November 9th, 2009

Spelling Contest

Celebrity post

In the battle of the foreheads, who wins?

A) James Van Der Beek or Tyra Banks?

B)According to website, these are the top 10 sexiest female singers:

1. Beyonce
2. Shakira
3. Christina Aguilera
4. Mariah Carey
5. Britney Spears
6. Ciara
7. Jessica Simpson
8. Madonna
9. Hilary Duff
10. Christina Milian


Do you agree with this list? If not, what's your chief complaint about it?
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When you go to a concert, do you find yourself listening to the artist more and more afterwards?
Yes, definitely.

If so, who is your current post-concert obsess?
Jake Owen!

After you do laundry, do you immediately put everything away, or are you like me and you put it on your bed/chair with the intention of putting it away but never quite remembering to?

Where is a practical place for storing stuff my dog only uses once a year? (eg costumes, certain sprays)
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I was just reading my friends list and the banner up top was one of those 'get your degree online' things. One of the careers it listed was bounty hunter.

Do YOU want to be a bounty hunter when you grow up, TQC?

(no subject)

Is anyone going to AnimeUSA (in Arlington, VA) in two weeks? If yes, will you be cosplaying?

This will be my first time at AnimeUSA since 1999! Exciting!!! It's changed a lot since then....
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Does your SO steal the blanket?

Does your pet steal the blanket?

Does your SO take up all the space in the bed?

Does your pet do this?

Does your pet sleep on the blanket so that you can't move unless you kick the poor thing?
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To eat or not to eat, that is the question.

I bought a tasty turkey sub sandwich from Togo's yesterday, intending to eat it for lunch today. Last night I fell asleep while watching a movie at around 9 PM, so woke up at 4:45 AM today. This is much earlier than I planned to fall asleep/wake up as I usually stay up all night and sleep until around 3 on Mondays since I work the late shift.

I'm hungry right now.

My question to you is should I eat my sandwich now and then have nothing to eat later or eat nothing now and have my sandwich later?

Bonus question: Do you like how I included all the unneeded backstory or would you have preferred no backstory and just the question?

Not a depiction of actual sandwich.
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My fucking iPod's battery is shot. I've only had it a year and 8 months and this one is the longest I've ever had before kicking the bucket.

What's up with these fucking iPods?

What do I do?

How long have you had your piece of shit iPod?

Did those Apple asshole design these to fuck up? What's the fucking dirt, here?

Ear problems.

Last night I decided to put earrings in – bad idea, now my earlobes are swollen and hot.


I have 3 piercings in each lobe; I took the earrings out over the summer and haven’t put any in until now. 


I’ve taken the jewelry out, put rubbing alcohol on my ears, and now I’m wondering what is wrong with them.


Any idea on what is wrong with my earlobes rejecting my earrings?

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(no subject)

My ex best friend keeps leaving these really lame facebook comments about me and sending me really passive aggressive texts. I think it's funny but i really want to get her to stop sending me texts at 2 or 3 am! I've tried asking her to please not text me after 10 and actually to just not talk to me at all.

What can i do to make her stop?

srs/non srs obviously.

Should i go into work two hours early today since i'm taking off friday and leaving early on thursday or just say fuck it and hope i get my work done?

what time do you usually go into work/school and what time do you usually get home?

(no subject)

1. How often do you erase your calls list if you use a cell phone? All calls or just a few?

11. If you like to color or draw what's your preferred medium?

111. Do you try to match your fabric softener scent to your perfume/cologne?

1111. Do you buy decorated socks? Like those at the dollar store with crazy designs and feathers on?

11111. How many sphincters in the human body?
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TQC: I am constantly exhausted. What can I do to gather more energy? I go to sleep at like, 10 PM now. WTF. I am 21.

how many shirts do you own? pants/skirts/dresses?

I am never sure what the appropriate number is.
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TQC, can I be written up for calling in sick to work?

I had a flu scare yesterday, so I called in to work. The shift lead gave me the okay to stay home. Not 20 minutes later, he calls back saying that the new store manager wants to write me up because I called in sick for our winter visual setup. I think this is asinine. It's not like I'm horribly important. I'm just a sales associate, and there was an ARMY of people there to help with the change. I've been working here for 2 years without having any problems. I get the feeling this new guy is just on a power trip/doesn't like me. 

This is dumb, yes?
What's the stupidest thing that's ever happened to you at work?
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Rewarding behavior

 I nanny for 3 kids. 3.5, 6, and almost 9. For a while I was doing a behavioral rewards system. They put these cards with things they had to do each day in a pocket with their name on it. If they did everything, they got a "star" for the day. If they got all of their "stars" during the week they'd get a "star" week and get a prize. It was not my idea to give them actual prizes, the parents that I work for thought that buying them little toys and the kind of stuff you get from the Target Dollar Section would be great. My original idea was to reward them with intangible things like special one-on-one time or playing a game that they don't get to play very often.

