October 29th, 2009


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i live under a rock when it comes to sports because idgaf, but i want to get this straight...

if the phillies win the next 3 games, then the series is over, but if the yankees win 1 of the next 3 games, the series will go on to game 5?

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You're at a bachelor party and a naked stripper jumps out of a cake. Afterwards, you're given a slice of the cake. Do you eat it?

Only if the cake looks really good
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I've had the hiccups since 1 pm. I'm not hiccuping constantly, but sometimes they creep up on me. This is pissing me off so much! What's going on? I've tried holding my breath. Do you have any unconvential tricks for getting rid of the hiccups?

ETA: If you don't care, what do you think about Freud?
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I'm doing an all-nighter (homework). I'm glad I haven't knocked myself out yet (even though I really want to). Thing is.. I probably would already go to sleep ... but then I'm a bit paranoid about whether or not my classmate in my group for tomorrow's Green Party presentation is really awake finishing the powerpoint.

Should I go to bed now and trust that the reason she's not texting me back is because she's working on it? (I asked her if she could send the powerpoint to me when she's done... she did not respond. It's been an hour.) I shouldn't worry, I'd guess.

Or should I make a back-up powerpoint right now?

We've already had to reschedule our presentation because one of our group members had some of the research and was out with swine flu. So she's been knocked out, herself.

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Could someone post a link to that YouTube video of that girl singing and dancing at her computer? She's being really obnoxious and her friend is like ... back-up dancing. And she's covering a really ironic song.

Sheeee has dark curly hair, I think. And she's sitting down and when she dances around (jumps around) her stomach hangs out. And it's day time.

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For the married folks:
Did you and your spouse give each other a "wedding present"?

For the baking folks:
What is your favorite ridiculously easy recipe?

- I gave her a pair of diamond earrings (her first), and she gave me a really nice watch (to replace my 3 year old $12 Walmart one)
- 1-cup peanut butter + 1 cup sugar + 1 egg; bake at 350* for 13 minutes; VOILA!...peanut butter cookies
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Disabled Children In the Class Room

While watching TV last night, I saw a commercial for an organization called No Excuses (No-excuses.ca) specifically this one http://no-excuses.ca/campaign/commercial2.html .

Their issue is that mentally disabled kids should be in the same class room an normal kids and not in their own special ed classes and school.

When I was in grade 12, 14 years ago, my high school started mainstreaming with the grade 8 class, so I have no actual knowledge of how it works.

The message in the commercial is that the following thoughts on mainstreaming are false:

Disabled kids:

are disruptive
take all of the teachers time
hold other kids back

For those who have been in such classes, is there any effect on your ability to learn? How was the experience?
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Here's the deal: I pre-ordered a game from Amazon because it was the cheapest place and offered free shipping, and I needed to spend as little money as possible. But now that the release date is almost here... I find I don't want to wait almost an entire extra week for it to get here. Amazon further tempted me by emailing me about release-day delivery. It's only $6, and I can spare it, but the whole reason I ordered from there in the first place was to SAVE money. I AM TORN.

Should I force myself to wait 6+ extra days, or should I give in and fork up the extra $6?
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Are any of you members of www.paperbackswap.com ?

If so:
- what books are on your Bookshelf?
- what books are on your Wishlist?

If you're not a member, and you enjoy reading, you really should join.
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So I'm dressing up as a sexy hospital patient for Halloween. (My friend is going to be the sexy nurse).

What fun, silly name can I put on the ID bracelet I'm going to make?
(along the lines of "Amanda Hug'N'Kiss", ya know?)

I've come up with Zody L. Icious so far. Lol.

One of my friends also suggested I wear a pig nose. Lawl.

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there was booing in the background

Today the 111th Congress announced H.R. 3962, which is to reform health care and provide affordable health care. One of the revisions is to apply an 8% excise tax on the income paid by employers who opt to not participate. There's also a 2.5% excise tax on the sale of medical devices. Historical usage of the excise tax, and legal definitions of the excise tax, have always been in line with the latter tax I mentioned but not the former.

Would you ever notice Congress' misapplication of the power to levy an excise tax?

Why should Congress be allowed to get away with such an inconsistent use of power?

