November 3rd, 2009


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I got 10.5 hours of sleep last night, then got up at 8 am this morning. I fell back asleep at 5 pm and didn't get up until 9pm. It's 12:30 am now and I am exhausted. Why am I so tired?!

Are you sleepy right now? When are you going to bed? 
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How long was your first relationship?

1 day
1-2 weeks
1-2 months
3-5 months
6-9 months
1 year
2 years
3 years
4 years
5+ years

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I just had the most gawdawful craving for Kraft Dinner, so I'm making a box (all for meeee) at 1 in the morning.

What is your standard "midnight snack"?

Do you like Kraft Dinner? What's your milk/liquid to butter ratio when mixing in the cheese powder?

I don't actually measure anything, I use a "sizable" lump of margarine (>1 tbsp) and enough splashes of milk to make it creamy-but-not-runny. I also put a dab of margarine in the boiling water to keep it from foaming over, and it makes the noodles all buttery and yum.

Have you tried the white cheddar KD? It looks disgusting to me D:
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Dearest TQC,

Okay, so I haven't cleaned my bowl in like a month or so. I'm starting to like the color that it's turning with all of the resin build up, but I can't decide if it'd be a better smoke if I clean it or not. What do you guys think? Do you clean out your pieces? If so, how often?

also, post a picture. + points if it's beautiful and fucking awesome.
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Anyone know of any profile hit counters that are compatible with BBCode? eFreeCounter was the only one I was able to find that did, and now it won't work anymore, for some reason. The only others I've found are HTML only, and it's all that Google has turned up for me.
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Is it 2.30am here  practically, why are you awake?
What are you doing? *

*Props for those who DONT say; "Reading TQC..."

Edit: Evidently none of my fellow Brit babes are awake. Rar. =(
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It is 3am and I am alone in my dorm unable to sleep. Should I watch Trick R Treat or will I shit my pants? I don't feel like cutting the video so you can youtube that shit.

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if young readers are reading not-so-high-quality books, like twilight, do you think we should just be thankful that they're reading at all? or should we force them into reading classics and what not?

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On the way to her parents' house last night, my wife and I saw a motorcyclist hit by a teenager in an SUV that ran a red light*. She, having experience as a trauma nurse, jumped out and did what she could for him 'til the EMTs showed up. He was dead before LifeFlight got there, though. I could tell that it really messed her up to see them pull the sheet over the guy's face and wave the chopper off without landing.
I think it affected both of us even worse knowing that I just sold my motorcycle last week. If I hadn't then, I would be now.

What's the most traumatic thing you've ever seen?

*As of the 6:00 am news this morning, he was in custody with some pretty hefty vehicular manslaughter charges pending.

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If I were to drizzle some tupelo honey on my grapefruit instead of sugar, would it be delicious, do you think?

Have you ever knitted/crocheted/sewn anything "from scratch?" What? Will you show me?

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Thursday is my friend's 21st birthday. I'm going to surprise her by gifting her some alcohol. Thing is, I don't drink and I have no idea what she likes. I don't really want to ask her since it's supposed to be a surprise and I don't know her other friends so I can't ask them. D: I'd like to get something that's good quality, though. Any suggestions?
lactose intolerant


kind of a random question, i realize, but it's worth a shot.

does anyone know the url to the anthropologie prehire ethics survey?

i know the login information, etc., but i received the url over the phone & i think one of the letters must have gone awry.

thank you!

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The red cups and Christmas flavors come out today at Starbucks, right? That's what a barista told me last night but I haven't seen anything online about it. I don't want to show up if I can't get a gingerbread latte.

What's your favorite ~fancy~ drink from a coffee shop?

online/computer budgeting system

1. Could you recommend me a program where I can track my spending, bills, savings, and create a budget? I am looking for something FREE and not complicated. I would prefer it if it was all online, but if downloads are necessary that is ok!


2. What do you do during your breaks at work?
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 What kind of music do you listen to when you're depressed?

Happy, unbeat music? Sad, depressing music? Angry, loud music?

I just went through a break-up and I am sad.

What songs do you suggest?


