October 26th, 2009

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Assume you’re Californian.

How would you approach your doctor about wanting medical marijuana for chronic pain?

I’m so tired of killing my liver with acetaminophen, and I can’t take ibuprofen. I need something else for chronic TMJ pain, and I’m not sure how to ask my doctor without him thinking I just want to get high legally.

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Did you have strippers at your bachelor/bachelorette party?
Did your partner?

Do you plan on having strippers at your bachelor/bachelorette party?
How do you feel about your partner having them?

How do you feel about strippers at bachelor/bachelorette parties?

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my boyfriend is pushing me over the edge.
he's not emotional to me anymore and he not there for me like he once was.
he used 2 write poems to me, send me flowers, buy me food, presents, everything.

we've been pratically living with each other for 6 months. and we've been together for 2 years now.
idk what 2 do. should i move on or try and work things out? i don't know why he's acting like this.

he puts me down a lot and i don't like it. but i love him at the same time.

i'm scared no one will love me the same as he did.

either way it's not healthy but i'm somehow staying with him anyways.

any advice? thank you.


Hay TQC!

Can someone please explain this "Live Feed" thing on FB? Like, how is it different than the old/normal news feed and WHY, when I log in to fb after a day, do I have to click the "update Live Feed" button so it shows me everything that my friends have done SINCE I last logged in, instead of the last thing anyone did the last time I was logged in?? Why the fuck doesn't it just do it automatically?

How would you describe the feeling of a sneeze to someone who has never experienced one before?

What is your favorite marine animal?

How are you going to spend your Halloween?

Will you tell me about the most awkward tan/burn line you've ever gotten?

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TQC, I've just been informed I'm this week's patient Zero for our campus's Humans v Zombies game, meaning I'm a zombie, everyone else is human, and I'm the one who has to lure them in and turn them. How do you suggest I turn my suitemates and boyfriend into mindless zombie machines? Booty call for the bf won't work - he'll be suspicious as Hell and we never do that shit on weekdays anyway.


I am hungry

What should I buy myself for breakfast?

If it makes a difference I get 50% off at McDonald's.

What did you have for breakfast today?

If you did not have breakfast today, when was the last time you had breakfast? and what was it?

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Where can I get buy good basic tshirts and long sleeve shirts? I keep buying shirts at places like Target and Old Navy but they always end up losing their shape after a few washes. I just want some good, fitted basic shirts. Any suggestions?
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 What should I write on the "Happy Boss's Day" card I got roped into making? She's kind of a bitch but it needs to be thoughtful etc.

(Yes, I realize the actual holiday was like two weeks ago. Our workplace was shut down for a while thanks to the PA state budget fail, so we're having a celebration today because everyone is back now.)

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I have a black 2002 WRX, Collapse )

I have winter tires mounted on the stock wheels like in the picture. It's almost time to put them on the car, but before I do, I'm going to paint them a very bright color. What color should I go for? Orange? Green? Hot pink?

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I bought a big thing of Sunny D which says it must be in a fridge after purchase. However, it won't fit in my mini fridge... What should I do? Will it be okay not in the fridge or should I just drink a shit ton of Sunny D?

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What is your heigh and weight?

If you could only change one of the two, which would it be, and in what way?

Do you have an exercise routine? What is it?

What benefits does your job offer in addition to your salary?

General Tso's Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, or Sesame Chicken?

Last movie you saw in the theatre? How did you like it?

- 6'5", 240-lbs
- I'd drop about 20 or so pounds; I'm happy with my height.
- Cardio MWF, cross training TR
- Medical, dental, and vision insurance, long and short term disability, 401(k), 10 holidays, 3 weeks vacation
- General Tso's, definitely
- Saw "Law Abiding Citizen" Friday night...I liked the first half of it, when you're still rooting for Gerard Butler. But once he turns out to really actually be a murderous lunatic, it kind of loses the appeal.

*ETA, since I just looked at my desk calender*

Do you have anything cool/interesting/exciting on your calender through the end of the year?

- Paintball camping trip the weekend of 12/11, and family ski trip the last week of December.
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HIV = gay: y/n?

1) I'm not trying to start a flame war here, I don't want to offend anyone, and I'm not inviting you to try to offend someone either.  Let's all play nice and not call each other names.
2) I'm not looking for statistics here, I have a lot of them and can look up what I don't have.  I'm just looking to assess a general reflex-first-thought, like when the doctor taps below your knee and you kick.

