October 28th, 2009

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about six weeks ago i was offered a job at a shoe shop. at interview i told them that i would be having surgery on my legs in a few weeks. about two weeks after they offered me the job i had a training day and i informed them that the following week was the week of my operation and i would not be able to come into work. i had the operation two weeks ago. afterwards i left a message to say that i had been signed off sick for two weeks and thus would not be able to come in until this week.

on monday i called them and left another message to say that now my sick note has expired and i am almost fully recovered i am able to start work and could they let me know what days/shifts/hours they would like me to come in. i expected to hear back that day. it is now tuesday night and i have not heard back from them.

tqc, what is going on? do they no longer want me to work for them?

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My exboyfriend who frequently tries to contact me just sent me this text after I repeatedly told him to leave me alone: "The fact that you hate me makes you 20 times hotter."

What do you think the future holds for him? I'm thinking potential rapist or white collar criminal.

Got any f*cked up ex stories?
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I had to send my cat to live with my dad yesterday, and it's totally tearing me up. I know that she's just forty minutes away, but still. She's my cat. :(

TQC, what do you do to feel better when you're upset?

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Is TQC normally this weird at 7 in the morning (Eastern Standard Time)? All the questions seem really bizarre and everyone's acting strangely.

I don't think I've TQCed at this particular hour in months, praps more.

Lap top VS desk top

So, I am looking at purchasing a computer. We have a Dell desktop already so I am trying to figure out if I want another desktop or a laptop. For me, the issue with a laptop is that I used to have an HP laptop that only lasted two years before the pixels in the screen went out.
I would like to get some imput from all of you, so here is the question(s)

1: Which do you have, laptop or desktop?

2: If you have a Laptop, how long has it lasted?

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Am I the only one who isn't fond of the Harry Potter series?
Am I going to get punched in the face for saying it's "meh"?

I've done a few book reviews online, and anytime I even mention J.K. Rowling in a slightly critical way, Potter-tards attack. I am starting to wonder if I am the only person she dislikes her writing style. I mean, I liked it when I was 12... but I also didn't know shit when I was 12.

If you don't care...
What chu wearin, baby?

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What publicly dorky things do you do? By that, I mean something that you do that can be seen by other people, that might make them look at you and think "Man, what a dork."

I'm typing this from the library at my university fully decked out as a pirate demon, and it's still three days before Halloween. My excuse is that the Halloween party at the school where I work is tonight, and it's just "easier" for me to put on the costume in the morning and wear it all day than worry about carting all the little fiddly bits to work and putting it on there, wasting time when I could be working, but in truth I just love dressing up. Once, when a trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival was canceled because of rain, a bunch of friends and I all went to the mall, still in our costumes, and it was a blast. People thought there was some sort of event or show going on. Today I've gotten some weird looks and some laughs, as well as a couple big grins and "wow, you look awesome!"s, which I guess is pretty cool. I pretend to be really shy but I do like to get attention sometimes. ;)

So what about you guys, fellow dorks?
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It goes without saying that a criminal does not have a defined looked - they can look like a total creep or they can be totally charming in appearance and disposition. So we can all safely acknowledge that.

I'm curious about intuition and if it has ever lead you to believe that you just got a creepy feeling about someone for a reason you can't put your finger on. Almost makes you feel bad for possibly thinking this random person (who has done nothing to you or anyone that you know of) is some kind of sicko.

Have you ever gotten a bad feeling about someone and it was later confirmed as correct?
Does your intuition (or whatever) ever get randomly heightened about someone?

Details please!
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boost my morale, tqc

I am single for the first time in six years and I am freaking out about dating this generation of guys.
They all seem so superficial, and to be frank, like assholes who will do whatever it takes to charm a girl's pants off.

Will you tell me about a FANTASTIC boy in your life, and what makes him so wonderful...?
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Favorite girl named Fisher?

Jenna (yes, I know it's spelled Fischer)

What did you like better?

Where the Wild Things Are
Wild Things

You can only save one. Who do you save?

Howard Stern
Howard K. Stern

Which Fox you'd rather see pop out of your birthday cake?

Michael J. Fox
Megan Fox

Who's better?

Michael C. Hall
Anthony Michael Hall

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Say you're facebook friends with a girl you went to high school with and knew in passing, but were never close. This girl knows that you live a thousand miles away from where she does now, and her whole profile is basically a big giant advertisement for her ~singing career~ - she sends you invites to shows several times a week (which obviously you cannot attend), and invites you to be a ~fan~ of hers almost as often (which you refuse to do because tbh she's not that great lol).

