emotionally, and physically. What would you do? How would you confront them?
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People, I am looking for a hair product that makes tighter curls out of my thick/wavy hair, but doesn't make it too stiff like with hair spray. What product would you suggest?

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Are you always late or early??

We have a carpool that ALWAYS has to wait for that ONE late fat guy. Yeah, we're WAITING on YOU late fat dude. My life can't start till your fat ass gets here. TYRANNY OF ONE I call it

Food questions

Have you ever had brownie in a mug? Would you ever try it?
Are there any desserts that you both bless and curse?
Have you ever had grits? Are you a fan?
What do you put in your oatmeal?
If you had to live on one food and one drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Brownie in a mug for anyone who's curious:
4 Tbs flour
2 Tbs Sugar
2 Tbs Cocoa (unsweetened)
2 Tbs oil (veg or canola)
2 Tbs of water or milk
Pinch of salt
about a 1/4 tsp of vanilla

Mix well in large mug and microwave for a minute or two or until soft in the middle. Enjoy!

[edit]If you make it, I would recommend leaving it in for a minute then check its consistency because you don't want it to get hard.
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TQC, I got a Kindle. What books/authors would you suggest for me?

Current authors/books/series I have on it:

JK Rowling (Harry Potter)
Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse)
Jeffery Deaver (Rhymes series)
Jeff Lindsey (Dexter)
Kay Hooper (Various)
Julie Garwood (don't judge me!)
Tolkien (LOTR + others)
Terry Pratchett (Discworld + Good Omens)
George RR Martin (Song of Ice and Fire series)
Laurell K Hamilton (Anita Blake)

I have a few other various kinds, classics and such.

I'll read just about anything, but I like Fantasy first, then Mystery/Murder/Horror. I dabble in cheesy romance novels from time to time also.
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Hey TQC, I am going to the grocery store and the farmer's market. I have $20 to spend. What should I get?

Restrictions: I'm a vegetarian, and I don't eat frozen food.

Edit: I just got back guys! I got mushrooms, brussel sprouts, bok choy, pomegranates, zucchini, wine and soy sauce. CAN YOU BELIEVE I ONLY SPENT $8?
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If you have to wake someone up, how do you do it? Sib, parent, significant other, friend, enemy, whatever.

When I wake my sister up, I switch on the light and poke her so she'll wriggle and bat at my hand for me to go away and then I can say that she's awake. Then after maybe fifteen minutes she'll either wake up properly or our mum'll go up and bitch at her.
green bean casserole!

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Poll #1485804 chicken/chik'n fingers

how many chicken/chik'n fingers do you eat in one sitting?


who makes your favorite chicken/chik'n fingers/nuggets?

what do you like to dip them in?

bbq sauce
ranch dressing
cheese sauce
sweet and sour sauce
something else
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Does anyone have bipolar and adhd? what kind of combination of pills do you take? what has your experience been with other medication that you may have taken? its driving me INSANE that my doc can't seem to get the right combo..grrr

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What should I get my boyfriend's grandparents for Christmas?

They're in their late sixties, love Labradors, and have tons of shit already. I'm also at their house about four nights a week.

Should I just get their three Labradors Snuggies?

Also, am I required to send my boyfriend's parents a gift? They live in Nevada (we're in California) and I've only met the dad twice and the mom once.
  • piperki

Workout classes

I belong to the Y and I always pass by the workout classes in the gym but I never go in and do them, mostly because I can't commit to a regular time with my crazy schedule. I was watching the step class and thinking it doesn't look that dumb compared to other classes.

Poll #1485863 exercising in the beyond

What class looks dumbest to people watching?

Step aerobics
Body Pump

Which class is the most fun to do, regardless of how dumb it looks?

Step aerobics
Body Pump
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Are you a licensed driver? If you aren't, why not?

Did you pass your road test on the first try, or did it take a couple of times? If you had to take it more than once, what part of the test did you fail?

I'm taking my road test for the second time on Wednesday afternoon. I failed about a month ago because I hit a cone while attempting to parallel park.
  • mekkio

Americans vs. Europeans theory...

I was watching a couple of BBC panel shows berating about how most Americans do not travel overseas. Nor do most Americans have any desire to travel outside of their borders. Which lead me to a theory. I think it's not that most Americans have no desire to travel overseas, if you were to give us an all paid vacation to Paris or Berlin, I think most Americans would go in a heart beat.