They just came to expect a prize each week, even if they hadn't done the things they were supposed to or had a tantrum several times and lost their "star". 

Here is my question: Should I come up with a new rewards system or just keep it at no rewards system? Does anyone have any experience in doing this? For instance I know they do something similar at elementary schools, but I don't know if they use intangible stuff or if they have actual prizes. Is it better to reward kids for good behavior with things or with attention? Or should I just scrap the whole thing?
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I weighed myself at work this morning (yeah, we have a scale at work...everyone here is perpetually dieting) and apparently I weigh a LOT more than I thought I did. Suggestions for losing a lot of weight quickly? Healthy, unhealthy, I don't care anymore.
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Poll #1482963 i DO have a mirror... i just don't use it

which is worse?

pale, unshaven, bruised legs in short shorts
baggy, unflattering, white pj pants with visible black high cut underwear underneath


Does anyone use last fm?

So I hadnt used my account in a while so I went to log in today. It wont go to the login page. It will quickly go right back to isntad of .. It always goes back to the front page. I tried clicking the join button too just incase, and it does the same thing.
I tried going to the websupport forums to ask about it, clicked the new forum and all of a sudden that browser tab started freaking out and it kept bouncing from one page back to the one I was on. The pages never loaded but it looked like someone was hitting the back button then forward really fast.. What the heck is this? Why wont anything work for me on lastfm... I cant do ANYTHING on there for some reason.

If you dont know, or dont care about that question..
Where do you do your internet browsing? Currently, we dont have wireless because my hubby never thought it was worth it because he didnt have his laptop all the time due to work so he would just bring it home and plug in when he did have it. After we got married and I moved in, I never took my laptop anywhere but here on the couch so I just plug it in too. So, I sit in my living room, on the left side of my couch, plugged in. We are getting another laptop and wireless this week so I wonder if I will take my laptop anywhere else...

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Time for the biweekly grocery shopping. I did everything that wasn't produce yesterday, but I am getting all my fruits and veggies at the farmers' market after work today. Lots of really good local produce for REALLY dirt cheap. The stuff at the grocery store is crap compared to what I get here.

So, what fruits and veggies should I stock up on, TQC? They have most everything as far as normal, everyday produce. Some more exotic stuff, too.

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I've been thinking about taking a year off school, but I want to do something that would be relevant to the career I'm working toward (teaching). I'll be finished my bachelor's in May, and I have money saved and want to do something with it before I finish my teaching program.

I was thinking of applying to be an Aupair/nanny so I could travel while still working. A lady at my work's daughter did this in England and loved it.
I've been googling it like crazy, but I'm skeptical of all the websites.
Have any of you ever been an au pair or a nanny?
Did you like it?
Any horror stories?
what agency did you go through/do you know any legitimate ones I should check out?
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Random Technology Question


These are the only input jacks on my tv. Seriously -- this is it. Nothing else.

The cord that comes with an Xbox 360 won't work with these jacks.

Is it possible to purchase a cord to connect an Xbox 360 to this tv? If yes, what cord do need?

(no subject)

I'm trying out a new recipe tonight; Deluxe Tuna Noodle Casserole. Pretty self-explanatory, it's tuna, cheese, pasta, some veggies...pretty basic stuff.

But what should I serve with it? I was thinking green beans and hot biscuits? Y/N? Would the biscuits and pasta together be too much in the way of carbs*?

*I hate trying to think up sides to go with pasta dishes...GAH!!

(no subject)

When you guys are sweeping/cleaning and you have your little dustpile in the middle of the room, do you stop to pick out small, perfectly usable items of negligible value (pennies and nickels, hairties, paperclips), or at that point is it a now-or-never THROW IT ALL AWAY NOW type of thing?

(no subject)

So I'm looking to poach some boneless skinless chicken breasts tonight in some semi-dry riesling, a little honey, maybe some vinegar (white wine?) with some grated tart apple. What else should I add (spices? herbs? etc) to make it delicious?

Alternatively, if you've seen the movie Bolt, did you cry just before the end?
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Did you ever change your name? I don't mean legally, but like my sister's best friend is Margaret, but when she went to college she told everyone to call her Maggie. Another friend of mine from high school is Christian, but now goes by CJ. Have you ever done that?
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(no subject)

if there are weekly chores at your house, do your roommates/housemates delegate who does what? or does it just get done by whoever does it?

for instance, i ALWAYS bring the trash out on mondays, even though i don't usually get home until like 7pm or later from school. my other roommates never do this. to be fair, one is usually home after me. but my other roommate has been at home all day... how do i mention to them that this isn't fair? i'm also the only one who cleans the house. >.

