October 15th, 2009

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Ok please please tell me if I missed it and this has been posted before, but I just thought this was so interesting.

If an artist created a 'Rape Tunnel' and stated that during a fixed time, he would be waiting at the end to rape anyone who crawled through the tunnel, would you crawl through? Why or why not?

Full article here: http://www.artlurker.com/2009/09/the-rape-tunnel-by-sheila-zareno/

What are your general thoughts of this?

EDIT: OK HOAX. But I guess the question is still valid in a hypothetical.

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Who are some TV/movie villains that have a lot of sex appeal to you?

I totally had a sexy dream about Sylar last night, haha. :D I also really like Tom Riddle from the second HP movie, Mr. Dark from Something Wicked This Way Comes, and Prince Septimus from Stardust. Oh, also Dr. Horrible!
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1. Have you taken a sign language class? If so, could you share some experiences? What methods did the teacher use? How do deaf teachers teach, especially in the beginning when no one knows anything? (This is for a short story I'm writing - the characters taking the ASL class are two freshman high school girls).

2. Why do roommates always start vacuuming or watching TV at the worst time?
(Always when I'm about to take a nap or start my homework!)

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I have a few visions from movies from when I was younger that I can't quite place. I was born in 1990 for reference.

First, a woman (or man) dressed as a giant bee or hornet. The person is dragging someone into a room.
Second, a woman and man are in bed and the guy has his shirt off. There are candles everywhere and she picks up the candle and drops wax on his chest. It was sexy.

I thought of another one. There is a girl all these other girls hate, and they drown her in a puddle near the woods. I think it was a lifetime movie. The girl is brunette. One of the girls ends up in jail and some woman slaps her across the face at the end.

Any idea?

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Anyone from around Houston--can you tell me of any haunted houses/equally creepy things going on Halloween night? I'm going to be there for a concert and figured I'd check out something afterward if I could find anything.

Everyone else--do you go to haunted houses and stuff? Have any actually been scary, or were they more just fun? 
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Alright, I need some fashion advice.

For the first time ever I need to start dressing sort of professionally. However, I'm going to be teaching in a jail so I also have to be pretty well covered. I don't want to look frumpy, though, because then I won't feel good and when I don't feel good my mood suffers. Does this make sense?

What the hell should I buy?! I feel like everything I've tried on has looked too "sexy" for jail. So, where's the line between still looking decent but not showing too much?

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Have you ever seen a sex therapist? Can you tell me what it was like? Did it work? Did you go alone or did you partner go with you? How did they feel about you going?
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1 Have you ever sent an e-card? If so, when was the last time - what was it for?
2 Have any good websites for e-cards? ...where I don't have to sign up for a membership and pay for it, as if I am going to make a practice out of sending online greeting cards to everyone all the time...sheesh, what a waste of money.

3 If you work, who is your boss (like, their position) and how are they as a boss?

4 Also, for those of you who have iGoogle, did you know about the fishy and turtle apps where they swim around and wait for you to feed them...sense your mouse and rush to it and wait for food and then gobble up the food when you click to feed them? (I'm a little out of it this morning and I'm not sure why I'm posting this but I love that little iGoogle feature and wondering if anyone else shares this simple e-joy.)

5 Simply e-Joys - what are some of yours?
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What are some simple "e-joys" you have?

I have iGoogle and there is an application where you can have a little fish tank and another one with two turtles and they swim around. I clicked in the one-dimensional tank one day and saw that my mouse drops food off and they come swimming over to gobble up the food and they follow y our mouse pointer where ever it goes inside the tank. So adorable.

I also absolutely LOVE my LJ. I love how neat and clean and easy to use it is. I love the communities and the friends I've made. I love how no one seems to know about it in "RL".


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Society says I should finish my homework and try to go into school. My body says it is definitely naptime, and some vapor rub wouldn't hurt, and I probably didn't take enough Tylenol, and I need about 15 more jackets.

