November 1st, 2009

you think you're heart would learn.

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i am SOOO lonely.I miss what it feels like to be wanted. to be needed. NOBODY calls me or wants to do stuff with me. I'm frikkin 22 and im sick of being friendless since I was 17.
this burden of being is too heavy to bear sometimes.

I don;t even know what it is. Is it not the right environment?people? or is it me?

Is this just a momentary down point in my life that will pass?

will i find love and acceptance and friendship and finally belong?

*is in tears*

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1)Candy apples or caramel apples?

2)The day after Halloween means the beginning of the 'holiday season',right? Looking forward or sort of depressed?

Depressed... I like the 'fall' period.

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Are you a fan of The X-Files?

What's the scariest episode?

I tried watching it with some friends tonight, but the few episodes we randomly picked flopped. I want to come up with the best collection of episodes in order to entice them into another marathon tomorrow.

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I'm drunk and emotional.

My Bank of America debit card has been stolen and I can't seem to find the number to dial to cancel it. I found the number for the credit card but not the debit. It's not the same thing is it? All I get is an automated response so I can't exactly ask any employees what to do. Does anyone know the number? Anyone know what I can do?

Got through! Thanks, tqc, ilu.

What are your pet's names?
donk... donk... donk...

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I grew up in Washington state with great-tasting water. From the majority of the childhood I can remember to the beginnings of my adulthood, I could go to the tap and get water that was really, really good.

But then I left for Germany with the Army. For all the environmental similarities between my home state and there... their water was shit. I can completely understand why, centuries ago, their ancient ancestors made their water into beer instead of trying to drink it.

From there I was deployed to Iraq, whose water was literally undrinkable to our weak American immune systems (who weren't attuned to their icky water supply). Bottled water was the norm for the thirteen months I was there, which wasn't that good to boot.

After returning to Germany, I was moved to El Paso, Texas. Their water was a step above Iraq's, but a step below Germany's. When I was first transferred there a water-boiling edict was in place, because the Army post's (though not the city at large's) water was tainted for some reason. Even after that was over, El Paso's water tasted like shit.

I was medically discharged from El Paso, spent almost a year back in Washington, and moved to Chicago, just because. My opinion of Washington's excellent water hasn't changed, and after two years my opinion of Chicago's water is at roughly the level of El Paso.

My questions to you folks: is Washington's water special? Were you born there (or somewhere like there), did you grow up there, did something happen there that made you like drinking water? If not, what made you not like water? If you do like water, but it's hard to get good, what makes you drink it? If you don't like water, what makes you drink it? If you were born or grew up somewhere that had bad water, did you grow up liking tea or coffee or pop or something else in place of water?

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is there a Windows equivalent to Popchar? basically a tiny tool for inserting all manners of symbols and marks in all your system fonts, et cetera

what is the CUTEST thing you ever did see? in your life in its entirety
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Which of your icons is your prettiest or most favorite?  Can you use it when you post your reply?

Which icon do you use the least or never use?  Why don't you ever use it?

Would you rather a show end while it's at it's best and still potentially has one or two good seasons left in it, or a show end after it's been crappy for a couple of seasons?  Imagine that either way the ending of the show was decent and complete...
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Kinda hate my city

If you went to one of the nicer clubs / concert venues in your city for a Halloween party and the djs were playing a mixture of top 40s hip hop / r&b, the most generic 90s hip hop singles, and occasionally stuff like "what is love?" and "I like to move it move it" what would you think?

I cannot have fun listening to that kinda stuff. I just can't. Maybe if I could get totally loaded (which I can't because I always have to drive.) but even then, I would have a much better time being loaded and listening to music I actually like.
28 days later

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Disclaimer: drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk

I was at this party and this boy was all up on me and I invited him back to my place and he wasn't interested and I am sad.

WTF is wrong with boys, man?
Kyon, facepalm

Contacts Question...

So last night was Halloween and I was bumming because I had a pair of plano theatrical contacts that I used for a cosplay (red iris, if it matters) that I wanted to wear, but I was certain that I'd thrown them away. Turns out they were in my medicine cabinet. I haven't worn them in over a month, are they still safe to use if I change out the saline? Do I need to disinfect them or anything? I really like these contacts and don't want to pay for a new set if these are still viable.
Cool, that's answered. New question! Any of you ever buy theatrical contacts? What were they and what did you wear them for?
This is similar to what I've got:

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If you have one, will you post a picture of your Halloween costume from yesterday?

