October 24th, 2009

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Do you ever think about an awkward moment from the past, like a time you really put your foot in your mouth (I hate that phrase), and still feel embarrassed about it even though no one even remembers it happened but you?

What was the last thing you learned that you really wish you didn't know now?
I looked at Taco Bell's nutrition info and found out that a volcano burrito has 800 calories. :(
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There is something wrong with facebook and I don't know how to fix it.
When I go to my news feed it shows me things completely out of order, and some of it is from a few days ago. I tried logging out and back in, deleting my cookies, and a different browser. Nothing worked.

Does anyone know why it is doing that and how I can fix it? Is anyone else having the same problem?

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What is your ideal studying environment like? 
No noise at all?  In your room?  In a library?

I'm still trying to find a suitable place where I can optimize my time, find fewer distractions, be more motivated to work, and in general, more productive!

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So today I was having a mini-tantrum with myself in my bed, and I managed to record it on video for about 30 seconds before I lost momentum and stopped crying.

What can I do with this footage?

I'm not gonna straight-up post it here, but I'd like to do something interesting with it.

FYI, it is incredibly, shockingly embarrassing what my face looks like when I'm sobbing, but it's so hilarious and sad that I think it shouldn't go to waste.

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Do you ever hang out with your partners friends when your partner isn't even there? 

I just got back after hanging out with my fiances friends without him for 6 hours. In fact my fiance isn't even in the city right now.

I called one of them up for the first time ever to hang out and we eventually got called by another. It was nice. It made me hate them less to be around them and not have to fight them for my fiances attention.
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I need a baloon boy baloon

I want to be balloon boy for halloween, so l'm just going to carry around a balloon shaped like the one floating around america on october 15th. the problem is l have absolutely no idea how to fashion one. any help TQC?

ETA: stop being so mean :C
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What do you do when you can't sleep?

I don't have any plans for tomorrow, so if I en up sleeping in it is no big deal, but I would really like to get some sleep tonight. Alcohol isn't an option.

I've tried laying down a few times, but I can't get comfortable.

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Happy Saturday! This is the day i watch The Soup on Ohnotheydidnt while I eat my breakfast. :D

1.) Did you/are you going to get a flu shot? Why or why not?

2.) Where is your favorite place to get a simple, healthy-ish breakfast on the go?

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do any of y'all have hypothyroidism? what time do you take your medication?

i usually take mine in the morning right when i wake up and i HATE waiting an hour to eat... i'm usually hungry right when i wake up and starving by the time i can finally eat :(
Oh noes!
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Is the common, every day cockroach bad for you when ingested?

I mean, I know that in some cultures they eat cockroaches and all that, but I'm talking about just your run of the mill, why-are-you-in-my-home, American cockroach. If you were to be a baby, for instance, and you were to grabbed a live cockroach and eat half of it before your mother could stop you, how likely would you be to get sick?

Game Suggestions

My favorite MMOs are EQ2, Vanguard and LOTRO but I've played them to death. I am looking for something new with a good crafting system and a booming player economy. I have no hand-eye coordination, so no FPS style games and I can only get into combat for so long, so the game has to have something else to do. And not WoW because I hated the fact that crafting levels were capped by advent levels.

So what game would you suggest for me to try?

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A woman recently brought a bunch of kids to a party, got drunk and went to drive them home. Of course the woman is responsible for her actions, but do you think the people at the party should be held responsible, too?

(The father of the woman's baby took him out of the car, but the woman proceeded to drive a few kids home, got into an accident and one was killed)

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Do you use mint.com? I mentioned wanting to use it to my mother and she started freaking out, saying she wouldn't trust any website with her bank account. and to be honest it does worry me a bit cause I've already joined mint.com and really like but she puts fear into me. Can you reassure me that I won't have my bank account raped by the internet or something?

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Would you be willing to help me out with my art assignment?

It involves printing out an A4 poster with a positive message on it; sticking it up somewhere in a public place; photogrpahing it; and sending me the photograph.

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If one of your biological parents was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease, would you get tested for it or would you rather not know?

Pretend you did get tested and it was positive; how would do you think it would change you?

Have you ever been concerned about inheriting something from your parents? How did/do you cope with it?

