October 19th, 2009

Noel Panda. Fat Chinese people.

Animal mythology

Do you know anything about the mythology and/or symbolism associated with foxes and bears? From any/all countries/sources is fine. Particularly negative associations.

Please make all answers non-furry related. :( Thank you.
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Peggy Blink

(no subject)

If someone in a bar setting outright disrespected your SO, what would your reaction be?

I just got back from seeing the Electric Six and they were amazing. What was the last awesomeomg concert you went to?

(no subject)

I hurt my back tonight at work. I literally had to gasp and catch my breath, and was bent over for about five minutes. My co-worker was nowhere to be found, so I had to continue doing the lifting to close the store. It didn't feel too bad, but now it's starting to hurt again.

On a scale of one to eleventy, how bad will my back hurt tomorrow morning?

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Can you show me a cat cuter than my kitten?

Do your animals act different during one season than the other? we have a cat that hates everyone during the spring and summer but once it gets cold during winter and fall she cuddles up like the sweetest cat you would ever meet in your lap.

(no subject)

Dear Question Club,

Say you were a decade out of high school and you were just getting around to finishing community college and transferring. One school wants you to take the SAT even though high school is a distant memory.

What math subjects are covered by the SAT?
Do I need to brush up on obscure, mostly useless words?
How would a busy college student with little money and a couple months' time effectively brush up for the SAT in January?

(no subject)

Why are you still awake (if relevant to your time zone)?
I'm working on my stupid AP Lit paper I can't seem to finish.

Any interesting plans for the week?
It's Spirit Week at my school. Woo!

Tim Gunn is concerned

Fiancial concern.

I'm getting married in June and thought I would have full financial help from my mom/parents but my mom decided to drop the bomb on me that she changed her mind and won't be helping at all.

My fiancee and I have pretty much no money at all at this point. We can't save our pay checks for the wedding since we have to use pretty much the entire pay checks to pay rent/bills.

So I've decided that since I have very good credit, I could maybe open a credit card or two with low APR and charge as much as possible for the wedding and pay it off over time (and yes have to pay extra for fees but oh well, hence the low APR).

Then I thought maybe I could try getting a loan for like $15,000-20,000 but I have no idea how getting a loan works, though I'm pretty sure my good credit would be a positive factor in this.

So, TQC, what do you think I should do? Get the credit cards or get a loan?
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(no subject)

So now, not only does my back hurt, I just woke up because my throat was killing me so much it hurt.

My parents turned the heat on- could this be what's drying me out and making my throat kill?
I didn't have any symptoms of a flu or anything 4 hours ago.

WHyyyyy does this keep happening to me?

ETA: My back is hurting becauseI threw it out at work tonight. I should have entered that.
Sam outside

(no subject)

 I know this is lame but does anyone want to help decode a text message? ;)

Collapse ) 

And for other questions totally unrelated...
2. For those of you in school, how's it going? Have any midterms coming up?
3. Do you wear slippers when you're at home? If so, what do they look like?
4. Are you wearing any jewelry right now? If yes, what are you wearing?
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(no subject)

Has a blind person ever hit you with their walking stick?
If you were blind, would you purposely smack people with your walking stick?
Why do blind people hate me so much?
Rivet Riot

(no subject)

My boyfriend and I are considering getting eachother a joint Yule/Xmas present in the form of some gaming system more advanced than his PS1.

Right now, we're trying to decide between a Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3.

Which game system would you recommend? Why?

Which system has the best games? (Bear in mind that the only game we've been playing on the PS1 is Diablo, and that I own Mariokart and Dokapon Kingdom for Wii already)

Are there games for the system that are kick-ass for adults as well as games that are kick-ass for kids? (In this case, a 9-year-old girl who's way into Disney and JoBro etc. *shudder*)

Do you have specific game recommendations for the system you like best?

Thanks for your input!
clara bow
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My neighbor used to cheat on his gf/baby mama with me. After a couple months I started seeing someone single and he pretended to play happy family with her because she would not go home since she was afraid we'd hang out. Last week she finally got a job so she leaves the house for several hours a day. So on days 3, 4, and 5 of new job he comes over asking me to have sex with him. I said no and told him if I even entered his room I would write my name all over the walls with a sharpie so she would know and leave panties there, etc. But still he kept asking!