Or, if you didn't dress up, would you post a picture of a costume that you would have liked to have had?

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I have a weird cosmetic problem! I have a weird looking neck- the biggest problem is that I have deep horizontal grooves the entire length of it. How should I hide this? I can't wear turtle necks in summer...
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I last saw my cell phone 4 days ago, I'm 99% sure it's somewhere in my house but I've looked everywhere I can think of to look and I can't find it.  I tried calling it but I had it on silent or vibrate and by now the battery ran out so it wouldn't ring anyway.  My mother won't shut up about how I need to find it or buy a new one but I don't want to buy a new one when I just know it's going to show up here eventually!  But it is kind of important and I do need a cell phone.  So TQC, what should I do? :(

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Have you all been able to upload pictures to Facebook? Ever since they changed the layout again, I haven't been able to. Here's a screen shot of the error:

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I tried the Simple Uploader and that didn't work either. I have a whole bunch of Halloween pictures that need uploading!

Will you have drunk Halloween photos of you posted on Facebook sometime in the next few days?

EDIT: I re-installed Adobe Flash and it works now WOOOOO.

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What is the name of the college you go to/went to and where is it located?

What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?

College of Southern Nevada-Las Vegas, NV.

What I like: It's inexpensive to attend, it has a convenient location, i'm running into a lot of old faces and friends who I haven't seen in awhile and it seems a lot better than the only university here.
What I dislike: It's a community college so it doesn't have much of a campus scene or culture and it's lacking in the social department since people continue to hang out with the people they were already friends with, I'm surrounded by way too many of the people I went to middle school and high school with, the buildings are set apart kind of far from each other and the way they set up the times of some of the classes is very, very weird.


So Netflix.

A while ago, I reported that I never received a DVD, because I didn't think I had. They sent me a replacement, but of course I found the original a day later.

Meanwhile, my dad mailed a DVD back for me, but it's been almost a week and THEY haven't received it. I sent the found DVD (and the other two DVDs I had) back yesterday, but now I'm afraid to mark the other one as lost.

How many times can you mark something as lost on Netflix before they start thinking you just stole it? I think I marked one as lost a few months ago also...

le tour eiffel

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My French teacher wants me to play a song (on guitar) for international night in two weeks. Do you know of any French songs that would be relatively easy to play? I've been going through the songs that I know, but I don't think that any of them will work.

Facebook Privacy Settings

If you have it set so "Only Friends" can see photos tagged of you - Does that mean if I'm tagged in a picture from a friend's album, her friends on her facebook will only be able to see the photos that I'm not in? I know it seems straight forward but I somehow don't trust facebook privacy settings lol

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Do you think there is an age when people are "too old" to dye their hair? (I am not talking pink, blue, green, etc. I'm talking about red(natural coloring redish), brunette and blonde)

What time did you wake up today?

Should I watch My Neigbor Totoro or play the Sims 3?

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I'm taking my college assessment tests tomorrow (or possibly tuesday). I've been practicing the tests online and the algebra II stuff is kicking my ass. I haven't done any of this in 4 years. Should I study my ass off tonight/tomorrow to try and re-learn enough to get better scores on the test or should I just retake algebra II in college?

I did very well in the class I took in HS, I tend to pick up math skills very easily, but I don't know if it would be better for me to just retake the class so that I have a better grasp on math courses that follow.

Btw, I've been out of school for 3 years and algebra II was the last substantial math course I took in HS. I'm very rusty and that's why I'm not sure if I could go into a higher math course and pick it up as easily as I did in HS.

Research Project Requires Answers!

So I have to do a research project, and I can't go too much into the detail because it might fudge your results. If, however, you answer and want to know, you can privately message me on my email and I'd be glad to go more in depth with what I am working on. The only stipulation is you cannot be a Deaf Studies major if you want to answer these questions.

Please answer in one-to-three word things, like: dog, bone, furry, walks, leash (etc.)

1) What words/images come up when you hear (read) the word "deaf"?

2) What words/images come up when you hear (read) the word "transgender/transexual"?

Thank you!

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I like reading books like this and this.

I've been to several bookstores and can't find anything else. I was looking at this on Amazon, and I may order it.