Would these things annoy you/would you de-friend her, or would you not care and just keep her around?
i don't want to be friends

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I have a Capital One card and my bill is due on November 6th. It is for $348 dollars. I paid off $300 of it late last week. My balance is now $48. I returned a dress online, and they should pay me back $51 by Nov. 6. What happens to those extra $3 dollars? Does it roll over into my next bill or does Capital One go "Haha!" and keep it?

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I'm wanting to start drinking a non-animal-based milk, but I'm not sure which one to choose. Based on availability it will probably be soy or rice; almond is a bit pricy and I think that's my only easy options.

How do these taste, compared to milk? I've heard people say that you shouldn't expect soy milk to taste like real milk, which sounds fine to me, but is it still close enough for someone who's not a big milk fan? Is there any real difference in taste between soy and rice/would one be better if I'm trying to avoid the taste of cow milk?

I don't know if it's especially relevant but I don't mind coconut milk, though I can't drink a lot of it.

(I just don't like the taste of milk; I haven't drunk it since I was weaned.)

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I'm a waitress. One of the other girls writes "Live Laugh Love" on the back of all her tickets. What should I write on mine?

I work at a diner frequented by old people if that makes a difference.
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Your close friend broke up with her boyfriend of three years about two months ago. You assumed they would get back together, but now he's hooked up with another one of your/her friends, and they've been going out for about three weeks. Your friend/his now ex-girlfriend is the only one in the group who doesn't know, and he is scared to tell her because he doesn't want to hurt her etc/she had suspicions that there was something going on between him and said friend whilst they were still together.

What do you think of this situation? Do you tell your friend that her recent ex is now dating your mutual friend? Why/why not?
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 Your SO, not fiance yet but you're not against the idea, wants you to move with them across the country.  East coast to west coast.  And you can get the same job you have now where ever you go.

But you're real close with your family, who all live pretty close together state.
Do you move or stay?
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Are online degree programs a joke? How the eff can I figure out which ones are legit? If I got my masters in education online would anyone take me seriously and give me a job? Most importantly, have YOU ever earned a degree online?
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Ok, so my SO and I decided a costume for halloween. We're going as Greek god/goddess. Wearing a toga/sandals etc.

But we want to paint ourselves gold-ish or at least bronze or something.

What do you think the best way of going about this? Obv has to be safe to wear in the skin. Not looking for actual stage makeup 'cause that seems pricey.

I was thinking a self bronzer but i really don't want to be orange.
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Pumpkin questions

I have to carve the office pumpkin. Since all my coworkers are either too busy or completely uninterested, I'll be doing this alone. I've decided to go with Shrek. I plan on spraypainting the whole pumpkin that pea soup green color. And then, I dunno. I'm not sure what I should do about the ears. They look like funnels or trumpet mouthpieces or something.

1. Can you think of anything I can use to replicate Shrek's ears? I'll be painting it green too. I just need something in that relative shape.

2. I can't seem to find a good Shrek stencil to map out the face. Can you locate one?

Here's a picture of Shrek so you can get an idea of exactly what he and his weird antenna ears look like


Cheap, cheap, cheap

It pains me greatly to pay more than $20 for a shirt, sweater, or some other sort of upper-body garment. I also hate paying more than $30 for a pair of shoes.

Am I cheap?

How much do you usually pay for clothing?

Where's your favorite place to get garments on the cheap side? Don't say thrift stores because I don't have time to dig through those racks.
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If you put a really bad picture up on your facebook, would you want anyone to tell you that your picture was really not flattering? (Obviously you wouldn't put it up if YOU thought it was ugly..but let's just SAY that it really wasn't flatering and you think it is even though it's not.)

ETA, question #2.

What do you think of this ring?

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I'm trying to decide which phone to get. The phones I'm looking at are the Apple iPhone, the Verizon Droid, and the Verizon Blackberry Tour.

I want to be able to run my work programs, connect to my storage cloud, as well as microsoft office programs (or similar), email, internet, SMS, and music as well as the capability to run streaming video. They all have that capability...and I'm so lost on to which one I should get.

So TCQ: Help me out please!
Which phone do you think I should get? Why?

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le sigh...

If you've got insomnia then you've probably seen more than your fair share of infomercials. If you get up for Saturday morning toons you'll instead find most of the channels filled with more of the same.