No, what I think is happening is that most Americans would rather use their money to buy technology while most Europeans would rather use their money for travel. For example, give a Brit a thousand pounds and he is more likely to use it to go on holiday to Paris, Amsterdam or the like. Give a thousand dollars to an American and he is more likely to run off to the Apple store to buy the latest Ipod or touchscreen laptop.

I'm not saying that Europeans don't like their tech because they do. What I am saying is they are not crazy for it like Americans are. We have different priorities with our money.

What do you think?

If someone were to give you a thousand dollars/pounds/Euros/whatever, would you spend it on travel or tech? And more, importantly, what country are you from, so that we can see if the theory pans out.

EDIT: Forget a thousand dollars. Make it five grand or whatever. The point being, you only have two choices, tech or travel. You can't spend the money on anything else. No future house, past bills or what not.

How much tech (cell phones, Ipods, digital cameras, gaming consoles, what not) do you have?
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Where can I go to find out what big concerts are coming to LA? I haven't found a good way to see yet without going to every single venue. The ticket places I've checked don't seem to be comprehensive :(
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What, in your opinion, is the neatest animal?

If you can't decide on only one, go ahead and list as many as you feel are necessary to mention. Images and wikipedia links are highly encouraged.

Collapse )

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Why can't I find The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus at MetaCritic? Is it not playing in the USA or something? IMDB confirms it isn't going by another name in America, so it can't be that. Seems it isn't released in the USA until almost two months after it was released here. That 'splains it.

If you DK, what other movie should I see this afternoon? I'm in Australia, which means that the really recent box office releases in America might not be here yet, but we have This Is It, 2012, The Time Traveller's Wife (none of those specific movies interest me however), etc...
space, fire

fourth verse, same as the first...

hi TQC, I am writing my grad app essay (fourth draft). I guess this can kind of be construed as a homework question, buttt

If the question asks why I'm interested in the subject and what my plans are in the field, how much time should I spend talking about the curriculum/experience at the academic institution itself? IDK, I want to answer the question, but I feel like to not discuss the fact that you're actually applying for a degree program and not a job.... is weird.

& for those of you who don't care, what is one strange belief that you have?

Are you more likely to spend more or less time looking at an attractive person in public if they are listening to a portable mp3 player of some variety?
me srs

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I’m planning a trip to Wisconsin. About four years ago, someone in thequestionclub posted about a spaceship suite, but now I can’t find it anywhere. It was this cheap motel where the bed was a spaceship and the hot tub was some kind of meteor or crater or something. There were other themed rooms as well. In the birthday suite, the bed was a giant cake with candles. I’m pretty sure it was near an airport in Milwaukee. Does anyone remember this or know what I’m talking about?
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Which Matt & Trey movie should I put on right now?

Cannibal! The Musical
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Team America
Oh my god, none of those. Those guys really suck ass, wtf is wrong with you?
Something entirely different that I will mention in the comments
Take a Look

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Do you think giving gift cards is tacky or lazy?

I wish I could break everyone of the notion that they are, because I'd rather get a gift card to somewhere I shop (hey, it shows you pay attention to that much at least) rather than some little useless nick-nack.

Or should I not look a gift horse in the mouth? I sound like an ungrateful bastard here, don't I?

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What genre of movies do you generally prefer?

What movies do you like/love that are outside of your usual genre?

Do you think it's strange and/or surprising that the director of American History X wanted to take his name off of the film? How do you feel about the quality of that movie?

What are some movies that you would want your name taken off of if you'd been involved with them?
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i've been fired from my job. this is the third job i've been fired from. my boss told me i wasn't doing well mentally or physically. i've had 5 jobs and this is the 3rd one i've been let go from. i don't know what 2 do. my mom passed and i think i need some counseling again i can't get anything together. has anyone been through something like this? how do i find my way in this world? my depression has taken over my life.
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper


So, for a class at my college I have to make a 5 minute video and our prompt is just "A Process".

I had an idea but as I started to develop it, it was clear it was shit.

TQC, I need help. Inspire me?

What do you think of when you hear the phrase, "a process"?
What interesting processes do you go through/have you gone through?
It could be anything from "how to make a sock" to "the process of coming out".


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I have an assignment due tomorrow by 4pm. I stupidly waited until the last minute to start working on it and realized I had to do the majority of the work on a computer at the college because I have to import some stuff from the local drive there.

My class is at 11:25 am and I always prefer to turn it in then, than wait until 4.

