October 20th, 2009


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Poll #1473602 Inspired by that Friends episode

What would you do if Joey walked up to you and asked "How you doin'?"

"I'm fine" and walk away
Fall on my back with my legs in the air akimbo, begging to be Friends with benefits
Giggle, smile and flirt back
Pepper spray FTW!

What would you do if you discovered your hand twin?

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inspired by this post:

do you keep journals as far back as high school and middle school?

if so, how truly horrible are they when you go back and read them?

where do you keep them for ultimate protection against oh-god-the-embarrassment of others finding and reading them?

I have two that I kept from high school. They document a lot of wonderful experiences with my then-friend-now-boyfriend; I even have the entry from the first time I ever met him. I feel that this is really important to have, so even though I can't stand the hundreds of pages of existential whining and "my best friend sucks I hate her" and "ahhh boys" that I wrote back then, I keep them around. They are stashed in between the books I keep stuff in, in my bed headboard bookshelf thing. This camouflages them nicely.
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1. Remember show and tell when you were a kid?

If TQC were to have a show and tell session today, what would you show off?

Why did you pick that object?

2. What's your favorite obscure horror movie?

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Would you find it weird not to have a zip or a postal code?

When we speak to Irish customers at work, they don't have any postal codes so the post just goes to the most random address- like you'll send it to North Cottage, Ballymena- and the post just magically seems to get there? IDK...

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Do you tend to prefer the main characters or the sidekick/minor characters when it comes to movies/tv/books?

Who is your all time favorite main character?
Who is your all time favorite sidekick or minor character?
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Does anyone have a T-Mobile Flexpay account thing?
Is there a cancellation fee?

I can't find much of the fine print online so I'm wondering if there is a cancellation fee or if it's really as good as it seems. I don't want to have to sign up for a two year contract or have to pay 200 bucks to get out of the contract.

Do you pay that 4.99 a month or just have them take the money out of your account?
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So, my wedding ring is made of Tungsten. I am allergic to Nickel. Oops. My finger is already getting a rash after just about 22-23 hours with it on. What can I do so I can still wear my ring but not get a rash from it?

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I spend most of my time at my boyfriends place. It's a tiny apartment with one bedroom and a living room/kitchen combined.

His friend was staying tonight and sleeping on the couch. I have to get up at 8 for work. Neither boyf or friend do. I went to bed and slept an hour but woke up with my boyfriends snoring...i might as well have been next to a pneumatic drill. Normally when this happens I go to the couch but tonight I couldn't. Nowhere else I could go.

Couldn't wake my bf up, he was so sound asleep. Only thing I could think of doing was coming back to mine. Which I did. I left a note explaining what had happened for when he wakes up.

What would you have done?

I have a feeling he's going to be kind of pissed at me. Any suggestions for helping with this problem when it comes up again?

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One of my coursemates told me that her boyfriend and her combine their allowances together. They are 21, both final year non-working students, don't live together and the money are from their parents. So, If she wants to buy a bag, she needs to ask permission from the boyfriend and vice versa.

Is this normal?
Would you combine your allowance(not income!) with a boyfriend? If yes, what would be the reasons?

I understand if they live together and need to buy household shit but this is just ridiculous. Y/Y?

How far into the relationship before you started talking about finances with your SO?
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Poll #1473784 I love writing these alternate meaning polls

What does the term 'Olly Olly Oxen Free' mean?

It's the catchphrase in a German's kids' game which translates to 'everyone is free' and the above statement is the phonetic English translation of that German phrase
It's a line from a Laurel and Hardy movie, where Stan Laurel yells out at Oliver Hardy about the price of the ox. He was mistaken
Famous line uttered by Ollysfyr Harnsdul to his son in 11th Century Wales during the infamous oxen stampede that claimed over 85 lives
In Spain, the 'ole ole' is the breakfast of matadors and is served with the loser in the bullfight the previous afternoon. You can request it without the bull, which is shouted to the cook "Ole Ole - oxen-free!'
When tongueless cattlehand Oliver ran back to tell his boss they escaped, he tried to say it but couldn't. His boss said "Olly? Olly? The oxen are free?"

Basketball sized napkin wads.

