November 11th, 2009

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I'm currently on a flight from LAX to JFK. The woman sitting in front of me put her seat back immediately. I usually avoid putting my seat back because I always feel like it's kind of rude. I checked and the woman behind me had her seat back too so I decided it was okay to put mine back. The woman behind me has been pushing on the back of my seat since I put it back about 5 minutes ago.

Should I ignore her and leave it back or put it up and be uncomfortable?
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When you were a kid, what were some "bad" words you weren't allowed to say?
All the usuals, but my mom also got mad if we said butt, fart, or crap.

Was there ever a word you didn't realize was bad, until you got in trouble for it?
Yeah, I made the mistake of telling my second grade teacher I was pissed off. Didn't end well.

Are there certain ~curse words~ you won't say now?
I don't go out of my way to avoid any of them.

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if you have a bank of america credit card and use BoA's online banking, how do you set it up to email you when you get your bill? i have mine set up to be paperless so i don't get paper bills anymore and i can't figure out how to have it email me. i also can't figure out how to determine exactly what day it's due. is the bill usually due on the same day of each month, or does it vary?

if you dk/dc... what's your favorite alcoholic drink? what's the recipe?
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WHUT my baby brother has facebook? Do I friend him? Not sure I want him to be in on my college debauchery, etc, but I can see the mom guilt coming from a mile away.

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Is there a program you can use on your computer to see what song/artist is playing on certain websites, something like the Shazam app but not on a phone? I have been trying to figure out what group is singing Hernando's Hideaway on this website, but I can't find music information anywhere.

What are some weird and listenable songs I can put on a weird mix CD for my friend?

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How would you suggest a person go about delving into Shakespeare?

A few years ago, I was given a large set of books containing all the known works of Shakespeare. I have yet to even open them. The only acquaintance I have with anything Shakespeare is modern movies, and once when I was about 16, I saw a production of Twelfth Night. I feel that it is about goddamned time that I read all this stuff, because come on. Any suggestion on where to begin?

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So, my mom called the other day to warn me that my grandmother may be sending me a gift from Omaha Steaks. I dont know when this will happen, if its soon or more towards Christmas.

Is this a silly gift or an awesome one? Or maybe both?
I know their meat works out to something crazy like $20 a pound sometimes, but has anyone ever had their meat before? Is it good, or just sort of average?

If its good, thats fantastic since the meat around where I live is generally average or below average. :(

Edit - I should say, I will like it either way. Free food and gifts from grandma are always great :)


The concept of the movie "2012" is really puzzling me. All the previews for it I've seen seem to be suggesting that John Cusack and his family are trying to...outrun the end of the world or somehow escape from it.

What is the reasoning here? I get that in any situation you'd obviously try to save your life and the lives of your children, but THE WORLD IS ENDING and let's assume there's no chance of survival. Why create such chaos for yourself?

If you found out that the world was ending in 2 days, the planet was going to be obliterated and there was no chance of survival, what would you do? Assume that everyone else also knows the world is ending so things are likely not running in a "business as usual" fashion.
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I've been having major problems with Flash in both Firefox and Safari, unless I disable the plugins I can't use either browser but then I can't watch YouTube videos or any other Flash content so that's not really a permanent solution. I've googled and tried a lot of different suggestions but none have worked for me. So my question is this, considering I'm using a Mac and it seems to be a Mac problem from what I've seen online (and you know..Safari is an Apple program) do you think if I set an appointment with the Genius Bar they'd be able to fix it for me or just tell me this is not their problem?


This gets asked a bazillion times! Sorry in advance.

1. I'll delete the first question once it's answered since people ask it here *all* the time... I really can't remember though so I apologize! What is that syndrome called where after you hear about something you start hearing about it everywhere? I swear it had a German name?

2. When's the last time you stayed up longer than 20 hours? What did you do?
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1. When/ What is the last time/ thing you thought you didn't like that you trued and discovered that you actually liked/ enjoyed quite a bit?