The question:
When you hear someone is HIV positive - do you assume they are gay?
Will you tell me a little about your demographic: gender, age?

(Either way, feel free to elaborate, but please be honest.  If your first thought is to assume they are gay and your second thought is to correct yourself, it's the first thought I'm after.  And if it depends on other factors, I'd love for you to tell me what those factors are and what your answers are for each factor.)
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speaking of stereotypes

1)How would you describe a stereotypical American? Please state what country you are from.
2)Have you ever assumed something about someone based on a stereotype or just on very little information and then found out you were wrong? What did you assume?
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TQC, I have a Vaio laptop that has keys kinda like this. I can't gently pry them off or anything, but there is stuff under there and i want to clean it out. How would I go about doing this? Canned air hasn't done too terribly much.

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i am eating these grapes right now and they are fucking gigantic. like the size of a ping pong ball. on the bag it says they are "holiday grapes" and they are red. are these a special kind of grape or are they just really big regular grapes?
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so I'm off to find a new job, one that I like! And I want to make a resume that screams AWESOME. I've read lots of examples on the interweb, but do you have any fabulous hints to give me?

Are you in a position to hire people? What do you look for?
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Bluetooth Speakerphone for the Car

Come January 1, 2010 British Columbia will be under new Motor Vehicle rules which will require hands free systems in cars if one if going to speak on the phone and drive.

My dad has asked me to get him a speaker for his car.

Oh Wise Question Club, from your experience, which is the best hands-free system to get?

He has already said, he wants a speakerphone and not an ear piece.

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Did you encounter any idiot drivers this weekend? Want to share?

I think I hit an all time record for close calls condensed into two days, and I wasn't at fault for ANY of them.
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I have a sinus infection and therefore am having trouble sleeping. My roommate knows this (I was whining a little last night), and came in from work this morning (7am) yelling at her hamsters for making noises. This woke me up, and I'm still irrationally pissed about it.

Without causing property damage, and without doing the adult thing and talking to her*, how can I passive-aggressively get back at her today/this week?

(*Because obviously I'm going to approach the subject when she wakes up from her nap.)

When was the last time you got sick?
How whiny do you get when you're sick?

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I have a prescription for my birth control that's dated in the beginning of March of this year, so ~7.5 months ago. Does anyone know if there's a limit regarding a timeframe in which I can get that particular prescription filled? The prescription was written in NJ but I'm in GA if that makes a difference...
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Data Recovery, bad hard drive

Ok, I've got a hard drive that took a power surge some time ago, I'm wondering what my options are as far as data recovery go.

Computer had been left on when I went to school, came back a few hours later and it was shut down and wouldn't start.  Along with a couple other items, the hard drives would not be recognized when I replaced the power supply, though the same motherboard did recognize the replacement hard drive.

Problem is, I've got data on here I really want back.

Here's a photo of part of the controller board on the drive:

Is that blown chip something I could work around with minimal budget(an external mounting kit at most), or is it essentially hopeless without contracting a data recovery service?  Any web tutorials that could help me?

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Do you fall asleep when you're getting your hair cut? I just got one on my lunch hour, and I fall asleep every single time. Anything rubbing on my head is like my automatic "Go to sleep" button. It probably doesn't help matters that the little Filipino barber lady massages your head after she finishes cutting the hair. Mmmmmm...nap time.

Since I forgot one in my height questions post earlier, how much of a height difference is there between you and your SO? If you don't have one, use your last one. If you've never had one...well...go on to the next question.

I'm in the office all by myself today. What type of naughty shenanigans would you get in to if you were me?
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My friend has been trying to get me switch to raw milk. According to her, she says it's way healthier than pasteurized milk and the whole thing with raw milk making people sick is some propaganda by the FDA on behalf of the Milk Lobby. (Just go with it.) She also thinks that vaccines are harmful and if she ever has children she will skip their shots. Again, she thinks that scientists don't really have all of their facts. (Mind you, she gets most of her facts off of the internet and new age books.)

I think she's nuts. (Love her, but, God, what a nutter.) There's are several reasons why the human population has exploded in the last hundred years. Pasteurization and vaccines are two major ones.

1. Is she right though?
2. How do you feel about people who reject science like this?
3. Do you know of anyone like this? What do they do?
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Did you know in Fallout 3 you can apply the alien's Inertia Suppression Field to yourself and it adds a lot of damage resistance?

