November 2nd, 2009

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I was watching extreme makeover: home edition and there was a family with 3 daughters, a mother and a father. It was the Carter family episode. The mother and her daughters had Chiari malformation, and the girls liked singing. I really liked their singing. Does anyone know any of the words from the song they were singing, or where I can find a copy?
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Be honest, TQC: if you are supposed to have read a chapter for a class, how often do you show up to class having read it? (Let's assume for sake of continuity that you are not going to be quizzed on the content, you were just supposed to read it ahead of time for sake of conversation facilitation).

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Because me and my roommate were just discussing this:

Why is it that gay stoners seem to be such a rarity? Both me and him only know four combined (including myself) and it just seems odd.

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What changes will you make or have you made in raising your children that your parents didn't do with you?

ex, I'm going to definitely emphasize the importance of exercise with my children. They're not going to eat fast food either. I'm going to cook a healthy dinner every night.

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for those are not religious or are but not that much, did you ever consider to stop celebrating a holiday that you did when you where growing up? i was thinking that when i move out of my dads house i probably wont celebrate christmas again.
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One a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the affection level in your current relationship? How long have you been together?

Definitely a 10. We've been together 6 1/2 years.

If someone asks, "On a scale of 1-10...", do you take that to mean 1 is worst 10 is best, or other way around?
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So say you were having your second date with a guy, and he was coming to your house to watch a movie. You don't particularly care if you impress him or not, and in fact are probably going to tell him you just don't see this going anywhere. What would you make for dinner?
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Is there a term for this?

Is there a term for a written onomatopoeia? Like when people try to make words they've written look like the concept they're trying to express. For instance, writing *thisclose* instead of just this close to emphasize how close together two objects are.
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Do you talk to yourself? Do you consciously do it (ie purposely start a conversation with yourself), or unconsciously (ie you don't realize it till someone gives you a funny look)?
Yes. Unconsciously...I'll realize I'm doing it and be like "GOD SHUT UP YOU LOOK CRAZY". It is horrible :[

Favorite workout music?
Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, etc.

What are you looking forward to?
Britney's Singles Collection!

Have you ever pretended to be craycray to get someone to leave you alone?
Not seriously, but when there are panhandlers on the train, I talk in french and offer them a couple of euros I've had for a while.
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Have you ever seen someone randomly on the street and weren't sure if they were a celebrity or someone normal who looks like a celebrity?
On Halloween, I had to look three or four times at this woman because I couldn't tell if she was dressed as Kate Gosselin or really WAS Kate Gosselin. Now that I found out that she was in town interviewing with the Today show, I'm super-curious now.

Have you ever have your wallet stolen? What do you do?
I don't have any open credit cards, my bank account is fucked, and my credit is so bad that even if they DID try to use it, they would fail.

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If you go out for a night of partying/drinking what time do you usually start drinking? What time do you usually set out for the house/club/bar? What time do you usually return home? Where are you from and how old are you?

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hello tqc, and happy monday. will you use this post to compliment another tqc'er? just because it's monday and i am not a huge fan of mondays, maybe we can get some cheer up in this place <3
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If I'm supposed to give blood at 10 am tomorrow and will be getting up at 9, will my drinking water the night before help me out at all, or will the effects of something I drink late at night stop helping by the time donation time rolls around? If no, then how am I supposed to make sure I'm hydrated enough in the span of about an hour?

Apple Cider

My friend and I are doing a food photo challenge this month, where we are picking an ingredient and we both have to use that ingredient in whatever we make then photograph it. The 1st ingredient is Apple Cider. What are your favorite recipes that involve Apple Cider??
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Interview question.

Hey guys, I have a group interview at Old Navy later today, and I'm a bit nervous about what to wear. I was planning on dressing in my basic interview attire (dress pants, dress shirt, tie), but I'm wondering if that might be a little too formal for the store. Any ideas?

Also, has anyone ever had a group interview at Old Navy? How long did it last approximately, and did they have you do anything outside of the normal interview questioning?
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 Favorite Fleetwood Mac song?

If you could go back in time and change one thing you did, what would it be?

Opinions on Windows 7? 

Anyone find the new Apple commercial poking fun at Windows 7 amusing?

Will I add anymore questions after I have already edited this one time?

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Do you think it is acceptable in certain situations to lie to clients/customers in your line of work? What situations would this be?

it does not have to be a big lie, but maybe a little white lie or a fib.
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Does anyone know of a free program to make your own fonts? Has anyone used it to make, not some stupid baby-shower-esque bubble-writing monstrosity, but their own con-lang in a typing-friendly format?


