November 4th, 2009

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Travel Health Insurance

Hello everyone!

I'm looking for some advice on which travel health insurance company I should go with.
I'm a US citizen.
I am going to be mainly in Asia. Thailand, India, South Korea, and who else knows where. Anywhere from 3 months onwards.
I'm poor. I'm not a student anymore. I am going to be backpacking a lot.

Any good plans?
Any good forums I can check out for this?

I've been on lonely planet forum, but didn't see too many good answers. Any others I should check out?

devon ramen

(no subject)

What do people really mean when they say love isn't as perfect/easy as it seems?
It's made me believe that relationships and love are hurtful and painful at times (so I've put up with my boyfriend mistreating me), but I've met a (very) small number of people who says that their relationships are easy and carefree and that's the way it should be.
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(no subject)

If you prefer monogamous relationships, what would you do if you fell in love with someone who is polyamorous or prefers open relationships?

If you prefer polyamorous or open relationships, what would you do if you fell in love with someone who prefers monogamous relationships?
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(no subject)

Is there anything better than a hot, crispy, buttery piece of toast? Nope, I think not.

How do you like your toast?
My favourite is probably plain ol' white bread, medium toastiness (little bit of darker brown, but mostly gold) with Country Crock margarine spread.  I also like it sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.
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Vampire Fleshlight

Your thoughts?

(If you don't want to click on the link, 'the Fleshlight is a Maglight-sized tube filled with fake rubber vagina (or butt, or mouth) that sort of looks like a flashlight, hence the name', and I think you can guess the rest.)

(no subject)

K so here's the deal. I have my MW chemistry today in less than 2 hours. I really don't want to go.

I have a pretty big test in there on Monday. I'm really behind in the course (it's really hard and its kicking my ass) and the last couple lectures I went to didn't help me at all because I am so behind. If I go today I know I won't understand anything the prof is talking about. If I stay home I can study for the test and start getting caught up. My grade won't suffer for missing class as there are no attendance requirements but I don't want the prof to start not liking me or thinking I'm a slacker for not showing up (I didn't go on Monday for other reasons). Does this sound stupid? What should I do?

If you dgaf, how is this semester going for you college folk? What's your overall attitude like towards school right now? What's your fav/most hated class?

What do you think about letting dogs on the couch/bed?

Do you have a funny strange story about using public transportation? My sister was riding the bus the other day and she said that a homeless guy on the row across from her peed himself and then promptly fell asleep.

pressure cooker

The other night I made the most amazing Cuban Chicken Fricassee in my pressure cooker. It has inspired me to use the pressure cooker more often.

TQC, do you own a pressure cooker?

What are a few of your favorite things to make in the pressure cooker? Recipes?? 
Kyon, facepalm


Not entirely inspired by polly_purebred's post.

What's the best way to ensure that I get giftcards this year besides just coming out and asking? I don't need another year of AXE shower gel and another sweater from my aunt (no matter how nice the sweaters) and I've been looking at some things online that I know they'd never get or even be able to find.
SRS and non-SRS okay.

(no subject)

Why does Little Caesar's taste so funny today?

Should I go to the meeting for the club my friend is the president of just because she's my friend and has a board game I might want to play?

(no subject)

1. What is that all over your face?

2. Would you be offended if I said it looks good on you?

3. Do you need my handkerchief to wipe it off?
3a. Even though I sneezed a big green booger into it earlier?

4. Did your breakfast this morning cover all the food groups?
If not: Why the hell not?
If so: Would you like a Collapse ) (Edit: You unhealthy folks can have a high five, too, if you want)

(no subject)

Do you keep in touch with any of your past college professors? What is your reasoning for doing so? By what means do you keep in touch with them? Tell me more if you want to.

ETA: how exactly did you go about keeping in touch with them after their course was over? what did you say?

ETA again: were they in your department?
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working seasonally

 Have you ever worked for UPS as a driver's assistant, or package handling? I am thinking about applying to work seasonally but I'm not sure if I would be strong enough. Where have you worked seasonally? What would you recommend?

srs and non srs

if my mom's side of the family has had fertility issues(my mom had miscarriages and my aunt could never get pregnant and had a hysterectomy 10+ years ago), does that up the chance that my sister and me will have trouble getting pregnant later?

i don't know how much anyone is going to know, haha but i'm curious and i don't really know who else to ask but TQC.