Is there no room for the logic of natural language in law anymore?
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windoiws update

I just updated windows and the computer wants to restart.

Do you keep up with OS updates?
Do you keep your AV / anti-malware software up to date?

what's your computer house cleaning routine?

EDIT: I restarted and my screen resolution was reset from 1600x1050 to 1024x768 :0 everything was so damn big!

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Let's play TQC "cash cab?"

-Post a trivia question that would be asked on cash cab.
-Allocate the amount of bacon the person will receive for answering the question correctly in the SUBJECT LINE of your post. (25 pieces, 50 pieces, or 100 pieces!)
-Reply to the posts with your answers, but absolutely NO CHEATING by google/yahoo/etc.

GOAL: accumulate as much delicious bacon as you can!

Inspired by: CASH CAB, and idiots that did not know the answer to this:  What Spanish painter moaned the loss of his friend Carlos Casagemas with a 3 year blue period? (It's Picasso btw).
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I work at animal rescue and we are having our annual fundraiser which includes a silent auction. The silent auction items are divided into categories and they need animal themed names.

The two we have done are:
Restaurants: Chow Down
Entertainment: Tail Wagging Fun

We still need names for:
Works of Art (pottery, paintings, etc)
Home and Garden

tqc, what are some clever names for these topics? I know some of you have got to be more creative then the people I work with. :)

Looking for opinions, no right or wrong answer really...

Pretend you farm for a living.   You rent farmland and plant your crops on it, paying the landowner a set amount per acre farmed. 

Now, pretend the land stays really wet, so much so that in some areas, your crops don't even sprout.  You lose thousands of potential bushels every year because of the condition of the ground.

You talk with the landowner, expressing a desire to install field tile under the ground to help drainage.  This is a permanant improvement to the land, and will substantially increase the land's present and future value.  The landowner is agreeable to this, as he doesn't like his swampy ground either, and besides YOU are going to do the labor with your own equipment.

But... who pays for the tile itself?

A)  You pay, because you will benefit from the increased yield on your crops.

B)  The landowner pays, because it is a permanant improvement that will make his land worth more in the long run.

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If you live with another person/other people, how do you handle the grocery bill?

Do you buy separate groceries? Split it directly in half? If you don't, how do you account for who is eating what?
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What is your first name?

If you think about it enough, do you think it's weird that you were basically trained to recognize that it is your name? Like how easily you respond when someone is asking for you?

Am I just weird?

The longer I stare at my name, the weirder it feels to know that this is what people know me as even though it doesn't phase me that my name is Michelle.

Do you get excited when you see/meet people that have the same name as you?
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The General Election is on Nov. 3rd, next Tuesday. Are you going to go vote?

Where can I check who's gonna be on the ballots and what offices they're running for?

Wayans Bros!

Do you like Scary Movie (the Wayans Brothers movies)? Do you have a preference about which ones you like? I think there are 4. I particularly enjoy 1 and 2, but it gets fuzzy after that. The last few were kind of unnecessary, I think. What do you think?

Also speaking of the Wayans Bros, I think the movie White Chicks is SO SO SO funny. Has anyone seen it? Did you like it? It's such a ridiculous movie but I have to say, I laugh really hard every time I watch it.

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Besides being a prostitute or any sort of thing like that, what the hell kind of job is there where a 19 year old with no college education at all can make $4000 a month?!

Asking because some annoying girl is bragging about her brother getting her a job like that and I'm like...wtf, is that even possible?
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What is a complaint you wish you had?

Do you think it's patronizing to tell someone that they're lucky they're plain, because "at least people see you as more than a pretty face"?

Is it cold where you live today? How cold?
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I'm at school and I have some time between classes. I'm not sure what to do. Should I schedule a 2 hour work shift with kgb (Knowledge Generation Bureau), go see a special lecture with a Holocaust survivor (I'm leaning towards this), or do homework (which I have a  massive amount of)?
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i don't know if halloween costumes are a beaten subject here, but...

halloween is swiftly becoming my favorite holiday (other than my birthday). i had awesome plans for this weekend... BUT I BROKE MY FOOT ON MONDAY! so i'm going to a halloween party tonight and i'll be on crutches with my splint on, and i don't know what i want to be.

i want to be hot, but with a costume that incorporates my new apparatuses. i thought about being a flamingo because i'll be standing on one foot... or an operation board game, but none of those are really appealing to me. and i really don't want to have to shop too much. i can barely walk across my kitchen!

tqc, please help!

