November 14th, 2009


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if someone was describing a person you've never seen before and they said to you "he has a pseudo-jewfro," what would that mean to you?

(there's no right answer... i'm just trying to see what people think of when they hear "pseudo-jewfro.")
im french

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1. What should I eat?

I only have: Eggs, frozen spelt bread, barbeque sauce, tofu, lettuce, beans, moldy cheese (maybe salvagable), a tomato, mango salsa, pickles and many condiments.

Leaving my home is not currently an option.

2. What are some fun things to do on Ambien/Lunesta? Besides sleep or cook.

delivery is not an option.

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Do you go through tqc phases? If so, do you find that your tqc phases have correlated directly with your life being down the tubes? Are you generally a reclusive person?

You know when you wake up in the middle of the night really thirsty... what liquid do you crave? I usually want milk or LOW ACID orange juice.
Are you familiar with low acid orange juice? You should be.

edit: AND if you live in NY/LI and you got your tatas done where'd you get them done and how much were there? And are you happy with them?

What do you think of cosmetically altered tatas?

Finding an old-ass movie...

Is there some sort of website that's equipped to help me remember the title of a (very) vaguely remembered movie from my childhood?

IMDB isn't an option, because I have no idea who starred in, directed, produced, etc., or even the year it was made.

It's a movie about a boy who goes to a beach house on a (NE?) shore every summer and has a best 'girlfriend' next door neighbor that he hangs out with each year. When they're about 12, they get to the beach, hang out, have a fight one night, and after he storms off, she drowns. When he comes back, he sees her ghost (on the beach or in the water) there. It had to have been released in the 80's, I can't quite see it being a 70's movie. I'm 27, and I saw it when I was 10 or under...maybe that would help.

Here's hoping!
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What is the scariest movie that you've ever seen?

One that left your mind blown and that you couldn't stop thinking about?

I just saw The Fourth Kind- freaked me the hell out!
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What is the name of a movie where there are teenagers in a car, the guy driving turns off the car's headlights so the stars are just flying by and he ends up driving into some kind of farm tractor, killing some of his friends? I feel like it was a absolutely terrible movie.


I need to block a phone number (because I had to report a fucking antisocial psychopath to the police and I'm sure he is pissed) and I have a Verizon phone. Is it true that Verizon will charge me for this? (Cause that's ridiculous)

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Guys, why is the drunk girl outside my dorm building screaming like a maniac? People are yelling out their windows for her to shut up and go home, but she's still out there screaming. At first I was like "Wow I hope nobody just got hurt" but then it just went on and on.

...And now she's yelling back at the people something about 'sucking her twat'. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being classiest, how classy are you in comparison to this girl while you are intoxicated? I don't know if that even makes any sense, just go with it.

ETA: For those of you who have done the 30-Day Shred or atleast attempted it: After the first run-through of Level one, how long before you felt up to doing it again? I just started it today and I can already feel my thighs hating me.
r lee ermey

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I am reading my first James Patterson book.
Each chapter is less than 2 pages long. Does he write EVERY book this way?
Is it writtten for people with ADD? What is this ...short attention span theater?
Am I the only one annoyed by this ca ca???

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How often do you check your bank account?
Do you check it with dread or with anticipation?

If you don't care (or don't have a bank account), what song is currently stuck in your head?

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Does anyone have that gif of the cat licking his paw or something, then he looks to the left and the words "the fuck was that?" appear? It's a grumpy old man cat, if that makes a difference.

Why are you awake right now?
I had intentions of sleeping in but I woke up naturally 3 hours early. :(

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Have you ever had so much alcohol that you ended up in the ER?

I work in a hospital and I'm still shocked as to how often this happens. Not usually life threatening alcohol poisoning, btw. Just really stinking drunk.

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are you the person that always has to apologize to people because they refuse to apologize first?

if so, how do i tell all these assholes to fuck off? **because i ALWAYS have to say i'm sorry.

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why is my cat not happy unless she is knocking stuff over or onto the floor? (i spend probably 15 minutes a day cleaning up after this slob of a jerkcat.)

i bought a house a couple of months ago, and my walls are naked. what kind of stuff should i put up? pix and links are appreciated! what kind of art do you like?

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This is really vague but my Google-fu is failing me.

I read a quote a while ago, the gist of it was, 'loving life for the sake of life is unquestionable to those who do, and unimaginable to those who don't.' It was way better written though and that might be quite off.

Does anyone know the quote I'm talking about?

Pet peeves?

What are some things that your parents, siblings or room mates do that just gets on your last nerve?

