October 31st, 2009


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What's the worst part about Halloween for you?

I am phobic of aliens. I'm so pathetic that I don't even answer the door if a kid comes dressed up as one. I literally run away screaming and someone else has to give them candy.
And this year my fiance wants to drag me to a video game themed Halloween party tomorrow night. My first and last thought was "Hell NO!" So I'm not even going to party at all this year! lame! 

Where's the last place you went traveling? How was it? 
Where would like to visit if you could leave right now? 

I'm going to India in a few days and I'm so scared and excited at the same time! Finally! 
Kill Bill - Elle
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I can't think of anywhere else to ask this.
Today I got a letter from CA EDD regarding my disability insurance claim (it's like unemployment for the disabled). It tells me my weekly benefit amount, which wasn't showing up when I filed the first time. Does this mean I'm eligible and will receive benefits?

How confused have you been lately?
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Hai TQC! When you type, do you touch type, hunt and peck, or half-half?

I do half-half. I don't put my fingers asdfjkl; , but I can still type without looking because I check the shift, caps lock, tab and enter button positions with my little fingers.

Swine Flu vaccine

I am thinking of getting the swine flu vaccine, but I read that people get really awful secondary effects like puking, fever, etc. I have gotten vaccinated for flu before (in the same country) but I never had any problems aside from sore arm. (duh, it's a vaccine)

My questions are:

If you live in Ontario, Canada are you planning to get the swine flu vaccine? Anybody from elsewhere planning to get this vaccine?
If you have already gotten the swine flu vaccine, have you had any secondary effects/reactions to it?
Do they use the same process for this vaccine? (dead virus in eggshell or whatever they usually do)
Why do you think people had adverse effects to the vaccine?
Have you had swine flu? Is it as bad as I think it is? (puking, hurts everywhere etc) How long were you sick for?
Should I just get the regular vaccine for the regular flu instead? (I know people can still get the flu with the vaccine b/c it's a different strand)
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What's a good eighties-themed Halloween costume for a twenty-year-old, short-haired pregnant girl?

I just found out that my work (I'm a waitress) is letting us dress up for our shifts tonight. We're doing an eighties theme. I was thinking about going as Michael Jackson, but all I have is the fedora.
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It's just you and a good friend on a road trip, only about 2 hours out of your way. You're exhausted, and not driving. The driver is probably equally exhausted. Falling asleep in the passenger seat: rude or all right?

What if it's your SO?

What if it's some guy you're carpooling with to work who you barely know?
True Blood - Oh Hell No
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Nissan go boom

TQC, my car (a 2005 Nissan Altima) exploded yesterday. As in, the engine exploded (with a big puff of smoke and everything!!) and something flew out of it at a high rate of speed on the highway. This car has been in and out of the shop since we bought it last year.

What do you think is wrong with it? Why does my car hate me?

What's the last shitty thing that happened to you?
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I will not hide my passive-aggressive light under a bushel

Our neighbor is insane. She (maybe 22?) scream-argues in her phone to her boyfriend at all hours of the night, and the arguments consist of her repeating herself whining in the exact same tone over and over, warning him she's going to turn off his phone, and more screaming and wailing and everything, all like a ditzy insane robot set in repeat mode. It's HILARIOUS to listen to, but sometimes getting woken up at 2am for the crazy festival is not pleasant.

TQC, what are some good macros we could tape to her door when necessary? (I can write a good passive-aggressive note, but I feel like breaking out of my regular routine here.)

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Do you prefer the taste of genuine maple syrup, or of artificially-flavored Aunt Jemima-style sugar syrup?

I think they taste pretty distinct and it's possible to like the cheaper one better. Sometimes I can't handle the taste of real maple syrup.
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Duvets aren't the norm in the US, and I'm a little confused. Does a comforter go inside the duvet cover? (I'm not seeing many "duvets" being sold, mostly only duvet covers...)

Do you use a duvet or a comforter? If a duvet, do you use sheets with it? (I know they're traditionally not used.)
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I am vegan, going to an omni BBQ for the first time in 8 years or so.

What do people eat at BBQ's, side-dishes wise?

What stupid questions would you ask a vegan at a BBQ?

Should I have some badge saying "I am a freak" and walk around with a crazy dazed expression all night, so people are nice and clear about the situation?

What was the last alien scenario visited you visited?

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If you were 16 and you lived with your brother in Louisiana and your dad lived in Michigan and your dad invites you to come visit him, then when you get there he tells you that you are staying and not going back to Louisiana and he will have your stuff shipped there.

How mad would you be?

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For those who have piercings, specifically facial piercings, do you lose the balls on the jewelry a lot? If not, any tips on making them stay on? I get them as tight as I can and check them periodically, but I still seem to lose them.

For those who have dyed hair, specifically unnatural colors, do you have any tips for making the color last longer? Is there a certain kind of shampoo or conditioner that you use or maybe even unconventional things that you do?
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10:30 am is way too early to start trick or treating, y/y? What is the earliest you ever started? We never went out before dark.

