November 13th, 2009

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Pie and eyebrows

I'm sleepy, but a little bit hungry. Should I go to sleep, or eat some pie and then sleep? If the latter, cherry or blueberry?

I'm webcamming with my husband and he told me I have Vulcan eyebrows. Is that a compliment? I just got them done a couple days ago, but that wasn't really the look I was going for.
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(no subject)

TQC, I have a dilemma. I finished college in May and since then I've been working part-time as a receptionist, a job I had throughout college. As of last month I have another part-time job in a shoe shop. My current total annual wage works out to be around £11k total before tax and it's unlikely I'll get a raise.

Today, I was offered a job in a call centre which has a starting salary of £14k. I had a good interview and everyone seems nice, but I've heard nothing but horror stories about working in call centres. Whilst I'm not just motivated by money, on this wage I could afford to move out (moved back home after college) and start paying off some of my debt. This job is the only one I've been offered (asides from the shop one) since I finished college. I'm just worried that I'll absolutely loathe the job.

Would you take the job? Have you ever worked in a call centre before, if so how did you find it?

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Do you have your LJ set to send a message if someone on your flist uploads a new icon? Or is that too creepy?

I do. I wish there was a way to comment on them because some are great. It's weird, I feel creepy enough having the messages sent to me. So it feels way too creepy to go to their journal and comment on whatever their last post is. But if the messages were comment enable I would definitely comment.

How many shades of creepy are you willing to go through to see cool stuff?

So.. Secrets

I was just doing a facebook survey on "what would you do in these situations" and the last question was "Your worst secret was just uploaded to facebook...?"
I didnt have an answer, except I dont have secrets. Atleast someone knows the answer to something. I dont have anything I hide from everyone.. I have a husband and two other best friends, atleast one of them knows any of my secrets..Some of them may not know all of them, but atleast one of them knows something.

So, Are you the type of person who bares all, but to several people? To one person? Or do you keep your secrets within?

(ps. You dont have to share the secrets, I just want to know which type you are..)
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(no subject)

Hey TQC, thanks for the suggestion to make cookies earlier. I wanted to share these delicious chocolate chip, pecan chocolate chip, and a new creation of mine: the peanut butter pecan chocolate chip! Which will you be having??

For those of you interested in the mens: if you could have any one of the guys from That 70s Show, who would you choose? Eric, Fez, Kelso, Hyde, Red, or Bob?

For those of you interested in the womens: if you could have any of the women from That 70s Show, who would you choose? Jackie, Donna, Laurie, Caroline, Kitty, JoAnn or Midge?

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TQC, why do crushes/romantic infatuation leave me completely devoid of what little confidence and social skill I had prior to?

He's in a band (that doesn't suck), he has an adorable cat, and we spent 10 hours last night watching bad movies and making hilarious commentary in the vein of MST3K. I should tap that, y/n?

If you were to put together an "Emergency Crashing at a Friend's Place/Hotel Overnight" kit, what would you include? Srs and non srs answers please.

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ARE YOU EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS YET? I am not. My birthday comes first (13 more days, yaaay :D)
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religious question....and funny accents...

1. Eddie Izzard recently said that in the US, a politician can't be an atheist and expect to be elected. However, in the UK, again according to him, the opposite is true. You can't profess to being a believer and expect to be elected. He gave the example of Tony Blair. The ex-PM waited until he was out of office to come out of the Roman Catholic closet. During his administration he refrained from expressing any religious affiliation.

Do you agree with this idea?

Why do you think this is so?

2. In your most humble opinion, what is the hardest accent to understand in English in where English is the native tongue? (For example, some people claim that certain Scottish accents are incredibly hard to understand. For others, it's certain American Southern accents, like Alabaman that leave them wishing for subtitles.)

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So I'm laying in bed trying to figure out my man problems and I guess my insecurity issues and I keep thinking of these horrible things that people have done or said to me. I'm not sure if I've had an abnormal amount how or extent of harshness or if they just affected me more than they should have. So I thought I'd do some comparison shopping.

What are the worst thingS that people have done or said to you? The more extensive the list the better.

edit: you guys are not helping. i guess i just want to make a list and to each one of them ask someone, is this fucked up? is this why i feel like this? Ever just want someone to tell you the objective truth even though there might not be such a thing? That was rhetorical.

