October 17th, 2009

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So today I killed a spider. I hate killing them but they scare the motherloving shit out of me so I had to. The little fucker [and when I say little I mean huge] was wedged in the crevass of my window frame and it was hot so I had to keep the window open but I didn't want him to come in and eat my face in the night. So I shut the window and crushed him to death. Then I felt bad.

Do you feel bad when you kill bugs? Or am I just a freak?

[My friend once told me that his worst nightmare was stepping on snails, he would literally cry because he felt so bad.]

song on the radio sounds like death cab for cutie

i heard this song at work today on the radio which i thought was really catchy but for the life of me i can't recall much of what it was called except the band was olive/oliver something and the song started with an a f fireflies/fireworks or something.
the lyrics had something to do with sleeping and being awake and the world...

does anyone have any idea what im talking about?

can someone id the song for me?

please and thanks! <3
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besides vista, what are some other websites that offer free business cards?

i'm in the process of googling this and filtering out which ones say they are, but aren't free but would like to know if you all know any that may not show up on my search.

hey thanks =]
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OK dudes I am alone and sleepy in my house and this is really freaking me out...

how come my stomach keeps making those little wet digestive noises, but it sounds like it's coming from outside of me, about two feet to my right?!?! is my belly capable of throwing its voice? omg
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Sometimes after eating I get this lower chest/upper abdomen pain, right underneath the bottom end of my sternum. It's best described as a dull but at times very strong ache. I figure this may be because I ate too much, but it's only started happening fairly recently (last 2 months or so) and I even got it once one morning after eating a small bowl of cereal. Does anyone know what this is?

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TQC dudes and ladies! Also, specifically any of you who might be Malagasy, polydactyl, or like platinum more than gold! (This may or may not be for a very, very specifically-focused research group, but don't tell them I may or may not have told you)

Imagine, if you will, that you take a pair of jeans (or whatever pants you own that most closely resemble jeans), put them over your head so the bottom crotch part where four seams meet is perfectly centered on your face (and let's also pretend it magically stays there), and spin around and around and around until your most recent meal leaves the way it went in.

Which pant leg do you think more puke is likely to go down? Do you think this is more affected by which hand you favor, or where your political beliefs lie on the spectrum?
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Please bear with me, I'm prety inebirateed and I hope this makes sense.

My cousin has a baby. He's a little over a year old and my mom and I like to think of things that he'll never get to exsperice. Off the top of my head I know that he'll never know what a cassette is, he'll never experience smoking in bars, he won't ever use a VCR or know the annoying sound of a dial-up internet connection, etc.

What else won't he know about?


Hi guys! Thanks in advance for reading this! I'm trying to track this movie down, but I can't for some reason. It's about household science, and it's from Sweden (?) from the 60s and it's all about the household science movement. Do you know what the title of this movie could be? Or... the director? Year?

(household science includes cooking but also science, nutrition too. I want to see this movie but we're trying to track it down for my boyfriend's grandma)

Thank you so much!
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So I got my free PSP from Lockerz.com
What games should I get?
Nothing "hardcore"...I'm your typical casual female gamer.

Oh, and if anyone still needs an invite shoot me a private message on LJ with your email.

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Last night we were roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, and we were trying to think of the Disney movie where they make people out of hot dogs and roast them over a camp fire. We were thinking maybe Honey We Shrunk Ourselves but couldn't remember. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? 
Genghis Kong

Shit me with your best shot

You're at your SO's place (assume you're not living with them). He/she is in the shower and you're watching tv when suddenly, you realize that you REALLY need to poop. It must have been something you ate during lunch. The feeling hits you and you feel like you have about 15 seconds before you can no longer hold it in. Judging by your pre-poop farts, it's going to be a really smelly one. What do you do?

Barge into the bathroom and unload my angry poop into the toilet with my SO a couple feet away, offending the very air around you two
Run outside and do it on the lawn somewhere like a dog
Trash can
Catbox (your SO has a cat in this scenario)
Open the window, hoist my rear end over the side and let 'er rip
Crap myself (I don't do well with stress and decisions)
Poop into his/her sock drawer. When it's found later I'll make up some scenario where it's payback for something they did
Two words: garbage disposal
Run outside and try to make it to the neighbor's house and ask to use their toilet

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So, I've been sick since Thursday and pretty much slept ALL day yesterday. It's mostly runny nose, cough, dizziness, slight fever, etc. My main issue is that I have NO appetite and not eating is definitely adding to my weakness. I have to go to work in an hour and I need to feel a bit better before I go :(

What's something that's good to eat when you have no appetite?

