October 23rd, 2009

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I must have the flu or something, and it's got to be hardcore, because medicine isn't helping at all, and I can barely breathe.  One minute my nose is stuffed, the next it's dripping onto my shirt.  Several people have told me I look terrible, and one girl looked me dead in the eye and told me to stay home.

Tomorrow is rehearsal for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball Saturday.  We had a small one today, but we're going all out tomorrow.  I have some parts to read, plus the Birthday Message.  I also have a mock trial in Government, and I'm supposed to be questioned tomorrow.

Should I stay home, or go?  I want to stay home, but that's a lot to miss.  What would you do?

Unrelated-  Do you have any odd colored socks?

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When was the last time you did something you were really afraid of doing? Anxious about doing?
How did you get through it?

I'm supermegastressing about something happening in JANUARY :(
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When a band you like isn't really mainstream, but then something causes them to ~break out~ and now everyone knows their music, are you happy for them? Or do you resent the new fans and/or the band?

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A couple of years ago, I experienced a sudden distaste for the cigarettes I'd been smoking since age 12. I can once in a while have a cigarette now with a drink but I don't enjoy it all that much, and I never crave them.

Research tells me either pregnancy or hepatitis can cause this, but I'm pretty sure I ain't got either.

So, any ideas?
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When I was a kid, my mom always told me that "growing up" meant becoming "mature." Now that I'm "grown up" (22 is grown up, right?), I don't think that's true, because I hardly think I'm mature. I laugh at fart and dick jokes, I still watch cartoons, I stay up late and play violent video games and watch dumb movies. In some ways I don't feel a lot different that I did as a kid, I like a lot of the same things I used to. But I work with kids, and I know they require me to behave with a certain level of maturity while at work, and to look at things with a mature mindset (such as in matters of health or safety, when helping them deal with problems, when enforcing rules, things like that), and I know how to "fake it" in front of people who need to see me as a mature person, like the kids' parents. So I think growing up isn't morphing into a mature person, it's learning how and when to pretend to be mature.

Do you think that's a fair assessment? Are you mature? Do you act mature all the time, or like me, act mature when it counts and let yourself be immature when it's ok to do so?

Just something dumb I was thinking about while getting dressed this morning. :)

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Sooo I'm driving from Atlanta to Jacksonville (~6ish hours) today for my boyfriend's dad's wedding tomorrow. I'd meant to leave by like 630, but I woke up late (surprise) and am only ready to leave now (720). HOWEVER, Atlanta rush hour traffic is absolutely horrendous and I'd probably be stuck in it for who knows how long if I were to leave now.

Should I leave now? Or should I wait a couple hours?

What are you looking forward to?

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Since This Is It is coming out soon:

Is Michael Jackson going to be this generation's Elvis? (people building little shrines in their houses...impersonators...etc)

Are you into video games?
Which ones/what systems?
Do you play any instruments?
When's your birthday?

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Should I pay $6 to have a cosmetology student flat iron my hair for me?


I've attempted to do it myself several times, but it never turns out right. My friend taught me how to do it, but it doesn't end up like I want it to. I'm thinking its because of my cheapo $10 flat iron opposed the really nice (and expensive) one she used on my hair.

If you have a flat iron, what brand is it? Should I shell out $47 for a CHI that is on sale? I heard those were really good.

LJ's got the ganjaitis!!!


I don't know if it's the computer I am on, or if something is up with the LJ site, but it's taking incredibly long to load, and sometimes ends in an error, forcing me to refresh and hope it doesn't give me another error or take another five minutes.

Is anyone else having problems?

....or more importantly.......

What is LJ smoking????

ETA: It seems either LJ has ran out of grass, Frank stopped chewing on the wires, or Frank was able to successfully negotiate a raise. We are safe....for now.
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Uncomfortable questions

Edit: it's parachute naked into your NEXT high school reunion

Over a 24 hour span, would you rather eat....?

5lbs. of jello (any flavor). That's a heaping amount of jello you'll have to forcefeed yourself
One cockroach. It's dead and been cleaned/purified of any disease or harmful contaminate
A human foot. It's been prepared by a gourmet chef. It's marinated in the flavor of your choice. However, it still looks like a foot. It even has the toenails

Would you rather....?