More often than not infomercials are done by actors of old that used to be hot stuff once upon a time but you kinda get the sense this is the only work they can get nowadays.

Of the actors that're still hot shit in Hollywood today, which of them can you see doing infomercials someday and what do you think they'd probably be selling?
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Do you have any good or bad experience stories with Craigslist?

I just sold a motorcycle on there in one day; posted it yesterday, had three calls, all wanting to see it today, and the first guy to show up took it. So far, everything I've ever posted on there has sold within a week (coffee table set, pool table, weight bench, motorcycle parts, car, two motorcycles).

It's been pretty productive for me.
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me and my kitten are eating a slush puppy and now we both have brain freeze. i need to defrost.

is there anything you would like to share? tell me what's on your mind.

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My friends and I got free passes for All American Rejects(and some local bands) even though I only know one of thier songs but I'm going because it means I can hang out with my cousin, my boyfriend and my friends that I don't see often and also to go to an ~international~ concert. It is also on Halloween night which we don't celebrate but hey, extra excuse to dress up. And I think the best dressed will get a meet and greet pass or something.

So, what can my boyfriend and I dress up as for Halloween in a mosh pit? I want to wear those fairy wings thing but I don't want to poke people or crush it in the crowd.

If you don't care:

What was the last thing you won?

If you got free passes/tickets for a concert that you don't care for, would you still go for lolz anyways?

What was the last concert/gig you saw?
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I switched the percolator on this morning with coffee in the basket but no water in the jug. It was only on for about a minute till I noticed the lack of proper bubbly noises and a nasty plastic-y, electricy smell. I stopped it, rinsed it out and restarted it but the coffee had lovely overnotes of burnt plastic. Will a good cleaning fix this or is my coffee pot bound for the trash? :( It's one of those metal jug ones.

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There was a cartoon in the 90's about a detective who had a dog. That's really vague but that's all I remember.

Does anyone have ANY idea what this cartoon was called? It's been bugging me all day!!

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What was the last coincidental thing you experienced/heardabout/blahblahblah?

I went to the doctor today and the nurse was like "aw, you have a pretty name. my daughter is named rhianna after the Welsh goddess" (my name is Rhiannon) and then a few minutes later she goes "so you're 18, right? when's your birthday?" and i answered, april 22nd and she laughed and said "thats my daughters birthday!" /story

I don't wanna grow up, I'm a toys r us kid...

I'm 23, in college and I never want to leave. I'm afraid of the "real world". I'm afraid I'll be terribly bored and that I'll just fall into that boring typical white picket fence life raising 2.5 kids, which is partly why I want to be a professor so I can stay in college and keep learning and doing research. Are you afraid? If you're already in the workforce and are a "grownup" lol, what did you think of the real world when you were in college/high school and how has it lived up to your expectations?

What have you done that nobody expected of you? How have you broken the mold?

Who was the absolute worst teacher you have ever had and why were they so bad?

What is something you're always afraid to admit to others?

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It'll be Thanksgiving in less than a month...

...if you are in the U.S. and celebrating it, why do you approve of the rape and genocide of millions of its native peoples?

And if you're not celebrating it, why do you hate your country and the troops who sacrifice their lives to give you freedom?

Also, do you like sweet potato or pumpkin pie with your genocide?
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TQC, I need new blogs to read. What are your favorites? Ones I read a lot are Passive-Aggressive Notes, Fmylife, and Not Always Right, to name a few. Also, does anyone know what the blog is that makes fun of religious wall posts on Facebook?
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1. I asked a friend to smooth out an image I'd made for my Halloween costume in MSPaint about 6 weeks ago, since she has photoshop. I've asked her about it a few times via text, e-mail, and IM, and originally told her I needed it by 10/20. She's never gotten back to me. I don't know anything about photoshop, so could someone tell me how difficult it would be to smooth out the edges of this image? Am I expecting too much, too soon?

2. You've been kidnapped and are being tortured through bad TV. You've seen 6 hours straight of a mix of Judge Joe Brown, Judge Judy, and Divorce Court, and before that was 6 hours of Maury, Jerry Springer, and old school Ricki Lake episodes. Next, your kidnapper says, is a 12 hour Dr. Phil marathon, commercial free, and s/he is not letting you sleep. At what point do you begin begging for mercy?
The announcement of Dr. Phil, no question.

