November 10th, 2009

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TQC, can you help me find out what song i'm thinking of? There's a version of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer which is sung by a man and a woman, but it's a jazzy kind of version. There's even an extended verse about how Rudolph now lives in the north pole "smoking a cigar all day." It was featured on the Toys for Tots Christmas CD about 8 years ago. Can anyone tell me who sings this version?

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let's say you're an old woman who owns a huge house, where you live with your three teenage kids. you're going to die soon, definitely before your youngest is in college. you also want to keep the house in the family, no matter what.

so what happens to your kids? do you let them live by themselves in the house for a few years? do you make your much younger brother (15 years older than your kids) move in with his wife and baby? you also have an estranged daughter from a previous marriage, but you never talk to her, and don't really want her to have the house.

eta: this is about the sims, not real life.
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Remembrance Sunday

Does anyone know why Prince Harry took precedence over Prince William by laying the wreath directly after the Queen on Remembrance Sunday?

Since Prince Charles couldn't make it, it should've been Prince William, as he's the eldest, but for some strange reason, it was Prince Harry.

Anyone know why? It's been bugging me for the last two days.

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Have you ever dated someone 'out of your league'? (someone far more educated, beautiful, wealthy, intelligent or etc.)?

How did you go about 'snagging' this person? How did things work out in the end?
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What are some things you're absolutely unwilling to compromise on in a relationship?

Suppose you met someone who was perfect for you in every sense. They were well balanced, employed but not work obsessed, well off financially--and they were totally head over heels for you, and would give you anything you could ever want or need if you ever asked it. They put up with all your faults and errors completely. The one thing they won't compromise on is how much they love your most hated attribute (this can be physical, mental, personality, etc.), and wouldn't be able to stand it if you changed it. Would you be able to stay in this relationship?
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For whatever reason my nose is always blocked at night so I can't breathe through it when I'm trying to sleep. Should I resort to being a mouth breather by night? I didn't sleep at all last night and I can't stand the thought of not sleeping again.
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Have any of you had a crush on a college professor?
Have any of you followed through on it? Stories, please.

I totally have the hots for one of my professors, to the point where I have a bit of trouble focusing in class.

A little creative googling has led me to his blog. His personal, I hate dumb students, heres my halloween costume, I love this movie, blog. Tee hee!
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Everyone's a little bit strange.

What strange characteristics do you notice in your family members?

My mom tries to carry on conversations through closed doors, or from across the house. My friend was taking a bath and my mom was just talking to her through the door for 10-15 minutes. She also has the tendency to go off on tangents and never let you get a word in when she's talking.

If I'm wearing something that my dad thinks is nice, he'll ask, "How long have you had that now?" "When did you get that, again?" as if he should be keeping track or something.

My sister walks on the tips of her toes.

I could go on, but now it's your turn!
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Hearing aids

Do any of you tqc-ers wear hearing aids?
I know there is a huge stigma against them, do you notice people treating you differently because of the hearing aid? (hiring for jobs-wise, social life wise)
Are you able to listen to your music with headphones? Did you have to buy special ones?
How much are hearing aids? I was looking at ones by Siemens but I was hearing that they are $2000 or something. Yikes!!!
And do you speak "differently" because of the hearing aids? Do you hear everything in a mechanical, metallic sort of way? Is there static?

Thank you! I was considering a cochlear implant but apparently you have to be deaf or near deaf for that. I have had ear surgery in the past, but I don't really know how to explain it; the doctor broke my ear drums and they "grew" back, and I was able to hear a lot better but I still cannot hear like a normal person.
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If you have Comcast, and an HD TV, how is your picture?

When you view standard def, how is it? Is it annoying looking at a 4:3 picture on a 16:9 screen? Because it annoys me when I am forced to stretch or zoom the 16:9 HD to 4:3.

I have an HD tube 4:3 TV and my picture isn't that great. I guess the TV probably just sucks but I don't know if it's the signal or the TV so I wanna find out if it's even worth it to get a new TV without satellite TV.

