October 14th, 2009

Ahh! Babies!

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If you play an instrument well (meaning you've practiced a lot, can read music and have dedicated yourself to honing your skills), do you find practicing boring or fun?

How do you feel about practicing your instrument? Does just practicing excite you or are you more excited by the end results? How would you describe a typical practice session? For example, do you start with warm ups, sight reading, specific long term goal songs, improvising, do you just mess around?

Do you practice because you're taking lessons or a parent made you or because you want to? What is your motivation for practice?

How often do you practice and for how long?

What instrument do you play and how long have you been playing it?

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how cold does it have to be before you turn on the heat?
right now it is in the 50's/low 60's in the day and mid-40's at night, and my roommate wanted to turn the heat on. i think it is too early and too warm to have the heat running already.

do you know of any creative ways to insulate a building that you cannot do construction on? for instance, i think i want to invest in a heavy curtain to keep drafts from coming through my window.

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Dear TQC: 

I like this guy. We've been chatting back and forth on Facebook. I had a rough night tonight and he saw my status and sent me a message asking what was wrong, and once I told him it was a long story, he said he had plenty of time if I wanted to vent.
That turned into him telling me he'd let me know when he and his friends get together and do something, and he'd invite me.

Does this mean he might be interested in me? Does it matter exactly how he worded things? We've only met once before and didn't talk much until we started talking online. I haven't had to worry about these things in years so I'm nervous and having a hard time reading things.

And what do I do if he is interested?! I feel like I'm 12 and meeting a boy for a junior high dance. :(
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Would putting one of those gel pad things for shoes work on these?

All my weight ends up resting on the ball of my foot, and it kills. If not gel inserts or whatever, what would you recommend to save my poor feet? (please don't say don't wear them...they are sadly the most comfortable dress sandles I've been able to find in the past 8 years.)

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Before I started staying up throughout the night, the division between night and morning was never an issue—the darkness before I went to bed was night, and any still lingering when I woke up was early morning. Now, I'm not sure where I'd place it. I'm certain it lies somewhere between midnight and sunrise—at least in areas where there is a daily sunrise and sunset—but within that range it seems to be very much relative to all sorts of factors, such as when I woke up, whether I'm home or working, and all sorts of others I won't pretend to be aware of.

1. At what times do you most typically wake up and go to bed, respectively?

2. At what time do you think late night becomes early morning?

3. Do you think your answer to my first question influences your opinion on my second one?

On a different note, when they say to make sure frozen dinners are fully cooked, it's really a good idea to do so. I still feel a little less than prime.

4. For variety's sake in this entry, what was the last thing you ate that upset your stomach?

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i bought a green and white gingham button up today. it's short sleeve and i think it's absolutely adorable, but i'm not sure how to wear it. any ideas? i normally wear button ups with a black high waisted skirt, but i feel like the shirt is too summery to wear with a black skirt. bonus points for somethin involving tights or something warm.
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You are a human animal, you are a very special breed.

When you see commercials for the Humane Society/ASPCA does it makes you want to SOB HYSTERICALLY like it does me?

Especially the one with the Sarah McLaughlin song, omfg it just rips my god damned heart out and steps on it. Whyyyyyy? The kitties and puppies and their sad eyes! ;-;

Do you love animals? Do you dislike animals? Do you have no particular draw to or dislike of animals?

If you do love animals, what do you think of people who don't?
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 There is a saying that says sex is like pizza, and even when it is bad, it is still pretty good.  

Whether you agree with that statement or not, what else do you think is still pretty good, even when it is bad?
What's that smell?!


Hello all!
I'm curious about what's the best website for photoblogging.

I like to make really long photo posts, so is there a website that has the ability to make something equivalent to a LJ-cut?
I'd like to be able to control captions and see how many people view the blog.
But the main request is that the posts can have a cut to see more photos.


Thank you!
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 I'm listening to a song and the lyric goes, "But I'm the Cusack on the lawn of your heart"

 Does anyone know what that means? I've tried googling but just get the links to the lyrics. 

MST 3000

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I love watching bad movies. I think it started with Mystery Science Theater 3000, but now I can watch a hilariously awful movie even without Joel or Mike and the Bots and still love it. The worse the better, low budget, no budget, cheesy acting, bad writing, inconsistencies, obviously fake props, sets, and special effects, I eat it up.

What are your favorite bad movies? MST3K movies count.

