November 6th, 2009

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Tire chains + no snow = ?

Is it illegal or unsafe to drive 3 hours in no snow with chains on my tires? Driving 65-70 mph most of the time?

I drive a '06 2x4 Nissan Xterra. I'm driving from Napa to Lake Tahoe (approx. 4-hour car drive) in late December by myself and I know it's required to have my tires chained up when driving in snow but obviously I can't do it on my own before hitting the snowy parts so I was wondering if it would be fine to have some guys do it for me at home and then I just drive with them on the entire time.


What are the things that make you go to sleep? Do you have a routine? If so, what?

My husband and I head to bed around 9. I lay here for hours reading livejournal, and playing with various applications on my iPhone. I also read a chapter or two on my kindle. By the time I even feel tired it's hours later (4 hours right now) and I'm still awake. It never changes no matter how tired I am or how early I wake. I have the hardest time sleeping..but yet I want to sleep.


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tqc, tomorrow i have class from 11 to 12 and work from 5 to 10. school and work are five minutes apart but both are half an hour from my house. should i stay in town and find stuff to do for five hours, or should i come home in between?

new question: how long of an essay do you think you could write in fifteen or twenty minutes? assume that you know the subject and had time to prepare an outline before class but are not allowed to bring notes when you write the essay.
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African American Fantasy Stories?

After reading several complaints about artists not making more fantasy pictures involving people of color, I decided to broaden my horizons.

Unfortunately, I need some help getting ideas.

Can somebody point me to a fantasy story about black people or other ethnic minorities that involves fantasy creatures, magic, and epic adventure? Is there an African American equivalent of Lord of the Rings? Any good science fiction? Point me to the right book and I'll start reading!
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Based on U.S. Women's sizes

So I lost a lot of weight and I now wear a size 2 in jeans, dresses and skirts. I am 5 ft 5.5 inches. 120lbs
Are these measurements too thin, thin or just right?
I think I'm thin, but my roomie disagrees and says I'm skinny.

So what do you think?

EDIT: I've never weigh this less before since I was 10 (I was 2 inches shorter than), and have always been a bit chubby. So my new figure is really foreign to me. I though thin > than skinny. Skinny sounds skeletal to me.

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If you press this red button, you'll gain a million dollars and somewhere in your city, 1 person will die. Painfully. You won't know this person. Do you press the button?


If you press this blue button, you'll gain five million dollars, and somewhere in your city, 10 people you do not know will die in their sleep. Do you press the button?


If you press this green button, you'll gain one hundred million dollars and your own island. In your city, 10 people will die horribly but quickly. You will not know them. Do you press the button?


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how long of an essay do you think you could write in fifteen or twenty minutes? assume that you know the subject and had time to prepare an outline before class but are not allowed to bring notes when you write the essay.

if you're curious: tomorrow i have a history test where he times us for 20 minutes, in which we have to write an essay on topic A. after 20 minutes is up, we start a new essay on topic B, and write about that for twenty minutes, then we switch to topic C for twenty minutes. i'm about to figure out outlines and stuff but don't really know how long i should make it.

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I'm thinking of a quote that's something along the lines of "all great men are either loved or hated." I tried to find it on google, but failed. Does anyone know the actual quote I'm thinking of? Do you know who it's by?
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what is your work out routine?
I don't mean the actual work out, but how does it fit into your day?

I hear most people say they have to wake up an hour early and they put on the work out tv shows... but on my typical day, I am waking up around 4am at the latest and everything is paid programming.

I would like to work out at a gym after work, but I have a 6 month old at home so I have to come home in time for my fiance to go to work.

how does it fit into your day?

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If your resume has been on a hiring managers desk for a week, and he hasn't called; are you gonna assume you're NOT going to get the job?

Or will you assume he's REALLY REALLY busy?

Garage Doors - Open?

While walking through a very nice neighborhood one evening, I noticed that most of the people left their garage doors open about a foot off the ground. Now that I have a house, I've noticed that some of my alley neighbors leave their garage doors completely open during the evenings. I thought maybe it was a fluke, especially since I would worry people would steal stuff, but it seems to be pretty much every evening.
Is there some benefit to leaving the garage door open in the evening?
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TQC, I've had a cold for about a week and a half. Last night I took some medicine and slept about two hours - I just couldn't sleep, I felt delusional and hot and had the chills. I woke up this morning with an ear infection.  :( I had two infections in the same ear over the past three months. I have antibiotics, but never finished them because they ended up giving me yeast infections. heeeell no.