Help? :P

What would you/did you wear to your valedictory dinner?

Or; what should I wear to a graduation kind of function for my boyfriend's school when I've been told the dress code is "nice" or "formal"? I know I definitely need a dress, but... Knee length? Shin-length? Floor length dress? Plain or fancy?

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Keep Google out of this...

The Arthur Miller question has me many other pop culture icons do I (and TQC?) take for granted?

The following is a list of famous persons:
1. Andy Warhol
2. Hunter Thompson
3. Truman Capote
4. Ansel Adams
5. George Harrison

Without looking, do you recognize each of these persons and can you name one thing that they are famous for?

(no subject)

Inspired by the psych test I just took: 

If you absolutely don't know the answer to a multiple choice question, even after process of elimination and just using common sense, do you pick a certain letter? 

I think I always pick "C" if I don't know.

(no subject)

Would you eat something that tasted like human meat but actually wasn't?

Think human flavoured ham steaks.

ps. a nice cannibal man has verified that this faux human meat tastes exactly like the real thing.
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Cell Phone Users

What mobile provider do you use?
How much do you pay per month?
Are you on an individual plan or a family plan?

I just recently upgraded my individual plan on AT&T to a family plan and I'm kicking myself in the ass for it. It's apparently a lot more complicated than they let on. :|
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(no subject)

I've asked something similar not too long ago but I still don't know what to do.

I love my job. I love the people I work with. I don't want to fuck them over.
I know that I will not be able to stay there past January.

When do I tell them that I'll be leaving?
Should I attempt to ask about keeping my job? (10-15 hours a week from 25?)

I feel like they're about to train me to replace someone...if that happens, should I tell them my plans to avoid training someone twice?

Any and all advice appreciated

(no subject)

so i'm sitting on the couch playing sims and i just got lightheaded out of nowhere. is this bad? i get lightheaded sometimes if i stand up too fast but i was hardly even moving when it happened just now.


Hey guys. We are just ALL OVER that extremist post, huh? What have been some of your favorite epic posts? When was the last time you pwned a conversation? When was the last time you were pwned?

(no subject)

why am i suddenly seeing ads all over the place even though i still have a basic account, and am logged in?

if you've ever been to paris, what's your favorite club/restaurant/hangout?

what's the best/worst sex you've ever had?


Poll #1483178 cheese

Will you tell me all the cheeses you know and love?

monterey jack
other (please say in comments)

(no subject)

So I've been invited to take part in a week-long training session for this amazing grief-counselling program I've had a small hand in helping with, in the past. I seriously believe that to join in an entire week of developing this program within my native context (I took part in another country, we're now launching the program here in Canada,) it would be awesome and life-changing just to witness the progress, and take part in the process of helping those who have been through trauma.

Thing is, it takes place during the entire first week of classes for my second semester, beginning in January. I'd be missing out on course overviews, syllabii, and possibly whatever early assignments were given. I am only going to be attending classes four days a week, but that's still five courses - three occuring once a week, and two occuring thrice--so three classes in a row, for two classes. That seems like a lot to miss...

TQC, I'm really conflicted. Should I just say yes and sign up for the training program and then later on e-mail my new professors and ask for e-mails containing any syllabi or pertinent information/assignments from the first week, or is this really bad academic form and will I miss too much?

(no subject)

is there anything (book, movie, music, smell, taste, sound) that you love that you associate with something that is unpleasant? the movie you used to watch with your best friend before she stabbed you in the back, a great band that your ex introduced you to? have you found a way to disassociate the thing you like with the person/situation you don't? do you put up with the negative feelings because you love the thing that much? or did you give up on it altogether, letting it be retired to the dustbins of your life?

I have a pretty hard time listening to the album Requiem by Bracket without thinking (too much) about my ex because of the significance it held in the relationship. I'm working on listening to it without thinking too much about that though because I really do love the album.

can you offer any good advice on ways to disassociate one from the other?
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(no subject)

How much should I charge for my old Macbook Pro on Craigslist? Keep in mind that the logic board is FRIED, so I'm selling it for parts. I'm also not including the hard drive (I want to keep it for an external).

2.2 GHz
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
15.4in matte screen
Comes with original battery (has about an hour of charge) and a BRAND NEW battery (bought for $70 that didn't arrive until after my logic board died)

I made an ad asking for $300 and some guy offered $100, which I thought was too low (considering I want to get back $70 just for the battery).

Opinions? I don't want to get ripped off.
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(no subject)

Twilight is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. 

WHY do people like it? How? Explain this to me! D:
I cannot fathom how it is so popular among 20+ year olds that should know better!
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(no subject)

For those of you that think we should require a parenting licence:

What requirements do you think there should be?
What should happen to people who get pregnant on accident and don't have a licence?