Punch a 70 year old lady in the face as hard as you can
Have a 70 year old lady hit you on the head with a big stick
Have sex with a 70 year old lady

Would you rather...?

Throw up in your friend's brand new sportscar (on the back seat floor)
Have a friend throw up on the back seat of your car
Throw up over the balcony at a concert, all over the heads of 5 people below

Would you rather parachute naked into...?

A heavily attended college football game? Tens of thousands of people will be in the stands. You'll get away before security catches you
Your new high school reunion
The middle of a photography convention. Most people will have cameras

You'd rather be locked in a completely dark coffin for 10 minutes with...?

A dead body
2 tarantulas
Mike Tyson an hour after he's taken 3 Viagra

You'd rather hit this with your car at 2am on a lonely road where no one else is around?

A dog. Looks like a husky puppy. Really cute
A homeless man. After you hit him, he's lying pretty still
A parked police car. They're 2 cops waiting in a speed trap

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What's the longest nonstop flight you've ever taken?

(I just booked a 16 hour flight, which I think must be the second longest nonstop in the world, which beats my previous record by around four hours, and which seems EXTREEEEEME to me in its length.)

How should I knock myself out? I'm planning on previous night's sleep deprivation, Benadryl, and wine at this point, but will try anything.

Ever used melatonin as a sleep aid? Is it real or voodoo?
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So I'm trying to start this whole new healthy lifestyle for myself. Yesterday I walked 6.5 miles and my legs are a little sore today but not too bad. Should I walk to work today (3 miles) or give myself a break and do some serious working out tomorrow?

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which would you trust more: a history textbook (published this year and in its first edition) or the encyclopedia britannica?

update to my last entry: my prof says he trusts our textbook more than the encyclopedia britannica and the five other source i found and acted like he didn't believe a word i said.

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From a discussion at work today:

What is the correct way to refer to people from Afghanistan?

Something else that you can think of?

(not all serious options, obviously)
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So, I'm down to a choice between two classes next semester:

Class 1 is by a very excellent, well-loved professor at 8 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It will be offered again before I graduate, but is an 8 am and if the 8 am I currently have is any indication, I will probably be pretty unlikely to ever want to get out of bed to go (though the 8 am I have now has no attendance policy and that one will). It's a course specifically for my major. (a Rhetoric course).

Class 2 is by a fairly disliked professor, but I think I'd really enjoy the topic. It's during the afternoon so it's much more tolerable time-wise. It's a "Special Topics" class, so it's only going to be offered once. It's an elective, and I need a ton of electives, though those are easier to get and more likely to show up than my core. (Sociology of Adolescents).

What would you do, TQC? Good professor at 8 am or mediocre professor and a subject you're into in the afternoon?

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So yesterday I was going to quit but I could not get my boss on the phone. She called last night at 7pm when I was out.
Since I'm not having any luck reaching her should I:

a) bring in my resignation and a letter explaining why I quit telling her when I'm available to be reached to the office
b) should I just leave a message on her answering machine quitting and then leave my letter of resignation at work when I do my last few shifts? 
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EFCA Bill being pushed at Work...

I went to my orientation at the Red Dot/Spotted Dog Company (obviously censoring that so I don't get fired prematurely). During the orientation they showed video segments. One of the segments urged us to vote against the EFCA bill. I know at least one other person went to an orientation for the same company. I was really turned off by it because I don't like my job trying to push their political views on me, and I was wondering what you all thought of the bill?

Friendship Help

Is it possible to remain friends with someone after an extremely heated discussion, where they say they've educated themselves on a certain lifestyle choice yet  it's obvious to me that they seem to have willingly or unwilling choosen to educate themselves on only one or two specific things in that lifestyle?

What about when they start making a blanket statement generalizing everyone because of they're lifestyle choice or lack there of in an ignorant way about the?

Edit: This person has choosen to become vegitarian, than totally vegan. They say they have educated themselves on this lifestyle and believe that all slaughter houses and animal farms are the same and treat animals horribly.

This person has said that they believe that those who eat meat in the entire world are making the wrong choice and because of technology and other aspects of todays society that we no longer have to eat meat.