For me, it's when my dad doesn't fill the ice cube trays. Yes, it's minor, but it's irritating when you want a cold drink and there's no ice.

What are some general things about your house or apartment that annoy you?

The tap water tastes like ass. We bought a purifier pitcher for that little problem, but Mom or I always end up refilling it because Dad seems allergic to taking responsibility. Also, having to use a pay card for the washer/dryer, and not being able to do laundry BECAUSE THE FUCKING COMMUNITY CENTER IS LOCKED AND I CAN'T GET TO THE CARD MACHINE TO PUT MONEY ON THE FUCKING THING.

What are the good things about your apartment or house?

Just about everything else. ^_^

What are some good things about your annoying house mates/parents/siblings?

My dad does take some responsibility now and then; he washed the dishes, cleaned out the microwave and is putting my mom's CDs away while she's in the hospital. (nothing major, she just had some trouble breathing and is there to be checked out. She's coming home tomorrow)
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Imagine that you're standing in front of a fountain, just enjoying the pretty water when all of a sudden you realize that a baby just fell in and is sinking to the bottom! There is no one else around. You are his only hope.

If you want kids in the future/have kids:
If you save the baby, you will never have be able to have a baby of your own. If you already have a kid, your kid will get sick and slip into a coma if you rescue the kid.

If you don't want kids:
If you save the baby, you will never be happy again.

Will you save the baby?
Joker Heath

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I'm looking for a free web hosting site where I can very simply not use any templates or helper programs, someplace I can just enter HTML. I'm having a surprisingly difficult time finding anything. I used to use geocities, which was great but its gone now. Can anyone recommend a good, simple site?

General questions//
Have you ever made a website for yourself? What for? Can you share links to them?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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What's the last thing that freaked you out?

I was trying out group therapy for the first time yesterday, and there was this guy there who said that he has vivid, detailed, colorful daydreams of killing people when they do something kind of annoying. I don't think I'm going to be going back to group therapy anymore.

What's the last thing that made you laugh?

My dad stole a bunch of candy from my mom and hid it, so my mom stole a bunch of cookies from my dad and hid them as well. Now they're trading for hostages. LOL.

Follow Up Question from Years Ago

A long while back someone asked this question:

What music do you like to have sex to?

Someone answered with Explosions in the Sky and I fell in love with them.

So, what music do you like to have sex to? I seemed to find a handful of great stuff when this question was asked previously!

If you know of Explosions in the Sky, can you give me more suggestions along this path? I have Broken Social Scene and American Analog Set; are there bands (possibly instrumental) that I'm missing?

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how do you deal with jealousy of others? extreme jealousy? i'm sorry these posts are so close together, but i'm having like this anxiety breakdowny sort of thing and i just need answers.
devon ramen

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should i get one of those designer perfumes (as i always have) which go for about $100, or should i settle for a small small $20 bottle of vanilla fragrance from body shop? i've always liked the smell of vanilla but... i'm not sure if i want to smell like food.

do you guys generally prefer the smell of designer perfumes or something more 'natural' like vanilla?

also, WHY does the second season of the IT crowd not resolve the cliffhanger from the last episode of the first season?! it's driving me mad.

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I have to study. I can't study at home because my boyfriend is listening to lectures on his computer and we don't have any headphones. I should go to the coffeeshop in town that doesn't have wi-fi so I can actually get work done instead of having the internet tempt me, y/y?

What is your favorite kind of cheesecake? I had a pumpkin cheesecake last night and it was soooo good. I think it is my new favorite.

They've found water on the moon. That means we need to get working on a moon colony, yes? If given the chance would you move to the moon? What amenities would the moon colony need to have for you to live there?
im french

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My friend is hosting a mock-Thanksgiving type deal at her home. She asked me to make something for dessert, because I'm good like that. I want to make something really, really good, creative and impressive (so nothing "easy".) What should I make?

What are some Thanksgivingy, autumnal desserts that aren't pie?

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I occasionally get headaches when I wake up in the morning, I think it's from sleeping so long. Does this happen to you?

How long do you sleep a night? Are you happy with that amount?
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I just added a new friend on facebook and just about every post on my news feed is about her adding new friends. I don't want to hide this friend completely, but there isn't an option to just hide the 'new friends notification'. Where is the page with the sliders where you could adjust how much of one type of posting you saw?

Or, if it's no longer there, how can I remove the 'Girl is now friends with Boy, Girl, Mom, etc'?