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do you believe in certain parts of religions even though you don't normally identify with that religion? for example, someone who says they're christian but also believes in karma.

if you do, what religion are you normally? what other bits do you believe in? for the purposes of my question, atheist/agnostic/etc can count as the religion.

inspired by my friend's disbelief that a mutual acquaintance hates me with a passion

Are you like-able?
Do you think there are more people who like you than people who don't like you?
Do you find most people have pretty neutral feelings towards you? As in, whether it be like or dislike, they don't make a big deal out of it either way? Or do people usually feel really strongly about you, either hating your guts or having nothing but good things to say about you?
And lastly, how much do you care about being liked by people?

I find people either love me or hate me, both to the extreme. People rarely think I'm just meh, okay. I think it's because I'm very outgoing and upfront and it can either rub people the wrong way or they love me for it. I don't care if I'm disliked because it's rarely for a good reason, so it's their issue, not mine.


The Unabomber, the DC Sniper, and that Major at Ft Hood that killed 13 Soldiers.
Execute them all and call it a trifecta???

EDIT-O-MATIC: IF YOU ANSWERED NO. Since you're simpleminded COMPASSIONATE, would you let them live with you? Yanno. Since you'd let them live and all.

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How tall are you?
How much do you weigh?
How much does claim that you should weigh? (both 'Peoples Choice' and 'Medical Recommendation')
Does that recommendation seem in any way realistic to you?

- 6'5"
- 245 lbs
- PCI: 219 lbs
- MR: 160-211 lbs
- Anywhere between 200 and 210 sounds about right...I'd be insanely boney if I tried to get down to that 160 lbs range, though.

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What sound do you make when you're taking a poo?

I sigh
I grunt
I groan
I laugh
I scream
No sound but for the shit leaving my ass
Other (Specify in comments)

Nekkid + honours

Where can I get some naked vintage (1920s-50s ish) pictures?

I tried looking around myself but kept coming across "vinatge" sites that were 70s ish, and then I found one that had previews including a horse and I freaked out and ran away.

Did you do honours? How was that for you?
What field?
What did you wish you'd known beforehand?
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Kinky Sex

Are there any potential health effects to erotic asphyxiation?

(Other than the immediately obvious serious implications of taking it too far..I'm talking like creating an issue where somebody feels dizzy throughout the day or internal bruising or ...something?)

Do you understand this fetish?

Movies/books Questions

Which book has had the biggest impact on you? Positive or negative?

Which movie would you never want to see again, and why?

Which movies, if any, have you seen that were originally books (which you've read)?

Were they better/worse than the book was? Or different?

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My really good friend at uni is dropping out, and while I know there's loads of other people out there, it's really swept the carpet out from under me.
What good will come of this? ETA: She'll be moving back home, 6 hours away.
Have you ever dropped out of any level of education?
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Dude, what is with all the interview questions???

Have you heard of bell's palsy? If so, what do you know about it?

Do you know about/ like

What is on your desktop background?

Who is your most passive-aggressive family member? What was their last "stunt"?

Who is your most passive aggressive friend?

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What is the store Aldi like? I was reading something about the Trader Joe's here and found they have the same parent company, and then I went to their site and found that they have a location in my city.

But I can't tell if it's something worth going to or just another supermarket.
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For those currently employed: Does your work do employee appraisals?  If you get a bonus, is it performance based?

For everyone: Do you think you are a good employee?  Hard worker?  What would others say about you as an employee?
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Does anyone know of a word-processing program that makes it easy to write chemical equations/biochemical pathways? Microsoft Word and Open Office are just not cutting it.

Alternatively, what kind of cupcakes do you like?
Pez&Ziv colour

Poppy Loss

Since the end of October until now, how many Remembrance Day Poppies have you lost?

I think I am at an all time low of 1 but technically 2, I bought one, lost it, bought another one, lost that one but then found the first in my car.
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What, in your opinion, are the worst lyrics?