On Friday he came over again saying he missed me and wanted me to come over. He was standing in his yard and bitchface (his gf) rolled up and he goes "oh my love how was your day my love?!" And I walked out to my car and told her that her bf persistently solicits me for sex while she is at work. She got pretty pissed at me. Surprise he said I was lying.

I totally hate my neighbors.

ETA: I was walking my dog and saw her car is outside. This is not the first time she has been too afraid to go to work because of him trying to see me. Lol.

Also to be clear when we started he told me they were broken up. And then when I learned otherwise it took like a month for me to get over it and leave that situation. Sad. Too late for edit drama time!

What scum bag stories do you have to share?
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(no subject)

So I'm in love with Firefox. I had to use IE on a co-worker's computer for the last couple weeks and it wasn't terrible, I just like Firefox more. However, what I do like about IE is that it groups your tabs by site (aka if I open a facebook page in a new tab, it opens it right next to the current facebook tab as opposed to opening it at the end of my other open tabs).
Is there any way I can get Firefox to do this too? I'm looking on the official Add-ons for Firefox page but not having much luck.

(no subject)

Will one of you please come punch me in the face until I finish my grad school application? I just have on step left and it's due Nov 1st and it's pretty important.

Alternately, will one of you punch my bosses and teacher in the face until they finish my letter of recommendation?

I am super stressed about this.

[EDIT] How do you format a statement of intent? I've tried looking up samples, but AVG flags all of them as malicious sites.

Dirty Minds, Inc.

The last time you made someone happy using just your mouth, what did you do?

Ate the meal they prepared for me
Told them a story
Sang them a song
Told them a joke
Laughed at their joke
Whistled at their bum as they walked away
Asked my god to smite their enemies and the horses they rode in on
Called them up when they were feeling lonely
Kissed them
Simply smiled at them
Shut my big fat yap
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Thomas Jefferson said in a letter to James Madison, Then no man can, by natural right, oblige the lands he occupied, or the persons who succeed him in that occupation, to the paiment of debts contracted by him. For if he could, he might, during his own life, eat up the usufruct of the lands for several generations to come, and then the lands would belong to the dead, and not to the living, which would be the reverse of our principle.

Paying the debts of the Revolutionary War is one thing, but is the future generation's paying of the debts of the current generation's expenditures what Jefferson would call the lands belonging to the dead and not to the living?

Do you care about only yourself in the here and now?

Hello Question Cult

1) I want to send somebody a specific flower from a specific plant -- they live across country. Is there a good way to package a fresh flower for shipping via FedEx?

2) Does it bother you when your significant other farts?
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(no subject)

Ring Tones...Caller Tunes...Do you have either or both? Do you have certain rings for different people or one for all? What are they?

Would you like a Hershey Kiss or a peanut m&m?

Bob Marley: Yes or no?
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(no subject)

I just found out this morning that my doctor faxed a note to my school saying that she does not want me in school tomorrow or wednesday because the side effects of the meds i'm on (temporarily) are messing with me big time and she's afraid I'll faint (or much worse) if I go in. I didn't go into school today either. Chances are if I try to show up tomorrow or wednesday, they'll send me back home.

Since I know I'm not the only one who's feeling under the weather, what are your favorite things to do to kill time? Especially if you're "sick".

Inspired by the origin of your underwear post

What country was your:

Car made in? (it's on the sticker on the inside of the driver door)

Cellphone? (under the battery)

The shirt you're wearing?

DK/DC: What's the weather like right now where you are?

Car: USA (it was made in Edison, New Jersey to be specific, I had no clue they even made cars in NJ), cellphone: Taiwan, and the shirt is from India, which I find ironic, considering it's one of those Element Organics ones and they're whoring out their "greenness"-- you'd think all the fuel used to ship it from India to the US would make up for the organic growing, no?

