November 8th, 2009

Noel Panda. Fat Chinese people.



How in 9 seasons have I never learned this until just now in this most recent season episode? Has this been addressed before?

ETA: When the eff did Elliot, like, go all roid-rage?!
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I've been trying to find new jewelry for my septum piercing for a while now and finally found what I wanted. The 16g is out of stock, however they have 15g. First off, what the hell is a 15 gauge? And secondly, should I go for it and not wait for the 16 to come in stock? It's hand-carved so the sizes would vary slightly anyway.

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Someone told me about a website that asks you about your interests and then randomly links you to websites based on what you are interested in. I could have swore it was wonder upon or something like that but I can't find it anywhere. Does anybody know a website like this?

If not, what are some of your favorite websites?

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sometimes when i'm feeling really incompetent, I decide to work out (I do a bunch of different kinds of crunches and push-ups), and I'll continue to do this every day for a while and then i'll get lazy and stop. but... whenever I do this, I only ever feel sore after the first day of working out and then after that, i'll feel nothing. why is this?

for those of you who work out on a regular basis, how often do you feel sore?

if I don't feel sore from working out, does that mean I am not gaining any muscle?

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what are you doing right now?
whats your favorite day of the week?
what is your daily routine when you wake up?

do you know ayone with a sleep disorder? like sleep walking, talking etc?

ahaha my mom would scream in her sleep when i was growing up. she would havee full on conversations with herself. one time she screamed "GET OFF ME!!!!!!!!" and i thought someone broke into the house lmao
I <3 TLV

Ambien/Ambien CR

Has anyone switched from Ambien to Ambien CR because of waking up in the middle of the night? How does Ambien CR work for you? Is it better than Ambien? I'm on Ambien which is great for falling asleep, but I often wake up just 2-3 hours later so I want try CR. Please share any experiences if you have any! Thanks.
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Does anybody know any websites with (preferably simple) patterns for knitting and crocheting? especially if hats or armwarmers are involved.

If you're watching tv right now, what are you watching?

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Does anyone else think that the rind of some cheeses is tastier than the actual cheese? Such as this Swiss I am de-waxing for consumption. I don't mean eating the wax...I mean that thickened chewy part on the outside, or the white powdery part of Brie, et cetera.

Just wonderin'

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My little one is turning 2 next Saturday. We're going out to eat with my family & my bff, and we'll have cake after dinner. I just started my new job yesterday, and I'll only have one day's work on this Thursday's paycheck. It'll be about $50, and I plan on spending all of that on her birthday. I don't have any bills or anything.

Should I..

buy her a bunch of toys?
take her to spend the day at ChuckeCheese, then buy her $20 worth of toys?
take her roller-skating, then buy about $30 worth of toys?
do something else amazing, which I'll say in comments?

Yeah, yeah for those of you that don't care that my baby is growing up :(
What are you watching on tv right now?
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TQC, can you suggest some good freeware that will allow me to add a watermark to some pictures I took at a concert tonight? I only have MSPaint so a) I don't want to just have some tacky plain color with my name and b) i have 200+ pics to do!

What's the coolest thing that's ever happened to you at a gig, aside from meet and greets??
Tonight, Jake Owen took my camera from me and snapped a picture of us, and then did a myspace pic of himself. Too awesome!
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I drank wayyyyyyy too much last night, my Aunt Flow paid a surprise visit overnight, and the car a couple blocks away has an alarm going AND NOBODY IS TURNING IT OFF. I feel like shit - tell me, drinkers of TQC, how do you get over a hangover real fast?

What are you doing this morning?
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1a. Is it too early to start asking family members what they want for Christmas?

1b. What is the #1 item on your holiday list?

2. My college sent out a mass email to alumni asking to host an international student for Thanksgiving (as in, have them over for dinner). My husband and I are already having family and friends over, so this would be a great idea, right?