Got a brand new girl, so I'm feeling all good inside
Feel like I put some brand new 24's on a brand new ride. (t pain)

or hit me like a ray of sun (beyonce) because that just makes me lol.

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do any of you have experience or know anything about partial dentures, dental bridges, or tooth implants and if so can you please share? i'm mostly interested in cost and how they look
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Here's another one of THOSE questions:

I currently have a Blackberry (hate) and an iPod touch. I'm due for a new phone. My parents both just got Droids; my boyfriend has an iPhone. I am currently on my parents' plan, but I am a Mac user.

Should I:
Get a Droid and stay on my parents' Verizon plan?
Or get an iPhone and join my boyfriend's more expensive AT&T plan but have a phone that I know syncs well with my computer?

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Can someone enlighten me on booking flights online?
I've never done it before and in the very near future, I have to book 3 round trip flights for my boss.

How much time is "acceptable" for a layover? How much time should I allow between connecting flights? She'll fly out of our local airport into St. Louis, and then from St. Louis to her various destinations.

Why the hell do prices have to change so much? I looked up some flights this morning and when I went back to check some info on them, the prices were a hell of a lot higher. :(

How easy is it to get a professor to let you use an older book for a course?
I'm taking an Economics course next Spring, and the syllabus calls for the 8th edition, 2008. Well I found the 8th edition, 2007 online for $15 opposed to $160+ for the 2008 version.
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How often do you justify (inside your own head) eating unhealthy food? For instance, today I am having a killer sore throat, so ice cream is perfectly acceptable and any calories consumed in sweet, frozen creamy-goodness form don't count.

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1) Do you like poetry?

2) What are your favorite poems?

3) Who are some female poets?

4) What about songs? What are some of your favorite songs and genres of music?

5) Are you a smoker?

6) Would you date a smoker?

7) Why does the the game make you/some people so angry? Incidentally, you lost the game.

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Have you ever been a manager/supervisor where your team members are considerably older than you?  (By ten to twenty +  years)

Did you encounter any problems or animosity due to the age difference?

Any advice on dealing with this kind of situation?

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Do you think a parent should have the right to make her daughter go on birth control, such as the shot where she can see & know that the birth control is actually being taken? What about going to the gyno? & Does your opinon change if the parents 16 year old daughter already has 2 kids and cannot even afford to take care of them, & the mother/father is instead? Is there anything different you would do in this situation?

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how do you wash a jacket with fake fur trim on the hood without ruining the fake fur? every time i have ever washed a coat like this the fur part gets all clumpy after the wash and it looks like shit. i want to know if there is a way to avoid this?
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You're at work one day when an older, good-looking, well-dressed man approaches you. He tells you that he is extremely wealthy and would like to finance whatever plastic surgery you've ever wanted. He doesn't expect sexual favors in return, he just wants to see you with, in his words, a "refined face." You don't have to pay a cent but the usual risks apply.

Do you do it?

If so, what do you have done?

If not, why not?
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Is there a site you can book a flight that allows you to be able to choose where you layover? It seems I can't get a direct flight from BUF-SFO and 99% of the layovers are in Chicago, which doesn't allow you to smoke in their airport, and my husband is a whiner and would like to smoke.

Alternatively, what should I buy from my kid's school fundraiser?

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I have a chemistry test that I was supposed to make up tomorrow. I talked to my prof yesterday and we agreed that I would spend the first half of class on Wednesday doing the test. However I just realized that tomorrow is a holiday and there's no school, something both he and I overlooked. I called and left a voicemail and emailed my prof letting him know that I forgot it was a holiday and asked him what he wanted me to do- I told him I didn't mind coming in tomorrow even though its a holiday but whatever he wanted me to do is fine by me.

I don't think I'll be hearing from him by tomorrow though because he has always been really bad about getting back to students in a timely manner. Do you think I should try to go up to my school tomorrow anyway or do you think nobody will be there? It sucks because I am really low on gas and cash and I don't want to spend an hour traveling there tomorrow if I don't have to.