2. When is the last time you slipped and fell?

3. Where is a good place for someone to write an online syndicated column?

4. How does one go about getting readers to such a column?
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1. You live in an apartment building, and your bedroom is either right next to or above/below your neighbor's bedroom. You can tell by the loud coughing that someone is sick. It's been going on for a few days now, and a lot of the night, too. Do you ever tell them that they should see a doctor?

I'm scared my neighbors are going to start leaving me notes on my door. I've been coughing for a few days, taking both over the counter and then prescription medicine. Neither has had an effect so far :(

2. I need to read newer books. What are your favorite books that have come out in 2009?
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standing armies and perpetual taxes

In Federalist Paper #41, James Madison said of a disunited America, It will present liberty everywhere crushed between standing armies and perpetual taxes.

Don't we have that today with our united America and its military bases all over the globe, ready to force democracy on any nation it considers a threat?

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TQC, I have a coldsore on the corner of my mouth. I am now dealing with with the crushing fact that I have herpes/crippling self consciousness.

Do you get coldsores? How do you handle them? Did you/do you feeling self conscious about them, and how did you get over it?
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have you ever had your vehicle towed?
what was the reason?
how was the process of getting it back for you?

my boyfriend just got his truck towed and it's SO FRUSTRATING. not to mention, the guy who did it was there when we got back to the parking lot and was a complete asshole to us.
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Who was the last person you friended on Facebook? Did you send the friend request or did they? How do you know that person?

I friended a classmate of mine. I've only really spoken to him once, and a couple times in passing, but he seems like a nice guy, and FB kept telling me we should e friends, so....

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What's the worst thing you've ever puked up?

My vomiting experiences have all been quite tame. When I was 7 or 8 I had mumps and my mum could only get aspirin crushed in milk down me. We went to my aunties and she managed to tempt me with some blackcurrant cordial. When we got home I puked it all over the bathroom floor. I HATE puking so was really quite traumatised by it. To this day I don't like like having purple foods/drinks and my first thought is always, 'what if I puke it up?'

I think popcorn woud be the worst thing to throw up.

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do you prefer cold weather or hot weather?

tea or coffee?

what's your favorite colour?

now, for those of you that have stretched your lobes and/or downsized:

i stretched my first holes up to a 0g over a year and a half. about two months ago i downsized to 2g, then a couple of weeks ago to 4g. I want to close them up completely, to either an 18g or 20g, but i cannot for the life of me find any of my old, smaller tapers and plugs. would the holes close up normally and evenly if i just took out my 4g plugs and left my lobes alone?

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 So... we had a group project in Psychology. My group agreed to meet at the library at 11. After 45 minutes of waiting, I left. I'm planning on doing the whole thing by myself since neither of the other two group mates are answering my e-mails and don't have cell phones apparently. I should tell the teacher about this, right?

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How many hours a week do you go to school?

How many hours a week do you spend on homework?

How many hours a week do you work?

Do you find it difficult to fit everything in (social, school, work, etc.)? Tell me about your timetable issues.
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Listed below are the rental rates for the Knight Conference Center. These rates include tables, chairs, china, flatware and glasses. Please note linens (table cloths and napkins) are not included. Equipment is on a first serve basis. The need to rent equipment may be necessary if the Newseum Knight Conference Center is hosting several events on one day or depending on your event set up.

What is "equipment"??

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Poll #1484035 There's a wedding this weekend that I need to look hot for.

If I'm wearing a purple dress and black shoes my nail polish should be which of the following?

No polish

My legs are extremely white, which of the following should I do?

Buy some fake tan and use it carefully.
Just wear panty hose even though I live in Phx and I might get hot.
Flaunt my white legs and just go without the fake tan or hose.

How should I wear my hair?

Down and straight
Down and curly
Half up, half down straight.
Half up, half down curly
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My boyfriend and I are in an LDR. I am going to be visiting him in the next two weeks, during which I will be having my period. I am going to try to induce my period by making and drinking lots of parsley tea. I don't think it will work, but it's worth a shot.