Hangin' out in the ci-tay!

Next week, I am seeing a friend I haven't seen since we graduated high school almost 5 and a half years ago. I am trying to think of something for us to do, since "just hanging out" can get kind of boring, and a bit awkward if you haven't seen the person in five years.

What should we do?

Important Info:

1) We are in NYC. I don't know what part he is in but I am willing to travel.
2) He is an actor who has just moved and I don't know what he does for work, I am a person whose hours have been cut at work, therefore we are on budgets.
3) It is not a date; I am interested in someone else and my friend is not interested in my gender.
4) I work in a museum so I get into other museums for free, but I don't know which ones and I don't know if I can get him in for free. And I don't want to go to "my" museum on my day off (the Met, if you are wondering)
5) I don't drink alcohol (I am neither underage, preggers or religious, I just have no interest in it whatsoever).
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Your friend finds an ex-fiance on the Family Watch Dog/ Sex Offenders list....she and this person were together about 10 years ago for about 2 years. It shows that he is marked as "red" which means his offense was with a minor. In getting more information from various (reliable) sources, it is found that he was talking with an undercover online - a "14 year old girl" who he sexually seduced. He was 29 at the time. She posts this (without his name) to her facebook - she posts that she just found out someone she knew very well was found on the national sex offender registry. Do you think she shouldn't post it to her facebook or does it matter?

Have you ever found someone you knew on the sex offender registry?
Have you ever looked at the registry for your area?
Do you feel sorry for sex offenders? Does it matter/ make a difference if the child was 4 or 8 or 14 or 17 or an adult rape?

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1. Where would you dispose of a large rolled up carpet? Say you didn't want anyone to find it, so you wanted to be discreet

2. Would Oxyclean get blood stains out of the trunk of a car too?
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It's 12:55 pm and I have a class at 2 o'clock. I am also starving. Should I go to Einstein's and get an asiago bagel sandwich, or suffer through class and then come back home and eat ramen or crackers?

How do you feel about Anne Rice?

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Here's another hypothetical cause I know how much you love those

Say I had to get rid of a meter maid vehicle. Let's just say it's been abandoned or the owner isn't going to come back for it. How would I dispose of it?
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I'm potentially going to be living and working in Canada for a month next summer. Have you ever lived in another country? Did you have much contact with your friends/family back home? How was your homesickness?

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Okay so my best friend's brother passed away recently and I want to do something nice for her. She left her favourite pillow at my house ages ago and somehow my sister ended up with it and lost the case so I wanted to buy or make her a nice new one, decorate it and write a message on it. How would I go about this? I tried google but I fail and only found stuff about how to sew a pillow case. I want her to be able to actually use it as well, so I didn't want to use anything that would just be stuck onto it and might come off, like glitter glue. If you have no idea, do you know of a crafty community where I might be able to ask this? Thanks :))
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Why does the idea of 'unconditional love' seem to get used so commonly in reference to beings that are almost entirely dependent on us; e.g. children and pets? Sure, they might not care if your hair is a mess on any given day or that you like to sing along to the BeeGees in the shower, but I would argue that they are generally very unlikely to love someone if that person isn't doing something for them; and more than that, they're in a position where they don't have much choice about relying on their parent/owner.

What types of humour don't rely on denigration in some form? The only one I can think of is puns.

Edit: Just to clarify, I mean FROM those dependent beings (pets loving owners, etc), not TO those dependent beings (owners loving pets). That was a bit vague.

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Um, a, um, friend wants to know...what's the best way for someone to convince, say, 12 people, that he or she was temporarily insane and maybe shouldn't be tried as a criminal. If you were me, I mean, my friend, what would you do to plead temporary insanity? I didn't mean plead, I mean 'roleplay' temporary insanity

Why, pleading sounds like laws were broken and that most certainly is not the case! lol
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Girls I need your help.

