October 21st, 2009

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If you could go back to any time period just for the fashion where would you go and for what clothing would you go there for?

I would go back to the early 1800's.  I LOVE the empire waist dresses.
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For those attracted to women:

You see a woman in a public place whom you have never met, who is highly physically attractive. Then, she picks up a book and you realize that she is in the middle of a Star Wars novel. By gut reaction, is your regard for her attractiveness affected positively, negatively, or not at all?


Not at all
It depends...which Star Wars novel?

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so all that talk of nanaimo bars the other day made me want to make some

how should I make them? I bought vanilla pudding and I have some nuts and graham crackers, but I feel like there's a pretty big range of stuff I could make the bottom layer with

Tim onstage!

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Any ideas on how to best flatten out a warped record? I know the usual ways; putting them between glass and warming them up by placing them outside or in the oven at the lowest setting, etc, but as the record itself is 1.) a gift from a friend and 2.) one of my favorites, I'm just...not thrilled at the idea of putting it into the oven at all (and it's rather cold outside nowadays, anyway). Anyone have any other ideas for me to try, that might be a better idea than the oven trick?
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A girl named Ashley has brain damage and has the awareness of a baby. Her parents decide to keep her a 9-year-old child forever.

The cause of the controversy is the "Ashley Treatment" - a course of surgery and hormone supplements devised for her at her parents' request and with the blessing of doctors - that will for ever keep her small. It involves surgical operations, including a hysterectomy, and hormone prescriptions that will, in effect, freeze-frame her body at its current size.

What do you guys think about this?

Also, this is crazy. It's probably old news though, but I always get to things late.

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Should I join the military? I'm thinking Navy or Army, def. not Air Force. Enlisted.

I'm nineteen, I'm living at home, I flunked out of private college because of mental illness. I'm taking classes at a state school now. My family are emotionally abusive, my parents are alcoholics, and I have no friends within 500 miles of where I live. I want to go back to school eventually, but I'm financially dependent on my parents, and I can't play by their rules any longer. Both of my parents were in the military in the 70s/80s, and both of them are vehemently against my joining up, because they're afraid I'll end up in a war zone (which I'm okay with, or at least as okay with as you can be).

Basically, I'm broke and I'm too proud to keep living at home with my parents, and I like the idea of doing something more worthwhile than working as a cashier to pay my way through school, plus I feel I could use some discipline in my life to help me grow up and escape from my family's weird mindgames.

On the other hand, I'm not the most emotionally stable person in the world, my politics are very liberal... and I'm not straight.


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This is my first time trying to do this, so bear with me if it fails.

This song was sent to me yesterday by a friend (the chick singing) who's working on getting a band started. This song is the rough draft, as they will eventually be adding a second guitar, a bass, and drums.

For the time being, though, they are having a hard time thinking up a name for the band.

So, I put it out to you, TQC; what would be a good name for a group that sounds like this?

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My grandparents gave me a nice ruby ring (my birthstone) for my birthday last year. It was a nice gesture and I know it was fairly pricey but I just really don't like the look of it and I know I'll never wear it. Would it be rude to sell it to a jewelry store and purchase a ring I love? If it makes a difference, I hardly ever see my grandparents and they're kind of oblivious so they'd never know the difference.

Have you ever sold/exchanged something that was supposed to be "sentimental"? Would you?
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I haven't been on TQC in a while, so I don't know if this has been asked already.

How have you been verbally abbreviating 2010?

Do you just say "twenty ten"? "Two thousand ten"?

Doesn't it feel weird to say "January '10"?

I think I'm going to call it "oh-ten" like we say "oh-nine". LOL. I guess we'll get used to just saying "ten" when we're in 2010.

ETA: I'm asking because it came up after my boyfriend bought a couple 2010 sports games. NHL '09, and now NHL '10.. It just feels weird to say "NHL Ten". Lol.
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How often do you go to the grocery store?

Do you tend to do 1 large shopping trip a month (with side trips to pick up odds and ends) or do you just make several little trips to get you through the next few days/week?

Do you make a shopping list?

Do you plan out your meals for the week/month ahead of time or do you go day by day?

We usually go every 2 weeks. The husband isn't doing to well with the whole day by day meal decisions (he cooks dinner because he's a SAHD at the moment), so I'm thinking about making out a weekly menu to help him out.