Edit: My fever seems to be gone for now and my staff is only 5 people, so there's no one who can cover for me :(
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Your internetz, do you pay a flat rate for a certain speed and unlimited downloading, or do you pay for a certain amount of downloading and then have to pay more if you go over?

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Let's say you're taking a really important test and you're given four hours to finish it. You finish in two.

Are you nervous?
Are you okay with being the first one done, or do you wait for someone else to leave?

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I was using 3 blankets a couple nights ago because LA got really chilly, but now, it's so hot I'm eating Otter Pops, shirtless with the fan blaring at me full blast.

1. Does Global Warming have anything to do with Mother Nature's seemingly bipolar weather conditions?

2. Will using more aerosol cans help keep the weather from changing so spontaneously?

3. Does TQC have a dress code? If so, what does casual Fridays consist of?
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boot woes...

I'm looking for a cute pair of non-leather (vegan), waterproof, WARM (that's a big one) winter boots. Why can't I find any? WHY? 

Am I asking for too much? 
Can you suggest any? 

Also... who else loves The Big Bang Theory? :) 

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I owe my mom a birthday present. We were going to pick a day and go see Hair together, but that was more my idea than hers.
So I decided to replace the mp3 player she got with her AmEx points a while back that broke.
I have two choices.

Choice A

Choice B

Does anyone have either of those or any experience with either brand?
I would get the 3 year electronic warranty with either one, because her old one just stopped working after a few weeks for absolutely no reason.
She would only be putting maybe 100 or 200 songs on it and using it when she walks the dog.

If you don't like those, any other recommendations of semi-cheap mp3 players?
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Congrats! You managed to finally catch up on sleep and you have nothing scheduled today! However, your room/house/bathroom look like a bomb went off in them. Do you clean up? Say fuck it and enjoy your day off? Other?

Does you answer change if you live with somebody?

How's the weather anyway?

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So, my birthday's coming up, and this will be my nineteenth.  I've never really celebrated my birthday... My question to ya'll is:

Do you like celebrating birthdays? Do you like surprises? What's the worst birthday party you've been to?
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Stupid me!

I just backed my car out of my garage and banged my mirror on the wall. I knocked it off! It's going to cost me about $200 to fix it! Make me feel better TQC - what's the last stupid thing you did? Bonus points if it costs you money. I feel like such a moron!
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Tummy Troubles

So where do you stand on the tummy troubles (gastroenteritis) (stomach flu) sequence?

--Just getting over it?
--Smack dab in the middle of it?
--Figure I'll get it any day now?
--None of that around here, whatchu talkin'bout?

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As a senior in college I'm looking to break into the media world and need/want to start a blog to post interesting articles and musings about the industry (specifically, advertising). I'm running into problems trying to come up with a domain - since it's going on resumes I want it to professional but not bland. Any suggestions or words of advice? (if you have any ideas you can use Jan Smith as the name)

thanks for your help!

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What do you do to exercise your dog inside when there is inclement weather?

Me and my puppy play lots of chasing games. She loves to chase me as I run around the house. We kind of spar with each other, LOL. I'll go at her pretending like I'm gonna get her and she'll jump back at me. She likes to try to trap me on one side of the dining table and I try to get around the other side without her jumping on me. She growls and barks at me and I make silly noises at her to egg her on. :-) We also play tug-o-war with her bunny toy.

If you don't have a dog, what is your favorite method of exercise when you're stuck in your house?

If you were to be in the Olympics competing in the track and field category, what sport would you like to play?

I was always really good at the long jump when we did our elementary school "Olympics". I had a lot of fun doing that. :-)

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Do you believe in aliens[QUESTION MARK] why or why not

ps. whats the difference if theres cLEARLY A QUESTION IN MY POST but i lack the few pixels that make up a question mark

pps. I'm not talking about illegal aliens who hop fences I'm talking UFO aliens
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My laptop recently crashed which resulted in me buying a new computer. All of my music is gone, but I still have my ipod.
What program can I use to retrieve the music from my ipod and put it on my new computer?