3. Do you know anyone that got the new Droid phone? How do they like it?
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Question for those of you with Ugg boot experience. I just bought the Bailey Button in Chestnut and I love them. The salesman at Nordstrom explained that they should be worn without socks because "the shearling wicks moisture away". If you own Uggs do you wear socks with them or go without? What's been your experience with your sock/no sock mode of apparel? I really don't want them to start smelling.

Question two: I'm eating pancakes and they are yummy. What would be your ideal breakfast?
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So, I'm writing a cover letter for a job I really really want. I go by my middle name, RoxAnne, but on everything legal, it's Cassandra, my first name. Is it pretentious to have my full name on my cover letter and resume? Should I just put C. RoxAnne  (lastname) or should I use Cassandra R. (lastname), even though I don't go by my first name?

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Ah, the infallible ability of TQC to cheer someone up no matter how strep-throated or scorned one of her denizens may be.

Can we do one of those "cheer me up" posts? I'm pretty horrible right now.

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My computer crashed and died - I finally got the recovery disc I ordered, and I don't want to erase the entire hard drive cos I don't know where the original discs that came with the computer are (in my room, which is currently being revamped and thus trashed) so I'm thinking that a recovery of factory default software would just erase everything and reinstall the original software that came with the computer, am I right? I don't want to click anything that would do anything stupid.

I can always not so illegally download my other programs later.

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I have a job interview tomorrow, for a barista positon at a cafe that's opening a new location soon. I already have a barista job that pays $9 an hour, and I really can't afford to work for less. I really want out of my shitty job, but I don't want to sound demanding in the interview. How do I bring up how much I would like to be paid? I've never had to do that before. This place is leagues classier/nicer/higher end than my current job, so I can't see why they COULDN'T pay me more, but maybe I'm being entirely too optimistic.

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How much power do you think your SO should have over your appearance? For example, I've always wanted a labret piercing, but my husband hates facial piercings, so I've respected his wishes. However, I can't stand when he has a full beard, and he never, ever shaves, so I should totally get a labret piercing, y/y?

What kind of coffee do you like? How do you take it?

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1)What books do you reread the most often?

From ages 15-20, I reread either The Invisible Man[Ellison] or Black Boy every year.

2)Do you reread your comics?

A lot. I'm rereading Kare Kano for the 5th time.

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Let's say you have a fifteen year old daughter, would you let her go home after school with her boyfriend to an empty house?

The woman at work let's her daughter do just about anything she wants under the guise that "she'll just do it anyway". Is there a way to actually stop kids from doing what they want to do? Should a parent at least attempt to set a ground rule and enforce it?

Is there anything that you can't BELIEVE your parents let you do when you were younger?

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I didn't go to sleep until about 6 am. I woke up at 10 am and I'm exhausted. It's about 1 pm now, and I have to leave my house at 3:30 to go have dinner. Should I take a nap, or fight through the exhaustion so I'll be tired tonight and hopefully get a good night's sleep? 

Are you tired? How many hours of sleep did you get last night? 
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I want to eat some delicious breakfast foods, what should I make??? No eggs or meat, sorry (though things with eggs are alright, I can substitute).


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Inspired by this post.

Is Santa Claus not a cruel concept?
Doesn't it just tell kids that being poor means you are a bad person, because the poor kids get less presents?

As a poor kid, I lost faith in Santa very early on, because despite being better behaved than many of my friends, I got much worse presents because they had money.

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At what age is it inappropriate to be dressing and/or styling/coloring your hair in a punk/scene/goth/indie/hipster/whatever style?

Does gender matter? What about professions?

I don't want to get into the details about what constitutes certain styles and labels. Just talking in a general sense.
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How do you differentiate being spacey from having ADD? I'm considering talking to my doctor about it, but I want to understand if I naturally have the attention span of a goldfish or if there is something I can do to fix it.

I need a program that I can use to resize mass quantities of pictures at once. I have Batch Image Resizer which I loooove, but it's only the trial version. Any recommendations?

