October 25th, 2009

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Okay TQC, I don't date, and never have. I have a lot of emotional issues that I need to work on before I even consider it, but being 21 and saying such a thing apparently = closet dyke. It usually doesn't bother me so much, but lately I feel like people are going after me more and more. I get that I don't have a romantic history with any guys...but I also don't have a romantic history with any girls, either. How can I squash these rumors and still stick to my "not ready to date" mindset?

srs & non srs answers please!

If you don't gaf, what are your favorite kind of shoes to wear?
qt flats!

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if you melt the average scented candle and let it solidfy around a new wick, will the melting and solidifying process affect how it it burns or the aroma?

if you dk/dc, what alternative medicine do you participate in? multivitamins don't count but herbal supplements do.
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1. My mom insists that her house is cold and wants to crank up the heat. However, the temperature in her place is reading 75 degrees. I think she's a little off if she thinks that 75 is cold for the indoors. She thinks she is right.

So, is 75 degrees cold for the indoors?

2. Inspired by this, The 10 Worst Halloween Candies of all Time;

What is the worst candy to give out to trick or treaters? And the best?
disney gave me unrealistic expectations

this happens to me a lot.

Do you ever find yourself feeling guilty for liking something that's generally seen as being trashy or overly ridiculous? And I'm not talking about guilty pleasure-type thing, but liking cliche-riddled action movies or something like that.

Do you ever find yourself really liking something, and being unable to completely coherently say why you like it?
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Is there a nation-wide non-emergency police number? For stuff like making noise complaints, or suspicions that your neighbor's a penis-waggling perv, or that your cousin might be doing illegal things...but nothing immediate and life-threatening.

I'm Googling and all I'm finding are 311 in places that are not my town, and locally, full-length phone numbers of individual police precincts. Is 311 USA-wide? Or generally do people just call their local department with a 7-digit number for that stuff?

Because I felt reallllllly weird calling 911 for my car accident today.

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What's the most recent movie that you've watched that scared the shit out of you?
What's the movie that scared the living daylights out of you when it wasn't necessarily supposed to?

I just watched the Astronaut's Wife and that scared me out of my pants for some reason.
Anyone else watched that movie?
Did it scare you too?

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Okay, this is a weird and somewhat specific question...

Does anyone know of a YouTube video that claims you can buy Jeffree Star dolls at Toys R Us?

I had a couple kids come in to Toys R Us today asking for Jeffree Star dolls, and I went "uhh... fuck no." They insisted YouTube told them we carried them. I told them the video was probably a joke, but now I'm trying to find said video and having no luck.

I'm kind of wondering if THEY were trying to play a joke.

Has anyone seen this video?

Do you think these kids were going to try sending me on a wild goose chase, thinking I didn't know who Jeffree Star is?
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I'm used to being able to sleep the whole night through, but I haven't been able to do it in two or three months and it's making me crazy. It's not caffeine (still happens when I avoid it), it's not that I have too much energy (I'm working three jobs right now)... so what gives?

If you have a regular sleeping schedule, is your sleep ever interrupted?
If not, would you please share your secret?

If you don't have a regular sleeping schedule, how the hell do you manage it?

Bonus: What's the minimum number of hours of sleep you need to be able to function like a decent human being? Lots of my coworkers can get by just fine on four hours a night, but if I don't get at least six I am absolutely unbearable.
clobbering time


Have you ever had a really hot night (in bed) where it was all so sweaty and grimy and stuff? Not the question, I'm leading up. A night where you got home pretty damned dirty already, either from dancing or clubbing or even maybe sex, and you pretty much went straight to bed to sleep in your own juices, so to speak, and then you got up in the morning and headed out into your day...

...without bathing, just getting dressed.

Basically, have you ever gotten dressed after a less than sanitary sleep and not bothered to get cleaned up first?
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What's the awkwardest, weirdest name you can think of?

What would you think of the parent who named their kid what you just came up with?