And it's grey and drizzly here, such a letdown after a weekend of 70+ temps. :(
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(no subject)

Hypothetical situation:

You're talking to someone, and they point out that you have the opportunity to do something mean and petty to them, which you'd never previously thought about doing, and then they ask you not to do it, and then they call you names and yell at you.

What would you do?

(no subject)

I was invited to the movies tonight by the guy I like. There will be other people there, so not exactly a date. However, I've already seen the movie once and I only have $10 total to my name. They are going to the theater in the city they go to college in, about 25 minutes away. He offered to pick me up if I decided to go.

Do I go? 

How often do you buy new clothes, even if it's just a thing here and there? I always want to buy new stuff :(

(no subject)

Do you keep your butter in the fridge or do you keep it room temperature?

My mother's side of the family always keeps it out, and a lot of my friends do too, and it really grosses me out. it's dairy- it needs to be cold!
DLM George

(no subject)

Alright, pet owners. My cat peed all over some of my coats. How do I get the smell out??? They're machine-washable. A couple are quilted Carhartt's. :/

Edit: YES I have tried washing them. Twice. You can still smell it.
PPP, Evangelion

Can you ID this dog?

The wife found this puppy under our carport this morning. Does anyone know what breed of dog it is?
EDIT: It's a girl, and she was found getting into our trash. She's got some fleas but no collar/tags and doesn't behave like she's been abused, doesn't look starved. We can't keep her because we already have one dog (who doesn't seem to mind this one, tries to mother it) but we can't take on another.
Edit II:

Another angle on the puppy. That kinda looks like a Pit chest to me.
Edit III: We found her owners. Byebye puppy!
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(no subject)

What do you consider immature behavior?

What color tic tacs do you prefer?

Have you ever or do you currently use(d) a fake ID?

Have you ever found a wallet and returned it without stealing a single thing from it?

V8: Love or hate?
Conan & his Amazing Friends

Steel Cage Match

Poll #1473446 VERSUS

Who would win? The Scooby Doo gang, along with Scooby Dum, or the crew of Gilligan's Island?

Scooby Doo & co.
Gilligan's Island crew

The Plastics & Cady, or the Heathers and Veronica?


Selene from Underworld and her gear or Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her gear?


Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner or Captain Hook and Inigo Montoya? They all have their selective weapons

Sparrow and Turner
Hook and Montoya

Aragorn and Boromir or Leatherface with chainsaw and Bill the Butcher from Gangs of New York?

Aragorn and Boromir
Leatherface and Bill

Laura Croft, GoGo Yubari from Kill Bill and Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean or Charlies' Angels (Cameron, Drew and Lucy)?

Tomb Raider, GoGo and Swan
Charlies' Angels

Batman or Jason Bourne?


(no subject)

If you're generally loathed or at least completely misunderstood by a group of people, do you continue to try and commiserate with that group of people?

Do you attempt to change yourself, at least on the outside, in attempts to seek approval or at the very least, a neutral acceptance?

Do we all, deep down, just want to be loved, and are willing to wear as many masks as necessary to get that love?

DK/DC: What is your favorite suit of cards?

(no subject)

So I posted on my blog before about circumcision with links to NYMag.com, because that's what they're featuring today, and it seems like everyone is too chicken to comment, even anonymously, which is frustrating because it makes me feel weird about writing about it. I know you're all not chicken. What are your thoughts on the matter?
Edit: More importantly, what have your experiences been with cut and uncut? I don't care what sex you are.
Edit edit: Finally! A comment, and a good one. Hooray!

And have any of you made a guinea pig habitat? I think I'm going to make one today as an alternative to the cage I have. Anyone have guinea pigs? Are two better than one? I think I'm gonna get another one today.
batshit crazy

Not Even Trying to Start Wank

After reading about a lesbian left to die alone, and a judge backing it, I can't help but wonder - the people who oppose gay marriage always say marriage is religious and religion looks down on homosexuality, but maybe they could have civil unions/partnerships... Uh, am I stupid or is this not the exact same argument as racist assholes saying blacks and other minorities could have separate, but equal schools/stores/bathrooms/water fountains/etc? How do they get away with even mentioning this shit in passing?