BUT, MY EAR HURTS REALLY BAD! :( I want to take some antibiotics now but won't be able to eat for an hour or so. Is this a bad idea?

My roommate also has some Ibuprofen. Should I take that instead? What if I take both? Is this a worse idea?

I'm going to be driving home today so I can't afford to be all woozy on medicine.

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Can anyone recommend a decent/inexpensive white noise machine? My boss wants one and she wants me to pick it out and order it, but I don't know a damn thing about them.

I'm still working on my Thanksgiving menu...should I make Green Bean Casserole or Cheesy Potato Casserole? Does the fact that we're also having sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes affect your decision any?

Did I use that word right? Affect? I can never really remember when I'm supposed to use affect or effect.

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when was the last time you used a ; or a : ?? Shouldn't they just be relegated to the dustbin of punctuation history??
(OK...maybe not the colon : ...but the semi-colon...I mean really....who uses THAT???)

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1)My stomach hurts, but I need to eat. what can I eat? I know I shouldn't have diary products, stuff with too much fat, or stuff too acidic... so what does that leave left?

2)Urgh, should I hit up my rents for the hundreds of dollars for the doctor for this? It's just a really long stomach ache and bloating... and I already went to the doctor before...

eta: I'm hitting them up for the cash... dr today.
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(no subject)

1)      For those of you who like yogurt: What is your yogurt of choice? Mine is Breyers Vanilla with mini MMs.

2)      For those of you who use Pandora radio: Do you run out of time every month? What kind of music do you listen to? Do you prefer your own mixes or the radio stations offered?

3)      For those of you who have Facebook: Do you play any of the games on there? (Mafia Wars, FarmVille, Happy Aquarium, etc.) If so, which ones and which ones are your favorites and why?

4)      Have you ever been micro-managed or had a fault finding boss that wasn’t good at giving you due credit? Will you share a little about that?

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my ipod died a couple of weeks ago, so i bought a new one yesterday. it's an ipod classic, but it makes a weird noise whenever i switch songs/artists or ff/rewind a movie. ipod classic users, is this normal or should i exchange it?

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What are you getting your SO for Christmas?
Is this going to be the post-Halloween "What is your costume going to be" question that gets posted so much it makes us all want to kill somebody?
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TQC, in the past six months, there have been several car break-ins in my neighborhood. My neighbor has been hit twice, and several people along the street have reported things as well. My friend from Chicago said that you're supposed to leave your door unlocked because it costs more to repair the damage if they break a window then what they steal (assuming you don't have valuables in the car).

Do you agree with this? Should I leave my car door unlocked, since I don't have a garage to park in?

Alternatively: What is the most you've had to pay in overdraft fees from your bank? Have you ever gotten them successfully reversed? Do you have any suggestions on how I can go about reducing FIVE of them to maybe one or two, with a big bank like Bank of America?

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Are there any NoCal residents here? Or those who have visited? We're planning on taking a family trip somewhere in northern Cal, but don't know if there is anywhere specific we should check out. What are some awesome beaches or things to do there in June?

Others - I have to make something as a snack for a party. There will be a nacho bar and cake. What should I make that can complement this?
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Does anybody know anything about PO boxes? How short/long could you have one open? How much would it cost?

If I opened one, would you send me a drawing/letter/photo for my wall? Without a return address, obv.

Besides PO boxes, do you know of another way to get mail from people without giving out where i live all over the internet?
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winter jacket

 For those of you who live in cold weather climates, when do you pull out your winter jacket/coats? Its about 45 degrees here right now and I wore my peacoat out to bring the puppy on a walk, but I feel like its ~too early~ to wear a winter jacket outside.

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I'm poor, so I'd like to bake some Christmas gifts this year. The only problem is that I live in Australia where it can be 100oF+ on Christmas Day. I've thought about sugar cookies and shortbread, but my mother usually does those so I'd like to have some other options too.

What are some good baked gifts I could give that would not melt or otherwise perish in hot weather?
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(no subject)

What would cause your scale to tell you you weigh seven pounds heavier than yesterday? 'Cause, uh, no fucking way I gained that much weight in 24 hours (especially when I've been losing).

How do you like to spend the first hour of your day upon waking?
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May I please borrow $37.65?

No, but I can lend you the employment section of the newspaper so you can GET A JOB!
Sure, if you leave a five forms of ID, a couple of fingers and $50 as a security deposit.
Is Monopoly money OK?
Depends how much interest you're willing to pay.
Of course, darling. No hurry to pay it back.