Some of mine are Jack Frost (A movie obviously made in either Russia or Finland, I think, with a lot lost in the translation to English), The Ice Pirates (I... have no idea, but the plot involves their ship getting herpes), the classic Ed Wood masterpiece Plan 9 From Outer Space, and Future War, which features time traveling cyborgs, their dinosaur pets, and a nun. :)

Edited to use appropriate icon.

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My friend has been quite down for a while, after a breakup with her fiance. I'm going to buy a digital photo frame and put a bunch of 'happy' photos on it.

I'll put in a few of her/us looking generally happy, and some general photos that make me grin, but care to share a non-specific photo that always make you smile?

Bonus points for photos with birds as she loves birds, especially parrots, and has two cockatiels.

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does anyone remember a movie/tv show where people get to live out their dreams, and everyone is super excited but then they realize that it includes their nightmares? or did I just make it up and not realize? its killing me.

if you dont know or care:
for those who are in college, what is your major? and what got you interested in it?
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Do you like Jell-O? If so, what is your favorite flavor? Do you like fruit in your jell-o? If so, what is your favorite jell-o and fruit combination?

Canadians, how was your Thanksgiving?

Americans, what are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Everyone else, do you celebrate Thanksgiving or something similar? If so, when?
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♥ questions

How do you feel about your birthday? Do you tend to celebrate, or just try to forget that it's your birthday?

Do you ever notice yourself slightly changing a story to make yourself look good/to make yourself appear a certain way? Do you notice when your friends do it? Can you give an example?

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In my music industry class we're doing an assignment in which we have to pick a singer, guitarist, bassist, and drummer (who have never played in a band together before) to form a "Fantasy Band".

Who would be in your Fantasy Band? Why did you choose them?

So far I've decided on Brody Dalle (the Distillers/Spinnerette) as my singer, Patricia Day (the Horrorpops) as my bassist, Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters) as my drummer and I'm still pondering guitarists.
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Inspired by the last question:

(if you're into guys) Would you rather have a Lloyd, a Jake, a Blaine, a Duckie, a Farmer Ted, an Athlete, a Brain, or a Criminal?
(if you're into girls) Would you rather have a Diane, a Sammy Baker Davis Jr., an Andie, a Princess, a Basketcase, a Jenny, or a Caroline?

if you don't get this, what year were you born?

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I'm home from work today feeling sick. So, with nothing to do, I'm watching TV.

SyFy (formerly the SciFi Channel) is broadcasting an all-day marathon of episodes of "Haunted" with Matthew Fox.

Who else wants to run his hands and face all over Matthew Fox's hairy torso?
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You wake up in the morning. You do something most days (eg: get out of bed), then something else (eg: pee), and then something else.

TQC, what is the third thing you usually do after waking up on a week/work day?

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I like to drink things. Hot or cold. I like drinks that have big strong flavors, but I don't really like sweet drinks. I like drinks like beer, whiskey, gin, coffee...

What can I drink that doesn't have alcohol or caffeine in it?

What do you like to drink?

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My boyfriend is home today after he called out sick fom work. I'm concerned that he might be watching the TV obsessing over sexy Hollywood actors like that homewrecker, Matthew Fox.

What should I do? How do I confront him without ruining our relationship?

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What is/was your high school mascot?
What about college if you went/they had one/whatever?

My high school mascot was a unicorn, but I was told today they changed it to a bronco and this upsets me.
My college doesn't really have a mascot. We just have our funny little mountain symbol thing.
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What is your favorite TV show of all time?

I just made the mistake of watching the series finale of the OC, now I have to watch the whole thing from the beginning again.
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Did you find taking the SATs difficult, easy or just plain tedious?
How much studying did you do beforehand?

If you haven't taken the SATs or just don't care: Do you plan on doing NaNoWriMo this year? 

Another freaking ipod question

We don't have ipods but I am seriously thinking of getting a nano, but am wondering if I should just save money and get a shuffle?

Can someone with ipod experience tell me which to get, or tell me the pros/cons of either?

Right now I need something to listen to at the gym so a shuffle would work, but I do want to convert our CD collection to ipods someday soon so it feels wasteful to buy a shuffle if I'm going to buy a legit ipod one day. IDK, IDK.
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Why is it that whenever I make grilled cheese sandwiches, the very center of the piece of bread that's touching the pan sticks?

I use plenty of butter/margarine and I've even used non-stick spray. I don't have this problem when I make other things like pancakes. It's only with grilled cheese sandwiches. I always end up with this hole where melted gooey cheese leaks out =(

For those of you that shop at thrift stores - do you have a preference for a particular chain (like Goodwill or Salvation Army)? Or do you just go to the one(s) closest to you? If you do have a preference, why do you go to that particular store?