On a side note, what is the longest amount of time you have left food rotting in your room?
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UGHHHHHHH my dad uninstalled Quicktime on my computer, unaware that its necessary for iTunes to run.

Did I just lose all my music?
It's telling me that I need to uninstall iTunes, install quicktime, and then reinstall itunes. I can't find anything that says uninstall; just "remove itunes." is there a difference? UGHHHH I DONT KNOW ANYTHING

What was the last thing that really pissed you off?

False alarm, guys.  my itunes is totally normal.  Uhhh, what's the weather like where you are?
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Working at Target

Has anyone in here worked for Target before? I was hired as a part-time cashier. I have Orientation on Thursday, and I really not excited. The Target I'm working at is incredibly disorganized and no one really seems to know what is going on. I have a job already, so leaving wouldn't be a big deal but I was wondering what the benefits were, and what the employee discount was? Does the employee discount apply to Apple products, or other big name brands? I'd love to know before I go out and buy clothes to work there.
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I called animal control to check on my neighbor's dogs because A) they're always outside and barking (even in the rain) and B) I've never, ever seen anyone there. ONCE I saw someone backing out of the driveway. When my husband went to get their house number he said there was a big EMPTY bag of dog food by the house. So maybe my elusive neighbors do sometimes feed their 3 puppos. But the operator asked did I want to talk to AC when they came out and I said yes because I want to know the animals are or will be taken care of. That was an hour and 45 minutes ago and I am really tired and want to lay down. But I don't want to miss them if they knock. :(

Does this type of thing normally take so long?

Unrelated to my worry for neighbor dogs - Do you think the people who submit stuff to This is Why You're Fat really eat that mess or do you think they're just trying to make outlandish foods to post to the interweb? I think some of it gets eaten, but really, most of it I have to wonder about. D:
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When you can pull your buttoned and zipped pants on and off - but they aren't really sagging/falling off - does this mean they're too big? What *does* it mean?

When was the last time you said "uh-oh" outloud?

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My boyfriend has a moderate case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Some times it is worse than others (particularly when stressed).

For the most part he keeps me in the dark about it. I don't want to press for more information I just want to remain supportive and let him open up to me at his own pace.

But for the time being, I've tried looking for resources and information for people with loved ones who suffer from the disorder.

Does anyone here have anyone close to them in their lives who suffer? If so, what advice can you give me?

I'm most curious to know things I should avoid doing to make things worse, but any information you can share is helpful.


Is anyone here a native or fluent Spanish speaker who can proofread a short story I wrote in Spanish?  I need to make sure that my usage of the imperfect and preterite is correct.  Gracias!

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So angry right now. Someone left my waffle maker on the stove. I went to make tea and as a result, the cord melted and exposed the wires. I just bought it from from Target last night! :/ Can the cord be replaced/repaired or should I just buy a new waffle iron?

Don't know/don't care. Will you tell me about the cartoons that you watched as a child? Which was your favorite?

When and why did Cartoon Network go downhill?
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One of my cats was knocked down and killed on thursday. People keep telling me i should now get a kitten. Why do people think that i can just turn around and replace a much loved pet within days of her passing?

If you dont care, what are you having for dinner? i need inspiration.
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Have you ever taken the Strong Interest Inventory?

Approximately how long did it take you?

Was it useful?

This woman at my school gave me a pass to take it, and told me it will probably take an hour and a half. Wikipedia says it should take about 25 minutes.
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I have a friend in my math class... we are basically just chat in class buddies and we exchanged numbers once. Do you think it would be weird if I texted her and asked her if there was anything happening tonight or like if she wanted to go out?

I don't know how to do friend things with new people, lol.

What are your plans for tonight?

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Im sure lots of people dont know what to go for as Halloween (including myself) so I am asking:

Will you please post a picture of yourself so we can tell you what/who you should dress up as for Halloween?

[edit] everyone else comment too! I gotta go for dinner D: bad timing

What is this?

I have three of these on my body, and one "mini" one. I've looked up photos of ringworm and it kind of looks like it...but it also looks like it could be a spider bite. I also had contact with cats that had ringworm, but that was several weeks ago.

