October 27th, 2009

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So, TQC, though I'm sure this has been asked before, what are your thoughts on 2012? More importantly, should I drop out of school and party for the next three years?

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I wish to see the Northern Lights in January. I love to travel and am leaning towards Iceland, although I know Norway and Finland are possible options too... Fairbanks in Alaska would be the ideal, but I went to Alaska in Summer 08 so it's a bit out of price range, not to mention hard to get to! I will ideally be hostelling and wanting to see things and do things...

Where should I go?

I am a student, so cheap is good, though I haven't worked out a budget yet...

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whats your favorite show?


whens your bday?
what do you do to celebrate?
are you excited for halloween?
are you dressing up?

like all time favorite since it started, watch religously show.
mine is desperate housewives. ive been watching it since season one, its my guilty pleasure :D

my bday is on wednesday :) my mom is taking me shopping and my bf is taking me to a haunted house and to dinner at pf changs.

im excited for halloween. i usually dress up, halloween reminds me of being a kid. this year my boyfriend and i are dressing up as vampires. heheh.
teeth and all :D

now your turn to share :D

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K so Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred came in the mail but I neglected to see that it requires hand weights.

Must I now purchase hand weights, or can I just fill soda bottles with pennies or something and use that? Is there a reason why hand weights are so much more awesome than regular everyday heavy stuff with handles?

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I'm having a minor, potentially silly personal crisis and TQC, you may be my last hope.

1. If you saw someone walking around with a black umbrella with a yellow happy-face pattern, would you think it was lame/dorky?

(I'm going to a concert tomorrow and there's this...thing... beforehand where I'll be spending time with the band and other fans outside for a while. But it's calling for heavy rain and this umbrella borrowed from my mother-in-law is the only one I can find on short notice that isn't broken. I've loved this band since I was 12 so my inner preteen is freaking out.)

2. If you don't care/want to answer another question, what's the last thing you've seen or heard about that you wished you thought of inventing first?

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You're 25, a newlywed, have a mortgage, a car payment, and all the typical bills (car insurance, utilities, etc). Basically, you're me.

You're current job pays $40,000 per year (gross), with full medical, dental, vision, life, and death insurances, long term and short term disabilities (all of which are 100% company paid and don't cost you a penny from your check), 401(k) (match 20% up to 5%), 3 weeks vacation per year, and 10 paid holidays. Problem is, your pay pays your bills, with nothing else leftover. Your spouse works, but only part-time since she's still in school. Once she's out of school, she wants to start a family, and would prefer to stay home with the kids. You also haven't had a raise in the three years you've been with this company.

You get an offer to go to work for an insurance company as an agent. It is 100% commission-based with no set hours. You work your own schedule, completely on your own. The company offers health, dental, and vision insurances (for $50/week), long and short term disabilites (free), 401(k) with a better match (35% up to 6&), pension, free vacations and trips, and a manager position within 13 weeks. They will reimburse you the $300 it will cost to get your insurance license. There is the very real possibility to make some serious bank doing the job (around $60,000 per year...up to $100,000+ after you make manager in a matter of months), but, as I said, it's 100% commission based. You could work your ass off one week and not have anyone buy anything, and you're SOL.

Do you stick with the steady income that you know is coming in like clockwork every two weeks, but barely pays the bills, or do you try your hand at the insurance game and take the risk associated with commission-based pay in hopes of making some better money?

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1)How do you make unemployment funemployment?

2)What annoying things do your relatives do?

My cousin complains about how women are whores,etc, and then wonders why they won't screw him.
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I've been in the United States for a few years but never been to a doctor. I used to have insurance through my university, but now I don't.

My questions are -- how do I find a primary care doctor / a general practitioner? And how much can an office visit cost me if I don't have insurance?

Google hasn't helped because I don't know what keywords I should use. I've used the numerous "find a doctor" websites, but the doctors usually have a specialty and (1) they seem really expensive and (2) this isn't really a specific problem, but a general pain and soreness all over my body.

I've called many of them up and they tell me an office visit can range from $100 to $300. That's way too much. I just need to speak to someone with a medical degree for about 10 minutes and get their advice on something. Is there anything else I should do?

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For the people who have had H1N1-  (lol, fixed)

How long did your illness last?
How intense was it?
Did you stay quarantine?