This person have also indicated that because people choose to eat meat  they would consider not helping people if they were in serious need and that people as a whole deserve to have bad things happen to them because of choices;They would also consider animals lives more valuable than humans.
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Have you ever made a bag of popcorn and, after eating through it, discovered that every single kernel popped?

I feel accomplished somehow.

When you make popcorn, do you eat it out of the bag or do you dump it into a bowl?
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Club Dead - Celebrity edition

The dead are rising from their graves and walking the land! They're not attacking anyone, just shambling about. People are still really antsy about it and many are killing these zombies again. For some reason, you're in Hollywood and all these celebrity zombies are milling about, moving slowly in your direction. You have a shotgun. Who do you blow away? P.S., I realize that some of these celebs aren't buried in LA or were cremated. I don't care. In this magical poll, they're transported to LA in corporal form

Michael Jackson
Heath Ledger
Anna Nicole Smith
Ted Kennedy
Steve Irwin
Rick James
Bob Hope
Princess Di
Mother Teresa
Abraham Lincoln
Chris Farley
John Lennon
Jim Morrison
All of them. BLAM BLAM BLAM!!! No good zombies
None of them. They mean us no harm yet

third party?

My ex built me this blanket box that is large/heavy. Not something I'd send thru the mail. I can't keep it but I know he's proud of his work on it. I can't have him pick it up.

Is there some company that will pick it up & either take it to his house or put it in a storage spot for him to pick up?

ETA: I'm looking for moving services on craigslist. Thnx

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My ex boyfriend's mom needed me to bring her something that had been at my house for a while. I live VERY close to her work (a school), so she asked me if I could come by at 2pm on her conference period and bring it to her. I said yes, and got there at exactly 2pm. I went to her classroom and she wasn't there. I wanted to just drop the stuff off, but I needed to make sure I wasn't missing anything, so I waited. And waited. And waited. She didn't show up until 2:30pm when she was the one that asked me to meet her at 2. Is that rude? 

Will you tell me something rude that someone did to you lately? Or just something you witnessed?

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What are some guy bands (bands with guy members) whose music falls under the category of chick rock?

I heard this Kings of Leon song today on the radio and I just couldn't see a bunch of dudes all jamming out to it. Same with shit like the Goo Goo Dolls.

What are your thoughts?

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How do you deal with online companies sending you wrong/bad stuff, and then being total dicks about it?

It's not like in a brick-and-mortar store where you can go in and reason with people face-to-face, and speak to supervisors, and supervisors' supervisors, and erm maybe cause a scene if they're REAL assholes...online places can fully ignore you if they want.

This place called Barry Farm sent me rice and herbs that were obviously completely rancid, and they wrote back to my nicely worded e-mail being all "you're not familiar with the taste of our fine products blah blah you are trying to trick us and return stuff just because you don't like it" and I'm wondering if I can open a credit card claim/complaint with Visa or something, since I actually am fully within the bounds of their own return policies. Ugh IDEK, I hate being that customer who "threatens" but I ended up having to do that because they were SO unhelpful...I told them I would have to speak to Visa and write a really bad review about them for cooking and bakebakebake, which have like 25000 members, but I felt so lame saying that!


EDIT: also, random Q, do Brits say "mer mer mer" instead of "blah blah blah," or is that just a funny thing Steven Hall came up with? (in the book the Raw Shark Texts...I thought it the most hilarious sound)
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Have any of you been to a Pampered Chef bridal shower? I'm going to one tonight but I'm a little confused.
Do I just show up without a gift and buy one while I'm there? 

Ugh I hate stuff like this. What is something you hate?

PC game.

Roughly ten years old or so. It was set on an alien planet where you had humans who had colonized it, and a native Grey-like alien race with psychic abilities. There were also two or three genetically engineered animal races; cat, bear, and possibly a third. There were floating islands fueled by magic.

You had to move around the grid collecting stones and putting them back where they came from to activate teleporters, open doors, etc. You would go to different sub-areas and dig for stones using these creatures that looked kind of like stunted tadpoles with digger proboscises. They came in different colours; one (I think green?) could dig normal dirt, another colour (maybe brown?) could dig through hard ground, and another one (purple?) could lay eggs to breed more. You can buy them or, later on, genetically engineer your own with a puzzle challenge.