Yesterday I took my boyfriend to Souplantation (soup, salad, bread, & dessert buffet) because he was sick, and he really wanted chicken noodle soup. Well, we get there, and there's a couple sitting in a booth near us-- and let me just say, they were so conspicuous. They were dressed like we were all having 80s flashbacks-- 16 candles anyone? Which you know, whatever who cares right?

Well get this, they had plates all stacked up around them with bread and butter-- like it was a Thanksgiving feast with mostly bread and butter. Can we draw anyone attention to ourselves?! And it gets better! They were chewing the bread and butter, spitting it out into napkins, and "secretively" while using two hands, carrying the huge wad into the trash cans by the soda fountains after they reached basketball sized chewed bread/butter/napkin wads-- they kept doing this over and over 8-9 times during the course of the dinner. I completely lost my appetite at the disgust-- and I wondered when management would finally get on them.

Honestly, I can't fathom why an $11 meal makes someone feel like they have to waste so much food "secretively" in order to get their money's worth-- plus bread isn't worth much anyway! And the guy left with a lunch pail! You'd think they would've been a little more discreet about the whole operation.

Why the fuck were they doing this? Just being cheap and trashy?

Ever witnessed anything like this? Please tell your stories!

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What are the requirements for you to consider somebody a "good" friend?  A "best" friend?

How much time do you spend with your good friends?  What would you be willing to do for them? 

If you had a good long-distance friend who is struggling financially and has been for quite some time (at least partially brought on by poor planning/decision-making that is probably still occuring), what do you think the best way to help is?
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does anyone have a link to the video I'm trying to find? it's a parody "ghost" video where a guy plays soccer while another dude wrapped in a tarp runs around behind him as the added text claims that NO ONE SAW THIS APPARITION DURING FILMING, GASP.

alternately, would you show me a video you like?
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What are some of your favorite short stories?

They have to be good for discussion in a creative writing workshop!

eta: this creative writing workshop is taking place in jail. So, you know, nothing too scandalous.

Soothe away the worry!

I'm super anxious about a midterm tomorrow, haven't slept in about 2 days, and my pulse is 140! What are some great "STFU BRAIN", calming yourself techniques that work well for you?

Now is probably not a good time to exercise/I'd probably have a stroke y/n?

When's the last time you've been super anxious/what caused it?

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My dog likes to rip apart/eat cotton balls. Why does she do this? Is it because they remind her of little bunnies (being white and fluffy and all), or does my witch hazel smell THAT good, even once it's dried?

What kinds of weird things does your dog/cat/other pet like to eat?

Read any good books lately?

What are your favorite websites for cheap retail therapy/online window shopping?

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In keeping with the theme of engagement/marriage questions..
Will you show me your engagement ring, if you had/have one?
If you're already married, will you show me your wedding ring?

For those of you who aren't engaged or married yet, show me your dream engagement/wedding rings.

Edited because I'm not awake yet.

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How the FUCKING FUCK is "Miley" even a real GOD DAMN name GOD DAMMIT??

Hell - Picasso Devil

Hur Dur

I am on the last statement of a quarter's worth of data entry and my brain is fried. If I have a statement total of 15,188 Yen that came into my bank at $145.25 - what percentage do I enter into my "currency conversion" field to get the right outcome in dollars? My brain is broke.
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I like fruitcake. I'm curious as to why other people don't like fruitcake. Will you tell me why you don't like fruitcake?

Which foods do you like that everyone else seems to hate?
Which foods do you hate that everyone else seems to like?
What is your favorite seasonal food?
junk food

drunk logic

It seemed a little sketchy to me years back that she's quirkyJenny was detoxing off a variety of drugs, don't know what so don't ask, by using Pepsi. Not my field of expertise so I didn't complain too much.

However now I've got God likes meRaven going on and on about how if you've drunk an obscene amount of Jack Daniels the only way to deal with that is too continually drink tiny amounts of beer. The rational, if it can be called that, is having so much alcohol in your system and just not drinking more to ween off of it can result in spasms, shock, and then death.

That doesn't sound quite right to me.

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I have a guy friend who I spend a few hours with every night (his parents think we are in love, but really, we're just good buddies). He has just started dating this girl for the second time who last year broke his heart. Already, he texts her constantly while we hangout and in the last 2 weeks there have already been three obnoxiously dramatic situations. Eventually, I assume I am going to meet her, but I already HATE her for being such a tool.