Do I skip my 9:30 am botany class that I also skipped last time and that I'm more than likely going to fail, to do my work before class? Or do I wait until 12:45 pm and do my work and hope that I finish in time for my lunch date to a place that closes at 2 pm? Obviously I'm bad with time management.

Are you procrastinating about something?
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This is a follow up to an earlier question I've posted.

1. American TQCers, have you ever been to Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean? If so which ones have you been to?

I think it would be easier for an American to go these places than to go overseas and I am curious to see how many have actually gone.

2. Non-American TQCers, where are you from and what's the farthest you've traveled for a holiday?

For dinner...

Should I eat jimmy johns, chipotle, get publix chinese food, or save money and eat my leftover chili that I really wasn't crazy about?

And what should I get from the place that you choose? What do you usually get at JJ's, Chipotle, or a Chinese place?

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When you left home, did you feel/react how you thought you would?
I didn't really think i'd get that homesick moving away for uni. My mum's just left after a visit and i'd do almost anything to be going home with them. Even though I love it here.

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That new movie Old Dogs stars Robin Willians AND John Travolta and looks like they're copycatting a subplot from Vacation. On a scale of 1 to 10, how good does this movie seem to you?

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we made $475 at the garage sale today! I sold all of the barbies and then I got a little sad because I wanted to keep just one. I also sold all the Disney VHS tapes. Don't worry I saved Passport to Paris.

Is there anything that you can't/couldn't bring yourself to sell even though they're virtually worthless and just take up space?

What was your favorite book/book series as a child? pickle things!

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We're having a grey cup (Canada's answer to the super bowl I suppose) party in a few weeks.
Do any of you have any easy/relatively cheap appy ideas?
ALSO, Where can I buy [uncooked] chicken wings for a decent price?
They're so expensive at grocery stores.
Doesn't matter if they're .. flavoured? I can make my own sauce for them no problem, but I don't want to spend a ton to get a bunch of wings.

There's going to be about 50 guys at our place for this football party thing (pretty sure it's just an excuse to have a party) and I've been informed that chicken wings are a must haha.
peggy hill, king of the hill

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How often would you spend time with a fairly new boyfriend/girlfriend? Every day?

What kind of job did you have in high school?

What kind of job did you have in college?

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1. Can someone explain to me the message boards? Behind the Collapse ) is a picture of a message board on if a visual helps. (It's a non-spoiler comment from 2012, just as an example.) Is there any way to read all of the comments in the thread? I can only seem to open one at a time, and it's not fun.

2. For the kitten/cat owners out there, how much smooshy-face kisses and shnuggle time do you spend with your feline?

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do you guys have history in medical school?

It's my first year, and obviously first semester. This semester we have medical history, next semester we're going to have Azerbaijan history. Do you guys have history in medical school too? I'm just wondering. What a pointless subject for medical schools. Oh, don't answer if you're in the same medical school as me.

Have a great day!

For those who own any Lord of the Rings dvds

Let's say Hollywood wanted to remake the Lord of the Rings trilogy but do it in a way where they can market it better because they feel they can turn it into a bigger cash cow especially because the trilogy's now going to be 5 movies long. They plan on casting Zac Ephram as Frodo, Dwayne Johnson as Aragorn, Shia Lebouf as Legolas and Robin Willians (with old man beard) as Gandalf. The film will have an even bigger budget and they'll merchandise it like never before. Peter Jackson objects and there's a big fight over the project and the end result is that the LotR is going forward but now, just for spite, they want all of Jackson's version of the series destroyed, making their remake the only film version that exists. Surprisingly, money changes hands and it happens. Every copy of the original films in network hands are destroyed. The original Peter Jackson series will never air again. And, to prove how powerful they are, they put out an ad in the paper that anyone who surrenders their LotR DVDs will get $40 store credit per movie coughed up plus free tickets to the new movie being released soon. Thousands of people come forward, wanting their free credit.

1. Would you give up your DVDs?
2. Is this cast superior or inferior to Peter Jackson's cast?

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What's your favorite movie quote?
Mine's from Equilibrium:

John - What's the point of your existence?
Mary - To feel. 'Cause you've never done it, you can never know it. But it's as vital as breath. And without it, without love, without anger, without sorrow, breath is just a clock... ticking.

What color eyes do you have?

Which do you prefer: Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, a computer, another gaming system, or do you not play video games?
devon ramen

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Will you please post with a screencap of your wallpaper? And will you please say where you got it from?