Do you think Bethesda Software knew people who apply the shield to their character, or create objects with the G.E.C.K. which apply the field, would make jokes about it looking like the glittery vampires of Twilight?
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Where can I find a good place to post pictures of my kid that's also protected to where only those with the password can access it? I've been using LJ but am becoming increasingly paranoid. lol

edited to add: Should I be paranoid about putting pictures of my kid on the internet? I mean, I've already been doing it for three years.
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Would it bother you if someone you lived with was always asking you to get them up at a certain time, but then whenever you went to wake them up at the specified time, they were like "Oh, I set my alarm for (some time that is later than when they asked you to wake them up)" and then went back to sleep?
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If you were very close with somebody who you loved very much, but they just wouldn't stop eating with their mouth open no matter how much you expressed your disgust, what would you do? Get over it? Keep trying to convince them to eat like a grown up? It has to be my biggest pet peeve and it's driving me crazy.

Semi-related: What's your biggest pet peeve?
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Can you give me a picture of a stereotype and then tell me why it's a stereotype?

If you can't give an explanation, can you at least give several stereotype pictures?

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Is there any video game more frustrating than Tetris? At least with other games, you have the control over how well you do. With Tetris, though, if the game decides "Haha, screw you...you ain't gettin' the piece you need, bitch." than you're pretty effectively fucked, no matter how well you've been placing stuff up to that point.
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The XKCD layout in commemoration of geocities - awesome or not?

Should I go buy this today? I love tea, and I'll get a discount cos I work there, but I only have received my first paycheck and I need to pay bills.
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How long do you think it'll take my iPod Touch to arrive in the mail?

Serious answers only please. And by serious, I mean completely non-srs.
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So, TQC. I just pawned half of my unwanted CD collection for 12 dollars (23 cds @ 50 cents, I wish West Virginia didn't suck at places to sell things. They didn't take the other 28 because they were "too obscure" wtf Muse is not obscure). What are some other ways I can make quick money?

I am trying to survive without touching my paychecks because I'm trying to start a decent savings account before I graduate (undergrad yay!), but to do that I kind of need this leg up on the every day gas/food expenses.

edit: My boyfriend WOULD PREFER if I did not strip and I do not need money that badly. I am already looking to donate plasma. Am I forgetting anything?

What do you do when you're low on cash?

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Help meee!

Are there any people out there who have ordered My Neighbor Totoro on DVD from online?
I would really appreciate if you guys could tell me where I could find it because obviously, I'm looking, but I'm finding many different versions and I don't want any of that Dakota Fanning as Satsuki bullshit.

All I want is the VHS version that we all watched as kids but in DVD form, in English.

I've looked in Walmart, Best Buy, Blockbuster, and Target, so I'm reduced to online shopping and I'm afraid I'm going to buy the wrong one, since they're so many options.

Thank you for any help<3

Edit: I know this seems dumb, like "why doesn't she just search on Amazon, duhh" but I REALLY want to get the right one and I'd like to talk to people who have ordered it before.

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what superhero or villain would it be easy to dress up as? i am googling, but most popular heroes/villains seem to have fancy outfits.
i am going to a theme party on halloween, and i plan on going as the joker, but my friend who is coming along doesn't know what to be, and doesn't have much money to spend on a costume. suggestions?

ETA: can't be catwoman because the host of the party is going as her, and asked that no one else do it.

ETA 2: just called her, and she's going as harleen quinzel :] thanks 836am & colbertican

new question: who is your favorite superhero or villain?

Graduate Classes

So my graduate school just reamed me like a cheap hooker, and they're not offering any electives for me to take next semester. I need one more elective to graduate by May, which pisses me off, because I've taken the maximum allowable credit hours every semester.

My options were presented as this: Take the summer graduate course and graduate a few months later (which is BS, becasue I'm doing this to facilitate a career change, and career change I depserately need); or do a self-study course, which I presented as an option and the advisor accepted.

So here's the ultimate question, TQC: What can I propose to study for one whole semester to earn credit for a 400-level graduate Economics course?

Any ideas?

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1. what's so great about Franny and Zooey? I didn't think it was horrible, but I was left with that WHATWASTHATABOUT feeling.

2. what is the greatest city on earth? objectively speaking, of course.

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I work a 4-9pm shift, which means it's too early to eat dinner before I leave but I'm fucking starving by the time shift ends. I've tried taking along carrots and popcorn to snack on, but I find it doesn't really take the edge off; the popcorn especially just somehow makes me feel even hungrier.

What's some quick, healthy snacks that I can take to work to keep the edge off of my hunger? I don't want to eat junk food every night.