Which one do I listen to?
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How do you know if you're Taliban???

You may be Taliban if:

1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to beer.
2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can't afford shoes.
3. You have more wives than teeth.
4. You wipe your butt with your bare hand, but consider bacon "unclean."
5. You think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide.
6. You can't think of anyone you haven't declared Jihad against
7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in your clothing.
8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.
9. You have nothing against women and think every man should own at least one.
10. You've always had a crush on your neighbor's goat.

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Do you still make Christas lists?
Do you like doing it?
What's on your's?


No...I do it purely because my parents pester me nonstop about it 'til I do...since they don't know what I need/want otherwise. Last year I gave in and threw all kinds of random junk on there...anything I could possibly think of that might be cool. That apparently didn't help them much.

Right now: a few DVDs, new sights and a new stock for one of my rifles, a holster for one of the pistols, a new pocket knife, a flashlight, and saddlebags for my motorcycle.


I have some baby carrots that are past their expiration date. I just took them out of the fridge and opened the bag for the first time. They don't smell weird and are still crisp when I break them, but some of them are a bit slimey. I don't have time to go to the store, and I'd like to eat them today and tomorrow.
Do you think eating the carrots will make me sick?
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In India it is common to cremate the dead, while in Pakistan it is more common to bury the dead. Suppose that a plane of Italians crashed on the border between India and Pakistan, and that it would not be possible to return any bodies to Italy for burial.
In this case, on which side of the India-Pakistan border should the plane crash survivors be buried?

eta: WOW, lol ok. sorry to offend D: you would've thought i was discriminating or something.
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OK to delete?

I picked up a Bloodhound virus last night (and a few Trojan horses a few years back).
I'm running Symantec Antivirus, and all files are in Quarantine, and want to know:

Is it ok to delete these files from the Quarantine or am I stuck with them forever? I don't want to restore them or anything, I just want them off the computer. I think the Bloodhound took 2GB away from me. I just don't want to risk deleting the files and having them wreak havoc on my laptop.

Collapse )

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If you were me and supposed to be visiting a friend this weekend that you haven't seen in years and you were really excited but you probably have strep throat (I haven't gotten the results back but either way my throat kills), would you still go or would you postpone? It's only an hour and a half drive, it's not like I've spent money on a plane ticket or anything. He said if I'm sick he'll just take care of me but if I get him or his roommate sick, I'll feel so bad.

italian translation help?

can anyone help me translate the following? (warning: it's probably really dirty.)

M’attizzi. Posse mangiare tu fiaga? Scommetto che sapore dolce.

I know enough to get the general gist of it, but the translation sites are only giving me the end half of it.


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My brother and I currently live in different states. I haven't seen him in 15 months. Is it strange that I'm not particularly concerned about ever seeing him in person again?

Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike him or anything, it's just that we have nothing in common whatsoever. In fact, we're complete opposites of each other. If we weren't siblings we'd have no reason to be friends or even cross paths with each other. But my parents think because we are related to each other that automatically means we should get along/be excited to be with each other.

How much do blood ties mean to you as far as how often you see your relatives, even if you have nothing in common with them?
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The United States has a West Coast and an East Coast and the middle is called the Midwest. There's no Mideast, presumedly not to be confused with that part of the world. It's not called Central America because there already is one further down South outside the border.