What are your thoughts on therapists? I feel like having to pay for someone to listen to you is kind of stupid because there's a conflict of interest. So annoying. Collapse )
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(no subject)

TQC i've been nonstop revising for a week now with no fun squeezed in. i did a particularly excellent job on my exam today (as well as waking up ridiculously early with no help) and i am dying to go out and maybe shop. my next exam is in six days.

should i go shopping tomorrow even if i don't particularly feel the need to? if not, please suggest something else i can do, something fun!

ps. i dont have any close friends to hang out with at the moment and other 'acquaintances' are busy with their exams too, so meeting up for coffee or something is out of the question. i'd also prefer not going toooo far...
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(no subject)

So, a gym probably wouldn't want to hire a fatty for their front desk, right? I mean, the free gym membership could go towards me being a not-fatty!

Do you think the IT job I just applied for will call me back even though I don't have a resume? I wrote out all the tech shit I know so they know that I at least have experience.

Is anyone else having a hell of a time finding a job?

(no subject)

I just bought the Sultan Fidjetun memory foam mattress from IKEA. There is a strong chemical smell (formaldehyde???) coming from it. Should I be concerned? Is this normal or should I return it?

(no subject)

what would you do if someone you knew was on a path to self destruction (does copious amounts of hard drugs) and nothing you say to her seems to matter? she snorts roxicodone and does bars and coke and she just tried heroin for the first time. im afraid she is going to overdose. its pretty bad. like, last night she passed out on her own couch in her own house and asked what time it was and I told her 10:30 and she was like, OMG ITS PAST MY CURFEW I NEED TO GO HOME! yikes.

edit: she is on probation for selling weed to undercover cops. she is starting drug court this month where they will test her for drugs. she confessed to her parents and they arent doing anything about it. she is not a close friend of mine however she is my boyfriend's sister.

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*It's payday, and my direct deposit, that usually hits Thursday night, ain't there yet.

How should I retaliate against the payroll department?
Actually, since I am the payroll department, how should I retaliate against my credit union?

(no subject)

What was the last thing you made out of your ~creative outlet? May it be a drawing/photo/poem/etc.

I know the first sentence sounds grammatically wrong but suck it.

Edit- A picture would ne nice!

(no subject)

Have any of you seen the new season of Sesame Street? If so, what are your thoughts and opinions?

I'll save my thoughts for later. =)

If you haven't seen it, who is your favorite and least favorite kid show characters (past or present)? We'll just exclude Barney for obvious reasons.

(no subject)

Have any of you tried Planet Fitness? If so, how did you like it?

What's the coolest place you've traveled to so far? Bonus points for pictures, if you have any.
What's your dream vacation? Assume you have all the money and time you'd need.

Attention livejournal doctors. :)

So, I have had this sound in my head/ears (crazy?) for a few years now. I didnt really pay attention to it much before... Then lately I have been really getting into learning about parasites so of course, NOW I am freaking out.
I have a hard time putting my finger on what exactly it sounds like. Its almost like a crickety noise. Not chirp chirp but that squeek and buzzing. Or sort of like if you were washing your hair in the sink, the way the faucet sounds. I cant think of a better way to describe what it is. My ears arent ringing during this, but they have before and it isnt the same noise. I hear it almost every morning when I wake up. Sometimes its throughout the day but it isnt very loud so its just a funny feeling. I know it sounds like its coming from inside my head/ears though.
What do you think this could be?
Do you hear anything odd in your head? :)
Serious and non serious of course.

(no subject)

Does anyone have a tried and true recipe for wassail they wouldn't mind sharing?

Also, what is good served with this?

I've made spiced cider (non-alcoholic) but have no idea how to choose something to make a "hard" version. Recipes I've run across call for anything from beer to Madeira so I don't even know where to start.
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craigslist credit score

I've been looking for an apartment on craigslist for a bit now, and have encountered a few individuals, who, after receiving an email from me with some questions regarding the apartment, would reply to me with a relatively professional looking text, saying that because of the market conditions and many tenant defaults, they want me to go to a site they give a link to and get a free credit report there, and that after I do that they can answer my questions and schedule a viewing for the apartment.

Are these people working for the "free credit report" site? It seems to me like there is no apartment, they just want people to sign up for crap at their sites with trial (3 days!) memberships.

Here's an example of a reply I got:


Thank you for contacting regarding the rental. We'd like to give you more information about the apartment, but before that we need to know if you are currently up to date with your credit report.

Viewing your personal credit rating for free is easy, using the following link:

(The process is free & safe - and only takes a minute to fill out).

