October 22nd, 2009

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Movies with children and evil

Need names movies that feature children facing evil. Movies can be horror, fantasy, drama, whatever.

Not children who ARE evil ... unless a large part of the plot comes from those evil children interacting with nice, normal, happy children, thus creating children who face evil (in the form of other children).

Loose definitions of children and evil, so as to get the most possibilities ... possible.

Any suggestions?
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My fiance and son are gone for 11 days. This is the first night at home where I've had to sleep alone in over two years.
I'm scared and I have no reason to be, but I am! Help!

What do you do when you get scared (at night) and there's no one around to comfort you?
i don't want to be friends

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I've decided for my 21st birthday I want to go out to a fun restaurant and hang out with my friends. I'm teeter-tottering on going to a drag restaurant, but I'm not really warm on the whole idea. I also want to stay away from places like Mars 2112 and Jekyll and Hyde's. Do you know of any restaurants in NYC that are fun and have good food? Maybe someplace with bellydancers?

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Poll #1474657 halloween costumes

if you had to pick one of these themes for halloween costumes, which would you pick?

alice in wonderland
disney princesses
peter pan
ghost busters
super heroes
wizard of oz
other. ill describe in a comment



What's the meanest or funniest thing a sibling has ever done to you?

My brother held the phone up so high that I couldn't reach it when it was an important call from a prospective employer and shouted, "It's a boy!" repeatedly.  I still got the job, but I have no idea why...
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Ok, so imagine your work requires you to deal with people and the exchange of money for goods. Imagine that a girl you have to deal with picks at a sore on her mouth and then gives you money using the same hand.
How do you react?

PS: Yes this really happened to me tonight. Yes I was horrified.

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There's a big stupid zit on my nose. It's extremely annoying, since it's red and sore but has not yet "emerged" to the point where it can be squeezed, popped or prodded.

How should I attack it?

Seat belt question

So you're piled up in a van, going 60km/h (which is the speed limit) minding your own business when all of a sudden a BMW comes crashing into you. The BMW was going 200km/h. Three of the people in the van are now dead, having been ejected from the van.

Were they wearing seat belts?

And why would the papers not report this, if the people were to be wearing seat belts, they probably would have lived, right? Or no?

(btw, I don't drive, but I assume they'd be dead either way, there's just a larger chance of surviving if you're buckled up I think)

Paranormal Activity ending

I just watched a megaupload video version of Paranormal Activity, where the ending is different than the theater version.

Anyone know where I can find the theatrical ending that ISN'T a shitty cell phone video where I can't see what's going on?

EDIT:  lol at everyone saying, "See it in the theater".  Considering I've already seen it, just a different ending, I'm not paying 10 bucks to see the last 10 minutes of a movie I've already watched.  I just wanna see the different endings.
And to everyone who wants to see the ending NOT in theaters(Edit, briteflite reminded me of the no-sharing.  THANKS BB! <3)

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Is it foolish to apply for a job you KNOW you can do wonderfully, but don't have the technical qualifications for?

The job I want doesn't specify any degrees, but it sounds like a really fast-paced job with a LOT of responsibilities, and sounds suited to a much older person with a long history of youth work.

Should I just write the best cover letter ever and apply anyway? Or will I be laughed at and shamed til my head explodes? Ugh

OK that Q was pretty much just me venting and obsessing, so a real Q.

Do you know anyone that grew up with corporal punishment as a no-big-deal fact of life? (In school or at home.) Do you think they've suffered from the "abuse," or do you think having the punishment be in a different context as modern Western standards (i.e., no social stigma surrounding it; it's considered "OK") led to damage being minimal?
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TQC, I am appalled.

I decided to buy several types of Jello to make layered Jello. My boyfriend didn't know you could do that. I've never known anything but layered Jello so I asked some friends and none of them have had it either.

Did you or do you ever make Jello?
Do you just make it one flavor at a time, or do you layer it?
Have you ever had it layered?

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ETA: Lol at the deleted post about pooping syndrome.

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Do you save ticket stubs (from concerts, movies, etc.), TQC?

What do you have saved and where?