Edit: I'm not looking for scheduling advice, just snack suggestions. :>

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If you go to school: How many people use laptops (either for notes or to browse the Internet) during class? If it changes depending on the class, which classes do more people bring laptops to?

Do you bring a laptop to class? What major are you (if you're in college)?

If you work: What sort of computer policy do you have?

Anyone else: computers, y/n?
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You guys I'm baking apple pumpkin spice bread and it smells so good I am going delusional with hunger. Should I wait the 20 more minutes + cooling time for my tasty treat or should I eat something in the meantime?

What have you baked recently and how was it?
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For those of you who drink it (or are just whiskey connoisseurs):

What is the difference between a regular and a reserve whiskey (particularly Crown Royal)? My stepdad loves Crown Royal whiskey so I plan on getting him some for Christmas, but I don't know the first thing about whiskey! Is Crown Royal Reserve worth an extra $20 over the regular Crown?

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My boyfriend told me "You know what, I don't deserve you"--is this a pre-emptive excuse to break up with me?

Context: He told me while I was away on the weekend he was at some club/party and this girl on ecstasy was all over him, and he said "I could have scored and not gone to bed alone that night" and I got kind of upset at him. Then I decided to drop the subject and go do the dishes (to clear my head a bit instead of yelling at him irrationally), and while I'm doing the dishes he comes up behind me and says the above line.
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Detriot Grayhound station

I am in Michigan right now and want to take a bus home to Canada, but it goes to Detroit for 40 minutes. My friends are telling me NO I can't do that for the sake of my life, lol. They said if I go I'll most likely be raped, killed or robbed, and the police won't care because I willingly went on a Detroit bus so they'll see me as a prostitute. I have a hard time believing that a bus station would be that bad where any (white girl) would get picked on? Anyone have experience with this bus station? I think it's kind of absurd.

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When something you're looking forward to has a midnight release, do you go to the midnight release or wait until the day?

What upcoming products, games, books or movies are you looking forward to?
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bluetooth headsets

My dad is silly and is afraid we're all going to get brain cancer form using our cellphones. He wants us to invest in bluetooth headsets. I've been looking at them for awhile, and I'd actually really like one. What kind do you have? Do you recommend it? Does it go in the ear, or over the ear? 
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metal peeps?

1. This is probably a long shot, but Relapse (the record label) is having a crazy sale where the vast majority of their back catalog (IE: anything before 2009) is 50% off. What awesome albums might I have missed?

And if metal isn't really your thing..

2. Do you have any lucky clothes? If so, what type of luck do they bring?

And if superstitions are also not your thing..

3. What is your favorite kind of sushi?
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I feel like making Tollhouse cookie bars. I only have two pans that would potentially work: one is a clear glass 9"x13", and the other is this. Would it be better to do a couple batches in the little one, or one batch in the big one? Or would they suck no matter what I did because I don't have a metal pan?

Does anyone here have a torus palatinus?
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If a married guy attempted to have sex with you (came over, offered a massage, went in for a kiss, complained about you leading him on when you turn him down, and said you "shouldn't have invited a married guy over if you weren't going to go through with anything") would you tell his wife?

My roommate is in this situation and she is going to contact the wife through facebook. I'm not sure it is her place to butt in because nothing actually happened and she his never met his wife. She feels like its her responsibility to tell his wife that her husband is sleazy.

So what would you do in this situation?
If you were the wife would you want a stranger to tell you through facebook/at all?
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As I was typing up a question I got a text that solved the matter at hand, does TQC have magical powers?

Also, where can I pick up a pair of red crocs? with them my halloween costume will be complete.

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TQC, I hate my online British Literature class so much. I don't have the motivation to read the book or even read the notes before I take the quizzes. I've only had one test, and it was outrageous. 103 fill in the blank questions about poets & poetry, and even "write the next line of the poem" kind of things. I failed by a few points; I was close to making a D. But really, I HATE it.

The date to drop classes by is November 2nd. We have one more test before then. Should I drop this class? If so, should I wait until after the test to see how I did, at least? 

Have you ever dropped a class? What was it? 

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What are some of your favorite horror movies and why? I want elaborate ramblings about why.

What's the scariest thing you've ever seen in a horror movie? I got severely freaked out by the last scene in The Blair Witch Project with the handheld shaky exploration of the ridiculously creepy house and what they found in the basement.

I just won an auction for my Halloween costume in the last minute!

What's the last thing you won at auction on EBay or other auction site?
If you don't do the online auction thing, what's the last thing you bought online?
If you don't do the online shopping thing, excluding groceries, what is the last thing you bought at a store?