What would you think of the person who named themselves what you just came up with?
Unnatural love

Cured meat

I'll run around in circles til I run out of breath
I'll eat you all up or I'll just hug you to death
You're so wonderful, too good to be true!
You make me make me hungry for you

Why can't I eat ewe?

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Between the two, which superpower would you choose?


Are you male or female?


Invisibility means you have the ability to become transparent at will including any clothing you are wearing, but not any objects you are holding.
Flying means you have the ability to fly at will at speeds up to 1000 mph.
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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You win five million dollars from the Publisher's Sweepstakes, and the same day that the guy gives you the cheque, aliens land on the earth and say they're going to blow up the world in two days. What do you do?
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Have any of you ever done the Dr. McDougall diet/lifestyle plan? I like what I've read so far and especially like that I can eat the same thing over and over again (hi, picky) and am considering giving it a shot. He calls it vegetarian but I think it really borders more on veganism.

If the above doesn't apply to you, do you dress your pet(s) up for halloween? What are they going to be this year/what have they been in the past?
Last year Chiquita was spiderdog! This year she's Elvis, 'cause her lip curls the way his did
Spelling Contest

Would you rather...?

Poll #1476252 WOULD YOU RATHER...

...wear a homeless person's tightie whities for 6 hours straight (over your naked loins), or eat 3 boxes' worth of deep fried Twinkies in 24 hours? Each deep fried Twinkie has a bit over 400 calories each

Hobo underwear
30 deep fried Twinkies

...make out with Dick Cheney for 5 minutes (with tongue), or spongebathe the world's fattest man?

Dick Cheney
Spongebathe the fat

...attend a 3 day Scientology retreat, or spend 1 day in prison?


...get a tramp stamp of your own face, or get a tramp stamp of your own genitalia?


...rather sleep with a midget (height 3'6"), or sleep with someone who was deeply retarded with slight Down Syndrome?

Retarded with Down Syndrome

...shoot wolves from a helicopter with Sarah Palin, or kick Stephen Colbert in the nads with combat boots?

Kill wolves
Kick Colbert nuts

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1)Do you like laptop or desktop better?


2)My mattress pad needs cleaning. But it is queen size. Should I wash it and risk an overflow or find some other method of cleaning it?

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Do you ever lose clothes?

I'll remember a shirt I own but haven't seen in a while and wonder where the hell it's disappeared to. Where do they go?! Is there some sort of lost clothes dimension similar to losing socks in the dryer?

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hi guys. I have an .avi file (dvd rip) that i want to burn BACK to a disc. It has language files and subtitles with it. Do i need to do anything to the file before i burn it? is there a way i can leave it with no subtitles and take french and japanese off?

I <3 TLV


So, my apartment was broken into last night and my laptop was stolen. Totally suck. But my laptop was crappy and I needed a new one anyway.

Can anyone recommend a new laptop for me?

- Only PCs
- Primary uses will be internet, IM, Photoshop, and watching TV shows. I don't do any gaming.
- I don't have a price limit


Healing Touch

lets say you have the healing touch, the briefest skin to skin contact will heal any illness or injury. You're so good at healing you can heal a whole stadium full of people in a day or a fair sized auditorium in a hour or so.

so tell me, How much do you charge?

what else do you demand to work your magic?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I really want to have dinner with a small group of friends on my birthday but I can't think of a restaurant to go to. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I want to accomodate tight budgets and I absolutely cannot pay for anyone else. Where would you go?

How was your weekend?

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Is there such a thing as a ruggedized QWERTY cell phone for GSM? (That means ATT, T-Mobile, etc. NOT Verizon, Cricket, or Sprint.) I can't seem to find one online or in the store.
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For people who have social anxiety or are just super shy, do you think the internet has made your social anxiety worse or better?  Do you think the internet helps you connect with people?  Or do you think it makes it harder to socialize normally?  Or both?

Can you call someone you know online who you've never met or chatted with privately a friend?

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for people with crappy vision: are you farsighted or nearsighted? what do lights look like to you at night?

edit: do you have astigmatism?

i'm nearsighted (-5.75 but i also have astigmatism) and lights look like big half circles with sort of a doily pattern.