Why is it called the Midwest? Whose bright idea was that??
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You gotta have faith

Your SO is strongly thinking about converting to a certain religion. Which of these religions would be UNACCEPTABLE? That is, it'd be a serious dealbreaker that could end the relationship. Anything you don't check I'll have to assume you'd accept or tolerate as your mate's beliefs

Christianity (born-again)
Traditionalism (that's what Mel Gibson is a member of)
Judaism (reform)
Cult (they stress wearing only certain clothes and a shaved head and a severe reduction of one's belongings)
Hari Krishna
Satanism (Church of Satan)
I couldn't accept it if my SO bought into any religion. They'd all be my walking papers
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Lesson Plans

I'm taking my Modern Greek lessons at
I saved the text up to lesson 75 and there are 105 in all. I finished 67 but for some reason, forgot to save 68 and now I need it. The site's been down for a few days and I'm going nuts. What do you think TQC? Should I skip Lesson 68 and do the ones I have, then backtrack to do it when the site is up, or wait another day? Btw, this is for me, not for school. I know one thing. I'm saving all the way to 105 as soon as it comes back.
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If you've been to Key West, FL, will you tell me about it? Did you like it, would you go again, where you stayed, etc.

I just bounced a check (for the first time) to a very important person today. Other than the obvious embarrassment, what will happen? My bank charged me the fee but does this go on your credit or anything?

halp finding shoes

I just started at a new job where I'm on my feet 99% of the time, and I've never had or had the need for "good" (in that sense) shoes. They need to be either solid white or solid black (as per the dress code at my job), and they need to not be granny orthopedic shoes (as per my ...not wanting to have granny shoes). Actually "cute" would be a definite bonus. I also have kind of a wide foot (they're just a little too wide to fit into Sketchers comfortably without having like 230498234 extra inches in the toes).

What brands of shoes should I look at? Recommendations? Links?
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I was watching Reel Bad Arabs and started to think:

- Have hillbillies ever complained about how they are presented in most horror movies?

- Have Hispanic women ever complained about they are presented as evil and backstabbing constantly in some movies and even in action videogames?

- Has anyone in Japan ever complained about how their society is presented in some of their comics and animation and it might be giving the foreigners who are interested in their culture the wrong idea of what it might be really be like living there?
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What are some good songs that sound like they should be from a different era but were actually released in a much later time period? (Example: this song, which sounds very '60s R&B but was released in 2008)
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My puppy loves to eat food that isn't hers (cat food, the other dog's gfood which is hot dogs because my mom is dumb, etc). She likes her pup food fine, but if something else is down and the animal is away she goes for that.

So when I see it I tell her no, show her to her food bowl, and remove the other food dish. My mom is bitching because I pick up the other animal's food (after they are done) and says my dog "isn't speshul."

Any tips on this? I've had her not even a week and my mom won't stfu. Wtf she's learning!

DK/DC how is your relationship with your parents?

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Is there anywhere online that I can watch past episodes of The Tyra Show (don't judge!) in good quality? I can't seem to find anything so far. :\

What all have you eaten today? 
How many times do you usually eat in a day? I think I tend to "graze" all day.

"Too soon"?

So, I had this job for six months last year, quit, and I was recently rehired. Before being officially rehired the district manager gave me a little interview essentially asking me if I planned on staying only short-term, and I told her no.

Would quitting after working there only three or four months be too soon?

If it helps, I make minimum wage, am in the lowest position, and would not attempt to work there again. I also just got a second job that pays more, is less demanding and has similar or better benefits.

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My netflix queue is empty! (I really enjoy "indie" flicks but will accept suggestions from any genre) but I just dunno what to add! What are some *great* everyone has to see movies/recommend something?

If you don't like movies, do you like mushrooms?

Also is TQC having a hardtime loading for anyone else?

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What percentage of your gross wages do you actually take home with you after taxes?

After federal taxes (we don't have state income tax), with no other deductions, I only get to keep 76% of what I make.
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I haven't bought shoes in ages, but I seem to remember most stores (like, say, Famous Footwear) having "buy one get one half off" sales reasonably often. Does anyone know of any stores running a sale like that right now? Bonus points if it's a store that's got a location near me (Chicagoland).

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I'm running my first 5k this weekend! (In 40 degree weather in the rain.. woohoo.)

I'd like to make an iPod playlist of like 20 songs - songs I know, crappy and no thinking required, that will keep me pumped up.

