October 18th, 2009

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My bf has an iPhone 3GS. I just put an "event" in it via iCal. How does iCal work on the iPhone, will it give him a pop-up when it's time for the "event" to occur? Or will he have to open iCal to see it? If it's the latter, how can I set a reminder for something that will alert him?

What are your nervous habits?

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dear TQC,
I've been good and have bought just about 90% of my clothing at thrift stores for the last 3 years, to save money and to avoid wasting money on silly frivolous things, But lately I've been craving a more polished look.
why do we covet fashionable clothing? Does spending money on clothes made by children in foreign countries bother you? Do you ever feel like you are being sucked into a whirlwind of changing your entire appearance? How often do you buy things? (excluding food and every day living items.)

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does anyone know what causes/cures for ringing and temporary deafness in one ear? it's never more than 15 seconds or so, i don't listen to music loud, wear headphones, or go deep into my ears with qtips, but it happens fairly frequently as of recent. I've had my hearing tested in the past and didn't have any issues.

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what do you know about herbalism/medicinal herbs? do you ever self-medicate with herbs instead of over-the-counter pills, prescriptions, etc.?


what's the best way to prepare a pork chop?

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what do you do when you watch a huge mindfuck of a movie and can't get to sleep?

have you watched paranormal activity? quarantine?

if you hate movies/don't care/have not watched these, what's your favorite trend?
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I moved across the country and my mom is having computer issues that she can't explain right and I can't explain how to fix things. Is there a way to connect our computers so I can take control of it? So I can do what she needs so it is just done and that's it?
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TQC, i'm in the recliner in the living room, watching a campy movie, and surfing lj. Chiquita Banana is currently wrapped in a nice little burrito of a blanket, under my legs, sound asleep. I could easily pick her up in her little bundle and put her in her crate, but I can't seem to convince myself...she's just so darn cute and warm.

So, TQC, do I put her up, or sleep in the recliner with her? She can't sleep in my room, because my bed is too high, and with her bum leg, it's better she doesn't jump up/down that high.


put 'er up
sleep with her
a third, compromising option i'll mention in the comments

Non related:

Do you prefer top loading or front loading washer/dryers? Do you prefer single units (eg one on top of the other?) or individual appliances?

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if you work at target, will you tell me about it? my orientation is on thursday and i'm a little nervous, lol. tell me whatever you want, pretty much. i've worked at kmart and walmart so i have a decent idea of what goes on, but i hardly even shop there so i'm not too familiar with anything.

specific questions:
1) how does getting a raise work at target? at walmart, you got an evaluation after 90 days, and as long as you were doing alright, you got a 40 cent raise. does target do something similar?
2) how does crosstraining work? if i'm trained to work in another department, will i get the same hours i normally get plus maybe an extra shift in the other department? or will i get the same number of hours, just spread out over the departments?
3) if the next paycheck is on the 30th, what dates will that cover? i know we get paid biweekly, but i don't know if my orientation on the 22nd will be on that paycheck or not.

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Good morning TQC.

1.) So i have a little money saved up and i want to use it to try and find my dad. I tried the free sites, etc, but the problem is that he moves around a lot. I think he is in my city, but have no clue where. I knew especially since he isn't simply living in the place for years, i'd have to pay a little to find hmi.

Do you know of or have had any good experiences with a certain "find someone" website? If not, do you have any other tips or advice for me to help me find him? thanks.

2.) If you dont care, where should the Hubby and i go for lunch? We're in Oregon.

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can anyone recommend some good vampire books where the vampires are brutal monsters that rip out people's throats? bonus points if it's also a historical novel.

eta: werewolves and zombies are okay too.
eta2: movies are good too.
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Sibling issues..

We took my little brother in about 5 months ago. He wasn't being responsible at home, kept losing jobs etc. So he moved to our city with my DH and I to get a new start. He got a job about two months ago. In the last few weeks he's been late 4 times on the weekends because he drinks all night with the neighbours and doesn't get out of bed. Last weekend I woke up when he was supposed to get up just so I could ensure he wasn't late.