3. Have you ever been to a Cirque du Soleil show? What about Cavalia? Do you feel they're worth the high price of a ticket?
No, but Cavalia is in town and I was considering going to see it.

4. What is your favorite brand of macaroni and cheese?

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So I took and uploaded better pics of my stuff and put an ad on craigslist and a large company contacted me to paint windows at 77 of their locations! SEVENTY SEVEN!

How the hell do I figure out how much to charge for that!? HELPPPP
I'm assuming I use tempra paint?

Paypal question...

i've added another email address to my paypal account.

is the email address i select as primary the only email address i can give out to receive money from people? or can i use my secondary email address too?

thanks :):):)!!
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Ugh, the sun is shining right in my eyes and the blinds refuse to be pulled down (figures). On top of that I can now also see my reflection in the monitor almost better than what's actually being displayed. I wish the office wasn't facing west.

Does the sun blind you at your desk during a specific part of the day? Is there something else inconvenient or otherwise annoying about where your computer is set up? 

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what food have you been living off of for the past three days? you know that food that just sits in your house and you eat it because there's nothing else and you don't feel like cooking or buying food....

me- red velvet cake

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What is something that no one can look cool/tough doing?

I believe eating an banana can never look tough.

I saw this "gangsta" white kid with his echo jacket and pants with no belt walking through campus eating a banana.
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1. What's something small that irritates you probably more than it should?

(Me, I hate when Kate Gosselin harps on everything she gives to the kids being organic. I mean, a lot of things irritate me about her, but for some reason that just grinds my gears. And I'm not anti-organic! It's just something about the way she's all like RAAA ORGANIC that's offputting to me.)

2. What's a good music mashup? Embeds/links = yay...

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do you remember the first time you saw the junk of someone of the opposite sex - like playing doctor or whatever? how old were you? what's the story?

i was 6yo and i was in a port-a-potty with the kid.
my husband told me that it's a family "story" (idk why i hadn't been told it yet) and it happened in his house and his parents knocked on the door and asked if they were playing "penis games" in there lol.

i hate men.

my mom died like i spoke about in an earlier post. and i realize people move on. but i was sneaking through my dad's phone and found a picture of a women spread with all her nasty, strectched out shit, spread wide open like some kind of porn star.

it wasn't even his girlfriend. it was like a picture one of his friends had sent him.

i can't believe this my mom would be so dissapointed in his stupidity.

why are men so fucked up?

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My internet connection was going SUPER slow and in the frustration of re-enteringing login info and page refreshes I paid for the SAME item 3 times sending my account into the negative. :( What's the last thing that you overdrew your account on?

What store can you not go into without spending some serious cash?
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Santa Rampage!

In December, I am going on a Santa pub crawl and I want to stand out a little from the sea of red and white (though I'm not opposed to using those colours). I don't want to be a green-clad elf, either. Or a reindeer. So what can I be that's Santa/North Pole related but still sexy (and yes, I admit that's code for slutty looking)? My thoughts were a snow bunny of some sort or maybe like a cute penguin-girl? IDEFK, so help me TQC!

Oh, and I live in Atlanta, so it can be a skirt/short dress since I can throw tights under it and be reasonably warm.

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TQC, I came home to find a check for $300 from Chase Bank in my mailbox. It has something to do with my mortgage, but I don't know what. There was no explanation with the check.

What do you think it is for?
What should I spend it on?
Snoopy Enterprise


1. How many times have you had to rake leaves in your yard so far this fall?
2. Are you going trick-or-treating or going to some sort of party on Saturday?
3. How many games will it take for the Yankees to win the World Series?
4. What size is your television that you watch the most? Is it an HDTV?
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Let's say you have a mortgage, even if you rent. It doesn't matter how big your mortgage is or how much rent you pay. What matters is you're living within your means.

If you no longer had the mortgage payment or the rent payment, how socially secure would you consider yourself?
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I'm exhausted. What should I do to keep myself awake during the two-hour colloquium I have tonight (and the hour-long commute to and from it)?

Problem: Caffeine doesn't do much.

As if this question had never been asked before...

So I'm a relatively terrible cook on a somewhat tight budget (one hundred dollars a monthish)  and I'm getting tired of soup, cereal, and frozen what-nots.  What kind of things can I buy that are easy to make, taste AWESOME, and don't cost me an arm or a leg? 

If you're not so kitchen savvy yourself, what size shoe do you wear?
-I wear a five.  I have tiny foots.