How is your country's economy going at the moment? How is this affecting you?

Pretty damn fine. I am enjoying the exchange rate and buying lots of things in US dollars. I know a friend who lost their job though, and another who has less hours on one of their jobs, that sucks.

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im trying to order djarum blacks from Indonesia but their payment system is weird and i cant figure it out!
these are the payment options

Western Union/MoneyGram
AlertPay (VISA/AMEX)

which one do i choose? i put an order through with the bali payment visa/master card but then it just said my order went through without asking for any payment information? what do i do?
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Hello TQC! I have a very big problem and a tqc'er told me to join this community and ask everyone what to do about it.

Since I ordered on June 23 from the website, I have been dealing with the WORST internet purchase experience of my life. The company sent my item too late for it to be any good, refused to answer any of my communications, and I sent it back. When I brought the issue to the Better Business Bureau, medievalware FINALLY contacted me and promised me a full refund. After that they quit contacting me and I never received the refund. The BBB closed the case because medievalware didn't contact them either.

So now I'm out $123 and all I can do is keep emailing the company and asking "Where is my refund?" They never reply.

The BBB said I might want to contact the Ohio Attorney General. Is this my only option, will I have to pay for their help, etc? What would you do it it happened to you?

Also, do you know if there's another community I should be asking this question to? Like a legal community or something? I'm at the end of my rope here. Thanks a lot for your input in advance!
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We have noticed lately that there has been a lot of bees and flies in our house, way more than normal. The weird thing is, they are all seemingly lethargic, most can't fly, they just walk, and the ones that can fly will hit things like a wall then fall to the ground, or they can only fly for a few seconds before they fall into the ground. We've also been finding dead bees in places like on a table for instance. What the hell is going on here?
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I have a hamster. He's awesome. LJ cuts aren't working for me so here's a link to a video of him.

It's not too clear in the video, but I think he has a tumor on his left side. He's acting normal, and still goes about his day, the only difference is he wobbles now. When my roomate and I bought him the people at the store said he wouldn't last more than 6 months. He's now almost 2. I love him, but I cannot afford vet fees right. Would it be ok for me just to let him be? Do you think he will last much longer? Have any other hamster owners ever experience this before?
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What was your favourite of the Jurassic Park trilogy? I like them in the order they came out, actually, because I love Jeff Goldblum and Julianne Moore and a T-Rex in New York is amazing, imho. Plus, the third movie was just recycled ideas from the first two scripts/books.

Have you ever had key lime pie? What about key lime tea?
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Yes, an iPod question:

My beloved 80g iPod recently died. Or, it won't turn on and it used to freeze. It's out of warranty.

Ideally, I would just buy a new iPod. However, I'm in to financial position to just throw down $400. What should I do? Here are the options I've thought of so far:

-Getting it fixed. Any experience with this?
-Getting a cheaper mp3 player. Important info- I have 11,000 songs and it must be Mac compatible.
-But a cheaper, smaller iPod (still kind of pricey and not what I want)

Anything else?

How do YOU listen to music?

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What is your favorite recently-acquired purchase?
I got a DECORATE-YOUR-OWN TIARA at work [a craft store] for 75 cents!!!

Do obvious discrepancies within commercials bug you? I just saw a commercial for Bertolli frozen stuff or something (something Italian) and the dude in the commercial was singing something (in English) to the music of Habañera, which is in French.... what the motherfuck.
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How do you pronounce "often"? And where do you live? I just learned that the correct pronunciation is "off-en". I've always said it as "off-ten", and I've never heard it said any other way.
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TQC,I have googled my arse off trying to find the answer to my question,so now,I turn to you....

What is the name of this song,and who is it by?
The lyrics in it are:

"Anybody who thinks I can't do it anymore best step right back and take that!"
"I got the Formula"

its like a techno song and Radio 1 have annoyingly played it,but have never said who it is,whilst I've been listening.

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Everyone I know (IRL and online) is always going on and on about how awesome Chinese food is. I am not that big of a fan--I have to REALLY be in the mood for it, and even then, it's not amazing to me. Is there anyone else out there that feels the same way about Chinese?!