Collapse )

I've had these for over a week and they're going away very, very slowly, and they itch.
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Random question first: Kevin Smith, director of Clerks and other things is in Seattle tonight, doing a Q&A thing. Am I stupid to not go? D: I want to, but don't want to spend the money, especially when I don't have questions, myself.

Main purpose for this entry:
In the past couple weeks I have heard from two different people about two different, supposedly "haunted" places. One was about a boat that is now a hotel, called the Queen Mary. They give ghost tours and let people stay in haunted rooms if they request it. The other was about a hotel called the Thornewood Castle, where you can also request a stay in a haunted room.

Question: Have you ever done anything like this? Did anything "happen"?

If you've not done anything like this, do you want to? Would you go through with it?

I'm curious to go to this hotel, but I'm torn between thinking it would be fun and fascinating, or if I would be too terrified to have fun. My friend said that a couple of her friends who were a part of a visiting group later felt like some sort of haunting ended up following them home. Dundundun.

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I feel weird when I talk to people for long amounts of time. What is this about, do you think? Does it affect you the same way?

I want to talk to one of my boyfriend's friends, because a few days ago I talked to him for awhile and I found we got along really well. I have a ton of stuff in common with him - but I don't want to bug him. I'm terrible at making friends with people, even online. Is there a way to go about it without looking like an annoying douche?

And how do I deal with someone who cuts me off when I'm talking to other people? I can't talk to either of my friends when he's around, because he always interrupts with like, noises or saying something random. I'd tell him it's rude and that I want to talk, but I doubt he would care. Should I just talk anyway?

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It's my boyfriend's 21st birthday on Monday and I am making cupcakes to take to his family birthday party tomorrow night. He'll eat anything but cheesecake. I'd like to have a variety of flavours and styles of decoration.

What kind of cupcakes should I make and how should they be decorated? Pictures appreciated!

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Spinoff from a below question.

I work for a very corporate, very soulless company. I was just told that I could come to work in costume on the 30th. I'm confident that most people will be "black dress + pointy hat = witch, yay!"...if that.

Should I come to work in my punky rooster costume?

Will you be wearing a costume to work/school?

What's the most outrageous costume you've worn in a public setting like school or work?

Computer problems

I have a problem for all the techie tqc-ers. My sister's computer is just a haven of viruses and computer issues due to her incompetence and lack of internet security and i'm trying to find out what files should and shouldn't be removed from her computer. I've googled some of the main problems but these were the ones that I could not find any useful information about.

Ralink Registry Writer
RoxMediaDB9 (company: Sonic Solution)
Roxio Hard Drive Watcher 9 (same as above)
stllssvr (company: MicroVision Development) - this appears to be a CD labeller of some kind.

My sister doesn't remember all of the things she downloads from the internet and these were the files I had no clue about. They may well be safe for her computer but it's better to be safe than sorry. She's also somehow managed to disable her task manager (which through a bit of googling could well be the fault of a virus) and I want to find out if there's a definite safe method of re-enabling it.

Does anyone have any idea about any of the above problems? If not, could anyone recommend a good community or website where I could ask about this instead?

Very many thank you's in advance (:
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PIG <3

1. Do you, or anyone you know, call a garbage disposal a "pig"?
I dont know where my family came up with that, but thats what we call it. We cant be the only ones...right?

2. What is the bare minimum number of hours/sleep that you need in order to function through your day?
3. If/When you dont have to wake up to an alarm, what time would/do you get up?
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My housemate has some weird flu like infection of something in her throat (cant tell you exactly what because she's German and I dunno the names for this stuff in English).

She's been sick like 3 weeks already. Penicillin didn't work on her and now she's on the harder antibiotics. Is there anything I'm supposed to do to not get sick?

Since we live in the same place, getting away is not an option. We share a bathroom, the kitchen and what's in it (plates, pans, etc).
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1. Have you ever had someone you like/liked reject a Facebook friends request?

2. What's something with a maximum of 3 ingredients that's delicious?

3. How sincere are you, on average?
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TQC, if someone says "I ain't got no problem with gay people, just don't bring that shit around me!" it means they do have a problem with gay people, y/n?