So this morning I find out he's 1/2 hr late for work this morning! Grr!

I don't know what to do. He's 19 - so an "adult". He doesn't seem to realize he's risking his job by being late. I suppose I could get him to tell me his weekend schedule every weekend and I could wake him up for his shifts.

We can't afford to take care of him if he loses his job. As of right now he pays us $200 a month to live here and that barely covers his food, let alone other expenses we pay for. If he loses his job we may have to kick him out, and that's not what I want to do. He does SO well during the week, but the weekends he falls apart.

Any suggestions??
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TQC, I looove reading science-fiction novels, but I've sort of exhausted all the books of my favorite authors. Will you recommend to me a good science-fiction writer that I can get into?
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Skin Tone Evening _______

I am 30 with normal to dry skin. In the winter I usually have a little flaky patch between my eyes. I currently use Cetaphyll lotion for all over, some schmancy under eye stuff, and once in a while, like if I've exercised particularly hard, a pore minimizing toner by Neutragena. In the shower I rotate between a shea butter/vit c/ and pineapple enzyme exfoliating wash, depending on how my skin has been.

I want something to help even the tone of my facial skin. It can be a wash, moisturizer, toner, whatever. But I need something! Hopefully that I can get at a local drug store because I don't feel like it being a chore whenever I need more. What would you recommend?

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I heard of a website or something that allows you to type in either your name or e-mail or something and it will show you every site that you've registered on, EVER

Anyone have any idea of what im talking about?
Whats the site called!

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what kind of flirting or body language (IF ANY) distinguishes that you're interested in dating someone rather than just having sex with them? can you give comparative examples?

(my friend told me that maybe no one wants to date me because i'm giving off vibes of only wanting to hook up.)

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This has probably already been asked and if so, I apologise.

But, Halloween is my favorite time of year  but this time I'm all out of ideas! I want to dress up as something scary but maybe a bit more unique than a witch/devil/vampire etc.

Any suggestions?
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I'm trying to switch to a flexitarian diet, and it's not going so well for me so far.

Are any of you vegetarians?

If you are what is your favorite cook book and/or recipie?

Best books in general about vegetarianism/veganism?

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What sites are you most successful in finding a job on? I'm on Craigslist right now, but it's not being that great. I'm basically looking for a part-time (seasonal preferably) job in south jersey, and it seems to be impossible.

If you only know of Craigslist, how long should I continue procrastinating before I clean my apt/do the dishes/start homework?
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1. You are sitting on a crowded bus. A small child spills Hawaiian punch/something else that stains on your brand new white jacket. It's probably ruined. Do you demand the cost of the jacket from the child's mother? Do you chalk it up as a monetary loss? What do you do?

2. You're at a crowded bar. Everyone is kind of drunk. A girl next to you spills a full glass of red wine all over/in your brand-new designer purse. It is ruined. Do you make her pay for it? What do you do?
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My older sibling is named Shea.

Do you think I have a brother or a sister? How do you think "Shea" is pronounced?

EDIT: In case anyone is wondering, Shea is my brother and his name is pronounced, "Shay."
kiv dancin.
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a question of health.

i am just sitting here, and my heart is beating so hard i am cognizant of it. however, i am not upset or excited, and i haven't been moving around - in fact, i've been pretty still for about an hour. i am not on drugs.

my current resting heart rate is 100 beats a minute.

am i going to die? y/n?

what is your resting heart rate?
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If applicable, what did you get your dad for his last birthday? If you ordered online may I see the link? This is me shamefully looking for ideas.

Did you go to church today? Why/why not?
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When you were a kid, did you ever participate in AWANAs?
I did. My two best friends were in it too and my cousin was a leader. I onlu got like 3 jewels in my bronze crown though :(

If you are going wtf: what kind of youth clubs or organizations were you a part of as a child?
I did Girl Scouts for like one year. I didn't like the girls there.
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Did you know today is Lee Harvey Oswald's birthday? No.