Ok so I have to write a paper for my retail management class about Lane Bryant. I'm not particularly knowledgeable of fashion and I need somewhat of a database of websites for research on women's clothes, both plus size and non.
So, if you don't mind me asking, where do you like to shop for clothes? and what brands do you like?
Quinn Twin

Name Game

My older cousin named her baby Stormy after me several years ago. I really, really hate it. It's not to honour me, it's only because she likes my name that much. I got upset she didn't ask me, because I always thought that was protocol. But then I started thinking, even if I admitted I didn't want her to do it, she would have probably just done it anyways. But it would have made me feel like I HAD to say yes since she's family. So, I ask...

If someone in your family wanted to name their baby (sort of) after you, would you be mad or cool with it?
Would you expect them to ask you first?
Would you be comfortable saying something if you didn't want them to use it?
Would your family probably be douchebags and use it anyway, like mine?

Also, the first Thanksgiving I was around the other Stormy, I finally had to demand she be called something else because my whole family kept yelling STORMY NO! when she'd try to eat/touch/grab something bad and I almost choked like six times. They suggested Stormy Two, which made me feel like the Simpson's dead cat, so I said Stormy Nichole, her extended name (which I find horrific - it sounds terrible together to me).

Would you get upset if your family didn't specify which one of 'you' they meant?
How would you prefer they differentiate?
Do you think you'd feel weird about there being another 'you'?

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I just bought some towels from St. Vinnys- they smell good and look perfectly normal.
Should I wash them before I use them?

How often do you go to second-hand stores?
What is the best find you're ever had at such a store?

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Besides a pirate with a midget parrot, what costume could I wear to work tomorrow that would allow me to legitimately bring my parrotlet to work?

for size reference:
she's tiny!

I don't really care about Halloween, I just want to bring my bird to work with me :)
Wall-e rain trying so very very hard

Yes, I know you're all probably sick of costume questions

Like so many others, I'm trying to figure out what to do on Halloween. A friend of mine let me borrow her bellydancer costume she was going to wear (her mom's coming into town so she's not doing any dressing up and partying now), but I worry that it's a pretty lame and boring idea. What do you think? Any other quick and easy suggestions? I was also considering trying to do fancy cat make-up, but I don't actually have much experience with make-up beyond eyeliner and mascara, and I worry that it would make me break out/get smudged easily.

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I am so not creative. :(
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TQC, I'm going as Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress, to a halloween party tomorrow, and I still cannot find a tray anywhere. I have to have the tray--it is an integral part of the costume. All the waiters/waitresses I know work at places where they just carry stuff out by hand, the uniform store doesn't have anything, and the businesses I've asked around at look at me like I'm crazy or tell me no. The one last place I am going to try is Hooters when I buy the pantyhose tomorrow. Do you have ANY other suggestions on where I can find a tray?

If you don't know/care: how many different colors has your hair been?
only one, blonde. I had black underneath for a while
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Single TQC'ers.. (for those of you that aren't single, ~imagine~ that you are)

How would a friend describe you to someone that they're trying to set you up with?

Those murder posts were even boring me to death

Which of these gifts would you individually sell your soul for, if that was the asking price?

The ability to fly
All your debt is paid off
World peace
A really good meal
Sex with the celebrity of my choice
The perfect body
Billion dollars
New car
To be a mod in TQC
An end to Scientology worldwide
Free health care forever
Knowledge of what shippo looks like
A do-over for your biggest regret
A raise (for your job)
I'd never sell my soul
MCR Gerard Red Hair


I can't make a decision. I'm about to spend a lot of money on a Sony Vaio. However I'm stuck on what colour to get.

I love the blue but it's black on the inside. Same with the red.

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I'm female.

Poll #1478002 My Computer Colour

What Colour Sony Should I Buy?

Sony sucks.

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A girl got into a car wreck back when I was in high school, and was sitting shotgun. She had her feet up on the dash but if she hadn't done that, her legs would have been crushed to smithereens from the impact.

Anything happen to you where if you had done the norm, the outcome would have been disastrous, but doing something else made all the difference?
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How comfortable are you changing your clothes in front of people? Or do you go to the bathroom no matter who it is?