I have a stub from a Blue Rodeo concert my dad and I went to, a movie ticket from when my first bf and I saw AvP:R, and the movie ticket from when my last ex and I saw Inglorious Basterds for the first time. Somewhere I have a stub from a Gogol Bordello concert but IDK where it is :(

I keep them all in a bentwood cedar box I bought in Vancouver.
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tqc, my boyfriend is having, idk, a quater life crisis, and all of a sudden he's obsessed with working out and his weight since he's "fat". he doesn't believe me when i say he isn't since i'm apparently biased, so with his permission i'm asking you, do YOU think my boyfriend is fat?

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if you dk/dc, would you date somone who fit into the "overweight/obese" weight range?
if no, why not?
have you ever dated someone significantly heavier than you?
srs/non-srs idc, i'm embarassed enough i'm making this post in the first place :|

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I'm considering quitting my job today when I go down to the office for some mandatory training.
I've only been working at this job since Sept 15th. So not long at all.

I absolutely hate this job. I don't like the clients and the shifts are killing me with having such a young baby. My shifts are 16, 20, or 24 hours at a time and it's just too much. I hate confrontation at work though. I don't even know where to start. I feel like I need to justify myself and it's awkward.

When is the last time you quit a job? 
How long were you there?
What made you decide to leave? 
What did you say?

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1)Unemployed folks here, why are you unemployable?

Because I've managed to give myself terrible digestive problems due to the job hunt.

2)Do you borrow more fiction or nonfiction from the library?


3)What small tasks have you been putting off?

Making my amazon wishlist private, etc.
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TQC, I just found out some ~okay~ tickets I got for a concert actually are meet & greets! I want to look cute but I'm having a hard time deciding how to do my hair---do I just straighten it to hell and back, use a bumpit to do a bouffant with a wide headband, or do I pull it up with my bangs hanging down? IDK :( HELP :(

If you don't know/care, which do you prefer: the Tim Burton version of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory or the old school Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory?
Old school, all the way.
FLORENCE by rodeo_town

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Some friends and I have been working on a haunted house in my friend's garage for the past few weeks.. What is some good creepy-like music we should play for the grand opening?

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I finally got measured at Victoria Secret yesterday. All this time, I could have sworn I was a 34B, but they told me I was a 34A. How depressing.
Do I need to go out and buy at least one new bra now, even though I'm broke and I'm still convinced my bras fit just fine? 

What was the last thing you were shocked/surprised by? 

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My sister's boyfriend's birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to get him.  We hang out a decent amount, but he doesn't really have any hobbies outside of playing video games, and he's already said he doesn't want anything video game related. He also hates getting gift cards so i'm really stuck.  If you were a 22 year old guy or had to buy a gift under $50 for a 22 year old guy that has no real hobbies, what would you get him?

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1. Would you rather go to school for Early Childhood Education or Cosmetology?

2. Would living in an apartment with your SO plus another couple be a good idea? What if you didn't know the other couple very well?

3. I've been working in a movie theater for about 2 months now. When I first started, I was just doing concession. Every time I did it, though, my inventory was always way off - around $30-$50. I even got a heads-up about it from the concession manager. So not wanting to get fired or anything, I explained myself to the HR manager. I told her how my inventory was always off but my till was always perfect so she moved me to box. Since then I haven't had a single concession shift until this week.

Knowing that my inventory will probably be off, should I try to switch shifts with someone?
Or should I just suck it up and do it anyway?

4. What's your favorite book series? 


(no subject)

Do you say/yell "Fuck" more often out loud or in your head? Do you refrain from such language in certain places or around certain people? What places or people do you limit your swearing around?

(no subject)

Eaters of Ramen, do you dump the crushed up noodles left over in the package into your bowl/pan or just throw them away with the wrapper?
Do you eat the potato chip crumbs at the bottom of the bag or toss them?
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So my coworkers husband just called and said he was moving out of the house right now, as he needs time to think about what he wants, etc.etc. They've been married for over 25 years.

She doesn't want to leave work, or take some time to call anyone - so she's just crying here at work.

Ugh - any thoughts of what we could/should do (me, other coworkers)?

We're just letting her be right now...

edit: seems she's put her brave face forward and is working on some projects...
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Do you ever think about the things humans do and think 'it's odd we all do that'?

I do it all the time. Like wearing clothes, grocery shopping, driving, anything really. I just think, why sometimes. I mean like living eeking out an existance for some, barely making ends meet and still being able to go on. Being super rich and still getting pleasure out of life, even when you already have everything.