You had different attacks, mostly ball-shaped magic projectiles; I think fire, electricity, etc.

Ring any bells?

(I've posted on whatwasthatone as well).

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How do you deal with a person that keeps trying to be added as a friend on Myspace/Facebook, even though you've denied their request repeatedly over the last year or so?
I'm not friends with this girl. We went to high school together. Every few months, she sends me friend requests and I always deny her, but she doesn't give up. :(

Why don't people flush public toilets after they are done doing their business?
I got back from the bathroom a few minutes ago and 2 out of 4 stalls hadn't been flushed.

What are your plans for the weekend?
I'm going to go pick up some new clothes. That's about it.
Edit: Oh! I forgot, I have a Halloween party to go to Saturday night.
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Yesterday I heard a song by a female singer with a slightly gravely voice. It was a fast paced rock song. I think I heard "french toast" and "down down down" and there was a long "doo doo doo" sequence, but google returns nothing. Any idea what this song is?


I want this Def Leppard song that isn't on itunes. I know I can get the cd from the library and put it on my ipod that way but the library is closed for tonite and I'm impatient. Is there another way to do it?

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I need to quit my job to student teach. My job knows that I won't be working them for an extended amount of time. Should I tell them about it now, or wait until a month or so before I have to leave?

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I just heated up dinner for myself and my boyfriend in the microwave. The entrée was breaded chicken breast in an artichoke and mushroom cream sauce. Toward the end of cleaning off our plates, he pointed out to me a greenish area on his chicken which we now fear might've been mold.

Should my bf hate me forever because I served him moldy meat?

Are we gonna die?
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A) You find a phone face down in the mud in the middle of your front lawn. The owner was drunk and somehow it ended up on your lawn. You did not party the night before, so it belonged to no one you knew so you keep it.

B) You go to a house party. This girl is wandering around drunk, having a good time, but left her phone on the counter top. It's been an hour or two and she hasn't noticed she left it there, but she is still at the house. You take the phone for yourself.

WHICH IS WORSE? A or B? Or are they equal? Are both of these things considered "THEFT"?

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What's worse:

17 year old female dating a 15 year old male?
or college junior dating a high school senior?
(Edit: for both senarios the female is the older one and the senior  would be 18)

Is it currently raining where you are?
What are your plans for the weekend?
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Say you and your SO stumbled onto $110. You decide to spend it together, on something both of you can enjoy. You don't live together (yet) so you can't buy household items or really do much of anything practical with it. It's "fun money."

How would you spend it?

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Have you ever heard of the author C. S. Friedman? She's written the Coldfire Trilogy and a few other books. What do you think of her as a writer? How famous is she in general? Would you think me cool by association for being friendly acquaintances with her?

I'm asking because I had never heard of her until I met her a few months back in my larp, (Yes. I'm a nerd. Moving on.) and now I'm trying to figure out how big of a writer she is.

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How awesome would it be if they met, fell in love and got married?

1. Do you have any creepy/really creepy stories on how you met a SO?
2. If you were an amputee, would you respond to this ad? Pro:You get to be a part of a good costume idea. Con: you have to dress like a broken gay robot and you only get to see where you've been since you're on the furry's back
3. Would you go home with a really hot double amputee (legs) if he/she said that sex is SOOO much better if one person doesn't have legs because they get in the way sometimes?
4. Have you ever been attracted to someone who was missing a limb? Be honest. Do you think you could be attracted to someone who had only one arm and one leg if they were cute, funny and you guys had common interests?
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1. Is 90+ minutes of cardio per day too much? Especially for someone who is overweight and has not worked out for a long time (years, or ever)? (It is not me doing this, I am their concerned friend)

2. I am waiting to hear back from the job I had two interviews for. They said they will let me know around Tuesday. Will I get it??
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TQC meetup - LA edition

There's been talks for months now about there being a second LA TQC meetup, but no one's taken initiative. Damn flaky city! So here I am talking to l3antha now and we're thinking maybe it's time we start talking about this seriously. She has a couple museum visits required in the next couple months, and I think that'd be great as an excuse to meetup, y'all.

Who in the Los Angeles area would be interested in a TQC meetup? If you show interest, I will bug you about this later.