TQC, do I have to shake off my feelings of hating her and give her a fresh start when we meet? All I want to do is tell him to ditch the bitch.

ETA: not jealous, seriously.... you wont believe me, but you have to for the situation. He's had other girlfriends I've been very ok with

Do you have any friends with SOs you despise? Please share!

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What do you think I'll dream about tonight, tqc?

What was the last dream you had?
Last night, I dreamt I could talk to this one chameleon. He was friendly, sarcastic, and funny as hell. Although, I don't remember anything he said other than he slept during the day rather the night.
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How often do you feel jealous?  What triggers these feelings?

What would you consider to be an excessive amount of jealousy from an SO?  How about just a friend?

Do you secretly like it when your SO is a little bit jealous?  Have you ever tried to make someone jealous?

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Hey TQC--maybe you can help me figure this out!

There are many songs I've heard that, even if I don't particularly like them or relate to them, have a distinctly nostalgic, epic, heart-warming, familiar sound to them. I can think of some recent songs, like MGMT's "Time to Pretend" and "Kids," Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling"...some older ones, like "Angst in My Pants" from the Valley Girl soundtrack.

Do you know what I'm talking about, or does this sound like crazy-talk?
Is it a music theory thing? (Like--certain chord progressions or beats evoke certain emotions?)
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Today at the mall, I saw two bff moms, with three kids each: two walking and two in strollers, and they all looked about the same age, as though they coordinated giving birth together. On one mom: a glittery Hannah Montana t-shirt featuring Miley, Billy Ray, and the brother, Jackson. On the other, a black stretchy shirt spangled with sparkly stuff from glitter to rhinestones. saying "I wish I was with Edward". Which was worse?

Poll #1473805 What is worse?

Twilight mom or Hannah Montana mom?

Twilight Mom
Hannah Montana Mom
how the fuck can you expect me to choose between these two evils?!
Where's the ticky, damnit?

If you don't gaf, does/did your school give out agendas, or did you have to provide your own?

hair chronicles lol

TQC, are you particular about who you let cut your hair? Or will you go to any ol' place?

Growing up my mom insisted on taking me to an expensive salon, which I didn't see the big deal about because I wasn't paying for it myself. The first haircut I paid for myself was at a Great Clips because I'm a broke college kid and holy jesus was that a bad idea. D: It wasn't a huge deal because it's only hair and it grows back, but it was just not what I wanted, even a little. So now I'm on the hunt for a new salon/stylist in my area that isn't a Super Cuts/Great Clips/etc. I posted in the atlanta community to no response yet, but in the meantime a google search led me to a place right up the street from me that has very good reviews. Should I call that place and make an appointment? What would YOU do?

Will you show me a picture of your favorite haircut you've ever gotten?!

ETA: I made an appt with that salon for tomorrow morning... I'll post in _updates if it's a good cut, haha :X

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Why is Seth Macfarlane incapable of making shows that aren't almost exactly the same setup as Family Guy? IDG why they all have pretty much the same characters, structure, dialogue, etc.

When's the last time you pooped your pants?

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Hypothetically... IF you had a store window that you wanted painted and I applied for the position on craigslist would you hire me (based on the pic under the cut and at the link) and what do you think is a reasonable fee?

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cheesin' for Disney


is the idea of untrained, normal 25-year-old guys wrestling for fun weird?

is it kind of hot?

eta: this isn't like the fight club. it's more like joking around, smacktalking and then deciding to "take it outside."

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Say you were in an accident. A drunk driver t-boned you, then sped off into the night, only to crash (for a second time) into a tree. The police arrive and have you sign a paper saying you're okay. Then you go to the hospital to get checked out. Later on, you get a bill for $12,000 for the drunk driver's car. The reason for this is that the accident report is all screwed up and the cop checked the box that said you were at fault instead of the other guy. When you call the police to try and get this mistake cleared up, they just tell you to pay up. You think of getting an attorney but they all want you to lie and say you had a loss of income, which you didn't.

So what would you do?

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What are the major grocery stores where you live? What grocery store do you go to most often, if you have a choice between several?
(Publix & Kroger where I live. I like Publix better, but Kroger is cheaper and I'm broke. :C)

Have you ever been to Aldi? How does it compare to your "usual" grocery store?