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Can raising your heartrate due solely to ingesting stimulants have ANY health benefit? Ignoring all the bad stuff legal and illegal drugs can do to you, of course. Is reaching your target heartrate due to chemicals at all like reaching your target heartrate through cardio workouts? Or is it just pure stress on your heart muscle, no benefits?
milkman dan
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Did you watch the pilot for the new USA show White Collar?

When the Americans learned what the fiber was from one of their cases and a female FBI agent remarked how there will be an international incident with the Canadians because it's a new security fiber for their $100 bill, did the writers seriously believe Canada could pose a military threat against the United States?
Keyboard Cat

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Yesterday there was a guy in the library belching loudly in 15-minute intervals.

Have you ever been convinced someone was performing a sociology or psychology experiment on you?

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1)Is Jaime Foxx the new Will Smith?

2)Do you watch holiday themed movies the whole year round? Which ones?

3)Do you watch foreign tv shows?

Only a little. I like City of Men so far, and Merlin.

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Where can I buy a goddamn black mesh shirt, TQC?

I've looked in Walmart and Zellers and the costume stores and porn stores and nobody has one.

Google just brings me up dumb sports mesh stuff (or shirts for gay men - which WOULD work but I can't order it from online, I need to buy it in-store).

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American Apparel has a micromesh mini-dress, but it's $50 and I'm not blowing that much money on something I'll have to cut apart and hem anyway.

Halp? :(

What is your favourite snack food?

ETA And I already looked at Hot Topic's online inventory; nada. They don't have a location here anyway.
nancyvandal B&W striped socks legs

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When was the last time, or any time that you were scared out of your mind? What did you do?

I was in the car yesterday with another friend driving when we hydroplaned, and spun out of control for what seemed like so long on a road with a lake on the left side. Luckily, there were no other cars around at the time and we ended up completely on someone's lawn on the right side. I just closed my eyes the entire time thinking "gonnadiegonnadiegonnadie"
Legal drug quatresprincess at greatestjo
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Would it be odd to you if a friend said "If a movie is even nominated for an Academy Award I know I won't like it."?

Is that indicative of some sort of anti-elitism?

Isn't a culture that over glorifies the elite better then one that over glorifies the base?

Can you be elitist and still enjoy fart jokes? What if they're classy fart jokes?
debbie harry

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Upon being hired at a grocery store do you have to start out as a cashier/bagboy? I have conflicting sources and would like to know before venturing into that industry.

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I was at a gas station buying one of those 22 oz cans of beer and in an effort not to use 2700000 plastic bags a day said I didn't need a bag. The cashier told me I could get arrested if I walked out of the store with the beer not in a bag. I live in NY. Is this true? What's the reasoning for that?

Do you drink with the intent of becoming drunk?

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I have an appointment at Toni &Guy next week.
If I said to you:
"I want to keep my fringe, I still like my hair quite long but I want tons of layers &for it to look quite messy" (Can you tell I'm crap with hair?)

What pictures of people/styles would you show to me?
Bandit Driving

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Were you bullied? By who? Did you ever do anything about it?

Have you ever had a former bully apologize to you for what they did?

Were you a bully? Did you ever apologize to the one you bullied?

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I'm not sure if this is the right community to ask, but here it is:
Does anyone know of a good site with real pictures of bones (for medical studies)?
I would really appreciate it.
Thank you.

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For halloween I am going as a pumpkin. I've bought an orange tulip skirt and vest and a green hat. My question is, where should I put the pumpkin 'face'? On my chest, skirt or face? If I put it on the vest, what should I do to my face?
Peggy Blink

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So, I start my first REAL day as the receptionist for an eco-friendly cleaning company tomorrow, and since I my wardrobe during my last two interviews was all black and drab (while the dress code is business casual - we can wear funky tees if they're worn with dress pants and a sweater), I decided to grab some clothes. The question since it's my first day: Green shirt, blue shirt, or purple shirt?
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How do you maintain your body hair?
(I shave my legs and tweeze my brows)

Will you run through your morning routine? How much time is spent between waking up and walking out the door each morning?
(I wake up at 6, walk out the door at 8:15 to be at work by 9. I usually wash my hair the night before so I can just wash my body in the morning and not have to dry my hair. Then I brew coffee and check my email while my hot rollers heat up. Then I do my hair, let the rollers set, do my makeup, get dressed, and walk out the door.)