Both my parents are home and they're going to be asking me why I'm making something so unusual. I'm not comfortable telling them I want to try to induce my period so I can have blood free sex with my boyfriend, so what (srs/non-srs) reasons should I give them instead?

Not very important question, but its bugging me.

Sporadically, for the last three weeks, my booty call guy texts me the same question: What are you doing?
When I answer, I also add, "How about you?" and he never replies or texts any further.

Why does he do this?
Its usually in the morning or late at night, when he gets off of work.
He knows that I don't drive, so its not like he's trying to ask me to come over, based on whatever I text him back.

Back story: We've been sleeping together for around a month and a half, but recently, we haven't been at all, which is fine with me, because we always knew there would be an expiration date.
We've talked on the phone before, never exceeding an hour. He's not very smart and usually just talks about really surface things.

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Should sexually active gay men lie about it so they can donate blood? (assuming they live in a country where it's illegal to give blood if you're a man who's had sex with another man)

Does your answer change depending on the number of partners they've had, the kinds of sex they've had, or whether or not they used protection?

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How does applebees (or the other places that are offering freebies to vets)check veteran status for the folks getting freebies today for being vets? Do they just take the customer's word for it and work on the honor system? Or do you think they'll be super strict and force my husband to bust out his discharge papers as proof?

Ooooh, maybe they'll make him recite the Soldier's creed or do some sort of drill thingy that only military people know? If that were the case, what an entertaining night to go to applebees.

What's your favorite flavor/brand of potato chip? Brought to you by the yummy Fritos Flavor twists in Honey BBQ that is my lunch.

If you were a ghost-hunter (for the sake of this question, you do believe in ghosts), would you prefer to be the person that sits at the monitors and watches for activity on the cameras? Or would you rather be one of the people that goes into various rooms and calls the ghosts out to talk/interact with you?

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I'm applying to nursing school and I need to write an essay. Here's the topic:

Tell us how you became interested in healthcare and relate any healthcare experience you may have to date.

How do I write this essay without sounding cheesy or convoluted? The truth is, I've been working in mental health for about 10 years and I'm sick of it. I have a Masters degree in psych and I'm starting over at age 30.

I like working in hospitals and I want to do something more interesting with greater opportunities for advancement and better pay. I think they want the "I really want to help people" speech but I can't do that without sounding insincere.

My mom was a nurse for over 30 years and I'd like to get that in there somehow.

Any suggestions as to how I should approach this? Possible topic sentences appreciated!
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I'm going to Barnes & Noble today to treat myself to some books. Would you care to share your favorite horror, sci-fi, satire, weird, dark humor, or just plain fucked up book? I like twists. I also like a bit of eroticism, but it's not necessary. I also also love books that reference pop culture and make fun of it (I guess that would be in the satire genre).

(examples - Palahniuk, King, Koontz, Nersesian)
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Does putting a packet of Splenda in green tea negate the positive benefits of it?

Is drinking green tea going to help cure shingles?

brought to you from my boss, who is now the self proclaimed green tea queen.
I <3 TLV

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I tried something new for breakfast today - blueberry pie with Soyatoo whipped cream. It was marvelous.

What do you think of blueberry pie with whipped cream?

A good breakfast
A great breakfast
I am a robot and therefore I do not eat pie.

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Did you know that Diablo Cody is not actually her real name?
Can you think of a pen name for me that is as equally badass sounding as Diablo Cody?

Below are pictures of my hair... should I do anything with it?  I have to keep the length because short doesn't work for me, but I'm feeling kind of crazy. Collapse )

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I dropped my phone yesterday and it cut off from the fall. It proceeded to cut off 3 more times within the next 45 minutes or so. It was fine after that, and has been fine today except for just now when I shut the keyboard (it has a keyboard that...swivels out?) and it cut off.

Do you think it's going to keep doing this? Is there anything I can do to maybe..fix it? 
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When was the last time you drank tea? What kind? For what reason?

I was chugging tea all weekend to stay awake and finish some school assignments.
Now I'm about to drink some more because it's FREEZING here. Earl Grey both times.