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i've been contemplating non-cheesecake food that involves cheese and chocolate.
for example, later today i am going to make a grilled cheese of cheddar sandwiched between thinly sliced brownies, either pan fried or microwaved.
i'm mainly into cheddar and chocolate, but i also have pepper jack, colby jack, havarti, italian six cheese, mexican four cheese, parmesan and romano, american, and munchee cheese.

so what else should i try?
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I'm doing a 2 1/2 hour* drive upstate in two weeks, and I don't want to drive it/pay for it by myself. I already put an ad up for rideshare on craigslist. Where else can I look for other people who might need a ride?

the marshmellow test

there was this experiment that was done involving kids where the researcher gave them a marshmellow and said they could eat it then or wait for the researcher to come back and get a second one. below is the result.

does anyone but me think this is hilarious/adorable?
how well would you have done on the marshmellow test? now? as a child?
i was a greedy yet patient kid..had they told me i would get a second one i would have waited for hours...

ps..i tried and tried to put the vid behind a cut and just i just a dolt? im sure there is way to do that..

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Tuesday at 6:30pm is when I can register for classes for next quarter. I work from 3-10pm that day. Should I strategically take my break at that time so I can register on my phone?

What is the weather like where you are?

What is something that you wish you could do that you can't?

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You guys are better at making petty decisions than I am. Help me pick a dip?

Which salsa/dip should I get for with my Tostitos?

Regular chunky salsa (of the medium variety)
Salsa con queso
Southwestern Ranch (I don't know if my c-store will have this)
Obligatory other option
I am a big jerk and do not like chips and dip

ETA: I bought wavy lays and french onion dip but now I can't open this fucking jar! How do I open this jar? :( jk it opened.
New question: What is your favorite snack?

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What should I re-name this guinea pig?

I took her in from my ex's sister in law when they moved. Her name is currently Clown Baby (from an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) which is a mouthful and I'm over it. Plus I broke up with the boyfriend and I'm not really friends with his sister so I feel it's time for a re-naming. The other one's name is Penny.

Will you post a picture of your pets and their names?

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What's your favorite Hamburger Helper?

Do you get Veterans Day off this year?
If you do, is is Monday or Wednesday that you get to take off?

I want to get my grandma & grandpa a stuffed turkey and send it to them for Thanksgiving if Mr Wookie & I can't go up to their house this year. Good idea or should I just stick to a card & phone call? (EDIT: That's not a turkey that you eat. It's a stuffed animal TOY. Just to clarify.)
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Are there any words/phrases you know whose real meaning has been obscured by pop culture/commercial references?

For example, men in black was a term popular with conspiracy theorists to refer to shady government agents who investigate 'alien reports'. But nowadays people think it's just a Will Smith movie. Also, there's a popular chain of hotels in Asia called Shangri-La, and most people I know associate that name with the hotel chain, instead of the James Hilton novel.


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What is something that your flatmate/SO/whoever else you live with does that drives you crazy?

eta - I moved my Mum into my place a few years ago. She drives me crazy by sitting the toilet paper directly on to the toilet brush and constantly making sure there is a full jug of water sitting on the worktop in the kitchen (why, I do not know but it just ends up getting knocked over)

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Are you a drive-by commenter/poster or do you read all of your responses?

I read them all for the most part but then if my mood shifts or I lose interest, I start just deleting the emails without reading them. Except in my personal journal but only because I actually know all but 2 of those people and I can't be that rude.

What's worse: breaking up with a SO or a close friend?

I choose the latter. At least with a romantic breakup, there is hope for friendship down the line. Sometimes.

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Do your teeth cleanings hurt a lot?
I'm usually in pain for at least a week after, and I feel like...I'm not supposed to be.

Do you have dental insurance?
If you don't, how much does a cleaning (with or without x-rays) cost?