The reason for this check is because with the declining economy, there have been a larger number of defaulting tenants - we don't have any reason to believe you are not a good tenant, but we just need to protect ourselves in this economic environment.

Please, email me back when you have completed the application so we can set an appointment for you to view the apartment!

Thank you..

need ideas

Can anyone give me some ideas on how to keep cat food accessible to elderly cats, yet out of the reach of medium-size, active and intelligent dogs?

Links to other communities or websites that would be helpful?

Need feeding space for both wet and dry food, for 2 old ladies, one middle aged lady, and one young'un.

(no subject)

I'm making sugar cookies (the cut-out kind) this afternoon and have no idea what to put on them.

Suggestions? I could maybe do a lemon cream cheese frosting but IDK if that's really fall-winter appropriate.
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My first question!

Has anyone ever broken their lease and lived to tell about it?

We're paid up to date on a year lease which began in May, however my boyfriend lost his job and there is no way I can afford this rent all by my self. I went to the rental office, asked if they would take that into consideration and they didn't really like that or care (which I totally understand, it's a business and we made a commitment).

So: if we leave, with the intent to pay back (over time) is this going to destroy his credit indefintely, or is it something that can be repaired over time?

Note: It's in his name only.
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(no subject)

What horror and/or suspense/thriller type movies do you recommend? I'll take as many as you got. Gore is just fine.

I already have:
The Shining
Friday the 13th
Amityville Horror
The Exorcist
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Do you keep random pictures you've found on the internet?
If so, how do you arrange them? I save them all to one folder, but the folder is getting pretty full and it needs some organization. Any tips?
Would you like to show the community a random picture you have?
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Help me TQC!

How do I tell my family my husband and I won't be joining them for Thanksgiving?

After last year's debacle, we made firm plans with friends of ours, and we have no desire to see my family for Thanksgiving. I just got the "formal" invite (e-mail) from my aunt, and I'm not sure how to respond! The dinners are at the same time, so even if I wanted to, I can't do both. How should I respond?
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Just got this note...


Oh how I long to get out of my office, bag in hand, and head North to you. I am extremely bored on this quiet Friday afternoon and can't wait to see you. I wrote you a short poem.

Last night you made me go to the movie store to rent a film
a film that you did not even watch with me
You made me watch it by myself
although you were there, you were not

I woke up by myself in the middle of the night
You thanklessly used the toilet that I fixed
and found comfort in a card game over me
although you were there, you were not

I love you too.

Should I feel good about receiving this poem?
EDIT: It was a joke. I fell asleep during the movie and I had insomnia last night.
What's the last almost-sweet thing an SO did for you?

(no subject)

Poll #1485019 Bump in the road 2

Like the previous poll I made, you're driving home in the wee hours. You make a sharp turn down a dark corner and you bump into something. You climb out of the car to see what you hit and you see a man lying still in front of your car. This guy is dressed in a white sheet. Upon closer inspection, he has a tattoo that says WHITE POWER on the back of his left hand, and in his right hand he's holding a wooden cross. A small cannister of kerosine is spilled next to him. What do you do?

Call 911 and wait for the authorities to arrive. I'll own up to my mistake
Call 911 and drive off. I'll give the police/ambulance detailed instructions on how to find this guy
Drive off without calling for help. He's a racist asshole.
Drive off without calling for help, but first I'm going to hit him in the face once or twice
Pick him up and drive him to the hospital
He's lying really still. Best make sure he's dead by running him over
I fish through his wallet for his address. Then I'll drop him off in front of his house in full KKK regalia. That way, his family and neighbors will know his dark secret, if they didn't already
I put some money in his shirt pocket and drive off. That should cover it
I'll drive him to the hospital, but he's not stepping foot in my car. I'll drag him behind me
" that a 1,000-count sheet? That's coming home with me. Wonder what other goodies he has on him"

(no subject)

Interview today at Victoria's Secret for a minimum wage job.... but then the window painting woman just got back to me (A WEEK after the last time we spoke) and said that $140 per window is fine and she will forward me instructions if I'm still interested.


I feel like I just want to go work for minimum wage, but I'd be stupid to pass up so much money, but the windows itself will probably be annoying and I feel like they're probably not used to working with freelancers. Plus this lady sucks at her job. And then I have to front all the money for the paint and supplies for like 30 4X6 foot [boring, advertisement] paintings/signs. Ughhhh.