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Does anyone else watch Desperate Housewives?

I was nearly morally against it when it first came on tv years ago and the ~craze hit. But ever since the re-runs hit Lifetime, I've become obsessed with it.

Has something like this ever happened to you?

It's happened to me several times.

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Do you drink caesars?
(if you're not sure what it is.. the basic ingredients are Vodka, Clamato, Worcestershire, Horse Radish & Hot sauce/tabasco.. it's usually garnished with a bean or celery :) )

I've heard them referred to as "Canada's favourite mixed drink", do you agree?
When I was in the US I was suprised to not see them on menus, because they're pretty popular here =[. I ordered one anyway at Olive Garden and they said they'd do a spicy bloody mary as a substitute. It was still good, but not AS good. =[.

I love caesars. They're my drink of choice 99% of the time. Extra spicy with an extra bean. :)

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I just can't drop this, and if you are sick of hearing about it, then you don't have to read the following OR comment, just skip right over!

Do you trust the medical professionals in your life so well that you don't bother to educate yourself on the drugs/vaccines/treatments that they prescribe? Why or why not?

How do you feel about the prescribing information provided by the manufacturer of the vaccine?

Do you realize that this prescribing information is ONLY based on very limited testing, and yet still raises some red flags?

If you already have a weakened immune system, do you know the complications that the vaccine can cause?

Please take the time to read the following prescribing information for the H1N1 vaccine, if you haven't already, and remember this is only information that has been collected and interpreted this year. For more information on other vaccines visit

I am not attempting to talk people out of the vaccine, I just think it is only right that people are educated on what they put in their bodies. And unfortunately we can't trust all medical professionals to provide this information

To those of you who were quick to judge me on my last post, I have spent extensive amounts of time educating myself on this matter. I have several years of education in the field of autism and have therefore studied vaccines for years as well. Please ask me questions if you doubt what I know, don't assume you know me!!!


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I've got this idea that I should make up a bumper stick that enrages absolutely everybody, but not to the point where anyone will actually shoot at me. The best I've come up with so far is Life is Too Short to Eat Inferior Pussy but I'm worried that it isn't offensive enough.

What would you suggest?


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How do you go about trusting someone without worrying every time something seems "off"? 

More details: About a month and a half ago, I was in the same position as I am now, but ended up getting really hurt. Somehow, I'm back in that position and am having a really hard time letting go of everything and worrying I'll get hurt again every time even the littlest thing happens.

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So I always hear of students developing these bonds with teachers (and no, not JUST sexual).

How did you become close/friendly with your profs?

So far, I'm still too afraid to even speak to them (freshman here!).

ETA: I'm more curious about university/college profs though responses of all sorts are welcome!

Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO

But we're still eating Halloween candy!

My fiance and I are having a discussion (read: civil argument) about when he should put the Christmas tree up. I say the day of Thanksgiving; he says sometime this week.

(He's an agnostic vegetarian, just for a bit of background. He also loves Christmas - he says he's almost done with present shopping, and I'm still trying to figure out what to get everybody.)

So, I leave it to the Fine Folks of The Question Club.

Poll #1484194 O Tannenbaum...

When is the earliest a Christmas tree should go up?

Anytime after Halloween
Thanksgiving evening
Anytime after Thanksgiving
December 1
Never - I don't do Christmas trees for whatever reason
Never - I keep mine up all year long
Up Christmas Eve, down Boxing Day
Another answer I'll mention in the comments
Where are the ticky boxes, bitch?
I'm a vegan!
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My husband and I have been invited to a holiday party hosted by the head of my husband's company. The invitation states that it will be cocktail attire. Does that mean that I should wear a black dress, or can it be another color as long as the style of the dress is fits the type of event?
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Poll #1484174 Music!

If you had to pick only one of these to listen to for the next 5 years, what would you choose?