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where would one obtain those lawn & leaf bags for dead leaves and other natural detritus? can I get them at a Stop n' Shop? A Wal-mart? A Home Depot? or are they specifically provided by the city (where you are, anyway...I live in Providence and am having a hard time figuring out our brand-new trash laws).

also, a computery q: I'm using Colibri on my Windows XP-running thing to try and replicate Quicksilver, but it seems to be having a hard time actually finding applications and files that I KNOW exist and can find in the finder (or whatever it's called on a PC). Is there a way of indexing my entire hard drive so that Colibri or other search functions can find what I need? Sorry I'm so new to this :(
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Job Security

If you were working someplace where lots of different people/departments/groups used your work (a lot of above and beyond your actual job description) but rarely gave you any credit for it, would you feel more or less secure in your job?

On the one hand, you aren't really being recognized for your work, which is a risk, but on the other hand, the people who use your work know that if you weren't there, they'd have nobody to do it for them.  But maybe they just assume they'll find somebody else???

Its all so confusing...

EDIT: To clarify, I added work that was "above and beyond"  I mean it in like a project sense.  You do the work, they get credit for the project sort of thing.  Or you get the data/make the slides and they present, etc...

Help the Children

A lady at work has just placed her grandson’s school fundraiser order brochure out in the break room.  Not a lot of good stuff in there but I want to participate anyway.   What would you pick if it were between a 3 lb cheese wheel and a fat summer sausage/ cracker package? Both are 15 bucks.   

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i currently have insurance through my state's medicaid and they sent me a letter saying that it will expire in january 2010 and if i want coverage beyond january 2010 i can reapply. do you think this means it expires on january 1 or january 31?

Closet Organization System

Are there any closet organization systems similar to the ones at ?
I want something that is relatively easy to install, doesn't have the wire/mesh look of the stuff at The Container Store, isn't too terribly expensive (as in well under $1000), and is decent quality. I saw the Closet Maid ones while at Home Depot, but I'm wondering if there isn't something else out there that might work equally well or better.
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What are your plans today?

What about tonight?

When was the last time your heart hurt?

Have you ever told someone you love them and had them turn around and say "I know you might think you do, but you don't" when you are 100% sure of it?

Will you visit this link and tell me if you found that question as entertaining as I did?
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(no subject)

If Hell turned out to be somewhere that a) everyone went to and b) involved you being forced to eternally play your least-favorite video or board game ad nauseum until the end of infinity, what game would it be? Why?


Is selling stuff on etsy worth it? Their fees seem reasonable, but I don't know if people would buy the kind of things I'd list (custom made cat toys, dog toys, jewelry).
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I made an appointment today to get a Depo shot, and when I gave the receptionist my name she was all "OH HI IT'S YOU How are you? It's Tina!" etc etc. I assume I saw her at some point during my last visit, which was three months ago, but I have no idea who she is. I was just like "Oh hi!" (????)

Do the receptionists at your doctors offices remember you? It seemed really weird because I'm sure she must see tons of patients every day, and I only come in every three months, so why would she remember me? I know the receptionist at my dentist's office very well - I've been going there since I was born and she's Japanese and loves that I can speak Japanese with her, and she always brings me back a gift when she visits family in Japan. But I have no such connection with this receptionist!


Do you have any family members that get on your nerves or you just dont like but you should love?

Mine would have to be a grandma of mine. I love her but most of the time I really dont like who she is. Shes an angry old lady who comments on everyone elses flaws. She has commented on my jeans being too dirty looking and asked if I washed them. (this was in highschool, when worn lucky *the brand* jeans were in. I should have known better than spending $80 on pants to impress her) She also told my step mom she shouldnt cut her hair so short because it makes her look fatter. She always comments on how my step mom isnt right for my father (even 10ish years later), also did these comments with my real mother. She is just a negative nancy and it makes it where I cant stand being around her for longer than 30 minutes.

So who is that family member for you?
If you dont have a family member that you can think of, then maybe a friend?
Edit:: Also, if you could tell me why you dont like them.
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(no subject)

So I picked up my mom to go get her car from the shop, and as we said goodbye she made her usual kissy face and I gave her a peck goodbye.

It's the first time that it's crossed my mind how awkward this may or may not look in public. It's not uncommon for me to kiss her goodbye after visiting her at home.

I often give my mom a peck on the lips, but usually just a peck on the cheek with my dad. I'm 20 years old.

Do you kiss your parents goodbye? Lips or cheek?