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I feel like this is a dumb question but whatever.

I used to smoke clove cigarettes. Apparently I can't get them anymore, and I really want a cigarette. What do you suggest I smoke instead? Weed is not an option.

dgaf? What shoes do you wear most often?

Back Pain is Ruining My Life

Okay, so 2.5 weeks ago, around 4 am I woke up in terrible pain. It was like my whole body couldn't stop contracting. I couldn't put my right foot all the way down on the ground after it was over enough for me to try and go pee (but after that day, that hasn't been an issue, though my dr did say my right leg had drawn up from pain/spasms). Since then, my back has been in wretched pain, ranging from moderate at best to severe oxycontin and flexoril won't stop it but merely knock me out to avoid it at worst.

I have been to my chiropractor three times. I am taking prescription strength anti-inflammatories constantly. Following my dr's advice, when I'm at home, I have large pillows under my legs to allow my spine to extend. At work or in the car, I use a special pillow with a hole for my tail bone, again to allow my spine to expand. I haven't done much of anything since first seeing him, as he said even stretching is bad for it. I feel like a fucking cripple and nothing gets done and I am super depressed over it.

My friend keeps saying I need to go to an accupuncturist, but this scares me and is expensive. I do not have any form of insurance. I don't think Urgent Care could really help me, and the ER would only rack up some bills I can't afford and tell me to rest it/give me more pills. Is there something else I can do that I'm not thinking of? Could Urgent Care or the ER actually do something? Is there a different kind of doctor I should try to see/work out payments with? Please guys, I don't know what else to do and feel so bad and frustrated. :(
Spiral of Light

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TQC I have this mad urge to go shopping for summer dresses, but alas I live in Canada and no one is selling summer dresses anymore, not even on their websites. Will you link me to some sites where I can gaze at summer dresses and possibly splurge?

Haha, aww!

Growing up, one of the boys in my class was an only child and his parents got him a cat to keep him company...he named her Fuzzbucket Meowhead. Another friend of mine, the lead singer of my favorite band, just Facebook messaged me to inform me that he named his new cat Chace Clawford.

What is the funniest name you've ever heard given to a pet? Pics if they're your pet.
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Do you have a song that you didn't like at all the first time you heard it, but after a few listens, you totally fell in love?

I really didn't like "I Know I Know I Know" by Tegan and Sara at first but now it's one of my favorite songs by them.
  • jira_rd

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How far would you go? (you choose what you're going for)

Have you seen Paranormal Activity? What did you think? I want to see it but only if it's not just a crappy "people scream at random things popping out" and there's actual suspense build up movie.

What is your favourite word?
  • ___3x5

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What is a great Halloween costume for a pair of girls?

We were originally going to do the seasons or Disney princesses, but are now going to a pairs party. I want to do something original and I know you all have some good ideas!

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I need to write a blog about some issue that high schoolers might care about.

I know we hate homework questions but I'm ready to be flamed. I've already written one plus a standard article and my brain exploded. I got nothing. Any ideas?


Now, before anyone goes on a tirade - normally, photobucket is nice to me. It works.

But for some reason it has picked tonight to be angering little twat. I've gone through and organized my pictures WAY TOO MANY TIMES.
What am I doing wrong? Why's it doing this to me? Can you help me in my relationship with photobucket?
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Have you ever started typing a message to someone, forgotten you were sending them a message, erased the message you were typing, and gone to send a new message to someone else, and sent it to the wrong person? For example, I was going to send "I am so tired" to my female friend, and accidentally sent her, "You are the best thing ever" to her when I meant to send it to my boyfriend. She appreciates it, though. :)