Which people?

What will you take off in front of people/what will always stay on? Do you face the wall or just not give a shit?

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While flipping through channels, I landed on a particularly odd episode of the Tyra show (IDK, these things happen, let's move past it). Anyway, this episode was about fantasies, and after revealing to her bf that she wanted them to have a threesome with an asian woman (and the having Tyra get one from the audience to agree) he reveals that he wants his GF to dress up as a cheeta "like in Thundercats." Okay, after all the lulz and "WTF-ing" what would you want your SO to dress up as? If nothing, what fantasy situation would you want them to indulge you in?
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Does anyone here have a Kindle?
Do you like it? I'm just wondering about the overall Kindle experience. I was thinking about asking for one for Christmas but I'd never used one before and I'm wondering if it's as cool as it sounds.
Also it said there was like a two dollar fee extra for downloading anything when you're not in the US. Is there a way to download it to your computer and then upload it with USB to get around that? Part of the reason I want one is to take abroad with me.

If you don't care about the Kindle, what do you want for Christmas this year?

This is almost a homework question.

I have to sit down with my supervisor tomorrow to talk about my "professional goals" within the company. This will be used at my annual review next year.

Has anyone done anything like this? I need to have goals that are measurable with a completion date... and I can only think of one (get my Engineer in Training certificate this spring). I supposedly should be basing my goals off of my job description.

What sort of bullshit can I put in this? The project I'm working on is not on a timeline I can really control, so how would I figure out end dates?

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Evil Me

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Did you know that it's Kitty Appreciation Day?

Are you doing anything to celebrate? (I'm going to the local SPCA and bringing them some bleach, canned cat food, treats, and litter)
Thanks Squeaktastic

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So my English teacher has decided that we should all post our assignments in Blogger.

Now blogger is not in any way user friendly.

my google fu has failed me, how do you indent a freaking paragraph on that god forsaken blog-system??

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So I made some flat, cutout artworks out of MDF. They cannot be nailed and attaching them to walls with double sided stuff is awkward and problematic.

So now I'm at a loss as to how to hang them. They're big-ish, heavy-ish and awkwardly shaped. Any suggestions?
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nevermind the minority anymore

Since the people who booed at the new House Resolution dealing with health care issues are so wrong about the principles upon which this nation was founded, why not just eliminate the state-level government altogether?

How about going from the United States of America, a republican nation united in the principle that all state governments should give its people a republican form of government, to the American Socialist Democracy based on majority rule?

Think of all the bureaucracy we'd eliminate!
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How will you be carving your jack-o-lanterns this year? And out of what - can you use any other fruits/vegetables aside from pumpkins?

I want to try coconuts, but I think they might be too small. So I'm thinking four small pumpkins, one for each member of KISS...


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Is it appropriate to wear shoes like this if it's warm and raining out? 

Probably a dumb question but I consider them more for cold weather, so I'm wondering if I'll look dumb wearing them tonight.

If you don't know/don't care: What is your absolutely favorite clothing item? How often do you wear it? 

i like calzones

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I'm going as Frankenstein's Monster for Halloween, but don't know how to have my hair.
I want it up though, so that the electrodes are visible.
I thought maybe something like Collapse )
But idk if I can pull it off, because my face is roundish.
http://photos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs181.snc1/6015_126953347114_617882114_2809379_2902325_n.jpg - I'm the one with the red hair.

So TQC, how should I do my hair? Pictures or youtube videos would be awesome.

If you don't like Halloween questions, what's your favourite dinosaur?
I like Plesiosauruses.
princess bride

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Raised on disney and magical romance type movies, I grew up dreaming that one day a dashing figure would sweep me off my feet.

My question is; do boys ever dream of sweeping a girl off her feet?