Do you think this is odd/gross/weird? For moms and daughters? Dads and daughters? Moms and sons?

How old are you? Up until what age do you think this is not acceptable?

ETA: Your answers make me smile. I don't know why I ever had a doubt. :)

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how do you feel about people working the counter in a fast food place who speak pretty poor english but very good chinese? assume that 95% of their customers speak only english (or maybe also some spanish they learned in high school).

i encounter this every time i get chinese food and i can never really understand them.

Back Checks for a job interview

During a job interview have you ever had a company do a back check on you?

Is it a good thing to have one done on you or a bad thing for a future job?

The company I interviewed for today is doing one on me, I'm not concerned about it as I don't have a criminal record. I am curious though to know if it's a good sign or a bad sign that they're doing one on me, as this is the first time I've had a potiental employer do one instead of a volunteer organization doing it.

(no subject)

I'm looking at getting a big ass tattoo on my back. I want all my favorite cartoon characters on there, and need ideas on how to connect all of them to the scene I want to ink on myself. The characters include:

Bugs Bunny
Brave Heart Lion from the Care Bears
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Raven from Teen Titans
Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls
Tommy Pickles from Rugrats
Stewie & Brian Griffin from Family Guy
Charmander from Pokemon

The only thing to eat in my apartment is pickles

1) Do you like pickles?

2) Have you ever had fried pickles?

3) Have you ever tried to make fried pickles? If so, how did you make them? How did they turn out?

4) Have you ever put pickles on a grilled cheese sandwhich? Was it good? Because I've been wondering about it for a while but am not quite sure.

Sorry for all the pickle-oriented questions.
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(no subject)

I just told my mom that I'm seeing Brian Wilson on concert on Sunday, and she told me I "met" him when I was 2. My family was flying to Hawaii, and got bumped up to first class, where Brian Wilson was. My mom said the entire flight he stared at her, drank a lot, and repeatedly insulted her for having a baby in first class. She said at one point, he asked her to sit in the bathroom with me.

Have you ever had any random or weird celebrity encounters? I want some good stories.

(no subject)

Lately (Today and yesterday) I've had this weird feeling in my jaw and I have no idea what it's from or what it means.

It's hard to explain, but it kind of feels like the jaw muscles/muscles in my cheeks are tense/tight. Kind of like when you're stresed and can feel your neck tensed up or something.
Yesterday I got a migraine (it wasn't too bad, but still hurt) and today my head still hurts a little. Could it be related? Anybody have any idea what this is? It's kind of weird, and pretty uncomfortable.

(no subject)

What (if any) toolbars do you have on your browser? Do you have a particularly awesome one and why is it awesome? Do you use them a lot or do they end up just sitting there?

What, in your opinion, is the best kind of music for a party? Does the music depend on the location? eg if you're in a backyard, on the beach, whatever.

Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal, blankie or other 'comfort object'? Does it have a name? Do you think you'll ever stop sleeping with it?

ETA: I need to know what webcomic this is. It's like a series of shitty situations and at the end of every one, it's this craptastic but crazy drawing of a guy and he says "FFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK". Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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(no subject)

Is it ever appropriate, if you're at a restaurant, for someone to order your food other than yourself?

Do you think it's weird when someone is like, "I'll have this, and she'll have this"?
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(no subject)

So I found a new apartment that I can start moving into tomorrow. I have until the end of this month to move out of my old place. I don't have a car, so I can't really do it myself unless I use the bus and subway (or take the subway and walk across Manhattan). Do I:

-Wait for someone who has a car to come help me (could be a few weeks)
-Start taking a suitcase full at a time, starting with my bedding so I can start staying there tonight (I'm buying the bed from my friend who is moving out, so its already there I just need a pillow & blanket)
-Use cabs (about $12 each way with tip)
-Some other alternative I haven't thought of.

What should I do, TQC?
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(no subject)

1. How much do you spend on a weekly basis?

2. Do you have a budget you follow?

I'm currently living on a budget of 5 euros (7,5 dollas) a day. If anyone would like to get me a part-time job that would be sweet haha. D:


(no subject)

will you hit me up with some pop culture facts?

you know, stuff you'd hear on old VH1, like: a lot of the extras in the video for "Beat It" were real gang members from LA gangs, or how Harrison Ford was a carpenter after giving up acting and met George Lucas(thus eventually getting the role of Han Solo) when he was hired to build some cabinets for ol' George.
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(no subject)

it seems like a lot of countries have themes in tv that are kind of gimmicky. you know, lots of men dressed as women in english tv, big busty women with middle aged men dressed as babies in mexican tv, etc.

what's america's cheesy tv gimmick?
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(no subject)

can you tell me about your current favourite lecturer?

my favourite one this semester teaches the most boring subject (research methods) but she makes the lectures fun by having us watch half an episode of how i met your mother or modern family during the break, sometimes giving us all free snacks, having a 'theme' song before every lecture and having a running joke in the lecture slides. last week's running joke was kanye west interrupting jokes. sometimes i only go to her lectures to watch reruns of HIMYM.