If you don't care (and I assume most of you don't), what do you want for Christmas?
Evil Me

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Have you ever joined a Facebook group like "if we get 500 people to join then I will get a tattoo of my own face on my ass!" and more importantly DID IT WORK?

I did! I joined a group to get 300 people to get comedian Paul F. Thompkins to come to Halifax, and now he's looking into booking the show (with the help of the guy who started the group). Here's the story of how it all happened.

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Why is there such a big hiatus between two halves of the same season of an American TV show? Can someone explain to this Brit what the idea behind it is?

Oh and it's raining here, is it raining where you are?
I spend too much time online

just wanted to bounce this off you

There's a bunch of different journal sites and while this doesn't come up very often it has happened I've used icons gotten from greatestjournal or deadjournal here on livejournal...

...and I will say one thing for greatestjournal over livejournal. Over there icons have to be under 60k.

How do you credit someone from a different journaling site?
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1) What kind of creative, artistic things do you do?
2) Will you post a picture or two?
3) What, if any, process do you follow when you are creating art?
4) What do you do, to make your life more exciting?
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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Background:Way back in September, I posted about which ipod I should buy. I ended up buying a 160GB Ipod classic that can hold around 40 000 songs. Part of buying an ipod with so much space was so I could get out of my current music rut and diversify, so to speak.

Question Recommend some bands to fill up the space? Not in any specific genre, just music you like and think is awesome.

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What has been the best foundation you've used? I have the worst skin tone, it took an hour to match last time, so I'm looking for something with a lot of color options. I also really HATE the cakey look. I think everyone does, but I see people with it all the time so I don't know.

Do you have a favorite monologue from a show/movie/book? I have a speech tournament coming up and am just at a loss of what to do.


where do you go to buy movies(DVD, tapes or Blue Ray or your music(CD's,tapes,albums) at?
What do you think of Best Buy?
do you buy clothes at Target or Wal-mart?
do you like thrift stores?

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How many cameras total do you own, tqc, and what kinds?

I have 2 digital cameras (Canon and a craptastic Fuji I'm trying to sell), 1 film camera (Yashica), 1 camera in my cellphone, and 1 webcam (Labtec). Technically I also have 1 old VHS camcorder that my dad left me, but it's fried :(

If you could collect anything in the world, regardless of cost/storage space/etc, what would you collect?

I'd have my own comparative collection of native plains animal skulls and skeletal mounts; foxes, wolves, gophers, porcupine, deer, bison, coyotes, songbirds, etc. Or books. Just any kind of good book as long as I can fill shelves and shelves with them.

Have you heard that the bird is the word?
HP: magic missile

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I hoid it through the grapevine. Where were you when you hoid it?

What's your favourite vodka flavour? I'm having raspberry vodka and coke and it's delicious.
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Is there a community where you can just dump a bunch of links you think are really cool? Preferably one where people talk about them? I have to be discerning what I post on Facebook, but I get the odd link that's not quite good enough for Facebook but still interesting enough that I want to talk to someone about it.
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I have one more pack of Hot Chocolate. Should I use it to make normal Hot Chocolate, mix it in with a cup of coffee, or some wonderful invention I haven't thought of yet?

Edit: I don't have any alcohol, unfortunately.

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1)What songs are good candidates for fanmade music videos?

Hanging On[Tom's Song]- I like the images of flight implied here.
Buzzer[Dar Williams] Ok, I just like songs about psychological experiments, but it has a strong beat.

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i have a power point presentation that i may have to present on monday (people can volunteer to go first and after that she chooses randomly) and i know for a fact that at least 3 people volunteered to go on the first day and probably more that i didn't notice. the presentations are 10 minutes long and the class is 75 minutes long. so i figure there will probably be 5 or 6 presentations, depending on how much discussion there is and how long it takes people to set up.

i am completely unmotivated to do this powerpoint and i'm finding that i'm not even as interested in the topic as i thought i would be. should i work to get it done by monday even though my chances of presenting are pretty slim or forget about it for now and work on it on tuesday when i know i'll be more motivated and i'll be at school for 5 hours with nothing better to do?
devon ramen

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do sunsets make you feel incredibly incredibly sad, TQC?

idk why i feel extremely sad/upset when the sun sets. i just feel lonely and sad and get all quiet, as if someone's died or something D: what could explain this?
Quinn Twin

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1. I was treated so poorly at my local dealership's service area, I want to write a letter to the head of the company and one to the head of the dealership and let them know just how angry and disappointed I am. I doubt this will elicit any response from either, but should I ask for my money back since A) they did not diagnose my problem correctly (which is what I paid for and why I took it there instead of to my trusted mechanic who is handling it now) and B) they were so unprofessional?