Is there a type of food that you can't stand, but everyone else you know of loves it? 
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For those of you who've had The Swine, how quickly did you start feeling shitty? Like did you go from feeling pretty normal to wanting to die in the matter of a couple of hours?
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Gummi Lifesavers

Dear TQC,

My friend bought a bag of Gummi Lifesavers for Halloween, and upon opening them we have found that some of the candies have text-speak imprinted on them. Some just say LIFESAVERS while others sport short messages such as OMG, BFN, and OIC.

Anyone know anything about this? We've looked for answers online but we can't find any reference to the text on lifesavers at all. And it's just... weird.

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I'm a college photography student. I do a lot of digital work and I like to use Flickr to host my photos when I post them online. The free account lets me hold 200 photos and I'm currently at 176.
Does anyone have the Pro account?

Is it worth the $25/year? I just want to retain quality when I post my photos (Photobucket seems to make my photos grainy).

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In a relationship, are you normally the sort of person who is dumped, or does the dumping?

What are the best 'your dumped!' stories you have?

I need to think of a creative way for when my boyfriend comes to meet me tomorrow, urgh.
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This is my last week of work for awhile, so my husband and I have decided to celebrate by having a little party.   We have strobes, lasers, a fog machine, and various toys and illegal substances.  Now, we're in need of a soundtrack for our descent into debauchery.  

TQC, tell me--

1.)  What are your favorite stoner songs, artists, etc?

2.)  What are your favorite "sexy time" songs, artists, etc?

As for me:

1.)  Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) by Kenny Rogers

2.)  Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails 

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I have a white board in my office, and my office mate and I decided that we're going to have a "word of the day" and write it on the board. Will you suggest a word of the day for us?
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TQC, what is a small but personal gift I could give someone important to me, before she takes maternity leave? She is having a baby boy, if that helps, and I don't want to give just a gift card.

Are you good at balancing your checkbook? Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve my habits and start balancing mine?

Have you ever had a sugar daddy or a sugar momma? How did that work out for you?

Two Unrelated Questions

Imagine you have a young child, under the age of 5. You are no longer with your child's other parent and have been dating someone for a few years. You break-up. Your ex has many pictures of your child on his/her personal websites (facebook, myspace, photobucket, etc...). Do you make your ex delete all photos of your child or do you not care?

My mom moved her computer yesterday, just a few feet. Now she can't get on the internet. When I unplug her ethernet cord and plug it into my computer I can get on. Her computer just says there is limited connectivity. When I try click to repair it, it says it can't find a IP address. Any idea what to do to get her back online?
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recessioning is depressioning

When is this recession going to be over?

Have you ever eaten government cheese? (ETA: Wikipedia knows about government cheese!)

Would this recession be more fun if everyone had government cheese, like old times?

If you don't care about the recession, who is more creepy, Bert from Sesame Street or Squidward?
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pressing question

Dear TQC,

My roomie is friends with a homeless man on our college campus. He is allegedly turning 44 this month, and for part of his birthday present, she wants to buy him cigarettes. Unfortunately, she does not know what kind of cigarettes he prefers. We asked Chacha, and they supplied us with a rather lame answer: "I think a homeless person would smoke any kind of cigarette they can get their hands on."

I thought my fellow TQC-ers would have a better answer. So: what kind of cigarettes do you think a 44-year-old homeless man would most appreciate?
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I am trying to buy a men's overcoat. The problem is that I have very large breasts (56 inches around at the furthest point, weird way to measure I know, but bear with me) and I am not sure what this translates to in terms of sizing a men's coat. The coat I want is fairly expensive, and I don't want to deal with the hassle of returning it, especially since I plan to buy over the net. The sizing chart on the website confuses me, and I'm not sure it even applies to people with breasts.

So QuestionClub, this is the coat I want; what size do I need?

EDIT: I am transgender, and I do not want a women's coat or one that will accentuate my curves.

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Why won't this hot Swedish guy add me on Facebook?! I'm totally profile stalking him, sigh. When's the last time you've hovered round nervously awaiting a confirmed add?

Oh yeah, and this is a nice matching post to my previous question to breaking up with my boyfriend btw.

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i work in a group home for teens with mental disorders. i have a group of coworkers that are my "team." its who i work with every day and it is necessary that we all be on the same page and work together in order for things to run smoothly. lately, they've (mainly 2 of them) have been talking shit about me behind my back and also when they think i can't hear them, and i can. i've confronted them, and when that didnt work, i went to my boss. she did nothing because they've been there longer than me.

what should i do to deal with these shitty ass co workers?

in other news,
why do i have insomnia?

how can i make myself fall asleep?  im exhausted.