(no subject)

What weekly tv shows do you typically watch?

Big Bang Theory
The Mentalist

For any Nathan Fillion fans in the group who watch Castle:
Were you as stupidly excited as I was that he was wearing the Malcolm Reynolds costume in last week's episode?
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(no subject)

Where can I find a reasonably priced zebra couch/sofa/loveseat? All I can find on Google are pet sofas and custom-made pieces that charge out the ass. I'll be moving by the beginning of next year and a zebra couch would compliment my bed set perfectly.


If you know a surprise is coming, like a BIG Christmas present, would you sneak on the giver's computer to see if he's been looking up information about it to find out what it is?
Zombies - Marvel Zombieverse

had a zombie dream last night...

...and it woke me up.

Not quite a nightmare, it didn't get to that point, but it was heading there. Sleepy, barely awake me stumbled around for a bit still operating as if that were the reality, it being pitch black I was nervous at every sound, and I had this one nervous thought.

I'm safe so long as I don't go outside!

Along with whoever is currently living in your house with you, how long do you think you can survive with the amount of food and water that you currently possess?
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(no subject)

My 2 student workers are being disrespectful and talking about me behind my back (as well as other people). I should fire them, y/y? (My boss has a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior.)

They were fine when I left for lunch, now it seems like they smoked crack while I was gone. It's rather irritating.

If I shouldn't fire them, what type of punishment/disciplinary action should I unleash on them?

Srs/non srs answers welcome.

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I bought a leather journal at a street fair over the summer, TQC, and it's still sitting in my closet untouched. If you had a journal like it, what would you write in it?

Collapse )

Do you journal, as in physically write in a journal, or do you blog electronically instead?

What is your favourite page/trope to read about on Right now mine is the High Octane Nightmare Fuel examples pages (Film, literature, music, real life, etc.)
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(no subject)

If you saw a sign that said:

"2 hour parking

What would you think is an acceptable time to park there with the intention of staying much longer than 2 hours?
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(no subject)

it's not that exciting but something odd is happening.

i came home last night around 7ish pm, expecting my housemate to be home (she's usually home by 5 on weekdays). her bedroom light is on (so it would've been dark when she was home) and it's not until 11pm that i realise she's not even in there. she never leaves her bedroom light on and is usually in bed by 8pm. her toilet and makeup stuff are still at home, which cancels out her sleeping over at her boyfriend's.
i wake up at noon today and go outside, and notice that she's completely emptied out the shower (she's put my stuff in my bathroom drawer) but not the bath. the shower is not clean so it's not like she was cleaning it or anything. everything in the living room is tidy and neat. the shoes and flip flops we leave by the door are no where to be found (seriously i dont know where they are) and the balcony door is left open. i slept at 8am and didn't hear her come in this morning, and she's still not home.
edit: i just went to the kitchen and she's washed everything. her little teapot is there and two teacups, one empty and one half-full. our shoes are in the living room cabinet.

what do you think happened?
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(no subject)

Say you pick a friend up from a train station every day on the way to work and drop him off there every evening (you work at the same place). You would be driving past this train station on your way regardless, but have to leave a couple minutes earlier in the morning since you have to stop for your friend. Work is 3 miles from the train station. How much would you ask your friend to pay per week for this?

My husband is the friend in this situation and we're trying to figure out what's fair to pay. His friend/coworker has been driving him for about 2 weeks for free and bails frequently. He decided he wants to get paid starting next week, but didn't say how much.

ETA: Okay, how about if it wasn't a friend? Or what would you say is fair? I wouldn't ask someone to pay, but since the guy's doing my husband a favor, it's not really our place to say no, haha.

(no subject)

I'm really getting a kick listening to the redneck hillbillies in my office here talking about strategy for Afghanistan. You can always tell the people who are idiots and/or never spent any time in the military. All it takes is listening to them talk for 3 minutes about how the military should be doing things.

I don't really have a question based off of that, I just wanted to share. So...umm...

- What is something you've overheard recently that just made you want to barge into the other room and tell everyone to STFU?

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For Women :
Say you have sex with someone and you didn't orgasm. Do you expect them to offer to finish you? If they don't are you offended?