I know it's only Wednesday, but do you have any fun plans for this weekend? I don't have any plans yet, but maybe I'll be inspired by what other folks are doing.

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Poll #1471255 Settle it.

Which TASTES better?

Triangle pizza slices
Square pizza slices
Some other shape
The shape of my pizza slice does not affect the taste

Are you made that the other question didn't have ticky boxes?

A little
Not really, no
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Is there anything you'd like to tell/yell at someone, but you can't? Either because it's too mean, you no longer talk, etc. Care to share it with the class to get if off your chest?


In other news, why is it so damn cold out today? It's 47 here and I'm freezing.

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I feel like I'm paralyzed by indecision (and the cold) and can't choose something to do! I have the entire day off. I don't have any real errands, but I guess I could go thrifting or go on a drive. I'm in Providence, RI.

im french

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When people say that someone is "living beyond their means," what are they talking about? Obviously, I know that the phrase means "doing shit they can't afford" but how do you know what's the fat and what's the meat, so to speak?

Basically, why the hell don't I have any money when I make money? Do you have this problem? How do you deal with it?

What sort of budgeting tips would you give someone who has over $160 in overdraft fees?
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So that Conan taping I was supposed to go to...my sister came to pick me up 2 hours late. And we only had 30 min to get there. It takes like an hour from my house. So she decided we weren't going.

When was the last time you were horribly disappointed?

Oh, and she decided to teach me how to train my puppy. Apparently hitting her in the face will make her listen. UGH NO. I'm so upset :(


There is a quote by who I always thought was Bukowski, but I am now doubting myself, that goes something like this-

"Half the population spend their time complaining about the noise from the highway. The other half spend their time making it. "

Do you recognize/know the real quote/know the source? I read it once somewhere and have always remembered it!
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What were you afraid of as a small child? Do you have any explanation for those fears?

When I was little I was afraid of telephones and loud noises. I was very sensitive and cerebral. I was also very shy.

My brother was much more hands-on. He was afraid of things he couldn't comprehend firsthand, like the abstract concept of "the distance."
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I am trying to find a terrarium to keep in my cubicle for the winter. However, I hesitate to try to make my own (I want this to look vaguely classy and not like a fourth grade science project) so I'm looking to buy a pre-made one or a kit. Is there any place other than Etsy to buy them? (I'm in New England, theoretically the US home of terrarium keeping, but I can't find any in shops, though I may be looking in the wrong places.)

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My boyfriend and I are going on a mini-road trip tomorrow (4-6 hours depending on traffic), what are somethings we could do to entertain ourselves while on the road? We'll be driving at night.

Edit: No books on tape.

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I'm working on a present for my best friend because I love her so much. Basically, I'm colouring things that go together and making a collage with us in the middle. Par example, peanut butter and jelly or milk and cookies

So, here is an easy one: give me ideas! What things go together for a collage like this? Srs and non-srs, but srs appreciated more

eta: NO MORE FOOD. Yikes. Everyone must be hungry
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My cat got neutered yesterday. Today, I noticed he had a shaved spot on his belly and a blue/green line was drawn there. It looked almost like a tattoo.

WHAT DID THEY DO TO MY CAT??? Did they implant him with alien technology?

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I'm supposed to take antibiotics twice a day, both times with food. I didn't get home from classes today until 3pm (in a rush this morning so no breakfast), so I ate then and took the first dose. It's 7pm now and I'm eating dinner--is it too early to take the second dose? It's only been 4 hours.

What's your favorite board game? I usually just stick with Scattergories but I want to get something new.

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Damnit TQC. I missed a quiz yesterday in my online Legal Terminology class. Do you think my instructor will let me take it?

I've been wicked sick the last 2 days. I was awake long enough yesterday to call into work and drag my butt to the doctor. I told my instructor this and I told her that she could verify my story with my boss and I have a doctor's note to prove it. I've slept most of the day today too, and that's why I just realized that I missed the damn quiz. It was worth 25 points. We get extra credit opportunities, but they are only worth 2 points and it doesn't happen very often.