And probably for the 1,786,434,897,654,623rd time; what are you going to be for Halloween?

What are you going to do?

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So far for my old lady Halloween costume, i have a crazy flowery t shirt, a old housecoat, getting a gray wig, and I'm stumped, I want to wear my sneakers, but I definitely need some sort of pants. What do I need? any other suggestions how to pimp this costume?

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have you ever heard of a gospel/christian song called something like "rags to riches"? not the song tony bennett. sings I was asked to help track down this song for a funeral but I am having no such luck.  It's a religious song and it's either called something similar or the phrase is repeated a lot within the song.

If you don't know/care what are you looking forward to this week?

(no subject)

What are some things people tell you you're good at, that you never really think of yourself as being good at?

What are some things you're terrible at?

What are your favorite hobbies?

What would your dream job be?
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A friend IMed me today and said that when he was at the bookstore, he saw a book he thought I'd like and picked it up for me. I have never bought anything for him before, it's not my birthday or anything like that. I feel like I should offer to pay for whatever this book is, but I'm so broke it isn't even funny. TQC: Am I obligated to offer to pay?

More information: This was actually a guy I went out with for a few months, and earlier this week was the first time I'd talked to him (via IM) since he dumped me. He's giving me the book Thursday, which will be the first time I've seen him since then. Does this change your opinion?

If you don't give a flying fuck, post pictures of something you find cute/funny.

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Do you have the manufacturer, model number, and serial number of your electronics written down anywhere, in case they are stolen?

I really need to do this. Along with making a list of my dvds and video games that way in case they are ever stolen, I know what I need to replace. We've had some asshole teenagers breaking into empty houses and people's sheds in my neighborhood and I fear that it's only a matter of time before my house is hit. We think its the teenagers 2 houses down from mine because this crap didn't start until they moved in earlier this month. I hope their dumb enough to try and break into the county sheriff's house (he lives 8 houses down).

Have you ever remodeled your house? How far in advance did you start planning?

We pay off our cars in 2012 and 2013. That'll free up a decent chunk of change and we want to remodel the house (laminate wood flooring, tile, add a bathroom, new siding, etc.). I'm just wondering how far in advance I need to start putting my budget together and have the plans drawn up.
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The doorbell rang at 8:30 p.m. (which is strange because we never have anyone come that late). My mom opened the door. A young man was there, claiming to be a Journalism student from a university we have in town (that I graduated from 5 years ago). He was rambling and very nervous. He said he would be delivering our city's main newspaper for us to try out, then he said "So please don't yell at me". My mom told him we're already subscribers to the paper, and that we have it delivered every day. He apologized and said that "they don't give out subscription lists to students". Then he got into his car and drove away (he didn't go to any other houses on the street).

Wtf just happened?

That university doesn't even have a journalism program, by the way.

Why would the university send a student to deliver newspapers and ask us not to yell at them? He wasn't even selling a subscription, just saying he'd be bringing us the paper...?

Was he casing out the house to rob it or something???

Should I call the university, the newspaper, the police, or just ignore it?
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I just attended my first Yoga class and it felt great.  There were some hardcore folks there, however, that made me giggle on the inside.  Serious yoga is serious, I guess.

Anyway, my question :

Is Yoga a sport?

EDIT:  There are real live Yoga competitions.  I don't know anything other than that they exist.  I have no idea how they would be scored.

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hey, TQC, should i go out with my roomie on Friday?

so, my roommate invited me along to this dance party at my favorite bar in a city about an hour and a half away this Friday. what he said was that there will most likely be room in the car and i'm welcome to join them. we'll be meeting a good friend of his there who he's talked about quite a few times because we're both huge soccer fans.

i'm anxious about it though because i'll only know my roomie, i'm not a good dancer and it's an hour and a half away so there would be nowhere to bail to. not unless i wanted to go to my sister's and run the very real possibility of not being back in town in time for Halloween festivities or worse, at all, and have to get the bus home with money i really can't afford to be spending on the bus.

i also will not be comfortable getting wasted that far from home when i'm out with someone i don't know that well and will have to drive an hour and half back home at like 2 AM, so that's not an option to take the edge off the situation if it gets ~~awkward/i make it awkward.

so, should i go? i want to. it'd be fun to hang out with my roommate. he's the one i get on with really, really well(and kind of have a crush on, ngl) and i'd love to meet this friend of his. but at the same time that's a lot of keyboard smash level anxiety.

and it's a Daft Punk dance party, so there's not likely to be a lot of Michael to soothe my soul.
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If you suspected your grandparents' VA provided once-a-week housekeeper was stealing from them, what would you do?
I'm in this situation and literally worried sick about it, and I really honestly have good reason to believe she's stolen at least once. I'm considering telling them to call the VA to say she doesn't need to come anymore and just cleaning their house myself.