I've heard that it's pretty cheap, so I'm thinking about going there instead of my Kroger tonight even though it's a bit further away.

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Who is the best cook in your family/circle of friends?

What is their best dish?

How awesome is it?

Are any of you in here quilters? I really want to start quilting, do you have any good tips/advice/websites for me?

What are you nostalgic for?

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 Is there a community like tqc that is strictly health related? I looked but couldn't find one so I'm coming here with my question.

Starting sometime in the summer, I started getting light-headed and dizzy, usually when I stood up. A few times I've had a weird black spot in my vision. I'm exhausted all the time, and multiple times a week I can tell my heart rate is getting really fast, it's really freaky. I get headaches every now and then, feel like my legs are going to go out, and the other day I felt like I was making myself breathe. I just know these symptoms are related. My mom says its my sinuses, but I don't think so. What in the world could it be?

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Do you have a hot water machine like this? Do you leave it on overnight? I think I forgot to turn my aunt's off (she's out of town). I'm going back tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I've accidentally done it before.

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I think in most relationships, one person is more invested than the other.

For how many of your relationships has this been the case? Which one have you been, the more or less invested one?

In situations where you were the more invested one, did you feel at the beginning that your partner was "out of your league" or that you'd lucked out?

In situations where you were the less invested one, did you go into it thinking it was just going to be short-term, or did you just figure you'd see where it went?

If you've been in a relationship where the two of you were equally invested, are you still in it? If it ended, why did it end?

If you have a story to tell that is along these themes but doesn't exactly answer one of these questions, I'd still love to hear it.

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I have all your basic baking ingredients (except butter, but I will have it by tomorrow) including yeast and whole wheat flour, eggs, regular flour, baking soda/powder, spices, etc. I want something sweet. I have allllll day tomorrow.

What should I bake tomorrow that isn't brownies? Recipes?

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The act of yawning is baffling to experts for two reasons. One, it doesn't actually seem to serve any purpose. Seriously, when you feel a yawn coming on, suppress it. What happens? Do you go into convulsions? Is your face racked by pain? Does blood shoot from your nose? No. Not a damned thing happens.

Equally baffling, though, is the contagious nature of it. Yawn, and whoever sees you will yawn. When a chimpanzee yawns, the other chimps yawn. If you yawn, you can make a dog yawn. Seriously, try it.

Odds are you've yawned once just because you read the word "yawn" several times above. Did you?
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i've seen this posted so many times, but never read the responses since it wasn't to my interests. of course now my skin has decided to break out like crazy. so how tqc, what's the best way to get rid of pimples?

what do you have planned for the weekend?
work.. wooo.

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Do you know any Halloween puns? Something like 'I can see you're in high spirits' or something equally corny?

For those of you that don't:

My cat's paws have become cracked and some of the skin is peeling (like when humans get dandruff but it's on his paws). It started on one paw but now it's spreading to the other ones. None of my other cats have this problem and they are all indoor-only. Any ideas what it could be? srs/non-srs

He's got a vet appointment for early next week so it should get sorted then!

I am in a constant state of stress

Have you ever had to withdraw from a class because you couldn't keep up with it along with the rest of your workload? How'd that work out for you? Does withdrawing from a class fuck with your transcript/record at all? If it counts for anything, I do need to take ths class, I just don't think I can handle it right now.
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Do you work out/exercise?

How often?

What do you do when you work out/exercise?

What keeps you motivated? When is it hardest?

Do you think you get enough exercise?

Whats your favorite healthy food? Do you find it easy or difficult to eat healthy? Why/why not?

What is your biggest weakness when it comes to food?

Answer any or all, of course :)

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dear x-files loving members of TQC,

which episode(s)/season/arc should i watch instead of studying for my biology test?

other than bad blood. i know we all love it, but i am not in the mood for it today. something else. :)

also, for everyone, what movie should i have my roommate netflicks for this weekend? i was thinking i am sam? maybe? maybe not? other ideas?
Baro Bitch Stare
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How close are you to your family?

That was the emotional question, this one is the distance question, how far is it to your parent's house from your place?

Siblings, same questions?

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Have you found the shampoo/conditioner for your hair? 