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I got two identical packages sent to me. One was a mistake, and I tried to cancel the order, but it was already shipped so I left a note to refuse delivery. I'll call this PKGREF. The other I do want to keep. I'll call it PKGSTAY. So PKGSTAY may have arrived on the same day as PKGREF, but I don't know because I never got a tracking number for PKGSTAY. Anyway I checked the tracking number on UPS for PKGREF and it says PKGREF is being sent back to the seller, but since I don't have a tracking number for PKGSTAY, I don't know if this package I got today really is PKGSTAY. Should I just go ahead and assume it is PKGSTAY and open it?

Maybe I'm just paranoid.
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I'm not feeling well and I'm starving. There's very little food in the house so I'm going to end up going out to pick up something. What are some semi-healthy things you can think of, that I can pick up outside somewhere for dinner?

tick tock

bored at work!

What would you do if you had more free time?

How do you feel about hate crime legislation?

Are you already thinking about what you want for Christmas/winter holiday of your choice? Or what you're going to give?
I'm really excited to get my mom an iPod Nano, and I'm finishing a scarf for my dad and printing and framing two photos I took on our trip to Norway.

(no subject)

Why is it so damn hard to get a job that you're totally overqualified for?

There's nothing left in the world but minimum wage jobs and executive positions and I can't get any of those. Should I just start applying to CEO positions for kicks?

What's your job status?


 So, I'm thinking of this movie and not sure what it is. I remember it starts live action and involves a boy with a book and the it becomes animated. It's not The Neverending Story. Anybody have any idea what it might be?
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1. Are you getting a flu shot? A H1N1 shot? Why/why not?

2. If I plan on wrapping my body in saran wrap for Halloween, what should I wear underneath? I was thinking of acquiring silver hot pants/bra (I am going to be a leftover) but those would be expensive. So I don't know. But I have to wear SOMETHING.
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Do you think their blues roots are a reason that the Rolling Stones are allowed to be a band for 40 years?
As far as blues men go, they are just starting to hit their prime years.

do you like strawberry milk? what percent of the time would you choose it over chocolate milk? regular milk?

(no subject)

1. Do you think a relationship can work out if the two people do not have many of the same interests (for example, one person is a thrill seeker, likes roller coasters and sports, while the other is more laid back, and likes reading or playing an instrument?) but have the same values? How about different personality traits?

What about if the couple has similar interests but come from different backgrounds, such as different religions?

2. Do you have any unrealistic fears? 

I am terrified of bears... like, I'm afraid to go outside in the spring. (Probably trauma from when I looked out my window and a bear was walking around on my porch.)

3. What do you call it when you're not having intercourse, but you are engaging in sexual activity? (e.g. hooking up, sexy time, etc.)

Tuomas - GLAHHHH

(no subject)

I have the flu. And it's making me hallucinate wonder things.

1 - Have you had the flu yet this year?
2 - Did you get immunized?
3 - What are your opinions of H1N1?
4 - What are your sick-time comfort foods?


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URGH, how inappropriate is the new Facebook 'Re-connect' feature?

Every time I log on the side-bar jovially encourages me to re-connect with a girl I knew who commited suicide a few months ago, thanks for that Facebook.

More halloween costume questions

I have a toddler son. I got him this *awesome* dinosaur costume this year. He will not wear it. So I'm shelving it and making him a quick-n-dirty pirate costume. Anyway, I'm thinking of what to do with the dinosaur costume before he outgrows it, and I had the idea to dress him up as a dinosaur to get his pictures with Santa Claus. This is an awesome idea right???

Otherwise, are you wearing a costume to work on Friday? Is it the same costume you're wearing Saturday, or something "work appropriate"?
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what kind of person does it take to go into a Barnes and Noble dressed up as Michael Jackson to buy a Michael Jackson biography?

i just saw this tonight. it was half amazing, half wtf. this wasn't half assed, either. white fedora, white blazer, black armband, black pants cropped just above the ankle, white socks, loafers and aviators. we're assuming he was either coming or going to the movie since the theater isn't far but i'm still amazed at his ability to go into a bookstore to get a book on the subject he's dressed up as. i don't have that kind of confidence/lack of self awareness.

naturally, i couldn't pass up a creeper photo op

Okay does anyone think this commercial is racist?