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I just got back from the gym, and I noticed that everytime I workout, when my arms get to the point where they're about to sweat, I get red, itchy splotchs on them. This doesn't happen anywhere else on my body. I'm going to die, y/n?

I need help with Christmas gifts! I know it's early, but whatever. My mom and dad are both unemployed as of recently and are in debt, and even though I'm a 20 year old college student, I want to do something that they will appreciate and that will help support them a little. I'm getting my dad a new cell phone for his birthday next month because he's been using it to contact employers and his barely ever works, so it's practical and a nice gift and it'll help him. Any ideas for Christmas?

Is there any new goal you've set for yourself recently? I'm going to try to stop eating meat again!

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Am I the only one on this planet (who happens to work in the medical profession) who is not getting the H1N1 vaccine?

Why do people (in mass quantities) feel they have the right to tell me what to do with MY body, regardless of how they think it might affect others?

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Am I wrong for not wanting my wedding's rehearsal dinner to be at a microbrewery, when I know nobody on my side (including me) will be drinking any alcohol? (my dad is allergic to oak, my sister will be 6 mo. pregnant, my cousin and I don't drink, etc.)

If you're married, where did you go for your rehearsal dinner?
If you've been to rehearsal dinners before, what was the best one you went to? The worst? Why?

What is the point of wedding traditions, other than to create horrendous amounts of stress? :p

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uhhhh so i fucked up and accidentally transferred a bunch of money from my savings account to my credit card instead of my checking account (they are all through bank of america). now the card is not only paid off but it has a negative balance.

is this going to affect me negatively?

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I don't know if this has already been asked, but anyway.

What do you guys think about lip synching?  If you knew an artist was going to lip synch for a concert, would you still fork out the cash to go?

There's been a big uproar here about Miss Britney lip synching at her concerts (she's just started the Aussie leg of her Circus tour).
Kyon, facepalm

Inspired by...

bigkidsid's post...
Say you're driving down the interstate in the dead of night. A quarter mile ahead of you, an armored truck suddenly shits a satchel full of nonsequential large bills, to the tune of half a million to a million dollars. You manage to roadkill the bag in your grille and it stays there all the way home. You weren't seen by anyone on the way. What do you do?
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I am planning on doing AmeriCorps for 6-10 months starting this winter. There is a program in Cedar Rapids/Cedar Falls Iowa that deals with exactly what I am interested in (energy retrofit and sustainability in buildings, which is pretty specific), but it's in Iowa. Have you been to Iowa? How was it?

Would it be better to do a program that excites me in a place that doesn't, or should I do something less exciting in an exciting place?

If you were to do AmeriCorps, or just move to a random place in America for a year, where would you want to go?

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My username is a reference a TV show that I love. When I look at it objectively, I think it's a stupid username and conveys a type of person that I am not. So when people who have never seen Dead Like Me see me on here, they may get a wrong impression of me.

Should I change my username?
What should I change it to?

Brings out the kidney in you

While walking through the hospital one day (visiting a friend), an older man of some indistinct third world country approaches you and talks excitedly in a strange language. His translator tells you that his daughter needs a kidney and he would like to buy yours. You try and explain the process of donors and compatability and so forth, and the translator says "I know. We've tried to explain to him how it's done, but he refuses to listen or understand. He's immensely rich and buys everything he wants, even if he doesn't really know how to work it. Right now, he wants your kidney, and he's willing to pay you $1,000,000 for it. If you agree, the removal will be done in a very sterile environment with a team of doctors who specialize in organ removal. You will be in the best hands money can buy. However, if you agree, you must give up the kidney right this very minute or else he'll find some other person who will." Will you sign over your kidney ASAP for 1 million?

Yes, I'll give up my kidney for a lot of cash
No. My organ is much too valuable to sell
I want to, but I'd really like some time to mentally prepare for this. I can't just agree to major surgery lickety-split. I might have to pass

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I teach high school English (as in Literature, not as in as a language).