So do I try to pull off both or should I just go with the steady paycheck?

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

My roommate's boyfriend has a 3 year old daughter, who he does not have custody of at all. He recently went to court regarding something about her, and lost all his visitation rights and he still has to pay child support. We haven't really bothered her that much with a reason, and she's been very vague about it, SO, what could he have possibly done to lose all visitation rights? Is my roommate dating a criminal, y/n?

Has anyone ever worked through that website I keep seeing its adverisements on Craigs List, but I don't know if it's legit or not.

What's for dinner?

(no subject)

1. Yesterday, my coworker brought some homemade chili to work for everyone to enjoy. Everyone was loving it and eating it up (except me, I didn't have any, I dislike chili), and then she mentioned that it was made with elk and not beef and a few people got upset and disgruntled about it, saying she should have told everyone that beforehand. Do the anti-elk/anti-game meat chili eaters have a point? Or, if they were so concerned about it, should they have asked what it was made with before digging in?

2. Is it too early to bake Christmas cookies? I was thinking about making some shortbread cookies and nutmeg logs.

3. Do you have straight teeth? Did you ever have braces? Would you say that most of the people you know had braces at one point or another?
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(no subject)

what do you think of oprah?

i love watching her show but a friend of mine loathes her because of some stupid reason. oh also, her audience gets a little bit intense during her giveaway shows :/
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(no subject)

Do you let your SO buy you extravagant gifts for no apparent reason? Or if you don't have one, what are your thoughts on it?

I would feel really uncomfortable. My friend's boyfriend does it, and I find it ridiculous. He bought her a leather jacket and a new laptop in the past month as 'early Christmas gifts'. I'm not jealous; I would genuinely feel uncomfortable if my boy did that. Like I owed him or something.

(no subject)

How do you usually respond after you have come to terms that you overreacted to something and made yourself look like an ass? Do you move quickly past it or do you beat yourself up becasue you should have known better?
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(no subject)

Alright so I haven't seen any posts about it yet, but if there are sorry! Don't beat me.

Today is To Write Love on Her Arms Day.

Are you doing anything to show your support?

If you are can you please show me your "love" picture?

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(no subject)

To compliment synergys's post:

What stores do you like even though everyone else hates them, & why?

I like American Apparel. IDC if their ads are weird/semi-pornographic, they have amazing t-shirts.

And I like Wal-Mart. Ours are inexpensive and they're huuuge so they have tons of stuff. I do not think that Wal-Mart is any more evil than any other Hueg Box Store :I
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Macy's interview scheduling

I applied to Macy's within the store, and they sent me an e-mail with a link saying I could schedule an interview. I've been periodically checking back, but it keeps saying there are no available interview times right now and to keep checking back. Should I keep checking back, or call the store? Do they just send this e-mail to anyone who applies?
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(no subject)

so is there a point to this whole "to write love on her arms" day thing?

it's meant to 'help' people suffering from depression. i just don't see how writing a four letter word on your body is helping someone fight a mental illness.
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(no subject)

Effective in July 2010 The Federal Reserve will prohibit banks from charging overdraft fees on automated teller machines or debit cards unless a customer has agreed to pay extra charges for exceeding account balances.

Lenders collected almost $37 billion in overdraft fees last year.

Do you think that we're going to see an increase in general banking fees? Whether it's a minimum account balance or ATM fees?
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(no subject)

While walking through a mall today I saw a body jewelry store offering body piercings and tattoos. In the mall. Have you ever seen something like this? Would you EVER get pierced or tattooed in the mall?

This seems very wrong to me.

(no subject)

TQC, I had a wisdom tooth pulled this morning. The only thing I've had to eat all day is a bowl of ice cream. They pulled the teeth at 11:00 a.m., it is now 5:40. Is it safe to eat something warm? I really want some mashed potatoes.

They had to give me 4 novocaine injections. The first 2 didn't work all the way, so they had to give me 2 more. This was discovered after his first attempt to get the tooth out. Yea. Not happy. :(

Anyone care to share their dental horror stories? I need to have the other 3 removed, but I'm so not looking forward to it now. They'll probably have to put me out for those though.
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1. What do you do to chill the hell out?

Teal Deer, condensed: Kitchen fire at my dad's nursing home = big time stress. Mom is hitting the sauce by now, I'm sure.

2. We're about to buck 'tradition' this holiday season. How do I deal with the potential guilt trips my extended family may lay down on me?