Or sometimes I think in 100 years people our age will be thinking what we think about people from 1910.

I mean does your mind ever run around like this? I hate it sometimes.

necklace! help!

so hey, there's this outrageously gorgeous necklace that i'm in love withCollapse )the necklace pictured is almost $400 so i'm trying to find styles like it, but its IMPOSSIBLE to search for since its made of so many materials.  Is there a name for this type of necklace? I want one so bad :(

(no subject)

1)Do you write on both sides of a sheet of paper?


2)Will you tell me about your crafts projects?

Maybe. I made a bracelet yesterday.

eta:what things do most people know how to do that you don't know how to do?

make coffee.
Got Rat

Going out for steak tonight

Which shall I order?

Sirloin 250g for £15.95
Rib eye steak 250g for £15.95
T-bone steak 450g for £21.95

I've never had rib eye or t-bone. If you think i should get one of those, what makes them better than sirloin?

In a perfect world I'd order the Kobe beef, but that one is £40!!! The price makes me curious!

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Okay this might be a stretch. I remember a long time ago seeing a poster that was a bunch of colored squares in a special arrangement. It has something to do with space travel, or something about what they project into space.

Any ideas..?

And the dwelling continues.

I'll never understand why my mom passed away so young. She was the best. I'm quite confused though. My mom's side of the family has made no effort to ask if me and my sister and dad are okay. The day she passed my mom's side of the family left back to Florida and never called and asked if we were ok.

They left without asking if we were going to make it? They knew we had financial problems and never called to check on us whatsoever. It confuses the hell out of me! What did we do? We couldn't help our mom died. We didn't kill her. Cancer took over. We loved our mom. She would be so upset if she knew her family was doing us like this.

They've all strayed away and we don't know why. It's just hitting me now...hard. How can your "family" not call and for that matter not even be there?!
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How did you dress in the 90's? What clothes items remind you most of the 90's?

My boyfriend and I are going as 1997 for Halloween and we've both got our costumes 80% finished. I just want to find something that screams '97! Any ideas?
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TQC, this halloween I'm hoping to dress up as a golden lucky-cat. (improv. after buring a shiny cat mask from a gift shop).
Ive got a plain golden top and whatnot,but I need some ideas on how to jazz it up and maybe look a bit more 'oriental'

tqc, what would you do to make yourself look like a golden lucky cat?

ughh,I feel so lameee
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Do you ever give/receive cards from friends when you've helped them through or they helped you through a rough patch or something?

Do you remember the nicest one you ever got?

(no subject)

What is the best cheap but durable case for the iPhone? I've been using the invisible shield to protect from scratches but I want something that will help protect it if it's dropped. Preferably
not something ugly and bulky.
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Dearest TQC,

I have two questions:

1. I DJ for a radio station that plays basically anything. I need to make a playlist for my show tomorrow, so I wanna what kind of music do you listen to? Any specific songs that are really good/underplayed? I just need some general ideas.

2. Last night I left my computer on so my iPod could charge, and when logged back in this morning, everything was teeny tiny. I just kinda ignored it and turned my computer off, then went to school. Seven hours later, I turned my computer was still all teeny tiny. What's goin' on??
This is basically how small everything is on my computer: http://i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy13/withreality/whatsgoinon.jpg
What do I do? D:
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1. Do you follow any LJ communities like picturing_food, bentolunch, bakebakebake, cakewrecks, ofmornings, bakery, happycafe, etc? Do they inspire you in the kitchen? Or do they just make you fucking jealous of what other people can whip up or walk down to the corner and buy? >.<

2. When you use eggs what do you do with the shells?

3. What are your fondest memories of colored paper?

4. Do you use tablecloths? What're the decorations on your home's surfaces?

5. Describe your chin in some detail?

6. Describe your lover's pinky toe? If you currently do not have a lover what would you like their pinky toe to be like?
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AIM is discriminating against my location :/

I'm trying to create an account for AIM, but it requires me to enter a ZIP or postal code. That's easy enough, except for the fact that they've got a requirement that "the Zip or Postal Code you entered is 5-6 digits long." I live in Australia, and ALL postcodes in Australia are only 4 digits long.

Could anyone provide any help? :P What do I do?
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Todd and Téa - forever

Canadian television from States

I would like to stream or download current and cancelled programmes from Canadian television from the US.
I think I must not be able to Google properly, because I was unable to find sites.