What are some of your favorite recipes that involve using just a crock pot?

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I'm driving my friend 8 miles to the station (and back) to pick up her boyfriend at half past midnight tonight.
Fuel is about £1.10 a litre here, but I have no idea of the fuel economy of my car. It's a 1.2 Renault clio and a full tank is £40.
Whilst I don't want to rip her off, I also don't want to rip myself off. How much should I charge her?
ETA: Fuel is expensive in the UK, it's very much out of my way, especially at midnight and I am very poor. The fact is she wants to give me something.
Dr Girlfriend

It's sort of a delicate situation.

My boyfriend informed me that his godfather died recently from liver cancer. When he was diagnosed he had absolutely no hope of living and was completely negative about it. Sadly, the paucity of hope in his heart is probably why he died so suddenly. They were fairly close, so my boyfriend is understandably upset, although the whole thing still hasn't quite hit him yet. There's going to be a wake and a funeral this weekend, and he's not looking forward to seeing his family fall apart. I told him I would come to the wake, but wasn't sure it would be right for me to attend the funeral.

I haven't had to deal much with death in my family yet. I've only been to one funeral; I was four years old and it was for my great grandmother. I've never been to a wake. TQC, can you tell me what I can expect? Should I wear something fairly formal? Should I wear black? What are some things I can say to him & his family to offer my condolences? I only met his godfather once over the summer, but I don't really remember anything about him.

Also, do you think it would be appropriate to go to the funeral? I feel like I wouldn't belong there, but I really want to support my boyfriend and his family who will be going through an emotional turmoil after this.

Chicago vacation

My wife and I are going to Chicago next week with another couple... I could use some ideas on what to do while we're there.

We're flying in Sunday afternoon 10/25 and leaving the next Saturday morning, 10/31.

We're going to Tru for dessert at some point, we're going to see a Blue Man Group show, and we're going to a taping of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me.

I'm also planning on going to the Museum of Science and Industry, and probably the Field Museum.

We're not planning on renting a car, so anything we do has to be close to a train line or a short cab ride from downtown. Free sights and events are great... and I'm a photographer, so suggestions on where I can wander around and take pictures would be very helpful.

Edit: ?

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I have a Toshiba laptop, and I need to clean under my keys. Can I pop them off the way I do with a desktop keyboard? I don't wanna take them off, then not be able to get them back on.

What are you doing right now?

Ohio's Next Great Art Attraction

The Rape Tunnel:

"In the 4D Gallery main room, I’ve constructed a 22 ft tunnel out of plywood that leads into the project room. There is no way in or out of the project room except for this tunnel. As you travel through the tunnel, it gets smaller and smaller, making it so that you have to crawl and put yourself in a submissive position in order to reach the tunnel’s destination. At the end of the tunnel the subject will find me waiting in the project room and I’ll try to the best of my ability to overpower and rape the person who crawls through."

Who should we send in? Hooker with a scorching case of herpes? MMA fighter with a knife? Fleshlight with razor blades installed? Rabid badger?
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So I could go look at wiki but it's always such scintillating conversation/ speculation here...

Someone graciously linked me to this wonderful little list of jewels and in looking through it, I got to wondering, why on earth has the tradition become to have a boring white diamond for an engagement? Why not chose a stone of your choice - as there are so many beautiful ones - and symbolize the event by which finger it is worn on? "Diamonds are forever" - is that all there is to the diamonds being the symbol for engagement?


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When's the last time you felt embarrassed?

What's your favorite kind of soap?

Do you find gimp to be a satisfactory equivalent to photoshop?

There's no target stores in my state. Am I missing out?
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There's this woman at my (temp) job who drinks a lot of water. She comes through and refills her container at least once every hour or so. The water cooler jug has to be replaced at least twice a week because of this woman's drinking habits. I don't think anyone's noticed it yet. My question is, why is this woman consuming so much water? Serious and humourous answers are allowed.

Do your co-workers have any bizarre habits?
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What were your school lunches like? Did you have to bring your lunch to school or did you buy it?

When I was in Catholic school, we had this deal on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays when we would get food from outside vendors like Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell, or Subway, and Friday we always got pizza. Even on those days I would bring drinks or desserts from home. When I went to public school I sometimes took lunch and sometimes bought snack food from the vending machines, but my high school had these really good salads in a box that were like $1.75 so I would buy those.
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How much money would you have to spend on a single purchase to feel guilty about it?