Someone was trying to tell me today that the new Trident Layers commercial is racist.  Just look at the happy white family inside the house. All perfect and sitting on their butts doing nothing while the black and asian man do labor on the outside for the white family.  They are not allowed into the house.  LOL  Okay,  I thought it was a bit of a stretch.  I just think the commercial is retarded.   Anyone else have an issue with this commercial?  :P
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I found a tutoring job on Craigslist that sounds really great. It says that you need one year or tutoring experience and I...kind of have that. See, I was hired for a tutoring job June 2008, but I didn't actually START tutoring until September 2008, then I tutored until June 2009. So I was hired to be a tutor for a year, but I only worked for nine months. So what dates should I put on my resume?

Additionally, it says I should send my resume, but nothing about a cover letter. Should I send a cover letter as well, even though they don't ask for one?

EDIT: So, I'm working on the cover letter right now, but...OK, you know on cover letters, you put the address of the company you want to apply at the top? What if you don't know the address, what do you do then?
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I just bought a pencil skirt and blouse to wear with my black pumps for Halloween. I want to call myself some official businesswoman title, like the head of marketing research or something. So, TQC, what's the most ~official~ and businesslike title you can think of?
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1. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most beautiful they could be without being an angel and 1 being you wouldn't mop your floor with their face, what would you rate the following male celebrities? Keep in mind, this rating is strictly based on physical attractiveness, you must ignore anything and everything you know about their personalities.

a. Keanu Reeves
b. Matt Damon
c. Ben Affleck
d. Tom Cruise
e. Brad Pitt
f. Owen Wilson
g. Gerard Butler
h. Denzel Washington
i. Chris Pine
j. Hugh Jackman
k. Hugh Grant

2. Same question, but for the following female celebs:

a. Angelina Jolie
b. Jennifer Aniston
c. Megan Fox
d. Kate Blanchett
e. Kate Winslett
f. Kate Bosworth
g. Anna Paquin
h. Kristin Stewart
i. Sarah Jessica Parker
j. Zooey Deschanel
k. Sandra Bullock

and, if you don't wanna do the first two:

3. What are some traits in a significant other that you absolutely will not negotiate on?
I will never, ever date a smoker, someone who confuses you're/your, or is verbally/physically/emotionally abusive.
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What should I do INSTEAD of calling the ex boyfriend I just let go of in order to work on myself??????????????????????

Not an option: pandering for attention from other men. Trying to break that habit.

(no subject)

If the website says they'll have my SAT scores posted on the 29th but doesn't specify a time, does it mean literally at midnight or at the webmaster's leisure sometime tomorrow?

Because that will get answered quickly, what is your opinion on automatic toilets?
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If you had an 8 o'clock in the morning class with no attendance policy and you knew that all you would be doing tomorrow is going over (non-collected or graded) homework that you did and understand perfectly (no new material will be given tomorrow), would you skip and sleep until your 11 o'clock class?

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So my mom got me this wig for my old lady costume, but it is black and white mixed. It's called the temptation wig and she got it at walmart. I don't think its going to work unless I do some surgery on it. So I was thinking roll it with sponge rollers and then put a turban over it to get that old lady look.

What do you think?

I'm really nervous because I'm going to be dressing up for the dress up day at work, which is this Friday. I don't want to be feeling embarrassed the whole time I'm there. Do you have any advice or words of encouragement?

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I got my cartilage pierced when I was 13... it healed fine, never got infected. I haven't worn an earring in it for about 7 years though, I kind of forgot about it.
Now all of a sudden it's super itcy & red, it seems infected. WHAT HAPPENED?
Why is this happening now after 7 years ( I haven't recently tried to put an earring in or anything)? Shouldn't it be healed over? What Can I do to make it stop itching? hrmph.

You probably don't care.

So what are your favourite Piercings you have?
Any you regret?
Any horror stories?

Do you like Matt Good/ Matt Good Band?
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my roommate just told me that it is now inevitable that i will get swine flu, just because so many people have it.

do you think this is true?

i've never even had the flu i'm scared :/

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What do you wish would happen to Mary Murphy on So You Think You Can Dance?

I met her in person. He is much smaller and not as obnoxious, but on the show I want her to get attacked by a flying squirrel.

Are you upset that Shiloh Pepin (mermaid girl) died? I'm actually pretty sad about it, I think I'm going to write her family a letter right now.
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Sooo I spilled coke on my phone. I tried to dry it out but it seems the damned liquid seeped in. the buttons are all freaking out now and there is feedback when I try to make a call

Whats the likelihood that its be a-okay when it dries out? I'm gonna need a new phone arent I?