Solo cello
Solo piano
Jazz ensemble
Bach (any sort of rendition, but it has to be Bach)
Celtic Woman
Remixes of popular songs (no originals, remixes only)
The Decemberists
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oh, dog

My husband and I got a done in July. While I grew up with dogs, I don't think I realized just how stupid they can be. I'm wondering if anyone else's dogs do this, and if you have an explanation for the behavior besides just that dogs are weird.

1. When we take her out, and grab her leash and collar, she will run away and grab a bite of her dog food. She'll then come back and sit nicely waiting for you to put her collar and leash on her. Why could she possibly need one more bite?

2. A lot of times when we're eating in front of the TV, the dog will bring her bone up and put it on the coffee table and then look at our food. Does she think we're going to trade with her?

3. When we come home from work, she checks to make sure it's us at the door. Then she'll run and grab her bone and bring it to us. It doesn't always seem like she wants to play with us/the bone, so I'm not sure why?

What are some things that your dogs do that make you go 'WTF?'

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TQC, where would you rather live?

a) in a flat with only one housemate who's rarely home, the place is generally always quiet and peaceful and you can do basically anything you want?


b) in a flat with about 3-4 other people, (but you have your own private room), there are almost always people in the living room (so you don't have much freedom) but it's never lonely?

also, what is it about parents comparing their child's grades with other children? it's so awful... my sister's exam grades just got out as well as my SO's sister's. my sister didn't do as well as his did, and i dont really want to answer when his family asks me what my little sister got. i don't want my sister to feel awful about it.

qt: animal cookies

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1. Our school has a policy that everyone needs to go to an exchange program somewhere through our studies. My first choices to go would be Singapore or Quebec Montreal (brainfart, sorry). Can you pimp my some place you think would be interesting to live about a year, and why? Anything goes, since I'm just pondering about choices now. (And I'm not American, so USA is foreign territory to me too.)

2. Are you missing someone right now? Who?

Yes. My fwb.

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On a scale of 1-10, where do you rank intelligence-wise compared to the people you interact with on a daily basis? Not the people you encounter once and never again, but those you work with, go to school with, are friends with, etc.

Has anyone ever told you that your impression of yourself was wrong?


Please tell me about a time that you sucked at something but then improved and you were great?

I'm feeling a bit down because I need to work on my behaviour management skills in the classroom. I suck because I'm inexperienced, and also really confused about what to do, but I still feel like a moron.

How do I get back into The Zone to write an essay I was given 7 weeks ago, and is due in a week and a half, but I've barely started, because I was on teaching prac?

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can anyone recommend more movies like 'Brick'? that is just an awesome unique movie and I will never go back to mainstream movies again! I'm up for any other sundance film festival movies as well...thanks :)
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northern california TQCers:

what are your plans for new years eve? i don't know what to do and i cannot stay in this damn town for new years ever again. i was thinking something in SF but i have no idea what goes on there on NYE.

and i am not trying to go to a rave or anything. i feel like everyone always tells me about a cool techno warehouse dance party thing.

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Let's say, hypothetically, you've just got the results of your STI test back as clear, but that was 2 weeks ago and today, hypothetically, someone you slept with last week says they have an STI and get checked out. You used protection etc. when sleeping with them.

How quickly would you get down to the clinic?
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1. So, if a dude breaks up with you, but then a few months later he tells you he always thought you were the prettiest girl he's dated... then it's your personality, right?

2. Seasonal jobs- what is the deal with them? I want one. Where should I go? I want as much money as possible for my time. What are your experiences?
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TQC, I found a tutoring job in my hometown that sounds pretty awesome.

The problem is, I need to be available from "November to December" for training. I'm going to be in New Zealand from December 15th to January 5th.

Should I apply to the job anyway? Should I mention my trip to New Zealand in my cover letter or something, or should I tell them if I get an interview?
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Do you think the cumulative grade point average labeling system at your school was indicative of the actual population's average?

Do you consider a cumulative GPA to be an equal reflection of accomplishment and intelligence, or lean towards it being more of one or the other?

For instance, at my high school, we considered and were told by some teachers a 3.0 is average and a 3.5 is above average. I graduated with a 3.3, but in my shame, I wouldn't want people to think I graduated with a 2.3 (as being slightly above average)!