What are your suggestions for "past" top-40 or popular booty rap songs that are likely to keep me pumped up for 30 minutes of misery?

My coworker's suggestion, to get you started, was Lil' Jon "Get Low".
Call me sir!


If you were indicted for something that would get you 20 years to life in prison and bail was set at your life savings, say, $500,000...would you skip out on bail and go on the run and lose all your money or take your chance at trial?

And yes, you are guilty, though the case against you isn't necessarily air-tight.

I realize this is a dumb question but I'm watching Law & Order. lol
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For some reason sometimes when I wash my hands at work I can very clearly see a lot more of the veins in my palms. It only lasts for 20 or 30 seconds.

TQC, why does this happen? And is anyone else freaked out by vein visibility? 
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I lost my keys and fob. I looked everywhere in my room and they are gone. I went to public safety (I'm in college) to get a new key and fob, and the woman there said the locksmith would come to change my lock sometime today. I went over there at around 10:30 am, and the locksmith still hasn't come. Do you think s/he'll come today? I'd really like to have a key.

ETA: a fob is a little magnetic thing that unlocks doors for residence halls.
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For those of you who lived on campus in college, (besides getting out of your house/town and away from your family) what was your favorite part about living away from home?

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 I'm trying to watch less TV these days. I want to focus more on my hobbies, listen to more music, and get more done around the house.

What music should I download to play while I'm relaxing in the evening, partaking in my hobbies? (if it matters, my hobbies are reading, crocheting, and I want to start drawing/sketching again.)

What should I download to play while cleaning?

Any podcast suggestions? Or anything else that I should listen to?

What are your hobbies?

Please fell free to answer any or all of these :)

and thanks!

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Have you ever had an olfactory hallucination?

I was just wondering because lately I've been smelling things that aren't there. I've been smelling dog poop, a chlorine-like odor and nasty chemical smells. It happens a couple times a week. It's really weird! What's going on with that?

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If a sexually abused woman kills her abuser, should she get charged the exact same way as anyone else? Or should the abuse be taken into consideration? Should she be charged at all? Why or why not?

ETA: Kills as in she hunts him down, not during the actual act.

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what are you being for halloween if anything?? picture?

where is good place to shops [for juniors] online, and ONLINE only, not places like old navy and hollister??

anywhere online that sells sterling silver unique bracelets? [ i mean things like bended forks or fish hooks]??

TIA [madradstalkers is good to sometimes but i usually get answers here a lot faster]

i don't want to be friends

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I'm boiling potatoes right now and I'm gonna make some chicken broth and a microwavable bag of veggies and make a soup of sorts. Great idea or nay?

What are some of your favorite soup recipes?

(no subject)

Currently in a Philosophy class, and we just finished taking a quiz on Philip Kitcher's description of the philosophy and science. I read the article, did the work, and felt good about the exam, but as I went to turn it to the prof, I saw this girl blatantly Googling the questions on her Blackberry, and getting all the answers.

I feel like I just got screwed. Should I feel wronged and bring this up to the prof, or should I just let it go?

(no subject)

There is this weird wax-like film on my new shoes. I tried buffing them but it's taking forever and is only being partially effective. Does anyone know a good way to get rid of it?

Is there any particular driving habit that you hate? What is it?
Are there certain circumstances that you would turn into a hypocrite and engage in that habit?
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inspired by the dining hall post

are there wendy's in major US cities? i figure since you guys have denny's and all kinds of cool shit, people might not be bothered about wendy's.

in toronto and montreal you can get everything *but* wendy's, it's kind of infuriating. i love sandwiches and greek food but sometimes i just want crap, and wendy's is super cheap.
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If I'm applying for a job as a research associate, can I use a research proposal, as opposed to an article with data and analysis, as a writing sample? Also, how long should a writing sample be?