I swear- I got it (I had all the symptoms in perfect order, if could have been the regular flu, but since my friend had a confirmed case, we'll say that's the culprit) and it was done in a day and a half. That shit was intense- but after the fever broke, I feel fine. A little weak, but fine... That was the easiest flu ever.
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1. Is there any humane method of getting rid of wild rats on your property?

2. Is it difficult to start your own exotic pet business? Got any tips?

3. Is it a bad idea to have a honeymoon in St Lucia in the Carribbean in early September? I was told it was the hurricane season. 

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Batman or Spiderman? Explain yourself.
Spiderman! Mostly just because I grew up on him and, unlike Batman, he actually has superpowers.

Besides those two, who is your superhero of choice?
I'm an X-Men fanatic, my favorites are Rogue, Wolverine & Gambit. But honestly, I love most superheroes. I'm a nerd.
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Have you ever pawned anything? 

I need some money and I am totally up for pawning stuff, but I don't know what kinds of things would get me the most money. The only jewelry I really have (that isn't fake/costume/cheap) is my class ring, and since it has my name & graduation date engraved in it, they probably wouldn't give me much for it, right? 
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Maybe I'm just a grammar snob, but...

Does anyone else here get annoyed when someone who "loves reading" or is an "English major" has absolutely no sense of grammar, spelling, and sentence construction?

If you don't care: How's your day going? Mine is shit.
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What did you do for your birthday this year? Were you excited?

Where would you look for miscellaneous gigs, like one time house cleaning or something, for some quick cash?
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Unprofessional Public Speakers

A recent conference got me to thinkin' about what is inappropriate in a professional setting.

Ladies:  A male coworker tells you a story whose moral was "stick with your strengths" and the example included a coworker that he specifically specified as female who wanted to be an FBI agent.  He then goes on to explain that she did not have the build for this job and should just stick to what she is good at.  

Are you offended?

Those with disabilities: Same coworker tells you another story with the same message; "stick with your strengths".  He says "I can want to play concert piano all I want, but what if I'm deaf?"

Does that offend you?

Administrative Professionals: Again, this coworker is hammering this message in.  He encourages you to find what you're good at through others around you.  He tells you that an administrative assistant noticed he was very organized and complimented him, saying "you would make a great admin!".  He then snorts and says "well, I guess I'm good at it, but THAT's not a very good thing to do."

Are you engraged?

Everyone else:  Would it make you feel uncomfortable to hear these things from a coworker?  What if these things were said during a speech at a professional conference?  Is each thing separately enough to make you conclude that this person is disrespectful or would it take the combination of the three to convince you? 

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What is your relationship with your parents (or family in general) like?
In what ways are you and your parents/family similar? In what ways are you different?
Feel free to post pictures, so we can see if there's any family resemblance!

Unrelated: When your jeans get holes/tears do you get new ones, or continue to wear them until they're ready to disintegrate off of your body?
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ticketmaster hoo ha.

my beloved bruce springsteen cancelled last night's concert.
his cousin is a manager on the tour, and he was found dead about 3 hours before the show.
i did get to see him sunday night, but i want more fun....ESPECIALLY since it's probably going to be a while before they tour again as the E street band, if ever.

Ticketmaster is going to refund my money in the next few days, they said in an email.
however, there is talk of rescheduling the show.
There were only 9 shows left in the whole tour after last night....open dates scattered throughout.

But what if they reschedule?
Will I have to rebuy them from scratch?

i have no experience with cancelled shows.
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My boyfriend is being Jesus riding a dinosaur for Halloween. He's scared that someone might beat him up.

Do you think he will be beaten up? Isn't this a great costume idea?

Are you sick of Halloween questions yet?

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TQC, I get to make Thanksgiving dinner!

I'm excited. Usually we just go to the husband's parents' house.

I've never cooked a turkey before. Do you have any tips for me?
What else should I make besides turkey and mashed potatoes?

I know it is early to start planning (still have 3 weeks), but I think I want to invite my friends over too.

games! games! games!

1. What are some quirky games I can download to my laptop (I like everything from cutesy games like Braid to fps) to avoid paying attention during lectures?

2. Ever played D&D, Vampire the Masquerade or gone Larp'ing? Share some stories/experiences of these?

3. If you really don't like games/give a damn, what's a tradition you participate in that you can see dying out in the future?
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Hey all

Well, yet another first date for the old Bull...