My dog is wearing his octopus costume. Should I make him wear it in public? I'm thinking about walking him at the beach, but I'm undecided.

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Is posting a list of 25 reasons you should dump your boyfriend entertaining or tacky?

I feel like its slightly tacky but I don't really care because I'm so irritated. People have been telling me they enjoyed it, but .... ?

Are you a bitchy break-up-er?
Stories please.

Sex talk

What age did you get 'the talk'? Who gave it to you? What did they cover? Did they give you any incorrect information, or leave out anything that would have been really useful to have?

How did the sex education you recieved in school measure up?

Have you ever had to give anyone 'the talk'? Who? What did you cover? How did it go?

Just for shits and giggles: a creative post

Serious and non-serious answers most welcome

Say I wanted to make a Halloween costume, but all I have are a bunch of spare parts and random bits from other costumes. In this hypothetical situation, all I have to work with is:

an eyepatch
elf shoes (with the curly toes)
a top hat
a coconut bra
a silver cape
kitty ears
strap-on dinosaur tail
carrot top wig
fake beard
wolverine claws
hobbit feet

What costume idea could you come up with, based on these parts?
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What is your favourite recent horror movie?

What is the stupidest horror movie you ever saw?

What is the best non-traditional horror movie you've seen recently?

Recent horror movie? The Girl Next Door

Stupidest Horror Movie? Toss up between Santa Claus Meets The Martians and Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Non-Traditional? Hard Candy

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Will it be creepy if I go to the cinema to see Antichrist by myself?
According to the director of Anthichrist, Lars Van Trier, Willem Dafoe has a huge gigantic penis, does this surprise you?

If art-porno isn't your thing:
What are your Holloween plans?
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Sorry if this is kind of America-centric.

How old were you the last year you trick-or-treated for your own sake, and not as a chaperone?

What is the best Halloween costume you've ever seen?

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For halloween I'm being Lara Croft. I want to stuff my bra to have hilariously huge breasts. What can I stuff my bra with that won't look super lumpy? (I don't have any silicon boob enhancer things and I tried toilet paper and socks already).

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Is it common knowledge that a front porch light on means you can go to the house to get candy on Halloween? or is it just area specific?

I grew up in south Florida and that's how we knew if we could go to a house but now I'm up in Washington state and I don't know if the kids here know that. My neighbor brought over a HUGE bowl of candy to hand out on top of the bowl I had, so I want to make sure I get rid of it.

NA meetings

I have been thinking about starting to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings to help with my addiction to prescription pills. After being addicted and taking them on and off for a few years I've gotten progressively worse over the last few months, and now I can't even function without taking some kind of pill (it doesn't even matter what kind anymore). So my question is, if you've ever attended meetings like this before, what was your experience like? Did it help you kick your addiction? Would you recommend it to an addict that couldn't afford any other type of treatment? Pretty much any details you can give me would be great. Thanks in advance!
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kiv dancin.
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a question of animals, obvs vry srs.

okay, kids, i have two kitties. they are a boy and a girl, and the boy is a year older than the girl. i got them both from the same animal shelter, they were both living the same circumstances.

this cat, the girl, will always, ALWAYS, follow me into the bathroom when i go in there. even if its just for a moment. and she will always leave as soon as i leave said bathroom. she follows me when i retrieve barrettes, when i shower, when i use the toilet, whatever the reason i am in the bathroom, she follows me in there. she does not follow anyone else into the bathroom, only me. in fact, she could be doing something herself, like eating or playing or even sleeping, and if she senses that i am going to the bathroom, she will stop what she is doing/wake up, and follow me in there.

my boy cat, who is admittedly a year older and a different breed, does not do this.

what is her deal?
why is she obsessed with me in the bathroom?
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TQC, the amount of candy I have for Trick-or-Treaters has doubled since snappyappy came home... we haven't had anyone yet - will you come knock on my door so I can give you candy? We must have at least 10 pounds, maybe creeping in on 15. *headdesk*
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My friend has really, really dry and chapped lips. I found some vitamin e oil in my house and I'm wondering if I should give it to her. Will it work for really dry and chapped lips? She's tried carmex (which made her lips worse), blistex, vaseline, and regular chapstick. Nothing seems to be working. Her lips crack and bleed and they hurt.
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Poll #1479130 For Fox

You see an enormous white rabbit with a pocket watch who keeps mumbling 'I'm late!'. What do you do?

Follow him
Ignore him. I'd only slow him down and make him miss his important date
Capture him. A talking rabbit would make me rich!
Jump him and take his watch

He's getting away! You go down the rabbit hole and there's food that have little signs that say EAT ME. What food would you be tempted to eat if you found it in a hole in the ground?

Giant mushroom
Chocolate cake
Delightful fruit salad
Gourmet ice cream
I wouldn't eat anything I found in the ground with a sign that says EAT ME. It smells like a trap

The Queen of Hearts wants your head. All these walking playing cards carrying halberds approach you. What do you do?