And yes, I know the whole religion thing is a weak case as well, but they mean the clear and obvious MORAL FIBER we all have in Amurikuh. Except the gays. They're missing that gene. Oh, and probably that interracial couple in 2009 Mississippi that had the audacity to ask for a marriage certificate. A different, but probably frat brother of the first one, judge denied that. And Jews. And... well, you get the idea.


(no subject)


have you ever been to india? what should i expect?
i will be living in northern india for the month of may, studying religion.

alternatively, have you ever studied abroad? if so, where? what was it like?
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(no subject)

I am an English/design student in college. I, and most of the people in my major, and all of the labs in my program's building, use Mac computers. As a transfer student, they made me take a "computer literacy" test that was all about wiring and hardware and routers and networks. However, the class that I'm required to take as a result of failing this test is exclusively about how to use Microsoft Office 2007 (for Windows). This is bullshit, y/y?
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(no subject)

Are there any "childhood traditions" that you probably wouldn't do with your child?

i.e. - When/if I have kids, I'm not doing that tooth fairy business. It's creepy, gross and unsanitary. If they really want it, I'll still give them a dollar when their tooth falls out. But, ew, no teeth under the pillows please.

sry dbl poast

Have you ever learned to communicate with an animal/pet using THEIR language, not human words?

I've just discovered how to mimic the weird noises my cats make when they're discussing things amongst themselves, so now I can convey different emotions using different miaows and they will come running when I make their "where are you? come play" sound.

At first they totally freaked out though, I think it was like when Korean people come into work and say really personal things to each other in front of me and then are totally shocked to learn I can understand them.

Oh and once-upon-a-time I had two diamond doves and I was told to try and mimic their coos, but they were horrible pets. Ugh birds.
im french

(no subject)

Americans, do you think it's important to buy American made goods? (the rest of you can substitute as you wish.)

Was James Bond a misogynist or just a manwhore? Or is there an inevitable overlap? Or is there not?
Hanifah Tough

It's like Sophie's Choice

I have not eaten all day and I haven't gotten off in about 2 weeks. We have hot wings downstairs but my mom just left so I have the time and privacy to masturbate.

If I eat first I might get hot sauce in my bajingo.

If I rub one out first I might not be able to enjoy it because I'm starving and lazy o's suck.

What would you do?

ETA: To all the people who say "Just wash your hands" What?
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Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you could convert yourself into a nuclear weapon like in Heroes?

Optionally: Using Google's calculator by inputting your weight * the speed of light squared, how many joules of energy does your body contain?

Using this joules to megaton converter, how many megatons of energy would your body produce if you blew yourself up?

I'm 180lbs and 180 pounds x the speed of light squared = 7.33803285 × 10**18 joules, or, 7338032850000000000 joules, which works out to 1753.831943119076 megatons. The largest nuclear bomb was the Russian Tsar Bomba at 50+ megatons. Its richter magnitude was 5 to 5.25.

(no subject)

My boyfriend and I want to dress up like Ricky and Lucy from Trailer Park Boys for Halloween.

How the heck can one achieve Ricky's hairstyle?

Here's some links to pictures for anyone unfamiliar with the show.

http://i26.tinypic.com/2i04184.jpg (Far left)

My Dearest TQC,

I'm supposed to (still) be writing a paper on fucking Shays' Rebellion and suchwhat. But I need good studying music. Give me good studying music! Alternatively, post lolable links to distract me, and I'll tell you how effective you were in distracting me.

Edited because I suck and didn't pose a legit question:

What music is usually good to study to? Alternatively, what lolable links are out there to distract me from writing my paper?
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(no subject)

I'm in university halls using a CAT5 cable to access the internet. At certain times of day the connection gets incredibly slow, and constantly asks me for a password. Is there any way of dominating the connection so that I can use the internet for work, and cause the movie-streamers/WoW players to have a slow connection?
How fast is your internet connection?

(no subject)

I just got an interview for an internship for tomorrow. However, it's a group interview with 4 or 5 other candidates so I really need to stand out. I've never done a professional interview yet and I'm pretty clueless.