For Men:
How easy is it to get blue balls?
How long does it last?
Do you feel like you should always offer to finish a girl after sex if she hasn't had an orgasm?

For both:
Do you fake orgasms?
How often?

(no subject)

tqc i need to go buy toilet paper. which walmart should i go to?

walmart A: 10 minutes away, smaller store
walmart B: 15 minutes away, bigger store, but there is a chinese take out place on the way

if i go to walmart B: should i get chinese food? if so, what should i get?

Sesame Street anniversary poll

Poll #1480915 Awkward questions involving Sesame Street

What would you say is Bert and Ernie's relationship?

Best friends/roommates
Gay lovers. They're hittin' it
Homosexual couple. Like a sexless old married couple
Hetero couple. Bert's actually a really ugly woman
Terrorist cell group

Drugs Big Bird is probably on

Prozac. He's always so positive
Pot. He's always so mellow
Steroids. You don't just become a big bird by just sitting around the ghetto
Acid. He keeps seeing giant invisible pachyderm
Anti-psychotics. So he wouldn't kill again

Things Cookie Monster would probably do for a Costco-size pack of Oreos

Oral pleasures
Shave the face of Brett Favre into his chest
Join Scientology
None of the above. Cookie Monster has morals!

Why's Oscar broke and living in a trash can?

Blew his money on muppet hookers and blow
Being found on every sexual predator list in his area, no employer would dare hire him
The witness protection program lost all its funding and 'Oscar's' new identity is that of a hobo
Broke his foot in 1999 and wasn't able to pay for his surgery

Lastly, would have a threesome with who you consider to be the two sexiest people on earth...if during the whole session, they wore Bert and Ernie masks and spoke through a voice distorter that made them sound exactly like those 2 muppets?

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(no subject)

Can you name a quote or saying that seems ~*~*~*~*~soooo meaningful~*~*~*~*~ and yet, when you think about, just seems kinda dumb?

"Everything happens for a reason." Yes, the reason why you tripped over the cat is because the cat got spooked by something and raced into your path.
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(no subject)

My dog gets stuck in the basement.

She can go down the stairs but she can't/refuses to come back up. And she's like 75 lbs so I can't carry her up. So I usually have to a.) wait for someone capable of carrying a big dog up a flight of stairs to come into the house or b.) take her out through the garage and then up the steps (but she doesn't like this, because she doesn't like stairs so then we're just stuck on the sidewalk instead of the basement.)

I can't just shut the door because she can open it. She doesn't even do anything fun or cool down there, she just lays on the floor. Baiting her with biscuits, Hansel and Gretel style does not work, either.

1. How can I fix my stupid fucking dog from from going downstairs?

2. What sort of bullshit do your pets pull on you?
Bandit Driving


I just got summoned for Jury Duty for the first time. Have you been summoned? Did you actually get picked? What can you tell us about the case? What should I expect?

A girl I know was summoned too, so atleast I'll know one person there.

(no subject)

1)On scones, do you like soft ones, or the hard kind with crunchy sugar on them?

Soft. They are both called and sold as scones, though.

2)What cheese dip is native to your region?

the 'rotel' dip- made with bright yellow velvetta, rotel[tomatoes and peppers] and hopefully sausage.

3)What books do you want that you can't find in your library?

anything by Mary Carr.

Silly question?

This may be a silly question, but bear with me...

Does anyone know if there are computer viruses that make things show up in your history?
For example, website X shows up in your history and temporary internet files, and you did not access said website. Is it possible for there to be a virus that would do this? Or is that impossible?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

(no subject)

Have you heard Bon Jovi's We Weren't Born To Follow?

It sounds really similar to another song (by Bon Jovi also. I think)

Any ideas what that song is or am I imagining it?
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(no subject)

TQC, why were comments deleted from this post? Was there anything there that was inappropriate?
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If you don't gaf, tell me, should I go get a strawberry banana smoothie and a scone, a cheese pizza, or cheese sticks? The latter two are pizza hut brand, if that makes a difference.

(no subject)

1)If you were to get a 50 cent raise after working somewhere for a year, would you be upset?