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So, my Chi finally broke after a little over 2 years and I'm looking for a new hair straightener. I loved my Chi, but I've read reviews that say Solia is better (and comes with a longer warrantee), but I've never used one.

Does anyone have a Solia? Would you recommend it?
If not, what do you use?

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if you've gotten pregnant/gotten someone pregnant and had an abortion, how did it affect you? how long?

my friend knocked someone up 6 months ago and seems to still be pretty troubled by it and i don't really know how to tread that.

less heavy question: is my friend's cat seriously moving things into/around her bowl?

see, i'm cat sitting and a couple times i've come home to find things in or almost in her food bowl, like a scarf and a mitten. i don't have a very clean room but it's not THAT dirty that i can't put a bowl down without getting things in it.
so jealous
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Me and my friend are going away for the weekend, and she was supposed to pick me up at 3. It's now 3:45 and I've been sitting outside my house in the sun for the last 45 minutes >:[

I'd go back inside except she keeps sending me texts saying "a few more minutes!" and I don't wanna drag all my luggage back inside if she's gonna be here soon.

What should I say to her when she gets here? 45 fucking minutes!
Are you punctual, tqc?
Do you hate habitually late people as much as I do?
Is it really that fucking hard to be on time?

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TQC I got my new computer earlier this week and the day before it came in the old one would NOT work at all. Anyway, I had photoshop on there. I did not buy it so I do not have disks.
The main thing I used it for was importing things off of my scanner because pushing the "scan" button on it did nothing.
I'm looking for another program that will do this! any ideas?

Also, where is the best place to meet a potential love interest?
If you're in a relationship how did you meet your SO? Who talked to the other first? What did you/they say?

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An ex-friend of mine is getting married next weekend. I wasn't invited, but a few of my other friends were. One of my friends wants to take me as her guest because her boyfriend is working and she doesn't want to go alone.

I would like to go. I hold no hard feelings against this friend, and even sent her a message telling her I heard about her engagement and told her congratulations. But is it a bad idea for me to go as a guest since I wasn't invited to begin with? I don't want to impose. :(

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Do any of you have any experience with your cat using hooded/enclosed litter trays, like below?:

I am considering buying one for neatness (less litter crystals being kicked onto the floor) and for privacy for my cat. But I've just read that they're a bad idea because they trap any odours inside the hood, and so it gets smelly very quickly and is unpleasant for the cat.
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50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce (in the United Staes.)

Does the divorce rate concern you?

What are acceptable reasons to get a divorce?
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I have to answer this question for some biology homework thingy and google isn't helping so, TQC:

Why is it that if you take a dryed out lettuce leave and submerge it in water for a while it becomes fresh again?

if you don't know or cbf to answer: 
What was the last stupid/unnecessary knowledge you acquired?

Film - Star Wars

"I ship it"?

A severe addiction to fandomsecrets has led me to want to know:

Poll #1475778 when fangirls attack

What does "I ship it" mean/imply to you?

"I want them to be in a romantic relationship"
"I just wanna see them have lots of sex"
"I want to see more of their (not necessarily sexy) interaction"
"They remind me of one another"
"They're so opposite that I wanna see their reactions to one another"
Some combination (specify in comments)
Other (specify in comments)

(Does it depend on the ship? And what are your favorites?)

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What's the oldest videogame you still have, love, and play? As I didn't get into games until I was an older kid, mine's just an old pokemon yellow, not very impressive.

ETA: since there's a basically identical question down below, BONUS QUESTION:

I just finished playing Oblivion (or, anyway, I've played it long enough that I want something new). What single-player PC RPG should I play next?

Any good books?

As an adult I've gotten into reading more than when I was a teenager. I love reading about other people, their culture, background, histroy and any other aspects of their country and history.

Any Recommendations?

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I'm trying to remember the name of this computer software that was published online. What it did was to scour the Internet for blog entries that contained the word 'feeling' or something along that line.

The author was also published on TED talks if I'm not wrong but I can't seem to find it.

Any ideas? Edit: Never mind. I found the author on TED. His name is Jonathon Harris, and the project I was looking for is called "We Feel Fine"

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What kind of shampoo do you use? Do you think that expensive salon shampoo actually works better or are you just paying for the bottle?

Do you have any bizarre beauty/grooming rituals?