I think I do a pretty good job, but the hardest thing is balancing making my lessons challenging with making them engaging for the students.

What do you wish your high school teachers (of any subject) had done/would do differently?
People always say that their best teachers "made it fun" or "made it interesting"... how did they do that?

TQC, make me a better teacher.


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Two things:

I have to read a dialogue to my class tomorrow, while speaking in *some* kind of accent.
What kind of accent should I do?
Any dialogue suggestions? (Can be from TV/plays)

I also eventually have to sing a song to music in front of my class.
Any suggestions for relatively short, somewhat funny songs?
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My timing belt is coming up due - hooray. The dealership quoted me a grand, another mechanic I trust says that a good price. Being curious, we called our old mechanic who is amazing (we only haven't seen him in a while because when we moved, it was further out of our way) and he said $4-450, including the water pump. This seems amazingly low. Should I call back tomorrow to check and be sure, or just tell them what I was quoted when I take it in?

Also, according to the manual, it's not due till 100k. I'm at 78k. The dealership dude said he's seen them go usually between 80-90, but 90 is pushing it. Was he just trying to get more money out of putting the fear in me? How long do you think I can hold off?

If the $4-450 is right, I can do it pretty soon, but the reason it was at the dealership is because the check engine light came on and said it needed a new camshaft sensor. My new mechanic (the one I said I trust above) put one in and a week later it failed again. But his was after market and a lot of forums say only MOPAR will really work in Chryslers, so I am at a loss. If the MOPAR one doesn't solve it, the dealer wants $400 to tear down the engine and look at the actual camshaft, which would push back the time I'd be able to do the timing.

I fucking hate car problems...

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Should I stay at my on-campus job next semester, or should I quit so I can focus on school more? I work as a student assistant for an engineering department at my university.

Pros (of the job) are there it's relatively easy, that I don't have to be there for that much time every day, and that the pay is good.

The cons are that I'm starting to get "full-time" projects (like right now I am doing most of the work of getting stuff together on this tenure case), it's incredibly tedious, it adds about the same amount of time that taking another class would, I really honestly don't _need_ the money since I almost never spend money, and I plan on taking 22 credits next semester so I don't know how I'll be able to balance of that and a life (not to mention that registering and trying to find time for a job between 9-4 is insanely difficult).

What would you do in my situation?
Paradigm Shift

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Poll #1483757 Complete this sentence as to best descibe you

"Don't make me ______. You wouldn't like me when I'm _____". What word?

Sad emo
Film - Star Wars

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Will you give me your favorite one-liners from any books/TV/music? (Just one line at a time, with the name of the source--I have this idea for a piece for my Creative Writing class and I need good random lines.) Fire away.
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For those of you who work, what do you do when you just really don't feel like being there but there are still 7 hours and 48 minutes left to go?

Will you tell me about your most annoying coworker?

Don't know quite what to think

So a guy friend of mine send me this youtube clip as a joke saying it was proper male/female gender roles.

Oh yeah, he went there.  lol But joking aside, I remember a time growing up when I looked back at the sexist stuff of the 60-70s and I guess I naively thought that it had gotten much better. These days I feel like it's gone five steps back.  Stuff is becoming as shockingly sexist and accepted as it once was.  I don't know if anyone else feels this way.  And I'm not talking just of women.  I'm pretty sure this kind of portrayal does plenty of harm to the image of males as well.   Again, am I the only one that feels this way?  How do you react to that video?

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So, as I explained in this post, a really good friend i've made at uni has dropped out after 7 weeks. I'll miss her, we'd become close in that time.
So now I need to meet some new people. I've been invited to a birthday party tonight by a friend of the birthday person.
I'm feeling a night in doing essays, but know I should be trying to meet more people.

Do I go or have a quiet night in?

Has anyone elses actions made you feel better about yourself recently?
This has made me feel good for sticking a difficult course out.