2)How much of a raise do you expect to earn per year in your current position?
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Homosexuality and Christianity oh noes (and an IRA in there too)

So, my parents' church is holding a meeting this Sunday to discuss leaving the ELCA because they recently decided to allow gay pastors. I plan to go to this meeting and point out how absolutely ridiculous this is, but am lacking in articulation skills of my own. As such, does anyone have any links to essays on LJ or elsewhere discussing the topic?

Are you a Roth or Traditional sort of IRA person?
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(no subject)

If you've ever been in/a witness of an emergency situation, did you call 911 (or equivalent in your area) or a friend/family member?

Does it shock you that many people actually call friends or family rather than an emergency responder when they are involved in an emergency situation?

(no subject)

Have you ever had to go into an MRI machine?
If so, how long were you in there?
Can you describe your experience?

I was just in one for about an hour maybe because I was a control for a study on geneaology and bipolar/schizophrenia.  I felt like i was in a fucking horror movie. for about 15 minutes at the end the machine was shaking and making noises and i started to panic. for all the symptoms of a mental disorder they screened me for yesterday, i sure as hell started feeling those in that damn machine..

koki x
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(no subject)

How do you feel about people wearing crosses, rosaries, or any other religious or cultural objects you can think of for fashion and not because they're a member that religion/culture or a believer in whatever that object represents?

(no subject)

If you ate six bananas today.... how long would it take you to poop?

What's your favorite dessert?

I have to drive to Philly to pick my sister up tomorrow, on a scale of 1-10 how bad am I going to want to kill myself when I'm stuck in traffic in Staten Island on the way back?

What songs should I burn to a CD for the trip?
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(no subject)

My BEST FRIEND suddenly got 5 tickets to the Yankee game tonight. She invited a bunch of people that she hardly knows, but not ME.

I brought her to a play-offs game FOR FREE.

Can I be angry? Will you validate my anger?

How can I seek revenge?

Do your friends ever suck?
Fonz: eeeyyyhhhh

(no subject)

My BEST FRIEND suddenly got 5 tickets to the Yankee game tonight. She invited a bunch of people that she hardly knows, but not ME.

I brought her to a play-offs game FOR FREE.

Can I be angry? Will you validate my anger?

How can I seek revenge?

Do your friends ever suck?

(no subject)

Why is Entertainment Tonight running a special on The Cosby Show? The people the were interviewing kept referring to Bill in the past tense! It scared me for a moment there.

Which entertainer will you be sorry to see go? I think I'll probably be upset when Terry Pratchett passes away, as well as Ringo Starr.

(no subject)

ok, imagine you have glasses. they have plastic frames. imagine that your dog smashes his head into yours and breaks your glasses. how would you fix them to the point where they'll stay on your head so you can get to the optometrists office?

eta: i have no glue!!

Collapse )

Search Engines

Is there a search engine you find more successful than Google when researching?

I'm writing a paper on CRM and obviously Google can give me millions of results but my subject is both a method and a product software that can be sold.

Would it be more helpful if I used the "Scholar" option on Google or an entirely different search engine?
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(no subject)

Wanna talk about it?

I love fig jam, and I just picked up a relatively big jar at Whole Foods. I tend to put it on bagels with cream cheese or buttermilk biscuits. Got any other ideas for what I can put it on/in?

How do you take your coffee and/or tea?
Flavored cream (sweet enough) or Splenda and skim milk.

Do you buy those flavored creamers (like International Delight or Coffee Mate)? What flavor do you buy?
I just got International Delight's new vanilla latte flavor and I'm excited to try it.

(no subject)

I'm going to a wedding on Saturday. I've actually never been to a wedding before, so I have no idea what to wear.

What is acceptable? Should I stay away from anything white? Any other colors I shouldn't wear? What is a good length if I go the dress route? Help me!

The wedding is inside, in a church, at 3 pm if it matters.
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(no subject)

it is a week before exams.
how many hours do you usually spend in a day revising?
right now i start around 8ish at night and finish around 1am. that's 5 hours which i feel is plenty but it's really not, is it?
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(no subject)

Is it possible to buy the Wii Balance Board without buying the Wii Fit? There are games that I want which utilize the board, but I don't really care about Wii Fit.

How early is too early to break out my Christmas icons?