Will you wish me good luck?

And a real question,

The 2009 World Series winner will be???

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have you ever had a relationship in which you and your significant other said "i love you", and after it was over, either you or your ex- s.o. said it wasn't really "love"?

what did you do?

did that relationship change your view on love? how?

how do you feel about that person now? 

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Should I pay for a hotel room using a credit card that already has over $1700 on it or should I use most of my savings instead? Not staying in a hotel or staying in a cheaper one are not an option, because it's one of the cheapest in the area and I'm staying overnight for an out-of-town wedding.

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Hi all!
I need your help:
-I'm a freshman in college and I really want to break out of this high school mentality. How do I go about doing this?
-Do you have cliques at your workplace?


When you were young, did you ever lose a tooth on a Sugar Daddy?

How about an apple?

Anyone use the string and doorknob technique, or did you just wiggle it until it wiggled loose?

About working

1. Would you rather be freelance or salaried?
2. Would you rather work one full time job or one/two/more part time jobs?
3. If you could have any job in the world (assuming it's legit... not like... be paid to do absolutely nothing!) what would it be?
4.Is there anyone you work with that makes more money than you but is completely incompetent?
5. Do you like deskjobs with routines or would you rather have something that is almsot a complete surprise each day?
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So my awesome gay coworker just found out that his cousin is getting married, and that he's the only one in the family not invited, and it's because he's gay. He wants to send them a nice wedding present, so they'll use it, and whenever they use it, they'll think about him. And how they didn't invite him to their wedding.

What should he give them? Under $200 probably, and they do not live locally.

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I'm curious after a debate we had in Religion class today.

How do you feel about gay marriage?

I'm for it 100%- please say why.
I'm against it- please say why.
It's none of my business
Whatever, just don't call it marriage- that's between a man and woman. Find a different term.- Please elaborate.
All marriages should be happy. :D

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What would you wear to an event where looking good/sexy is of the utmost importance? Also it will be -10 degrees, there will be several inches to several feet of snow, and you have to walk a few blocks.

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I want to grow some herbs in my house. Problem is there is only one window that gets enough sun every day and the windowsill is not large enough to put anything on. The window is also too high up to put a table underneath. Do you have any ideas for some sort of contraption I could build or buy that would let me do this?

What's your favorite online game?

If you won the lottery would you take it all in one lump sum or get it in payments?

Do you usually write in cursive or print?

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What kind of a tattoo could I get that would be totally tough as all hell and chicks would dig it?

I am thinking a full sleeve dragon made of flaming barbed wire and skulls would be good for starters.

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Is Facebook down for anyone else or is it just me? It seems to have been down for hours and hours. Now I realise I like it more than I have ever admitted!

eta - it's saying "your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience." 

How the hell can I force myself in?! srs and non srs!

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Can movies/tv shows downloaded from itunes work on any other media player than the Apple tv?

The ones online that i'm looking at seem a little vague.

*Edit: I mean that I would like to watch the tv shows that I downloaded on my tv instead of my computer or my ipod.
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My dog has a 104.5 fever (which is supposed to be high for a doggy fever.) I took his temperature in his butt with a kids' butt thermometer.

He's really lazy and his eyes are a little gooky but he's not vomiting so I don't really know what to do? I don't want to call a cab and go to the pet ER (the trip alone and back will be like $60) if it's nothing but I don't want him to burst into fire if I don't.

What do YOU do?

EDIT: ok the vet said to monitor him/give him liquids and take his temp again in 45 minutes but that was like an hour ago so I'm going to the vet with the little booger.

In the meantime, why don't you post a picture of your dog and tell other people how cute their dogs are?

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tech-y q: when a smart phone/PDA has both its WiFi and 3G/data network services active and getting service, does it simultaneously use the power of BOTH networks to download/upload/transfer something? Like, merge into one stream of uh info?

other q: how graphic does your porno need to be in order to turn you on? super close-up see-every-pore Dolby Surround Sound graphic, or can merely a vaguely suggestive blurb in an LL Bean catalog get you going?

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Have you ever read the Red-Headed League by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? If so, how would you go about teaching a ninth grade class about the story in an interesting way that they'd enjoy? The SO is currently doing student teaching and will probably die on the spot if he doesn't come up with something by tomorrow.

If not, what is your greatest accomplishment of the day? I paid off my credit card bill in full! Yay!