I bought some Tresemme (the anti-breakage kind) and so far, it has been amazing. My hair is very, very thin with no volume and I usually can't run even a comb through it while it's wet--but after using this shampoo/conditioner, I can. It's awesome and I thought I should share the excitement.

What's your #1 hair product? 

nat > smirk
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Have you ever played a prank/practical joke on somebody? How did it go?

I like freaking out my friends and casual acquaintances with this site: peteranswers.com, because I have no creativity when it comes to pranks.

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So how do I go about taking better pictures of the things I've painted? The ones I have are awful. Should I wait for the natural light or should I set up a white sheet and light it artificially? Flash or no flash? I think the flash definitely washes out the detail.

It doesn't help that most of my paintings are on are freakin green background.

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What's the last thing that actually made you LOL?

I was looking at some old photos when I found one of me in a bikini. I showed it to my BF and he made some comments  about how great I looked. He studied it for a bit, I said ''hell, it's been about 15 years since that was taken

His reply? 
'fuck no!!! urgh urgh! I thought you were about 16 or 17!' Then he launched the photograph as far as it would go! His reaction was priceless!'

eta - Yep I am hopeless! I was 12.

k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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I might have a car here tomorrow which means I'd be buy food from outside my house, finally! I'm sick of cooking.

Do you have any suggestions to what type of place to go/what to get?


When do you think children should be assigned substantial nightly homework?

How old were you (what grade) when you started getting nightly homework assignments?
matthew wig

tl;dr probs.

Coworker situation. Boss is married with a child, the other coworker is divorced but living with her boyfriend of four years.

You start to notice funny things happening with them. There was always the normal joking/bugging/flirting interaction that happens with almost everyone at this workplace, however, there has been a change. You notice the boss calling the coworker at work, daily for non-work related conversations. They chat for 10-15 minutes everyday, sometimes twice, just joking and having fun.

Then you notice they have started going for coffee together. The boss gets off work and leaves for coffee place, and the other coworker conveniently chooses this time to go for coffee. She comes back and you ask "Did you go for coffee with so-and-so?" reply "Yes, haha." It happened once awhile ago and you notice that it's now happening several times a week, in addition to the phone calls.

Due to the fact that you've become aware of these two things, you begin to notice how often they sneak to the back to talk, very frequently all shift. As soon as someone approaches they scatter and go back to work.

NOW, would it be wrong to assume that it looks like it could be developing into an affair? If it hasn't already? Not that I would go do anything about it, I'm just curious of I'm seeing something that isn't there. I want to know I'm not insane for thinking it haha.

It doesn't help that they are both very vocal about their relationship issues, in fact I know how long it's been since the woman last had sex with her man, SINCE SHE ANNOUNCES IT WEEKLY. Not something I ever wanted to know...

Maybe I'm a weird girl, but I would not be comfortable with my boyfriend/husband calling a woman everyday and going for coffees several times a week.

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Girls, say that you and your boyfriend are long distance. You ask him how his day goes, and he says that he ran into a friend who graduated from his school last semester but was back on campus just for the day. He constantly refers to this friend as 'friend' and 'they' and never introduces a pronoun revealing the sex of this friend. Ex: "I ran into a friend and they suggested we get lunch," "I just had coffee while they had their lunch."

Would you interpret this friend as female, and he didn't want to just say "she" because he feared that you would get jealous or something??

Name some basics..

What did you/are you going to ask for from your parents for your birthday? My birthday is on the 25th and i'm supposed to come up with a few things that I want since it's a 'big-deal birthday'. D: I need some help on this one..
Kill Bill - Elle
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Your 50-year-old mother is severely depressed and 1600 miles away. You want to cheer her up. What do you do?

You have a dinner to make for a guy who will eat anything, but it needs to be fresh and healthy. What do you make?

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To say that I'm not a morning person would be polite. I usually set 10 alarms in hopes of even just waking up. I used to rely on computer alarms and without fail, they would wake me up. For some reason, since switching from desktop to laptop -- I can't seem to get any alarm to go off on my computer. I've tried them while awake with the same problem. I've even tried setting my display to never turn off, with only a screen saver on, to no avail.

So, TQC, what the hell is going on? 

If you have one, which alarm program do you use?

Don't care? What musician has impressed you the most live? Why?
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