Today my module teacher said that my English is not up to standard

and it is on the brink of threatening my future in my major. I'm a Sociology major.

It sucks to be in the Humanities stream in university and could not write a decent essay.

How would you guys improve my/ your english if need to? ):

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(no subject)

Don't these two people look almost exactly alike?
Do you think they're related? How?

What are you doing tonight?
Do boys actually have feelings? For other people?
Should I just give up and become a lesbian?
Do you think people can chose to be gay?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

(no subject)

I'm trying to add stumble, digg, and other buttons to my blogger page, but after I put the code into the template, it doubles the text in my posts. When I go to edit a post, it only shows the original text, and it isn't doubled.

I'm obviously doing something wrong. Can anyone tell me what the problemo is?
Nevermind. I figured it out.

What's your creative outlet of choice? I like knitting.
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(no subject)

Perhaps you would like to join me in a little experiment, TQC. If you have a dog, what do they do when you play Youtube videos of wolves howling?

My dog looks up at the computer, tilts his head back and forth and wags his tail, it's really cute.

If you don't have a dog, or if your dog doesn't feel like watching youtube videos right now: what is your favorite kind of cereal?

About Harassment

Please assume that your significant other or someone extremely close to you has a temper and can beat anybody into a bloody pulp and permanently cripple, if not out right kill with their bare hands.

If you were being seriously harassed (sexual or otherwise) on a regular basis, would you refuse to tell that person for fear that your harasser's life would be threatened or would you just tell them without worrying about the consequences?

(no subject)

If there was a man who appeared everytime you went to take a shit, and whipped you with a chain.. And he had always been there, from the time you were a small child, Would you ever ask Who is this man? Or would you just assume it happened to everyone else and not say anything?

What would you name this man?

Balls Scratching

Girlfriends of TQC, do you scratch your man's balls?

Boyfriends of TQC, on a scale of 0-10 (10 being the awesomest), how much would you love it if your girlfriend scratches your balls?
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What does it mean when someone asks if they can pray for you or your family?
Why do people ask that?
Are there some religions where people would get offended if someone of another religion prayed for them?
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(no subject)

I was taking my dog for a walk when he suddenly just fell over. He'd somehow gotten his leash wrapped around 3 of his legs in the space of about a second and looked like he'd just been hog tied. He's fine, but I couldn't stop laughing.

TQC, what was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
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(no subject)

I used Afrin once every night, and now I'm at the third night. It says to use it twice a day and to not use it for any longer than three days, but I only used it once a day. Do you think I could get away with using it for three more nights?

ETA: At what point can I start using the Afrin again, would you say, Dr. TQC?
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(no subject)

So, my boyfriend is in vegas right now on a business trip. Last night, he texts me at 4am -waking me up- to brag/freak out that he spent 1000$ on strippers that night. This is not what I have a problem with, that's well within what we've agreed is allowed in our relationship.

BUT I texted him later that morning, asking how he was feeling after his drinking binge- and he responded by saying that he wasn't going to text with me because "texts weren't cheap from Las Vegas". TQC, they cost 10 cents each. Needless to say, I freaked out a little and told him I was NOT OKAY with that answer. He's at the point where he's apologizing and not daring to bring up the cost of texting anymore, but...

Now I'm wondering if I overreacted a little. It's his money, we don't live together or share anything, so he's free to roll in a big pile of it and set it on fire as far as I'm concerned. I was okay with texting less to save money before I knew he had a spare grand or so to spend on a single evening; so do I have a right to be upset over this? Or am I just being a controlling bitch? TQC, validate me please!


If you don't care, tell me your favourite breakfast cereal. I'm still in love with fruit loops. :D
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(no subject)

Very important question, TQC:

I have a boy coming over. I'm going to take a shower to shave/smell pretty/generally prepare myself.

What should I put on after my shower?

The clothes I wore today for the.. normal look.
Pajama pants/loungewear for the sexy casual look.
An entirely other outfit (such as?)
A towel (this is not a real option)
Nothing! (still not an option, I have neighbors you guys.)
Yeah ok, ticky.
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(no subject)

two movies are on at the same time: harry potter and the goblet of fire (it has robert pattinson in it if that interests you lol) or night at the museum (the first one).

which one do you watch?
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(no subject)

If you've had pertussis (whooping cough), is it possible to get it again?

(I know the vaccine wears off, but if you've actually contracted a severe case yourself, can you get it again?)