Alternatively, are there sites or message boards where people exchange shows they might have?

is a beaut
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(no subject)

a child just told me i was naughty for chewing on my hair and that a massive hairball was going to fill my whole tummy. is that true? i don't even chew it that much, i just need a mouth thing and i've got nothing else to gnaw on here.

what are your bad habits?

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Does anyone remember the magazine Your Big Backyard? Well, I say "remember," but apparently it's still in circulation. However, it seems they have changed their mascot from an ambiguous little green guy to a frickin' chipmunk.

Does anyone remember the name of that little green guy? Or even better, perhaps you have an old issue from the 80's or 90's you could look at? I think his name was Beastly Yardley or something, but I'm not sure how to spell it and Google hasn't been much help. It's driving me nuts.

(no subject)

Can you do the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen duckmouth? Try it. It's so hard to do without the rest of your face wrinkling up.
Do you think that's their natural smile/face structure? Or is it clearly to accentuate the cheekbones? Do you think they have snaggle teeth? They never show em.

If you can do the duckmouth or even want to try to do it send me a picture and I'll add it to the pile of failures:

(no subject)

Okay, so, long story short is I fucked up my credit when I first got a credit card. Never got into debt, just for about, oh, six months out of the first year I had it I made late payments of 30+ days. ANYWAYS, I'm fantastic at payments now that I get it, and keep an incredibly low balance and all that. But all those late payments are going to stay on there for seven whole years! Any way I can drastically increase that score? Can't get a new car, so car payments are out of the question. Students loans are no good either. Would doing well with another credit card help?

(no subject)

Do you know, off the top of your head, what a "schnoz" is? Where did you grow up?

My bf was so confused the first time he ever heard me use that word and then he made fun of me for being from New Jersey. >:T lol

(no subject)

What are your thoughts on people in relationships combining bank accounts?

Would you put everything together, keep everything separate, or have three accounts that are "yours, mine, and ours?"

(Inspired by the Jon and Kate drama, if you're curious.)

(no subject)

Cheap, non slutty halloween costume: any thoughts on something creative to do? 

Do you ever wonder how many people are brushing their teeth at the same time as you?  Or something similar (in the fact they're doing it at the same time or something).
Evil Me

(no subject)

Have any of you had trouble installing the new version of MSN/Windows messenger? I keep getting popups saying there's a new version available, download it now! I've downloaded it and tried to install it and I keep getting errors. I thought maybe I could uninstall it and then reinstall it, but still no deal. HALP?
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My school has a trip to Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) for 6 days. It's about £900 and out of the 30 or so people going, about 3 of them are good friends of mine. It's during the holidays though, so I would have almost no holiday at home and might miss out on several events.
Should I go?

Also, what's the most exciting country you've ever been to?
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(no subject)

What's something you think you suck at that everyone tells you you're actually good at?  (Pretend that sentence made sense.)

Inspired by the hedgehog question, do you own any "weird" or exotic pets?  Pics?  Or pics of your non-exotic pets, if you don't have any weird ones?

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angry asian

(no subject)

Are you still friends with your best friend(s) from high school? Why/why not? I'm mostly interested in why not.

When you have to pee/poop, do you go to the bathroom as soon as the feeling comes or do you wait?

Do you like your job (if you have one, of course)?

Do/did you enjoy school or work better?

(no subject)

I'm transferring back to my previous university. I want to drop (or withdraw? idc) the majority of my classes so I can work more to save up for next semester since previous school is more expensive... I actually don't even need these classes at my previous school so I'm not concerned with my record here and I'm doing poorly anyway.

I e-mailed my advisor and told her I wanted to drop my classes and I'd be withdrawing next term and she told me that I couldn't drop them without extenuating, documented circumstances that were approved by the dean and that she wants to meet with me.

Should I just be honest with her? If she doesn't let me drop I'll probably just fail everything instead because idgaf. And why the hell can't I drop classes that I paid for anyway?
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In the spirit of the Halloween season I ask these questions;

1. Who would you love to see play a vampire in either a movie or television show?
2. Who would you love to see in a zombie film or television show?

And last but not least;

3. Have you seen Paranormal Activity yet?
a. If so, what did you think?
b. If you've seen both endings, which one did you prefer; the original or the Spielberg version?

(I hate the Spielberg ending. The original one was far creepier.)