Who killed JFK? The Cubans, Soviets, and the CIA were all in it. Oswald was merely a casualty.
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How frowned upon is it to ask TQC to explain how to get an answer to a math problem? Because I really need help but I'm not trying to actually get answers..I just need to know how to do it. :( Would anyone be willing to help? 

How is the weather where you are? It is beautiful today; sunny and 67F. I love it.

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I have a set of 6 dining room chairs, and a set of two more. I recently moved into a tiny apartment and my dining room is crowded with just 4 chairs. What can I do to store the other two? I have one in a corner in the bedroom to put my clothes on it when I get undressed, but other than that I don't have any ideas.
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Next week is my bff's 30th. I'm taking her out to dinner at a restaurant of her choice, and I have a card, this picture frame, this candle, and a notepad.

Is this enough? I can't think of anything else she'd specifically want :\ and she won't tell me anything else!

I am going to the store soon. Do you have any vegetarian friendly suggestions on things I should try? My staples are mainly pasta and tacos, veggie steamers...need something new!

Does your university have a fitness center? I'm considering going to mine, but I'm really self conscious, and I don't like people to see/talk to me when I'm there. Should I just say fuck it, save my $35/mo that is currently going to LA Fitness inc., and go solely to my university's center?
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1. Are there some bands or singers that should not be covered or cannot be covered for whatever reason? If so, who are yours?

I have yet heard anyone do a decent Smiths cover. The same for Tom Waits covers. No one can match his voice.

2. Remember how in the first few years of this decade, super low rider jeans were all the rage?

Did you ever wear a pair? How low were they?

Are you glad to see this trend gone?

The singer, Pink, used to wear a pair that were about three inches away from revealing her vulva. *shudder* I am so glad that trend is over.
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Do you know anyone who claims to have had a near death experience? The whole tunnel of light, god comes into the picture scenario.

Are you afraid of death?

What do you think of this?
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Help! Good couples costumes? Any suggestions are welcome! Generic over done ideas, new ones, sick ones. ANYTHING?

So far I have:

Margot and Richie Tenenbaum
Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf or The Lumberjack
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Friends, la la la

When do you start to consider a person a friend?

When do you stop considering a person a friend?

And, if you went on the Newly wed game how would you try to cheat? I really can't think of any ways....


Poll #1473067 Who would win?

10 smurfs or 10 Keebler elves?


Superman after he's been exposed to Kyrptonite, or Luke Skywalker before Obi Won Kenobi found him on Tatoine?


Alex Trebek or Pat Sajak


Jar Jar Binks or Captain Picard in unarmed combat?

Jar Jar

Batman or Jason from the Friday the 13th movies?


Chucky or Frodo?


Leeloo from the Fifth Element or Trinity from the Matrix?


Kitty Question

I really want a kitten. The family has finally caved and agreed, but there is one slight problem. I'm allergic to SOME cats. I can't find a pattern (some are short hair, some are long hair) and when I'm allergic, wow, am I allergic. Sneezing, red and watery eyes, the works. So do I just go out, buy a kitten and keep my fingers crossed that it turns out ok, or is there a smarter way to go about this?

I want a kitty sooooo bad :(

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Describe the last time you had a "day from hell?" aka when the world seemed to gang up on you and make you feel like complete shit.

I woke up feeling sad.

My dog is getting put down tomorrow.

My housemate is pretty pissed at me. she's also blaring her ~top 40~ radio in her room, so I'm listening to classical music to both drown out the sound of her music, and to help me focus on the paper I'm writing.

The paper I'm writing is on the Holocaust (specifically relating to Lanzmann's Shoah if anyone is familiar).

And holy crap, this is just a combination from hell. This is the first paper I've ever written while crying!