Ghost hunters and last name-firstnames

1. For those of you that watch ghost hunters, has anyone noticed an increase in the amount of "paranormal activity" they seem to find/encounter but it's always off camera? Think they're faking material for ratings?

2. I always hear about guys using their last names as their (nickname like) first names. Like if someone's name is John Appleton, he'll go by Appleton. Have any of you ever heard of a girl doing this or is this a man-only phenomenon?
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Can you either tell me if there is a name for it or post a photo [er, animated] of one of those lights where one goes out as the next comes on, so it looks like a single light is traveling down the string? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? :-/

How many TV shows do you follow weekly? So, not counting stuff you watch every so often, just the ones you follow week to week.

eta: Sorry. Sah-ree or Sore-ee?

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1)Is violence in movies or games more shocking to you? why?

movies. although the blood fountains in Persona 3 had a strong effect on me.

2)Who are you lobbying for coal in their stocking?

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On a scale of 1-5 (1 being completely subjective, 5 being completely objective), how subjective do you think morality is?

Do you believe in heaven, hell, and purgatory?

If they exist, and given the kind of life you've lived so far, which one do you think you'd go to if you died tomorrow?
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Halloween Costume

So, my work is requiring that we dress up for Halloween. I don't really like Halloween, and am quite annoyed at this requirement, but I don't wanna throw a bitch-fit about it because I like and need my job.

So, what are some very lazy costumes that requires me to buy absolutely nothing?

I was thinking about going as God with a nametag that read God. (Stolen from Buffy.)

Or wearing my work t-shirt and going as a 21st century middle class American woman.

Any other ideas?

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Would you rather live in a tiny practically windowless room (but in a clean, insect-free) apartment in a very central, hip area of a city OR a huge room with windows galore (also in a nice, clean) apartment that's $200 cheaper/mo in rent but not as central of a location?
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What movies/tv moments make you sob like a baby every time you see them?

This question brought to you by "PAPA, DON'T GO, I'LL SAY ANYTHING" in The Patriot. Thank you, TNT. :(
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Have you seen Legend of Baggar Vance? Did you like it?

Have you seen the new movie...can't think of the name...the Drew Barrymore roller derby girls flick? Did you like it? I hear it's AWESOME.

What is the last movie you saw? Did you like it?

What is a movie you want to see but haven't? Why do you want to see that movie?

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 My best friend is having a little boy & due ON HALLOWEEN!! :] She wants to name him Damien (because she likes the name but also cause it's Halloween) Her parents are disgusted by this as they are fairly religious. 

What do you think?

EDIT: Yes she'll be having a c section!!! 
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Give me a break...

Have you ever had a yard/garage sale before?

What tended to sell the most?

What tended to sell the least?

If you lived at the end of a street and someone put a sign on the yard close to the curb of the intersecting street for the one day of the sale would you go ape shit and drive your car down to that house and yell at a 16 year old boy claiming it's your property and that we needed to ask for permission... even though they have a fence that stops well before the curb that also includes a telephone pole on it?

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I got in my first car accident today. I was the rear-ender that hit a taxi that cut me off on a rainy street that very very lightly tapped a car in front of it. The taxi's back end was kind of fucked but we all left with drivable cars and no injuries.

Any tips on how to handle this?

I know I have to call my insurance and give them the case # the officer gave me, but beyond that I'm a little overwhelmed. The officer told me it would be easier to treat it as a pure accident, because some jackass witness said I was "road raging," even though I was honking at the taxi because he kept veering into my lane without blinking, and semi-cutting me off and then ended up cutting in front of me JUST as the light turned red, with him stopping abruptly and me slamming into him.

Anyway, any anecdata or just tips on what the process is like would be badass

Getting rid of a cough?

What is the best way to get rid of a cough? One of my roommates had the flu and I caught it from him. I'm not feeling sick now and haven't been for a few days, but I have a cough I can't shake. I'm coughing constantly and I want it gone. Cough syrup and cough drops don't help at all. Help?
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What does it mean when your body temperature is lower than normal?

I don't feel well, so I took my temperature, and it came out to be 96.4 degrees. Is having a below normal body temp like having a fever?

I really hope I'm not sick. I made dinner and a cake for my parents tonight, and I'll be really upset if I get them sick. :(