Does your answer change depending on whether or not the purchase is for yourself?

What was your guiltiest purchase ever?  How much was it?

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If I'm going to a concert tonight, and know little to nothing about the band playing, how should I best prepare in the next seven hours?

Alternately, when was the last time you painted your toenails?

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Has anyone ever heard of Emmy Noether? 

She made quite a few advancements in the areas of mathematics / physics and I was a little disappointed that her accomplishments were not covered in my schooling.

Do you feel like the technical achievements of women in the sciences are underrepresented in schools?


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I just saw a meme on my flist where one of the questions asked, "Do you have an accent?" Everyone has an accent. You can't speak without one. It has really annoyed me.

What assumptions (pop culture included) really annoy you?

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Do you have a doctor of record?
How long have you been going to him/her?
Why did you pick him/her?

What does it take to get you to go see a doctor (non-emergency stuff)?

I've been his patient for about a year now, but the only time I've seen him was when I went for my new patient checkup.
My dad recommended him.

I usually wait quite a while after I'm feeling sick to make sure it's not going to go away on its own before I go to the trouble of going to the doctor.

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I know I just posted, but this is REALLY aggravating me, and I really need to vent about this and ask the question before I forget. So please bear with me.

I friggin' HATE the QWERTY keyboard on my new phone. It seemed like a cool idea, until I realized that the damn buttons are so small that my big 'ole dude thumbs can't hit just one button; I always hit 3 or 4 at a time.

If you have this problem, what do you do about it? Use the delete button all the time? Type with your pinkies? Use a pencil to push buttons? What?

If you don't have this particular problem, what is a piece of technology that everyone seems completely infatuated with, but for which you just can't understand the appeal?
(For me, it's MP3 players.)
James Kirk is not pleased
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Are there any actors/actresses that you often get mixed up?

I always get the guy from Lie to Me confused with the guy from My Own Worst Enemy. Also Dane Cook and Ryan Reynolds.

Wii games?

It's my boyfriend's birthday next week, and I know his mom is getting him a Wii. I'd like to get him a game as part of his gift. What should I get?

He has MarioKart and Super Smash; he has beaten Zelda and really enjoyed Fallout 3. I know he also liked Final Fantasy: Tactics for DS.
I know nothing about video games.
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Two of the jobs I work are for different stores owned by the same family. I've always been paid the same rate at both stores (as are all of us who work both). This past payday I was surprised and pleased to receive a raise; however, it was only reflected on one of my two checks.

Should I say something to the management about this?

Is $2.50 more before taxes really worth making a big deal over?

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1)Do you like scented candles, or laundry soap with a strong scent?


2)Do you like perfume?


3)If you accidentally posted something from your personal journal here, would you delete it?

I think that's against the rules. ETA: my thinking was wrong.

ETA ? 4: Do you prefer beach or hot springs episodes?

Rugby Beard


In response to the earlier gmail post, I went to Gmail to check address name availability, and of course my name is available (pretty uncommon last name). I'm fine with my current hotmail account (I have simple email needs) for now.

So should I sign up for gmail just for the hell of it, in case I want to switch down the road sometime? Is switching over your contacts a pain in the ass??

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How often do you post to your journal?
How often do you post to communities? (not counting comments)
What communities do you post in the most often?

Today is the first time I've posted since January..before that I hadn't posted since March 2008. I have decided I should post more. So starting today I'm going to try to update at least once a day or every other day.

It varies. Sometimes I don't post at all..this is my second post in TQC today.

I post to thequestionclub and december2008 the most.

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Do you know what a Steeplechase is (without looking it up, obviously)? If so, have you ever been to one? Do you remember what you wore?

Have you ever been to a jazz, opera or otherwise black tie concert? If so, who performed and what did you wear?

When is the last time you went to the dentist? What did you go for?

How often do you light candles at your house?
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I get 'made fun of' for using a hotmail email address. I understand the concept of someone making a comment about it because it is just a free email service. but I have had a few people tell me that if I were to use my email address for a business, it would look better if I used gmail.