A mouse!

Help! How do I catch a mouse in my house? I've put out sticky traps and the humane trap door traps but it isn't working. Does anyone have any good tried and true homemade traps?

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Okay, I have to attend my best friend for five years birthday party this Saturday HALLOWEEN I KNOW, but...

It's her twenty-first birthday and it's a JOINT 50th birthday with her mother, and her mother is a minister so doesn't believe in Halloween. However being a Saturday I am invited to a few more Halloween parties close to each other in Central London.

The birthday party is at a boat club miles out. A train from the boat club takes 30 minutes to Central London, but to my house there is no direct bus or train and it actually takes longer.

Would it be ever so unreasonable to leave about 10.15 so I can attend both? Her party starts at about 7.30. I wouldn't normally dream of it but it's like, I'm missing out on Halloween plus I don't know how else I will get back to my house?

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Earlier tonight I was hanging out at my friend Shawn's house with my boyfriend. When I got home I went to get my money out of my jacket pocket, and found that I had lost a 100 dollar bill. I assume it fell out somewhere along my walk home or when I bought cigarettes at the liquor store. The last place I remember seeing it is at Shawn's house. I instant message Shawn's younger sister and ask her to look for it in the couches and by the phone, she says she can't find it. A few minutes ago my boyfriend called and told me that Shawn's godbrother Josh who hangs out at the house a lot apparently found 100 dollars at the beach.

Does this little dickhead have my money?
How should I bring it up to him other than being like "HEY PUNK YOU GOT MY MONEY"? Should I bring it up at all?

If you don't know/don't care, do you eat more during the winter than you do during the rest of the year?

EDIT: I wasn't expecting to have a hundred bucks on me, the only place I had to keep it was my jacket pocket as I wasn't wearing a bra. I guess I could have put it in my shoe or a balloon in my rectum but the thought never crossed my mind. I'm sure I'm not the only person that has ever committed the cardinal sin of temporarily keeping money in a less than ideal place.

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Favorite kind of from-the-box cake? funfetti, but red velvet is pretty damn good

Am I being less annoying now?

Do you realize I've been a member of randomquestions and rqv3 and the questionclub for like eight years under different names?

How many names have you had and how long have you been questioning?

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What's your favourite Halloween food that's simple to make?

I want to make a couple of things for my mates, but the problem is that I'm Australian and have never seen Halloween food. HELP!

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For some stupid reason college kids celebrate Halloween three times, so my friend convinced me and two other friends to be vh1 reality stars for a party on Friday. WHICH IS NOT EVEN HALLOWEEN. It seemed like a good idea at the time because it's cheap and we want to save our money for our ACTUAL Halloween costumes for Saturday, but now one friend and I are realizing that it's kind of trashier than we want to go/ a lot of people won't even know what we are...

What is something CUTE/girly but not too trashy that we can put together for CHEAP by Friday? Our mall here SUCKS so we need something that requires minimal shopping. She suggested just wearing black and putting on cat ears...is that really boring/uncreative?

Heeeeeeelp Halloween experts!

Two fast ones.

Does anyone else have ~themed~ holidays? This is a new "tradition" in our family, and I find it.. weird/funny. Last year's christmas was smurf themed (idk) and this years thanksgiving is Hawaiian themed. Ho yes.

Also, I need a TV moved from one room to the other. I dont know anyone who would/could move it - its not big per say, just very very heavy. would it be considered tacky/flirty if I ask my neighbor and his friend to help me? Even more so if I offer them beer in thanks? I'd hate to just go 'Hey move this kthx."
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So I was away for the weekend, and while I was gone the hummus in my refrigerator grew mold on it. I threw it away, obviously. I also have a Brita water pitcher in my fridge, and the water tastes funny. My water has been contaminated with mold, y/n? Will I die because I drank it?

ETA: Would you be so kind as to recommend some movies for me to rent on Netflix? All recommendations are welcome.
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age differences

is it really true that men are 2 years behind women maturity-wise?
do you think a relationship between a 29 year old woman and a 23 year old guy would work?
if not, why not?

srs and non srs answers welcomed