(no subject)

I feel bloaty, how do I get rid of that feeling? I don't have Pepto and don't want to go the store.


If you don't care, have you gone to therapy and if so, have you benefited from it?
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(no subject)

The shirt question below made me think of this...I've been meaning to search for a couple days.

I'm having a hell of a time finding bras that fit me properly, I'm usually sized at a 32 band size variable cup sizes. My issue is with the cups being too big or small. A 34C is too small. A 34D is a little too big. A 32D is too small.

Where do you buy your bras? Where do you get sized? What size do you think I am (more perspective 5'4" 130lbs)?

(no subject)

I know I just posted a wee while ago but I was thinking of toys from my childhood and wanted to ask this question.....

(Your answes don't need to be toys, just anything at all)

What things/items/scents whatever, give you a rush of nostalgia?

Spinning Top

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(no subject)

What is something you can do as an adult (besides driving, drinking, smoking, porn, etc) that you couldn't do as a kid that you really appreciate?
using xacto blades/knives, hot glue guns, other crafting supplies ftw!

What is something you can't do as an adult that you could get away with as a kid?
naptime, pulling sick days from school, etc...

My tv remote control is not working, despite a recent battery replacement. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Do you use sleep masks?
yes, my effing alarm clock has a ridiculously bright LED light that wouldn't let me sleep if i didn't!

How often do you wash your sheets? Your towels?
once weekly for both

(no subject)

Is it kind of a rule that antagonists in movies have to be semi-attractive, semi-ugly? Example, Tom Felton in Harry Potter movies..there are many other examples I can't think of at the moment
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(no subject)

1. If you won a trip to wherever you want with all expenses taken care of, where would you go?

Back to Tokyo! Or Singapore.

2. Can you name a strange cultural difference between your country and some other?

Most Finns do not understand the idea of fitted carpets. They are deemed unhygienic and gross, so we do not deal with that shit. Also keeping your shoes on indoors.

Boy talk.

OK so here is my confusion...

Ive known this guy for over a year and a half, and over the summer we started to hang out a lot more than we used to. He and I have become best friends. In October we started to become really close.. leaning on each other while sitting on the sofa, me putting my legs on him, giving head massages etc.. (harmless).. By the end of October we fully cuddle sober or drunk. When we drink together I usually spend the night, and nothing sexual ever happens, but we spoon and completely cuddle the whole night. We never really talk about it, and dont give me a "hes gay" answer because I know he isn't. So today we're talking about how Im feeling insecure with the stability of our friendship and how its going because I feel like someone else is intruding (another friend).. he assures me nothing can change our 'friendship'..

he then continues to tell me that I am a completely different kind of friend that he is "EXTREMELY FOND OF ME". I ask.. what does that mean?? he replies...
"having a liking or affection for.. love; affection, cherished with strong and unreasoning feeling (dictionary stuff).. [but then continues] but its more than liking, its like to be fond of something you are so close to it, that it becomes emotional and awesome"


(no subject)

i got a new DVD player and i'm really excited. i haven't had TV in my room for years. i already watched Michael Jackson Live in Bucharest and HIStory: Volume II but i want to watch more things.

what should i watch?

i have 30 Rock, tons of Kids in the Hall, X-Men the animated series, My Boys, Arrested Development, Ugly Betty, Gilmore Girls, a bunch of the Judd Apatow movies, Beatles Anthology, Cosby Show, Scrubs, Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam live, Blood Brothers live, Flight of the Conchords, The Dangerous Short Films, Michael Jackson Number Ones which are videos, the good Star Wars movies, Help! and A Hard Day's Night, Prince Caspian, 3-5 of the HP movies, Mystery Science Theater 3000, except i leant my friend the good box set last night and now regret it deeply.
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(no subject)

I'm watching Burn Notice and the guy is MacGuyver-esque in his creative use of everyday things for an ulterior motive.

Have you had any MacGuyver moments you want to share?

Can you think of any strange uses for everyday things?