(no subject)

i'm having a Beatles themed birthday party this year. we're going to watch A Hard Day's Night and Help! and have a Beatles dance party. i'm going to have one of the Anthology DVDs on while we wait for everyone to arrive.

what are some other Beatle-y things we could do? i don't have Beatles Rock Band and i don't think anyone i know does. i'm going to ask around but that's probably out, unfortunately :(


(no subject)

i currently live with my parents. i know it varies from school to school, but in general would moving into an apartment off campus increase or decrease the amount of financial aid i get? (from grants... i am not going to take out any loans)
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Do you or have you suffered trauma resulting from something you saw? I don't know if that's considered to be psychological trauma or not. Did you ever manage to get over it? If so, how?

If you're open enough, then I'd ask you to share what it was that traumatized you. But as someone who doesn't want to say herself, I don't request it of you.
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It's rainy, and there are now puddles outside. You're wearing jeans and a pair of sneakers. Would you rather roll your pants up to mid calf, or let the bottom of your pants get soaked?
Roll 'em up like highwaters. I can't stand the backs of my jeans to be wet

Do you go through phases in music, or are you pretty eclectic all the time? (ie listening to specific genres, artists, or periods). If you phase, what are you into right now?
I definitely go through phases, but I bounce around pretty regularly. Right now, I'm listening to alternative & rock, it seems.

and the most important question I have:

How the hell do you get in a car with an umbrella?! I cannot manage to collapse my umbrella without dumping water all over myself AND THAT DEFEATS THE EFFIN' PURPOSE. help please :(


One of my friends on Facebook just added like 20 different people by the name of Brittany. He is at this military school in VA but all the girls he added were Class of 2010ers from local high schools. He is in the "13th grade" at the military school playing basketball looking for  scholarships. He was originally recruited to the Naval Academy but dropped out after three weeks.

Creepy? y/n? Who the hell knows 20 people by the name of Brittany?
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(no subject)

Have you ever been drunk around your parents/at work/somewhere it would be inappropriate to be intoxicated? Are there ways to be... less obviously intoxicated?

What's your favorite type of beer? (If you don't like beer, what's your fucking problem, then?)
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Is the fact that, while looking up a hairstyle tutorial for what I thought I should do to my hair for my interview tomorrow, I came across this small child and this even smaller child teaching me how to do it a sign that I should do something else to my hair tomorrow? Meaning is that look too youthful? I'm 20, but I need to get my hair outta my dayum face.

If yes, what should I do to my hair? It's thick (eta: and straight), a little longer than shoulder-length, and I have a couple bobby pins, a ponytail holder, a blow dryer, hairspray, and a set of hot rollers to work with. Pictures would be FABULOUS. YouTube tutorials would be even MORE FABULOUS.

What are you wearing? ;)
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For those of you who regularly follow certain tv shows, do you find that you prefer to watch them during their alloted time slot? Or do you rather watch them later on, either online or on your Tivo or DVR or anything like that?

I thought I preferred to watch them when they were on tv, and I thought it was the time to do so that I lacked. But seeing as how I'm free tonight and would rather read on be on tqc than watch two of my favorite tv shows, I guess I do like watching them commercial-free online, after the fact.

(no subject)

The word "insurance": INsurance or inSURance?

What foods do you love, but usually end up regretting eating them?
(in b4 "Chipotle")

What do you do when you need a hug but have nobody around to give you one? :(

How was YOUR day?
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(no subject)

(this may be too soon but tqc is slow tonight, so whatever)

About a year and a half ago for my birthday, my sister bought me the book Twilight, amongst other things. She attached a post-it saying she thinks I would enjoy the book's story as much as I would enjoy mocking the writing style in which it is done. Even though I'm well aware of the story, I just finished my other book this evening so I've decided to read it. She did buy it for me after all.

So my question: How much am I going to hate myself for the next two weeks? I'm one of those people who can't stop reading a book after they've started.

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(no subject)

Do you currently have BO (body odor, or whatever BO means to you if you wanna be funny)

If you could be any geometric shape, what would you be?