I just burned my hand on a freaking tub of butter. I was making mac and cheese, moved the pan to the non hot side, wasnt paying attention and put the lid for the butter on the hot burner (the edge of it) when I went to put the lid back on the butter, I pushed down and immediately burnt my hand/thumb. The plastic stuck to it and now its blistering pretty badly. How can I make it stop hurting? Someone suggested mayo.

What was the worst burn you have ever had?

Edit:: I went to walgreens and bought burn bandages with burn gel inside of them. They arent relieving the pain at all. Im going to try the aloe I bought next.
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What are some ways you've celebrated your anniversary with a partner that didn't cost a lot of money?

What are some ideas of gifts for a partner when you're 100% broke? The only thing I can think of is one of those cheesy coupon books.

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Should I have the husband go ahead and hang up our outdoor Christmas lights while the weather is nice? (It is supposed to be 69 degrees on Sunday, then in the upper 40s, low 50s until the 17th) Or should I have him wait until after Thanksgiving and take a chance on it being cold? (for what it is worth, I have no intentions of actually turning on the lights before Thanksgiving is over with)

Should I go with the regular strand of lights or the icicle lights?

I have to hire a new student worker sometime before the end of the semester. What are some red flags I should look for on applications? (Like one I got said that this person was convicted of "misuse" of a credit card. Sometimes we give our student workers petty cash to run to Wal-Mart or Dollar General to pick up stuff for the office)

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1. If someone held a gun to you and forced you to get a tattoo on the middle of your forehead or they'll shoot you, what would you get? The minimum size it can be is about the size of a walnut. Please note that if you get it removed after the fact, he will kill you, so whatever you pick is PERMANENT.

2. If you had the chance to bring an extinct, mythical or fictional animal to life, but in exchange, a current species of animal would have to be erased, what would you bring back and what would you erase? Please note, insects don't count.

3. If peaceful aliens ever make contact with humans, but they only bark/speak dog, what do you think would happen?

Creative and fun answers plz. I'm bored.
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If you've ever tried internet dating, have you ever successfully met a boyfriend/girlfriend on an internet dating site? If you've never used one, would you?

If you don't care, what would you like for dinner tonight? I'll cook anything.


[Inspired by a couple of the recent birthday questions.]

How important is it for you to celebrate your birthday on the actual date? Does it bum you out if you can't, or does it really not matter?

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I'm bored and have nothing to do.

What are your favorite online games?

What other websites are fun and interesting?

There's a can of Pepsi in the fridge here at work. It's my coworker's. She drank my Pepsi yesterday without asking. I'm now entitled to take hers without asking, y/n?
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You will be on vacation on your birthday. Your family wants to know if you want your presents before you leave or when you get back. You can't have half now, half later.

Would you rather receive them before or after vacation?

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I'm having problems connecting to xbox live. Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong? 

I have everything plugged in and turned on the way I'm supposed to, but it's saying there's a problem with the connection from the 360 to the network.

What can I do to fix it, or at least attempt to fix it? 
It was doing this a few days ago too, but before that, it was fine.
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Howdy, TQC!

I have a question about jealousy! Say you are a sweet dude with a very nice girlfriend. You do not cohabitate. Would you be jealous if your very nice girlfriend occasionally went out for a casual lunch or dinner with another dude? They are platonic friends and they only see each other once or twice a month.

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TQC there was a fire in my apartment complex and I've been virtually homeless since Sunday. My boyfriend has been letting me stay at his house, and I know it's been difficult for him and cramping him slightly. What can I do to let him know how much I appreciate this?
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TQC, I'm looking to buy a rice steamer, that can steam veggies at the same time. Do you have any product recommendations for me?

If you eat everlasting gobstoppers, do you suck them down to the soft part, or do you bite them in half before?
Bite 'em

Do you appreciate that firefox's spellcheck recognizes gobstopper as a word?

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My workplace is offering to pay us for unused vacation days at the end of the year. This is the first time in the company's history where we wouldn't just lose them. I have seven days left. Important considerations: So far, I've only taken off one full week plus a long weekend. Our total vacation is being cut next year by ~12%. These are paid vacation days, so I'm still earning money if I'm not in the office.

Do I take the money or the time off?

Does your employer offer the same deal? If so, do you take advantage?
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My mom is in the market for a new computer. She wants to get a laptop. She really doesn't use her computer much for anything other than surfing the internet, e-mail, watching news videos and printing pictures my sister sends her.