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if my textbook says one thing but the encyclopedia britanntica says something different, which should i believe? in this case, my textbook says a certain dynasty was founded in 907, but the encyclopedia says ca. 850.

note: this is not the first time my textbook has said one thing while everything else says something noticeably different.
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I haven't worked out in 2 weeks because I've been sick, and I've been feeling pretty dizzy today. I've also been massive craving an ice cream soda, which is good because I haven't really had anything to eat or drink besides water in a while. But I'd feel guilty about having an ice cream soda since I've been so inactive the last few weeks.

Should I just say screw it and go for it? Or should I go for something healthier and try to curb the craving?

I'm hoping I'll be able to work out again tomorrow.

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who are the godfathers of the horror genre. for my homework i decided to do it on the horror genre and i was wondering, who are the godfather of horror genre? who started the horror genre?and how can you divide types of horror?
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When applying for a job how long does it typically take you to write/adapt a letter & resume? Is there a great discrepancy if you're really invested/don't care about the job?

I'm trying to send out unsolicited applications and it's taking me hooouuurs to finish a single one. I think I'm Doing It Wrong.

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Is this confusing, or was our tech support guy a dumbass: ?

"The computer is connecting to the wireless modem, but it doesn't have internet."

In other news, do you want to make out?

ETA: Apparently I wasn't clear. I said this to the tech support guy and he didn't know what I meant. So I was asking if what I said was confusing.
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this is directed towards those of you who have tried the 30 day shred.

did you get the results you wanted with this workout? did you combine the shred with another work out routine or was it your only routine? what kind of changes did you make to your diet while you were on the shred? how much weight did you lose at the end?
midsommar dani


What are your favourite songs to sing along with?

I like to sing along to Sarah Harmer songs, especially from her album You Were Here. They have nice melodies :)
Catwoman and Harlequin

You're a lover and a fighter

You can punch one of these people in the face. Who do you pick?

Michael Richards
Ann Coulter
Bob Sagat
Heidi Montag
Michael Vick
Megan Fox
Rush Limbaugh
Sarah Palin
Michael Moore
Tyra Banks
Larry the Cable Guy
Celine Dion
Kanye West
Elizabeth Hasselbeck
I don't want to punch anybody in the face

You get to sit next to one of these famous people for a 4 hour flight. There's no in-flight movie so you get to talk to them. Who do you wish to sit next to?

Lady Gaga
Simon Cowell
Angelina Jolie
Christian Bale
Michelle Obama
Bill Gates
Cate Blanchett
John Stewart
Oprah Winfrey
Tim Burton
Victoria Beckham
David Beckham
Zooey Deschanel
George Clooney
None of them. I'd rather sit alone
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My best friend and I are thinking of throwing a zombie party/potluck for Halloween since no one wants to go out this year. What are some movies you can recommend, from cheesy 50's zombie flicks to new scare the shit out of you ones?
What are some recipes you recommend? I'm thinking of making pumpkin empanadas, but want to do more. What would you bring if you went?
What are some needed essentials for teh zombie party?

If you don't care, what are you doing for this Halloween?
Kill you in your sleep

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So, we just found out that my brother in Law (my husbands younger brother) is home from Iraq (he's National Guard) because they found a tumor on his brain, behind his ear and he has to have surgery to remove it. We found out via facebook. By a second cousin. My father in law knew, and our sister in law of course...

How can you fail to tell your son that his brother has a brain tumor??? How can you fail to tell your BROTHER (who you are actually pretty close with, lives 2 hours away, sees a couple times a month...) that you have something like this going on, but you can tell a second cousin, who then posts about it on Facebook?

Have you ever learned anything horrifying/scary/secretive via Facebook/Twitter/Myspace?
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tqc, i'm going to my first party in months this weekend. i want to be the life and soul of the party and make everyone love me. how do i do this? i'm also going to introduce my boyfriend to them and i hate introducing people, is there a way i can integrate everyone easily or something?
srs and non srs answers welcomed.

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Do you judge people according to their food choices? (By "food choices" I mean things like putting katsup on steak, or Swiss cheese on an Eggo.)

If yes, do you feel justified in this, or do you try to remind yourself that it's their food and their decisions?
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Does anyone know any good video editing/creating software? I've been using Windows Movie Maker for the moment, but it's starting to get on my nerves a little and feel kinda limiting.