The two possible locations would be




So, that's art or science AND TQC face-to-face action


If this post is retarded you'll have to cut me some slack. I'm drinking

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 I'm trying to make my halloween costume this year.  I basically want a strapless dress, but I have no idea how to go about it.  Is there some place online I can get free patterns?  ETA: I'm googling as I post this, but I was just wondering if there's any someone's used before, etc.

Have you ever completely made your own halloween costume?  How did it go?

What are you being for halloween?


I work somewhere with a small, close-knit staff. It has recently become extremely clear to me that every week every single employee goes out together, and the only person who works at the store who isn't invited is me (plus the two underage people who work there). They then come to work and talk about how they all went out with each other in front of me.

I know I probably shouldn't say anything, but it feels really bad that I am very clearly the only one excluded and that they feel like I'm an outsider because they don't even care if I *know* they're not including me. Is there any way I can approach them about it, or should I just sulk silently? I don't care if they all go out with each other and don't invite me, but isn't it rude to talk about it in front of me?

Also, I am the newest employee there, but the girl who started working only a week before I did goes out with them too, so my being new isn't the reason I'm not invited.

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1)Should I become a hobo and drop out of society? Please give funny explanations for your answer.

2)If you were to have a marathon of a show this weekend, what show would it be?

3)Do you like classically likable protagonists or unlikable ones?

Unlikable- some ennui can be interesting.

Gummi bears

I swear when I was at CVS a couple of weeks ago, they had halloween packages of gummi bears (actual haribo ones, not knockoffs), but when I went back today they're gone. Did anyone else see these? Did you get them to give out?

Otherwise, what halloween candy are you giving out this year?
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I have acquired what feels and looks like a mosquito bite on my little finger. It's itching like hell, and my finger's super swollen; I can't even touch my ring finger it's so stiff! What happened, TQC? Certainly mosquito season should have been over ages ago! How can I alleviate the pain before I scratch off my skin?
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I want to make a calendar and fill it with doodles (calendars are 'spensive).

EDIT: I know that I COULD buy a cheap one, but I'd rather make one. I think it would be a fun arts-and-craftsy project.

Can you give me suggestions for very simple scenes I can draw for each month?

Related question:

For those of you who cannot draw for crap, do you ever get the urge to draw something only to be frustrated when you realize you can't draw for crap?
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Okay, TQC, you're talking to someone who is a vague acquaintance at best, a stranger at worst. You're talking about all kinds of things, when they reveal that someone close to them has died. You, being the polite person you are, say that you're sorry for their loss. They say "why? did you kill her/him?"

How awkward does this make an otherwise simple conversation? Does it depend on whether they say it laughing or if they say it seriously?
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Has anything noteworthy happened on your birth date? What about any famous people who share your birthday?
On mine, The Titanic hit the Iceberg, and President Lincoln was shot. The only celebrity I can think of with my birthday is Sarah Michelle Geller.
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Alrighty guys, so I had this hiking trip planned this weekend. I rented a cabin, bought all these supplies, took off the weekend from both of my jobs, basically made a lot of effort to hang out and relax. Well, the friend I was going with pretty much flaked on me. So, the question is:

Do I go on this trip by myself? Or just ask for a refund on the cabin and stay in town this weekend?
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What's your favorite way to cook ribs?

I have an indoor grill so I think I want to make them that way, cause it'll make the house smell awesome.
But later on in the month, I also really want to try making ribs in my slow cooker.


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I've just come back to my home town after moving away. I was astonished at how small-town it is, even though i've moved to a small town.
What surprised you coming home after moving away?

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Have you seen A Serious Man yet? what'd you think?

I am making a pork pie. (Pie-pie, not a hat.) Should I make a pork-and-apple pie with sweet and savory flavors within? Or should I make a basic Englishy meat pie with veg and potato and such?

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Have you ever bought an AS SEEN ON TV item, either off the TV or in some kind of store like Bed, Bath and Beyoncé or Linens and Shit?

If so, did it work? If not, how did it fail?

I got the Ped-egg which was pretty cool.

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I just noticed three small bruises in a row on my leg, like someone grabbed me too hard or something. I haven't been, though.

Did ghosts abuse me in my sleep?!

Do you get unexplainable bruises? :(