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On a scale from 8 to 10, how delicious is egg nog?

8. It's good
9. It's really good
10. It's awesome
11. A 10 just doesn't adequatel sum it up
Less than 8. I'm a godless heathen

Edit: adequately
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Inspired by a true story.

Let's say you misplaced your drivers license. You're pretty sure it hasn't been stolen, just misplaced. You think it will turn up sooner or later if you look hard enough. But in the meantime, what do you do? Let's say it's a day where you need to do your normal driving-- work, school, whatever.

How do you handle this?

I don't drive. I don't take the chance. I just don't go anywhere.
I get someone else to drive me or I take a taxi.
I drive like I normally do.
I drive, but I take extra care to go the speed limit
I just tear my house apart until I find that license.

No, you don't get ticky. You don't deserve ticky for losing your license, you lazy slacker.

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My ex-girlfriend, who I cheated on, recently moved in with an old friend, who is the person I cheated on her with. And she doesn't know I cheated with him.

What mind-blowing revelations have you had lately?


How should I cut my hair tomorrow?
Chop it all off and go back to short like I normally have OR keep it growing/just trim..?

Or if you dont care...

Post a picture or how you wish your hair looked? It doesnt matter if you wont ever get it like that, or you dont think it would look right.. If you could have any hairstyle you wanted, what would it be?

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is once enough?

inspired by this article....
my question is it legal, or constitutional to condemn a person to death a second time if the first attempt isnt successful? is it the criminals fault that the execution didnt go as planned and should they have to sit through a second attempt because of this? im torn myself. his crime was heinous, yes, but do we believe in eye for and eye here? where does the line between just and cruel and unusual end and begin? does anyone deserve to see death twice? thoughts??? legal insight if you have any?

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what kind of veggies go well in storebought chili? i don't have time to go to the store so i have to work with my somewhat limited selection.

if you dk/dc, how do you expand your culinary horizons? personally i don't even give a second look to probably two thirds of the produce section, but i'd like to change that.
Cadbury Creme Egg
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A little while ago there was a 'recommend your favourite Flash games' post here and someone posted a link to, like, an ~interactive Flash landscape~ that involved getting a little cube from any number of wacky machines and depositing it in a little hole. It wasn't a points-scoring game as such, you just had to get the cube and play with all the clickable parts of the scenes.

This is a serious longshot, but could anyone point me in the direction of said game? It cheered me up last time I played it and I am feeling a bit blue now...

fourcorners' outreach program to fight boredom

Inspired by shinga

Let's tell a story. I'll write a sentence or two, and you comment with a sentence or two, continuing the tale from where I left off. Maybe it'll be a dialogue. Then somebody else will comment and so forth.

Wanna play?

My contribution


"Wow," said Dolores, "that tasted much saltier than I expected. I don't think that was custard at all!"


"SIR! Put your hands in the air and take your hand out of the llama's cage or I will shoot!"
I <3 TLV


Random questions related to winter!

Below what temperature do you start to feel cold?

I'm always cold
I never feel cold

What happens to your fingers and/or toes when exposed to cold?

They become numb
They turn white
They turn blue
They just feel cold

What is your average body temperature? (Irrelevant to winter, but possibly relevant to the first question)

Below 96
96 - 96.9
97 - 97.9
98 - 98.9
99 - 99.9
100 or above
I don't know

What is your favorite hot beverage?

Hot cocoa
Latte or other espresso drink
Hot apple cider
monet dancers
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What's the longest you've stayed in a relationship when you knew in your heart it was not going to be permanent?

What's your preferred way of breaking up a relationship? Text, e-mail, phone call, face to face,  just cease contact,etc.

My answers.
6 years

Face to face at their place (so they don't drive home in shock.)

free money??

Inspired by a tv prog

Suppose you got some money out of a cash machine, and noticed that your account wasn't debited.

also - the next withdrawal from that machine wasn't charged...

what do you do?

Me - I'd probably pinch a bit, and then tell the bank or machine owner