No-Bleed Highlighters

I have a book I recently bought that I'm going to need to make notes in and highlight, but the pages are pretty thin. Since it's a book it's printed on both sides of the paper and naturally I'll need to highlight things on both sides of the paper. I don't want one side to bleed through to the other. Does anyone know any good don't-bleed highlighters? It'd be awesome if they came in yellow.
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Either tonight or tomorrow I'll be driving 4 hours from Pittsburgh to DC. I haven't updated my iPod in months, and I want to put new music on it for the trip. Any new music must-haves? Any songs you've been particularly enjoying lately that I should add? I'd like a variety of styles, but no rap or hip-hop.
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(no subject)

I turn 21 in a week!
What are some good scavenger hunt ideas for a group of 10-15 doing a bar crawl through NYC?
How did you spend your 21st birthday (or 18th birthday where drinking at said age is legal)?
If you aren't old enough, are you looking forward to your birthday of legal drinking age?
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wtf is RF OFF. Also animals.

My network connection isn't working and its status is RF OFF. Anyone have any idea what that is or better yet how to correct it? Google isn't helping.

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Thanks dawgdays!

Ok if that's too techy and boring here's a random question I was wondering about.

Say you are stuck on an island with a cow, chicken, goat, bunny rabbit, dog, cat, guinea pig, rat and a tank of 3 beautiful but delicious rainbow trout. (I dunno, your pet store boat crashed) You have a couple of bags of fruits and veggies that'll last 3 or 4 days between all of you and the island you crashed on has no other animal life on it and no edible plantlife nor does the surrounding ocean have any fish in it. However you have all the water you can drink due to your handy dandy solar powered mini sea water desalination doodad.

You and your little animal friends are going to be running out of fruits and veggies soon. Do you eat any of them? Which ones would you be able to bring yourself to eat and which ones would you rather starve than have to eat?

Do you think having named and befriended them all before hand would make it harder to eat any of them?
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If a 20 year old girl who has never had sex before goes to a gynecologist to be prescribed birth control primarily for acne and also to regulate her period and to have sex in the not-so-distant future, should she be required to have a pelvic exam before being given the prescription?

don't be boring and say people

If God told me that I could pick any animal on the planet and exterminate it from the entire earth and asked me which animal I chose, I would say fucking fleas. And if there were an animal whose diet consisted solely of fleas and I would cause it to become extinct by exterminating fleas, I would say fuck that animal because it has done a piss poor job at controlling the flea population and deserves to be extinct for doing such a shitty job as a predator.

If you could exterminate one animal from the planet, which would you pick?
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Which of these is the best example of a 'real man'?

One who can tear a phone book in half
One who's rich, who can buy and sell everyone in this community
One who's not afraid to cry
One who can drive a nail into the Rock of Gibralter....with his penis
One who's confident and sure of his ability. Maybe even cocky
One who's courageous and not afraid to do what he has to do. Never backs down
One that's slept with over 100 women
One that settles things with his fist and is quick to confront anyone that crosses him

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I'm friends with a girl on facebook who made a huge post a week ago about how she is getting rid of her facebook. Since then she has changed her status, mentioning it, several times a day as well as including her blog address.

Do you think this totally defeats the purpose?
Why not just delete it?
How long before she signs up again?
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I'm in charge of dessert for Thanksgiving and am making an off-the-wall candied yam pecan pie. What would you make that fits the season and is nomnom delicious?
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TQC, I'm 24 and have never been to a gynecologist. I don't have any health issues and the only sexual activity I've had has been a monogamous relationship with someone who's both clean and incapable of getting me pregnant, but I should probably go anyway, right?

Any reassuring words? From what I've read the whole experience sounds rather ghastly.
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(no subject)

How long have you had the bedroom you have now?

How old were you when you moved in to your room?

Do you have anything up on the walls of your room that is just completely out of date, or represents something you liked years ago but not now? Why haven't you taken it down yet?

Do you have posters on your walls?  How many?

What color are the walls of your room?

You can post pics if you want...

Random completely different question: for the last two weeks at work I've only been scheduled for one day a week, usually I'm at least on for three or four. Why are they doing this for me? Should I be offended? Because I kind of am :( Should I just suck it up and find the person who's making the schedule and talk to them about it?