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1. Is there a song with your name in it?

A guy I'm dating played me a song called "With Annukka" in which the chorus goes something like: "I hadn't remembered to take my meds for a few days / and thought hey, this is love / then I remembered how things are and took my meds / and after an hour I realized this is love after all."

2. Does it matter to you if your SO has a completely different taste in music, movies, tv shows, books etc. than you? Which if these would matter the most?

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This weekend I will be missing a fun two days of costume parties and horse races (it's racing season here at the moment) to go on holidays with my family to a resort.

What are some fun things I could get up to on Hallowe'en night (a Saturday, just to add insult to injury) that would help take away the pain of missing a great weekend full of parties and frivolity? Bonus points if said activity is Hallowe'en-themed and can somehow include my sixteen-year-old brother.

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If you were away for the night and your roomate/on-again-off-again SO turned their phone off, what would you assume they were doing? (If you were home, they would likely be waching tv)

Have you/do you own any sex toys? If so, which is your favorite? If not, what would you like to have?

Have you ever owned any cyberskin? Are they worth the inflated price?

What do you want right now? (material, food, emotional, any will do)


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How do you feel about matured renditions of childhood favorites? Do you feel like they fuck with your childhood?

For instance, there's this play called Dog Sees God about the Peanuts in high school, and Schroeder is gay and everyone else is a homophobe. Pigpen eventually smashes Schroeder's fingers in a piano, and Schroeder kills himself. Shit like that taints my childhood faster than blood in my Coca Cola.
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Next semester is my last semester of library school. They're offering a management course that my advisor recommended I take, but it runs Thursday nights until 9 pm -- and my commute home's an hour and I have to be in at work at 4 am the next morning.

Should I take the class and be sleep-deprived every Friday or should I just forget about it?
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So I made it through all of Paranormal Activity totally unscathed. Just wasn't scary to me, either ending. How did you do seeing it? Did you see it in theaters, or did you watch it online? Do you feel like there was a difference?
I feel that if I'd seen it in theaters, I would have fed off the other people's fear and jumpiness. As it was, meh.

What is the last thing you bought that was totally unnecessary?
Chiquita Banana's Halloween costume. It's cute, but not necessary.

What is your current food vice?
Archer Farms' Monster Trail Mix
Disney: Maleficent turned


Okay, I soaked my lentils too long. I meant to soak them overnight, but that was the night before last. So they've been in water for almost 48 hours. I just drained them and they're bloated; a few of them have sprouted what looks like a bean sprout.

Are my lentils ruined?? If not, do I need to do anything different when I cook them, since they're bloated and all?


Aaaand if you don't know/don't care, from what source do you get most of your local news? National news? International news? Or do you not keep up with news at all?
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I asked this to the day crew a few days ago, but asking the night crew is always just as good if not more fun, and it's a topic I love to discuss:

What was your favorite computer game of the 90s? Screenshots are not only advisable but nearly mandatory. Discuss!

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It looks like I'm going to be up a good amount of the night studying for my botany test that I have tomorrow, since I'm such a huge procrastinator.

I don't have a problem staying up--it's getting through the next day that I have a problem with.

So, TQC: how do you function the next day after an all-nighter, or at least running on only a few hours of sleep? 

Note: Both coffee and energy drinks make me feel very groggy/run down, so those are out. I have to make it from 8:15 in the morning until 3pm, then I can come home and take a nap.
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I went to log in to my online banking account, but my account isn't there. I can't call Chase because my room mate likes to steal the landline and keep it in her room WHEN I NEED TO USE IT THE MOST. Not that it helps, because OKAY they're closed right now. Why their terms of service and stuff isn't clearly labeled, IDK.
So my question: If I have an overdraft fee, about how long does it take for the account to be closed? I'm 98% certain the transaction happened two months ago. I was trying to dispute it, but the bank wasn't helpful, and the place it happened with wouldn't contact me about getting a refund. And I can't open another account with another bank because I still have debt to pay.
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I have an eye infection, and I wear contacts. My glasses are 2 or 3 prescriptions old, and my eye strain comes back when I wear glasses. Plus, I have to play in two concerts in the next week.

Should I still wear my glasses? If I take them out every night will I be ok? Would it harm anything if I put a drop of the medicated eye-drops in with them while they soak overnight?