So, TQC, share in my pain. Tell me the last time life ganged up on you and beat you up?
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Alright, I'm a huge nerd and I'm watching the Degrassi channel. I just finished the episode when Holly J is cyber-bullied by Alli and she gets all upset and involves the school administration and the police. Is it bad that if I were Holly J's mom I would say "Hey, maybe if you weren't such a bitch, people would like you and this wouldn't have happened"? Her life was threatened online, and was made fun at school, but nothing physical occurred.

Have you ever been cyber-bullied? How'd that go? Were you ever a cyber-bully?
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library fees

 Four years ago, when I was 16 I borrowed a library book, and returned it late. I accrued a .30 cent late fee, which cost .36 cents to mail to me (pointless, really). I returned the book before the late fee came, and never bothered to pay the late fee. I would like to reinstate my library card in the same system. Will they make me pay $1 billion trillion gazillion dollars to reinstate my card?

Serious and nonserious advice and answers welcome!

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I know it's bad to post more than once a night, but I just have to ask now that I'm doing all this research... is it cruel to declaw a cat? If you have a cat, is it declawed?

(My mother is worried about the leather furniture... *sigh*)

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TQC, no one in my office is answering my email, so I must turn to you.

What tense should this report be in?

Some thought-out and consistent combination of the two
Just change it every paragraph - keep the reader guessing!
Everyone's favorite - the past passive

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Will you tell me about the last thing you improvised?

I just made Kraft mac n' cheese but I'm out of butter, so I subbed in a little cream cheese and it is SO DELISH OMG, I don't think I will ever make it with butter again!!
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what should i name my two new cockatiels? the male is all white except for a few patches of grey, and the girl is light yellow with grey wings

so far i'm thinking of raskolnikov for the male and atchoo for the girl...
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You're in your 20s, and while you're overweight and you don't eat very healthily, you're not in terrible health. You've had a couple of high blood pressure readings over the last few months, but it was related to birth control pills, and now that you've stopped taking them it seems to have gone down.

You start having headaches every day, and feel generally run down. One night, you start feeling weird. Your heart rate is fast and irregular, you feel exhausted and like your limbs weigh a ton, and you're a little bit short of breath even just sitting on the couch. After a couple of hours, it seems to resolve. The next day, you go to a store with one of those blood pressure machines...and get a reading of 200/103.

That scares you, so you call the Nurse Line at your insurance company and explain your symptoms. They tell you those blood pressure machines are not very accurate, but to go directly to the emergency room because if it's anywhere near that high you could have a stroke.

Well, the emergency room copay is $150, you took a couple vicodin earlier (that weren't prescribed to you) because of your headache, so you can't drive yourself, and if you miss work tomorrow you could get fired because you haven't quite finished your 90 day probationary period.

What do you do?

ETA: thanks for kicking my ass to get to the ER. I'm calling my fiance to come stay with me tonight, and if he also feels I need to go to the hospital, he can get me there.

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Ladies, would you ever wear (or have you ever worn) a ~sexy~ Halloween costume?
If you had to be a sexy version of something/someone, what would you choose?

I'm considering ~sexy~ Freddy Kreuger this year for the lulz.

Everyone: if you were going to a politically incorrect costume party, what would you dress as?


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Is this real? If it is, what happened?

Collapse )

If you don't know/care, what posters did you have on your wall growing up that you are embarrassed about now?

Seriously, I had a huge Aaron Carter and SClub7 poster up on my wall. I don't know what the fuck I was thinking. :(

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What's the best way to tell somebody "I want to have sex with you, you dumb douchebag" without sounding like a slut/crazy person? The vaguer and more passive-aggressive the response, the better.

If someone makes 0 effort to contact you in any way (except once, via drunk text*), they're obviously not interested y/n?

If you don't care about my boy-problems, TQC, what's the weirdest thing you've ever seen in an airport?

Two furries in full fursuit; they were holding a sign with what I assumed was the person's "furry name," DarkWulfe or something. The flight was coming in from Toronto.

ETA * actually, to be fair, we did engage in a stimulating text convo earlier in the week about how we should have a F-F-M threesome. I know, I pick real winners.