Why have I had at least one of these fuckfaces in every class I've taken in the past 4 years?

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What's the strangest thing you've ever been bitten by?

Four days ago, I was saving a Dragonfly, and it bit me… Hard enough to slightly rip my thumb's skin. Needless to say, I was absolutely stunned and left shouting, "Ow! owww!"
My Wild Irish Rose

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"Dear Julie,

Do you ever feel like an extra in your own life? It seems like I’m forever stuck in the background, watching other people say and do all things I feel inside. One day I’m gonna surprise everyone with my talents. They will be laughing and crying and texting me so often that I will be annoyed. Until then,


Anyone know where this is from?  Origin has been found, thank you.

Blue Ji

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Livejournal, yours, created on?

me: Created on 2001-08-10 22:42:27

And in what ways would you be suspicious if your next door neighbors, who don't speak a lot of English, owned 3-4 roosters and no chickens or hens?
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Where I work, we're having a costume contest on the Friday before Halloween. I'm planning on being little red riding hood that was killed by the wolf. The costume itself isn't revealing at all, just going to be dirty and bloody.

But... Where I work is also a 3 story college book store and I work in online merchandising, so I'm sometimes on the sales floor or talking to costumers in person. Should I hold off on the stage makeup until before the contest (I could probably do it on break), or should I just come to work already dead?

Which category should I go for? It's either scary, funny, original or "special" (I have no idea what they mean by that).

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My boyfriend finished work an hour and a half ago (I'm not crazy, we just work at the same place). He was going to call me or come over right after. So far, he has done neither. Our work is closed, so he is probably not working late and he has never flaked out before.

What could he be doing? (Other than lying dead in a ditch, which is the current scenario playing in my head).
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What makes you feel old?
My 5yo cousin considers me a grown up now. I'm only 19!

What makes you feel young?
I am pretty sure I'm the youngest person in my company. My coworkers are all 4+ years older than me.
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What do you think the difference between spirituality and religion is?  Can you be one and not the other? Can an atheist be spiritual? 

What do you miss right now?

I like urban fantasy, and good fiction where good = enjoyable, not good as in literati good, so what should I read next? Please nothing with a "subtle" political message like a thousand splendid suns, kite runner, beloved, etc. 
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Where and/or what are you doing when you think of most of your TQC questions?
In my car or watching tv when I'm high.

Do you have a personalized license plate? If so, what does it say?
I do! It says T1NGLE

Do you wipe/clean the tops of your cans before you open and drink from them?
No. I used to after someone told me something about rat poop in the factories. I forgot about that until recently.
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So I am interested in this cute boy who I've known casually since June but more closely over the past month. When I met him, he had a girlfriend, but he broke up with her in the last few weeks. They were dating for like 4 years, which means I can't exactly move in on him tomorrow. How long do I have to wait before I can start battin' the ol' eyelashes? He was (apparently) in an extended state of "ugly breakup" for the past 6 months, if that changes anything.
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tqc, firefox will no longer load youtube for me. it comes back saying:

Bad Request
Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.
with a bunch of jumbled information after Cookie.

facebook has been acting up also. i figured there was a problem with my cookies, so i cleared them and that helped for about 5 minutes. does anyone know how i can solve these issues?

would rather not use IE, safari, or google chrome kthx.

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1) Am I a total loser since I'm not going to graduate from college until I'm like 25/26?  Be honest.

2) Do you feel bad when people offer to pay for things for you? Do you feel like a charity case or are you okay with it?

3) Are Oreos your favorite cookie?

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What do your friends do that sort of annoy you?

my friend keeps saying she hates "babysetting" and it is driving me half-way up the wall.

ETA: my other friend constantly uses the "I'll call you later to make plans" line and NEVER calls back. that one bugs me sooooo much.

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I got a ticket!!!

I have never had a ticket before. Will my insurance likely go up? It is a 3 point ticket for "disregarding red light" because it was yellow when I went through the intersection but turned red before I finished.
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I'm now eligible to make money off of a YouTube tutorial video I made a long time ago, randomly. However I have a Bill Withers song playing the last 15 seconds as background music and that's technically not allowed. Is it just me or do people make money on their YouTube videos even when there is illegal music featured? (making money means there's an ad, FYI)