Or do boys ever secretly like the types of movies where that  happens? (like the Princess Bride? :3)
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I'm wearing a poodle skirt, cartigan, pearls, all that for Halloween tomorrow. I can't find my black penny loafers that I usually wear (I do this every year). Could I wear black heels? a la Donna Reed? I can take the poodle off the the poodle skirt so it would be a bit more grown up.
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I don't think my dog likes this cold snap Colorado Springs is going through right now. Will you give me some creative ways to keep his paws from freezing while I'm walking him?
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So, I don't like to eat breakfast but I know it's important and all that jazz, so I usually make some Instant Breakfast to take with me to work in the AM. This afternoon, as I was packing my things into my bag, I put in my travel cup, a (new) book and some papers. I didn't realize I hadn't closed the top all the way (you know where this is headed, right?) so now my book has chocolatey grossness all along the top of the pages. Is there anything I can do to salvage it, aside from tossing it, getting a new one, and not being a klutz in the future? The drink mix is made with milk, if that makes a difference. :/

Thanks guys!
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i have seen a few episodes of supernatural and i was intrigued but not hooked. i've seen the pilot, tall tales, route 666... i know the names because i bitch to fangirls and they say "oh route 666 was awful!".

apparently the pilot "sucked". i didn't notice a difference in the level of suckitude, myself. like, it's entertaining, but it seems really stupid...? if it's like that all the time then cool, but if it's gonna be uneven like lost, i wanna know.

does supernatural get better at a certain point? has it jumped the shark yet?

my homework is tedious and doesn't involve memorization. i need mindless background entertainment. music makes me lose track of time. :P
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The VP at my school knows I agree easily to tasks asked of me and so asked me to count the money (very tedious, very time-consuming) from an event this past week. I told him yes but I really wish I hadn't.

Can you help me think of excuses to get out of it? I mean, this isn't my job. We have a ~financial advisor~ and a treasurer from Student Council to do this. PLEASE HELP. :(


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i have no idea how much this has been asked lately but....

show me your halloween costume please?

and/or give me an idea of what to be?, considering its saturday i need something easy, cute, and fun
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In movies like K-Pax and Happy Accidents, someone claims to be from another planet or a time traveler but of course everyone around them thinks they are just crazy. And then at the end they all believe they are telling the truth. Do you think there is a reason why these alien/etc. characters are always men? Are people more willing to believe seemingly insane ramblings when it comes from men more often than when it comes from women? Or more sympathetic maybe to male characters than women?

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I was reading through trivia for Saw III on IMDb and I came across this fact:

"Before settling on the final version of the Freezer Room, the creators and writers of Saw III (2006) went through a few different versions of the game, with only minor changes. Originally, the victim was going to be a male police officer, but they decided against it, instead going with the idea of a female witness. Instead of being completely naked, Danica was going to be in a T-shirt and panties, but they figured having her being sprayed would make the shirt stick to her body and become too sexual, so they decided to put her in the freezer naked instead."

Can someone please explain how being naked is less sexual than a wet T-shirt? I'm just not getting it.
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TQC, do american apparel clothes run small or large?

I really want a specific shirt that's printed on an AA hooded long sleeve shirt, but it only has a women's XL in stock right now. I wear my hoodies large but I don't know if I can wear it that large.
Take a Look

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TQC, we found a suitcase by the dumpster with 3 PS2 controllers & a bunch of random CDs from the 90s. I don't know what to make of it. Maybe someone got dumped? Everything in it was in good condition!

What was the last random, but awesome thing you found?
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death from above!

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What do you do with something that you have no more use for, if someone spent a lot of time making it? 

I tended to hang out with artist-y types in school who often gave me beautiful work that they obviously worked hard on.  I'm trying to clean out my room at my parents' place, and I don't really have a place for any of their work, but I feel bad getting rid of it.

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I worked with a photographer about 6 months ago and still haven't gotten my edited photos and don't think I am going to. All the photos are posted on his website, which I have access to but I can't right click>save. My QUESTION is, how the hell can I save them to my computer? I tried print screen>paint but it makes them very grainy. Any suggestions?
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Are you a wanderer, or do you prefer to stay in one place? If you prefer to wander how often do you like a change of scenery?

To those applicable:

Did you ever take a break from college? If yes, what did you do, where did you go? Did you eventually return to college? Did you return to the SAME college?
derek smalls

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okay ladies. after multiple wears (and washes, of course) have your black/other darkish colored underwear turned weird colors in the crotch? almost like they'd been bleached?

why does this happen?! do vagina juices have some sort of odd bleaching properties?!