I have no body odor, and I would be a tesseract.

(no subject)

Lots of Questions!

Do you have to do the "test preparation courses" to get your real estate license, or could you just study on your own alot?

Does anyone have experience with Kaplan schooling?

If so, can you get a private/school loan for Kaplan, or do you have to pay out of pocket?

Does anyone here work in real estate? If you do, do you like your job? Is it difficult?

(no subject)

Does anyone remember a while ago when they were diving Disney crap about having pansy, helpless damsels as all the women lead roles right before the new Disney princess movie came out in hopes that she would at least have some cajones? I cannot find information about this speculation anywhere and I need your help TQC PLEASE I WILL DO YOUR LAUNDRY

Alternately, if you had tomorrow off, what would you do?

thanks, gmail, for being the goddamn icing on top of the cake that was my awesome day.

Urrghhh. So a little while ago I clicked on my gmail bookmark and was brought to a page that looked like Collapse ) I'd been using gmail earlier in the same firefox session, and I hadn't been disconnected from the internet. What the motherfuck is going on and how do I fix it?? Do I REALLY need to contact my ISP? Because that seems like a big giant pain in the ass. >:(


What's the last thing you forgot about?

I totally forgot about the season premiere of Nip/Tuck last night! But that's a good thing because now I get to watch it tonight.

(no subject)

1)Daily Show watchers- on today's show, did Jon say the n word? I thought I heard it, but, I'm not sure...

2)Would you eat cauliflower on your fajitas?

3)Are you detail orientated or not? How has this affected your career?

(no subject)

(1.) Having strong bonds with your family, friends and 'SO' but living in poverty. A hard, short life but you have your relationships.

(2.) Living well off with no need to work or bring in any money. A life of leisure, but without any close friends or family, let alone a 'SO'.

Which would you chose and why?

*edit* I guess what I mean by poverty is fighting to find food daily and lack of medical facilities. Kinda like those "for just penny's a day you could feed this child" sort of life style.

I'm in the top 17% and I only make about $2000 a year.
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(no subject)

Do you turn red or get a kind of blush when you eat certain fruits?

When I eat apples and grapes I turn bright red (like when I have booze!!).

I think it's an allergy, what do you think?
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(no subject)

TQC, do you subscribe to the idea that "if you start out believing your day will be bad, it will inevitably go that way"?

Tomorrow is going to suck at work, and I'm working a 12. What are some things I can think of in the mean time to smile and cheer myself up?

Why does my trig professor not allow us to use solving software on the test, but expect us to use it on the homework? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of doing homework, if you have something to solve it for you?

If I think this professor is extremely shitty, should I go to the dean? How do I go about complaining about a shitty professor?
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(no subject)

TQC I am in charge of an event for a bunch of potential students at my college and am in charge of the candy bowl/stash. I presently now have 6 pounds of candy in my room until Saturday morning. I put a ton of it in bags and still have a shit ton left, so I'm going to nab a little and pass the rest off to the other officers of the club. TQC, which candy should I save a few pieces of? Choices 1 and 2 plz.

Which of these is your #1 choice?

Kit Kat
Hersheys Dark
Mr. Goodbar
Air Heads
Don't take candy from the children you whore

Which is your #2 choice?

Kit Kats
Hersheys Dark
Mr. Goodbar
Air Heads
Don't take candy from the children you whore

Also of note: we have a ton of leftover money in the budget and would be using that money for an officer ice cream party, so we're not stealing money or candy from the club at all.

(no subject)

What do you, personally, like to wear on a first date? Do you go for sexy, cute, comfortable, or something else? 

I have a semi-date (no one is calling it that, but it's a movie with my friend and her boyfriend and their guy friend, whom I am interested in and have been talking to) and I don't know what look I should go for. Obviously I want to still dress like me, but idk.

Also, how is everyone tonight?