Does anyone who's gone through the interview process before have any tips? I'm pretty shy, especially when under pressure, so I'm a little worried.
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(no subject)

I feel like everyone has different has a certain situation (or multiple ones) where they draw a "fine line" between loving something and hating it. Or just a fine line between liking and disliking it.

Do you have anything like that? If so, what?

(no subject)

My ex called me on his way to work and told me he got high before he left because he didn't feel like dealing with work.

Have any of you gotten high before you went to work? Why? It sounds like a very stupid idea, yes? 

Also, when do you consider someone "addicted" to getting high? Not necessarily seriously addicted, but how much is too much? 

(no subject)

in 4 hours i have to be dressed as a pirate. i didn't have time to go shopping today so i have no eye patch, no hat, no outfit. i only have my own clothes and creativity, and that is lacking majorly. so fire ahead. help me please? what do i wear?!

(no subject)

 House was supposed to have started 30 minutes ago, but the Yankees and Angels are now in their 11th inning, tied. What happens in a situation like this? Will they just air it after the game, no matter what time?

Don't know/ don't care: Did you get scared after you watched Paranormal Activity? If you haven't seen it, are you going to?
hate pimentos

(no subject)

It appears that my plans for the evening are not working out, which makes me both petulant and upset.  Here is the issue: I have had about a half of a dark and stormy (a cocktail which involves a bottle of gingerbeer and about 2 shots of dark rum).  It seems pointless for me to drink at this point and I'm considering jumping on the elliptical machine for about 45 minutes.

Does exercising after a relatively small amount of alcohol seem like a terrible idea?  Will I die?  Will it suck?

Please make my decisions for me.
is a beaut
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(no subject)

i've just realised i've never tasted pumpkin before. what does pumpkin taste like?

what are some things people might be surprised to find out you've never eaten? we will try and tell you what it tastes like.

(no subject)

So I've recently started working for a giant crafts store, and I want to take up a crafty hobby. What should I do?! I've been thinking about jewelry-making or candle-making, anyone have any experience with either?

Alternatively, why does my dog like to roll in my dirty socks and my bath towel right after I've used it? Does she really love me THAT MUCH that she wants to smell like me, dirty feets and all?

(no subject)

Ok TQC indulge my inner 13-year-old for a minute:
Say you realize you're in love with this guy you've been dating for a few months. Would you tell him that you love him if you're not sure about whether he feels the same? If he doesn't (and let's just say it's possible to have feelings for someone but not "love" them) it could make things a little awkward. He's not the type to talk about or analyze his feelings, so this could scare/surprise him. Would you wait until he says it first?

(no subject)

I'm a senior about to go to college, probably one about 7 hours away. My boyfriend, a sophomore in college, has expressed an interest in coming with me. *transferring
What typically happens when couples go to college together? Personal stories would be nice.
Do you think it is it better to get a fresh start in college, sans boyfriend, or are there benefits to bringing one along?

*also, it would be from a school considered "okay"/"backup school" to a school "everyone here wants to go to".
last unicorn

(no subject)

Tell me about something horrible/awful//just plain mean that someone has done to you.

The questions:

What did this person do?
What did you do about it?
Did you get back at them?
Did karma get back at them?
What is your most satisfying revenge story?
If you don't have one, what is your favorite revenge fantasy?

Do you consider yourself petty?

Answer any or all, of course :)
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(no subject)

Ok, so, recently I was helping my friend clean his room and I found a diary belonging to a girl we used to know. My friend said he found it in a parking lot 5 years ago and never told anyone about it, but read the whole thing. Neither of us have seen or spoken to her in a few years. The diary spans the years 1999-2001, when she was in middle school, so it's pretty funny, I'm about halfway through.

Is it mean to read this girl's middle school diary?

She's my friend on facebook. Should I ask her if she wants it back, or would that be too creepy? What would you want done with your diary if you were in this situation?

(no subject)

1)What fact about yourself do you drop into as many conversations as possible?

2)Your record on the longest it's taken you to find a job during a period of unemployment?