1a. If they don't give me anything in return for my angry letters, can I dispute the charges with my credit card company since I didn't really receive the services I paid for? I am absolutely livid and feel I was unfairly charged but don't know the details of how it works for something intangible like service...

2. I have a travel mug from Starbucks I use 5x a week for my instant breakfast drink. It has a weird twist top mechanism that does not come apart. What is the best way to clean the lid? I have googled and found nothing and it's frustrating (and gross). What I'm doing now is boiling some soapy water in a cup in the microwave and then soaking it to get the milk-gunk out as best I can. Halp?
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Can I sync my ancient 3rd-gen iPod to a new Macbook Pro? old Power PC Mac Powerbook (ca. 2005) is still running Tiger and can't be upgraded much beyond where I am, because it lacks the Intel chip. Also the power supply is going on it; it works about half the time and requires special positions and jiggling. Rather than try to keep it going with dinosaur patches, I'm considering buying a refurbed Macbook Pro if I can find a black one (so it won't discolor), or if need be an aluminum MB Pro. But I have this ancient third-generation iPod. You know, the pre-clickwheel kind with the four buttons. I have no need to upgrade this thing; it runs fine for my purposes.

It looks to me like Macbook Pro of any sort does not come with Firewire, and of course the ancient iPod syncs via a dock connected to Firewire. If I get a new computer, how the hell do I sync my old-timey iPod? There must be some kind of adapter/converter, but googling produces an avalanche of confusing results, none of which is helpful to me at all.

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When it comes to gift-giving holidays, do you prefer being asked what you want, or being surprised?
What about asking other people want, versus guessing based on their personality and/or what you know about them?

I got my boyfriend a wallet for Christmas (he asked for one), and it smells really strongly of leather, but not in a good way. Is there some way I can get the smell to dissipate?

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My stepbrother and mum and stepdad are visiting me at uni. My stepbrother and his friend (who is at my uni) are going for a night out tonight.
Do I stay in and enjoy being in a cosy *home* with my mum, or go out and make a potential new friend?
ETA: Step-bro will want to stay out super-late which i'm not really in the mood for. This is why I would choose not to go.

canada travel

hai TQC!

i'm flying to canada soon! i'm visiting calgary, banff and vancouver. what sort of cool stuff and places can i see and visit there?

also as i'm from australia and thus have no experience of below-zero weather, what sort of clothes/shoes should i wear?

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what songs/lyrics/phrases have been stuck in your head all day?

"Fire in the disco! fire in the disco! fire in the taco bell!
Fire in the disco! fire in the disco! fire in the gates of hell!"

favorite raunchy song?

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what is the name of the movie with kirsten dunst and she goes to some boarding school i think and all i can remember is her and her boyfriend trying to have sex in the attic that her and all her friends hangout and drink and eat ravioli from a can? i tried google, but please help!?

also, how are you?

Cut and dried

I've had a tough day and kind of a depressing week, so I have to ask

1. Is cutting all that it's cracked up to be or is it just a fad?
2. Can anybody just pick up a razor and start doing it, or is it better to consult a trainer or a self-help book (Cutting for Idiots)?
3. Would you recommend I start on the arms or legs or is there some sweet spot that novices just don't know about?
4. If I don't have a razor handy, what's a cool backup bladed item I can use instead?
5. And lastly, how do I know I've cut too much?
Lucius Mic
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What are some books that you like to read/would recommend for reading during the holiday season? Wintery and/or cozy stuff, etc.

For me: Little Women and The Call of the Wild.
My Wild Irish Rose

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Giant talking brown elephant-like thing that was on Sesame Street for a while. His name was SnuffaluFFagus or SnuffaluPagus?

It has two F's
It has a P
How old are you, why do you even CARE
I'm pretty sure it was female
Kermit was better and always will be
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Have you ever been in the awkward position of filling out a survey about someone while they're reading right over your shoulder? How do you do that without pissing them off? Does your answer change if you get a weird, criminal like vibe off of them?
i had to do this last night and i was all alone in the office with him and it was scary :( i needed tqc then!

Last night I made cheese pizza with alfalfa sprouts, green peppers, and mushrooms. It was possibly the most delicious thing ever. What is your favorite uncommon pizza topping? (yes, i consider sprouts uncommon. it never occurred to me before to put them on :D)

Do you play Neopets still? How long have you played?
lol yes. 9 yrs :[

How often do you vacuum?
Not often enough :[

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For usernames that include 2 or more words, do you prefer ones with or without underscores?