I'm usually a total grinch. Why am I so excited for Christmas this year?
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(no subject)

1. I tried dying my blonded hair into a slightly darker, more natural shade. It turned out grey. Weird old-lady-wig unnatural greyish blonde. What can I do to reduce the greyness?? I can't afford going to a professional.

2. How has your day been?

Mine sucked from the beginning to the end.


(no subject)

Would you rather have a great housing situation but be trapped in a job you hate in order to pay for it, or be in a less-than-ideal housing situation and have to have roommates, but be able to take a job you like better?

(no subject)

A 19-year-old and a 26-year-old have been dating for a year. The 19-yo moves to her freshman year of college six hours away. Her boyfriend is living with his parents and has a job at home, finds a new job and moves to the town that her college is in, six hours from where he's from and where all his friends and family are, to be with her.

Do you find this normal? Am I the only person who finds this really freaking weird?

[ETA:] I guess I just think it's weird since she's 19...? I don't know. I know he's at settling-down age, but I feel like I'd be freaked out if I was just starting college and my boyfriend came to live with me...
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iPod shuffle to iPod nano: Shiny! Confusing!

Some friends recently surprised me with a birthday gift of a new 5th gen iPod nano. Before this, I had the 1st gen shuffle. So now I get color and a screen!

What I want to know is... how do I play everything on it, all the way through? I mean everything. Every podcast and every song.

On my shuffle, I usually have about 10 - 30 podcasts stacked up over a bunch of musicals. I'm used to hitting play on the first podcast or song, just leaving the shuffle on all night and waking up to some random song or podcast (or on a long walk/flight/bus ride, etc).

But as far as I can tell, I can only play one podcast at a time, and one album at a time. There has to be a way, right? Or do I have to put everything in a playlist and select that playlist?

(no subject)

How often do you drink (alcohol)?

How drunk do you usually get when you do drink?

What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

what's your favorite late night snack?

Me: Sporadically/Drunk enough that I talk funny and stumble and tend to make out with random people/White wine, though I would never try to get drunk from it/pizza or nachos


school loan shit

So, my parents only now just found out that the PLUS loan they tried to take out to help me with school (my FAFSA fucked me over, my parents make decent money, but my mom has some medical debt and my parents are in the midst of renegotiating the mortgage on their house) got denied. I filled out a payment deferment thing with my school in order to get the time for it to clear. Now that I've found out it got denied, what can I do? I'm gonna owe the school $6500 for the remainder of this semester that I can't pay, I didn't qualify for any more aid aside from what I've already taken out in terms of my loans and that PLUS loan, and I just don't know what to do.

Anyone know what happens next? Can I like apply for something that'll make up for the lost aid or am I just fucked?
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(no subject)

I'm at the point in my life where I need to start thinking about what I want to do for a career. I think I might want to be an Animal Cruelty Investigator.

What is the difference between a Humane Law Enforcement Officer and an Animal Cruelty Investigator? I have been doing research but I can't quite figure it out.

Do you have to be a cop before you become an Animal Cruelty Investigator?

Dearest TQC,

1. so usually I hate tights with shorts, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. And I'm kinda considering wearing them. Should I or should I not?

2. What's your favorite article of clothing you own? Why?

3. Are you going shopping soon?

4. Coffee or tea? What flavor, if any?

5. Am I the only one who gets nervous when I see a new inbox message on Facebook, and then when I click on it I'm disappointed that it's not as big as I expected?
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I <3 TLV

Inspired by the last post

Where is "your" state, if you're living in a different state temporarily or have moved a lot? Do you think of "your" state as where you're currently living, or where you're from?

I'm living in Pennsylvania right now, but MY state is my home, Virginia.
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(no subject)

You are out drinking with your housemate/friend. She is really intoxicated and says she needs to go home, so you go outside to get a cab for her. She realizes she forgot her coat and goes back inside. She doesn't come out and when you go looking for her she is nowhere to be found. You happen to have her cell phone so you can't call her. You go home and she's not there either. How long until you worry? What would you do? How long would you wait before alerting police?

On an unrelated note:

A long time ago I remember a girl posted about how her mom and sister, I believe, went on vacation a few days (or weeks?) prior and she hadn't heard from them. I checked TQC_UPDATES for awhile after that but I don't think she ever updated. Does anybody remember her and/or know what came about that?