3)What wii games would you recommend I buy?
Viking boat


My grandmother recently lost her dog of 14 years this morning (it was attacked by a stray dog..)... she's really upset about it and I'd like to send her something... but I'm not sure what is appropriate? Any ideas? :-( I'm in another country so I can't be there to help her with this tough time.

Thank you.

(no subject)

I just got back from vacation with my boyfriend. While we were on vacation I pointed out a ring I liked. The next night my boyfriend confessed that he was upset that his day hadn't gone as planned because he was planning on going back to buy the ring I pointed out.

Am I going to get engaged soon? Y/N?

Does anyone else miss Terry?

(no subject)

I left my bedroom because I could hear the stupid rat(s?) that keep me up all night running around in my wall right at face level, and now i can hear them in the ceiling above me in here!
whats bugging you right now?

(no subject)

Considering how popular vampires are right now, it might be time to take it to the next level. Vampire stories now are romantic with sexy vampires. This strategy could be applied to other monsters. What monster story is ripe for a screenplay?

Sexy Frankenstein's monster and he just wants to date the villagers. They're haters and try to run him off because they're jelis
Sexy zombie romance with an edgy good looking shambling dead and the girl who loves him. There's sparkles
Sexy Creature from the Black Lagoon. He's a sexy monster who comes onto land to find a girlfriend, but the jelis landlubbers want to destroy him
Sexy werewolf. He's not evil, he's misunderstood. He's a 'bad boy' but is respectful to women
Sexy Mummy. His bandages are made by Abercrombie and designed by Tim Gunn and he has the soul of an artist and just wants a girl who understands him

(no subject)

Me and a friend from work want to dress up like old ladies for Halloween. What essentials should we make sure we have to be the best decrepit old ladies ever?

What was the best costume you've ever come up with or seen?

(no subject)

I am wanting to be a piano for halloween.  I plan to buy a white or black suit from goodwill, and am going to attach "keys" made of cloth to one side of it.  I'm not quite sure what to make the keys out of and how to best attach them.  My one idea is iron-on fabric.  Anyone have any other ideas?

(no subject)

i have to write a paper for my world civ class. it has to be about something before 1500 and it can't be about europe, greece, or rome. so... there go all my ideas. : / and so i ask you: what should i write about?
Old school

Battling boredom poll

What kind of man are you more inclined to go out with?

The man with the plan
The man with the tan
The man with the cans (really a woman)
The man in the Klan
The man with the bran (healthy eater)
The man who's a tran(svestite)
The man who's a fan (sports enthusiast)
The man who's kind of bland (kind of a homebody)
noel and julian

Dearest TQC,

1. Why is high school awful?
2. Why is high school dating awkward and weird?
3. Did you date in high school? If so, did your boyfriend/girlfriend fit into any John Hughs category? (ie, jock, princess, burnout, etc)

4. Also, what is your favorite song right now?

3. Yes, and they have all been jocks, on the football, lacross, or baseball team.
4. The Sweets, by Yeah Yeah Yeahs ... or All Falls Down, by Kanye

(no subject)

Blaggh I had some very shiteous/awkward/sloppy drunken sex this weekend. Problem is, it was with a guy I'd like to stay friends with.

I will probably see him again on Friday. What is something funny/light that I can say to break the ice? I am the queen of making awkward situations even more awkward, haaaalp.

[ETA:] Honestly, as weird as it sounds, I'd like to somehow acknowledge the fact that it sucked. Not in a way that will hurt his ego, just in a "heeey, that was sloppy, sorry about that" kind of way.

(no subject)

what horrible thing has happened in your town lately?

edit: so what happened was these two guys died at a club near where i live in a big brawl apparently, and they don't know how they died specifically, and someone said they killed each other and i'm like wtf? how shakespearean. i can't help but think there's a murderer running around!
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(no subject)

The situation: A celebrity or someone that people generally like is brought up in conversation (usually said person is attractive). You bring up the fact that you don't like them. You have rational reasons, and you just don't like them. Then all of a sudden, everyone else involved in the conversation jumps on your case and tells you that you're just jealous of them.

Does this happen to anyone else? Does it annoy you?

It drives me crazy when people do this to me. No, I'm not ~jealous, I just don't like that person!