Also, do you think lecturers who insist on being called "Dr. Lastname" instead of by their first name are douchebags? i kind of get the feeling they are.
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cheese toast
refried beans
something else soft and vegetarian that i'll suggest in comments
a poll without a ticky is like peanut butter without jelly

i am very moody today, tqc, and am trying to watch movies that will make me feel better. i've watched a bunch of my favorites so far, but now i'm on enchanted and it's making me grumpier. any suggestions? these are my dvds.

Do you understand the whole GoogleWave thing? IDGI, it doesn't seem all that great to me. I have two invites left...would you like one? Invites gone!
brody dalle

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Have you ever called 911? What was your emergency?

What was the last really awesome thing you read/saw/heard/watched/did? Care to tell me about it?
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Does someone know where this quote came from? Not the author, but the specific piece of literature?

"Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each."

Henry David Thoreau said it but I can't find where it came from.

What was the last movie you watched that you really loved?


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Generally, when you're interested in someone ~romantically~ do you have sex with them before becoming an "official couple" or after?

Are you currently in/currently looking for a casual relationship, a serious relationship, or no relationship?

WTF do I want for my birthday? My mom is demanding a list for her and my siblings to pick b-day and Christmas gifts from, and all I can think of is "American Apparel gift card?" (I need new socks, don't judge). My birthday is in just under two weeks and I have no other ideas. Non-srs answers pls.

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If stupidity could be sexually transmitted from stupid people...

1. Would this affect your dating pool?
2. Would you upgrade your birth control type, or would it not affect you?

3. Is really good sex worth losing a few IQ points?
Quinn Twin

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I have to work tomorrow from 6:50a-1p, difficulty = my car is in the shop. My husband can drop me off on the way to work and this past week my friend has been coming to get me in the afternoon. She knows my car is still on hiatus, but I do not presume she can help me tomorrow just because she has.

I emailed her around 5:45 asking if she could help me again tomorrow and have not heard from her. I am reluctant to call since she mentioned on Facebook earlier she is feeling pretty bad today. If I can't be sure I can get home, I need to call my co-worker and see if she can cover my shift just in case. Obviously, I don't want to do so too late and def don't want to call her at like 5 in the morning. I can't get a ride home because I work my shift alone.

How much longer do you think I should wait to call my friend? It's 8:25 local. Or would you give her a break since she's helped so much and go straight to asking the co-worker to cover? I'd like to go in if I can, esp in light of garage bills, but want the bases covered just in case!

ETA Never mind! I tried to call my co-worker and her voice mail was acting all funny so after trying to leave a message 2x, I called my friend. She will kindly be driving Ms. Stormy once more! :)

Dermal Anchors

So today I went to the tattoo expo they have in my town.
I saw some people have dermal anchor's and I have been thinking about getting one.
Do any of you have them? Can you tell me anything about them? I dont know anyone who has one. I have a high infection/rejection rate with piercings so it makes me kind of nervous. (Although I have 17 piercings that have survived..)

EDIT: Also. I have jury duty tomorrow and I have never been to court/jury duty. Am I allowed to bring my kindle while I wait to have my questions asked or should I not bring it?
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I have my first job interview in 2 1/2 years tomorrow. I don't remember the last time I wore makeup. Should I try putting it on and possibly fuck it up, or should I just go my normal self?
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so excited!

My boyfriend has been in Australia (I'm in America) for four months and I haven't seen him for the last three. He is coming home tomorrow night.

Are you very excited and/or anxious for anything right now? I'm feeling a lot of different things right now, but mostly super excited.

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who was your first love?
do you remember how old you were when you got your first kiss?
do you like school?
where was your hang out place as a teen?
what was the worst thing you got in trouble with your parents as a teen?
are you still a teen or are you young at heart?
Kitty In Window

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How many LJ friends do you have?
How many do you know in real life?
For the friends you DON'T know in real life, how did you come to add them to your f-list?

American folks (who care): Who is your football team?
American folks (who don't care): Do you follow any sports at all?
Non-American folks: Do you think American football is stupid?
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With which belief system do you identify, TQC? Forgive me if I've left yours out, I'm not all-knowing in the realm of world faiths.

Were you raised in your faith or did you choose it?

Poll #1486040 the beliefs of TQC

Which of the following best describes your beliefs?

Unitarian Universalist

If you chose "other" or would like to be more specific, tell the class here:


the everyday

Let's imagine you have today off from work and/or school. What is your day like from start to finish?