(no subject)

What is an easy idea for a Halloween costume for 3 girls?

My 2 friends and I want to do something that matches. We're pretty sure all the girls on campus are just going to buy those really overpriced slutty costumes...we want something that's cute and pretty but not as slutty as those. Also we're superbroke so we need something relatively inexpensive.

Right now we have 3 Blind Mice (which would just be grey dresses, mouse ears, and sunglasses) and the Fantanas...can't think of anything else.
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(no subject)

Inspired by my last question:
What do you think about using internet dating services to find someone? I've always thought this would be my last resort if something happened with my current SO, and I was 30+ and had no prospects.
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Medical Transcription (And Do It From Home Transcription in General)

How do I go to school to be a medical transcriptionist? What other type of from home typing jobs could I get into? I type for a living doing something else (Not from my house) but was thinking of looking into some schools or programs I could get into to type from home. I live in Gainesville, Fl. (In case whatever information you have is location specific). There just seems to be a lot of possible BS floating around the web and I don't know where to look.


(no subject)

What are some nice ways to to tell someone you're not interested?

My grandma just told me that my grandpa was interested in threesomes. What do I do to get that out of my head?

ETA: These q's were NOT meant together. Holy icky, Batman!

(no subject)

What food do you refuse to eat and/or have never eaten in your life? ("fear foods" if you wanna get all eating disorder lexica")

What would it take to get you to eat them?

peppers, cottage cheese, tofu, mushrooms, that zebra gum, and those little round cookies from the bakery that look like brittle and are partially covered in chocolate
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(no subject)

Do you want kids?

If not, and you found out you were pregnant, what would you do?

Do you generally like kids?

What inspired these questions, if your interested (its stressing me out a bit). Just skip if you're not:

My best friend thinks there is pretty much no good reason, ever, under any circumstances, to get an abortion. I haven't told her yet that my aversion to having kids is much, much stronger than my aversion to abortion. If I'm honest with myself, if I got pregnant, I'd have an abortion in a heartbeat--I mean, I would hate being in that situation, but I know I would do it.. She knows I'm pro-choice but I've let her assume I wouldn't get an abortion myself. She has two kids (and wants more!) and every time it comes up, its almost like she takes my being pro-choice personally! Like its a dig at her boys--which isn't the case at all, of course. I like those guys :) I can't imagine what she'd say if I told her the truth, so I'm just quiet about it. I think she'd think I was a horrible, selfish person.

I like kids, I just don't want them for myself.

Printing on a CD

When getting a CD printed directly (not on a label) with inkjet printer, is it possible to leave spots the original silver of the CD, or is that only possible with screen printing?

If you do not know the answer to the above question, what was your favorite childhood video game?
Got Rat

(no subject)

What really unusual pets do you own right now?

Will you please post photos?

I want to get some African pygmy mice this weekend. I've been looking for some in my area for 4 years and they're finally here!

(no subject)

 I procrastinating an analysis essay, and I got to thinking about my chemistry teacher. She has tiny hands. She's not petite by any means, probably standing at around 6 feet tall. Do some people just have small hands or is it the result of a disorder?

Do you have small hands? What about feet?

My hands aren't particularly big, but my fingers are long and skinny... same with my toes.

(no subject)

Have you found any gray hairs on your head?
How old are you?

ETA: If you have gray hair, would you ever dye it?

I find gray hair really charming and lovely. I don't know why people are so against it. =[
enchant me

(no subject)

1)What is a good name for a band?

Buzzy Cock and the Fig Pedigrees

2)Do you watch cooking battle shows like Iron Chef or Chopped? If so, do you get nervous during them?


(no subject)

When was time you were glad that a couple you knew split up? What happened and why do you think it's a good thing?

What do you think about 'breakup season'? Does it seem like people you know break up in waves?

Lately lots of people I know have broken up with their partners. It's weird.

(no subject)



When do you think each title is appropriate? What do you think the significance/implied meaning of each is?

I prefer not to go by any for binary-gender implication related reasons, and because FUCK YOU WHY DOES THE BANK NEED TO KNOW WHAT GENITALS I HAVE TO MANAGE MY ACCOUNT? HOW DOES THIS EFFECT MY TRANSACTIONS OR INTEREST? But when it is mandatory to select one I go by Ms. because it does not connotate age, marital status or imply dependency.