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my boyfriend gets these weird little white bumps around his eyes sometimes that kind of look like pimples. he says he doesn't think they're pimples, though, because they really hurt when he puts pressure on them and it takes a lot of force to pop them (though he can pop them, and he said they're filled with puss and pimpley-goo) so, tqc! Collapse )

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I share an apartment with a girl. We each have our own rooms but it's right next to each other.

Last night, I heard her come in at 3 am with some guy and they were having really loud sex. It woke me up and was awkward at first, but actually got kind of amusing.

What were some instances in which you overheard someone having sex?

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Is it true you can't become a police officer (or do any job that requires you carry a gun) if you have had mental health problems?

edit: I've been hospitalized 3 times, twice for overdosing and once for suicidal thoughts, once when I was 16 and twice at 19. My ultimate goal is to become an Animal Cruelty Investigator, and I've read that a lot of them were former police officers before getting the job. That's why I asked.
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1. Do you immediately know the difference between right and left?
2. How about clockwise and counterclockwise?
3. When out and about, can you usually point North?
4. Can you do basic math immediately and without effort?
5. Can you tell the time immediately when a stranger asks? (Edit: This is assuming you have a watch and it's analog.)

6. Does your inability to do any of the above in a timely fashion make you feel stupid? :(

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How do you know when orange juice is bad? Does it....sour, sort of like milk does? OJ is pretty sour to begin with so...? 

Do you have stories to share about drinking/eating expired foods? The more disgusting, the better.
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Cat owners:

Do your cats drool a bit/smack their lips when you pet/snuggle them?


What's your favorite place to volunteer or charity to give to during the holidays?

(no subject)





(no subject)

Yesterday I went to the gym and then went to a boxercise class, so clearly, as a result of my stupidity, I'm very sore. I didn't go to the gym at all today, but my leg muscles are still sore. I have plans to go to the gym tomorrow morning, and my boyfriend said that exercising would help with the soreness because it would help loosen my muscles or something. He's a genius, y/n? Should I go to the gym?

Ladies: What's your favorite brand of jeans that always flatters you?
Guys: What would you want your girlfriend to buy you as a present. No specific holiday, just in general. My boyfriend loves Johnny Walker Black Label but never gets it because it's $60 a bottle, so I thought it'd be a nice treat for him. Good idea, y/n?

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my impecable youtube-fu is somehow failing me.

could someone help me find the original video in this auto-tuned video, the one of the kid singing "i heard it through the grapevine" with the banana? video under the cut.
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Guys: a girl who tells you she doesn't want to "put a label" on what kind of relationship you're having. Dream woman or dreaded woman?

Ladies: a guy who wants to establish what the two of you are. Man of your dreams or man who's dreaming?

Are you watching the CMAs? Are you as happy as I am about all of Lady A's wins?

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For those of you that get tattoos/know tattoos, do you know if a tattoo artist might tattoo two people (very, very small tattoos) for a combined price of say $50-$100?? 

my friend and I are thinking about getting some sort of grammatical marks, less than the size of a dime, on each of us.

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So I found out my manager parks his car in the lot adjacent to my house, and he pointed out which car is his. What creepy present(s) should I leave him on his windshield?

edit: he probs knows I'm gonna leave him something
also, he doesn't have firing power

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"Like Afghanistan (but to a much lesser extent), Mexico is also a country that used to be peaceful and safe and has now become dangerous and chaotic."

Does that make sense? I'm trying to say that Mexico has it better than Afghanistan/has seen less of the extent of violence that Afghanistan has seen. At first it sounded right but now I've read it so many times I can't tell if it's clear or if it might sound like I'm saying Mexico is worse off than Afghanistan.

Sorry, it's my bedtime and my brain is dead and rereading stuff too many times makes it look funny.

[ETA:] I mean does the "to a much lesser extent" make sense, or does the way I positioned it mean that Afghanistan experiences a lesser extent than Mexico?
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