What are your days like when you're not off from work and/or school?
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(no subject)

are you close to your family?
what was the worst thing that ever happened to you?
what was the best thing that happened to you?
what was your childhood like?
do you have kids yet? if so how many and if you have boys or girls?
do you have siblings?
  • seberia

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Is there anyone/any website where I can talk to some one? Just anyone, I don't care who. I am desperate to talk to some one. I need help, I need advice, I need someone to listen who isn't biased or a part of the conversation. Please?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I'm trying to find a plain cardigan with different color options under 40 dollars. I'm about to just say screw it and go with American Apparel. Can you offer any help?

What was your last first-world problem?
what the flip is that bird by _nereis_

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i told my friend we were going on an adventure a couple weeks ago but i'd sort of forgotten about it until this weekend and he asked about it at work tonight.

the adventure is, i want to take him to the barn with me and my friend because he's afraid of horses. i thought it'd be funny and i think we'd have fun in the end, 'cause there's other animals and kittens and this absurdly awesome dog named Seamus.

but then i started wondering about his fear of horses and if it's really a good idea. i don't think he's like REALLY afraid but i don't want to make him do something that wouldn't be fun in the end.


should i keep it the same or just not mention the horsies and say the adventure is going to see Zombieland or This Is It? a movie is just not a good adventure is the thing.
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I'm not sure if this has been asked, I wouldn't be surprised if it has been. I'm not around TQC enough to keep track.

Does the idea of the world ending in December 21, 2012 faze you at all? Whether or not you "believe" it, is it not still a possibility?

I've been wondering because I feel like I keep on seeing 2012 discussions, be it on TV or online, comcast had it on their homepage...of course, it's probably all hyped by the 2012 movie. But still. Do you think people will be frightened, staying at home on that day? Will you be? Or will the day blow over with ease? Presuming the world doesn't end. ;) Suppose the world did end then, what would you do/who would you want to be with?
Peggy Blink

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How do you deal with a friend who only talks about themselves and doesn't ask about YOU?
One of my friends always IMs me and says "Oh, man, this guy I'm seeing blah blah blah" and then when I say something about my life, she just says "yeah" and then goes on to blab more about herself. She didn't used to be that way, but it's making me sad and not want to talk to her. :(

(no subject)

the other day someone I know made the following statement:
There are three kinds of people in the world--Beatles people, Rolling Stones people, and Who people.

Do you think this is true?
If so, which of the three are you?

Books online

I just bought my friend a Sony Reader, one of those iPod looking things that you can store books on, but I'm wondering if there are good sites anyone would recommend that you can download books for free or cheap?

(no subject)

Do you own the LG Chocolate VX8500 cell phone? It's the old chocolate. A friend is lending me her old Verizon phone until I get my phone mailed to me, but she doesn't have the charger. Do you know what other kinds of chargers will work for it?

My roommate and I are jamming out to Christmas music. Too early, y/n?

What was the last thing you felt guilty about?

(no subject)

Did you watch The Wonder Years? I just stumbled across the Biography documentary on YouTube and it brought back happy memories. I loved that show.

Do you set your alarm earlier than you want to get up so you can have some extra snooze time (I'm talking 20+ minutes) or do you get up right when it goes off?

(no subject)

For those of you who went to college:
What college did you go to?
How did you like it? Did you like all 4 years equally, or did it get better/worse from year to year?

If you didn't go to college, what time do you have to get up tomorrow morning?
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If you're at a general admission concert (in the pit, specifically), and someone in a wheelchair needs to exit the pit to go the bathroom, do you hold their spot or take it? When they come back, do you move again, or say too bad? Is this all dependent on the fact that they're in a wheelchair? Why?

I'm watching Marie Antoinette and greatly enjoying the lush sets and props and costumes. Are there any other movies like this, that are absolutely pointless aside from the eye candy you think I might enjoy?

What song are you listening to right now?
Love & Theft - Runaway

You know it's cold and flu season when...

How come when I go to grab a Kleenex, they come out all at once in a line? Did the manufacturer stop folding the single sheets together and just start not-quite-entirely-cutting-apart the tissues, leaving them all connected at the corners?

WTF, Kleenex?

(Scotties is also starting to do this, a little bit, but with a sharp tug, the corners will usually rip, whereas with Kleenex, you have to pull them apart with both hands and by then you've taken six out of the box, anyhow. Royale is still working as it ought, one tissue per tug, no resistance, pops up the next one easy as pie. I like Puffs Plus but we haven't bought them in ages, so I don't know if they'd give me this grief, too.)

What's your favourite tissue brand and why?