Run away!
Surrender. I hate running
Push them over. They'll stack up like folding cards and I'll get away
Take the lead card, and fold him into an origami swan. The rest will back off
FIRE takes care of unruly paper product people

You wake up afterwards under a tree. What happened?

It was just a dream
Drugs. Good drugs
Alien abduction
There was a breach in the space-time continuum and I walked through, arriving at the spot I had initially been in before the rabbit

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If you had limitless money what's one absolutely frivolous thing you would get/do? (I'm thinking along the lines of Candy Spelling's gift wrapping room in Aaron Spelling's mansion).
And...what are your plans tonight?
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Is the DJ really bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S?

Also, is your Halloween evening as boring as mine is? Reruns of The Cleveland Show, and no baseball and no trick or treaters.

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I'm applying to college early decision. The school I'm applying to allows teachers to do their recommendations online. I confirmed with one of my teachers that I'd need a rec on 9/28, sent him the notification email to set an account up on 10/4. On 10/21 I reminded him about it.

I told him the recommendation was due November 1st -- it's actually due on the 2nd. I just checked online and he hasn't done it yet.

It'd be rude to hit him with another email, right? I know he has eight hundred of these things to write, it's a holiday, and I can't help but feel like I'm bothering him every time I do it. On the other hand, I get this awful queasy feeling whenever I think about it.

What's the best, most tactful way to deal with this situation, TQC?

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Don't you hate when you can't find your last post?

So today I dressed up like a bunch of people and made a video to try and distract myself from being pissed. Who should I try next time?

Who do you do impressions of?Collapse )


its a saturday night and halloween and yet im sitting here bored and alone and lonely. looking for someone fun,interesting and not the typical online loser-freak.

anyone wanna chat?

im going to have a lot of SWEET candy left after tonight.

Poll #1479112 Halloween Candy edition.

Which of these SWEET songs have you enjoyed even once in your life?

Sweet Emotion - aerosmith
Sweet Jane - cowboy junkies
Sweetest Thing - u2
Sweet Talkin Woman - elo
Sweet Little Rock and Roller - chuck berry
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - eurythmics
Who's Gonna Be Your Sweet Man When I'm Gone - muddy waters
Sweet Home Chicago - eric clapton
Sweet Child o' Mine - guns and roses
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) - marvin gaye
Sister Sweetly - big head todd & the monsters
The Sweet Escape - gwen stefani
Sweet Dreams - patsy cline
Sweet Lorraine - nat king cole
oh suzer, this poll, like halloween, is SWEET, but i don't know many of these songs.
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Wut kinda plant to get?

I work in an office building in cubes all day. I've seen other people with plants and obviously I want one since everyone else has one! But everyone at work tends to have a cactus or something that is overall pretty unattractive looking.

Are there any pretty flowers that require no sunlight and would survive in a cube?

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tqc, who is your favorite internet troll (lj or otherwise)?
mine is that anorexic vegan guy with the burning american flag icon and the obsession with finland or something. i forget his lj name.

what is your favorite ED entry?
ebonlupus forever ):

new, more important question:
tonight, should i go to a halloween party (without a costume), go see the michael jackson movie with a friend, or watch the eddie murphy raw special i tivo'ed last night?


i hate my life. i'm not asking for a pity party i am just venting. i think theres a possibility i may go back to my old ways again.

my family is torn apart now since my mom's death. i have a bf who is all i have left, we've been together for two years straight. i have a job and i'm maintaining my independence, but i feel like something isn't right at all. my depression on the holidays worsens every year. i become a clam every holiday except for thanks giving and easter.

idk what 2 do i'm just sad and i feel alone. i expect way to much out of people when they expect nothing from me. i was always taught people were good people but now i'm even doubting my faith in god because of certrain circumstances in my life. when mom was alive she taught me well. she taught me respect and took me to church growing up. and now i really miss that. now, i feel like there may not even be a god anymore. i'm scared without her and i'm scared i'm going to lose everybody i have.

i'm lonely even though i've got so many people standing in front of me. i have trust issues as well.

i know your answers are probably " go 2 therapy."

i was wondering if anyone could relate or give advice to me? Well thanks for reading and please no rude comments.

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For All About Me week with my preschoolers, I wanted to get out some multicultural paint and mix a little bit of it on each child's arm to see what his/her skin tone is - i.e. instead of being "white", he/she would be cinnamon peach or something. The activity is supposed to highlight the fact that there are many different shades of skin and all of them are beautiful. However, the lead teacher in my room vetoed my idea, because "you have to be really careful about that kind of thing".

What do you think? How would you feel if your child participated in something like this?

If it makes a difference, I got the idea for this from a video I watched in one of my early childhood classes and during the class, we talked about how it's a good way to help children celebrate their differences.

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Do Australians use "spring forward and fall back" to remember how daylight saving time works? Have you set your clocks back yet? Are you someplace that doesn't need to do that?


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have you seen the movie paranormal activity? what did you think of it?

what is your favorite poptart flavor?

is it wrong to give your number to a person you don't know anything about other than that they are roughly 8 years older than you and that you really really like their accent?