I'm running on Windows XP at present, if that helps.
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TQC, what do you wear to work out in? I am just getting into walking at the track at school, and I usually just wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt, BUT OH MY GOD, what do you guys do about UNDERWEAR?!?!? I GET MAJOR WEDGIES ALL THE TIME and it is so TOTALLY DISTRACTING and I don't want to be digging at my buttcrack every lap in front of everyone, lol. Should I just go commando or something?
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How would you react if you suddenly discovered you were nine months pregnant? I'm watching I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant if you want to know. Apparently this has been asked every week. Never mind. Hopefully the second and third questions are still valid.

Males: If a girl told you she was nine months pregnant and she just found out shortly before she informed you, how would you react?

If you don't know or don't care, what is your favorite TV channel?

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Do you take probiotics or specifically load up on probiotic-rich foods? Have you ever felt a physical difference from doing it?

sneaky inter-TQC-spinoff advertisement:
Do you guys want to do a Halloween swap, organized by dandy, or get a mixtape from me? Come on down to tqc_swap!
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Have you ever cut a family member or family-like-friend out of your life? Why? Was it permanent? If not, how long did it last?

Edit: Was there a certain point that made you snap and say "this is it"? (If so, what happened?)
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When you first start a relationship, do you have that period of insecurity? If so, what's it consist of? How long does it take for the feeling to (mostly) subside?

What's your favorite cheese?

Ladies, what changes/cravings/mood swings happen when you're PMSing?

Bare With Me

I'm currently looking for a job and I understand the importance of wearing presentable clothes to the places that you're dropping off your resumes and applications. I believe presentable clothes can include clean fitted jeans and a nice clean shirt/t-shirt.

Now I've been accepted to right a general knowledge test tomorrow and my mom and sister keep talking down to me as if I'm a dumbass and have never done this before; about how I have to wear certain clothes, straighten my hair (naturally curly) and how I have to wear make-up even thought I hate the stuff with a passion.

I believe I don't need make-up at all to do well on a test or at any point as long as I have a clean tidy appearance to get a job as I haven't needed it in the past for a job.

Are you pro or con make-up? and why?

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What do I name this new guinea pig?
The other guinea pig's name is Clown Baby (I got her from someone who named her that) after an episode of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They're both female. Video here (I apologize for the fact that I'm speaking like a child it just happens around animals):

What are your pets names?
Mine are: Buster, Chubby, Walter, Otis, LeRoy, Chester, Clown Baby and .....?....
fox snow


TQC, idk if this is a good place to ask for advice but I have friendship issues. I recently graduated university, all my uni friends have left, most of the others are scattered round the country. I do have a few whom I used to work with who are still around though. Collapse )

so TQC, what should I do? Am I being stupid and immature and should I get over myself? Am I a terrible friend? Or am I justified in feeling "meh" right now?

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I'm energetic yet unfocused. What activities do you recommend for me? Quiet preferably, non lazy people have to go to work.

Also, what activities should I do when I'm tired yet shouldn't sleep?

eta:I avoid caffiene due to anxiety.

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Isn't it disturbing how many episodes of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" there are?
What's your favorite TLC guilty pleasure?
Did you see the Mermaid Girl?
Am I sick and twisted for loving those shows about anatomical anomalies?
all you need is


I'm going as a cop for halloween and since I saved money on the other parts of the costume by using my own clothes, I'm going to splurge on an engraved nametag (all of 15 dollars).

SO what should I get engraved on it? I'm thinking of 'Officer Owens' (my name) and under that 'Badass Motherfucker'. Suggestions?

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What's the worst invasion of privacy you have ever experienced?
tonight when I got home my mom told me that she had read my journal and then called my dad and told him everything she found, which included the use of some pretty serious drugs. My dad is the most important person to me and I feel like my relationship with him has been irreparably damaged.

Alternatively, what are your irrational fears?
Every time I open a bathroom door I'm afraid I'll find a dead body inside, and I'm sort of afraid of the entire state of Alaska. I've always wanted to go there but I also have always had the feeling that if anyone I love goes there something bad would happen to them.

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What are good reasons to break up with someone?

I broke up with Mike 4 months ago or so, because I felt that our lives were going in different directions. He is ready for a more stable life (he's going to finish dental school soon and be a full time working dentist in one place all the time - I am just embarking on a series of travels and plan to be a travel writer til I decide to settle down) When we broke up we still loved each other. In fact, we still love each other. Was this a justified reason to break up with him?

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If I'm a member of a few religious groups that have splintered from their original parent religion, you might say I'm prone to involve myself with sects.

Would you describe me as sects-y?