Boo. :(

On that note, I've been running a low grade fever on and off, sore throat, massive headache, congested, hacking up green stuff. When I went to the doctor they tested me for strep and the flu. Both came back negative and they told me I had a virus and to sleep it off. Only I have been sleeping. A lot. I think yesterday I was awake for a total of 2 hours. Today I got up around 4:00 p.m., so I'm going on being awake for 4 hours. Is there anythin I can do to make myself feel better? Because "sleeping it off" sure as hell isn't helping. :(

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Should I tell my best friend about my new Transformers love?
Or hide all of my new toys in the closet?

Which is more nerdy...
1. To collect car and plane and motorcycle figures?
2. To collect action figures of anthropomorphic robots?
3. Or to have action figures that can turn into both?

If you vote for the 3rd one please specify between 1 and 2 too.

books for 6th graders?

I am an education major grades 1-6 and this semester I am working with 6th graders. I am supposed to do a read aloud with them and do a social studies lesson as well. Any book suggestions to read to a 6th grader in general or 6th grade level books that can relate to social studies?

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I need help from those that watch anime. I got into watching it like, last night, and I need suggestions for what to watch.
I watched the first episode of Chobits, and I think I need something less perky and something more intense/angsty.
I also need something that is English dubbed or with subtitles.

Any ideas?

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where did my motivation go? i was supposed to write a paper and study for a test today. i wrote the paper, but haven't studied. i probably should, but i want to sleep. what should i do?
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- Should I de-friend my ex-boyfriend on FaceBook? He's acting all "woulda coulda shoulda been" on Chat since he found out I'm getting married. (And FYI, he's married too. Creep.)

- If you think this is all too drama-llama, are you doing NaNoWriMo? And if so, what's your story? (I'm torn between a Shakespeare tribute and a dating show parody.)

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Will you share your annoyances at the people you live with?
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How are you feeling, TQC?

I skipped one day of my birth control pill two nights ago and it totally fucked up my system. I won't go into details because no one wants to hear that but I'm feeling pretty miserable :(.


Anyone else notice that the lone ethnic cheerleader on Glee is the young woman who played Richie's "girlfriend" on Family Matters?
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consider this a safe space, tqc...

Have you ever had a problem with caffeine pills, TQC? Do you need an intervention, before it disrupts your girl-band's rise to fame? (inspired by this!)

Is there anyone you watch on YouTube regularly? Anyone you subscribe to?
I watch GoSwedish & have a sick fascination with Sharon/SushiCatNY.

What is your favorite fragrance on men?
ngl, i love Fierce by Abercrombie.

What is your favorite fragrance on women?
I love the signature scent from Coach.

weenie sweets

What Halloween candy was your absolute favorite as a kid?

What Halloween candy is your absolute favorite now as an adult? (I'm assuming.)

Did you ever not go trick-or-treating to a specific house because other trick-or-treaters told you they were giving out apples or pennies or some shit?

Did your house give away the good stuff? Like what?

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Another music question. I'm trying to expand the genres that I listen to, and I've recently discovered that I like that sultry, female singer jazz music. Does anyone know of some good music like that?

I'm thinking like Stephanie Biddle in The Whole Nine Yards and Cameron Diaz from The Mask. Bad examples, I know, but it helps show what I mean.

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Your new, bottom-tier job orientation is on the same day as the concert you've been planning to attend since the summer.

You're gonna hafta miss the concert, aren't you?

Also, what kind of shampoo do you use? Why?


if a job i applied for calls and says they have follow up questions, how excited should i be? is that a good sign or just something normal? its bath and body works by the way.
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With the popularity of stuff that is "retro" and fixed gear bicycles (simple yet less practical), do you think old school computer that can only run MSDOS (or perhaps the Apple will be the next big thing with hipsters? Or perhaps another subculture?

What was your favorite old timey computer game? (hint: the correct answer is COMMANDER KEEN, BITCHES)
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 Did you sometimes think your mom was a bitch when you were 16?

I'm doing a character analysis for my acting class and, in writing as the character, said she thought her mom "is such a bitch."  My teacher wrote "WOW." next to it. I didn't think it was that shocking for a 16 year old.
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I have to get up at 6AM and I am so damn excited I can't even lie down for more than a few minutes.

What can I do to calm myself down? I need to go to sleep, but I'm just so pumped!

EDIT: Wait, OK, I phrased that wrong. Something very exciting happened to me earlier this evening, but now, I must go to sleep. But I'm still so excited about what happened earlier that I can't go to sleep. So...what can I do to chill out?
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What are some things I can do to stay awake for 26 hours straight? During these 26 hours I shall be working 1 1/2 shifts and attending a party (with minimal alcohol use). What are some of your suggestions?