Can anyone recommend some similar books? Fact-type things about diseases/death? 

What is your favorite genre of book to read? 

The Receptionist Classic

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How young is too young to be wearing one of those "Sexy {whatever}" costumes?

How young is too young to have a Facebook?

Am I an old fuddy duddy because I think that our friends' kids are way too young for these things? (7 y/o for the costume, 3 y/o for Facebook.)

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what is your favorite "kind" of professor/teacher? what qualities in a professor/teacher would make you enjoy taking a class by him or her?

if this question is too vague/easy/boring, describe the best professor you ever had.

my favorite professor is the "classic" academic, someone who was put on this earth to teach what they teach. i might not originally have any interest in british imperialism, but if you live and breathe british imperialism - if you have so much interst in british imperialism that you get excited about it - then chances are i am going to really enjoy your class.
Thanks Squeaktastic


Dear tqc,

What are you currently reading?
What was the last book you finished?
How many books do you read a year?
What is your favorite book of all time?

My answers
Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk
Water For Elephands by Sara Gruen
So far it is Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford.
Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love

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Do plumbers usually charge you the same day they fix your stuff, or do they send you a bill?

Or do you know of anything that would work stronger than Drano? Because we've tried that.

Our laundry room is flooded because someone thought it'd be a good idea to put pumpkin guts down the sink disposal. And now that drain in the floor is clogged :(

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How many beers does it take you to get drunk?

How do you define 'hooking up'?, what exactly does it entail?

Also, how would you, personally, define a virgin?
Would you call someone who has not had intercourse but who has had oral sex a virgin?
dorothy's shoes

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I filmed my friend playing his guitar earlier and when I uploaded it to my computer, it uploaded sideways. I am using Windows Movie Maker and I was wondering what I need to do to flip it so it's the right way, and if I can't do it with Windows Movie Maker, is there anything else I can download that would allow me to do that?

What's your favourite movie making program?

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My ex (& my daughter's father) has been trying to get back with me this past week. He came over the other day to see our daughter & ended up crying in my driveway. I don't have feelings for him at all, and I tried to make that clear. I also did not speak to him at all for 3 months straight. Now he is sending me text messages saying that he has a surprise for me, and he told me that he is going to get my name tattooed on his arm :| It's only downhill from here, right?

Do you have anyone this stupid that you have to deal with in your life?
just a bill
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Post a picture of some food you've made recently?

I made acorn squash stuffed with brown and wild rice, apricots, spices, and walnuts. I drizzled some agave nectar on top.

EDIT: Okay, I guess brown rice isn't photogenic :( It still tastes A+
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Did you know the secret facebook trick where on your keyboard, press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, b , a, ENTER and then scroll up OR down, then type anything on the comment boxes and see what happens? ((no, seriously, if you have a facebook, go there, and ENTER THAT.))

Have you had your break today?

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Has anyone studied abroad in any of these cities or visited? I'm applying for next fall and I'm trying to narrow it down.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Valparaíso, Chile
Antofagasta, Chile
Coquimbo, Chile
Vigo, Spain
Murcia, Spain
Malaga, Spain
Santiago, Spain
Palma, Spain
Almeria, Spain

I'm interested in any information you may have!
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My family and I went on a vacation in the Western United States a few months ago and I want to have this picture printed for my sister's birthday. Is there anything you would recommend in terms of cropping it differently or anything like that to make it a bit better?

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Everyone has at least one crazy story about something that happened to them, you know, that one great story. What's yours?

From what culture does your favorite mythology/folklore come from?
anontang DA

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TQC, last time I checked, the ABC video player let me choose HD or standard before watching an episode. Now, they revamped it or something, and any episodes I watch automatically play in standard, even if there is an indication that the episode can play in HD. Why have they made this so complicated, and how do I get my HD option back?

Edit: Never mind. Turns out I can watch on Hulu now.

Instead, what are you excited about?

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What inspires men to approach certain female strangers and not others to ask for their number? Is it based solely on attractiveness, or does perceived easiness, or some other factor come into play? I am wondering specifically about non-club situations, on the street, when the women are just minding their own business.

Does approaching strangers on the street for their number ever work? When/if you get approached by strangers like this, do you find it flattering, off-putting or something else? Do you ever give your number out in these situations?