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oh you sillies with your ball and your kicking...

so my mom and stepdad (mom especially) are huge dallas cowboy fans and are watching a game with them vs the eagles (their arch rivals or something)

well they (mom especially) get  REALLY excited and scream and clap and yell at the TV and talk to the players and whatnot.

i think its kinda silly and chose to watch family guy and surf the web instead.
so what camp are you part of? getting hella excited and yelling at the tv (no matter what sport or team)?
or trying to get away from the nutters who think screaming at the players helps?
have you or do you live with people like this? how do you escape?
(sorta unrelated) what are you watching right now?

i think my mom is trying to teach my almost 10 mos old sis how to say touchdown....really now....

(no subject)

Say you were at a party and your drunk s/o was talking for a while to someone for a long time in a flirtatious manner. You confront them and they admit they were actually trying to make you a bit jealous.
What would you do?

edit: While immature and lame isn't there something to be said for the honesty?
syringe + redeyes = comedy gold


I kinda wanna see the shuttle launch on Nov. 16th
This would involve driving from Toronto to Florida, by myself.
What do you think?

This is a...

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Inspired by det_munch's post a couple posts down:

What are some strange recurring themes in your dreams?

In my dreams I never run on just my feet, rather my hands and feet. And when I start running my appendages are always proportioned right to accommodate running on all fours. That and I can never talk in my dreams. Everything comes out mumbled/stuttered and/or not at all. I imagine that has to do with me trying to actually talk in my sleep, but it's so effing frustrating trying to talk in my dreams and not being able to!

(no subject)

You're in your late twenties and live in your own place. There's a cousin who you've only recently got to know as she was living quite a distance away before she moved closer.

Your heating isn't working and you update your Facebook with a small rant aimed at your landlord, complaining how cold it is. (Facebook is set to private & you have already let landlord know about the situation.) Cousin replies to this saying 'You are stupid. You should have wrote him a letter rather than post this. If he sees this he could evict you both for it'

Then, on your day off you post about how there's nothing good on tv and you're a bit bored. Cousin replies again by saying 'You need a kick. Tidy your room'

Coiusin is in her 50's if it's  relevant.

How would you react to this? I'm a bit annoyed about it all.

(no subject)

How do you calm nervousness about an upcoming job interview? I have an interview for a job that means a whole lot  to me in a couple days. I have been getting ready for it & etc, but I am just really nervous
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(no subject)

So I may be getting a blackberry. And I hear they support these "app" things all you younguns are always talking about. So I went to the blackberry website to see what was available, but holycrap there are like three million of these things. I don't even know where to start.

So I came to TQC, naturally. Can ya'll recommend some useful/fun apps for me to get when I get my phone? I'm looking for anything that improves organization, makes life easier, or is just fun. Free is good, though I'll spend money if it's something I could really use/is just really awesome.
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Cannibal and chain

Inspired by this post

If you HAD to eat a human being, how would you prepare it?

Beer battered, then fried
Stir fried
Homosapian tartar
Sausage links
Turned into chili
Human kabobs
People mcnuggets (deep fried)
Made into a big corndog
Human beef jerky
Person steaks covered in A-1 sauce
Human being bacon

(no subject)

How do you deal with breakups?
My boyrfriend and I broke up after a year and a half yesterday. :( Don't want to get too much into it, but it has to do with his new job taking up his life, making him work non-stop, leaving us with no time for each other.

Do you have a good chicken recipe you can share with me?

Thanks in advance. <3

(no subject)

I have hundreds of photographs all gathered together in boxes. Ideally I would like them scanned in and saved to disc but it's going to be a very long and tedious job.

However, I have a friend who has no money at all right now and is too proud to accept a loan of money from me so I thought I would ask him if he would scan my photographs in for me in return for a 'fee' I think he'd be glad enough to accept money that way.

I jusr can't decide on how much I should give him for it. Any suggestions? (I'm in the UK so think pounds!)