She's really bad with computers and just downloads EVERYTHING that pops up and it slows down her computer.

What should I look for? How much would you spend?
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Library Questions

1.  How easy is it to get to your local library from your house?  

2.  Do you use the library often?  What for?  Books, movies, other? 

3.  Is your library a part of a network?  If so what is the network called?  

4.  Are there libraries where you can't request things from other libraries?

Collapse )
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okay tqc...
is it fair to ask your boyfriend of 2.5 years to go halfsies on your birth control? i feel like because we are both having sex it shouldnt be just me who pays the bill for my medication. I dont make him buy condoms or anything I never have. the only reason I ask is my bc is 35 dollars a month and its really expensive for me. am I wrong to ask him to chip in?
Autumn Pink

Office workers...

Do you ever walk around the office in your stocking/ bare feet? Just to jump over a cube or grab a piece of paper or whatever? If you do, have you ever thought about the possibility of stepping on a staple? If you don't, what is your reasoning? (I would assume this question is mainly for females who are more likely to wear heels and the like...)

What motivates your choice of icons? Do they have any meaning? Do they have exactly the opposite? (no meaning at all, just humor...which I guess is meaning in its own right ;P)

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Do you think that PETA or another animal rights organization should be fined if people from their group throw paint or tar on people's fur coat? DO you think that the person who threw it should be prosecuted? Why or why not?

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So what level are you on Farmville?

What're you munching on?

You can have any pet you want! What do you get? 

20, as of yesterday.

Multi-grain bread.

Another dog. Most likely a pomeranian, but a pug would be great, too. Or an American Eskimo.

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I have math homework to do tonight. I didn't get to sleep until after 4:30am because I was doing a paper.
After I get off of work I have to go to a chiropractor appointment, and probably wont get home until after 7pm.

Should I take a power nap when I get home before I do my math homework?

Or should I trudge through the homework and go to bed when I'm done?
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i'm in college and i'm 22. should i have the following on my resume?

- internship
- grade 9/10 mcdonald's gig
- the high school i attended (it's not in the area)
- that i'm on the dean's list

i just want to work in a cafe or restaurant on the weekends why do i need a resume god the application is more thorough anyway *rubs temples*
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How would you feel if you found out from another family member (aunt, uncle, older cousin, etc) that your mother used to be a stripper?
Would you confront your mother about it? How would you go about it?

Black nail polish rose

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Who wants sandwiches?!?

Poll #1480497 Sandwiches!


BBQ sauce
It's not jelly, it's jam damnit
Miracle Whip
Cream cheese
Cottage cheese?
Something else wint3rhart forgot to mention; I will gently correct her in the comments!




fuck yes
I love these ticky boxes
d20 :: natural 1
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oh hai regional bias

Why are women's (American) pants sizes so counterintuitive? Wouldn't it make more sense to size them the way they do men's (American) pants sizes, with the waist and inseam measurements?

What's the last sizing/measurement question that bugged you?

If you don't care about any of that, what's for dinner?
Bug-eyed Earl

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Poll #1480504 Dishes?

How do you do or load the dishes?

I almost always do them immediately.
I do them daily.
I let them sit a couple days.
My sink is overflowing with goo.
Someone else does them.

A rated-R question

Poll #1480505 Relationships and Sex

I wouldn't want a relationship that didn't have sex. (that is - oral/anal/vaginal)


If other, any comment?

I could have a relationship without sex.

Yes but I wouldn't be happy

If other, explain:

(Bonus question: should that poll be under a cut?)
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Seems T-Mobile is down according to my phone and Twitter. Do you have T-Mobile? I've never had an issue but I can't text. I can call out and use the internet though.

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My boyfriend and I are thinking about getting a small pet. We don't live together & I have a cat, so pet will be kept at his place. His place is tiny so were thinking along the lines of a hamster or something.

Any suggestions?

For those who have had a hamster/gerbil/anything similar, care to tell me about it?

Any name suggestions for the new pet?

Is it harder to understand discrimination if your white/unflawed?