If you were going to change your LJ username and had the choice of a username you liked, but the underscore-free version was already taken, or one that you liked just a bit less but could have without underscores, which would you choose?

Have you ever wanted to change your username to one that was taken by someone who has never updated/hasn't updated in years? Isn't that annoying?
last unicorn

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When you're waiting in line at the grocery store, do you ever peek in other people's carts?

Do you draw conclusions about people based on what you see in their carts?

Do you compare the contents of your own cart to theirs?

Whats the strangest/most interesting/most memorable combination of things you've seen in someone's cart?

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Do you donate to charity?

If so, which ones?

Do you participate in the Angel Tree program?

Before we had kids, the husband and I always picked 2 kids from the tree every year. Instead of doing a gift exchange at work, we're picking 2 kids from the tree to buy for. Last year my coworkers bought bed frames, box springs, mattresses, and bedding for 2 kids that had to move in with their aunt because their mom was terminally ill. I wonder what kind of kids we'll get this year.

I took some vicodin 2 hours ago for my jaw pain. It just kicked in about 10 minutes ago. WTF took it so long?

no homo

My best dude friend (who lives in my dorm complex and I've known since high school) is turning into a whiney little bitch. He's whining about pointless bullshit all the time, doesn't shut the fuck up about how good he is at x, and has generally been pissing me off recently. He always asks me to get shit across the room for him, but completely fucking ignores me when i do the same. Then when I say "dammit man i asked you to do that like five minutes ago", he starts fucking whining and keeps reminding me of favors he did for me and how thankful i should be. He also refuses to say thank you for anything, like when he needed money and i lent him a MOTHERFUCKING BENJAMIN and I had to wait around and say "... you're welcome, by the way".

TQC, how the fuck do i tell him that he's being a gigantic fucking asshole without him throwing a temper tantrum and whining more? I want to actually fix the problem, not get rid of it.

Srs and non-srs suggestions are both highly encouraged.


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What did you do today? What are you doing tomorrow?

What time do you normally wake up/go to sleep?

If I normally go to sleep at 3am and wake up at 1pm, and I have to wake up at 6am for a garage sale tomorrow morning.... how much am I going to want to kill myself on a scale of 1-10?

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I just got a new computer because my other one broke. Should I get The Sims 3? I had all of The Sims 2 and my old comp couldn't play ts3 :( Is it worth it?

How has your day been? How will your tomorrow be?

Would you post a picture from either your wedding, last birthday, or big life event?
mtn, girl

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I just got a phone call from a local juvenile hall informing me that someone has escaped. They are calling everyone in the area. I only have a cell phone, how did they know my cellphone number or that it was in this area?
am i dead?
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Have you ever had to live with a packrat before?
Were you ever able to get them to clean up/get rid of stuff?
Are YOU a packrat?

I'm trying to get my mom to clean up her house, since I had to move back in with her and there wasn't any room in the damn place before me and my stuff showed up, and I'm having no luck.
I have a few packrat tendencies (I collect things, but I do periodically go through things and weed out what I don't want/need), but living in this house is making me want to throw away everything I don't use daily and be done with it.

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How important is a first impression to you? If a person makes a complete ass of themselves when you first meet, are you more likely to steer clear of them, or will you chalk it up to it just being a fluke moment and give them another chance?

Are you more forgiving if this new person is a friend of a friend?
Quinn Twin

My Mind, It is Blown

So, nothing is on tv, Horton Hears a Who is on more for background noise. I don't know what triggers it, but suddenly I have an epiphany - I think the Who's Horton heard might be the same Who's down in Whoville the Grinch tried to terrorize... I tell my husband my new-found theory and ask did he ever put that together and he says no.

Poll #1485631 Who with tha what now?

Did you ever figure out/think the Who's in Whoville in the Grinch were the same Who's Horton heard?

Um, yes, this is common knowledge.

Lightening round - does this make the Grinch a tiny menace?
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TQC, would you kiss your significant other if their dog just kissed them on their mouth? What if it was their cat or any other pet (bird, rodent, reptilian...)?

Do you let your pets kiss you, and then expect your SO to kiss you? Does it bother them?

Who are some people you like that you find a lot of people seem to dislike?
Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Amanda Bynes...

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Edit: face, not force

After that woman got her force torn off after helping her boss with her angry pet chimpanzee, I have to ask, what pets would you help your boss catch?

Boa constrictor
Potbellied pig