I was sitting joking around with some friends when my friend Amanda says that, "Your going to be like the Mexicans and have nothing, but babies." I got kinda awkward then. My friend Jamie and I tried to explain to her how that is/could be seen as racist/ignorant, but she just couldn't understand and didn't know why we were so mad at her for saying it because we aren't Mexican. This is when Jamie told Amanda that  she could never really understand because:
1.) She's white
2.)She thin
3.)She doesn't have a superficial flaw
Because of those reasons Jamie said she could never understand. I disagree, but it did get me wondering if maybe I was wrong and maybe it is harder to understand discrimination if it hasn't happened to you or against your people. So, again, my question is

Is it harder to understand discrimination if your white/unflawed?

BTW: I'm black/filipino and Jamie is East Asian.
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T-Mobile Users

Anyone having a problem sending/receiving texts? Me and a bunch of other people tried calling T-Mobile, and it just made some funny noises.
I read somewhere online this was happening in Seattle a few weeks ago.

EDIT: What state are you in?

Why does t-mobile suck so bad?

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What is the most stupid thing you have ever done?

Yesterday I put in my contact lenses. About an hour later my eyes felt dry so I reached for my eyedrops. Although they weren't my eye drops. It was the eardrops prescribed to my cat to get rid of mites.

It felt like liquid fire but I'm laughing about it now.

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What's the cutest thing your pet has done lately?

My bed is under the window in my bedroom and the windows in this house don't have sills. My cat will sit on my headboard and look out the window, but he prefers when the window is open so he can lay in it. He woke me up this morning by pawing at the closed window and making little squeaking noises.
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Roommate questions.

TQC, if you live with someone, how do you decide how to divvy up the rent? Do you feel that the person with the private bathroom should pay more, or the one with the bigger bedroom? Do you just prefer to divide it down the middle, and not squabble over crap like that? Inquiring minds want to know.

Do you split grocery bills on certain things, or is it MY SHIT, YOUR SHIT?

Do you assign certain chores to one another, or is it whoever feels like doing it?
Sue Dummy
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Making my so playing cards he can redeem like coupons because I have no money. Each Card as something on it, for example one of the cards is I'll make him a homemade meal. I still have some cards left and I'm running out of of ideas. Any ideas? All ideas welcome :P
Internet Forever

Computer question

So this should be fun...

I'm trying to get on the Weight Watchers (yay for a program that works for me!)website. On both of my browsers, it says I must have cookies enabled. Um...I do! I swear! On both browsers! I checked the help sections on both browsers, followed the instructions, and nothing. I also googled (and Yahoo!ed) for help and nothing I found on there made a difference. I made sure cookies were enabled PLUS I cleared out my cache and still no dice. Does anyone know of any other fix I could make to my computer to allow the website to recognize that I have cookies enabled? This happens to me on websites like Old Navy, as well, but this is certainly more important. So, TQC, do any of you with more computer/internet knowledge than I (pretty much 70% of LJ) know what else I could look for to fix it? I thought this might be a question easily solved by asking an actual person a random stranger.

(No, this is not a homework question. :P)
tick tock


1. Do you have any weird talents? How'd you discover them?

2. How about your family members/friends?

1. I can get out of pretty tight handcuffs. I don't want to say how I know this.
2. My mom can wiggle one of her ears.
Clem & Joely

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My mom was telling me about a couple of college girls that were murdered, I think she said in Nebraska. She said that a couple people(?) received frantic phone calls from them and then that was it, the girls disappeared, and were later found dead. I can't find any articles about this online, can anyone enlighten me? I don't know any names, maybe it wasn't in Nebraska, if the story sounds familiar to you from elsewhere... My mom said it was fairly recent.

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Can you shoot saliva from the glands under your tongue at will?

When I was a kid this was called "glanding".

Also, a recent add to my flist dropped me quicker than usual. I can't figure out why this time. Their only response to the post was "omg... just omg". Similar ever happen to you?

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should I mix 25 mg of zoloft and 150 mg of wellbutrin with geodon? Ive got a test tomorrow and ive experienced mania today...i wont be able to get my test done if i dont change something...i guess im just in the process of figuring out things and what the hell my mental disorder is. also does starting new antidepressants make anyone else have a "fog like" mind??? thanks for any help..

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This season, Tyra has only models who were under 5'7". Next season, what should the heights of the models be?

Normal model-sized
5'7" or under. This was interesting
5'0" or under.
4'0" or under
6'5" or taller
7'0" or taller